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Academy of Marketing Science
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Volume 13, issue 3, 2023

Conceptual reconciliation for clarity and impact pp. 169-172 Downloads
Stephen L. Vargo
Market system dynamics (MSD): A process-oriented review of the literature pp. 173-195 Downloads
Giuseppe Pedeliento, Federico Mangiò, Gabriele Murtas and Daniela Andreini
A rhizomatic reflection on market systems dynamics research pp. 196-199 Downloads
Eileen Fischer and Markus Giesler
Value co-destruction: Problems and solutions pp. 200-210 Downloads
Matthew Alexander and Niklas Vallström
User circularity practices: Adopting a user stewardship perspective for a circular economy pp. 211-231 Downloads
Jodie Conduit, Ingo Oswald Karpen and Taylor Willmott
Contours of the marketing literature: Text, context, point-of-view, research horizons, interpretation, and influence in marketing pp. 232-249 Downloads
Terry Clark, Thomas Martin Key and Carol Azab
A practice theoretic perspective on influence pp. 250-261 Downloads
Gulay Taltekin Guzel
Who is responsible for well-being? Exploring responsibilization in transformative service research pp. 262-276 Downloads
Hannu Tikkanen, Linda Alkire, Sertan Kabadayi and Linh Hoang Vu
Marketing perspectives on CSR initiatives: Conceptual foundations and an agenda for future research pp. 277-296 Downloads
Kendall Park, Steve Hoeffler and Kevin Lane Keller
A resource-based perspective on customer engagement behaviors: A typology, conceptual framework, and research avenues pp. 297-319 Downloads
Xianfang Zeng, James Agarwal and Mehdi Mourali
The management of marketing talent pp. 320-326 Downloads
Bernard J. Jaworski
Talent management in marketing: A framework and agenda for future research pp. 327-349 Downloads
Stacey L. Malek, Georgia Kirilova and Shikhar Sarin

Volume 13, issue 1, 2023

Lessons from the 2023 doctoral competition for conceptual articles: Identifying, nurturing, and publishing pp. 1-4 Downloads
Liliana L. Bove and Thomas W. Gruen
Replies to comments on “Toward social responsibility,” also incorporating a focus on ESG pp. 5-11 Downloads
John F. Gaski
Persuasion knowledge framework: Toward a comprehensive model of consumers’ persuasion knowledge pp. 12-33 Downloads
Vahid Rahmani
A theory of predictive sales analytics adoption pp. 34-54 Downloads
Johannes Habel, Sascha Alavi and Nicolas Heinitz
The role of identity in digital consumer behavior: A conceptual model and research propositions based on gender pp. 55-70 Downloads
Natalia Rogova and Shashi Matta
Market orientation (once again): Challenges and a suggested solution pp. 71-91 Downloads
Aksel I. Rokkan
Older consumers and technology: A critical systematic literature review pp. 92-121 Downloads
Paolo Franco
Why so toxic? A framework for exploring customer toxicity pp. 122-143 Downloads
Barbara Duffek, Andreas B. Eisingerich and Omar Merlo
Metaverse—will it change the world or be a whole new world in and of itself? pp. 144-150 Downloads
David J Reibstein and Raghu Iyengar
Marketing on the metaverse: Research opportunities and challenges pp. 151-166 Downloads
Shuya Lu and Ofer Mintz
Correction to: Marketing as an emergent discipline: Commentary on Shelby Hunt’s final contribution to our field pp. 167-167 Downloads
Terry Clark, Thomas Martin Key and Carol Azab

Volume 12, issue 3, 2022

Fostering scholarly discussion in marketing pp. 137-138 Downloads
Stephen L. Vargo
The marketing discipline’s troubled trajectory: The manifesto conversation, candidates for central focus, and prognosis for renewal pp. 139-156 Downloads
Shelby D. Hunt, Sreedhar Madhavaram and Hunter N. Hatfield
Marketing as an emergent discipline: Commentary on Shelby Hunt’s final contribution to our field pp. 157-161 Downloads
Terry Clark, Thomas Martin Key and Carol Azab
Folds in historical time and possible worlds for the marketing discipline: A commentary pp. 162-167 Downloads
Linda L. Price
Developing and renewing marketing as a scientific discipline through reflexive cocreation pp. 168-173 Downloads
Anu Helkkula and Eric Arnould
Resurrecting marketing: Focus on the phenomena! pp. 174-176 Downloads
Suvi Nenonen
A general theory of marketing: Conceivable, elusive, or illusive pp. 177-183 Downloads
Rajan Varadarajan
Challenging the troubled status of the marketing discipline pp. 184-187 Downloads
Anders Gustafsson and Tohid Ghanbarpour
Continuing the manifesto conversation: Toward building a renewal capability for the marketing discipline pp. 188-195 Downloads
Sreedhar Madhavaram and Hunter N. Hatfield
‘Pressure creates diamonds’/‘fire refines gold’: Conceptualizing coping capital pp. 196-215 Downloads
Vikram Kapoor and Russell Belk
Cleansing the doors of perception: Perceptual inaccuracy in marketing relationships pp. 216-237 Downloads
Zeynep Müge Güzel and Aysegul Ozsomer
Robots in retail: Rolling out the Whiz pp. 238-244 Downloads
Aric Rindfleisch, Nobuyuki Fukawa and Naoto Onzo
How robots will affect the future of retailing pp. 245-252 Downloads
Abhijit Guha and Dhruv Grewal
Correction to: Marketing’s new myopia: Expanding the social responsibilities of marketing managers pp. 253-253 Downloads
J. Joseph Cronin

Volume 12, issue 1, 2022

Perspectives on socially responsible marketing: the chasm widens pp. 1-6 Downloads
O. C. Ferrell
Toward social responsibility, not the social responsibility semblance: marketing does not need a conscience pp. 7-24 Downloads
John F. Gaski
A critique of corporate social responsibility in light of classical economics pp. 25-29 Downloads
Saurabh Ahluwalia
Marketing’s new myopia: Expanding the social responsibilities of marketing managers pp. 30-37 Downloads
J. Joseph Cronin
Why should marketers be forced to ignore their moral awareness? A reply to Gaski pp. 38-43 Downloads
Geert Demuijnck and Patrick E. Murphy
Marketing as problem solver: in defense of social responsibility pp. 44-51 Downloads
Kelly D. Martin and Stasha Burpee
Community based brand equity as brand culture: advancing brand equity conceptualization for a connected world pp. 52-70 Downloads
Keyoor Purani and Krishnan Jeesha
A renewable resource model of health decision-making: insights to improve health marketing pp. 71-84 Downloads
Sarah Lord Ferguson and Pierre Berthon
Cocreating transformative value propositions with customers experiencing vulnerability during humanitarian crises pp. 85-101 Downloads
Andrew S. Gallan and Anu Helkkula
Update the Theory + Practice section pp. 102-104 Downloads
Bernard Jaworski
An exploration of how boards of directors impact chief marketing officer performance: Insights from the field pp. 105-115 Downloads
Kimberly A. Whitler
The impact of boards of directors on chief marketing officer performance: Framing and research agenda pp. 116-136 Downloads
Kimberly A. Whitler, Ben Lee and Sarah Young

Volume 11, issue 3, 2021

Theorizing markets pp. 207-215 Downloads
Hans Kjellberg and Riikka Murto
Market expertise at work: introducing Alvin E. Roth and Michel Callon pp. 216-218 Downloads
Hans Kjellberg
The design and performation of markets: a discussion pp. 219-239 Downloads
Michel Callon and Alvin Roth
Markets, infrastructures and infrastructuring markets pp. 240-251 Downloads
Luis Araujo and Katy Mason
On managerial relevance: reconciling the academic-practitioner divide through market theorizing pp. 252-271 Downloads
Heiko Wieland, Angeline Nariswari and Melissa Archpru Akaka
Innovation and the theory of fields pp. 272-289 Downloads
Neil Fligstein
Markets and institutional fields: foundational concepts and a research agenda pp. 290-303 Downloads
Nicola Mountford and Susi Geiger
The textuality of markets pp. 304-315 Downloads
Ashlee Humphreys
‘Spatio-market practices’: conceptualising the always spatial dimensions of market making practices pp. 316-335 Downloads
Torik Holmes, Josi Fernandes and Teea Palo
Market-shaping: navigating multiple theoretical perspectives pp. 336-353 Downloads
Suvi Nenonen and Kaj Storbacka
Market-shaping phases—a qualitative meta-analysis and conceptual framework pp. 354-374 Downloads
Alexander Flaig, Daniel Kindström and Mikael Ottosson
Formalizing service-dominant logic as a general theory of markets: taking stock and moving forward pp. 375-389 Downloads
Melissa Archpru Akaka, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari and Stephen L. Vargo
The past and future of marketing theory and practice: a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Academy of Marketing Science pp. 390-394 Downloads
O. C. Ferrell, Jodie Conduit, Bo Edvardsson and Stephen L. Vargo
Advancing marketing theory and practice: guidelines for crafting research propositions pp. 395-406 Downloads
Wolfgang Ulaga, Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Vishal Kashyap and Andreas Eggert
Assessing and enhancing the impact potential of marketing articles pp. 407-415 Downloads
Elina Jaakkola and Stephen L. Vargo
The methodologies of the marketing literature: mechanics, uses and craft pp. 416-431 Downloads
Terry Clark and Thomas Martin Key
Toward an integrative theory of marketing pp. 432-445 Downloads
Atul Parvatiyar and Jagdish N. Sheth
Re-institutionalizing marketing pp. 446-453 Downloads
Thomas Martin Key, Terry Clark, O. C. Ferrell, David W. Stewart and Leyland Pitt
A bridge to relevance: on the history of the Academy of Marketing Science® (AMS) pp. 454-463 Downloads
Barry J. Babin, Julie Guidry Moulard and Jay D. Lindquist
Legendary luxury brands: inventing the future by reaching to the past pp. 464-470 Downloads
Gregory S. Carpenter and Xavier Barlier
Managing creatively-inspired brands: a commentary and research direction pp. 471-473 Downloads
Delphine Dion

Volume 11, issue 1, 2021

Informing marketing theory through consumer culture theoretics pp. 1-8 Downloads
Eric Arnould, David Crockett and Giana Eckhardt
From customer journeys to consumption journeys: a consumer culture approach to investigating value creation in practice-embedded consumption pp. 9-22 Downloads
Hope Jensen Schau and Melissa Archpru Akaka
Re-examining utopia in contemporary consumption: conceptualization and implications for marketing pp. 23-39 Downloads
Aleksandrina Atanasova
The Möbius strip of market spatiality: mobilizing transdisciplinary dialogues between CCT and the marketing mainstream pp. 40-59 Downloads
Jack Coffin and Andreas Chatzidakis
The new frontier of consumer experiences: escape through pain pp. 60-69 Downloads
Bernard Cova
The intermingling of meanings in marketing: semiology and phenomenology in consumer culture theory pp. 70-80 Downloads
Sarah C. Grace
Mapping spheres of exchange: a multidimensional approach to commoditization and singularization pp. 81-95 Downloads
Karin Brondino-Pompeo
Developing a strong sustainability research program in marketing pp. 96-114 Downloads
Melea Press
Sustainable marketing based on virtue ethics: addressing socio-ecological challenges facing humankind pp. 115-132 Downloads
Bruno Dyck and Rajesh V. Manchanda
Correction to: Sustainable marketing based on virtue ethics: addressing socio-ecological challenges facing humankind pp. 133-133 Downloads
Bruno Dyck and Rajesh V. Manchanda
Is sustainable marketing based on virtue ethics the answer to addressing socio-ecological challenges facing humankind? pp. 134-139 Downloads
Andrea Prothero and Pierre McDonagh
Addressing socio-ecological issues in marketing: environmental, social and governance (ESG) pp. 140-144 Downloads
O. C. Ferrell
The unconscious perception of smells as a driver of consumer responses: a framework integrating the emotion-cognition approach to scent marketing pp. 145-161 Downloads
Ramona Luca and Delane Botelho
The instantaneous commitment effect: developing stakeholder orientation among managers pp. 162-179 Downloads
Shashank Vaid and Michael Ahearne
Netflix: Reinvention across multiple time periods pp. 180-193 Downloads
Bernard J. Jaworski
Netflix: reinvention across multiple time periods, reflections and directions for future research pp. 194-205 Downloads
Joel Mier and Ajay K. Kohli
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