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1986, volume 4, issue 4

Delayed Payment Contracts and a Firm's Propensity to Hire Older Workers pp. 439-57 Downloads
Robert Hutchens
Reputations for Safety: Market Performance and Policy Remedies pp. 458-72 Downloads
Lorne Carmichael
Layoffs, Recruitment, and Interfirm Mobility pp. 473-502 Downloads
Arthur Hosios
The Growing Supply of Physicians: Has the Market Become More Competitive? pp. 503-37 Downloads
Monica Noether
Does Redistribution Reduce Inequality? pp. 538-59 Downloads
James Davies
A Model of Involuntary Unemployment and Wage Rigidity: Worker Incentives and the Threat of Dismissal pp. 560-81 Downloads
Roger Sparks
Trade Unions and the Efficiency of the Natural Rate of Unemployment pp. 582-95 Downloads
Christopher Pissarides

1986, volume 4, issue 3

Human Capital and the Rise and Fall of Families pp. S1-39 Downloads
Gary Becker and Nigel Tomes
Human Capital and the Rise and Fall of Families: Comment pp. S40-47 Downloads
Robert Willis
Unobservable Family and Individual Contributions to the Distributionsof Income and Wealth pp. S48-79 Downloads
J R Kearl and Clayne L Pope
Unobservable Family and Individual Contributions to the Distributionsof Income and Wealth: Comment pp. S80-82 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
Family Effects in Simple Models of Education, Occupational Status and pp. S83-115 Downloads
Robert M Hauser and William H Sewell
Family Effects in Simple Models of Education, Occupational Status and Earnings: Findings from the Wisconsin and Kalamazoo Studies: Comment pp. 116-20
Barry Chiswick
Birth Order, Schooling, and Earnings pp. S121-45 Downloads
Jere Behrman and Paul Taubman
Birth Order, Schooling, and Earnings: Comment pp. S146-50 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
The Strategic Bequest Motive pp. S151-82 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim, Andrei Shleifer and Lawrence Summers
The Effect of Annuity Insurance and Savings and Inequality pp. S183-207 Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff, John Shoven and Avia Spivak
The Effect of Annuity Insurance and Savings and Inequality: Comment pp. S208-15 Downloads
Andrew Abel
Estimating the Personal Distribution of Income with Adjustment for Within-Family Variation pp. S216-39 Downloads
Edward Lazear and Robert T Michael
Estimating the Personal Distribution of Income with Adjustment for Within-Family Variation: Comment pp. S239-44
James D Smith
His and Hers: Gender Differences in Work and Income, 1959-1979 pp. S245-72 Downloads
Victor Fuchs
His and Hers: Gender Differences in Work and Income, 1959-1979: Comment pp. S273-77 Downloads
Alan Blinder
The Changing Economy and the Family pp. S278-87 Downloads
Theodore Schultz
Racial Differences in the Stability of High Earnings among Young Men pp. 301-16 Downloads
Linda Loury
The Risks and Rewards of Criminal Activity: A Comprehensive Test of Criminal Deterrence pp. 317-40 Downloads
W Viscusi
Implicit Labor Contracts to Explain Turnover pp. 341-54 Downloads
Elazar Berkovitch
Insurance and Labor Market Contracting: An Analysis of the Capital Market Assumption pp. 355-75 Downloads
John Haltiwanger and Michael Waldman
A Theory of Dual Labor Markets with Application to Industrial Policy,Discrimination, and Keynesian Unemployment pp. 376-414 Downloads
Jeremy I Bulow and Lawrence Summers
Nonconvexity in General Equilibrium Labor Markets pp. 415-37 Downloads
Jeffrey Coles

1986, volume 4, issue 2

Differences in Male and Female Job-quitting Behavior pp. 151-67 Downloads
Mark E Meitzen
Is the New Immigration Less Skilled Than the Old? pp. 168-92 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
Collective Bargaining and Union Membership Effects on the Wages of Male Youths pp. 193-211 Downloads
Arthur Blakemore, Janet C Hunt and B F Kiker
Union Work Rules and Efficiency in the Building Trades pp. 212-42 Downloads
Steven Allen
Some Economic and Demographic Consequences of Mental Illness pp. 243-56 Downloads
Ann Bartel and Paul Taubman
Logit Estimates of Strike Incidence from Canadian Contract Data pp. 257-76 Downloads
Morley Gunderson, John Kervin and Frank Reid
Compensating Differentials for Cyclical and Noncyclical Unemployment: The Interaction between Investors' and Employees' Risk Aversion pp. 277-300 Downloads
Elizabeth H Li

1986, volume 4, issue 1

Monitoring Costs and Occupational Segregation by Sex: A Historical Analysis pp. 1-27 Downloads
Claudia Goldin
Wages, Effort, and Incentive Compatibility in Life-Cycle Employment Contracts pp. 28-49 Downloads
Peter Kuhn
Unemployment Insurance Taxes and Cyclical Layoff Incentives pp. 50-65 Downloads
Eleanor Brown
On the Contract Curve: A Test of Alternative Models of Collective Bargaining pp. 66-81 Downloads
Randall Eberts and Joe Stone
Labor Supply Response to Welfare Programs: A Dynamic Analysis pp. 82-104 Downloads
David Blau and Philip Robins
The Union Impact on Profits: Evidence from Industry Price-Cost Margin Data pp. 105-33 Downloads
Paula B Voos and Lawrence R Mishel
Labor Migration and Risk Aversion in Less Developed Countries pp. 134-49 Downloads
Eliakim Katz and Oded Stark

1985, volume 3, issue 4

A Foundation for Three Popular Assumptions in Job-matching Models pp. 403-20 Downloads
John Dagsvik, Boyan Jovanovic and Andrea Shepard
Wage Bargaining, Labor Turnover, and the Business Cycle: A Model with Asymmetric Information pp. 421-33 Downloads
Motty Perry and Gary Solon
Labor Turnover, Wage Structures, and Moral Hazard: The Inefficiency of Competitive Markets pp. 434-62 Downloads
Richard Arnott and Joseph Stiglitz
Assimilation, Changes in Cohort Quality, and the Earnings of Immigrants pp. 463-89 Downloads
George Borjas
The Elasticity of Substitution Revisited: The Effects of Secular Changes in Labor Force Structure pp. 490-507 Downloads
Carmel Chiswick
An Investigation of the Extent and Consequences of Measurement Error in Labor-Economic Survey Data pp. 508-32 Downloads
Greg Duncan and Daniel H Hill

1985, volume 3, issue 3

Old Boy Networks as Screening Mechanisms pp. 255-67 Downloads
Garth Saloner
Children as Collective Goods and Divorce Settlements pp. 268-92 Downloads
Yoram Weiss and Robert Willis
The Joint Determination of Household Membership and Market Work: The Case of Young Men pp. 293-316 Downloads
Marjorie B McElroy
Real Wage Indices pp. 317-36 Downloads
Jeffrey Coles and Paul Harte-Chen
Government Programs, Job Search Requirements, and the Duration of Unemployment pp. 337-62 Downloads
Michael C Keeley and Philip Robins
Affirmative Action as Earnings Redistribution: The Targeting of Compliance Reviews pp. 363-84 Downloads
Jonathan Leonard
The Endogeneity of Union Status: An Empirical Test pp. 385-402 Downloads
Gregory Duncan and Duane E Leigh

1985, volume 3, issue 2

Involuntary Terminations, Unemployment, and Job Matching: A Test of Job Search Theory pp. 109-23 Downloads
Peter Gottschalk and Tim Maloney
Cautionary Tails about Arbitrary Deletion of Observations; or, Throwing the Variance Out with the Bathwater pp. 124-52 Downloads
Glenn MacDonald and Chris Robinson
Estimation of Unemployment Duration from Grouped Data: A Comparative Study pp. 153-74 Downloads
G M Baker and Pravin Trivedi
Unemployment and Recruitment with Heterogeneous Labor pp. 175-87 Downloads
Arthur Hosios
Worker Asymmetric Information and Employment Distortions pp. 188-208 Downloads
Russell Cooper
The Joint Choice of Retirement Age and Postretirement Hours of Work pp. 209-36 Downloads
Gary Burtless and Robert Moffitt
The 1983 Social Security Reforms and Labor Supply Adjustments of Older Individuals in the Long Run pp. 237-53 Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L Steinmeier

1985, volume 3, issue 1

Intercountry Comparisons of Labor Force Trends and of Related Developments: An Overview pp. S1-32 Downloads
Jacob Mincer
How Changes in Labor Demand Affect Unemployed Workers pp. 1-10 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett and Jan I Ondrich
The Added Worker Effect pp. 11-37 Downloads
Shelly Lundberg
Human Capital, Effort, and the Sexual Division of Labor pp. S33-58 Downloads
Gary Becker
Hourly Earnings in the United States: Another Look at Unionization, Schooling, Sickness, and Unemployment Using PSID Data pp. 38-69 Downloads
Gopa Chowdhury and Stephen Nickell
Time-Series Growth in the Female Labor Force pp. S59-90 Downloads
James Smith and Michael P Ward
Implicit Contracts with Heterogeneous Labor pp. 70-90 Downloads
Larry Samuelson
Monopsony and the Lifetime Relation between Wages and Productivity pp. 91-100 Downloads
Yannis Ioannides and Christopher Pissarides
The Trend in the Male-Female Wage Gap in the United States pp. S91-116 Downloads
June O'Neill
The Effects of Unions on Employment and Productivity: An Unresolved Contradiction pp. 101-08 Downloads
Walter Wessels
Consequences of the Rise in Female Labor Force Participation Rates: Questions and Probes pp. S117-46 Downloads
Robert T Michael
Why Are More Women Working in Britain? pp. S147-76 Downloads
Heather E Joshi, Richard Layard and Susan J Owen
An Analysis of Women's Labor Force Participation in France: Cross-Section Estimates and Time-Series Evidence pp. S177-200 Downloads
Michelle Riboud
Trends in Labor Force Participation of Spanish Women: An Interpretive Essay pp. S201-17 Downloads
Feliciano Hernandez Iglesias and Michelle Riboud
An Economic Analysis of Female Work Participation, Education, and Fertility: Theory and Empirical Evidence for the Federal Republic of Germany pp. S218-34 Downloads
Wolfgang Franz
The Emergence of the Working Wife in Holland pp. S235-55 Downloads
Joop Hartog and Jules Theeuwes
Trends in Female Labor Force Participation in Sweden pp. S256-74 Downloads
Siv Gustafsson and Roger Jacobsson
A Model of Female Labor Supply in Italy Using Cohort Data pp. S275-92 Downloads
Ugo Colombino and Bianca De Stavola
Women in the Australian Labor Force: Trends, Causes, and Consequences pp. S293-309 Downloads
Robert Gregory, P McMahon and B Whittingham
Jewish Mother Goes to Work: Trends in the Labor Force Participation of Women in Israel, 1955-1980 pp. S310-27 Downloads
Yoram Ben-Porath and Reuben Gronau
Work and Family Roles of Soviet Women: Historical Trends and Cross-Section Analysis pp. S328-54 Downloads
Gur Ofer and Aaron Vinokur
An Analysis of Trends in Female Labor Force Participation in Japan pp. S355-74 Downloads
Haruo Shimada and Yoshio Higuchi
Welfare Economics of Policies toward Women pp. S375-96 Downloads
Glen Cain
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