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Volume 86, issue 3, 2019

Information in Tullock contests pp. 303-323 Downloads
A. Aiche, E. Einy, Ori Haimanko, Diego Moreno, Aner Sela and B. Shitovitz
Competition among procrastinators pp. 325-337 Downloads
Takeharu Sogo
What are axiomatizations good for? pp. 339-359 Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew Postlewaite, Larry Samuelson and David Schmeidler
A dynamic game analysis of Internet services with network externalities pp. 361-388 Downloads
Tatsuhiro Shichijo and Emiko Fukuda
Folk theorems in a bargaining game with endogenous protocol pp. 389-399 Downloads
Shiran Rachmilevitch
Rational choices: an ecological approach pp. 401-420 Downloads
Abhinash Borah and Christopher Kops
On linear aggregation of infinitely many finitely additive probability measures pp. 421-436 Downloads
Michael Nielsen
Strategic framing to influence clients’ risky decisions pp. 437-462 Downloads
Kris De Jaegher

Volume 86, issue 2, 2019

Axiomatizations of the proportional Shapley value pp. 161-183 Downloads
Manfred Besner
Rationalizable strategies in games with incomplete preferences pp. 185-204 Downloads
Juho Kokkala, Kimmo Berg, Kai Virtanen and Jirka Poropudas
Motives and comprehension in a public goods game with induced emotions pp. 205-238 Downloads
Simon Bartke, Steven Bosworth, Dennis J. Snower and Gabriele Chierchia
Preferences over procedures and outcomes in judgment aggregation: an experimental study pp. 239-258 Downloads
Takuya Sekiguchi
“But everybody’s doing it!”: a model of peer effects on student cheating pp. 259-281 Downloads
Marcelo de C. Griebeler
Non-hyperbolic discounting and dynamic preference reversal pp. 283-302 Downloads
Shou Chen, Richard Fu, Lei Wedge and Ziran Zou

Volume 86, issue 1, 2019

Risk preferences and development revisited pp. 1-21 Downloads
Ferdinand Vieider, Peter Martinsson, Pham Khanh Nam and Nghi Truong
Sunk ‘Decision Points’: a theory of the endowment effect and present bias pp. 23-39 Downloads
Peter Landry
Intentional time inconsistency pp. 41-64 Downloads
Agah R. Turan
Experience in public goods experiments pp. 65-93 Downloads
Anna Conte, Maria Levati and Natalia Montinari
Coalitional desirability and the equal division value pp. 95-106 Downloads
Sylvain Béal, Eric Rémila and Philippe Solal
A refinement of the uncovered set in tournaments pp. 107-121 Downloads
Weibin Han and Adrian Deemen
The complexity of shelflisting pp. 123-141 Downloads
Yongjie Yang and Dinko Dimitrov
Robust program equilibrium pp. 143-159 Downloads
Caspar Oesterheld

Volume 85, issue 3, 2018

The strength of sensitivity to ambiguity pp. 275-302 Downloads
Robin Cubitt, Gijs Kuilen and Sujoy Mukerji
Ambiguous life expectancy and the demand for annuities pp. 303-319 Downloads
Hippolyte d’Albis and Emmanuel Thibault
Violations of betweenness and choice shifts in groups pp. 321-331 Downloads
Pavlo R. Blavatskyy and Francesco Feri
An exploration of third parties’ preference for compensation over punishment: six experimental demonstrations pp. 333-351 Downloads
Janne Doorn, Marcel Zeelenberg and Seger M. Breugelmans
Stable coalition structures in symmetric majority games: a coincidence between myopia and farsightedness pp. 353-374 Downloads
Takaaki Abe
Cheating in a contest with strategic inspection pp. 375-387 Downloads
Guy Elaad and Artyom Jelnov
Moral judgments, gender, and antisocial preferences: an experimental study pp. 389-406 Downloads
Juergen Bracht and Adam Zylbersztejn
A network ridesharing experiment with sequential choice of transportation mode pp. 407-433 Downloads
Vincent Mak, Darryl A. Seale, Eyran J. Gisches, Amnon Rapoport, Meng Cheng, Myounghee Moon and Rui Yang
Asymmetric endogenous prize contests pp. 435-453 Downloads
Damian S. Damianov, Shane Sanders and Anil Yildizparlak
Partial cooperation in strategic multi-sided decision situations pp. 455-478 Downloads
Subhadip Chakrabarti, Robert P. Gilles and Emiliya Lazarova
Dictatorship on top-circular domains pp. 479-493 Downloads
Gopakumar Achuthankutty and Souvik Roy
Implementing egalitarianism in a class of Nash demand games pp. 495-508 Downloads
Emin Karagözoğlu and Shiran Rachmilevitch
Why do young women marry old men? pp. 509-525 Downloads
Pavlo Blavatskyy

Volume 85, issue 2, 2018

Are groups ‘less behavioral’? The case of anchoring pp. 117-150 Downloads
Lukas Meub and Till Proeger
Behavioral patterns and reduction of sub-optimality: an experimental choice analysis pp. 151-177 Downloads
Daniela Cagno, Arianna Galliera, Werner Güth and Noemi Pace
The joy of ruling: an experimental investigation on collective giving pp. 179-200 Downloads
Enrique Fatas and Antonio Morales
Three-valued simple games pp. 201-224 Downloads
M. Musegaas, Peter Borm and Marieke Quant
Two simple characterizations of the Nash bargaining solution pp. 225-232 Downloads
Osamu Mori
Rationality with preference discovery costs pp. 233-251 Downloads
Matthew Wilson
On nonexistence of reconsideration-proof equilibrium with state variables pp. 253-273 Downloads
Wataru Nozawa

Volume 85, issue 1, 2018

Introduction to the special issue “Beliefs in Groups” of Theory and Decision pp. 1-4 Downloads
Franz Dietrich and Wlodek Rabinowicz
Learning from others: conditioning versus averaging pp. 5-20 Downloads
Richard Bradley
Weighted averaging, Jeffrey conditioning and invariance pp. 21-39 Downloads
Denis Bonnay and Mikaël Cozic
All agreed: Aumann meets DeGroot pp. 41-60 Downloads
Jan-Willem Romeijn and Olivier Roy
Judgment aggregation and minimal change: a model of consensus formation by belief revision pp. 61-97 Downloads
Marcel Heidemann
The wisdom of collective grading and the effects of epistemic and semantic diversity pp. 99-116 Downloads
Aidan Lyon and Michael Morreau

Volume 84, issue 4, 2018

This or that? Sequential rationalization of indecisive choice behavior pp. 507-524 Downloads
Jesper Armouti-Hansen and Christopher Kops
The probability of majority inversion in a two-stage voting system with three states pp. 525-546 Downloads
Serguei Kaniovski and Alexander Zaigraev
Timing effect in bargaining and ex ante efficiency of the relative utilitarian solution pp. 547-556 Downloads
Omer F. Baris
Communication, leadership and coordination failure pp. 557-584 Downloads
Lu Dong, Maria Montero and Alex Possajennikov
Prosocial consequences of third-party anger pp. 585-599 Downloads
Janne Doorn, Marcel Zeelenberg, Seger M. Breugelmans, Sebastian Berger and Tyler G. Okimoto
Stability and cooperative solution in stochastic games pp. 601-625 Downloads
Elena Parilina and Alessandro Tampieri
Consistency of determined risk attitudes and probability weightings across different elicitation methods pp. 627-644 Downloads
Golo-Friedrich Bauermeister, Daniel Hermann and Oliver Musshoff
Dynamic consistency of expected utility under non-classical (quantum) uncertainty pp. 645-670 Downloads
Vladimir Danilov, Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky and V. Vergopoulos

Volume 84, issue 3, 2018

Introduction to FUR XVII special issue pp. 305-309 Downloads
Ganna Pogrebna
The role of information search and its influence on risk preferences pp. 311-339 Downloads
Orestis Kopsacheilis
Lottery- and survey-based risk attitudes linked through a multichoice elicitation task pp. 341-372 Downloads
Giuseppe Attanasi, Nikolaos Georgantzís, Valentina Rotondi and Daria Vigani
Ambiguity aversion under maximum-likelihood updating pp. 373-386 Downloads
Daniel Heyen
Strategic ambiguity and decision-making: an experimental study pp. 387-404 Downloads
David Kelsey and Sara le Roux
The Impact of Health-Related Emotions on Belief Formation and Behavior pp. 405-427 Downloads
Elyès Jouini and Clotilde Napp
The curse of hope pp. 429-451 Downloads
Fabrice Le Lec and Serge Macé
Confidence biases and learning among intuitive Bayesians pp. 453-482 Downloads
Louis Lévy-Garboua, Muniza Askari and Marco Gazel
Belief formation in a signaling game without common prior: an experiment pp. 483-505 Downloads
Alex Possajennikov

Volume 84, issue 2, 2018

Special issue in the honor of Daniel McFadden: introduction pp. 143-148 Downloads
André de Palma, Nathalie Picard and Moshe Ben-Akiva
Mobility decisions within couples pp. 149-180 Downloads
Nathalie Picard, Sophie Dantan and André Palma
Revisiting consistency with random utility maximisation: theory and implications for practical work pp. 181-204 Downloads
Stephane Hess, Andrew Daly and Richard Batley
More on random utility models with bounded ambiguity pp. 205-213 Downloads
Charles Manski
D-efficient or deficient? A robustness analysis of stated choice experimental designs pp. 215-238 Downloads
Joan L. Walker, Yanqiao Wang, Mikkel Thorhauge and Moshe Ben-Akiva
A new mixed MNP model accommodating a variety of dependent non-normal coefficient distributions pp. 239-275 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat and Patrícia S. Lavieri
Modeling purchases of new cars: an analysis of the 2014 French market pp. 277-303 Downloads
Anna Fernández-Antolín, Matthieu Lapparent and Michel Bierlaire

Volume 84, issue 1, 2018

Double auctions with no-loss constrained traders pp. 1-9 Downloads
Nejat Anbarci and Jaideep Roy
Empirical evaluation of third-generation prospect theory pp. 11-27 Downloads
Michael H. Birnbaum
A second-generation disappointment aversion theory of decision making under risk pp. 29-60 Downloads
Pavlo Blavatskyy
Risk attitudes in axiomatic decision theory: a conceptual perspective pp. 61-82 Downloads
Jean Baccelli
On societies choosing social outcomes, and their memberships: internal stability and consistency pp. 83-97 Downloads
Gustavo Bergantiños, Jordi Masso and Alejandro Neme
Another perspective on Borda’s paradox pp. 99-121 Downloads
Mostapha Diss and Abdelmonaim Tlidi
When irrelevant alternatives do matter. The effect of focusing on loan decisions pp. 123-141 Downloads
Barna Bakó, Gábor Neszveda and Linda Dezső
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