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1976 - 2020

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Volume 234, issue 2, 2009

Effects of Diesel Exhaust Particles on Antigen-Presenting Cells and Antigen-Specific Th Immunity in Mice pp. 200-209 Downloads
Ken-Ichiro Inoue, Eiko Koike, Hirohisa Takano, Rie Yanagisawa, Takamichi Ichinose and Toshikazu Yoshikawa

Volume 45, issue 5, 2020

Conditional Subscore Reporting Using Iterated Discrete Convolutions pp. 515-533 Downloads
Richard A. Feinberg and Matthias von Davier
Assessing Fit of the Lognormal Model for Response Times pp. 534-568 Downloads
Sandip Sinharay and Peter W. van Rijn
Variational Bayes Inference for the DINA Model pp. 569-597 Downloads
Kazuhiro Yamaguchi and Kensuke Okada
Propensity Score Analysis With Latent Covariates: Measurement Error Bias Correction Using the Covariate’s Posterior Mean, aka the Inclusive Factor Score pp. 598-636 Downloads
Trang Quynh Nguyen and Elizabeth A. Stuart

Volume 45, issue 4, 2020

IRT and MIRT Models for Item Parameter Estimation With Multidimensional Multistage Tests pp. 383-402 Downloads
Paul A. Jewsbury and Peter W. van Rijn
A Robust Test for Checking the Homogeneity of Variability Measures and Its Application to the Analysis of Implicit Attitudes pp. 403-425 Downloads
Ryan C. Erps and Kimihiro Noguchi
Causal Inference With Two Versions of Treatment pp. 426-445 Downloads
Raiden B. Hasegawa, Sameer K. Deshpande, Dylan S. Small and Paul R. Rosenbaum
Optimal Sample Allocation Under Unequal Costs in Cluster-Randomized Trials pp. 446-474 Downloads
Zuchao Shen and Benjamin Kelcey
Sensitivity Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Complier Average Causal Mediation Effects to Assumptions pp. 475-506 Downloads
Soojin Park and Gregory J. Palardy
Review of Handbook of Item Response Theory, Volume II: Statistical Tools pp. 507-511 Downloads
Dylan Molenaar

Volume 45, issue 3, 2020

A Bias-Corrected RMSD Item Fit Statistic: An Evaluation and Comparison to Alternatives pp. 251-273 Downloads
Carmen Köhler, Alexander Robitzsch and Johannes Hartig
Bayesian Nonparametric Monotone Regression of Dynamic Latent Traits in Item Response Theory Models pp. 274-296 Downloads
Yang Liu and Xiaojing Wang
Full Information Optimal Scoring pp. 297-315 Downloads
James Ramsay, Marie Wiberg and Juan Li
Adaptive Pairwise Comparison for Educational Measurement pp. 316-338 Downloads
Elise A. V. Crompvoets, Anton A. Béguin and Klaas Sijtsma
On Longitudinal Item Response Theory Models: A Didactic pp. 339-368 Downloads
Chun Wang and Steven W. Nydick
A Review of Nonparametric Models for Longitudinal Data pp. 369-373 Downloads
Sy-Miin Chow and Meng Chen
A Review of Causality in a Social World: Moderation, Mediation, and Spill-Over pp. 374-378 Downloads
Nianbo Dong and Benjamin M. Kelcey

Volume 45, issue 2, 2020

Variable Selection for Causal Effect Estimation: Nonparametric Conditional Independence Testing With Random Forests pp. 119-142 Downloads
Bryan Keller
Limitless Regression Discontinuity pp. 143-174 Downloads
Adam C. Sales and Ben B. Hansen
Online Calibration of a Joint Model of Item Responses and Response Times in Computerized Adaptive Testing pp. 175-208 Downloads
Hyeon-Ah Kang, Yi Zheng and Hua-Hua Chang
Scoring Tests With Contaminated Response Vectors pp. 209-226 Downloads
Arnond Sakworawich and Howard Wainer
Deep Learning With TensorFlow: A Review pp. 227-248 Downloads
Bo Pang, Erik Nijkamp and Ying Nian Wu

Volume 45, issue 1, 2020

Editorial Statement pp. 3-4 Downloads
Steven Andrew Culpepper
The Reliability of the Posterior Probability of Skill Attainment in Diagnostic Classification Models pp. 5-31 Downloads
Matthew S. Johnson and Sandip Sinharay
Analyzing Grouped Administrative Data for RCTs Using Design-Based Methods pp. 32-57 Downloads
Peter Z. Schochet
A Fast and Simple Algorithm for Bayesian Adaptive Testing pp. 58-85 Downloads
Wim J. van der Linden and Hao Ren
A Scaled Threshold Model for Measuring Extreme Response Style pp. 86-107 Downloads
Dirk Lubbe and Christof Schuster
Review of Computerized Adaptive and Multistage Testing With R: Using Packages catR and mstR pp. 108-115 Downloads
Leslie Rutkowski and Montserrat Valdivia

Volume 44, issue 6, 2019

Introduction to the Special Issue on Research and Development on Large-Scale Educational Assessment Programs pp. 647-647 Downloads
Li Cai
Research on Psychometric Modeling, Analysis, and Reporting of the National Assessment of Educational Progress pp. 648-670 Downloads
Andreas Oranje and Andrew Kolstad
Developments in Psychometric Population Models for Technology-Based Large-Scale Assessments: An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities pp. 671-705 Downloads
Matthias von Davier, Lale Khorramdel, Qiwei He, Hyo Jeong Shin and Haiwen Chen
Process Data in NAEP: Past, Present, and Future pp. 706-732 Downloads
Yoav Bergner and Alina A. von Davier
Toward Education Quality Improvement in China: A Brief Overview of the National Assessment of Education Quality pp. 733-751 Downloads
Yu Jiang, Jiahui Zhang and Tao Xin
TIMSS 2015: Illustrating Advancements in Large-Scale International Assessments pp. 752-781 Downloads
Michael O. Martin and Ina V.S. Mullis
Acknowledgments pp. 782-784 Downloads

Volume 44, issue 5, 2019

School Differences in Social–Emotional Learning Gains: Findings From the First Large-Scale Panel Survey of Students pp. 507-542 Downloads
Susanna Loeb, Michael S. Christian, Heather Hough, Robert H. Meyer, Andrew B. Rice and Martin R. West
More Than One Replication Study Is Needed for Unambiguous Tests of Replication pp. 543-570 Downloads
Larry V. Hedges and Jacob M. Schauer
Writing Process Differences in Subgroups Reflected in Keystroke Logs pp. 571-596 Downloads
Hongwen Guo, Mo Zhang, Paul Deane and Randy E. Bennett
Latent Variable Regression Four-Level Hierarchical Model Using Multisite Multiple-Cohort Longitudinal Data pp. 597-624 Downloads
Kilchan Choi and Jinok Kim
Flexible, Free Software for Multilevel Multiple Imputation: A Review of Blimp and jomo pp. 625-641 Downloads
Timothy Hayes

Volume 44, issue 1, 2019

Development and Application of an Exploratory Reduced Reparameterized Unified Model pp. 3-24 Downloads
Steven Andrew Culpepper and Yinghan Chen
Added Value of Subscores and Hypothesis Testing pp. 25-44 Downloads
Sandip Sinharay
Category-Level Model Selection for the Sequential G-DINA Model pp. 45-77 Downloads
Wenchao Ma and Jimmy de la Torre
Predicting Time to Reclassification for English Learners: A Joint Modeling Approach pp. 78-102 Downloads
Tyler H. Matta and James Soland
Multilevel Modeling With Stat-JR SAAs: A Software Review pp. 103-121 Downloads
Minjung Kim and Hsien-Yuan Hsu

Volume 43, issue 6, 2018

Estimating Diffusion-Based Item Response Theory Models: Exploring the Robustness of Three Old and Two New Estimators pp. 635-662 Downloads
Jochen Ranger and Jörg-Tobias Kuhn
Flexible Bayesian Models for Inferences From Coarsened, Group-Level Achievement Data pp. 663-692 Downloads
J. R. Lockwood, Katherine E. Castellano and Benjamin R. Shear
Meta-Analytical SEM: Equivalence Between Maximum Likelihood and Generalized Least Squares pp. 693-720 Downloads
Ke-Hai Yuan and Yutaka Kano
An Information Matrix Test for the Collapsing of Categories Under the Partial Credit Model pp. 721-750 Downloads
Daphna Harel and Russell J. Steele
Acknowledgments pp. 751-753 Downloads

Volume 43, issue 5, 2018

Bayesian Multilevel Latent Class Models for the Multiple Imputation of Nested Categorical Data pp. 511-539 Downloads
Davide Vidotto, Jeroen K. Vermunt and Katrijn van Deun
Treatment Effects on Ordinal Outcomes: Causal Estimands and Sharp Bounds pp. 540-567 Downloads
Jiannan Lu, Peng Ding and Tirthankar Dasgupta
Design-Based Estimators for Average Treatment Effects for Multi-Armed RCTs pp. 568-593 Downloads
Peter Z. Schochet
Does the Package Matter? A Comparison of Five Common Multilevel Modeling Software Packages pp. 594-627 Downloads
D. Betsy McCoach, Graham G. Rifenbark, Sarah D. Newton, Xiaoran Li, Janice Kooken, Dani Yomtov, Anthony J. Gambino and Aarti Bellara
Review of Bayesian Methods for Repeated Measures pp. 628-630 Downloads
Edgar C. Merkle

Volume 43, issue 4, 2018

Likelihood Estimation of the Multivariate Social Relations Model pp. 387-406 Downloads
Steffen Nestler
Statistical Equivalence Testing Approaches for Mantel–Haenszel DIF Analysis pp. 407-439 Downloads
Jodi M. Casabianca and Charles Lewis
Avoiding Bias When Estimating the Consistency and Stability of Value-Added School Effects pp. 440-468 Downloads
George Leckie
Detecting Aberrant Behavior and Item Preknowledge: A Comparison of Mixture Modeling Method and Residual Method pp. 469-501 Downloads
Chun Wang, Gongjun Xu, Zhuoran Shang and Nathan Kuncel
A Review of Bayesian Psychometric Modeling pp. 502-505 Downloads
Zhiyong Zhang

Volume 43, issue 3, 2018

Interval Estimation of Latent Variable Scores in Item Response Theory pp. 259-285 Downloads
Yang Liu and Ji Seung Yang
Detecting Fraudulent Erasures at an Aggregate Level pp. 286-315 Downloads
Sandip Sinharay
Multiple Imputation of Missing Data at Level 2: A Comparison of Fully Conditional and Joint Modeling in Multilevel Designs pp. 316-353 Downloads
Simon Grund, Oliver Lüdtke and Alexander Robitzsch
Scaled Inverse Probability Weighting: A Method to Assess Potential Bias Due to Event Nonreporting in Ecological Momentary Assessment Studies pp. 354-381 Downloads
Stephanie A. Kovalchik, Steven C. Martino, Rebecca L. Collins, William G. Shadel, Elizabeth J. D’Amico and Kirsten Becker

Volume 43, issue 2, 2018

Optimizing the Use of Response Times for Item Selection in Computerized Adaptive Testing pp. 135-158 Downloads
Edison M. Choe, Justin L. Kern and Hua-Hua Chang
The Design of Cluster Randomized Trials With Random Cross-Classifications pp. 159-181 Downloads
Mirjam Moerbeek and Maryam Safarkhani
Applications of Small Area Estimation to Generalization With Subclassification by Propensity Scores pp. 182-224 Downloads
Wendy Chan
Social Network Analysis in R: A Software Review pp. 225-253 Downloads
Samrachana Adhikari and Beau Dabbs

Volume 43, issue 1, 2018

Rebar: Reinforcing a Matching Estimator With Predictions From High-Dimensional Covariates pp. 3-31 Downloads
Adam C. Sales, Ben B. Hansen and Brian Rowan
Weighting-Based Sensitivity Analysis in Causal Mediation Studies pp. 32-56 Downloads
Guanglei Hong, Xu Qin and Fan Yang
Tracking Skill Acquisition With Cognitive Diagnosis Models: A Higher-Order, Hidden Markov Model With Covariates pp. 57-87 Downloads
Shiyu Wang, Yan Yang, Steven Andrew Culpepper and Jeffrey A. Douglas
On the Estimation of Standard Errors in Cognitive Diagnosis Models pp. 88-115 Downloads
Michel Philipp, Carolin Strobl, Jimmy de la Torre and Achim Zeileis
Item Response Data Analysis Using Stata Item Response Theory Package pp. 116-129 Downloads
Ji Seung Yang and Xiaying Zheng
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