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5834: Effective Tax Rates and Effective Progressivity in a Fiscally Decentralized Country Downloads
Marcus Roller and Kurt Schmidheiny
5833: Where are the Rent Seekers? Downloads
Arye Hillman and Heinrich Ursprung
5832: Diabetes and Labor Market Exits: Evidence from the Health & Retirement Study (HRS) Downloads
Pinka Chatterji, Heesoo Joo and Kajal Lahiri
5831: World-Trade Growth Accounting Downloads
Peter Egger and Sergey Nigai
5830: Mirrlees Meets Diamond-Mirrlees Downloads
Florian Scheuer and Iván Werning
5829: The Value of Incumbency in Heterogeneous Platforms Downloads
Gary Biglaiser and Jacques Crémer
5828: Imported-input Trade Liberalization and Firms' Export Performance in China: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Haichao Fan, Edwin L.-C. Lai and Han Steffan Qi
5827: The Lasting Effects of Maternal Net Nutrition during US Economic Development Downloads
Scott A. Carson
5826: US Monetary Policy in a Globalized World Downloads
Jesús Crespo-Cuaresma, Gernot Doppelhofer, Martin Feldkircher and Florian Huber
5825: The China Shock: Learning from Labor Market Adjustment to Large Changes in Trade Downloads
David Autor, David Dorn and Gordon Hanson
5824: Big Data Analytics: A New Perspective Downloads
Alexander Chudik, George Kapetanios and M Pesaran
5823: Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries Downloads
Emanuel Ornelas
5822: Illegal Migration and Consumption Behavior of Immigrant Households Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani and Biagio Speciale
5821: Does Income Inequality Lead to Terrorism? Downloads
Tim Krieger and Daniel Meierrieks
5820: Finance, Labour, Capital, and International Integration Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
5819: Public Choice and Public Finance: A Survey Downloads
Charles B. Blankart
5818: Comment on Feige's Paper "Reflections on the Meaning and Measurement of Unobserved Economies: What do we really know about the 'Shadow Economy'?" Downloads
Friedrich Schneider
5817: Smoothing Asymmetric Shocks vs. Redistribution in the Euro Area: A Simple Proposal for Dealing with Mistrust in the Euro Area Downloads
Heikki Oksanen
5816: Exchange Rates and Macro News in Emerging Markets Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Fabio Spagnolo and Nicola Spagnolo
5815: Information Aggregation in Democratic Mechanisms Downloads
Volker Britz and Hans Gersbach
5814: How Large are Global Energy Subsidies? Downloads
David Coady, Ian Parry, Louis Sears and Baoping Shang
5813: The More, the Better? The Impact of Instructional Time on Student Performance Downloads
Alejandra Cattaneo, Chantal Oggenfuss and Stefan Wolter
5812: Unleashing Animal Spirits - Self-Control and Overpricing in Experimental Asset Markets Downloads
Martin Kocher, Konstantin Lucks and David Schindler
5811: Extending the Input-Output Table Based on Firm-level Data Downloads
Heiwai Tang, Fei Wang and Zhi Wang
5810: Animal Spirits and the International Transmission of Business Cycles Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Yuemei Ji
5809: Repeated Lobbying by Commercial Lobbyists and Special Interests Downloads
Thomas Groll and Christopher J. Ellis
5808: A Tale of Two Tails: Productivity Distribution and the Gains from Trade Downloads
Sergey Nigai
5807: The Bank Lending Channel in a Dual Banking System: Evidence from Malaysia Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Nazif Catik, Mohamad Helmi, Faek Menla Ali and Mohammad Tajik
5806: A Neglected Semi-Stylized Fact of Daily Stock Returns Downloads
Walter Kraemer
5805: Do Individuals Put Effort into Lying? Evidence from a Compliance Experiment Downloads
Nadja Dwenger and Tim Lohse
5804: Do Market Incentives for Hospitals Affect Health and Service Utilization? Evidence from PPS-DRG Tariffs in Italian Regions Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari, Anna De Paoli and Gilberto Turati
5803: Business Cycle Asymmetries and the Labor Market Downloads
Britta Kohlbrecher and Christian Merkl
5802: Members, Joiners, Free-Riders, Supporters Downloads
Erik Ansink and Cees A. Withagen
5801: The Assignment and Division of the Tax Base in a System of Hierarchical Governments Downloads
William Hoyt
5800: Homo Moralis: Personal Characteristics, Institutions, and Moral Decision-Making Downloads
Thomas Deckers, Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse and Nora Szech
5799: Migrating Extremists Downloads
Christian Ochsner and Felix Rösel
5798: How Firms Export: Processing vs. Ordinary Trade with Financial Frictions Downloads
Kalina Manova and Zhihong Yu
5797: Secular Stagnation: Insights from a New Keynesian Model with Hysteresis Effects Downloads
Bas van Aarle
5796: Stylized Facts and Simulating Long Range Financial Data Downloads
Laurie Davies and Walter Kraemer
5795: Explaining the EUA-CER Spread Downloads
Marc Gronwald and Beat Hintermann
5794: Revenue for EMU: A Contribution to the Debate on Fiscal Union Downloads
Anna Iara
5793: Unconventional Fiscal Policy, Inflation Expectations, and Consumption Expenditure Downloads
Francesco D'Acunto, Daniel Hoang and Michael Weber
5792: Altruistic Observational Learning Downloads
Christoph March and Anthony Ziegelmeyer
5791: Evolutionary Stability in Fiscal Competition Downloads
Andreas Wagener
5790: Tackling Spillovers by Taxing Corporate Income in the European Union at Source Downloads
Sijbren Cnossen
5789: Public Provision and Local Income Tax Competition Downloads
Florian Kuhlmey and Beat Hintermann
5788: Trends and Patterns of Growth, Development, Achievements of China and India: A Comparative Analysis Downloads
Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay and Madhurima Bhattacharyay
5787: Stranded Assets, the Social Cost of Carbon, and Directed Technical Change: Macroeconomic Dynamics of Optimal Climate Policy Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Armon Rezai
5786: Fighting Collusion by Permitting Price Discrimination Downloads
Magdalena Helfrich and Fabian Herweg
5785: A Fairness Justification of Utilitarianism Downloads
Paolo Giovanni Piacquadio
5784: Improving the Availability of Trade Finance in Developing Countries: An Assessment of Remaining Gaps Downloads
Marc Auboin
5783: Adaptive Social Learning Downloads
Christoph March
5782: A General Approach to Recovering Market Expectations from Futures Prices with an Application to Crude Oil Downloads
Christiane Baumeister and Lutz Kilian
5781: Estimating Participation Responses Using Transfer Program Reform Downloads
Spencer Bastani, Ylva Moberg and HÃ¥kan Selin
5780: Political Advertising and Election Outcomes Downloads
Jörg Spenkuch and David Toniatti
5779: Après Nous le Déluge? Direct Democracy and Intergenerational Conflicts in Ageing Societies Downloads
Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Wolfgang Maennig and Malte Steenbeck
5778: Extracurricular Educational Programs and School Readiness: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment with Preschool Children Downloads
Anna Makles and Kerstin Schneider
5777: Identity-Driven Cooperation versus Competition Downloads
Dennis Snower and Steven J. Bosworth
5776: Financial Development and Inequality in the Global Economy Downloads
Maximilian von Ehrlich and Tobias Seidel
5775: Fiscal Delegation in a Monetary Union with Decentralized Public Spending Downloads
Henrique Basso and James Costain
5774: Balanced Growth Despite Uzawa Downloads
Gene Grossman, Elhanan Helpman, Ezra Oberfield and Thomas Sampson
5773: Candid Lame Ducks Downloads
Mariana Lopes da Fonseca
5772: Racial Differences in Labor Market Transitions and the Great Recession Downloads
Kenneth Couch, Robert Fairlie and Huanan Xu
5771: Job Creation Tax Credits, Fiscal Foresight, and Job Growth: Evidence from U.S. States Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Daniel Wilson
5770: Firm-Productivity and Export under Non-Constant Marginal Costs Downloads
Arijit Mukherjee
5769: Migration, Knowledge Diffusion and the Comparative Advantage of Nations Downloads
Dany Bahar and Hillel Rapoport
5768: Comparing Default Predictions in the Rating Industry for Different Sets of Obligors Downloads
Walter Kraemer and Simon Neumärker
5767: Reconciling Insurance with Market Discipline: A Blueprint for a European Fiscal Union Downloads
Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest, Friedrich Heinemann and Andreas Peichl
5766: The Economics of Investor Protection: ISDS versus National Treatment Downloads
Wilhelm Kohler and Frank Stähler
5765: Expressive Voting and Political Ideology in a Laboratory Democracy Downloads
Rasmus Wiese and Richard Jong-A-Pin
5764: Anticipation, Tax Avoidance, and the Price Elasticity of Gasoline Demand Downloads
John Coglianese, Lucas Davis, Lutz Kilian and James H. Stock
5763: Cooperation, Motivation and Social Balance Downloads
Steven J. Bosworth, Tania Singer and Dennis Snower
5762: Monetary Union, Even Higher Integration, or Back to National Currencies? Downloads
George Economides, Apostolis Philippopoulos and Petros Varthalitis
5761: Old-Age Provision in Transition: The Case of Croatia Downloads
Martin Werding and Marko Primorac
5760: One Pillar Crumbling, the Others too Short: Old-Age Provision in Germany Downloads
Martin Werding
5759: Inside the Crystal Ball: New Approaches to Predicting the Gasoline Price at the Pump Downloads
Christiane Baumeister, Lutz Kilian and Thomas K. Lee
5758: Does Homeownership Promote Wealth Accumulation? Downloads
Leo Kaas, Georgi Kocharkov and Edgar Preugschat
5757: Political Dynasties and the Incumbency Advantage in Party-Centered Environments Downloads
Jon Fiva and Daniel M. Smith
5756: "Now that you mention it": A Survey Experiment on Information, Salience and Online Privacy Downloads
Helia Marreiros, Mirco Tonin, Michael Vlassopoulos and M.C. Schraefel
5755: Understanding the Decline in the Price of Oil since June 2014 Downloads
Christiane Baumeister and Lutz Kilian
5754: Adverse Effects of Ultra-Loose Monetary Policies on Investment, Growth and Income Distribution Downloads
Andreas Hoffmann and Gunther Schnabl
5753: On Estimating the Size of the Shadow Economy Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner
5752: The Duverger-Demsetz Perspective on Electoral Competitiveness and Fragmentation: With Application to the Canadian Parliamentary System, 1867-2011 Downloads
J. Stephen Ferris, Stanley Winer and Bernard Grofman
5751: The Impact of the Fracking Boom on Arab Oil Producers Downloads
Lutz Kilian
5750: Voluntary Disclosure Schemes for Offshore Tax Evasion: An Analysis Downloads
Matthew Gould and Matthew Rablen
5749: Reforming the EU Energy Tax Directive: Assessing the Options Downloads
Ian Parry and Herman R.J. Vollebergh
5748: Macro News and Exchange Rates in the BRICS Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Fabio Spagnolo and Nicola Spagnolo
5747: Bread and Bullets Downloads
George Akerlof and Dennis Snower
5746: Joint Confidence Sets for Structural Impulse Responses Downloads
Atsushi Inoue and Lutz Kilian
5745: Dollarization of Deposits in the Short and Long Run: Evidence from CESE Countries Downloads
Branko Uroševic and Ivana Rajkovic
5744: The Many Faces of Human Sociality: Uncovering the Distribution and Stability of Social Preferences Downloads
Adrian Bruhin, Ernst Fehr and Daniel Schunk
5743: The Role of Oil Price Shocks in Causing U.S. Recessions Downloads
Lutz Kilian and Robert Vigfusson
5742: Urbanization and Economic Development: A Tale of Two Barriers Downloads
Eric Bond, Raymond Riezman and Ping Wang
5741: A Signaling Model of University Selection Downloads
Ivan Anic, Vladimir Bozin and Branko Uroševic
5740: Pro-poor Price Trends and Inequality - The Case of India Downloads
Ingvild Almås and Anders Kjelsrud
5739: What Forces Dictate the Design of Pollution Monitoring Networks? Downloads
Nicholas Muller and Paul Ruud
5738: Taxing Away M&A: The Effect of Corporate Capital Gains Taxes on Acquisition Activity Downloads
Lars Feld, Martin Ruf, Ulrich Schreiber, Maximilian Todtenhaupt and Johannes Voget
5737: Global Cycles: Capital Flows, Commodities, and Sovereign Defaults, 1815-2015 Downloads
Carmen Reinhart, Vincent Reinhart and Christoph Trebesch
5736: China's Bilateral Currency Swap Lines Downloads
Zhitao Lin, Zhan Wenjie and Yin-Wong Cheung
5735: Did Chinese Outward Activity Attenuate or Aggravate the Great Recession in Developing Countries? Downloads
Bastian Gawellek, Jingjing Lyu and Bernd Süssmuth
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