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Volume 55, issue S1, 2022

Introduction to the Special Issue on COVID Economics pp. 5-8 Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria, Siwan Anderson and Hashmat Khan
Debt‐relief programs and money left on the table: Evidence from Canada's response to COVID‐19 pp. 9-53 Downloads
Jason Allen, Robert Clark, Shaoteng Li and Nicolas Vincent
The heterogeneous effects of COVID‐19 on Canadian household consumption, debt and savings pp. 54-87 Downloads
James MacGee, Thomas Michael Pugh and Kurt See
Consumer credit usage in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic pp. 88-114 Downloads
Anson Ho, Lealand Morin, Harry Paarsch and Kim Huynh
Short‐term impact of COVID‐19 on consumption spending and its underlying mechanisms: Evidence from Singapore pp. 115-134 Downloads
Seonghoon Kim, Kanghyock Koh and Xuan Zhang
The double impact of deep social unrest and a pandemic: Evidence from Chile pp. 135-171 Downloads
Carlos Madeira
The distribution of COVID‐19–related risks pp. 172-213 Downloads
Patrick Baylis, Pierre‐Loup Beauregard, Marie Connolly, Nicole M. Fortin, David A. Green, Pablo Gutiérrez‐Cubillos, Samuel Gyetvay, Catherine Haeck, Tímea Laura Molnár, Gaëlle Simard‐Duplain, Henry E. Siu, Maria teNyenhuis and Casey Warman
The short‐term economic consequences of COVID‐19: Occupation tasks and mental health in Canada pp. 214-247 Downloads
Louis-Philippe Beland, Abel Brodeur, Derek Mikola and Taylor Wright
Primary school reopenings and parental work pp. 248-281 Downloads
Pierre‐Loup Beauregard, Marie Connolly, Catherine Haeck and Tímea Laura Molnár
Many losers and a few winners: The impact of COVID‐19 on Canadian industries and regions pp. 282-307 Downloads
Margaret Slade
Effects of the COVID‐19 pandemic on the Colombian labour market: Disentangling the effect of sector‐specific mobility restrictions pp. 308-357 Downloads
Leonardo Morales, Leonardo Bonilla‐Mejía, Jose Pulido, Luz A. Flórez, Didier Hermida, Karen L. Pulido‐Mahecha and Francisco Lasso‐Valderrama
US Fiscal policy during and after the coronavirus pp. 358-378 Downloads
Paul Gomme
Macroeconomic uncertainty and the COVID‐19 pandemic: Measure and impacts on the Canadian economy pp. 379-405 Downloads
Kevin Moran, Dalibor Stevanovic and Adam Kader Touré
Quantifying the economic impacts of COVID‐19 policy responses on Canada's provinces in (almost) real time pp. 406-445 Downloads
Christopher Cotton, Bahman Kashi, Huw Lloyd‐Ellis, Frederic Tremblay and Brett Crowley
Sectoral digital intensity and GDP growth after a large employment shock: A simple extrapolation exercise pp. 446-479 Downloads
Giovanni Gallipoli and Christos A. Makridis
Measuring real consumption and consumer price index bias under lockdown conditions pp. 480-502 Downloads
W. Erwin Diewert and Kevin J. Fox
COVID‐19 pandemic and economic scenarios for Ontario pp. 503-539 Downloads
Miguel Casares, Paul Gomme and Hashmat Khan
Pandemics through the lens of occupations pp. 540-580 Downloads
Anand Chopra, Michael B. Devereux and Amartya Lahiri
A macroeconomic model of an epidemic with silent transmission and endogenous self‐isolation pp. 581-625 Downloads
Antonio Diez de los Rios
COVID‐19: What if immunity wanes? pp. 626-664 Downloads
Alper Çenesiz and Luís Guimarães
Transition model for coronavirus management pp. 665-704 Downloads
Antoine Djogbenou, Christian Gourieroux, Joann Jasiak, Paul Rilstone and Maygol Bandehali
Compliance with social distancing: Theory and empirical evidence from Ontario during COVID‐19 pp. 705-734 Downloads
Anastasios Papanastasiou, Bradley J. Ruffle and Angela Zheng

Volume 55, issue 1, 2022

Education and income gradients in longevity: The role of policy pp. 5-37 Downloads
Adriana Lleras‐Muney
Multilateral bargaining with proposer selection contest pp. 38-73 Downloads
Duk Gyoo Kim and Sang‐Hyun Kim
Wage offers and on‐the‐job search pp. 74-105 Downloads
Tristan Potter and Dan Bernhardt
Labour market conditions and adult health in Mexico pp. 106-137 Downloads
Pinar Gunes and Magda Tsaneva
The importance of prejudice against persons with disabilities pp. 138-155 Downloads
Morley Gunderson, Byron Lee and Guenther Lomas
On the information contents of indirect citations pp. 156-173 Downloads
Kim‐Sau Chung, Meng‐Yu Liang and Melody Lo
The role of non‐discrimination in a world of discriminatory preferential trade agreements pp. 174-212 Downloads
Kamal Saggi, Woan Foong Wong and Halis Yildiz
The gravity of experience pp. 213-248 Downloads
Pushan Dutt, Ana Maria Santacreu and Daniel A. Traça
How important are land values in house price growth? Evidence from Canadian cities pp. 249-271 Downloads
Kenneth G. Stewart
The Canadian income taxation: Statistical analysis and parametric estimates pp. 272-311 Downloads
Musab Kurnaz and Terry Yip
Endogenous fluctuations and international business cycles pp. 312-348 Downloads
Stephen McKnight and Laura Povoledo
Oil price shocks, firm entry and exit in a heterogeneous firm model pp. 349-378 Downloads
Soma Patra
Do cross‐border patents promote trade? pp. 379-418 Downloads
Claire Brunel and Thomas Zylkin
Import liberalization and export product mix pp. 419-457 Downloads
Haichao Fan, Tuan Anh Luong, Edwin L‐C. Lai and Lina Zhang

Volume 54, issue 4, 2021

Presidential Address: The orca conjecture pp. 1459-1494 Downloads
M. Scott Taylor
Innis Lecture: Returns on student loans in Canada pp. 1495-1524 Downloads
Lance Lochner, Qian Liu and Martin Gervais
How the breadth and depth of import relationships affect the performance of Canadian manufacturers pp. 1525-1561 Downloads
Matilde Bombardini, C. Keith Head, Maria D. Tito and Ruoying Wang
Export tax rebates and resource misallocation: Evidence from a large developing country pp. 1562-1608 Downloads
Ariel Weinberger, Qian Xuefeng and Mahmut Yaşar
Estimating the impacts of payroll taxes: Evidence from Canadian employer–employee tax data pp. 1609-1637 Downloads
Jonathan Deslauriers, Benoit Dostie, Robert Gagné and Jonathan Paré
Measuring the gig economy in Canada using administrative data pp. 1638-1666 Downloads
Sung-Hee Jeon, Huju Liu and Yuri Ostrovsky
Gender identity and relative income within households: Evidence from Canada pp. 1667-1683 Downloads
Maéva Doumbia and Marion Goussé
The economic benefits of recreation in Canada pp. 1684-1715 Downloads
Patrick Lloyd‐Smith
Group size and matching protocol in contests pp. 1716-1736 Downloads
Kyung Baik, Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Abhijit Ramalingam
The political economy of trade and international labour mobility pp. 1737-1781 Downloads
Sebastian Galiani and Gustavo Torrens
Tax competition and political agency problems pp. 1782-1810 Downloads
Satoshi Kasamatsu and Daiki Kishishita
Multinational banks in regulated markets: Is financial integration desirable? pp. 1811-1841 Downloads
Andreas Haufler and Ian Wooton
The smile curve: Evolving sources of value added in manufacturing pp. 1842-1880 Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Tadashi Ito

Volume 54, issue 3, 2021

Borders, varieties and distribution costs: Evidence from a US–Canada retail chain pp. 949-985 Downloads
Nicholas Li
Home bias and market power: Evidence from the Chinese automobile industry pp. 986-1017 Downloads
Mian Dai, Qiang Gong and Shiyu Tan
Trade restrictiveness indexes and welfare: A structural approach pp. 1018-1045 Downloads
Anson Soderbery
Decomposing changes in establishment‐level emissions with entry and exit pp. 1046-1071 Downloads
J. Scott Holladay and Lawrence D. LaPlue
Pipeline capacity and the dynamics of Alberta crude oil price spreads pp. 1072-1102 Downloads
Gregory Galay and Henry Thille
Global sourcing under uncertainty pp. 1103-1135 Downloads
Antoine Gervais
Implementation in Pakistan of the US Integrated Cargo Container Control program: Trade‐facilitating or not? pp. 1136-1167 Downloads
Salamat Ali, Richard Kneller and Chris Milner
Innovation and trade in the presence of credit constraints pp. 1168-1205 Downloads
Reto Foellmi, Stefan Legge and Alexa Tiemann
Credit frictions, selection into external finance and gains from trade pp. 1206-1251 Downloads
Florian Unger
Trade without “scale effects” pp. 1252-1274 Downloads
Pedro Bento
Can public spending boost private consumption? pp. 1275-1313 Downloads
Stylianos Asimakopoulos, Marco Lorusso and Luca Pieroni
Learning efficiency shocks, knowledge capital and the business cycle: A Bayesian evaluation pp. 1314-1360 Downloads
Alok Johri and Muhebullah Karimzada
The determinants of IMF fiscal conditionality: Economics or politics? pp. 1361-1399 Downloads
Bernardo Guimaraes and Carlos Eduardo Ladeira
Apostolic voting pp. 1400-1417 Downloads
Ružica Savčić and Dimitrios Xefteris
Canadian Journal of Economics: A historic overview pp. 1418-1453 Downloads
Konstantinos Metaxoglou

Volume 54, issue 2, 2021

Firm heterogeneity, technology adoption and the spatial distribution of population: Theory and measurement pp. 475-521 Downloads
Alex W. Chernoff
Fiscal integration with internal trade: Quantifying the effects of federal transfers in Canada pp. 522-556 Downloads
Trevor Tombe and Jennifer Winter
The life cycle of trading activity and liquidity of Government of Canada bonds: Evidence from cash, repo and securities lending markets pp. 557-581 Downloads
Narayan Bulusu and Sermin Gungor
Strategic profit‐sharing in a unionized differentiated goods oligopoly pp. 582-622 Downloads
Emmanuel Petrakis and Panagiotis Skartados
Offshoring and sequential production chains: A general equilibrium analysis pp. 623-647 Downloads
Philipp Harms, Jaewon Jung and Oliver Lorz
Trade in tasks: Revisiting the wage and employment effects of offshoring pp. 648-676 Downloads
Wilhelm Kohler and Jens Wrona
The impact of service and goods offshoring on employment: Firm‐level evidence pp. 677-711 Downloads
Carmine Ornaghi, Ilke Van Beveren and Stijn Vanormelingen
Natural resource exports and African countries' voting behaviour in the United Nations: Evidence from the economic rise of China pp. 712-759 Downloads
Yi Che, Xiaoyu He and Yan Zhang
Policy and politics: Trade adjustment assistance in the crossfire pp. 760-792 Downloads
Christopher Laincz, Xenia Matschke and Yoto Yotov
The better route to global tax coordination: Gradualism or multilateralism? pp. 793-811 Downloads
Kai A. Konrad and Marcel Thum
Large and influential: Firm size and governments’ corporate tax rate choice pp. 812-839 Downloads
Nadine Riedel and Martin Simmler
Education: Optimal choice and efficient policy pp. 840-863 Downloads
Wolfram Richter and Kerstin Schneider
Social preferences, monopsony and government intervention pp. 864-891 Downloads
Laszlo Goerke and Michael Neugart
How much do global value chains boost innovation? pp. 892-922 Downloads
Roberta Piermartini and Stela Rubínová
The impact of technological change on new trade: Evidence from the container revolution pp. 923-943 Downloads
Daniel M. Bernhofen, Zouheir El‐Sahli and Richard Kneller

Volume 54, issue 1, 2021

Identification of firms’ beliefs in structural models of market competition pp. 5-33 Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria
Microfinance and missing markets pp. 34-67 Downloads
M. Shahe Emran, Akm Morshed and Joseph Stiglitz
On the profitability of self‐sabotage pp. 68-91 Downloads
David Brown and David Sappington
Optimal sequential contract with a risk‐averse supplier pp. 92-125 Downloads
Chifeng Dai
Indian residential schools: Height and body mass post‐1930 pp. 126-163 Downloads
Donna Feir and M. Christopher Auld
The evolution of longevity: Evidence from Canada pp. 164-192 Downloads
Kevin Milligan and Tammy Schirle
The Earned Income Tax Credit: Targeting the poor but crowding out wealth pp. 193-227 Downloads
Maren Froemel and Charles Gottlieb
On the interpretation of diploma wage effects estimated by regression discontinuity designs pp. 228-258 Downloads
Georg Graetz
Opting out and topping up reconsidered: Informal care under uncertain altruism pp. 259-283 Downloads
Chiara Canta and Helmuth Cremer
Exempted sectors in free trade agreements pp. 284-310 Downloads
Alan V. Deardorff and Rishi Sharma
Innovation, trade and multi‐product firms pp. 311-337 Downloads
Letizia Montinari, Massimo Riccaboni and Stefano Schiavo
Estimating the trade and welfare effects of Brexit: A panel data structural gravity model pp. 338-375 Downloads
Harald Oberhofer and Michael Pfaffermayr
Estimating the effects of non‐discriminatory trade policies within structural gravity models pp. 376-409 Downloads
Benedikt Heid, Mario Larch and Yoto Yotov
Transfers in the gravity equation pp. 410-442 Downloads
Hendrik W. Kruse and Inmaculada Martínez‐Zarzoso
The impact of inflation targeting: Testing the good luck hypothesis pp. 443-470 Downloads
Federico Ravenna and Marcus Mølbak Ingholt
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