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2018, volume 36, issue S1

Introduction: Firms and the Distribution of Income: The Roles of Productivity and Luck pp. S1 - S12 Downloads
Edward Lazear and Kathryn L. Shaw
Firms and Labor Market Inequality: Evidence and Some Theory pp. S13 - S70 Downloads
David Card, Ana Rute Cardoso, Joerg Heining and Patrick Kline
Augmenting the Human Capital Earnings Equation with Measures of Where People Work pp. S71 - S97 Downloads
Erling Barth, James Davis and Richard Freeman
Firm Performance and the Volatility of Worker Earnings pp. S99 - S131 Downloads
Chinhui Juhn, Kristin McCue, Holly Monti and Brooks Pierce
Who Gets Hired? The Importance of Competition among Applicants pp. S133 - S181 Downloads
Edward Lazear, Kathryn L. Shaw and Christopher T. Stanton
Earnings Inequality and Mobility Trends in the United States: Nationally Representative Estimates from Longitudinally Linked Employer-Employee Data pp. S183 - S300 Downloads
John Abowd, Kevin L. McKinney and Nellie L. Zhao
Who Moves Up the Job Ladder? pp. S301 - S336 Downloads
John Haltiwanger, Henry Hyatt and Erika McEntarfer
Skill Requirements across Firms and Labor Markets: Evidence from Job Postings for Professionals pp. S337 - S369 Downloads
David Deming and Lisa Kahn
Management Practices, Workforce Selection, and Productivity pp. S371 - S409 Downloads
Stefan Bender, Nicholas Bloom, David Card, John van Reenen and Stefanie Wolter

2018, volume 36, issue 4

Peer Quality and the Academic Benefits to Attending Better Schools pp. 841 - 884 Downloads
Mark Hoekstra, Pierre Mouganie and Yaojing Wang
Tower of Babel in the Classroom: Immigrants and Natives in Italian Schools pp. 885 - 921 Downloads
Rosario Ballatore, Margherita Fort and Andrea Ichino
Ability Tracking, School and Parental Effort, and Student Achievement: A Structural Model and Estimation pp. 923 - 979 Downloads
Chao Fu and Nirav Mehta
Risk and Return Trade-Offs in Lifetime Earnings pp. 981 - 1021 Downloads
Eleanor Dillon
When Is Social Responsibility Socially Desirable? pp. 1023 - 1072 Downloads
Jean-Etienne de Bettignies and David T. Robinson
Estimating Equilibrium Effects of Job Search Assistance pp. 1073 - 1125 Downloads
Pieter Gautier, Paul Muller, Bas van der Klaauw, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer
The Long-Term Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Children’s Education and Employment Outcomes pp. 1127 - 1163 Downloads
Jacob Bastian and Katherine Michelmore

2018, volume 36, issue 3

The Local Economic Impacts of Military Personnel pp. 589 - 621 Downloads
Ben Zou
When the Shadow Is the Substance: Judge Gender and the Outcomes of Workplace Sex Discrimination Cases pp. 623 - 664 Downloads
Matthew Knepper
Taxing Childcare: Effects on Childcare Choices, Family Labor Supply, and Children pp. 665 - 709 Downloads
Christina Gathmann and Björn Sass
Skills, Job Tasks, and Productivity in Teaching: Evidence from a Randomized Trial of Instruction Practices pp. 711 - 742 Downloads
Eric S. Taylor
The Effect of Teacher Gender on Students’ Academic and Noncognitive Outcomes pp. 743 - 778 Downloads
Jie Gong, Yi Lu and Hong Song
The Returns to College Persistence for Marginal Students: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from University Dismissal Policies pp. 779 - 805 Downloads
Ben Ost, Weixiang Pan and Douglas Webber
Updating Human Capital Decisions: Evidence from SAT Score Shocks and College Applications pp. 807 - 839 Downloads
Timothy Bond, George Bulman, Xiaoxiao Li and Jonathan Smith

2018, volume 36, issue 2

College as Country Club: Do Colleges Cater to Students’ Preferences for Consumption? pp. 309 - 348 Downloads
Brian Jacob, Brian McCall and Kevin Stange
Health at Birth, Parental Investments, and Academic Outcomes pp. 349 - 394 Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Juan Pedro Eberhard and Christopher Neilson
Returns to Education Quality for Low-Skilled Students: Evidence from a Discontinuity pp. 395 - 436 Downloads
Serena Canaan and Pierre Mouganie
Sorting through Affirmative Action: Three Field Experiments in Colombia pp. 437 - 478 Downloads
Marcela Ibanez and Gerhard Riener
Job Loss and Regional Mobility pp. 479 - 509 Downloads
Kristiina Huttunen, Jarle Møen and Kjell G Salvanes
More Dispersion, Higher Bonuses? On Differentiation in Subjective Performance Evaluations pp. 511 - 549 Downloads
Patrick Kampkötter and Dirk Sliwka
Who Migrates and Why? Evidence from Italian Administrative Data pp. 551 - 588 Downloads
Cristian Bartolucci, Claudia Villosio and Mathis Wagner

2018, volume 36, issue 1

Household Search or Individual Search: Does It Matter? pp. 1 - 46 Downloads
Luca Flabbi and James Mabli
Bias in Returns to Tenure When Firm Wages and Employment Comove: A Quantitative Assessment and Solution pp. 47 - 74 Downloads
Andy Snell, Pedro Martins, Heiko Stüber and Jonathan Thomas
Imperfect Monitoring of Job Search: Structural Estimation and Policy Design pp. 75 - 120 Downloads
Bart Cockx, Muriel Dejemeppe, Andrey Launov and Bruno Van der Linden
Do Job Networks Disadvantage Women? Evidence from a Recruitment Experiment in Malawi pp. 121 - 157 Downloads
Lori Beaman, Niall Keleher and Jeremy Magruder
Minimum Wages and Firm Value pp. 159 - 195 Downloads
Brian Bell and Stephen Machin
Managing Careers in Organizations pp. 197 - 252 Downloads
Rongzhu Ke, Jin Li and Michael Powell
Advertising and Labor Market Matching: A Tour through the Times pp. 253 - 307 Downloads
Jed DeVaro and Oliver Gürtler

2017, volume 35, issue S1

Introduction: Essays in Honor of Robert J. LaLonde pp. S1 - S6 Downloads
Orley AshenfelterGuest Editor and David CardGuest Editor
Assessing the Performance of Nonexperimental Estimators for Evaluating Head Start pp. S7 - S63 Downloads
Andrew Griffen and Petra E. Todd
The Women of the National Supported Work Demonstration pp. S65 - S97 Downloads
Sebastian Calonico and Jeffrey Smith
Local Instruments, Global Extrapolation: External Validity of the Labor Supply-Fertility Local Average Treatment Effect pp. S99 - S147 Downloads
James Bisbee, Rajeev Dehejia, Cristian Pop-Eleches and Cyrus Samii
Estimating (Easily Interpreted) Dynamic Training Effects from Experimental Data pp. S149 - S200 Downloads
Bocar A. Ba, John Ham, Robert LaLonde and Xianghong Li
Comparing Apples to Oranges: Differences in Women’s and Men’s Incarceration and Sentencing Outcomes pp. S201 - S234 Downloads
Kristin Butcher, Kyung H. Park and Anne Piehl
Employment, Hours, and Earnings Consequences of Job Loss: US Evidence from the Displaced Workers Survey pp. S235 - S272 Downloads
Henry S. Farber
Second Chance for High School Dropouts? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Postsecondary Educational Returns to the GED pp. S273 - S304 Downloads
Christopher Jepsen, Peter Mueser and Kenneth Troske
The Impact of Expanding Access to Early Childhood Education Services in Rural Indonesia pp. S305 - S335 Downloads
Sally Anne Brinkman, Amer Hasan, Haeil Jung, Angela Kinnell and Menno Pradhan
The Relative Returns to Workforce Investment Act-Supported Training in Florida by Field, Gender, and Education and Ways to Improve Trainees' Choices pp. S337 - S375 Downloads
Louis Jacobson and Jonathan Davis

2017, volume 35, issue 4

The Distribution of Lifetime Earnings Returns to College pp. 903 - 952 Downloads
Martin Nybom
One Size Does Not Fit All: Multiple Dimensions of Ability, College Attendance, and Earnings pp. 953 - 991 Downloads
Maria Prada and Sergio Urzua
Life-Cycle Earnings, Education Premiums, and Internal Rates of Return pp. 993 - 1030 Downloads
Manudeep Bhuller, Magne Mogstad and Kjell G Salvanes
Customer Discrimination: Evidence from Israel pp. 1031 - 1059 Downloads
Revital Bar and Asaf Zussman
Following the Crowd: Leisure Complementarities beyond the Household pp. 1061 - 1088 Downloads
Simon Georges-Kot, Dominique Goux and Eric Maurin
The Economic Payoff of Name Americanization pp. 1089 - 1116 Downloads
Costanza Biavaschi, Corrado Giulietti and Zahra Siddique
Measurement Error in Income and Schooling and the Bias of Linear Estimators pp. 1117 - 1148 Downloads
Paul Bingley and Alessandro Martinello
Erratum pp. 1149 - 1152 Downloads
Matthieu Chemin and Etienne Wasmer

2017, volume 35, issue 3

Targeted or Universal Coverage? Assessing Heterogeneity in the Effects of Universal Child Care pp. 609 - 653 Downloads
Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven Lehrer
Separate and Unequal in the Labor Market: Human Capital and the Jim Crow Wage Gap pp. 655 - 696 Downloads
Celeste Carruthers and Marianne H. Wanamaker
Private Equity, Layoffs, and Job Polarization pp. 697 - 754 Downloads
Martin Olsson and Joacim Tåg
Monitoring for Worker Quality pp. 755 - 785 Downloads
Gautam Bose and Kevin Lang
A Big Fish in a Small Pond: Ability Rank and Human Capital Investment pp. 787 - 828 Downloads
Benjamin Elsner and Ingo Isphording
Access to 4-Year Public Colleges and Degree Completion pp. 829 - 867 Downloads
Joshua Goodman, Michael Hurwitz and Jonathan Smith
Intergenerational Persistence in Latent Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from Sweden and the United States pp. 869 - 901 Downloads
Kelly Vosters and Martin Nybom

2017, volume 35, issue 2

Wage Increases and the Dynamics of Reciprocity pp. 299 - 344 Downloads
Dirk Sliwka and Peter Werner
The Effects of Algorithmic Labor Market Recommendations: Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 345 - 385 Downloads
John Horton
Understanding Peer Effects: On the Nature, Estimation, and Channels of Peer Effects pp. 387 - 428 Downloads
Jan Feld and Ulf Zölitz
Not in My Community: Social Pressure and the Geography of Dismissals pp. 429 - 483 Downloads
Andrea Bassanini, Giorgio Brunello and Eve Caroli
Social Networks and Labor Markets: How Strong Ties Relate to Job Finding on Facebook’s Social Network pp. 485 - 518 Downloads
Laura Gee, Jason Jones and Moira Burke
Universal Child Care, Maternal Employment, and Children’s Long-Run Outcomes: Evidence from the US Lanham Act of 1940 pp. 519 - 564 Downloads
Chris M. Herbst
Parental and Child Time Investments and the Cognitive Development of Adolescents pp. 565 - 608 Downloads
Daniela Del Boca, Chiara Monfardini and Cheti Nicoletti

2017, volume 35, issue 1

Diagnosing Expertise: Human Capital, Decision Making, and Performance among Physicians pp. 1 - 43 Downloads
Janet Currie and W. Bentley Macleod
Determinants of the Match between Student Ability and College Quality pp. 45 - 66 Downloads
Eleanor Dillon and Jeffrey Smith
Giving College Credit Where It Is Due: Advanced Placement Exam Scores and College Outcomes pp. 67 - 147 Downloads
Jonathan Smith, Michael Hurwitz and Christopher Avery
The Effect of Work First Job Placements on the Distribution of Earnings: An Instrumental Variable Quantile Regression Approach pp. 149 - 190 Downloads
David Autor, Susan N. Houseman and Sari Pekkala Kerr
Productivity Spillovers in Team Production: Evidence from Professional Basketball pp. 191 - 225 Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono, Josh Kinsler and Joseph Price
Housing Wealth, Property Taxes, and Labor Supply among the Elderly pp. 227 - 263 Downloads
Lingxiao Zhao and Gregory Burge
Salience and Social Security Benefits pp. 265 - 297 Downloads
Christian Brinch, Erik Hernaes and Zhiyang Jia
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