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Volume 115, issue 529, 2020

A Hierarchical Model of Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes for Twitter Retweets pp. 1-15 Downloads
Clement Lee and Darren J. Wilkinson
A Bayesian Approach to Multistate Hidden Markov Models: Application to Dementia Progression pp. 16-31 Downloads
Jonathan P. Williams, Curtis B. Storlie, Terry M. Therneau, Clifford R. Jack Jr and Jan Hannig
Prediction and Inference With Missing Data in Patient Alert Systems pp. 32-46 Downloads
Curtis B. Storlie, Terry M. Therneau, Rickey E. Carter, Nicholas Chia, John R. Bergquist, Jeanne M. Huddleston and Santiago Romero-Brufau
Demand Models With Random Partitions pp. 47-65 Downloads
Adam N. Smith and Greg M. Allenby
Modeling Bronchiolitis Incidence Proportions in the Presence of Spatio-Temporal Uncertainty pp. 66-78 Downloads
Matthew J. Heaton, Candace Berrett, Sierra Pugh, Amber Evans and Chantel Sloan
Mapping Tumor-Specific Expression QTLs in Impure Tumor Samples pp. 79-89 Downloads
DouglasR. Wilson, JosephG. Ibrahim and Wei Sun
Quantile Function on Scalar Regression Analysis for Distributional Data pp. 90-106 Downloads
Hojin Yang, Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani, Arvind U.K. Rao and Jeffrey S. Morris
Penalized and Constrained Optimization: An Application to High-Dimensional Website Advertising pp. 107-122 Downloads
Gareth M. James, Courtney Paulson and Paat Rusmevichientong
Generic Inference on Quantile and Quantile Effect Functions for Discrete Outcomes pp. 123-137 Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Iván Fernández-Val, Blaise Melly and Kaspar Wüthrich
From Fixed-X to Random-X Regression: Bias-Variance Decompositions, Covariance Penalties, and Prediction Error Estimation pp. 138-151 Downloads
Saharon Rosset and Ryan J. Tibshirani
Discussion of “From Fixed-X to Random-X Regression: Bias-Variance Decompositions, Covariance Penalties, and Prediction Error Estimation†pp. 152-156 Downloads
Xiaotong Shen and Hsin-Cheng Huang
Cross-Validation, Risk Estimation, and Model Selection: Comment on a Paper by Rosset and Tibshirani pp. 157-160 Downloads
Stefan Wager
From Fixed-X to Random-X Regression: Bias-Variance Decompositions, Covariance Penalties, and Prediction Error Estimation: Rejoinder pp. 161-162 Downloads
Saharon Rosset and Ryan J. Tibshirani
Sensitivity Analysis for Unmeasured Confounding in Meta-Analyses pp. 163-172 Downloads
Maya B. Mathur and Tyler J. VanderWeele
On Degrees of Freedom of Projection Estimators With Applications to Multivariate Nonparametric Regression pp. 173-186 Downloads
Xi Chen, Qihang Lin and Bodhisattva Sen
Bayesian Repulsive Gaussian Mixture Model pp. 187-203 Downloads
Fangzheng Xie and Yanxun Xu
Simultaneous Estimation and Variable Selection for Interval-Censored Data With Broken Adaptive Ridge Regression pp. 204-216 Downloads
Hui Zhao, Qiwei Wu, Gang Li and Jianguo Sun
On High-Dimensional Constrained Maximum Likelihood Inference pp. 217-230 Downloads
Yunzhang Zhu, Xiaotong Shen and Wei Pan
Estimation of Heterogeneous Individual Treatment Effects With Endogenous Treatments pp. 231-240 Downloads
Qian Feng, Quang Vuong and Haiqing Xu
Nonparametric Imputation by Data Depth pp. 241-253 Downloads
Pavlo Mozharovskyi, Julie Josse and François Husson
Adaptive Huber Regression pp. 254-265 Downloads
Qiang Sun, Wen-Xin Zhou and Jianqing Fan
Quantile Co-Movement in Financial Markets: A Panel Quantile Model With Unobserved Heterogeneity pp. 266-279 Downloads
Tomohiro Ando and Jushan Bai
From Distance Correlation to Multiscale Graph Correlation pp. 280-291 Downloads
Cencheng Shen, Carey E. Priebe and Joshua T. Vogelstein
D-CCA: A Decomposition-Based Canonical Correlation Analysis for High-Dimensional Datasets pp. 292-306 Downloads
Hai Shu, Xiao Wang and Hongtu Zhu
Ball Covariance: A Generic Measure of Dependence in Banach Space pp. 307-317 Downloads
Wenliang Pan, Xueqin Wang, Heping Zhang, Hongtu Zhu and Jin Zhu
Hierarchical Normalized Completely Random Measures to Cluster Grouped Data pp. 318-333 Downloads
Raffaele Argiento, Andrea Cremaschi and Marina Vannucci
PUlasso: High-Dimensional Variable Selection With Presence-Only Data pp. 334-347 Downloads
Hyebin Song and Garvesh Raskutti
A Randomized Exchange Algorithm for Computing Optimal Approximate Designs of Experiments pp. 348-361 Downloads
Radoslav Harman, Lenka Filová and Peter Richtárik
RANK: Large-Scale Inference With Graphical Nonlinear Knockoffs pp. 362-379 Downloads
Yingying Fan, Emre Demirkaya, Gaorong Li and Jinchi Lv
Matched Learning for Optimizing Individualized Treatment Strategies Using Electronic Health Records pp. 380-392 Downloads
Peng Wu, Donglin Zeng and Yuanjia Wang
Cauchy Combination Test: A Powerful Test With Analytic p-Value Calculation Under Arbitrary Dependency Structures pp. 393-402 Downloads
Yaowu Liu and Jun Xie
L2RM: Low-Rank Linear Regression Models for High-Dimensional Matrix Responses pp. 403-424 Downloads
Dehan Kong, Baiguo An, Jingwen Zhang and Hongtu Zhu
Estimation of the Boundary of a Variable Observed With Symmetric Error pp. 425-441 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Florens, Leopold Simar and Ingrid Van Keilegom
Debiased Inference on Treatment Effect in a High-Dimensional Model pp. 442-454 Downloads
Jingshen Wang, Xuming He and Gongjun Xu
Variational Inference for Stochastic Block Models From Sampled Data pp. 455-466 Downloads
Timothée Tabouy, Pierre Barbillon and Julien Chiquet
Estimation of Conditional Prevalence From Group Testing Data With Missing Covariates pp. 467-480 Downloads
Aurore Delaigle, Wei Huang and Shaoke Lei
Simulating Copulas: Stochastic Models, Sampling Algorithms, and Applications pp. 481-482 Downloads
Thibault Vatter
The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect pp. 482-485 Downloads
Peter M. Aronow and Fredrik Sävje
Measuring Agreement: Models, Methods, and Applications pp. 485-486 Downloads
Noor Azina Ismail
Theory of Stochastic Objects: Probability, Stochastic Processes and Inference pp. 486-487 Downloads
Anita D. Behme
Multivariate Kernel Smoothing and Its Applications pp. 486-486 Downloads
Qing Wang
Big Data in Omics and Imaging: Integrated Analysis and Causal Inference pp. 487-488 Downloads
Oliver Y. Chén
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Smoothing with Couplings of Conditional Particle Filters pp. 489-489 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 114, issue 528, 2019

Choose to Lead pp. 1427-1435 Downloads
Lisa Morrissey LaVange
Value of Information: Sensitivity Analysis and Research Design in Bayesian Evidence Synthesis pp. 1436-1449 Downloads
Christopher Jackson, Anne Presanis, Stefano Conti and Daniela De Angelis
Inferring Atmospheric Release Characteristics in a Large Computer Experiment Using Bayesian Adaptive Splines pp. 1450-1465 Downloads
Devin Francom, Bruno Sansó, Vera Bulaevskaya, Donald Lucas and Matthew Simpson
Spatial Variable Selection and An Application to Virginia Lyme Disease Emergence pp. 1466-1480 Downloads
Yimeng Xie, Li Xu, Jie Li, Xinwei Deng, Yili Hong, Korine Kolivras and David N. Gaines
A Hierarchical Framework for Correcting Under-Reporting in Count Data pp. 1481-1492 Downloads
Oliver Stoner, Theo Economou and Gabriela Drummond Marques da Silva
Downstream Effects of Upstream Causes pp. 1493-1504 Downloads
Bradley C. Saul, Michael G. Hudgens and Michael A. Mallin
Nonparametric Bayes Models of Fiber Curves Connecting Brain Regions pp. 1505-1517 Downloads
Zhengwu Zhang, Maxime Descoteaux and David B. Dunson
Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods in Time-Dependent State Estimation for Industrial Hydrocyclone Equipment pp. 1518-1531 Downloads
Chris J. Oates, Jon Cockayne, Robert G. Aykroyd and Mark Girolami
Design, Identification, and Sensitivity Analysis for Patient Preference Trials pp. 1532-1546 Downloads
Dean Knox, Teppei Yamamoto, Matthew A. Baum and Adam J. Berinsky
Scaled von Mises–Fisher Distributions and Regression Models for Paleomagnetic Directional Data pp. 1547-1560 Downloads
J. L. Scealy and Andrew T. A. Wood
A Spatio-Temporal Modeling Framework for Surveillance Data of Multiple Infectious Pathogens With Small Laboratory Validation Sets pp. 1561-1573 Downloads
Xueying Tang, Yang Yang, Hong-Jie Yu, Qiao-Hong Liao and Nikolay Bliznyuk
The Blessings of Multiple Causes pp. 1574-1596 Downloads
Yixin Wang and David M. Blei
Comment: Reflections on the Deconfounder pp. 1597-1601 Downloads
Alexander D’Amour
Comment on: “The Blessings of Multiple Causes†by Yixin Wang and David M. Blei pp. 1602-1604 Downloads
Susan Athey, Guido Imbens and Michael Pollmann
Comment: The Challenges of Multiple Causes pp. 1605-1610 Downloads
Kosuke Imai and Zhichao Jiang
Comment on “Blessings of Multiple Causes†pp. 1611-1615 Downloads
Elizabeth L. Ogburn, Ilya Shpitser and Eric J. Tchetgen Tchetgen
The Blessings of Multiple Causes: Rejoinder pp. 1616-1619 Downloads
Yixin Wang and David M. Blei
BET on Independence pp. 1620-1637 Downloads
Kai Zhang
Distance Metrics for Measuring Joint Dependence with Application to Causal Inference pp. 1638-1650 Downloads
Shubhadeep Chakraborty and Xianyang Zhang
Randomization Inference for Peer Effects pp. 1651-1664 Downloads
Xinran Li, Peng Ding, Qian Lin, Dawei Yang and Jun S. Liu
Time Series Experiments and Causal Estimands: Exact Randomization Tests and Trading pp. 1665-1682 Downloads
Iavor Bojinov and Neil Shephard
Forecasting Multiple Time Series With One-Sided Dynamic Principal Components pp. 1683-1694 Downloads
Daniel Peña, Ezequiel Smucler and Victor J. Yohai
Time-Varying Periodicity in Intraday Volatility pp. 1695-1707 Downloads
Torben Andersen, Martin Thyrsgaard and Viktor Todorov
Optimal Sparse Singular Value Decomposition for High-Dimensional High-Order Data pp. 1708-1725 Downloads
Anru Zhang and Rungang Han
Sparse Sliced Inverse Regression via Lasso pp. 1726-1739 Downloads
Qian Lin, Zhigen Zhao and Jun S. Liu
Composite Coefficient of Determination and Its Application in Ultrahigh Dimensional Variable Screening pp. 1740-1751 Downloads
Efang Kong, Yingcun Xia and Wei Zhong
Covariate Information Matrix for Sufficient Dimension Reduction pp. 1752-1764 Downloads
Weixin Yao, Debmalya Nandy, Bruce G. Lindsay and Francesca Chiaromonte
Semiparametric Regression Using Variational Approximations pp. 1765-1777 Downloads
Francis K. C. Hui, C. You, Han Lin Shang and Samuel Müller
Robust Score Tests With Missing Data in Genomics Studies pp. 1778-1786 Downloads
Kin Yau Wong, Donglin Zeng and D. Y. Lin
Efficient Signal Inclusion With Genomic Applications pp. 1787-1799 Downloads
X. Jessie Jeng, Teng Zhang and Jung-Ying Tzeng
Uncertainty Quantification for Computer Models With Spatial Output Using Calibration-Optimal Bases pp. 1800-1814 Downloads
James M. Salter, Daniel B. Williamson, John Scinocca and Viatcheslav Kharin
Prediction Accuracy Measures for a Nonlinear Model and for Right-Censored Time-to-Event Data pp. 1815-1825 Downloads
Gang Li and Xiaoyan Wang
Bayesian Model Comparison with the Hyvärinen Score: Computation and Consistency pp. 1826-1837 Downloads
Stephane Shao, Pierre E. Jacob, Jie Ding and Vahid Tarokh
Bayesian Spectral Modeling for Multiple Time Series pp. 1838-1853 Downloads
Annalisa Cadonna, Athanasios Kottas and Raquel Prado
Robust Alternatives to ANCOVA for Estimating the Treatment Effect via a Randomized Comparative Study pp. 1854-1864 Downloads
Fei Jiang, Lu Tian, Haoda Fu, Takahiro Hasegawa and L. J. Wei
Generalized Additive Models for Exceedances of High Thresholds With an Application to Return Level Estimation for U.S. Wind Gusts pp. 1865-1879 Downloads
Benjamin D. Youngman
FarmTest: Factor-Adjusted Robust Multiple Testing With Approximate False Discovery Control pp. 1880-1893 Downloads
Jianqing Fan, Yuan Ke, Qiang Sun and Wen-Xin Zhou
Dynamic Tensor Clustering pp. 1894-1907 Downloads
Will Wei Sun and Lexin Li
Tuning-Free Heterogeneous Inference in Massive Networks pp. 1908-1925 Downloads
Zhao Ren, Yongjian Kang, Yingying Fan and Jinchi Lv
Handbook of Statistical Methods for Case-Control Studies pp. 1926-1928 Downloads
Neil Pearce
Linear Models and the Relevant Distributions and Matrix Algebra pp. 1928-1929 Downloads
A. Alexandre Trindade
Editorial Collaborators pp. W1930-W1938 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 114, issue 527, 2019

A Bayesian Hierarchical Summary Receiver Operating Characteristic Model for Network Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Tests pp. 949-961 Downloads
Qinshu Lian, James S. Hodges and Haitao Chu
Bayesian Uncertainty Directed Trial Designs pp. 962-974 Downloads
Steffen Ventz, Matteo Cellamare, Sergio Bacallado and Lorenzo Trippa
A Geometric Perspective on the Power of Principal Component Association Tests in Multiple Phenotype Studies pp. 975-990 Downloads
Zhonghua Liu and Xihong Lin
Inferring Brain Signals Synchronicity From a Sample of EEG Readings pp. 991-1001 Downloads
Qian Li, Damla Şentürk, Catherine A. Sugar, Shafali Jeste, Charlotte DiStefano, Joel Frohlich and Donatello Telesca
Automatic Detection and Uncertainty Quantification of Landmarks on Elastic Curves pp. 1002-1017 Downloads
Justin Strait, Oksana Chkrebtii and Sebastian Kurtek
Calibration Concordance for Astronomical Instruments via Multiplicative Shrinkage pp. 1018-1037 Downloads
Yang Chen, Xiao-Li Meng, Xufei Wang, David A. van Dyk, Herman L. Marshall and Vinay L. Kashyap
Estimating and Testing Vaccine Sieve Effects Using Machine Learning pp. 1038-1049 Downloads
David Benkeser, Peter B. Gilbert and Marco Carone
Spatial Homogeneity Pursuit of Regression Coefficients for Large Datasets pp. 1050-1062 Downloads
Furong Li and Huiyan Sang
Diagnosing Glaucoma Progression With Visual Field Data Using a Spatiotemporal Boundary Detection Method pp. 1063-1074 Downloads
Samuel I. Berchuck, Jean-Claude Mwanza and Joshua L. Warren
Limits to Human Life Span Through Extreme Value Theory pp. 1075-1080 Downloads
Jesson J. Einmahl, John H. J. Einmahl and Laurens de Haan
A Spatial Modeling Approach for Linguistic Object Data: Analyzing Dialect Sound Variations Across Great Britain pp. 1081-1096 Downloads
Shahin Tavakoli, Davide Pigoli, John A. D. Aston and John S. Coleman
Discussion: Object-Oriented Data Analysis, Power Metrics, and Graph Laplacians pp. 1097-1098 Downloads
Ian L. Dryden, Simon P. Preston and Katie E. Severn
Discussion: A Spatial Modeling Approach for Linguistic Object Data: Analyzing Dialect Sound Variations Across Great Britain, by Shahin Tavakoli et al pp. 1099-1101 Downloads
Alexander Petersen and Hans-Georg Müller
Discussion: A Spatial Modeling Approach for Linguistic Object Data: Analysing Dialect Sound Variations Across Great Britain, by Shahin Tavakoli et al pp. 1102-1102 Downloads
J. S. Marron
Rejoinder for “A Spatial Modeling Approach for Linguistic Object Data: Analyzing Dialect Sound Variations Across Great Britain†pp. 1103-1104 Downloads
Shahin Tavakoli, Davide Pigoli, John A. D. Aston and John S. Coleman
Meta-Analysis of Mid-p-Values: Some New Results based on the Convex Order pp. 1105-1112 Downloads
Patrick Rubin-Delanchy, Nicholas A. Heard and Daniel J. Lawson
Robust Bayesian Inference via Coarsening pp. 1113-1125 Downloads
Jeffrey W. Miller and David B. Dunson
An Adapted Loss Function for Censored Quantile Regression pp. 1126-1137 Downloads
Mickaël De Backer, Anouar El Ghouch and Ingrid Van Keilegom
Factor and Idiosyncratic Empirical Processes pp. 1138-1146 Downloads
Xinbing Kong, Jiangyan Wang, Jinbao Xing, Chao Xu and Chao Ying
Frequentist Consistency of Variational Bayes pp. 1147-1161 Downloads
Yixin Wang and David M. Blei
Minimax Estimation of the Volume of a Set Under the Rolling Ball Condition pp. 1162-1173 Downloads
Ery Arias-Castro, Beatriz Pateiro-López and Alberto Rodríguez-Casal
Toward Computerized Efficient Estimation in Infinite-Dimensional Models pp. 1174-1190 Downloads
Marco Carone, Alexander R. Luedtke and Mark J. van der Laan
Estimation and Identification of a Varying-Coefficient Additive Model for Locally Stationary Processes pp. 1191-1204 Downloads
Lixia Hu, Tao Huang and Jinhong You
Skinny Gibbs: A Consistent and Scalable Gibbs Sampler for Model Selection pp. 1205-1217 Downloads
Naveen N. Narisetty, Juan Shen and Xuming He
Bayesian Regularization for Graphical Models With Unequal Shrinkage pp. 1218-1231 Downloads
Lingrui Gan, Naveen N. Narisetty and Feng Liang
Semiparametric Regression Analysis of Multiple Right- and Interval-Censored Events pp. 1232-1240 Downloads
Fei Gao, Donglin Zeng, David Couper and D. Y. Lin
Covariate-Adjusted Regression for Distorted Longitudinal Data With Informative Observation Times pp. 1241-1250 Downloads
Shirong Deng and Xingqiu Zhao
New Tests for Equality of Several Covariance Functions for Functional Data pp. 1251-1263 Downloads
Jia Guo, Bu Zhou and Jin-Ting Zhang
Invariant Causal Prediction for Sequential Data pp. 1264-1276 Downloads
Niklas Pfister, Peter Bühlmann and Jonas Peters
Sparse Minimum Discrepancy Approach to Sufficient Dimension Reduction with Simultaneous Variable Selection in Ultrahigh Dimension pp. 1277-1290 Downloads
Wei Qian, Shanshan Ding and R. Dennis Cook
Multiple Testing When Many p-Values are Uniformly Conservative, with Application to Testing Qualitative Interaction in Educational Interventions pp. 1291-1304 Downloads
Qingyuan Zhao, Dylan S. Small and Weijie Su
Covariate-Adjusted Tensor Classification in High Dimensions pp. 1305-1319 Downloads
Yuqing Pan, Qing Mai and Xin Zhang
Combined Hypothesis Testing on Graphs With Applications to Gene Set Enrichment Analysis pp. 1320-1338 Downloads
Shulei Wang and Ming Yuan
On the Use of the Lasso for Instrumental Variables Estimation with Some Invalid Instruments pp. 1339-1350 Downloads
Frank Windmeijer, Helmut Farbmacher, Neil Davies and George Davey Smith
Selection-Corrected Statistical Inference for Region Detection With High-Throughput Assays pp. 1351-1365 Downloads
Yuval Benjamini, Jonathan Taylor and Rafael A. Irizarry
Extremiles: A New Perspective on Asymmetric Least Squares pp. 1366-1381 Downloads
Abdelaati Daouia, Irène Gijbels and Gilles Stupfler
Quantile-Regression Inference With Adaptive Control of Size pp. 1382-1393 Downloads
J. C. Escanciano and Chuan Goh
MCMC for Imbalanced Categorical Data pp. 1394-1403 Downloads
James E. Johndrow, Aaron Smith, Natesh Pillai and David B. Dunson
Proper Inference for Value Function in High-Dimensional Q-Learning for Dynamic Treatment Regimes pp. 1404-1417 Downloads
Wensheng Zhu, Donglin Zeng and Rui Song
Asymptotic Analysis of Mixed Effects Models: Theory, Applications, and Open Problems pp. 1418-1420 Downloads
Hongying Dai
Data Science Foundations: Geometry and Topology of Complex Hierarchic Systems and Big Data Analytics pp. 1420-1421 Downloads
Kaixian Yu
Flexible Imputation of Missing Data, 2nd ed pp. 1421-1421 Downloads
Shu Yang
Missing and Modified Data in Nonparametric Estimation: With R Examples pp. 1421-1423 Downloads
Ofer Harel
Randomization, Masking, and Allocation Concealment pp. 1423-1424 Downloads
Anna Snavely
Risk Theory: A Heavy Tail Approach pp. 1424-1425 Downloads
Chen Zhou
Statistical Data Fusion pp. 1425-1426 Downloads
Jae-Kwang Kim
Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method, 3rd ed pp. 1425-1425 Downloads
Dootika Vats

Volume 114, issue 526, 2019

Bayesian Semiparametric Functional Mixed Models for Serially Correlated Functional Data, With Application to Glaucoma Data pp. 495-513 Downloads
Wonyul Lee, Michelle F. Miranda, Philip Rausch, Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani, Massimo Fazio, J. Crawford Downs and Jeffrey S. Morris
Sequential Nonparametric Tests for a Change in Distribution: An Application to Detecting Radiological Anomalies pp. 514-528 Downloads
Oscar Hernan Madrid Padilla, Alex Athey, Alex Reinhart and James G. Scott
Causal Interaction in Factorial Experiments: Application to Conjoint Analysis pp. 529-540 Downloads
Naoki Egami and Kosuke Imai
Bayesian Semiparametric Estimation of Cancer-Specific Age-at-Onset Penetrance With Application to Li-Fraumeni Syndrome pp. 541-552 Downloads
Seung Jun Shin, Ying Yuan, Louise C. Strong, Jasmina Bojadzieva and Wenyi Wang
Multilevel Matrix-Variate Analysis and its Application to Accelerometry-Measured Physical Activity in Clinical Populations pp. 553-564 Downloads
Lei Huang, Jiawei Bai, Andrada Ivanescu, Tamara Harris, Mathew Maurer, Philip Green and Vadim Zipunnikov
Priors for the Long Run pp. 565-580 Downloads
Domenico Giannone, Michele Lenza and Giorgio Primiceri
Batch Effects Correction with Unknown Subtypes pp. 581-594 Downloads
Xiangyu Luo and Yingying Wei
Functional Data Analysis of Dynamic PET Data pp. 595-609 Downloads
Yakuan Chen, Jeff Goldsmith and R. Todd Ogden
Fully Bayesian Analysis of RNA-seq Counts for the Detection of Gene Expression Heterosis pp. 610-621 Downloads
Will Landau, Jarad Niemi and Dan Nettleton
Joint Indirect Standardization When Only Marginal Distributions are Observed in the Index Population pp. 622-630 Downloads
Yifei Wang, Daniel J. Tancredi and Diana L. Miglioretti
Stochastic Quasi-Likelihood for Case-Control Point Pattern Data pp. 631-644 Downloads
Ganggang Xu, Rasmus Waagepetersen and Yongtao Guan
Nonparametric Causal Effects Based on Incremental Propensity Score Interventions pp. 645-656 Downloads
Edward H. Kennedy
Parameter Estimation and Variable Selection for Big Systems of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations: A Matrix-Based Approach pp. 657-667 Downloads
Leqin Wu, Xing Qiu, Ya-xiang Yuan and Hulin Wu
Communication-Efficient Distributed Statistical Inference pp. 668-681 Downloads
Michael I. Jordan, Jason D. Lee and Yun Yang
Joint Mean and Covariance Estimation with Unreplicated Matrix-Variate Data pp. 682-696 Downloads
Michael Hornstein, Roger Fan, Kerby Shedden and Shuheng Zhou
Excess Optimism: How Biased is the Apparent Error of an Estimator Tuned by SURE? pp. 697-712 Downloads
Ryan J. Tibshirani and Saharon Rosset
On Sensitivity Value of Pair-Matched Observational Studies pp. 713-722 Downloads
Qingyuan Zhao
Graphical Model Selection for Gaussian Conditional Random Fields in the Presence of Latent Variables pp. 723-734 Downloads
Benjamin Frot, Luke Jostins and Gilean McVean
High-Dimensional Posterior Consistency in Bayesian Vector Autoregressive Models pp. 735-748 Downloads
Satyajit Ghosh, Kshitij Khare and George Michailidis
Valid Post-Selection Inference in High-Dimensional Approximately Sparse Quantile Regression Models pp. 749-758 Downloads
Alexandre Belloni, Victor Chernozhukov and Kengo Kato
Large Covariance Estimation for Compositional Data Via Composition-Adjusted Thresholding pp. 759-772 Downloads
Yuanpei Cao, Wei Lin and Hongzhe Li
Variance Change Point Detection Under a Smoothly-Changing Mean Trend with Application to Liver Procurement pp. 773-781 Downloads
Zhenguo Gao, Zuofeng Shang, Pang Du and John L. Robertson
Graph-Guided Banding of the Covariance Matrix pp. 782-792 Downloads
Jacob Bien
Bootstrapping High-Frequency Jump Tests pp. 793-803 Downloads
Prosper Dovonon, Sílvia Gonçalves, Ulrich Hounyo and Nour Meddahi
Optimal Forecast Reconciliation for Hierarchical and Grouped Time Series Through Trace Minimization pp. 804-819 Downloads
Shanika L. Wickramasuriya, George Athanasopoulos and Rob Hyndman
Interpretable High-Dimensional Inference Via Score Projection With an Application in Neuroimaging pp. 820-830 Downloads
Simon N. Vandekar, Philip T. Reiss and Russell T. Shinohara
Speeding Up MCMC by Efficient Data Subsampling pp. 831-843 Downloads
Matias Quiroz, Robert Kohn, Mattias Villani and Minh-Ngoc Tran
cmenet: A New Method for Bi-Level Variable Selection of Conditional Main Effects pp. 844-856 Downloads
Simon Mak and C. F. Jeff Wu
Statistical Inference in a Directed Network Model With Covariates pp. 857-868 Downloads
Ting Yan, Binyan Jiang, Stephen E. Fienberg and Chenlei Leng
Testing for Trends in High-Dimensional Time Series pp. 869-881 Downloads
Likai Chen and Wei Biao Wu
A Mallows-Type Model Averaging Estimator for the Varying-Coefficient Partially Linear Model pp. 882-892 Downloads
Rong Zhu, Alan T. K. Wan, Xinyu Zhang and Guohua Zou
Probabilistic Community Detection With Unknown Number of Communities pp. 893-905 Downloads
Junxian Geng, Anirban Bhattacharya and Debdeep Pati
A Cautionary Tale on Instrumental Calibration for the Treatment of Nonignorable Unit Nonresponse in Surveys pp. 906-915 Downloads
Éric Lesage, David Haziza and Xavier D’Haultfœuille
Identifying Cointegration by Eigenanalysis pp. 916-927 Downloads
Rongmao Zhang, Peter Robinson and Qiwei Yao
A Generic Sure Independence Screening Procedure pp. 928-937 Downloads
Wenliang Pan, Xueqin Wang, Weinan Xiao and Hongtu Zhu
Inverse Probability Weighted Estimation of Risk Under Representative Interventions in Observational Studies pp. 938-947 Downloads
Jessica G. Young, Roger W. Logan, James M. Robins and Miguel A. Hernán
Book Review pp. 948-948 Downloads
Jing Su

Volume 114, issue 525, 2019

Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison pp. 1-19 Downloads
Tingting Zhou, Michael R. Elliott and Roderick J. A. Little
Comment on Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison by Zhou, Elliott, and Little pp. 20-23 Downloads
Andrew J. Spieker
Discussion of PENCOMP pp. 24-27 Downloads
Joseph Antonelli and Michael J. Daniels
Comment: Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison pp. 28-30 Downloads
Qingxia Chen and Frank E. Harrell
Discussion of “Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison†by Zhou, Elliott, and Little pp. 30-32 Downloads
Shu Yang and Donglin Zeng
Discussion of “Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison†pp. 32-35 Downloads
Georgia Papadogeorgou and Fan Li
Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison: Rejoinder pp. 35-38 Downloads
Tingting Zhou, Michael R. Elliott and Roderick J. A. Little
Minimum Mean Squared Error Estimation of the Radius of Gyration in Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Experiments pp. 39-47 Downloads
Cody Alsaker, F. Jay Breidt and Mark J. van der Woerd
Bayesian Hierarchical Varying-Sparsity Regression Models with Application to Cancer Proteogenomics pp. 48-60 Downloads
Yang Ni, Francesco C. Stingo, Min Jin Ha, Rehan Akbani and Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani
Spatially Dependent Multiple Testing Under Model Misspecification, With Application to Detection of Anthropogenic Influence on Extreme Climate Events pp. 61-78 Downloads
Mark D. Risser, Christopher J. Paciorek and Dáithí A. Stone
Estimating the Malaria Attributable Fever Fraction Accounting for Parasites Being Killed by Fever and Measurement Error pp. 79-92 Downloads
Kwonsang Lee and Dylan S. Small
Survivor-Complier Effects in the Presence of Selection on Treatment, With Application to a Study of Prompt ICU Admission pp. 93-104 Downloads
Edward H. Kennedy, Steve Harris and Luke J. Keele
Capture-Recapture Methods for Data on the Activation of Applications on Mobile Phones pp. 105-114 Downloads
Mamadou Yauck, Louis-Paul Rivest and Greg Rothman
FreSpeD: Frequency-Specific Change-Point Detection in Epileptic Seizure Multi-Channel EEG Data pp. 115-128 Downloads
Anna Louise Schröder and Hernando Ombao
Marginal Bayesian Semiparametric Modeling of Mismeasured Multivariate Interval-Censored Data pp. 129-145 Downloads
Li Li, Alejandro Jara, María José García-Zattera and Timothy E. Hanson
Simulation-Based Bias Correction Methods for Complex Models pp. 146-157 Downloads
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Admissibility in Partial Conjunction Testing pp. 158-168 Downloads
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Bayesian Graphical Regression pp. 184-197 Downloads
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Functional Graphical Models pp. 211-222 Downloads
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Least Ambiguous Set-Valued Classifiers With Bounded Error Levels pp. 223-234 Downloads
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Confidence Sets for Phylogenetic Trees pp. 235-244 Downloads
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Fisher Exact Scanning for Dependency pp. 245-258 Downloads
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Weighted NPMLE for the Subdistribution of a Competing Risk pp. 259-270 Downloads
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Robust Variable and Interaction Selection for Logistic Regression and General Index Models pp. 271-286 Downloads
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Principal Component Analysis of High-Frequency Data pp. 287-303 Downloads
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Decomposing Treatment Effect Variation pp. 304-317 Downloads
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A Computational Framework for Multivariate Convex Regression and Its Variants pp. 318-331 Downloads
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Censoring Unbiased Regression Trees and Ensembles pp. 370-383 Downloads
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Accurate and Efficient P-value Calculation Via Gaussian Approximation: A Novel Monte-Carlo Method pp. 384-392 Downloads
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Information-Based Optimal Subdata Selection for Big Data Linear Regression pp. 393-405 Downloads
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Partially Linear Functional Additive Models for Multivariate Functional Data pp. 406-418 Downloads
Raymond K. W. Wong, Yehua Li and Zhengyuan Zhu
Group SLOPE – Adaptive Selection of Groups of Predictors pp. 419-433 Downloads
Damian Brzyski, Alexej Gossmann, Weijie Su and Małgorzata Bogdan
Modeling Spatial Processes with Unknown Extremal Dependence Class pp. 434-444 Downloads
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Constructing Priors that Penalize the Complexity of Gaussian Random Fields pp. 445-452 Downloads
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Adaptive Bayesian Time–Frequency Analysis of Multivariate Time Series pp. 453-465 Downloads
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Nonparametric Rotations for Sphere-Sphere Regression pp. 466-476 Downloads
Marco Di Marzio, Agnese Panzera and Charles C. Taylor
Corrigendum pp. 484-484 Downloads
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