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2000 - 2018

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Volume 147, issue 1, 2018

Epistemic and ethical trade-offs in decision analytical modelling pp. 1-10 Downloads
Martin Vezér, Alexander Bakker, Klaus Keller and Nancy Tuana
Nitrogen pollution: a key building block for addressing climate change pp. 11-21 Downloads
David R. Kanter
Beyond headline mitigation numbers: we need more transparent and comparable NDCs to achieve the Paris Agreement on climate change pp. 23-29 Downloads
W. P. Pauw, Richard J. T. Klein, Kennedy Mbeva, Adis Dzebo, Davide Cassanmagnago and Anna Rudloff
The Paris warming targets: emissions requirements and sea level consequences pp. 31-45 Downloads
T.M.L. Wigley
The safe carbon budget pp. 47-59 Downloads
Frederick Ploeg
The impacts avoided with a 1.5 °C climate target: a global and regional assessment pp. 61-76 Downloads
Nigel W. Arnell, Jason A. Lowe, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Timothy J. Osborn
Economic consequences of global climate change and mitigation on future hydropower generation pp. 77-90 Downloads
Qian Zhou, Naota Hanasaki, Shinichiro Fujimori, Yoshimitsu Masaki and Yasuaki Hijioka
Water demand for electricity in deep decarbonisation scenarios: a multi-model assessment pp. 91-106 Downloads
I. Mouratiadou, M. Bevione, D. L. Bijl, L. Drouet, M. Hejazi, S. Mima, M. Pehl and G. Luderer
Potential impacts of climate warming and increased summer heat stress on the electric grid: a case study for a large power transformer (LPT) in the Northeast United States pp. 107-118 Downloads
Xiang Gao, C. Adam Schlosser and Eric R. Morgan
Perceptions of climate engineering in the South Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North American Arctic pp. 119-132 Downloads
Wylie A. Carr and Laurie Yung
Downscaling future climate change projections over Puerto Rico using a non-hydrostatic atmospheric model pp. 133-147 Downloads
Amit Bhardwaj, Vasubandhu Misra, Akhilesh Mishra, Adrienne Wootten, Ryan Boyles, J. H. Bowden and Adam J. Terando
Quantifying recent precipitation change and predicting lake expansion in the Inner Tibetan Plateau pp. 149-163 Downloads
Kun Yang, Hui Lu, Siyu Yue, Guoqing Zhang, Yanbin Lei, Zhu La and Wei Wang
Spatiotemporal changes in the size and shape of heat waves over North America pp. 165-178 Downloads
David Keellings, Erin Bunting and Johanna Engström
Alpine foreland running drier? Sensitivity of a drought vulnerable catchment to changes in climate, land use, and water management pp. 179-193 Downloads
Clara Hohmann, Gottfried Kirchengast and Steffen Birk
Groundwater depletion limits the scope for adaptation to increased rainfall variability in India pp. 195-209 Downloads
Ram Fishman
Shifts in the thermal niche of almond under climate change pp. 211-224 Downloads
Lauren E. Parker and John T. Abatzoglou
Climate response of rainfed versus irrigated farms: the bias of farm heterogeneity in irrigation pp. 225-234 Downloads
Janka Vanschoenwinkel and Steven Passel
Assessment of climate variability and trend on wheat productivity in West Bengal, India: crop growth simulation approach pp. 235-252 Downloads
A. Mukherjee and A. K. S. Huda
The stresses and dynamics of smallholder coffee systems in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains: a case for the potential role of climate services pp. 253-266 Downloads
Zack Guido, Tim Finan, Kevon Rhiney, Malgosia Madajewicz, Valerie Rountree, Elizabeth Johnson and Gusland McCook
Household and community responses to impacts of climate change in the rural hills of Nepal pp. 267-282 Downloads
Popular Gentle, Rik Thwaites, Digby Race, Kim Alexander and Tek Maraseni
Relationship between subjective well-being and material quality of life in face of climate vulnerability in NE Brazil pp. 283-297 Downloads
Ana Maria Bedran-Martins, Maria Carmen Lemos and Arlindo Philippi
Cultural adaptation to climate change among indigenous people of South India pp. 299-312 Downloads
Koteswara Rao Kodirekkala
Governance matters: climate change, corruption, and livelihoods in Bangladesh pp. 313-326 Downloads
Md. Ashiqur Rahman
Food security outcomes under a changing climate: impacts of mitigation and adaptation on vulnerability to food insecurity pp. 327-341 Downloads
Katy J. Richardson, Kirsty H. Lewis, P. Krishna Krishnamurthy, Chris Kent, Andrew J. Wiltshire and Helen M. Hanlon
Narrating climate change as a rite of passage pp. 343-353 Downloads
Nancy Menning
Correction to: The spatial distribution of Republican and Democratic climate opinions at state and local scales pp. 355-358 Downloads
Matto Mildenberger, Jennifer R. Marlon, Peter D. Howe and Anthony Leiserowitz
The impact of frames highlighting coastal flooding in the USA on climate change beliefs pp. 359-368 Downloads
Toby Bolsen, Justin Kingsland and Risa Palm

Volume 146, issue 3, 2018

An introduction to the special issue on the Benefits of Reduced Anthropogenic Climate changE (BRACE) pp. 277-285 Downloads
Brian C. O’Neill and Andrew Gettelman
The Benefits of Reduced Anthropogenic Climate changE (BRACE): a synthesis pp. 287-301 Downloads
Brian C. O’Neill, James Done, Andrew Gettelman, Peter Lawrence, Flavio Lehner, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Lei Lin, Andrew Monaghan, Keith Oleson, Xiaolin Ren, Benjamin Sanderson, Claudia Tebaldi, Matthias Weitzel, Yangyang Xu, Brooke Anderson, Miranda J. Fix and Samuel Levis
A new ensemble of GCM simulations to assess avoided impacts in a climate mitigation scenario pp. 303-318 Downloads
Benjamin M. Sanderson, Keith W. Oleson, Warren G. Strand, Flavio Lehner and Brian C. O’Neill
Emulating mean patterns and variability of temperature across and within scenarios in anthropogenic climate change experiments pp. 319-333 Downloads
Stacey E. Alexeeff, Doug Nychka, Stephan R. Sain and Claudia Tebaldi
A comparison of U.S. precipitation extremes under RCP8.5 and RCP4.5 with an application of pattern scaling pp. 335-347 Downloads
Miranda J. Fix, Daniel Cooley, Stephan R. Sain and Claudia Tebaldi
Benefits of mitigation for future heat extremes under RCP4.5 compared to RCP8.5 pp. 349-361 Downloads
Claudia Tebaldi and Michael F. Wehner
Future risk of record-breaking summer temperatures and its mitigation pp. 363-375 Downloads
Flavio Lehner, Clara Deser and Benjamin M. Sanderson
Avoided climate impacts of urban and rural heat and cold waves over the U.S. using large climate model ensembles for RCP8.5 and RCP4.5 pp. 377-392 Downloads
K. W. Oleson, G. B. Anderson, B. Jones, S. A. McGinnis and B. Sanderson
The importance of aerosol scenarios in projections of future heat extremes pp. 393-406 Downloads
Yangyang Xu, Jean-François Lamarque and Benjamin M. Sanderson
Simulated differences in 21st century aridity due to different scenarios of greenhouse gases and aerosols pp. 407-422 Downloads
L. Lin, A. Gettelman, Q. Fu and Y. Xu
Avoiding population exposure to heat-related extremes: demographic change vs climate change pp. 423-437 Downloads
Bryan Jones, Claudia Tebaldi, Brian C. O’Neill, Keith Oleson and Jing Gao
Classifying heatwaves: developing health-based models to predict high-mortality versus moderate United States heatwaves pp. 439-453 Downloads
G. Brooke Anderson, Keith W. Oleson, Bryan Jones and Roger D. Peng
Projected trends in high-mortality heatwaves under different scenarios of climate, population, and adaptation in 82 US communities pp. 455-470 Downloads
G. Brooke Anderson, Keith W. Oleson, Bryan Jones and Roger D. Peng
Influences of climatic and population changes on heat-related mortality in Houston, Texas, USA pp. 471-485 Downloads
A. Marsha, S. R. Sain, M. J. Heaton, A. J. Monaghan and O.V. Wilhelmi
The potential impacts of 21st century climatic and population changes on human exposure to the virus vector mosquito Aedes aegypti pp. 487-500 Downloads
Andrew J. Monaghan, K. M. Sampson, D. F. Steinhoff, K. C. Ernst, K. L. Ebi, B. Jones and M. H. Hayden
CLMcrop yields and water requirements: avoided impacts by choosing RCP 4.5 over 8.5 pp. 501-515 Downloads
Samuel Levis, Andrew Badger, Beth Drewniak, Cynthia Nevison and Xiaolin Ren
Avoided economic impacts of climate change on agriculture: integrating a land surface model (CLM) with a global economic model (iPETS) pp. 517-531 Downloads
Xiaolin Ren, Matthias Weitzel, Brian C. O’Neill, Peter Lawrence, Prasanth Meiyappan, Samuel Levis, Edward J. Balistreri and Michael Dalton
Estimated impacts of emission reductions on wheat and maize crops pp. 533-545 Downloads
Claudia Tebaldi and David Lobell
Projected changes in tropical cyclone activity under future warming scenarios using a high-resolution climate model pp. 547-560 Downloads
Julio T. Bacmeister, Kevin A. Reed, Cecile Hannay, Peter Lawrence, Susan Bates, John E. Truesdale, Nan Rosenbloom and Michael Levy
Estimating impacts of North Atlantic tropical cyclones using an index of damage potential pp. 561-573 Downloads
James M. Done, Debasish PaiMazumder, Erin Towler and Chandra M. Kishtawal
Projections of future tropical cyclone damage with a high-resolution global climate model pp. 575-585 Downloads
A. Gettelman, D. N. Bresch, C. C. Chen, J. E. Truesdale and J. T. Bacmeister

Volume 146, issue 1, 2018

Navigating climate-related challenges on working lands: a special issue by the USDA Climate Hubs and their partners pp. 1-3 Downloads
Rachel Steele and Jerry L. Hatfield
Estimating climate change effects on grazing management and beef cattle production in the Pacific Northwest pp. 5-17 Downloads
J. Shannon Neibergs, Tipton D. Hudson, Chad E. Kruger and Kaelin Hamel-Rieken
Vulnerability of grazing and confined livestock in the Northern Great Plains to projected mid- and late-twenty-first century climate pp. 19-32 Downloads
Justin Derner, David Briske, Matt Reeves, Tami Brown-Brandl, Miranda Meehan, Dana Blumenthal, William Travis, David Augustine, Hailey Wilmer, Derek Scasta, John Hendrickson, Jerry Volesky, Laura Edwards and Dannele Peck
Climate change effects on livestock in the Northeast US and strategies for adaptation pp. 33-45 Downloads
A. N. Hristov, A. T. Degaetano, C. A. Rotz, E. Hoberg, R. H. Skinner, T. Felix, H. Li, P. H. Patterson, G. Roth, M. Hall, T. L. Ott, L. H. Baumgard, W. Staniar, R. M. Hulet, C. J. Dell, A. F. Brito and D. Y. Hollinger
Assessing climate vulnerabilities and adaptive strategies for resilient beef and dairy operations in the tropics pp. 47-58 Downloads
Guillermo Ortiz-Colón, Stephen J. Fain, Isabel K. Parés, Jaime Curbelo-Rodríguez, Esbal Jiménez-Cabán, Melvin Pagán-Morales and William A. Gould
Native and agricultural forests at risk to a changing climate in the Northern Plains pp. 59-74 Downloads
Linda A. Joyce, Gary Bentrup, Antony S. Cheng, Peter Kolb, Michele Schoeneberger and Justin Derner
Adaptation pathways: ecoregion and land ownership influences on climate adaptation decision-making in forest management pp. 75-88 Downloads
Todd A. Ontl, Chris Swanston, Leslie A. Brandt, Patricia R. Butler, Anthony W. D’Amato, Stephen D. Handler, Maria K. Janowiak and P. Danielle Shannon
Assessing vulnerabilities and adapting to climate change in northwestern U.S. forests pp. 89-102 Downloads
Jessica E. Halofsky, David L. Peterson and Holly R. Prendeville
Vulnerability of forests of the Midwest and Northeast United States to climate change pp. 103-116 Downloads
Chris Swanston, Leslie A. Brandt, Maria K. Janowiak, Stephen D. Handler, Patricia Butler-Leopold, Louis Iverson, Frank R. Thompson, Todd A. Ontl and P. Danielle Shannon
Fire weather and likelihood: characterizing climate space for fire occurrence and extent in Puerto Rico pp. 117-131 Downloads
Ashley E. Beusekom, William A. Gould, A. Carolina Monmany, Azad Henareh Khalyani, Maya Quiñones, Stephen J. Fain, Maria José Andrade-Núñez and Grizelle González
Translating national level forest service goals to local level land management: carbon sequestration pp. 133-144 Downloads
Steven McNulty, Emrys Treasure, Lisa Jennings, David Meriwether, David Harris and Paul Arndt
Vulnerability of specialty crops to short-term climatic variability and adaptation strategies in the Midwestern USA pp. 145-158 Downloads
Erica Kistner, Olivia Kellner, Jeffrey Andresen, Dennis Todey and Lois Wright Morton
Specialty fruit production in the Pacific Northwest: adaptation strategies for a changing climate pp. 159-171 Downloads
Laurie Houston, Susan Capalbo, Clark Seavert, Meghan Dalton, David Bryla and Ramesh Sagili
Erratum to: Specialty fruit production in the Pacific Northwest: adaptation strategies for a changing climate pp. 173-173 Downloads
Laurie Houston, Susan Capalbo, Clark Seavert, Meghan Dalton, David Bryla and Ramesh Sagili
Climate change and coffee: assessing vulnerability by modeling future climate suitability in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico pp. 175-186 Downloads
Stephen J. Fain, Maya Quiñones, Nora L. Álvarez-Berríos, Isabel K. Parés-Ramos and William A. Gould
Groundwater depletion and climate change: future prospects of crop production in the Central High Plains Aquifer pp. 187-200 Downloads
Kayla A. Cotterman, Anthony D. Kendall, Bruno Basso and David W. Hyndman
Vulnerability of Southern Plains agriculture to climate change pp. 201-218 Downloads
Jean L. Steiner, David D. Briske, David P. Brown and Caitlin M. Rottler
Vulnerability of crops and croplands in the US Northern Plains to predicted climate change pp. 219-230 Downloads
Brian J. Wienhold, Merle F. Vigil, John R. Hendrickson and Justin D. Derner
Unique challenges and opportunities for northeastern US crop production in a changing climate pp. 231-245 Downloads
David W. Wolfe, Arthur T. DeGaetano, Gregory M. Peck, Mary Carey, Lewis H. Ziska, John Lea-Cox, Armen R. Kemanian, Michael P. Hoffmann and David Y. Hollinger
Evaluating opportunities for an increased role of winter crops as adaptation to climate change in dryland cropping systems of the U.S. Inland Pacific Northwest pp. 247-261 Downloads
Claudio O. Stöckle, Stewart Higgins, Roger Nelson, John Abatzoglou, Dave Huggins, William Pan, Tina Karimi, John Antle, Sanford D. Eigenbrode and Erin Brooks
Vulnerability of grain crops and croplands in the Midwest to climatic variability and adaptation strategies pp. 263-275 Downloads
J. L. Hatfield, Lois Wright-Morton and Beth Hall
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