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1989, volume 7, issue 4

Where Do the New U.S. Immigrants Live? pp. 371-91 Downloads
Ann P Bartel
A Model of Nominal Contracts pp. 392-414 Downloads
Bruce Smith
Choice among Wage-Hours Packages: An Empirical Investigation of Male Labor Supply pp. 415-37 Downloads
Jeff Biddle and Gary A Zarkin
The Nonprofit Worker in a For-Profit World pp. 438-63 Downloads
Anne E Preston
The Impact of Immigration on the Human Capital of Natives pp. 464-86 Downloads
Carmel Chiswick
Job Search, Stigma Effect, and Escape Rate from Unemployment pp. 487-502 Downloads
Tara Vishwanath

1989, volume 7, issue 3

Compliance and Enforcement Decisions under the National Labor Relations Act pp. 257-80 Downloads
Robert J Flanagan
Job Displacement, Relative Wage Changes, and Duration of Unemployment pp. 281-302 Downloads
John Addison and Pedro Portugal
Wage and Employment Determination in a Unionized Industry: The IWA and the British Columbia Wood Products Industry pp. 303-30 Downloads
Felice Martinello
Employee Crime and the Monitoring Puzzle pp. 331-47 Downloads
William T Dickens, Lawrence Katz, Kevin Lang and Lawrence Summers
Estimating a Simultaneous Search Model pp. 348-69 Downloads
Steven Stern

1989, volume 7, issue 2

Learning Curves, Personal Characteristics, and Job Performance pp. 129-46 Downloads
Peter F Kostiuk and Dean A Follmann
Optimal Labor Contracts with On-the-Job Search: Are Involuntary Layoffs Used as an Incentive Device to Make Workers Search Harder? pp. 147-69 Downloads
Lanny Arvan
Employment and Unemployment Effects of Unions pp. 170-90 Downloads
Edward Montgomery
Collective Bargaining Laws, Threat Effects, and the Determination of Police Compensation pp. 191-209 Downloads
Casey Ichniowski, Richard Freeman and Harrison Lauer
A Business Cycle Model with Private Information pp. 210-37 Downloads
Bruce Smith
Incentive-Compatible Long-term Contracts and Job Rationing pp. 238-55 Downloads
Helmut Bester

1989, volume 7, issue 1

Job Matching and On-the-Job Training pp. 1-19 Downloads
John Barron, Dan Black and Mark A Loewenstein
Life-Cycle Labor-Force Participation of Married Women: Historical Evidence and Implications pp. 20-47 Downloads
Claudia Goldin
Plant Turnover and Gross Employment Flows in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector pp. 48-71 Downloads
Timothy Dunne, Mark Roberts and Larry Samuelson
Union Effects on Productivity, Profits, and Growth: Has the Long Run Arrived? pp. 72-105 Downloads
John Addison and Barry Hirsch
Union Endogeneity and Self-selection pp. 106-12 Downloads
Chris Robinson
Marital Division of Labor with Risk of Divorce: The Role of "Voice" Enforcement of Contracts pp. 113-27 Downloads
Kjell Lommerud

1988, volume 6, issue 4

Two-sided Uncertainty and "Up-or-Out" Contracts pp. 423-44 Downloads
Charles Kahn and Gur Huberman
Wages, Separations, and Job Tenure: On-the-Job Specific Training or Matching? pp. 445-71 Downloads
Dale Mortensen
The Panel Study of Income Dynamics after Fourteen Years: An Evaluatio n pp. 472-92 Downloads
Sean Becketti, William Gould, Lee Lillard and Finis Welch
Human Capital Accumulation and the Optimal Level of Unemployment Insurance Provision pp. 493-514 Downloads
Eleanor Brown and Howard Kaufold
In-Kind Transfers and Work Incentives pp. 515-29 Downloads
Michael V Leonesio
The Observational Implications of Labor Contracts in a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model pp. 530-51 Downloads
Randall Wright

1988, volume 6, issue 3

Sex-Related Wage Differentials and Women's Interrupted Labor Careers--The Chicken or the Egg pp. 277-301 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
The Sensitivity of Labor-Supply Parameter Estimates to Unobserved Individual Effects: Fixed- and Random-Effects Estimates in a Nonlinear Model Using Panel Data pp. 302-29 Downloads
George Jakubson
Educational Attainment and Cohort Size pp. 330-61 Downloads
David C Stapleton and Douglas J Young
The Impact of Taxes and Transfers on Job Search pp. 362-75 Downloads
Peter Gottschalk
A Model for Analyzing Youth Labor Market Policies pp. 376-96 Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L Steinmeier
Multiunit Bargaining in Oligopolistic Industries pp. 397-422 Downloads
Carl Davidson

1988, volume 6, issue 2

Longitudinal Analysis of Strike Activity pp. 147-76 Downloads
David Card
Simultaneously Modeling the Supply of Weeks and Hours of Work among Female Household Heads pp. 177-204 Downloads
Rebecca Blank
English Language Ability and the Labor Market Opportunities of Hispanic and East Asian Immigrant Men pp. 205-28 Downloads
Sherrie A Kossoudji
An Analysis of Public- and Private-Sector Wages Allowing for Endogenous Choices of Both Government and Union Status pp. 229-53 Downloads
Joseph Gyourko and Joseph Tracy
Labor Supply Preferences, Hours Constraints, and Hours-Wage Trade-Offs pp. 254-76 Downloads
Joseph Altonji and Christina Paxson

1988, volume 6, issue 1

Search Method Use by Unemployed Youth pp. 1-20 Downloads
Harry Holzer
Worker Knowledge of Pension Provisions pp. 21-39 Downloads
Olivia Mitchell
Racial Differences in Professional Basketball Players' Compensation pp. 40-61 Downloads
Lawrence Kahn and Peter D Sherer
Unions in a General Equilibrium Model of Firm Formation pp. 62-82 Downloads
Peter Kuhn
Long-term Risk-Sharing Wage Contracts in an Economy Subject to Permanent and Temporary Shocks pp. 83-99 Downloads
Edward N Gamber
Labor Contracts with Voluntary Quits pp. 100-131 Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
Information Revelation and Principal-Agent Contracts pp. 132-46 Downloads
Eskander Alvi

1987, volume 5, issue 4

Search, Hiring Strategies, and Labor Market Intermediaries pp. S1-17 Downloads
Clive Bull, Oscar Ornati and Piero Tedeschi
Rehiring, Seniority, and Labor Force Adjustment pp. S18-35 Downloads
Carlos E Santiago
The Recognition and Reward of Employee Performance pp. S36-56 Downloads
John Bishop
Did Henry Ford Pay Efficiency Wages? pp. S57-86 Downloads
Daniel M G Raff and Lawrence Summers
Worker Reputation and Productivity Incentives pp. S87-106 Downloads
Debra J Aron
Promotion and Optimal Retirement pp. S107-23 Downloads
Steven Stern
Employment Bonuses and Labor Turnover pp. S124-35 Downloads
Arthur Blakemore, Stuart A Low and Michael B Ormiston
Carrots and Sticks: Pay, Supervision, and Turnover pp. S136-52 Downloads
Jonathan Leonard
A Test of Lazear's Theory of Delayed Payment Contracts pp. S153-70 Downloads
Robert M Hutchens
The Economic Functions of Private Pensions: An Empirical Analysis pp. S171-89 Downloads
Stuart Dorsey
Piece-Rate Incentive Schemes pp. 413-29 Downloads
Robert Gibbons
Taxation, Wage Variation, and Job Choice pp. 430-51 Downloads
James N Brown and Harvey Rosen
A Sequential Study of Migration and Job Search pp. 452-76 Downloads
B P McCall and J J McCall
Labor Unions and the Adoption of New Technology pp. 477-501 Downloads
Yair Tauman and Yoram Weiss
How the Market Solves an Assignment Problem: The Matching of Lawyers with Legal Claims pp. 502-32 Downloads
Stephen Spurr
The Quit Propensity of Married Men pp. 533-60 Downloads
Kathryn Shaw
Some Economics of Teaching pp. 561-75 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen

1987, volume 5, issue 3

The Effect of Job Tenure on Wage Offers pp. 301-24 Downloads
Robert C Marshall and Gary A Zarkin
Unemployment Insurance and Male Unemployment Duration in Canada pp. 325-53 Downloads
John Ham and Samuel Rea
Search, Layoffs, and Reservation Wages pp. 354-65 Downloads
Randall Wright
On the Distribution of Wealth and Intergenerational Transfers pp. 366-85 Downloads
Yannis M Ionnides and Ryuzo Sato
The Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Unemployment Duration pp. 386-90 Downloads
Moshe Ben-Horim and Dror Zuckerman
Indexation and Incomes Policy: A Study of Wage Adjustment in Unionized Manufacturing pp. 391-412 Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti

1987, volume 5, issue 2

Work, Rest, and Search: Unemployment, Turnover, and the Cycle pp. 131-48 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic
An Empirical Test of an Asymmetric Information Model of Strikes pp. 149-73 Downloads
Joseph Tracy
Union Wage, Hours, and Earnings Differentials in the Construction Industry pp. 174-210 Downloads
Jeffrey Perloff and Robin Sickles
A Proposition and an Example in the Theory of Job Search with Hours Constraints pp. 211-20 Downloads
Nicholas Kiefer
Learning by Striking: Estimates of the Teetotaler Effect pp. 221-41 Downloads
John F Schnell and Cynthia L Gramm
The Social Security System, the Provision of Human Capital, and the Structure of Compensation pp. 242-54 Downloads
Dan Black
Career Interruptions Following Childbirth pp. 255-77 Downloads
William Even
Cyclical Variations in Wage Differentials and Unemployment pp. 278-300 Downloads
Isao Ohashi

1987, volume 5, issue 1

Estimating Strike Effects in a General Model of Prices and Quantities pp. 1-19 Downloads
Morley Gunderson and Angelo Melino
An Empirical Study of Long-term Unemployment in Australia pp. 20-42 Downloads
Pravin Trivedi and W T Hui
Comparable-Worth Wage Adjustments and Female Employment in the State and Local Sector pp. 43-62 Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg and Robert S Smith
The Labor Supply of Married Men: A Switching Regressions Model pp. 63-75 Downloads
Michael Ransom
Employer Size: The Implications for Search, Training, Capital Investment, Starting Wages, and Wage Growth pp. 76-89 Downloads
John Barron, Dan Black and Mark A Loewenstein
Retirement Status and State Dependence: A Longitudinal Study of Older Men pp. 90-105 Downloads
Frederic P Slade
Intertemporal Wage Variation, Employment, and Unemployment pp. 106-29 Downloads
James Adams
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