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1992, volume 10, issue 4

Managerial Objectives, Capital Structure, and the Provision of Worker Incentives pp. 357-79 Downloads
Gerald T Garvey and Peter Swan
New Evidence on the Long-Term Effects of Employment Training Programs pp. 380-88 Downloads
Kenneth Couch
Labor Turnover Costs and Average Labor Demand pp. 389-411 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
The Effect of Social Security on Labor Supply: A Cohort Analysis of the Notch Generation pp. 412-37 Downloads
Alan Krueger and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
Dual Labor Markets, Efficiency Wages, and Search pp. 438-61 Downloads
James Albrecht and Susan Vroman

1992, volume 10, issue 3

Interpreting Panel Data on Job Tenure pp. 219-57 Downloads
James N Brown and Audrey Light
Preunemployment Job Search and Advance Job Loss Notice pp. 258-87 Downloads
Paul L Burgess and Stuart A Low
Testing Dynamic Models of Worker Effort pp. 288-305 Downloads
Stephen Machin and Alan Manning
Matchmaker, Matchmaker: The Effect of Old Boy Networks on Job Match Quality, Earnings, and Tenure pp. 306-30 Downloads
Curtis Simon and John Warner
The Determinants of Wage Changes in Indexed.and Nonindexed Contracts: A Switching Model pp. 331-55 Downloads
David Prescott and David Wilton

1992, volume 10, issue 2

Mandatory Notice pp. 117-37 Downloads
Peter Kuhn
Vacancies and the Recruitment of New Employees pp. 138-55 Downloads
Jan van Ours and Geert Ridder
Panel Estimates of Male and Female Job Turnover Behavior: Can Female Nonquitters Be Identified? pp. 156-81 Downloads
Audrey Light and Manuelita Ureta
Self-Recruitment in the Legal Profession pp. 182-201 Downloads
David Laband and Bernard F Lentz
Strikes as the Random Enforcement of Asymmetric Information Contracts pp. 202-18 Downloads
John Leach

1992, volume 10, issue 1

Advance Notice and Postdisplacement Joblessness pp. 1-32 Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
Unionism in a Competitive Industry pp. 33-54 Downloads
Glenn MacDonald and Chris Robinson
Sectoral Shifts and Interindustry Wage Differentials pp. 55-84 Downloads
Jean Helwege
The Ratchet Effect and the Market for Secondhand Workers pp. 85-98 Downloads
Yoshitsugu Kanemoto and W. Bentley Macleod
Time-Varying Effects of Recall Expectation, a Reemployment Bonus, and Job Counseling on Unemployment Durations pp. 99-115 Downloads
Patricia Anderson

1991, volume 9, issue 4

Unemployment Insurance and Employment pp. 307-24 Downloads
Donald R Deere
Workers' Compensation and Occupational Injuries and Illnesses pp. 325-50 Downloads
John Ruser
Layoffs and Lemons pp. 351-80 Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Lawrence Katz
The Effect of Illicit Drug Use on the Wages of Young Adults pp. 381-412 Downloads
Robert Kaestner
Birth Order, Family Size, and Achievement: Family Structure and Wage Determination pp. 413-26 Downloads
Daniel Kessler

1991, volume 9, issue 3

The Intrafamily Allocation of Goods--How to Separate the Adult from the Child pp. 207-35 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
Human Capital Investments and Labor Mobility pp. 236-54 Downloads
Goran Eriksson
Right-to-Work Laws, Free Riders, and Unionization in the Local Public Sector pp. 255-75 Downloads
Casey Ichniowski and Jeffrey Zax
Municipal Labor Demand in the Presence of Uncertainty: An Econometric Approach pp. 276-93 Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Harvey Rosen
Just-Cause Employment Policies in the Presence of Worker Adverse Selection pp. 294-305 Downloads
David Levine

1991, volume 9, issue 2

"Overeducation" in the Labor Market pp. 101-22 Downloads
Nachum Sicherman
Immigration and the Family pp. 123-48 Downloads
George Borjas and Stephen Bronars
Speaking, Reading, and Earnings among Low-Skilled Immigrants pp. 149-70 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
Unionization and Cost of Production: Compensation, Productivity, and Factor-Use Effects pp. 171-85 Downloads
Randall Eberts and Joe Stone
Search for Nonwage Job Characteristics: A Test of the Reservation Wage Hypothesis pp. 186-205 Downloads
David Blau

1991, volume 9, issue 1

The Extent of Measurement Error in Longitudinal Earnings Data: Do Two Wrongs Make a Right? pp. 1-24 Downloads
John Bound and Alan Krueger
Time, Salary, and Incentive Payoffs in Labor Contracts pp. 25-44 Downloads
Eugene Fama
Employment Determination in a Unionized Public-Sector Labor Market: The Case of Ontario's School Teachers pp. 45-66 Downloads
Janet Currie
Do Workers Prefer Increasing Wage Profiles? pp. 67-84 Downloads
George Loewenstein and Nachum Sicherman
Relaxing Intertemporal Separability: A Rational Habits Model of Labor Supply Estimated from Panel Data pp. 85-100 Downloads
Olympia Bover

1990, volume 8, issue 4

The Impact of the Threat of Bankruptcy on the Structure of Compensation pp. 419-47 Downloads
Michael Curme and Lawrence Kahn
Pay, Performance, and Turnover of Bank CEOs pp. 448-81 Downloads
Jason R Barro and Robert Barro
Bridge Jobs and Partial Retirement pp. 482-501 Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
Efficient Bargains and the McDonald-Solow Conjecture pp. 502-28 Downloads
Andrew Clark
Multiperiod Wage Contracts and Productivity Profiles pp. 529-63 Downloads
Dan Bernhardt and Gerald C Timmis

1990, volume 8, issue 3

The Effects of Public Policy on Strike Duration pp. 295-316 Downloads
Morley Gunderson and Angelo Melino
Optimal Membership, Employment, and Income Distribution in Unionized and Labor-Managed Firms pp. 317-40 Downloads
Frans Spinnewyn and Jan Svejnar
The Effect of Economic Opportunity and Family Background on Adolescent Cohabitation and Childbearing among Low-Income Blacks pp. 341-62 Downloads
Randall J Olsen and George Farkas
Job Performance, Turnover, and Wage Growth pp. 363-86 Downloads
John H Bishop
Work Stoppages and the Theory of the Offset Factor: Evidence from the British Columbian Lumber Industry pp. 387-417 Downloads
Harry Paarsch

1990, volume 8, issue 2

Industrial Specialization and the Returns to Labor pp. 175-201 Downloads
Charles A Diamond and Curtis Simon
Empirical Age-Earnings Profiles pp. 202-29 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Finis Welch
Up-or-Out Contracts: A Signaling Perspective pp. 230-50 Downloads
Michael Waldman
Tenure, Unions, and the Relationship between Employer Size and Wages pp. 251-69 Downloads
James E Pearce
A Reexamination of the Federal-Private Wage Differential in the United States pp. 270-93 Downloads
Brent Moulton

1990, volume 8, issue 1

The Real Wage-Employment Relationship in the United States pp. 1-15 Downloads
Stephen Nickell and James Symons
Albert Rees: Teacher, Scholar, Public Servant pp. S1-7 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter
The Impact of New Unionization on Wages and Working Conditions pp. S8-25 Downloads
Richard Freeman and Morris M Kleiner
Why Are Wages Cyclical in the 1970s? pp. 16-47 Downloads
Rebecca Blank
The Employment of Black Men pp. S26-74 Downloads
Finis Welch
Bargaining and the Joint-Cost Theory of Strikes: An Experimental Study pp. 48-74 Downloads
Barry Sopher
General Productivity Growth in a Theory of Quits and Layoffs pp. 75-98 Downloads
Kenneth McLaughlin
The Decline of Unionization in the United States: What Can Be Learned from Recent Experience pp. S75-105 Downloads
Henry S Farber
A Selectivity Model of Employer-Size Wage Differentials pp. 99-122 Downloads
Todd Idson and Daniel J Feaster
Male-Female Wage Differentials in Job Ladders pp. S106-23 Downloads
Edward Lazear and Sherwin Rosen
Heterogeneous Human Capital, Occupational Choice, and Male-Female Earnings Differences pp. 123-44 Downloads
Morton Paglin and Anthony M Rufolo
Employment Relations in Dual Labor Markets (" It's Nice Work If You Can Get It") pp. S124-49 Downloads
Walter Oi
Borrowing Constraints, Occupational Choice, and Labor Supply pp. 145-73 Downloads
Dan Bernhardt and David Backus
Hours of Work and Trade Unionism pp. S150-74 Downloads
John Earle and John Pencavel
Compensating Wage Differentials and the Duration of Wage Loss pp. S175-97 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and John R Wolfe
Variation in Employment Growth in Canada: The Role of External, National, Regional, and Industrial Factors pp. S198-236 Downloads
Joseph Altonji and John Ham
Work Rules, Featherbedding, and Pareto-optimal Union-Management Bargaining pp. S237-59 Downloads
George Johnson
Union/Nonunion Wage Gaps in the Public Sector pp. S260-328 Downloads
H Gregg Lewis
Self-selection and the Distribution of Hourly Wages pp. S329-63 Downloads
James Heckman and Guilherme L Sedlacek
The Black-White Difference in Youth Employment: Evidence for Demand-Side Factors pp. S364-95 Downloads
Glen Cain and Ross Finnie
Nonparametric Estimates of the Labor-Supply Effects of Negative Income Tax Programs pp. S396-415 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Mark W Plant
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