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Amber Waves:The Economics of Food, Farming, Natural Resources, and Rural America

2003 - 2020

From United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service
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Americans at Unequal Risk for Obesity pp. 1 Downloads
Lisa Mancino
Taxing Snacks to Reduce Obesity pp. 1 Downloads
Fred Kuchler
Nonmetro Counties Vary by Urban Size and Metro Proximity pp. 1 Downloads
Calvin L. Beale
One in Four Rural Households are Housing Stressed pp. 1 Downloads
James J. Mikesell
Donna Roberts pp. 1 Downloads
Jim McDonald pp. 1 Downloads
Converging Forces: Too Many Tasty Foods, No Time for Exercise pp. 1 Downloads
Joseph Jen
Low-Income Households Spend Less on Fruits and Vegetables pp. 1 Downloads
Noel Blisard
Irrigation, Water Conservation, and Farm Size in the Western United States pp. 1 Downloads
Glenn Schaible
Technological Changes Contribute to Rise in Obesity pp. 1 Downloads
Jayachandran N. Variyam
How Does Farmland Retirement Affect Rural Counties pp. 1 Downloads
Daniel Hellerstein and Patrick Sullivan
Responding to Rural Job Loss: The Virginia Example pp. 1 Downloads
Karen Hamrick
Measuring Food Insecurity and Hunger pp. 1 Downloads
Mark Nord
The Role of Homeownership in Wealth Accumulation by Rural Households pp. 1 Downloads
James J. Mikesell
How Do Households, Sectors, and Countries Adjust to Policy Change? pp. 1 Downloads
Erik Dohlman and Carolyn Dimitri
China Commodity Markets pp. 1 Downloads
Gale, H. Frederick,
How Rural Areas Differ: The New ERS County Typology pp. 1 Downloads
Linda M. Ghelfi
County Typology Team pp. 1 Downloads
Opened ARMS pp. 1 Downloads
Katherine R. Smith
Assessing the Measurement of Food Consumption pp. 1 Downloads
Nicole Ballenger
Integration of North American Agriculture pp. 1 Downloads
Steven Zahniser
Agricultural Risks in a Water-Short World pp. 1 Downloads
Noel R. Gollehon
Research Presentations on Ag Biotech Topics pp. 1 Downloads
Paul W. Heisey and Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo
Annual Meeting of Geographers pp. 1 Downloads
Let's Eat Out: Full-Service or Fast Food? pp. 1 Downloads
Hayden Stewart
Slow Price Adjustment Benefits Beef and Pork Producers pp. 1 Downloads
William Hahn
Structural Change Brings New Challenges to Soybean Price Forecasts pp. 1 Downloads
Gerald E. Plato and William Chambers
Federal Funding for Rural America: Who Gets What? pp. 1 Downloads
Richard J. Reeder and Samuel D. Calhoun
Persistant Poverty Is More Pervasive in Nonmetro Counties pp. 1 Downloads
Dean Jolliffe
Economic Risks of Soybean Rust in the U.S. Vary by Region pp. 1 Downloads
Stan G. Daberkow
Genetically Engineered Crop Varieties Gain Further Acreage Share in 2004 pp. 1 Downloads
Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo
Putting the pieces together pp. 1 Downloads
Paul R. Gibson
The Traceability Team pp. 1 Downloads
Greasing the Wheels of the Marketplace pp. 1 Downloads
Nicole Ballenger
An Integrated Global Marketplace pp. 1 Downloads
Neilson C. Conklin
Assessing Farm Household Well-Being--Beyond Farmers and Farm Income pp. 1 Downloads
Jeffrey W. Hopkins and Mitchell J. Morehart
Science and Technology Hold Promise for Developing Countries in the 21st Century pp. 1 Downloads
Margriet Caswell
U.S. Increasingly Imports Nitrogen and Potash Fertilizer pp. 1 Downloads
Wen Huang
Allocating Resources to Manage Invasive Species and Pests pp. 1 Downloads
Kitty Smith
Collaboration With the Food and Agriculture Organization pp. 1 Downloads
Keith D. Wiebe
How Are Changing Preferences Affecting World Food Markets? pp. 1 Downloads
Anita Regmi
Ag Policy Information Reaches a Wider Audience pp. 1 Downloads
Suchada Langley
Education in Rural Areas pp. 1 Downloads
Robert Gibbs
More Information on Production Practices pp. 1 Downloads
James Payne and C.S. Kim
Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators Database and Mapping Tool pp. 1 Downloads
William Quinby
Annual Meetings of Social Scientists pp. 1 Downloads
William Kandel
Population Change in Rural America pp. 1 Downloads
William Kandel
New State-Level Estimates From ARMS pp. 1 Downloads
James D. Johnson
Food Consumption Data Under Review pp. 1 Downloads
Nicole Ballenger
Improving Efficiency of Farmland Preservation Programs pp. 1 Downloads
Mary Clare Ahearn
Geographic Information System Analysis Team pp. 1 Downloads
Profiles of America: Demographic Data and Graphic Builder pp. 2 Downloads
John C. Hession
Grain Exports from the Black Sea: How Large? pp. 2 Downloads
William Liefert
China's Demand for Commodities Outpacing Supply pp. 2 Downloads
Gale, H. Frederick,, Bryan Lohmar and Francis C. Tuan
Contract Use Continues to Expand pp. 2 Downloads
James M. MacDonald and Janet Perry
How Do Decoupled Payments Affect Resource Allocations Within the Farm Sector? pp. 2 Downloads
Mary Clare Ahearn, Robert Collender, Mitchell J. Morehart and Michael Roberts
Decoupled Payments and Farm Sector Models pp. 2 Downloads
Mary Anne Normile and Paul Westcott
Demand for Grain-Based Foods pp. 2 Downloads
Jean Buzby
A New ERS Lecture Series pp. 2 Downloads
Susan E. Offutt
Ownership and Classification of Agbiotech Patents pp. 2 Downloads
John L. King and Paul W. Heisey
Farm Income Estimates and Forecasts pp. 2 Downloads
Roger Strickland
Customized Agricultural Resource Management Survey Data on ERS Website pp. 2 Downloads
Robert W. Dubman
ERS Awards Grants for Research on the Economics of Invasive Species Management pp. 2 Downloads
Donna Roberts and Craig D. Osteen
Agricultural Resource Management Survey Promoted on RFD-TV pp. 2 Downloads
Katherine R. Smith
Baby Boomers Increasingly Move to Rural Areas pp. 2 Downloads
John Cromartie
Improvements in Pesticide Data pp. 2 Downloads
Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo
Keeping Agricultural Market Access Data Current pp. 2 Downloads
John Wainio
ARMS Data Offer New Perspectives on Cropping Practices pp. 2 Downloads
C.S. Kim and William Quinby
Global Trade in Fuits and Vegetables Brings Variety to the Nation's Grocery Stores pp. 2 Downloads
Sophia Huang
Untapped Potential of Cuba's Citrus and Tropical Fruit Industry pp. 2 Downloads
William E. Kost
Mexico's Corn Industries and U.S.-Mexico Corn Trade pp. 2 Downloads
Steven Zahniser and William T. Coyle
The Changing World Network of Trade in Textiles and Apparel pp. 2 Downloads
Thomas Vollrath, Mark J. Gehlhar and Stephen MacDonald
Is India a Potential Market for U.S. Agriculture? pp. 2 Downloads
Thomas Vollrath
One-Stop Shopping for Commodity Data pp. 2 Downloads
Milton H. Ericksen and Joy L. Harwood
Studying the Economics of Invasive Species Management pp. 2 Downloads
Stan G. Daberkow
Focusing on Variety pp. 2 Downloads
Hayden Stewart
How Do Mass Marketers Affect Food Prices? pp. 2 Downloads
Ephraim Leibtag
Paying for Fruits and Vegetables pp. 2 Downloads
Jane Reed
Effects of Animal Diseases on Trade pp. 2 Downloads
Dale J. Leuck
Rural Sociological Society Annual Meeting pp. 2 Downloads
Leslie A. Whitener
Annual Meeting of Agricultural Economists pp. 2 Downloads
How Can Time-Use Data Be Used? pp. 2 Downloads
Karen Hamrick
Conservation Reserve Program: Planting for the Future pp. 2 Downloads
Marc Ribaudo
Integration of the Food Supply Chain pp. 2 Downloads
Phillip R. Kaufman
Security Analysis System for U.S. Agriculture pp. 2 Downloads
Mitch Morehart pp. 2 Downloads
USDA Animal Waste Management Team pp. 2 Downloads
Market Analysis Program Innovators Team pp. 2 Downloads
USDA Food Security Measurement Team pp. 2 Downloads
Margriet Caswell pp. 2 Downloads
Using the 2003 Urban Influence Codes to Understand Rural America pp. 2 Downloads
Timothy S. Parker and Linda M. Ghelfi
Food Stamp Participation Up in 2003 pp. 2 Downloads
Victor Oliveira
Market Incentives Raise Food Safety Bar pp. 2 Downloads
Michael Ollinger
Processed Products Propel Gains in U.S. Agricultural Exports pp. 2 Downloads
Carol Whitton
Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling--Will It Benefit Consumers? pp. 2 Downloads
Barry Krissoff and Fred Kuchler
U.S. Seafood Market Shifts to Aquaculture pp. 2 Downloads
David J. Harvey
Growth of Hispanics in Rural Workforce pp. 2 Downloads
Constance Newman
Rural Homeownership Rising pp. 2 Downloads
James J. Mikesell
Are Bankruptcies Behind the Drop in Farm Numbers? pp. 2 Downloads
Jerome M. Stam and Robert A. Hoppe
Is Carbon Sequestration Economically Feasible? pp. 2 Downloads
Jan Lewandrowski and Carol Adaire Jones
Collaboration With the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy pp. 2 Downloads
Leslie A. Whitener
Education as a Rural Development Strategy pp. 2 Downloads
Robert Gibbs
Economic Costs of Campylobacter pp. 2 Downloads
Paul D. Frenzen
Annual Meeting of Regional Economics pp. 2 Downloads
Robert Gibbs
Southern Agricultural Economics Association pp. 2 Downloads
Keithly Jones
American Association for the Advancement of Science pp. 2 Downloads
Elise H. Golan
Land Degredation and Agricultural Productivity pp. 2 Downloads
Keith D. Wiebe
Characteristics and Production Costs pp. 2 Downloads
Sara D. Short and Janet S. Livezey
Coping With Risk in Agriculture pp. 2 Downloads
Michael Roberts
Economics of the Food and Fiber System pp. 2 Downloads
William Edmondson
Calvin L. Beale
Marketing Could Boost the U.S. Sheep Industry pp. 2 Downloads
Keithly Jones
Volume Production Keeps Floriculture Prices Low pp. 2 Downloads
Alberto Jerardo
William Liefert
Got Milk? Implications of Generational and Aging Effects pp. 2 Downloads
Noel Blisard
Juries Award Higher Amounts for Severe Foodborne Illnesses pp. 2 Downloads
Jean Buzby and Paul D. Frenzen
How Many U.S. Households Face Hunger…and How Often? pp. 2 Downloads
Mark Nord
Booming China Trade Presents New Challenges for Rural America pp. 2 Downloads
Gale, H. Frederick,
Rural America at a Glance pp. 2 Downloads
Karen Hamrick
Rural Governments Face Public Transportation Challenges and Opportunities pp. 2 Downloads
Dennis M. Brown and Eileen S. Stommes
Estimating U.S. Cropland Area pp. 4 Downloads
Marlow Vesterby and Kenneth S. Krupa
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) enrollments shift geographically pp. 4 Downloads
Shawn Bucholtz
Canadian pork exports surge when Canadian dollar is weak relative to U.S. dollar pp. 4 Downloads
Dale J. Leuck
Meat Price Spreads pp. 4 Downloads
William Hahn
Social Security Retirement Payments pp. 4 Downloads
Richard J. Reeder
Wetland Losses pp. 4 Downloads
Roger Claassen
Milk Production shifts West pp. 4 Downloads
Don Blayney
Nonmetro Educational Attainment pp. 4 Downloads
Robert Gibbs
Developing a County-level Measure of Urban Influence pp. 4 Downloads
Linda M. Ghelfi and Timothy S. Parker
Nonmetro Population Change pp. 4 Downloads
Kathleen Kassel
Consumption of Carbonated Soft Drinks pp. 4 Downloads
Jane E. Allshouse
Calculating the Food Marketing Bill pp. 4 Downloads
Howard Elitzak
Agricultural land in India pp. 4 Downloads
Keith D. Wiebe
Fifty Years of U.S. Food Aid and Its Role in Reducing World Hunger pp. 6 Downloads
Shahla Shapouri and Stacey Rosen
Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo and David Schimmelpfennig
The U.S. Ag Trade Balance...More Than Just a Number pp. 6 Downloads
Alberto Jerardo
Low-Skill Jobs: A Shrinking Share of the Rural Economy pp. 7 Downloads
Robert Gibbs, Lorin D. Kusmin and John Cromartie
Sharing the Economic Burden: Who Pays for WIC's Infant Formula? pp. 7 Downloads
Victor Oliveira and Mark A. Prell
Devolution of Farm Programs Could Broaden States' Role in Ag Policy pp. 8 Downloads
Susan E. Offutt, Betsey A. Kuhn and Mitchell J. Morehart
Farmland Retirement's Impact on Rural Growth pp. 8 Downloads
Patrick Sullivan, David McGranahan, Daniel Hellerstein and Stephen J. Vogel
U.S. Peanut Sector Adapts to Major Policy Changes pp. 8 Downloads
Erik Dohlman, Chester Young, Linwood Hoffman and William McBride
Where Will Demographics Take the Asia-Pacific Food System pp. 8 Downloads
William T. Coyle, Brad Gilmour and Walter J. Armbruster
Have Conservation Compliance Incentives Reduced Soil Erosion? pp. 8 Downloads
Roger Claassen
Emergency Providers Help Poor Households Put Food on the Table pp. 8 Downloads
Laura Tiehen
Rural Hispanics: Employment and Residential Trends pp. 8 Downloads
William Kandel and Constance Newman
Measuring the Success of Conservation Programs pp. 8 Downloads
Katherine R. Smith and Marca Weinberg
European Union Adopts Significant Farm Reform pp. 8 Downloads
David Kelch and Mary Anne Normile
A Historic Enlargement: Ten Countries Prepare to Join the European Union pp. 8 Downloads
Nancy Cochrane
Beyond Environmental Compliance: Stewardship as Good Business pp. 8 Downloads
Jeffrey W. Hopkins and Robert Johansson
Food Traceability: One Ingredient in a Safe and Efficient Food Supply pp. 8 Downloads
Elise H. Golan, Barry Krissoff and Fred Kuchler
Savvy Buyers Spur Food Safety Innovations in Meat Processing pp. 8 Downloads
Elise H. Golan, Tanya Roberts and Michael Ollinger
The Elephant Is Jogging: New Pressures for Abricultural Reform In India pp. 8 Downloads
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