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Volume 26, issue 4, 2023

The distributional preferences of Americans, 2013–2016 pp. 727-748 Downloads
Raymond Fisman, Pamela Jakiela, Shachar Kariv and Silvia Vannutelli
When, and why, do teams benefit from self-selection? pp. 749-774 Downloads
Mira Fischer, Rainer Michael Rilke and B. Burcin Yurtoglu
Permutation tests for experimental data pp. 775-812 Downloads
Charles A. Holt and Sean P. Sullivan
Participatory incentives pp. 813-849 Downloads
Francesco Bripi and Daniela Grieco
Relaxing the symmetry assumption in participation games: a specification test for cluster-heterogeneity pp. 850-878 Downloads
Alan Kirman, François Laisney and Paul Pezanis-Christou
Gender differences in alternating-offer bargaining: an experimental study pp. 879-914 Downloads
Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz and Nagore Iriberri
Contests with revisions pp. 915-954 Downloads
Emmanuel Dechenaux and Shakun D. Mago
Tournament incentives affect perceived stress and hormonal stress responses pp. 955-985 Downloads
Thomas Dohmen, Ingrid M. T. Rohde and Tom Stolp
Correction to: Tournament incentives affect perceived stress and hormonal stress responses pp. 986-987 Downloads
Thomas Dohmen, Ingrid M. T. Rohde and Tom Stolp

Volume 26, issue 3, 2023

Editorial: Symposium “Pre-results review” pp. 491-498 Downloads
Urs Fischbacher and Irenaeus Wolff
Does choice change preferences? An incentivized test of the mere choice effect pp. 499-521 Downloads
Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Georg Granic
Measuring strategic-uncertainty attitudes pp. 522-549 Downloads
Lisa Bruttel, Muhammed Bulutay, Camille Cornand, Frank Heinemann and Adam Zylbersztejn
Mis-judging merit: the effects of adjudication errors in contests pp. 550-587 Downloads
Astrid Gamba and Luca Stanca
Strategic environment effect and communication pp. 588-621 Downloads
Nobuyuki Hanaki and Ali I. Ozkes
Loss aversion in social image concerns pp. 622-645 Downloads
Vasilisa Petrishcheva, Gerhard Riener and Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch
Principal’s distributive preferences and the incentivization of agents pp. 646-672 Downloads
Sophie Cêtre and Max Lobeck
A general revealed preference test for quasilinear preferences: theory and experiments pp. 673-696 Downloads
Marco Castillo and Mikhail Freer
Morally monotonic choice in public good games pp. 697-725 Downloads
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj and Susan Xu Tang

Volume 26, issue 2, 2023

Call for papers – Special issue in memory of Amnon Rapoport: Experimental Economics pp. 251-252 Downloads
David Budescu, Ido Erev, Tamar Kugler and Rami Zwick
How common is the common-ratio effect? pp. 253-272 Downloads
Pavlo Blavatskyy, Valentyn Panchenko and Andreas Ortmann
Behavioral welfare economics and risk preferences: a Bayesian approach pp. 273-303 Downloads
Xiaoxue Sherry Gao, Glenn W. Harrison and Rusty Tchernis
Ambiguity and enforcement pp. 304-338 Downloads
Evan Calford and Gregory DeAngelo
Entry and exit decisions under public and private information: an experiment pp. 339-356 Downloads
Aleksei Chernulich, John Horowitz, Jean Paul Rabanal, Olga Rud and Manizha Sharifova
Improving the statistical power of economic experiments using adaptive designs pp. 357-382 Downloads
Sebastian Jobjörnsson, Henning Schaak, Oliver Musshoff and Tim Friede
Inequality as a barrier to economic integration? An experiment pp. 383-411 Downloads
Gabriele Camera, Lukas Hohl and Rolf Weder
Paid and hypothetical time preferences are the same: lab, field and online evidence pp. 412-434 Downloads
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Diego Jorrat, Antonio Espín and Angel Sánchez
What drives conditional cooperation in public good games? pp. 435-467 Downloads
Peter Katuščák and Tomáš Miklánek
The effect of random shocks on reciprocal behavior in dynamic principal-agent settings pp. 468-488 Downloads
Rudolf Kerschbamer and Regine Oexl
Correction to: The effect of random shocks on reciprocal behavior in dynamic principal-agent settings pp. 489-489 Downloads
Rudolf Kerschbamer and Regine Oexl

Volume 26, issue 1, 2023

On the change of risk aversion in wealth: a field experiment in a closed economic system pp. 1-26 Downloads
Tobias Huber, Johannes G. Jaspersen, Andreas Richter and Dennis Strümpel
Ingroup bias in a social learning experiment pp. 27-54 Downloads
Wenbo Zou and Xue Xu
Communication in multilateral bargaining with joint production pp. 55-77 Downloads
Andrzej Baranski and Caleb A. Cox
Competition with indivisibilities and few traders pp. 78-106 Downloads
Cesar Martinelli, Jianxin Wang and Weiwei Zheng
Skewness expectations and portfolio choice pp. 107-144 Downloads
Tilman H. Drerup, Matthias Wibral and Christian Zimpelmann
Higher order risk attitudes: new model insights and heterogeneity of preferences pp. 145-192 Downloads
Konstantinos Georgalos, Ivan Paya and David Peel
Ostracism and theft in heterogeneous groups pp. 193-222 Downloads
Alexandra Baier, Loukas Balafoutas and Tarek Jaber-Lopez
Distributional preferences in adolescent peer networks pp. 223-248 Downloads
Yonas Alem, Martin G. Kocher, Simon Schürz, Fredrik Carlsson and Mikael Lindahl
Correction to: The net effect of advice on strategy-proof mechanisms: an experiment for the Vickrey auction pp. 249-250 Downloads
Takehito Masuda, Ryo Mikami, Toyotaka Sakai, Shigehiro Serizawa and Takuma Wakayama

Volume 25, issue 5, 2022

Willingness to compete, gender and career choices along the whole ability distribution pp. 1299-1326 Downloads
Thomas Buser, Noemi Peter and Stefan Wolter
Teams and individuals in standard auction formats: decisions and emotions pp. 1327-1348 Downloads
Maria Karmeliuk, Martin Kocher and Georg Schmidt
Revealing good deeds: disclosure of social responsibility in competitive markets pp. 1349-1373 Downloads
Sören Harrs, Bettina Rockenbach and Lukas M. Wenner
Risk preferences and contract choices pp. 1374-1398 Downloads
Jean-Louis Bago and Bruce Shearer
Voluntary ‘donations’ versus reward-oriented ‘contributions’: two experiments on framing in funding mechanisms pp. 1399-1417 Downloads
Maja Adena and Steffen Huck
Capital structure irrelevance in the laboratory: an experiment with complete and asymmetric information pp. 1418-1440 Downloads
Arturo Macias
A reassessment of the potential for loss-framed incentive contracts to increase productivity: a meta-analysis and a real-effort experiment pp. 1441-1466 Downloads
Paul Ferraro and J Tracy
Assignment feedback in school choice mechanisms pp. 1467-1491 Downloads
Daniel Stephenson
Pandora’s rules in the laboratory pp. 1492-1514 Downloads
Efthymios Lykopoulos, Georgios Voucharas and Dimitrios Xefteris

Volume 25, issue 4, 2022

The determinants of multilateral bargaining: a comprehensive analysis of Baron and Ferejohn majoritarian bargaining experiments pp. 1079-1108 Downloads
Andrzej Baranski and Rebecca Morton
Decomposing coordination failure in stag hunt games pp. 1109-1145 Downloads
Ryan Kendall
Beliefs and (in)stability in normal-form games pp. 1146-1172 Downloads
Kyle Hyndman, Antoine Terracol and Jonathan Vaksmann
The Influence of Indirect Democracy and Leadership Choice on Cooperation pp. 1173-1201 Downloads
Fanny E. Schories
Present bias for monetary and dietary rewards pp. 1202-1233 Downloads
Stephen Cheung, Agnieszka Tymula and Xueting Wang
Higher-order learning pp. 1234-1266 Downloads
Piotr Evdokimov and Umberto Garfagnini
Correction to: Higher-order learning pp. 1267-1267 Downloads
Piotr Evdokimov and Umberto Garfagnini
Framing effects on risk-taking behavior: evidence from a field experiment in multiple-choice tests pp. 1268-1297 Downloads
Pau Balart, Lara Ezquerra and Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz
Correction to: Framing effects on risk-taking behavior: evidence from a field experiment in multiple choice tests pp. 1298-1298 Downloads
Pau Balart, Lara Ezquerra and Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz

Volume 25, issue 3, 2022

On the stability of risk and time preferences amid the COVID-19 pandemic pp. 759-794 Downloads
Andreas Drichoutis and Rodolfo Nayga
Subjective beliefs and economic preferences during the COVID-19 pandemic pp. 795-823 Downloads
Glenn W. Harrison, Andre Hofmeyr, Harold Kincaid, Brian Monroe, Don Ross, Mark Schneider and J. Todd Swarthout
COVID-19 and pro-sociality: How do donors respond to local pandemic severity, increased salience, and media coverage? pp. 824-844 Downloads
Maja Adena and Julian Harke
Gender preference gaps and voting for redistribution pp. 845-875 Downloads
Eva Ranehill and Roberto A. Weber
Redistribution and beliefs about the source of income inequality pp. 876-901 Downloads
Vanessa Valero
The net effect of advice on strategy-proof mechanisms: an experiment for the Vickrey auction pp. 902-941 Downloads
Takehito Masuda, Ryo Mikami, Toyotaka Sakai, Shigehiro Serizawa and Takuma Wakayama
Strategic thinking in contests pp. 942-973 Downloads
David Bruner, Caleb Cox, David M. McEvoy and Brock Stoddard
The cost of a divided America: an experimental study into destructive behavior pp. 974-1001 Downloads
Wladislaw Mill and John Morgan
Experimental elicitation of ambiguity attitude using the random incentive system pp. 1002-1023 Downloads
Aurélien Baillon, Yoram Halevy and Chen Li
Attention and salience in preference reversals pp. 1024-1051 Downloads
Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Alexander Ritschel
Feature-weighted categorized play across symmetric games pp. 1052-1078 Downloads
Marco LiCalzi and Roland Mühlenbernd

Volume 25, issue 2, 2022

What is considered deception in experimental economics? pp. 385-412 Downloads
Gary Charness, Anya Samek and Jeroen Ven
By chance or by choice? Biased attribution of others’ outcomes when social preferences matter pp. 413-443 Downloads
Nisvan Erkal, Lata Gangadharan and Boon Han Koh
Voluntary redistribution mechanism in asymmetric coordination games pp. 444-482 Downloads
Masaki Aoyagi, Naoko Nishimura and Yoshitaka Okano
Obviousness around the clock pp. 483-513 Downloads
Yves Breitmoser and Sebastian Schweighofer-Kodritsch
Health workers’ behavior, patient reporting and reputational concerns: lab-in-the-field experimental evidence from Kenya pp. 514-556 Downloads
Isaac Mbiti and Danila Serra
Cognitive heterogeneity and complex belief elicitation pp. 557-592 Downloads
Ingrid Burfurd and Tom Wilkening
Magnitude effect in intertemporal allocation tasks pp. 593-623 Downloads
Chen Sun and Jan Potters
Flip a coin or vote? An experiment on the implementation and efficiency of social choice mechanisms pp. 624-655 Downloads
Timo Hoffmann and Sander Renes
Investigating the failure to best respond in experimental games pp. 656-679 Downloads
Despoina Alempaki, Andrew M. Colman, Felix Kölle, Graham Loomes and Briony Pulford
Deliberative structures and their impact on voting under economic conflict pp. 680-705 Downloads
Jordi Brandts, Leonie Gerhards and Lydia Mechtenberg
Externalities in knowledge production: evidence from a randomized field experiment pp. 706-733 Downloads
Marit Hinnosaar, Toomas Hinnosaar, Michael E. Kummer and Olga Slivko
Subsidizing unit donations: matches, rebates, and discounts compared pp. 734-758 Downloads
Johannes Diederich, Catherine Eckel, Raphael Epperson, Timo Goeschl and Philip Grossman

Volume 25, issue 1, 2022

The coordinating power of social norms pp. 1-25 Downloads
Francesco Fallucchi and Daniele Nosenzo
Belief adjustment: a double hurdle model and experimental evidence pp. 26-67 Downloads
Timo Henckel, Gordon D. Menzies, Peter Moffatt and Daniel Zizzo
Inequality, role reversal and cooperation in multiple group membership settings pp. 68-110 Downloads
Andreas Lange, Jan Schmitz and Claudia Schwirplies
Putting relational contract theory to the test: experimental evidence pp. 111-139 Downloads
Nisvan Erkal, Steven Y. Wu and Brian Roe
Correction to: Putting relational contract theory to the test: experimental evidence pp. 140-140 Downloads
Nisvan Erkal, Steven Y. Wu and Brian Roe
Short-term fluctuations in incidental happiness and economic decision-making: experimental evidence from a sports bar pp. 141-169 Downloads
Judd B. Kessler, Andrew McClellan, James Nesbit and Andrew Schotter
Give me a challenge or give me a raise pp. 170-202 Downloads
Aleksandr Alekseev
Do traders learn to select efficient market institutions? pp. 203-228 Downloads
Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Johannes Buckenmaier and Georg Kirchsteiger
If you could read my mind–an experimental beauty-contest game with children pp. 229-253 Downloads
Henning Hermes and Daniel Schunk
Network defense and behavioral biases: an experimental study pp. 254-286 Downloads
Daniel Woods, Mustafa Abdallah, Saurabh Bagchi, Shreyas Sundaram and Timothy Cason
Smartphone bans and workplace performance pp. 287-317 Downloads
Adrian Chadi, Mario Mechtel and Vanessa Mertins
Individual discount rates: a meta-analysis of experimental evidence pp. 318-358 Downloads
Jindřich Matoušek, Tomas Havranek and Zuzana Irsova
Learning to hesitate pp. 359-383 Downloads
Ambroise Descamps, Sébastien Massoni and Lionel Page
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