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Volume 27, issue 2, 1984

Winners and Losers under the Robinson-Patman Act pp. 243-71 Downloads
Thomas Ross
Change at the Exchange: The Causes and Effects of Deregulation pp. 273-312 Downloads
Gregg A Jarrell
The Effects of Different Contractual Arrangements: The Case of Retail Gasoline Markets pp. 313-28 Downloads
John Barron and John R Umbeck
Economic Regulation, Competitive Governments, and Specialized Resources pp. 329-38 Downloads
Michael Maloney, Robert McCormick and Robert Tollison
Cumulative Voting: The Value of Minority Shareholder Voting Rights pp. 339-65 Downloads
Sanjai Bhagat and James A Brickley
Going Private: Minority Freezeouts and Stockholder Wealth pp. 367-401 Downloads
Harry DeAngelo, Linda DeAngelo and Edward M Rice
The Organization of Production: Evidence from the Aerospace Industry pp. 403-17 Downloads
Scott Masten
Personal Failures and the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 pp. 419-37 Downloads
Lawrence Shepard

Volume 27, issue 1, 1984

The Effect of Environmental Regulation on Optimal Plant Size and Factor Shares pp. 1-28 Downloads
B Peter Pashigian
Environmental Pollution: Modeling Occurrence, Detection, and Deterrence pp. 29-60 Downloads
Dennis Epple and Michael Visscher
Experience Rating of Unemployment Insurance and the Incidence of Unemployment pp. 61-90 Downloads
Robert Topel
Natural Monopoly and Contested Markets: Some Experimental Results pp. 91-113 Downloads
Don Coursey, R. Isaac and Vernon Smith
The Frequency and Severity of Medical Malpractice Claims pp. 115-48 Downloads
Patricia Danzon
Externalities in Automobile Insurance and the Underinsured Driver Problem pp. 149-79 Downloads
William R Keeton and Evan Kwerel
Constituent Interest and Congressional Voting pp. 181-210 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
An Analysis of the Effect of State Acquisition Laws on Managerial Efficiency: The Case of the Bank Holding Company Acquisitions pp. 211-26 Downloads
Christopher James
The Beneficiaries of Trucking Regulation, Revisited pp. 227-41 Downloads
Moshe Kim

Volume 26, issue 3, 1983

The Economics of Block Booking pp. 497-540 Downloads
Roy W Kenney and Benjamin Klein
Bank Interchange of Transactional Paper: Legal and Economic Perspectives pp. 541-88 Downloads
William F Baxter
Agency Problems, Auditing, and the Theory of the Firm: Some Evidence pp. 613-33 Downloads
Ross Watts and Jerold Zimmerman
Daily Newspaper Advertising Rates, Local Media Cross-Ownership, Newspaper Chains, and Media Competition pp. 635-54 Downloads
James M Ferguson
The Differential Impact of Airline Regulation on Individual Firms and Markets: An Empirical Analysis pp. 655-89 Downloads
Pablo Spiller
Reliance, Reputation, and Breach of Contract pp. 691-706 Downloads
Lewis A Kornhauser
Much Ado about Davis-Bacon: A Critical Review and New Evidence pp. 707-36 Downloads
Steven Allen

Volume 26, issue 2, 1983

The Literature of Economics: The Case of Berle and Means pp. 237-68 Downloads
George Stigler and Claire Friedland
Comment on Stigler and Friedland, "The Literature of Economics: The Case of Berle and Means." pp. 269-71 Downloads
Douglass North
The Modern Corporation and Private Property: A Reappraisal pp. 273-89 Downloads
Robert Hessen
Comments on Robert Hessen, "The Modern Corporation and Private Property: A Reappraisal." pp. 291-96 Downloads
Nathan Rosenberg
Hessen's "Reappraisal" [The Modern Corporation and Private Property: A Reappraisal] pp. 297-300 Downloads
Gardiner C Means
Separation of Ownership and Control pp. 301-25 Downloads
Eugene Fama and Michael Jensen
Agency Problems and Residual Claims pp. 327-49 Downloads
Eugene Fama and Michael Jensen
Organization Form, Residual Claimants, and Corporate Control pp. 351-66 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
Contracting Costs and Residual Claims: The Separation of Ownership and Control pp. 367-74 Downloads
Benjamin Klein
The Structure of Ownership and the Theory of the Firm pp. 375-90 Downloads
Harold Demsetz
Comments on the Structure of Ownership and the Theory of the Firm pp. 391-93 Downloads
Rita Ricardo-Campbell
Voting in Corporate Law pp. 395-427 Downloads
Frank H Easterbrook and Daniel R Fischel
The Extent and Effects of Aggregate Concentration pp. 429-55 Downloads
Leonard W Weiss
Professor Weiss on Concentration [The Extent and Effects of Aggregate Concentration] pp. 457-65 Downloads
John S McGee
Corporate Power in the Marketplace pp. 467-85 Downloads
Gardiner C Means
Administered Prices Fifty Years Later: A Comment of Gardiner C. Means: Corporate Power in the Marketplace pp. 487-96 Downloads
Carliss Y Baldwin

Volume 26, issue 1, 1983

The Contractual Nature of the Firm pp. 1-21 Downloads
Steven N S Cheung
Antitrust and the Economics of Federalism pp. 23-50 Downloads
Frank H Easterbrook
A Reexamination of Delivered Pricing Systems pp. 51-70 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
Rent Seeking, Noncompensated Transfers, and Laws of Succession pp. 71-85 Downloads
James Buchanan
Foreign Competition in Antitrust Law pp. 87-102 Downloads
Jeffrey J Leitzinger and Kenneth Tamor
Institutional Structures, Regulation, and Producer Gains in the Education Industry pp. 103-16 Downloads
Eugenia Toma
The Enforceability of Security Interests in Consumer Goods pp. 117-62 Downloads
Alan Schwartz

Volume 25, issue 2, 1982

Safety Regulation and Firm Size: Effects of the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969 pp. 183-99 Downloads
George R Neumann and Jon Nelson
Decreasing Average Cost and Competition: A New Look at the Addyston Pipe Case pp. 201-29 Downloads
George Bittlingmayer
What Do Census Price-Cost Margins Measure? pp. 231-46 Downloads
Stan Liebowitz
A Theory of Prevention and Legal Defense with an Application to the Legal Costs of Companies pp. 247-70 Downloads
B Peter Pashigian
The Politics of Employment Discrimination in the Federal Bureaucracy pp. 271-99 Downloads
George Borjas
An Analysis of State Regulations Governing Liquor Store Licensees pp. 301-19 Downloads
Janet Smith
Appropriable Rents and Quasi-Vertical Integration pp. 321-28 Downloads
Kirk Monteverde and David Teece
Antitrust Pork Barrel pp. 329-42 Downloads
Roger L Faith, Donald R Leavens and Robert Tollison
Property Rights, Risk Sharing, and Player Disability in Major League Baseball pp. 343-66 Downloads
Kenneth Lehn
The Impact of Input Regulation: The Case of the U.S. Dental Industry pp. 367-81 Downloads
Arthur S DeVany, Wendy L Gramm, Thomas R Saving and Charles W Smithson

Volume 25, issue 1, 1982

Exclusive Dealing pp. 1-25 Downloads
Howard P Marvel
Measurement Cost and the Organization of Markets pp. 27-48 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
Insurance, Liability, and Accidents: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Effect of No-Fault Accidents pp. 49-65 Downloads
Elisabeth M Landes
Commodity Bundling by Single-Product Monopolies pp. 67-71 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee
The Coase Theorem: Some Experimental Tests pp. 73-98 Downloads
Elizabeth Hoffman and Matthew L Spitzer
A Positive Theory of Environmental Quality Regulation pp. 99-123 Downloads
Michael Maloney and Robert McCormick
Franchise Regulation: An Economic Analysis of State Restrictions on Automobile Distribution pp. 125-57 Downloads
Richard Smith
Compliance with the Overtime Pay Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act pp. 159-81 Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg and Paul L Schumann
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