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Planning in the Face of Extraordinary Uncertainty: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 1-12 Downloads
Oliver Ibert, Sabine Baumgart, Stefan Siedentop and Thomas Weith
System or process? A meta-theoretical reflection on the nature of the firm pp. 1-14 Downloads
Vladislav Valentinov
Not in Employment, Education, or Training around the World pp. 1-24 Downloads
Mark Levels, Christian Brzinsky-Fay, Craig Holmes, Janine Jongbloed and Hirofumi Taki
Why Scorsese is Right About Corporate Power pp. 1-17 Downloads
James McMahon
SURE-Farm approach to assess the resilience of European farming systems pp. 1-17 Downloads
Miranda P. M. Meuwissen, Peter H. Feindt, Alisa Spiegel, Wim Paas, Bárbara Soriano, Erik Mathijs, Alfons Balmann, Julie Urquhart, Birgit Kopainsky, Alberto Garrido and Pytrik Reidsma
A business-cycle model with cash- and credit goods and a modified cash-in-advance feature: lessons for Bulgaria (1999-2020) pp. 1-13 Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
The Sharing Economy in Europe: From Idea to Reality pp. 3-18 Downloads
Cristina Miguel, Gabriela Avram, Andrzej Klimczuk, Bori Simonovits, Bálint Balázs and Vida Česnuitytė
A New Era of Electoral Instability pp. 3-24 Downloads
Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Harald Schoen, Bernhard Weßels and Christof Wolf
Centrality and power. The struggle over the techno‐political configuration of the Internet and the global digital order pp. 13-27 Downloads
Julia Pohle and Daniel Voelsen
2D:4D and Self-Employment: A Preregistered Replication Study in a Large General Population Sample pp. 21-43 Downloads
Frank Fossen, Levent Neyse, Magnus Johannesson and Anna Dreber
Extending the framework of algorithmic regulation. The Uber case pp. 23-44 Downloads
Florian Eyert, Florian Irgmaier and Lena Ulbricht
NEET during the School-to-Work Transition in the Netherlands pp. 25-55 Downloads
Alexander Dicks and Mark Levels
Advocacy Coalition Constellations and Norm Collisions: Insights from International Drug Control, Human Trafficking, and Child Labour pp. 25-48 Downloads
Anna Holzscheiter, Sassan Gholiagha and Andrea Liese
Entwicklungspfade städtischer Klimapolitik: Bedeutung von Schlüsselereignissen und Schlüsselakteur:innen für die Klimapolitik in Potsdam, Remscheid und Würzburg pp. 32-49 Downloads
Kristine Kern, Wolfgang Haupt and Stefan Niederhafner
Demographic dimensions of resilient farming systems in the EU pp. 38-62 Downloads
Alfons Balmann, Erwin Wauters, Franziska Appel, Jo Bijttebier, Isabeau Coopmans and Christine Pitson
The Context of Public Policy on the Sharing Economy pp. 41-64 Downloads
Błażej Koczetkow and Andrzej Klimczuk
How important are shocks to the elasticity of aggregate labor supply for business cycle fluctuations? Lessons from Bulgaria pp. 48-67 Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
30 years of farm restructuring and water management reforms in Central Asia pp. 49-56 Downloads
Richard Pomfret and Nodir Djanibekov
Leaving the Space—Opening the Gap? Electoral Effects of Parties’ and Voters’ Repositioning pp. 50-77 Downloads
Bernhard Weßels
Zombies and the Process of Creative Destruction pp. 53-66 Downloads
Sitikantha Pattanaik, Silu Muduli and Jibin Jose
NEET in Germany: Labour Market Entry Patterns and Gender Differences pp. 56-86 Downloads
Christian Brzinsky-Fay
Mapping global cropping system: Challenges, opportunities, and future perspectives pp. 68-73 Downloads
Liangzhi You and Zhanli Sun
Can Federalism Save India’s Constitutional Democracy? pp. 69-77 Downloads
Sujit Choudhry
Suffizienz in der Bioökonomie: Zwischen Option und Notwendigkeit pp. 76-83 Downloads
Lioudmila Chatalova
Moderating in Obscurity: How Indian Content Moderators Work in Global Content Moderation Value Chains pp. 77-95 Downloads
Sana Ahmad and Martin Krzywdzinski
Trying Just Enough or Promising Too Much? The Problem-Capacity-Nexus in Tunisia’s Transitional Justice Process pp. 98-116 Downloads
Mariam Salehi
Russia's food security and impact on agri-food trade pp. 115-137 Downloads
Linde Götz, Maximilian Heigermoser and Tinoush Jamali Jaghdani
Skill formation, automation and governance: comparing German and Korean automotive manufacturers in Central-Eastern Europe pp. 115-136 Downloads
Martin Krzywdzinski and Hyung Je Jo
Exploring Engagement With EU News on Facebook: The Influence of Content Characteristics pp. 121-132 Downloads
Tobias Heidenreich, Olga Eisele, Kohei Watanabe and Hajo G. Boomgaarden
A New Player in the Game: Changing Electoral Competition in Germany pp. 121-142 Downloads
Aiko Wagner and Josephine Lichteblau
A New Teleworking Growth Model pp. 125-139 Downloads
Florina Bran, Maria Tudorache, Andreea Florentina Nicolescu, Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav, Mihaela Diana Oancea Negescu and Maria Loredana Popescu
A Bird’s Eye View: Supranational EU Actors on Twitter pp. 133-145 Downloads
Sina Özdemir and Christian Rauh
Thin-skinned leaders: regime legitimation, protest issues, and repression in autocracies pp. 136-152 Downloads
Eda Keremoğlu, Sebastian Hellmeier and Nils B. Weidmann
Können intensive Beratungsprogramme soziale Ungleichheit beim Übergang in die Hochschule reduzieren? Ergebnisse eines Feldexperiments (Do Intensive Guidance Programs Reduce Social Inequality in the Transition to Higher Education? Results of a Field Experiment) pp. 137-162 Downloads
Melinda Erdmann, Irena Pietrzyk, Marcel Helbig, Marita Jacob and Stefan Stuth
Historical legacies and current challenges for the future resilience of the farming system in the Altmark pp. 140-155 Downloads
Franziska Appel, Anneke Meier and Franziska Ollendorf
Becoming a young farmer in the digital age: An island perspective pp. 144-185 Downloads
Unay‐Gailhard, İlkay and Francisco Simões
The “Big Two” in Hiring Discrimination: Evidence From a Cross-National Field Experiment pp. 167-182 Downloads
Susanne Veit, Hannah Arnu, Valentina Di Stasio, Ruta Yemane and Marcel Coenders
Constitutional or ethnocultural? National identity as a European legal concept pp. 170-190 Downloads
Kriszta Kovács
Immigrant Men’s Economic Adaptation in Changing Labor Markets: Why Gaps between Turkish and German Men Expanded, 1976–2015 pp. 176-205 Downloads
Jonas Wiedner and Johannes Giesecke
Policy Interventions Targeting NEETs in Different Institutional Settings pp. 180-204 Downloads
Sue Maguire, Mark Levels, Christian Brzinsky-Fay, Janine Jongbloed and Hirofumi Taki
Understanding the market potential of products from alternative food networks in a transition economy - A discrete choice experiment pp. 183-199 Downloads
Judith Möllers, Theresa Bäuml and Thomas Dufhues
Loan Repayment Dynamics of Self-Help Groups in India pp. 183-202 Downloads
Silu Muduli and Manu Sharma
The Role of Education Systems in Preventing NEETs pp. 205-218 Downloads
Lynn van Vugt, Rolf van der Velden, Mark Levels and Christian Brzinsky-Fay
Workspaces of Mediation: How Digital Platforms Shape Practices, Spaces and Places of Creative Work pp. 211-224 Downloads
Alica Repenning
Slow Debt, Deep Recessions pp. 224-259 Downloads
Joachim Jungherr and Immo Schott
Conclusions and Discussion pp. 248-285 Downloads
Janine Jongbloed, Mark Levels and Christian Brzinsky-Fay
Russia's agri-food trade with the Middle East and North Africa pp. 253-277 Downloads
Maximilian Heigermoser, Tinoush Jamali Jaghdani and Linde Götz
Forschungsdaten und Textpublikationen verknüpfen – Potenziale, Umsetzung und Herausforderungen pp. 256-261 Downloads
Julian Naujoks and Patrick J. Droß
Integrated assessment of the sustainability and resilience of farming systems: Lessons from the past and ways forward for the future pp. 279-301 Downloads
Francesco Accatino, Wim Paas, Hugo Herrera, Corentin Pinsard, Simone Severini, Franziska Appel, Birgit Kopainsky, Katarzyna Bańkowska, Jo Bijttebier, Camelia Gavrilescu, Amr Khafagy, Vitaliy Krupin, Gordana Manevska-Tasevska, Franziska Ollendorf, Mariya Peneva, Carolina San Martín, Cinzia Zinnanti and Pytrik Reidsma
Material dependencies: hidden underpinnings of sustainability transitions pp. 281-296 Downloads
Kristof Van Assche, Martijn Duineveld, Raoul Beunen, Vladislav Valentinov and Monica Gruezmacher
A resilience-enabling environment for farming systems: Patterns and principles pp. 302-320 Downloads
Erik Mathijs, Jo Bijttebier, Francesco Accatino, Peter H. Feindt, Camelia Gavrilescu, Gordana Manevska-Tasevska, Miranda P. M. Meuwissen, Franziska Ollendorf, Mariya Peneva, Carolina San Martín, Simone Severini, Alisa Spiegel, Mauro Vigani, Katarzyna Zawalińska and Erwin Wauters
The Changing German Voter pp. 313-336 Downloads
Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Harald Schoen, Bernhard Weßels and Christof Wolf
Politicising immigration in times of crisis pp. 341-365 Downloads
Swen Hutter and Hanspeter Kriesi
Imagining the smart city through smart grids? Urban energy futures between technological experimentation and the imagined low-carbon city pp. 341-359 Downloads
Leslie Quitzow and Friederike Rohde
Understanding and addressing the resilience crisis of Europe’s farming systems: A synthesis of the findings from the SURE-Farm project pp. 342-374 Downloads
Peter H. Feindt, Miranda P. M. Meuwissen, Alfons Balmann, Robert Finger, Erik Mathijs, Wim Paas, Bárbara Soriano, Alisa Spiegel, Julie Urquhart and Pytrik Reidsma
The State and Critical Assessment of the Sharing Economy in Europe pp. 387-403 Downloads
Vida Česnuitytė, Bori Simonovits, Andrzej Klimczuk, Bálint Balázs, Cristina Miguel and Gabriela Avram
Stakeholder theory and the knowledge problem: A Hayekian perspective pp. 536-545 Downloads
Vladislav Valentinov
Resource frontiers and agglomeration economies: The varied logics of transnational land-based investing in Southern and Eastern Africa pp. 1535-1551 Downloads
Dilini Abeygunawardane, Angela Kronenburg García, Zhanli Sun, Daniel Müller, Almeida Sitoe and Patrick Meyfroidt
Adaptive governance: Learning from what organizations do and managing the role they play pp. 1738-1758 Downloads
Kristof van Assche, Vladislav Valentinov and Gert Verschraegen
The effect of online reputation systems on intergroup inequality Downloads
Judith Kas
Export competitiveness of agri-food sector during the EU integration process: Evidence from the Western Balkans Downloads
Bojan Matkovski, Stanislav Zekić, Danilo Đokić, Žana Jurjević and Ivan Đurić
The influence of dense planting system on the technical efficiency of saffron production and land use sustainability: Empirical evidence from Gonabad county, Iran Downloads
Mohammadreza Ramezani, Arash Dourandish, Tinoush Jamali Jaghdani and Milad Aminizadeh
Consumers’ willingness to Buy CRISPR gene-edited tomatoes: Evidence from a choice experiment case study in Germany Downloads
Linde Götz, Miranda Svanidze, Alain Tissier and Alejandro Brand Duran
Decentralized public farmland conveyance: Rental rights auctioning in Ukraine Downloads
Vasyl Kvartiuk, Thomas Herzfeld and Eduard Bukin
People prefer moral discretion to algorithms: Algorithm aversion beyond intransparency Downloads
Johanna Jauernig, Matthias Uhl and Gari Walkowitz
Measuring systemic risk in the global banking sector: A cross-quantilogram network approach Downloads
Eduard Baumohl, Elie Bouri, Thi-Hong-Van Hoang, Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad and Tomáš Výrost
“Manufacturing Life” in Real Work Processes? New Manufacturing Environments with Micro- and Nanorobotics Downloads
António Moniz and Bettina Krings
[Rezension] Bohnen, Wolfgang/Haase, Lena (Hrsg.): Kontrolle, Konflikt und Kooperation. Festschrift 200 Jahre Staatsanwaltschaften Koblenz und Trier (1820–2020), Beck, München 2020 Downloads
Dieter Gosewinkel
How Young Mothers Rely on Kin Networks and Formal Childcare to Avoid Becoming NEET in the Netherlands Downloads
Alexander Dicks, Mark Levels, Rolf Van der Velden and Melinda C. Mills
Inclusive growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring the interaction between ICT diffusion and financial development Downloads
Isaac K. Ofori, Dennis B. Osei and Imhotep P. Alagidede
Editorial: Citizen Science and Social Innovation: Mutual Relations, Barriers, Needs, and Development Factors Downloads
Andrzej Klimczuk, Egle Butkeviciene and Minela Kerla
The effect of tourism on gender equality in the labour market: Helpmate or hindrance? Downloads
Mahalia Jackman
Economists in the 2008 Financial Crisis: Slow to See, Fast to Act Downloads
Daniel Levy, Tamir Mayer and Alon Raviv
A Content Analysis of the Friday Sermons of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in Germany (DİTİB) Downloads
Sarah Carol and Lukas Hofheinz
Discontentment trumps Euphoria: Interacting with European Politicians’ migration-related messages on social media Downloads
Tobias Heidenreich, Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Fabienne Lind and Hajo G. Boomgaarden
Intragenerational inequality aversion and intergenerational equity Downloads
Vincent Martinet, Stellio Del Campo and Robert Cairns
What Drives Regional Disparities in Educational Expansion: School Reform, Modernization, or Social Structure? Downloads
Marcel Helbig and Norbert Sendzik
Ethno-religious neighbourhood infrastructures and the life satisfaction of immigrants and their descendants in Germany Downloads
Jonas Wiedner, Merlin Schaeffer and Sarah Carol
Far-Right Local Governments and Civil Society: Findings from France and Italy Downloads
Seongcheol Kim
Trust spillovers in the sharing economy: Does international Airbnb experience foster cross‐national trust? Downloads
Judith Kas, Joyce Delnoij, Rense Corten and Paolo Parigi
Ausländer Downloads
Dieter Gosewinkel and Anna Katzy-Reinshagen
Bounding Causes of Effects With Mediators Downloads
Philip Dawid, Macartan Humphreys and Monica Musio
Reluctant transformers or reconsidering opposition to climate change mitigation? German think tanks between environmentalism and neoliberalism Downloads
Dieter Plehwe
Conceptual system dynamics and agent-based modelling simulation of interorganisational fairness in food value chains: Research agenda and case studies Downloads
Seán McGarraghy, Gudrun Olafsdottir, Rossen Kazakov, Élise Huber, William Loveluck, Ingunn Y. Gudbrandsdottir, Lukáš Čechura, Gianandrea Esposito, Antonella Samoggia, Pierre-Marie Aubert, David Barling, Ivan Đurić, Tinoush Jamali Jaghdani, Maitri Thakur, Nína M. Saviolidis and Sigurdur G. Bogason
Interpolation and shock persistence of prewar U.S. macroeconomic time series: A reconsideration Downloads
Hashem Dezhbakhsh and Daniel Levy
Yelling from the sidelines? How German parties employ populist and crisis-related messages on Facebook Downloads
Benjamin Schürmann and Johann Gründl
Who runs the show in digitalized manufacturing? Data, digital platforms and the restructuring of global value chains Downloads
Florian Butollo and Lea Schneidemesser
‘Acting under Chapter 7’: rhetorical entrapment, rhetorical hollowing, and the authorization of force in the UN security council, 1995–2017 Downloads
Johannes Scherzinger
Party System Change in Eastern and Western Germany Between Convergence and Dissimilarity Downloads
Aiko Wagner
Waves and legacies: The making of an investment frontier in Niassa, Mozambique Downloads
Angela Kronenburg García, Patrick Meyfroidt, Dilini Abeygunawardane and Almeida A. Sitoe
Insult, Charisma, and Legitimacy: Turkey's Transition to Personalist Rule Downloads
Defne Över and Irem Tuncer-Ebetürk
An empirical assessment of the interactive impacts of irrigation and climate on farm productivity in Samarkand region, Uzbekistan Downloads
Sherzod Babakholov, Ihtiyor Bobojonov, Shavkat Hasanov and Thomas Glauben
[Book Review] Euphoria and Despair - Stefan Svallfors, The Inner World of Research. On Academic Labor (London, Anthem Press, 2020) Downloads
Michael Hutter
Klaus von Beyme and his impact on German political science: An essay (Klaus von Beyme und sein Einfluss auf die deutsche Politikwissenschaft: Ein Essay) Downloads
Wolfgang Merkel
The Self-Proclaimed Defender of Freedom: The AfD and the Pandemic Downloads
Pola Lehmann and Lisa Zehnter
Competitive mimicry: The socialization of antifeminist NGOs into the United Nations Downloads
Jelena Cupać and Irem Ebetürk
Gender roles and selection mechanisms across contexts: a comparative analysis of the relationship between unemployment, self‐perceived health and gender Downloads
Giulia Tattarini and Raffaele Grotti
Rethinking Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Worker Power, State‒Labour Relations and Intersectionality Downloads
Kristoffer Marslev, Cornelia Staritz and Raj‐Reichert, Gale
Energy Consumption Prediction in Iran: A Hybrid Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithm Method with Sustainable Development Considerations Downloads
Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Fatemi Bushehri, Saeed Dehghan Khavari, Seyed Hossein Mirjalili, Hamid Babaei Meybodi and Mohsen Sardari Zarchi
Family demographic processes and in-work poverty: A systematic review Downloads
Antonino Polizzi, Emanuela Struffolino and Zachary Van Winkle
Preference Discovery in University Admissions: The Case for Dynamic Multioffer Mechanisms Downloads
Julien Grenet, YingHua He and Dorothea Kübler
The Effect of Regulations in an Endogenous growth model with Research and Development Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
A business-cycle model with money-in-utility (MIU) and government sector: the case of Bulgaria (1999-2020) Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
Regionalization of climate teleconnections across Central Asian mountains improves the predictability of seasonal precipitation Downloads
Atabek Umirbekov, Mayra Daniela Peña-Guerrero and Daniel Müller
COVID-19 and pro-sociality: How do donors respond to local pandemic severity, increased salience, and media coverage? Downloads
Maja Adena and Julian Harke
Policy analysis with Melitz-type gravity model: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan Downloads
Barchynai Kimsanova and Thomas Herzfeld
Boundary spanning R&D collaboration: Key enabling technologies and missions as alleviators of proximity effects? Downloads
Matthijs J. Janssen and Milad Abbasiharofteh
Farmer heterogeneity and land transfer decisions based on the dual perspectives of economic endowment and land endowment Downloads
Ying Cheng, Yuan Hu, Weizhong Zeng and Zhongbao Liu
Circulation and containment in the knowledge-based economy: Transnational education zones in Dubai and Qatar Downloads
Tim Rottleb and Jana M. Kleibert
When creativity gets you fired—why professionals tasked with innovation employ subversion when facing competing institutional demands in hybrid organizations Downloads
Lukas Vogelgsang
Unbowed, unbent, unbroken? Examining the validity of the responsibility to protect Downloads
Johannes Scherzinger
Can a rapid mobility transition appear both desirable and achievable? Reflections on the role of competing narratives for socio-technical change and suggestions for a research agenda Downloads
Lisa Ruhrort
The carbon footprint of milk during the conversion from conventional to organic production on a dairy farm in central Germany Downloads
Arthur Gross, Tobias Bromm, Steven Polifka and Florian Schierhorn
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