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Volume 71, issue 04, 2011

Did Technology Shocks Drive the Great Depression? Explaining Cyclical Productivity Movements in U.S. Manufacturing, 1919–1939 pp. 827-858 Downloads
Robert Inklaar, Herman de Jong and Reitze Gouma
Harvest Shortfalls, Grain Prices, and Famines in Preindustrial England pp. 859-886 Downloads
Bruce M.S. Campbell and Cormac Ó Gráda
Warfare, Taxation, and Political Change: Evidence from the Italian Risorgimento pp. 887-914 Downloads
Mark Dincecco, Giovanni Federico and Andrea Vindigni
On the Economic Consequences of the Peace: Trade and Borders After Versailles pp. 915-949 Downloads
Nikolaus Wolf, Max-Stephan Schulze and Hans Heinemeyer
Bank-Specific Default Risk in the Pricing of Bank Note Discounts pp. 950-975 Downloads
Matthew Jaremski
The Market for Bank Stocks and the Rise of Deposit Banking in New York City, 1866–1897 pp. 976-1005 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Catching-Up and Falling Behind: Knowledge Spillover from American to German Machine Toolmakers pp. 1006-1031 Downloads
Ralf Richter and Jochen Streb
Did R&D Firms Used to Patent? Evidence from the First Innovation Surveys pp. 1032-1059 Downloads
Tom Nicholas
Depth to Bedrock and the Formation of the Manhattan Skyline, 1890–1915 pp. 1060-1077 Downloads
Jason Barr, Troy Tassier and Rossen Trendafilov
Making Consumers Comfortable: The Early Decades of Air Conditioning in the United States pp. 1078-1094 Downloads
Jeff Biddle
A Reading List for Economic Historians on the Great Recession of 2007–2009: Its Causes and Consequences pp. 1099-1106 Downloads
Larry Neal
The Bank of England: 1950s to 1979. By Forrest Capie. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xxviii, 890. $150.00, hardcover pp. 1107-1108 Downloads
Youssef Cassis
The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe. By Stephen Broadberry and Kevin H. O'Rourke. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. 2 vols.; Pp. xiv, 329; xviii, 468. $110.00, cloth; $40.00, paper pp. 1108-1110 Downloads
Jan de Vries
The English Wool Market, c.1230–1327. By Adrian R. Bell, Chris Brooks, and Paul R. Dryburgh. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Pp. viii, 205. $99.00, hardcover pp. 1110-1112 Downloads
Mark Bailey
The Capital and the Colonies: London and the Atlantic Economy, 1660–1700. By Nuala Zahedieh. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xviii, 329. $95.00, cloth pp. 1112-1113 Downloads
David Richardson
The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East. By Timur Kuran. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010. Pp.xvi, 405. $29.95, hardcover pp. 1114-1116 Downloads
Metin Cosgel
Historia económica general de México: De la Colonia a nuestros días. Edited by Sandra Kuntz-Ficker. México, DF: El Colegio de México y la Secretaría de Economía: Comisión Organizadora de las Celebraciones del Bicentenraio, 2010. Pp. 834. $39.00, cloth pp. 1116-1117 Downloads
Moramay López-Alonso
Peddling Protectionism: Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression. By Douglas A. Irwin. Princeton, NJ and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2011. Pp. 244. $24.95, hardcover pp. 1118-1119 Downloads
David Jacks
Commerce by a Frozen Sea: Native Americans and the European Fur Trade. By Ann M. Carlos and Frank D. Lewis. Philadephia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010. Pp. 264. $49.95, hardcover pp. 1119-1121 Downloads
George Colpitts
Clash of Extremes: The Economic Origins of the Civil War. Edited by Marc Egnal. New York: Hill and Wang, 2009. Pp. xiii, 416. $30.00, cloth; $21.90, paper pp. 1121-1123 Downloads
Roger Ransom
The Big Ditch: How America Took, Built, Ran, and Ultimately Gave Away the Panama Canal. By Noel Maurer and Carlos Yu. Princeton. NJ: Princeton University Press, 2011. Pp. xiii, 420. $35.00, cloth pp. 1123-1124 Downloads
Luz Marina Arias
Founding Choices: American Economic Policy in the 1790s. Edited by Douglas A. Irwin and Richard Sylla. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press. Pp. ix, 352. $110.00, cloth; $35.00, paper pp. 1124-1126 Downloads
Karen Clay
Scarcity and Frontiers: How Economies Have Developed Through Natural Resource Exploitation. By Edward B. Barbier. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Pp. xviii, 748. $105.00, hardcover; $48.00, paper pp. 1126-1127 Downloads
Gavin Wright

Volume 71, issue 03, 2011

Interest Reductions in the Politico-Financial Nexus of Eighteenth-Century England pp. 555-589 Downloads
Christophe Chamley
The Empire Struck Back: Sanctions and Compensation in the Mexican Oil Expropriation of 1938 pp. 590-615 Downloads
Noel Maurer
The Economics of Badmouthing: Libel Law and the Underworld of the Financial Press in France Before World War I pp. 616-653 Downloads
Vincent Bignon and Marc Flandreau
Malaria and Economic Productivity: A Longitudinal Analysis of the American Case pp. 654-671 Downloads
Sok Chul Hong
Great War, Civil War, and Recovery: Russia's National Income, 1913 to 1928 pp. 672-703 Downloads
Andrei Markevich and Mark Harrison
Human Capital and Technological Transition: Insights from the U.S. Navy pp. 704-729 Downloads
Darrell J. Glaser and Ahmed Rahman
Overseas Trade and the Decline of Privateering pp. 730-761 Downloads
Henning Hillmann and Christina Gathmann
Money, States, and Empire: Financial Integration and Institutional Change in Central Europe, 1400–1520 pp. 762-791 Downloads
David Chilosi and Oliver Volckart
Death Before Birth: Fetal Health and Mortality in Historical Perspective. By Robert Woods. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. $125.00, hardcover pp. 793-794 Downloads
Jonathan F. Fox
Childhood and Child Labour in the British Industrial Revolution. By Jane Humphries. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xiii, 439. $99.00, hardback pp. 794-796 Downloads
Joyce Burnette
Le marché financier français au XIXe siècle. Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, 2007. Volume 1 Récit. edited by Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur 526pp, Volume 2 Aspects quantitatifs des acteurs et des instruments à la Bourse de Paris edited by Georges Gallais-Hamonno, 640pp + CD, each 40 € pp. 796-797 Downloads
Clemens Jobst
Fixed Ideas of Money: Small States and Exchange Rate Regimes in Twentieth-Century Europe. By Tobias Straumann. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xix, 392. $90.00, hardback pp. 797-799 Downloads
⊘ksendal, Lars Fredrik
The Hazards of Urban Life in Late Stalinist Russia: Health, Hygiene, and Living Standards, 1943–1953. By Donald Filtzer. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. Xxx, 379. $110.00, cloth pp. 799-801 Downloads
Mark Harrison
Painting for Profit: The Economic Lives of Seventeenth-Century Italian Painters. By Richard E. Spear et al. New Haven, CT and London: Yale University Press, 2010. Pp. xi, 384. $85.00, cloth pp. 801-802 Downloads
Robert Jensen
Commerce Before Capitalism in Europe, 1300–1600. By Martha C. Howell. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xii, 365. $90.00, cloth; $29.99, paper pp. 803-804 Downloads
Bas J.P. Van Bavel
Survival and Discord in Medieval Society: Essays in Honour of Christopher Dyer. Edited by Richard Goddard, John Langdon, and Miriam Müller. The Medieval Countryside, 4. Turnhout Belgium: Brepols Publishers, 2010. Pp. viii, 306. € 70.00 pp. 804-806 Downloads
James Given
The Decline of Sterling: Managing the Retreat of an International Currency, 1945–1992. By Catherine R. Schenk. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. vii, 437. $99.00, hardcover pp. 806-807 Downloads
Geoffrey Wood
Nation, State, and the Industrial Revolution: The Visible Hand. By Lars Magnusson. London: Routledge, 2009. Pp. xi, 183. $130.00, hardcover pp. 807-809 Downloads
Mark Dincecco
Gender, Work, and Wages in Industrial Revolution Britain. By Joyce Burnette. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. Pp. xii, 377. $99.00, hardcover pp. 809-810 Downloads
Natalia Mora-Sitja
Scottish Trade with German Ports, 1700–1770: A Sketch of the North Sea Trades and the Atlantic Economy on Ground Level. By Philipp Robinson Rössner. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2008. Pp. 236, €43.00 pp. 810-812 Downloads
Chris Evans
Aspiring to a Higher Rank: Swedish Factor Prices and Productivity. By Svante Prado. Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg, 2008. Pp. 242, Published Ph.D. thesis pp. 812-813 Downloads
Rodney Edvinsson
Education and the Creation of Capital in the Early American Republic. By Nancy Beadie. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xiv, 333. $95.00, cloth pp. 814-815 Downloads
John E. Murray
The Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the City It Made. By Domenic Vitiellowith George E. Thomas. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010. Pp. xvi, 253. $45.00, cloth pp. 815-816 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Company of Kinsmen: Enterprise and Community in South Asian History, 1700–1940. By Tirthankar Roy. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2010. Pp. xiii, 252. $99.00, hardcover pp. 817-819 Downloads
Latika Chaudhary
A Chinese Economic Revolution, Rural Entrepreneurship in the Twentieth Century. By Linda Grove. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing, Inc., 2006. Pp. xi, 303. $74.00, hardcover pp. 819-820 Downloads
Kent Deng
Economic Transformations: General Purpose Technologies and Long-Term Economic Growth. By Richard G. Lipsey, Kenneth I. Carlaw, and Clifford T. Bekar. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005., $55.00, hardback pp. 820-823 Downloads
Brent Goldfarb
The Gold Standard at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Rising Powers, Global Money, and the Age of Empire. By Steven Bryan. New York: Columbia University Press, 2010. Pp. 273, $50.00, cloth pp. 823-824 Downloads
Michael Schiltz
Global Electrification: Multinational Enterprise and International Finance in the History of Light and Power, 1878–2007. By William J. Hausman, Peter Hertner and Mira Wilkins. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008. Pp. xxiv, 487. $80.00, hardcover pp. 825-826 Downloads
Tom Nicholas

Volume 71, issue 02, 2011

The Mystery of Property Rights: A U.S. Perspective pp. 275-306 Downloads
Naomi R. Lamoreaux
Repairing a Mortgage Crisis: HOLC Lending and Its Impact on Local Housing Markets pp. 307-337 Downloads
Charles Courtemanche and Kenneth Snowden
The National Banking Acts and the Transformation of New York City Banking During the Civil War Era pp. 338-362 Downloads
John James and David F. Weiman
Do Patents Weaken the Localization of Innovations? Evidence from World's Fairs pp. 363-382 Downloads
Petra Moser
Thrifty Pensioners: Pensions and Savings in France at the Turn of the Twentieth Century pp. 383-412 Downloads
Jérôme Bourdieu, Lionel Kesztenbaum and Gilles Postel-Vinay
Networks in the Premodern Economy: The Market for London Apprenticeships, 1600–1749 pp. 413-443 Downloads
Tim Leunig, Chris Minns and Patrick Wallis
Net Exports and the Avoidance of High Unemployment During Reconversion, 1945–1947 pp. 444-454 Downloads
Jason E. Taylor, Bharati Basu and Steven McLean
The Spinning Jenny and the Industrial Revolution: A Reappraisal pp. 455-460 Downloads
Ugo Gragnolati, Daniele Moschella and Emanuele Pugliese
The Spinning Jenny: A Fresh Look pp. 461-464 Downloads
Robert Allen
The Price of Emancipation: Slave-Ownership, Compensation, and British Society at the End of Slavery. By Nicholas Draper. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xiii, 401. $95.00, hardcover pp. 528-529 Downloads
Stanley L. Engerman
The Undevelopment of Capitalism: Sectors and Markets in Fifteenth-Century Tuscany. By Rebecca Jean Emigh. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 2009. Pp. xv, 271. $29.95, paper pp. 529-530 Downloads
Steven A. Epstein
Dutch Ships in Tropical Waters: The Development of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) Shipping Network in Asia, 1595–1660. By Robert Parthesius. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press; Distributed by the University of Chicago Press, 2010. Pp. 217. $ 37.50, paper pp. 530-532 Downloads
S'jacob, Hugo
La fin des corporations. By Steven L. Kaplan. Trans. Béatrice Vierne. Paris: Librairie Arthème Fayard, 2001. Pp. xvi, 740 pp. 532-534 Downloads
James R. Farr
A Most Magnificent Machine: America Adopts the Railroad, 1825–1862. By Craig Miner. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2010. Pp. vii, 325. $34.95, hardcover pp. 534-535 Downloads
Keith T. Poole
Freedom Bound: Law, Labor, and Civic Identity in Colonizing English America, 1580–1865. By Christopher Tomlins. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xvi, 617. $115.00, cloth; $36.99, paper pp. 535-537 Downloads
Joshua Rosenbloom
Cooking in Other Women's Kitchens: Domestic Workers in the South, 1865–1960. By Rebecca Sharpless. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2010. Pp. xxix, 273. $35.00, cloth pp. 537-538 Downloads
William Collins
Haunted by Atrocity: Civil War Prisons in American Memory. By Benjamin Cloyd. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2010. $37.50, hardcover pp. 539-540 Downloads
Michael Bonner
Indochina: An Ambiguous Colonization, 1858–1954. By Pierre Brocheux and Daniel Hémery. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009. Pp. xv, 490. $60.00, cloth pp. 540-542 Downloads
Gregg Huff
Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can't Explain the Modern World. By Deirdre N. McCloskey. Chicago and London: Chicago University Press, 2010. Pp. xvi, 571. $35.00, hardcover pp. 542-544 Downloads
Paul M. Hohenberg
The Ideologies of Taxation. By Louis Eisenstein. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2010. Pp. xvii, 220. $29.95, paper pp. 544-545 Downloads
Daniel Marcin
Why the West Rules–for Now: The Patterns of History and What They Reveal About the Future. By Ian Morris. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2010. $35.00, hardcover pp. 545-547 Downloads
Philip Hoffman
So Great a Profit: How the East Indies Trade Transformed Anglo-American Capitalism. By James R. Fichter. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2010. Pp. 384. $35.00, hardcover pp. 547-548 Downloads
Douglas Irwin
Flick. Eine Konzerngeschichte vom Kaiserreich bis zur Bundesrepublik. By Kim Christian Priemel. Goettingen: Wallstein Verlag, 2007. Pp. 864. ∊ 49,40 cloth pp. 548-550 Downloads
Peter Hayes
Female Labour Power: Women Workers' Influence on Business Practices in the British and American Cotton Industries, 1780–1860. By Janet Greenlees. Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2007. Pp. xx, 244. $114.95, hardcover pp. 550-551 Downloads
Gillian Hamilton
Hispanics in the United States: A Demographic, Social, and Economic History, 1980–2005. By Laird Bergad and Herbert Klein. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. $95.00, hardcover pp. 551-553 Downloads
Robert Fairlie

Volume 71, issue 01, 2011

Public Finance and Economic Growth: The Case of Holland in the Seventeenth Century pp. 1-39 Downloads
Oscar Gelderblom and Joost Jonker
Sales and Advertising Expenditure for Interwar American Department Stores pp. 40-69 Downloads
Peter M. Scott and James Walker
Moral Hazard in a Mutual Health Insurance System: German Knappschaften, 1867–1914 pp. 70-104 Downloads
Timothy Guinnane and Jochen Streb
American Mobility and the Expansion of Public Education pp. 105-132 Downloads
John Parman
War, Moral Hazard, and Ministerial Responsibility: England After the Glorious Revolution pp. 133-161 Downloads
Gary W Cox
Marine Insurance in Philadelphia During the Quasi-War with France, 1795–1801 pp. 162-184 Downloads
Christopher Kingston
Ideas, Interests, and Politics in the Case of Belgian Corn Law Repeal, 1834–1873 pp. 185-210 Downloads
Maarten Van Dijck and Tom Truyts
Why was America's First Bank Aborted? pp. 211-222 Downloads
Dror Goldberg
Paying for the Liberal State: The Rise of Public Finance in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Edited by José Luís Cardoso and Pedro Lains. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. ix, 310. $88.99 pp. 233-234 Downloads
Mark Dincecco
British Business in the Formative Years of European Integration, 1945–1973. By Neil Rollings. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Pp. xvi, 278. $91.00, hardcover pp. 235-236 Downloads
Peter Howlett
The Ends of Life: Roads to Fulfillment in Early Modern England. By Keith Thomas. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. Pp. xvi, 393. $34.95 pp. 236-237 Downloads
Gregory Clark
Irish Agriculture: A Price History from the Mid-Eighteenth Century to the Eve of the First World War. By Liam Kennedy and Peter M. Solar. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2007. Pp. 206. $45.00, hardcover pp. 238-240 Downloads
Andy Bielenberg
Social Foundations of Limited Dictatorship: Networks and Private Protection During Mexico's Early Industrialization. By Armando Razo. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2008. Pp. xi, 236. $65.00, cloth pp. 240-241 Downloads
Leticia Arroyo Abad
Motives of Honor, Pleasure, and Profit: Plantation Management in the Colonial Chesapeake, 1607–1763. By Lorena S. Walsh. Williamsburg, VA and Chapel Hill, NC: Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture and the University of North Carolina Press, 2010. Pp. xviii, 704. $70.00 pp. 242-243 Downloads
Barbara Hahn
Heavenly Merchandize: How Religion Shaped Commerce in Puritan America. By Mark Valeri. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010. Pp. xiii, 337. $35.00 pp. 243-245 Downloads
John E. Murray
American Passage: The History of Ellis Island. By Vincent J. Cannato. New York: Harper Collins, 2009. Pp. vii, 487. $27.99.Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America. By Erika Lee and Judy Yung. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. Pp. xxv, 394. $27.95 pp. 245-247 Downloads
Robert Barde
Making the Grade: The Economic Evolution of American School Districts. By William A. Fischel. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2009. Pp. xi, 298. $55.00 pp. 247-249 Downloads
Sun Go
Extending the Frontiers: Essays on the New Transatlantic Slave Trade Database. Edited by David Eltis and David Richardson. New Haven, CT and London: Yale University Press, 2008. Pp. xvi, 377. $90.00 pp. 249-251 Downloads
Joseph E. Inikori
China During the Great Depression: Market, State, and the World Economy, 1929–1937. By Tomoko Shiroyama. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Asia Center, 2008. Pp. xvii, 325. $45.00, cloth pp. 251-252 Downloads
Loren Brandt
The War on Welfare: Family, Poverty, and Politics in Modern America. By Marisa Chappell. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009. Pp. 352. $45.00, cloth pp. 252-254 Downloads
Martha Bailey
Unsettled Account: The Evolution of Banking in the Industrialized World Since 1800. By Richard S. Grossman. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010. Pp. xx, 384. $39.50, cloth pp. 254-255 Downloads
Richard Sylla
The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences. By Herbert Gintis. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2009. Pp. xiii, 286. $37.50 pp. 256-258 Downloads
Alexander Field
Conceptual Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Art. By David W. Galenson. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Pp. xvi, 443. $90.00, cloth; $26.99, paper pp. 258-259 Downloads
David Throsby
The Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World. Edited by Walter Scheidel, Ian Morris, and Richard Saller. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Pp. v, 942. $225.00 pp. 260-267 Downloads
Morris Silver
Reputation and International Cooperation: Sovereign Debt Across Three Centuries. By Michael Tomz. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2007. Pp. 299. $26.95, paper pp. 267-269 Downloads
Noel Maurer
Power and Plenty: Trade, War, and the World Economy in the Second Millennium. By Ronald Findlay and Kevin H. O'Rourke. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2007. Pp. x, 619. $29.95, paper pp. 269-271 Downloads
Christopher Meissner
An Economic History of Europe: Knowledge, Institutions, and Growth, 600 to the Present. By Karl Gunnar Persson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Pp. xv, 253. $85.00, cloth; $32.99, paper pp. 272-273 Downloads
George Grantham
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