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Volume 118, issue 541, 2023

Editorial: What Makes for a Great Applications and Case Studies Paper? pp. 1-2 Downloads
Michael L. Stein
LESA: Longitudinal Elastic Shape Analysis of Brain Subcortical Structures pp. 3-17 Downloads
Zhengwu Zhang, Yuexuan Wu, Di Xiong, Joseph G. Ibrahim, Anuj Srivastava and Hongtu Zhu
Discussion of LESA: Longitudinal Elastic Shape Analysis of Brain Subcortical Structures pp. 18-19 Downloads
John A. D. Aston and Eardi Lila
Discussion of “LESA: Longitudinal Elastic Shape Analysis of Brain Subcortical Structures” pp. 20-21 Downloads
Moo K. Chung, Jamie L. Hanson, Richard J. Davidson and Seth D. Pollak
Discussion of “LESA: Longitudinal Elastic Shape Analysis of Brain Subcortical Structures” pp. 22-24 Downloads
Daiwei Zhang and Jian Kang
Rejoinder: LESA: Longitudinal Elastic Shape Analysis of Brain Subcortical Structures pp. 25-28 Downloads
Zhengwu Zhang, Yuexuan Wu, Di Xiong, Joseph G. Ibrahim, Anuj Srivastava and Hongtu Zhu
A Generalized Integration Approach to Association Analysis with Multi-category Outcome: An Application to a Tumor Sequencing Study of Colorectal Cancer and Smoking pp. 29-42 Downloads
Jiayin Zheng, Xinyuan Dong, Christina C. Newton and Li Hsu
iProMix: A Mixture Model for Studying the Function of ACE2 based on Bulk Proteogenomic Data pp. 43-55 Downloads
Xiaoyu Song, Jiayi Ji and Pei Wang
Capture-Recapture Models with Heterogeneous Temporary Emigration pp. 56-69 Downloads
Eleni Matechou and Raffaele Argiento
Crop Yield Prediction Using Bayesian Spatially Varying Coefficient Models with Functional Predictors pp. 70-83 Downloads
Yeonjoo Park, Bo Li and Yehua Li
Interpolating Population Distributions using Public-Use Data: An Application to Income Segregation using American Community Survey Data pp. 84-96 Downloads
Matthew Simpson, Scott H. Holan, Christopher K. Wikle and Jonathan R. Bradley
Ultra-High Dimensional Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data: An Application to Blood Pressure Analysis pp. 97-108 Downloads
Tianhai Zu, Heng Lian, Brittany Green and Yan Yu
Eigen Selection in Spectral Clustering: A Theory-Guided Practice pp. 109-121 Downloads
Xiao Han, Xin Tong and Yingying Fan
Bootstrap Inference for Quantile-based Modal Regression pp. 122-134 Downloads
Tao Zhang, Kengo Kato and David Ruppert
A Model-free Variable Screening Method Based on Leverage Score pp. 135-146 Downloads
Wenxuan Zhong, Yiwen Liu and Peng Zeng
Linear-Cost Covariance Functions for Gaussian Random Fields pp. 147-164 Downloads
Jie Chen and Michael L. Stein
Filtering the Rejection Set While Preserving False Discovery Rate Control pp. 165-176 Downloads
Eugene Katsevich, Chiara Sabatti and Marina Bogomolov
High-Dimensional MANOVA Via Bootstrapping and Its Application to Functional and Sparse Count Data pp. 177-191 Downloads
Zhenhua Lin, Miles E. Lopes and Hans-Georg Müller
Multivariate Rank-Based Distribution-Free Nonparametric Testing Using Measure Transportation pp. 192-207 Downloads
Nabarun Deb and Bodhisattva Sen
Regression Discontinuity Designs With a Continuous Treatment pp. 208-221 Downloads
Yingying Dong, Ying-Ying Lee and Michael Gou
Controlling False Discovery Rate Using Gaussian Mirrors pp. 222-241 Downloads
Xin Xing, Zhigen Zhao and Jun S. Liu
Experimental Evaluation of Individualized Treatment Rules pp. 242-256 Downloads
Kosuke Imai and Michael Lingzhi Li
Conditional Functional Graphical Models pp. 257-271 Downloads
Kuang-Yao Lee, Dingjue Ji, Lexin Li, Todd Constable and Hongyu Zhao
Semiparametric Efficiency in Convexity Constrained Single-Index Model pp. 272-286 Downloads
Arun K. Kuchibhotla, Rohit K. Patra and Bodhisattva Sen
Variable Selection Via Thompson Sampling pp. 287-304 Downloads
Yi Liu and Veronika Ročková
Model-Assisted Uniformly Honest Inference for Optimal Treatment Regimes in High Dimension pp. 305-314 Downloads
Yunan Wu, Lan Wang and Haoda Fu
Functional Time Series Prediction Under Partial Observation of the Future Curve pp. 315-326 Downloads
Shuhao Jiao, Alexander Aue and Hernando Ombao
Treatment Effect Estimation Under Additive Hazards Models With High-Dimensional Confounding pp. 327-342 Downloads
Jue Hou, Jelena Bradic and Ronghui Xu
Partition–Mallows Model and Its Inference for Rank Aggregation pp. 343-359 Downloads
Wanchuang Zhu, Yingkai Jiang, Jun S. Liu and Ke Deng
A Dynamic Interaction Semiparametric Function-on-Scalar Model pp. 360-373 Downloads
Hua Liu, Jinhong You and Jiguo Cao
Estimation of the Number of Spiked Eigenvalues in a Covariance Matrix by Bulk Eigenvalue Matching Analysis pp. 374-392 Downloads
Zheng Tracy Ke, Yucong Ma and Xihong Lin
Online Covariance Matrix Estimation in Stochastic Gradient Descent pp. 393-404 Downloads
Wanrong Zhu, Xi Chen and Wei Biao Wu
A Common Atoms Model for the Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Nested Data pp. 405-416 Downloads
Francesco Denti, Federico Camerlenghi, Michele Guindani and Antonietta Mira
Uniform Projection Designs and Strong Orthogonal Arrays pp. 417-423 Downloads
Cheng-Yu Sun and Boxin Tang
Partially Observed Dynamic Tensor Response Regression pp. 424-439 Downloads
Jie Zhou, Will Wei Sun, Jingfei Zhang and Lexin Li
Correlation Tensor Decomposition and Its Application in Spatial Imaging Data pp. 440-456 Downloads
Yujia Deng, Xiwei Tang and Annie Qu
RaSE: A Variable Screening Framework via Random Subspace Ensembles pp. 457-468 Downloads
Ye Tian and Yang Feng
Honest Confidence Sets for High-Dimensional Regression by Projection and Shrinkage pp. 469-488 Downloads
Kun Zhou, Ker-Chau Li and Qing Zhou
Distributional (Single) Index Models pp. 489-503 Downloads
Alexander Henzi, Gian-Reto Kleger and Johanna F. Ziegel
Improving Predictions When Interest Focuses on Extreme Random Effects pp. 504-513 Downloads
Charles E. McCulloch and John M. Neuhaus
Adaptive-to-Model Hybrid of Tests for Regressions pp. 514-523 Downloads
Lingzhu Li, Xuehu Zhu and Lixing Zhu
The Generalized Oaxaca-Blinder Estimator pp. 524-536 Downloads
Kevin Guo and Guillaume Basse
Stick-Breaking Processes With Exchangeable Length Variables pp. 537-550 Downloads
María F. Gil–Leyva and Ramsés H. Mena
Stochastic Tree Ensembles for Regularized Nonlinear Regression pp. 551-570 Downloads
Jingyu He and P. Richard Hahn
Sparse Identification and Estimation of Large-Scale Vector AutoRegressive Moving Averages pp. 571-582 Downloads
Ines Wilms, Sumanta Basu, Jacob Bien and David S. Matteson
Simultaneous Inference for Empirical Best Predictors With a Poverty Study in Small Areas pp. 583-595 Downloads
Katarzyna Reluga, María-José Lombardía and Stefan Sperlich
Latent Gaussian Count Time Series pp. 596-606 Downloads
Yisu Jia, Stefanos Kechagias, James Livsey, Robert Lund and Vladas Pipiras
False Discovery Rate Control Under General Dependence By Symmetrized Data Aggregation pp. 607-621 Downloads
Lilun Du, Xu Guo, Wenguang Sun and Changliang Zou
Individualized Group Learning pp. 622-638 Downloads
Chencheng Cai, Rong Chen and Min-ge Xie
Estimation of Knots in Linear Spline Models pp. 639-650 Downloads
Guangyu Yang, Baqun Zhang and Min Zhang
Efficient Estimation for Random Dot Product Graphs via a One-Step Procedure pp. 651-664 Downloads
Fangzheng Xie and Yanxun Xu
Random Forests for Spatially Dependent Data pp. 665-683 Downloads
Arkajyoti Saha, Sumanta Basu and Abhirup Datta
Nonparametric Bounds for Causal Effects in Imperfect Randomized Experiments pp. 684-692 Downloads
Erin E. Gabriel, Arvid Sjölander and Michael C. Sachs
Recovering Latent Variables by Matching pp. 693-706 Downloads
Manuel Arellano and Stéphane Bonhomme
Estimating Causal Peer Influence in Homophilous Social Networks by Inferring Latent Locations pp. 707-718 Downloads
Edward McFowland and Cosma Rohilla Shalizi
A Normality Test for High-dimensional Data Based on the Nearest Neighbor Approach pp. 719-731 Downloads
Hao Chen and Yin Xia
Structure–Adaptive Sequential Testing for Online False Discovery Rate Control pp. 732-745 Downloads
Bowen Gang, Wenguang Sun and Weinan Wang
A Joint MLE Approach to Large-Scale Structured Latent Attribute Analysis pp. 746-760 Downloads
Yuqi Gu and Gongjun Xu
Differential Privacy for Government Agencies—Are We There Yet? pp. 761-773 Downloads
Jörg Drechsler
Data Science Ethics: Concepts, Techniques and Cautionary Tales pp. 774-776 Downloads
Sabrina Giordano
Handbook of Measurement Error Models pp. 776-777 Downloads
Kwun Chuen Gary Chan
Correction to “Modeling Time-Varying Random Objects and Dynamic Networks” pp. 778-778 Downloads
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