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Continuation of Engineering Costs and Production Economics.

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Volume 93-94, issue 1, 2005

Preface pp. xiii-xiii Downloads
Attila Chikan
Evaluation of two simple extreme transshipment strategies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Stefan Minner and Edward A. Silver
Trend breaks in US inventory to sales ratios pp. 13-23 Downloads
F. Owen Irvine
Comparing CONWIP, synchronized CONWIP, and Kanban in complex supply chains pp. 25-40 Downloads
Katsuhiko Takahashi, Myreshka and Daisuke Hirotani
The role of ERP tools in supply chain information sharing, cooperation, and cost optimization pp. 41-52 Downloads
Peter Kelle and Asli Akbulut
A simple decision rule for decentralized two-echelon inventory control pp. 53-59 Downloads
Sven Axsater
Macroeconomic characteristics and inventory investment: a multi-country study pp. 61-73 Downloads
Attila Chikan, Erzsébet Kovács and Tunde Tatrai
Inventory investment and output volatility pp. 75-86 Downloads
F. Owen Irvine and Scott Schuh
Measuring the convexity of the cost function pp. 87-99 Downloads
Moheb Ghali
An alternative estimate of real inventory change for national economic accounts pp. 101-110 Downloads
Christian Ehemann
Optimal inventory policies when sales are discretionary pp. 111-119 Downloads
Herbert Scarf
Logistics customer service levels in Poland:: Changes between 1993 and 2001 pp. 121-128 Downloads
Danuta Kisperska-Moron
Inventory management: Is there a knock-on effect? pp. 129-138 Downloads
Gyula Vastag and D. Clay Whybark
The role of C-products in providing customer service--refining the inventory policy according to customer-specific factors pp. 139-149 Downloads
Janne Huiskonen, Petri Niemi and Timo Pirttila
The relationship between UK manufacturers' inventory levels and supply, internal and market factors pp. 151-160 Downloads
Adegoke Oke and Marek Szwejczewski
Motives behind purchasing consortia pp. 161-168 Downloads
Eija Tella and Veli-Matti Virolainen
Cost-parametric analysis of lateral transshipment policies in two-echelon supply chains pp. 169-178 Downloads
Jonathan Burton and Avijit Banerjee
Controlling inventories in a supply chain: A case study pp. 179-188 Downloads
Eric Porras Musalem and Rommert Dekker
Concurrent pricing and lot sizing for make-to-order contract production pp. 189-195 Downloads
Avijit Banerjee
Model and analysis of integrated production-inventory system: The case of steel production pp. 197-205 Downloads
Simone Zanoni and Lucio Zavanella
Logistics in Bulgarian manufacturing companies pp. 207-215 Downloads
Pavel Dimitrov
Worst-case analysis of the full load policy in the single link problem pp. 217-224 Downloads
Luca Bertazzi and Maria Grazia Speranza
Production planning: An improved hybrid approach pp. 225-229 Downloads
M.D. Byrne and Md Saddam Hossain
Order allocation in a multiple-supplier environment pp. 231-238 Downloads
Ruengsak Kawtummachai and Nguyen Van Hop
Advanced available-to-promise: Classification, selected methods and requirements for operations and inventory management pp. 239-252 Downloads
Richard Pibernik
Inventory management in supply chains: A bargaining problem pp. 253-262 Downloads
Eric Sucky
Management control and the production environment: A review pp. 263-272 Downloads
Paula van Veen-Dirks
The complex relationship between inventory control and organisational setting: Theory and practice pp. 273-284 Downloads
Jan de Vries
Considering stochastic lead times in a manufacturing/remanufacturing system with deterministic demands and returns pp. 285-300 Downloads
Ou Tang and Robert W. Grubbstrom
The effects of emission trading on production and inventories in the Arrow-Karlin model pp. 301-308 Downloads
Imre Dobos
Stocking decisions for repairable spare parts pooling in a multi-hub system pp. 309-317 Downloads
Hartanto Wong, Dirk Cattrysse and Dirk Van Oudheusden
Timing production in LP models in a rolling schedule pp. 319-329 Downloads
J.M. Spitter, A.G. de Kok and N.P. Dellaert
Eliminating drift in inventory and order based production control systems pp. 331-344 Downloads
S.M. Disney and D.R. Towill
Stability of perishable goods in cold logistic chains pp. 345-356 Downloads
Marija Bogataj, Ludvik Bogataj and Robert Vodopivec
Turnpike policies for periodic review inventory model with emergency orders pp. 357-373 Downloads
Stanislaw Bylka
Lot sizes in a capacity constrained facility--a simulation study of stationary stochastic demand pp. 375-386 Downloads
Par Brander, Erik Leven and Anders Segerstedt
Integrated inventory models with controllable lead time and backorder discount considerations pp. 387-397 Downloads
Jason Chao-Hsien Pan and Yu-Cheng Hsiao
Replenish-up-to inventory control policy with random replenishment intervals pp. 399-405 Downloads
Kadir Ertogral and M.A. Rahim
Integer-ratio policies for distribution/inventory systems pp. 407-415 Downloads
B. Abdul-Jalbar, J. Gutierrez and J. Sicilia
The hotel yield management with two types of room prices, overbooking and cancellations pp. 417-428 Downloads
Takeshi Koide and Hiroaki Ishii
Base-stock policies for the lost sales inventory system with Poisson demand and Erlangian lead times pp. 429-437 Downloads
Soren Glud Johansen
A discounted cash flow approach to the base stock inventory model pp. 439-445 Downloads
R.M. Hill and T.P.M. Pakkala
A continuous production-inventory problem with regeneration cycles pp. 447-454 Downloads
Ryszarda Rempala
Sensitivity results considering rescheduling by AND/OR graphs pp. 455-464 Downloads
Dusan Hvalica and Ludvik Bogataj
The distribution-free newsboy problem: Extensions to the shortage penalty case pp. 465-477 Downloads
Hesham K. Alfares and Hassan H. Elmorra
The impact of aggregation level on forecasting performance pp. 479-491 Downloads
Giulio Zotteri, Matteo Kalchschmidt and Federico Caniato
Fuzzy approach to the spatial games in the total market area pp. 493-503 Downloads
Marija Bogataj and Janez Usenik
Simulation-based optimisation of multi-echelon inventory systems pp. 505-513 Downloads
P. Kochel and U. Nielander

Volume 81-82, issue 1, 2003

Preface pp. xi-xi Downloads
Professor Attila Chikan
Storage capacity and water use in the 21 water-resource regions of the United States geological survey pp. 1-12 Downloads
Andrew Stern
Developments in global inventory investment pp. 13-26 Downloads
Attila Chikan and Tunde Tatrai
Long term trends in US inventory to sales ratios pp. 27-39 Downloads
F. Owen Irvine
Problems with using traditional aggregate inventory to sales ratios pp. 41-50 Downloads
F. Owen Irvine
Operations manager turnover and inventory fluctuations pp. 51-58 Downloads
José Alfaro and Josep Tribó
Optimal lot size, inventories, prices and JIT under monopolistic competition pp. 59-66 Downloads
Michael Lovell
Production-planning horizon, production smoothing, and convexity of the cost functions pp. 67-74 Downloads
Moheb A. Ghali
Inventory changes and the closing of macroeconometric models pp. 75-84 Downloads
Riccardo Fiorito
You may not use inventory levels to fill orders if...: Evidence from a survey of UK manufacturing plants pp. 85-94 Downloads
Adegoke Oke
Agility and mixed-model furniture production pp. 95-102 Downloads
Andrew C. Yao and John G. H. Carlson
A simulation study of lateral shipments in single supplier, multiple buyers supply chain networks pp. 103-114 Downloads
Avijit Banerjee, Jonathan Burton and Snehamay Banerjee
Is anybody listening? An investigation into popular advice and actual practices pp. 115-128 Downloads
Gyula Vastag and D. Clay Whybark
Responsibilities for inventory decisions in Polish manufacturing companies pp. 129-139 Downloads
Danuta Kisperska-Moron
Firm performance under just-in-time and traditional proxies for profit maximization pp. 141-152 Downloads
David Bivin
Retailer's pricing, credit and inventory policies for deteriorating items in response to temporary price/credit incentives pp. 153-162 Downloads
F. J. Arcelus, Nita H. Shah and G. Srinivasan
Overage inventory--how does it occur and why is it important? pp. 163-171 Downloads
Geoff Relph and Peter Barrar
An organizational perspective on inventory control: Theory and a case study pp. 173-183 Downloads
Leonieke G. Zomerdijk and Jan de Vries
Flows of goods or supply chains; lessons from the natural rubber industry in Kerala, India pp. 185-194 Downloads
Job de Haan, Gerard de Groot, Egon Loo and Mark Ypenburg
Cross-functional decision-making in improving inventory management decision procedures pp. 195-203 Downloads
Kirsi Korhonen and Timo Pirttila
The consignment stock of inventories: industrial case and performance analysis pp. 215-224 Downloads
Giovanni Valentini and Lucio Zavanella
Modelling product returns in inventory control--exploring the validity of general assumptions pp. 225-241 Downloads
Marisa de Brito and Rommert Dekker
The changing relationship between production and inventory examined in a concurrent engineering context pp. 243-254 Downloads
Maurice Bonney, Svetan Ratchev and Idir Moualek
An approach to link customer characteristics to inventory decision making pp. 255-264 Downloads
Janne Huiskonen, Petri Niemi and Timo Pirttila
Multiple-supplier inventory models in supply chain management: A review pp. 265-279 Downloads
Stefan Minner
Policies for inventory/distribution systems: The effect of centralization vs. decentralization pp. 281-293 Downloads
B. Abdul-Jalbar, J. Gutierrez, J. Puerto and J. Sicilia
Properties of lot-sizing rules under lumpy demand pp. 295-307 Downloads
I. Nyoman Pujawan and Brian G. Kingsman
Inventory control and investment policy pp. 309-316 Downloads
E. V. Bulinskaya
An NPV and AC analysis of a stochastic inventory system with joint manufacturing and remanufacturing pp. 317-331 Downloads
Erwin van der Laan
Optimal control of a one product recovery system with leadtimes pp. 333-340 Downloads
G. P. Kiesmuller
Transaction costs in finance and inventory research pp. 341-350 Downloads
Hans-Joachim Girlich
Optimal production-inventory strategies for a HMMS-type reverse logistics system pp. 351-360 Downloads
Imre Dobos
How far should JIT vendor-buyer relationships go? pp. 361-368 Downloads
Israel David and Moshe Eben-Chaime
The market-oriented dynamic product recovery model in the just-in-time framework pp. 369-374 Downloads
Knut Richter and Barbara Gobsch
VaR as a risk measure for multiperiod static inventory models pp. 375-384 Downloads
Elisa Luciano, Lorenzo Peccati and Donato M. Cifarelli
Rounding off the optimal solution of the economic lot size problem pp. 385-392 Downloads
Luca Bertazzi
The maximin criterion as an alternative to the expected value in the replanning issues pp. 393-396 Downloads
Ludvik Bogataj and Dusan Hvalica
Inventory management in a multi-echelon spare parts supply chain pp. 397-413 Downloads
Matteo Kalchschmidt, Giulio Zotteri and Roberto Verganti
The detailed coordination problem in a two-level assembly system with stochastic lead times pp. 415-429 Downloads
Ou Tang and Robert W. Grubbstrom
Partnership and negotiation support by joint optimal ordering/setup policies for JIT pp. 431-441 Downloads
Peter Kelle, Faisal Al-khateeb and Pam Anders Miller
Optimal control of a distributed service system with moving resources: Application to the fleet sizing and allocation problem pp. 443-459 Downloads
Peter Kochel, Sophie Kunze and Ulf Nielander
Restricted time-remembering policies for the inventory rationing problem pp. 461-468 Downloads
Philip Melchiors
Economic lot scheduling on multiple production lines with resource constraints pp. 469-481 Downloads
Raffaele Pesenti and Walter Ukovich
A stochastic model of multi-level/multi-stage capacity-constrained production-inventory systems pp. 483-494 Downloads
Robert W. Grubbstrom and Zhiping Wang
Joint replenishment multiproduct inventory problem with continuous production and discrete demands pp. 495-511 Downloads
Ryszarda Rempala
A stochastic inventory model of dual sourced supply chain with lead-time reduction pp. 513-524 Downloads
Si Wook Ryu and Kyung Keun Lee
Optimal stopping and restarting production times for an EOQ model with deteriorating items and time-dependent partial backlogging pp. 525-531 Downloads
K. Skouri and S. Papachristos
Competitive and cooperative policies for the vendor-buyer system pp. 533-544 Downloads
Stanislaw Bylka
Approximate optimization of a two-level distribution inventory system pp. 545-553 Downloads
Sven Axsater
A model of crop planning under uncertainty in agricultural management pp. 555-558 Downloads
Takeshi Itoh, Hiroaki Ishii and Teruaki Nanseki
Minimum number of warehouses for storing simultaneously compatible products pp. 559-564 Downloads
Ria Kalfakakou, Stefanos Katsavounis and Kostas Tsouros
A model for evaluating supplier-owned inventory strategy pp. 565-571 Downloads
Rajesh Piplani and S. Viswanathan
Capacitated two-indenture models for repairable item systems pp. 573-588 Downloads
W. Henk Zijm and Zeynep Muge Avsar
Prediction of the demand of the railway sleepers: A simulation model for replacement strategies pp. 589-595 Downloads
Won Young Yun and Luis Ferreira
A model to evaluate inventory costs in a remanufacturing environment pp. 597-607 Downloads
Z. Pelin Bayindir, Nesim Erkip and Refik Gullu
Manufacturing strategy and competitiveness pp. 2015-213 Downloads
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