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3442: Intra-Household Work Timing: The Effect on Joint Activities and the Demand for Child Care Downloads
Chris Klaveren, Henriette Maassen van den Brink and Bernard van Praag
3441: Does Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Affect the Adoption of Generic Competition? Evidence from the OECD, 1999-2008 Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font, Alistair McGuire and Nebibe Varol
3440: The Impact of Creditor Protection on Stock Prices in the Presence of Credit Crunches Downloads
Galina Hale, Assaf Razin and Hui Tong
3439: Do Cost-sharing and Entry Deregulation Curb Pharmaceutical Innovation? Downloads
Volker Grossmann
3438: What Lessons for Economic Development Can We Draw from the Champagne Fairs? Downloads
Jeremy Edwards and Sheilagh Ogilvie
3437: Tax Rate Harmonization, Renegotiation and Asymmetric Tax Competition for Profits with Repeated Interaction Downloads
Wolfgang Eggert and Jun-ichi Itaya
3436: Shutting the Stable Door after the Horse Has Bolted? On Educational Risk and the Quality of Education Downloads
Dirk Schindler and Benjamin Weigert
3435: Growth, Expectations, and Tariffs Downloads
Seppo Honkapohja, Arja H. Turunen-Red and Alan Woodland
3434: How Prediction Markets can Save Event Studies Downloads
Erik Snowberg, Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz
3433: What are the Effects of Tax Changes in the United Kingdom? New Evidence from a Narrative Evaluation Downloads
James Cloyne
3432: Political versus Economic Institutions in the Growth Process Downloads
Emmanuel Flachaire, Cecilia García-Peòalosa and Maty Konte
3431: Numerical Solution of Dynamic Equilibrium Models under Poisson Uncertainty Downloads
Olaf Posch and Timo Trimborn
3430: Does Parental Education Affect Fertility? Evidence from Pre-Demographic Transition Prussia Downloads
Sascha Becker, Francesco Cinnirella and Ludger Wößmann
3429: Guest-Worker Migration, Human Capital and Fertility Downloads
Leonid Azarnert
3428: Community Enterprises - An Institutional Innovation Downloads
Bruno Frey, Roger Lüthi and Margit Osterloh
3427: Welfare-optimal Status Planning of Minority Languages: An Economic Approach Downloads
Bengt-Arne Wickström
3426: The Effect of Agglomeration Size on Local Taxes Downloads
Eva Luthi and Kurt Schmidheiny
3425: Selection Biases in Complementary R&D Projects Downloads
Jay Choi and Heiko Gerlach
3424: Contingent Trade Policy and Economic Efficiency Downloads
Phillip McCalman, Frank Stähler and Gerald Willmann
3423: On Identification of Bayesian DSGE Models Downloads
Gary Koop, M Pesaran and Ronald Smith
3422: Learning or Lock-in: Optimal Technology Policies to Support Mitigation Downloads
Matthias Kalkuhl, Ottmar Edenhofer and Kai Lessmann
3421: Competition for the International Pool of Talent: Education Policy and Student Mobility Downloads
Alexander Haupt, Tim Krieger and Thomas Lange
3420: The Euro/Dollar Exchange Rate: Chaotic or Non-Chaotic? Downloads
Daniela Federici and Giancarlo Gandolfo
3419: Volunteering and the Strategic Value of Ignorance Downloads
Florian Morath
3418: The Dependence Structure between Carbon Emission Allowances and Financial Markets - A Copula Analysis Downloads
Marc Gronwald, Janina Ketterer and Stefan Trück
3417: Workers of the World, Unite! Franchise Extensions and the Threat of Revolution in Europe, 1820-1938 Downloads
Toke Aidt and Peter Jensen
3416: Fractional Integration and Cointegration in US Financial Time Series Data Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Gil-Alana
3415: Student and Worker Mobility under University and Government Competition Downloads
Matthieu Delpierre and Bertrand Verheyden
3414: Towards a Theory of Trade Finance Downloads
Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
3413: Measuring the Integration of Staple Food Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa: Heterogeneous Infrastructure and Cross Border Trade in the East African Community Downloads
Rico Ihle, Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel and Sergiy Zorya
3412: A Game-Theoretic Foundation for the Wilson Equilibrium in Competitive Insurance Markets with Adverse Selection Downloads
Wanda Mimra and Achim Wambach
3411: Sovereign Rating News and Financial Markets Spillovers: Evidence from the European Debt Crisis Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Bertrand Candelon and Amadou Sy
3410: Loans, Insurance and Failures in the Credit Market for Students Downloads
Elena Del Rey and Bertrand Verheyden
3409: External Monetary Shocks and Monetary Integration: Evidence from the Bulgarian Currency Board Downloads
Alexandru Minea and Christophe Rault
3408: Tax Evasion, Welfare Fraud, and "The Broken Windows" Effect: An Experiment in Belgium, France and the Netherlands Downloads
Mathieu Lefebvre, Pierre Pestieau, Arno Riedl and Marie Claire Villeval
3407: International Trade, Union Wage Premia, and Welfare in General Equilibrium Downloads
Udo Kreickemeier and Frode Meland
3406: Great Expectations: The Determinants of Female University Enrolment in Europe Downloads
Alessandra Casarico, Paola Profeta and Chiara Pronzato
3405: Distributive Politics and Electoral Incentives: Evidence from Seven US State Legislatures Downloads
Toke Aidt and Julia Shvets
3404: Climate Effects of Carbon Taxes, Taking into Account Possible Other Future Climate Measures Downloads
Florian Habermacher and Gebhard Kirchgässner
3403: Distributional Consequences of Labor-demand Shocks: The 2008-09 Recession in Germany Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Herwig Immervoll, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch
3402: An Elementary Theory of Global Supply Chains Downloads
Arnaud Costinot, Jonathan Vogel and Su Wang
3401: Moonlighting Production, Tax Rates and Capital Subsidies Downloads
Francesco Busato, Bruno Chiarini and Elisabetta Marzano
3400: Capital Structure Choice and Company Taxation: A Meta-Study Downloads
Lars Feld, Jost Heckemeyer and Michael Overesch
3399: Pollution Permits, Strategic Trading and Dynamic Technology Adoption Downloads
Santiago Moreno-Bromberg and Luca Taschini
3398: Fiscal Policy and Dutch Disease Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
3397: Determinants of Human Development: Capturing the Role of Institutions Downloads
Michael Binder and Georgios Georgiadis
3396: The Role of Political Institutions for the Effectiveness of Central Bank Independence Downloads
Kai Hielscher and Gunther Markwardt
3395: Loan Supply Shocks during the Financial Crisis: Evidence for the Euro Area Downloads
Nikolay Hristov, Oliver Hülsewig and Timo Wollmershäuser
3394: Smooth Multibidding Mechanisms Downloads
David Pérez-Castrillo and Nicolas Quérou
3393: The Supply Side of CO2 with Country Heterogeneity Downloads
Michael Hoel
3392: The Empire is Dead, Long Live the Empire! Long-Run Persistence of Trust and Corruption in the Bureaucracy Downloads
Sascha Becker, Katrin Boeckh, Christa Hainz and Ludger Wößmann
3391: Asset Returns, the Business Cycle, and the Labor Market: A Sensitivity Analysis for the German Economy Downloads
Burkhard Heer and Alfred Maussner
3390: Expectations, Liquidity, and Short-term Trading Downloads
Giovanni Cespa and Xavier Vives
3389: Trust in Public Institutions over the Business Cycle Downloads
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
3388: Survival of New Firms in the Brazilian Franchising Segment: An Empirical Study Downloads
Luis Otávio Facanha, Marcelo Resende, Vicente Cardoso and Bruno H. Schrö der
3387: Gravity Estimation of the Intensive and Extensive Margins of Trade: An Alternative Procedure with Alternative Data Downloads
Harry Flam and Hakan Nordström
3386: The Euro Changeover and Price Adjustments in Italy Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Alessandro Girardi and Marco Ventura
3385: Who is Afraid of School Choice? Downloads
Andrea Diem and Stefan Wolter
3384: Bank Bailouts, International Linkages and Cooperation Downloads
Friederike Niepmann and Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
3383: Demographic, Residential, and Socioeconomic Effects on the Distribution of 19th Century White Body Mass Index Values Downloads
Scott A. Carson
3382: What Should Fiscal Councils Do? Downloads
Lars Calmfors and Simon Wren-Lewis
3381: Sensitivity of Matching-Based Program Evaluations to the Availability of Control Variables Downloads
Michael Lechner and Conny Wunsch
3380: Ownership and Control in a Competitive Industry Downloads
Heiko Karle, Tobias Klein and Konrad O. Stahl
3379: Negative Leakage Downloads
Don Fullerton, Dan Karney and Kathy Baylis
3378: Finite-Population "Mass-Action" and Evolutionary Stability Downloads
Axel Bernergard and Karl Wärneryd
3377: Explaining the Spatial Variation in Homeownership Rates: Results for German Regions Downloads
Oliver Lerbs and Christian Oberst
3376: The Spread of Anti-Trafficking Policies - Evidence from a New Index Downloads
Seo-Young Cho, Axel Dreher and Eric Neumayer
3375: In Search for Yield? New Survey-Based Evidence on Bank Risk Taking Downloads
Claudia Buch, Sandra Eickmeier and Esteban Prieto
3374: Matching as a Cure for Underprovision of Voluntary Public Good Supply: Analysis and an Example Downloads
Wolfgang Buchholz, Richard Cornes and Dirk Rübbelke
3373: Competition between State Universities Downloads
Lisa Grazzini, Annalisa Luporini and Alessandro Petretto
3372: Monetary Policy Analysis in Real-Time. Vintage Combination from a Real-Time Dataset Downloads
Carlo Altavilla and Matteo Ciccarelli
3371: Houses and/or Jobs: Ownership and the Labour Market in Belgian Districts Downloads
Daan Isebaert, Freddy Heylen and Carine Smolders
3370: Part-Time Unemployment and Optimal Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Susanne Ek and Bertil Holmlund
3369: Does Political Knowledge Increase Support for Europe? A Cross Country Investigation of the Attitudes of European Citizens Downloads
Floriana Cerniglia and Laura Pagani
3368: Assessing the Distributional Effects of Housing Taxation in Italy: From the Actual Tax Code to Imputed Rent Downloads
Simone Pellegrino, Massimiliano Piacenza and Gilberto Turati
3367: The Role of Independent Fiscal Policy Institutions Downloads
Lars Calmfors
3366: Taxing Human Capital Efficiently when Qualified Labour is Mobile Downloads
Wolfram Richter and Lars Kunze
3365: Who Should Pay for Certification? Downloads
Konrad O. Stahl and Roland Strausz
3364: The Application of the Capability Approach to High-Income OECD Countries: A Preliminary Survey Downloads
Jürgen Volkert and Friedrich Schneider
3363: Asymmetric Taxation and Performance-Based Incentive Contracts Downloads
Rainer Niemann
3362: Technological Determinants of the Group-Size Paradox Downloads
Martin Kolmar and Hendrik Rommeswinkel
3361: The Development of Egalitarianism, Altruism, Spite and Parochialism in Childhood and Adolescence Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Daniela Rützler and Matthias Sutter
3360: Implementation of Communication Equilibria by Correlated Cheap Talk: The Two-Player Case Downloads
Péter Vida and Francoise Forges
3359: Sorting and the Output Loss due to Search Frictions Downloads
Pieter Gautier and C. N. Teulings
3358: Competition and Trust: Evidence from German Car Manufacturers Downloads
Leonardo Felli, Johannes Koenen and Konrad O. Stahl
3357: How Strongly Did the 2007/08 Oil Price Hike Contribute to the Subsequent Recession? Downloads
Kai Carstensen, Steffen Elstner and Georg Paula
3356: The Elasticity of Trade: Estimates and Evidence Downloads
Ina Simonovska and Michael Waugh
3355: Tax Policy and Employment: How Does the Swedish System Fare? Downloads
Jukka Pirttilä and Håkan Selin
3354: Robust Growth Determinants Downloads
Gernot Doppelhofer and Melvyn Weeks
3353: Natural Resource Endowment: A Mixed Blessing? Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
3352: Ageing, Government Budgets, Retirement, and Growth Downloads
Martin Gonzalez-Eiras and Dirk Niepelt
3351: Emotions in Litigation Contests Downloads
Florian Baumann and Tim Friehe
3350: Persistence of Politicians and Firms' Innovation Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini, Carlotta Berti Ceroni and Giovanni Prarolo
3349: Investment in Relationship-Specific Assets: Does Finance Matter? Downloads
Martin Strieborny and Madina Kukenova
3348: The Diversity of Debt Crises in Europe Downloads
Jerome Stein
3347: The Importance of the Electoral Rule: Evidence from Italy Downloads
Massimo Bordignon and Andrea Monticini
3346: Aggregation in Large Dynamic Panels Downloads
M Pesaran and Alexander Chudik
3345: The Consequences of Being Different - Statistical Discrimination and the School-to-Work Transition Downloads
Barbara Mueller and Stefan Wolter
3344: Central Bank Independence and Conservatism under Uncertainty: Substitutes or Complements? Downloads
Carsten Hefeker and Blandine Zimmer
3343: Intergenerational Transmission of Skills during Childhood and Optimal Public Policy Downloads
Alessandra Casarico, Luca Micheletto and Alessandro Sommacal
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