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From Université catholique de Louvain, Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE)
Voie du Roman Pays 34, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).
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1995041: Unemployment Benefits versus Employment Subsidies: A Welfare Appraisal Downloads
Anne-Marie de Kerchove, Jean Gabszewicz and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
1995040: Minimum Cost Capacity Installation for Multicommodity Network Flows Downloads
Daniel Bienstock, Sunil Chopra, Oktay Günlük and Chi-Yang Tsai
1995039: From Repeated Games to Brownian Games Downloads
Bernard De Meyer
1995038: On the Weak Consistency of the Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimator in VAR Models with BEKK-GARCH(1,q) Errors Downloads
Luc Bauwens and Jean-Pierre Vandeuren
1995037: Competing Risk Models: Problems of Modelling and of Identification Downloads
Michel Mouchart and Jean-Marie Rolin
1995036: Bayesian Efficiency Analysis through Individual Effects: Hospital Cost Frontiers Downloads
Gary Koop, Jacek Osiewalski and Mark Steel
1995035: Bayesian Analysis of Long Memory and Persistence using ARFIMA Models Downloads
Gary Koop, Eduardo Ley, Jacek Osiewalski and Mark Steel
1995034: On the Exact Moments of Non-Standard Asymptotic Distributions in Non Stationary Autoregressions with Dependent Errors Downloads
Jesus Gonzalo and Jean-Yves Pitarakis
1995033: Behavioral Heterogeneity and Structural Properties of Aggregate Demand Downloads
A. Kneip
1995032: Lessons for Employment and Growth in Western Europe Downloads
Henri Sneessens
1995031: Common Trends and Common Cycles in Belgian Sectoral GDP Downloads
Carolina Gervaz
1995030: Inference Robustness in Multivariate Models with a Scale Parameter Downloads
Carmen Fernandez, Jacek Osiewalski and Mark Steel
1995029: Marginal Rates of Substitution for Uninsurable Risks with Constrained-Efficient Asset Structures Downloads
Chiaki Hara
1995028: How Canonical is the Canonical Model ? A Comment on Aumann's Interactive Epistemology Downloads
Aviad Heifetz
1995027: A Unified Perspective on Resource Allocation: Limited Arbitrage is Necessary and Sufficient for the Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium, the Core and Social Choice Downloads
Graciela Chichilnisky
1995026: Joint Distribution of Demand Functions and Price Expectation Functions, and Structural Properties of Market Demand Downloads
Isabelle Maret
1995025: A Two Stage Core with Applications to Asset Markets and Differential Information Economies Downloads
Leonidas C. Koutsougeras
1995024: Decentralized Adaptive Learning: Global Stability inspite of "Local Instability" in a General Equilibrium Example Downloads
Shurojit Chatterji and Subir Chattopadhyay
1995023: Product Differentiation, Entry and Undercut-Proof Equilibrium Downloads
Sougata Poddar
1995022: The Reform of the Western European Cooperative Legislation: A First Assessment from a Bargaining Point of View Downloads
Marco Marini and Alberto Zevi
1995021: A Comparison between the Core and the Monopoly Solutions in a Mixed Exchange Economy Downloads
B. Shitovitz
1995020: Incomplete Information Games and the Normal Distribution Downloads
Jean-François Mertens and Shmuel Zamir
1995019: Optimal Penal Codes in Stochastic Bertrand Games and Collusion over the Business Cycle Downloads
Val Lambson
1995018: Efficiency in Correlated Equilibrium Downloads
Indrajit Ray
1995017: The Voting Mechanism and Market Allocation: A Note Downloads
Jean Gabszewicz and Tanguy van Ypersele
1995016: Duration Models Downloads
Jean-Pierre Florens, Denis Fougere and Michel Mouchart
1995015: A Bound for Continuous Martingales in a Cone Downloads
Bernard De Meyer
1995014: "Buy it or make it Yourself ?" A Paradox Downloads
Jean Gabszewicz and Paolo Garella
1995013: Technical Efficiency Measures on DEA and FDH: A Reconsideration of the Axiomatic Literature Downloads
Kristiaan Kerstens and Philippe Vanden Eeckaut
1995012: Gaussian Estimation of a Continuous Time Dynamic Model with Common Stochastic Trends Downloads
Theodore Simos
1995011: Common Belief in Monotonic Epistemic Logic Downloads
Aviad Heifetz
1995010: Moral Hazard and Conditional Preferences Downloads
Jacques Dreze and Aldo Rustichini
1995009: Continuous Stochastic Games of Capital Accumulation with Convex Transition Downloads
Rabah Amir
1995008: Labor Specialization and City Formation Downloads
Marcus Berliant and Yves Zenou
1995007: Wage Determination and Capital Decisions in a Dynamic Monopoly Union Model (with an Application to Greek Manufacturing) Downloads
Saqib Jafarey, Yannis Kaskarelis and Natasha Miaouli
1995006: The Speed of Convergence in Repeated Games with Incomplete Information on One Side Downloads
Jean-François Mertens
1995005: Quasi Indirect Inference for Diffusion Processes Downloads
Laurence Broze, Olivier Scaillet and Jean-Michel Zakoian
1995004: "Social Dumping" and Delocalization: Is there a Case for Imposing a Social Clause ? Downloads
Tito Cordella and Isabel Grilo
1995003: The Components of Output Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Gary Koop, Jacek Osiewalski and Mark Steel
1995002: Continuous Approximations in the Study of Hierarchies Downloads
Timothy van Zandt
1995001: A Note on Consensus without Common Knowledge Downloads
Aviada Heifetz
1994082: General Equilibrium: 40th Anniversary Conference, 3-5 June 1993
Birgit Grodal, F. Hahn, W. Hildenbrand and H. Polemarchakis
1994081: Forecast Intervals in ARCH Exponential Smoothing Downloads
Laurence Broze, Guy Melard and Olivier Scaillet
1994080: Money and Monetary Policy in General Equilibrium Downloads
Jacques Dreze and Heracles M. Polemarchakis
1994079: Optimal Placement of ADD/DROP Multiplexers: Heuristic and Exact Algorithms Downloads
Alain Sutter, François Vanderbeck and Laurence Wolsey
1994078: Optimality Properties of Alternative Systems of Taxation of Foreign Capital Income Downloads
Jack Mintz and Henry Tulkens
1994077: Imperfect Competition in an Overlapping Generations Model: A Case for Fiscal Policy Downloads
Claude d ASPREMONT, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
1994076: Efficiency Wages, Involuntary Unemployment and Urban Spatial Structure Downloads
Yves Zenou and Tony E. Smith
1994075: Forty Years of Public Economics: A Personal Perspective Downloads
Jacques Dreze
1994074: A Role for Monetary Policy when Prices reveal Information: An Example Downloads
Heracles Polemarchakis and Giulio Seccia
1994073: Moral Hazard in Teams with Uncertainty, and Transfers or Repetition as Enforcement Mechanisms Downloads
Claude d ASPREMONT and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
1994072: Exchange and Optimality Downloads
Sayantan Ghosal and Heracles Polemarchakis
1994071: Equilibrium Selections Downloads
Beth Allen, Jayasri Dutta and Heracles Polemarchakis
1994070: Redistributive Policy with Labour Mobility across Countries Downloads
Manuel Leite Monteiro
1994069: Interregional Reditribution through Tax Surcharge Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Maurice Marchand and Pierre Pestieau
1994068: Market Power, Coordination Failures and Endogenous Fluctuations Downloads
d ASPREMONT, Claude,, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
1994067: On the Dixit-Stiglitz Model of Monopolistic Competition as Enforcement Mechanisms Downloads
Claude d ASPREMONT, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
1994066: On a Shareholder Constrained Efficient Criterion for Strategic Firms Downloads
Luigi Ventura
1994065: Comovements in Large Systems Downloads
Jesus Gonzalo and Jean-Yves Pitarakis
1994064: Network Structure and Entry in the Deregulated Airline Industry Downloads
Joseph Berechman, Sougata Poddar and Oz Shy
1994063: Eductive Stability in a Two Period Economy Downloads
Sayantan Ghosal
1994062: Self-Scaled Cones and Interior-Point Methods in Nonlinear Programming Downloads
Yurii E. Nesterov . and Michael Todd
1994061: Posterior Analysis of Stochastic Frontier Models using Gibbs Sampling Downloads
Gary Koop, Mark Steel and Jacek Osiewalski
1994060: Equilibria with Social Security Downloads
Michele Boldrin and Aldo Rustichini
1994059: Cournot Equilibria in Markets with a Continuum of Traders Downloads
Giulio Codognato and Sayantan Ghosal
1994058: Self-Fulfilling Mechanisms in Repeated Games with Incomplete Information Downloads
Francoise Forges and Enrico Minelli
1994057: Social Protection and Political Competition Downloads
Jean Gabszewicz and Tanguy van Ypersele
1994056: Stable Trading Structures in Bilateral Oligopolies Downloads
Francis Bloch and Sayantan Ghosal
1994055: Evolution with State-Dependent Mutations Downloads
James Bergin and Barton Lipman
1994054: Cost and Efficiency of Major Urban Transit Systems in Europe Downloads
Pierre Wunsch
1994053: The Node Capacitated Graph Partitioning Problem: A Computational Study Downloads
Carlos E. Ferreira, Cid C. de SOUZA, Alexander Martin and Robert Weismantel
1994052: Education Subsidies and Endogenous Growth: Implications of Demographic Shocks Downloads
Frédéric Docquier and Philippe Michel
1994051: Noise vs Inefficiency. Evidence from Mass Transit Downloads
Philippe Vanden Eeckaut and Pierre Wunsch
1994050: Real Wages, Skill Mismatch and Unemployment Persistence Downloads
Henri Sneessens and Fatemeh Shadman
1994049: Fiscal Policy in a Growth Model with Both Altruistic and Non Altruistic Agents Downloads
Philippe Michel and Pierre Pestieau
1994048: A Core-Theoretic Solution for the Design of Cooperative Agreements on Transfrontier Pollution Downloads
Parkash Chander and Henry Tulkens
1994047: Nonparametric Approaches to the Assessment of the Relative Efficiency of Bank Branches Downloads
Henry Tulkens and Amador Malnero
1994046: A Few Remarks on Imperfect Competition with Incompleteness of Markets Downloads
Luigi Ventura
1994045: Ausi Expected Utility: An Anticipated Utility Theory of Relative Disappointment Aversion Downloads
Simon Grant and Atsushi Kajii
1994044: Self-Fulfilling Mechanisms and Rational Expectations Downloads
Francoise Forges and Enrico Minelli
1994043: State Dependent Utility Downloads
Aldo Rustichini and Jacques Dreze
1994042: "Nice" Trivial Equilibria in Strategic Market Games: A Comment on Dubey-Shubik (1978) Downloads
Tito Cordella and Jean Gabszewicz
1994041: Pitfalls of Normal-Gamma Stochastic Frontier Models Downloads
Christian Ritter and Leopold Simar
1994040: The Profit-Maximizing Weber Problem Downloads
Pierre Hansen, Dominique Peeters and Jacques Thisse
1994039: Price Discrimination with Costly Consumer Arbitrage Downloads
Simon Anderson and Victor Ginsburgh
1994038: Do Art Experts make Rational Estimates of Pre-Sale Prices ? Downloads
Luc Bauwens and Victor Ginsburgh
1994037: Formulations and Valid Inequalities for the Node Capacitated Graph Partitioning Problem Downloads
Carlos E. Ferreira, Alexander Martin, Cid C. de SOUZA and Robert Weismantel
1994036: Technical Development, Competition from Low-Wage Economies and Low-Skilled Unemployment Downloads
Jacques Dreze and Henri Sneessens
1994035: Pigovian Taxes, Tradable Permits and a Dynamic Process for an Economy with Pollution Downloads
Francisco Ramos
1994034: Oligopolistic Competition and the Optimal Provision of Products Downloads
Simon Anderson, André de Palma and Yurii Nesterov
1994033: The Nature of Two-Direction Intergenerational Transfers of Money and Time: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Yannis Ioannides and Kamhon Kan
1994032: Structural Estimation of Residential Mobility and Housing Tenure Choice Downloads
Yannis Ioannides and Kamhon Kan
1994031: Optimal Licensing in a Spatial Model Downloads
Francisco Caballero-Sanz, Rafael Moner-Colonques and José Sempere-Monerris
1994030: Existence and Efficiency Properties of an Approximate Equilibrium when Asset Markets are Incomplete: A Welfare Approach Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh and Michiel Keyzer
1994029: Prices, Asset Markets and Indeterminacy Downloads
Heracles Polemarchakis and Paolo Siconolfi
1994028: Two-Sided Search, Marriages and Matchmakers Downloads
Francis Bloch and Harl Ryder
1994027: Algorithms and Reformulations for Lot Sizing Problems Downloads
Yves Pochet and Laurence Wolsey
1994026: Optimal Trees Downloads
Thomas Magnanti and Laurence Wolsey
1994025: Strategic Intergenerational Bequests with Stochastic Convex Production Downloads
Rabah Amir
1994024: Stackelberg vs. Cournot / Bertrand Equilibrium Downloads
Rabah Amir and Isabel Grilo
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