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2005 - 2019

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Volume 147, issue C, 2016

Modeling cascading failures in interdependent infrastructures under terrorist attacks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Baichao Wu, Aiping Tang and Jie Wu
Identification of protective actions to reduce the vulnerability of safety-critical systems to malevolent acts: A sensitivity-based decision-making approach pp. 9-18 Downloads
Tai-Ran Wang, Nicola Pedroni and Enrico Zio
Quantification of Dynamic Event Trees – A comparison with event trees for MLOCA scenario pp. 19-31 Downloads
Durga Rao Karanki and Vinh N. Dang
Evaluation of the offsite dose contribution to the global risk in a Steam Generator Tube Rupture scenario pp. 32-48 Downloads
M.J. Rebollo, C. Queral, G. Jimenez, Gomez-Magan, J., E. Meléndez and Sanchez-Perea, M.
Separation of aleatory and epistemic uncertainty in probabilistic model validation pp. 49-59 Downloads
Joshua Mullins, You Ling, Sankaran Mahadevan, Lin Sun and Alejandro Strachan
Coupling mode-destination accessibility with seismic risk assessment to identify at-risk communities pp. 60-71 Downloads
Mahalia Miller and Jack W. Baker
Customer-oriented risk assessment in network utilities pp. 72-83 Downloads
Juan F. Gómez Fernández, Adolfo Crespo Márquez and López-Campos, Mónica A.
An accelerated test method of luminous flux depreciation for LED luminaires and lamps pp. 84-92 Downloads
C. Qian, X.J. Fan, J.J. Fan, C.A. Yuan and G.Q. Zhang
Strengthening air traffic safety management by moving from outcome-based towards risk-based evaluation of runway incursions pp. 93-108 Downloads
Sybert H. Stroeve, Pradip Som, Bas A. van Doorn and (Bert) Bakker, G.J.
Kernel estimator of maintenance optimization model for a stochastically degrading system under different operating environments pp. 109-116 Downloads
I.B. Sidibé, A. Khatab, C. Diallo and K.H. Adjallah
Importances of components and events in non-coherent systems and risk models pp. 117-122 Downloads
Jussi K. Vaurio
A new kind of sensitivity index for multivariate output pp. 123-131 Downloads
Luyi Li, Zhenzhou Lu and Danqing Wu
A Bayesian negotiation model for quality and price in a multi-consumer context pp. 132-141 Downloads
M.J. Rufo, J. Martín and C.J. Pérez
Multi-objective optimization of IT service availability and costs pp. 142-155 Downloads
Sascha Bosse, Matthias Splieth and Klaus Turowski
Using sparse polynomial chaos expansions for the global sensitivity analysis of groundwater lifetime expectancy in a multi-layered hydrogeological model pp. 156-169 Downloads
G. Deman, K. Konakli, B. Sudret, J. Kerrou, P. Perrochet and H. Benabderrahmane
Application of the Integrated Safety Assessment methodology to safety margins. Dynamic Event Trees, Damage Domains and Risk Assessment pp. 170-193 Downloads
L. Ibánez, J. Hortal, C. Queral, Gómez-Magán, J., Sánchez-Perea, M., I. Fernández, E. Meléndez, A. Expósito, J.M. Izquierdo, J. Gil, H. Marrao and Villalba-Jabonero, E.

Volume 146, issue C, 2016

Probabilistic Physics of Failure-based framework for fatigue life prediction of aircraft gas turbine discs under uncertainty pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shun-Peng Zhu, Hong-Zhong Huang, Weiwen Peng, Hai-Kun Wang and Sankaran Mahadevan
Derating design for optimizing reliability and cost with an application to liquid rocket engines pp. 13-20 Downloads
Kyungmee O. Kim, Taeseong Roh, Jae-Woo Lee and Ming J. Zuo
Approximate Bayesian Computation of the occurrence and size of defects in Advanced Gas-cooled nuclear Reactor boilers pp. 21-25 Downloads
Paolo Mason
Linking component importance to optimisation of preventive maintenance policy pp. 26-32 Downloads
Shaomin Wu, Yi Chen, Qingtai Wu and Zhonglai Wang
On the use of conservatism in risk assessments pp. 33-38 Downloads
Terje Aven
Prime implicants in dynamic reliability analysis pp. 39-46 Downloads
Tero Tyrväinen
Discrete non-parametric kernel estimation for global sensitivity analysis pp. 47-54 Downloads
Tristan Senga Kiessé and Anne Ventura
A Bayesian approach for predicting risk of autonomous underwater vehicle loss during their missions pp. 55-67 Downloads
Mario Brito and Gwyn Griffiths
Joint optimization of production scheduling and machine group preventive maintenance pp. 68-78 Downloads
Lei Xiao, Sanling Song, Xiaohui Chen and David W. Coit
Optimal design of water supply networks for enhancing seismic reliability pp. 79-88 Downloads
Do Guen Yoo, Doosun Kang and Joong Hoon Kim

Volume 145, issue C, 2016

An algorithm for the computationally efficient deductive implementation of the Markov/Cell-to-Cell-Mapping Technique for risk significant scenario identification pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jun Yang and Tunc Aldemir
A dynamic probabilistic safety margin characterization approach in support of Integrated Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Analysis pp. 9-18 Downloads
Francesco Di Maio, Ajit Rai and Enrico Zio
Using inverse Lz-transform for obtaining compact stochastic model of complex power station for short-term risk evaluation pp. 19-27 Downloads
Anatoly Lisnianski and Yi Ding
An additive modified Weibull distribution pp. 28-37 Downloads
Bo He, Weimin Cui and Xiaofeng Du
Nonparametric estimation in trend-renewal processes pp. 38-46 Downloads
Maria Luz Gámiz and Bo Henry Lindqvist
A review of definitions and measures of system resilience pp. 47-61 Downloads
Seyedmohsen Hosseini, Kash Barker and Ramirez-Marquez, Jose E.
Flow-based vulnerability measures for network component importance: Experimentation with preparedness planning pp. 62-73 Downloads
Charles D. Nicholson, Kash Barker and Ramirez-Marquez, Jose E.
Comparative analysis of standby systems with unreliable server and switching failure pp. 74-82 Downloads
Ching-Chang Kuo and Jau-Chuan Ke
Multi-objective reliability redundancy allocation in an interval environment using particle swarm optimization pp. 83-92 Downloads
Enze Zhang and Qingwei Chen
Reducing costs by clustering maintenance activities for multiple critical units pp. 93-103 Downloads
Bram de Jonge, Warse Klingenberg, Ruud Teunter and Tiedo Tinga
On some properties of shock processes in a ‘natural’ scale pp. 104-110 Downloads
Ji Hwan Cha and Maxim Finkelstein
An efficient method for evaluating the effect of input parameters on the integrity of safety systems pp. 111-123 Downloads
Zhang-Chun Tang, Ming J. Zuo and Ningcong Xiao
Bayesian inference with overlapping data: Reliability estimation of multi-state on-demand continuous life metric systems with uncertain evidence pp. 124-135 Downloads
Chris Jackson and Ali Mosleh
The cost for meeting SLA dependability requirements; implications for customers and providers pp. 136-146 Downloads
Følstad, Eirik L. and Bjarne E. Helvik
Warranty claims forecasting based on a general imperfect repair model considering usage rate pp. 147-154 Downloads
Duo Yang, Zhen He and Shuguang He
Markov counting and reward processes for analysing the performance of a complex system subject to random inspections pp. 155-168 Downloads
Ruiz-Castro, Juan Eloy
Model-based verification method for solving the parameter uncertainty in the train control system pp. 169-182 Downloads
Ruijun Cheng, Jin Zhou, Dewang Chen and Yongduan Song
Bayesian hazard modeling based on lifetime data with latent heterogeneity pp. 183-189 Downloads
Mingyang Li and Jian Liu
Optimizing production and imperfect preventive maintenance planning׳s integration in failure-prone manufacturing systems pp. 190-198 Downloads
El-Houssaine Aghezzaf, Abdelhakim Khatab and Phuoc Le Tam
On the combined maintenance and routing optimization problem pp. 199-214 Downloads
López-Santana, Eduyn, Akhavan-Tabatabaei, Raha, Laurence Dieulle, Nacima Labadie and Medaglia, Andrés L.
Ignoring scenarios in risk assessments: Understanding the issue and improving current practice pp. 215-220 Downloads
Terje Aven
A hybridised variable neighbourhood tabu search heuristic to increase security in a utility network pp. 221-230 Downloads
Jochen Janssens, Luca Talarico and Sörensen, Kenneth
Perspective analysis outcomes of selected tribodiagnostic data used as input for condition based maintenance pp. 231-242 Downloads
David Vališ, Žák, Libor, Pokora, Ondřej and Lánský, Petr
Nuclear refugees after large radioactive releases pp. 245-249 Downloads
Pascucci-Cahen, Ludivine and Groell, Jérôme
Probabilistic Safety Assessment of twin-unit nuclear sites: Methodological elements pp. 250-261 Downloads
Tu Duong Le Duy, Dominique Vasseur and Emmanuel Serdet
Analyzing simulation-based PRA data through traditional and topological clustering: A BWR station blackout case study pp. 262-276 Downloads
D. Maljovec, S. Liu, B. Wang, D. Mandelli, P.-T. Bremer, V. Pascucci and C. Smith
Technical reliability of active fire protection features – generic database derived from German nuclear power plants pp. 277-286 Downloads
Burkhard Forell, Peschke, Jörg, Svante Einarsson and Röwekamp, Marina
Suggested improvements to the definitions of Standardized Plant Analysis of Risk-Human Reliability Analysis (SPAR-H) performance shaping factors, their levels and multipliers and the nominal tasks pp. 287-300 Downloads
Karin Laumann and Martin Rasmussen
Phoenix – A model-based Human Reliability Analysis methodology: Qualitative Analysis Procedure pp. 301-315 Downloads
Nsimah J. Ekanem, Ali Mosleh and Song-Hua Shen
Engineering Risk Assessment of a dynamic space propulsion system benchmark problem pp. 316-328 Downloads
Donovan L. Mathias, Christopher J. Mattenberger and Susie Go
Developing probabilistic safety performance margins for unknown and underappreciated risks pp. 329-340 Downloads
Allan Benjamin, Homayoon Dezfuli and Chris Everett
A general cause based methodology for analysis of common cause and dependent failures in system risk and reliability assessments pp. 341-350 Downloads
O’Connor, Andrew and Ali Mosleh
Restructuring of workflows to minimise errors via stochastic model checking: An automated evolutionary approach pp. 351-365 Downloads
L.T. Herbert and Z.N.L. Hansen
Proof-testing strategies induced by dangerous detected failures of safety-instrumented systems pp. 366-372 Downloads
Yiliu Liu and Marvin Rausand
Health effects of technologies for power generation: Contributions from normal operation, severe accidents and terrorist threat pp. 373-387 Downloads
Stefan Hirschberg, Christian Bauer, Peter Burgherr, Eric Cazzoli, Thomas Heck, Matteo Spada and Karin Treyer
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