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Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management

2002 - 2024

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Volume 25, issue 6, 2018

Unattended social wants and corporate social responsibility of leading firms: Relationship of intrinsic motivation of volunteering in proposed welfare programs and employee attributes pp. 1029-1038 Downloads
Yunhong Hao, Qamar Farooq and Yanni Zhang
Does sustainability marketing strategy achieve payback profits? A signaling theory perspective pp. 1039-1049 Downloads
Eerdun Taoketao, Taiwen Feng, Yongtao Song and Yu Nie
Consumers' heterogeneous preferences for corporate social responsibility in the food industry pp. 1050-1061 Downloads
Marco Lerro, Riccardo Vecchio, Francesco Caracciolo, Stefano Pascucci and Luigi Cembalo
The value relevance of banking sector multidimensional corporate sustainability performance pp. 1062-1073 Downloads
Guler Aras, Nuray Tezcan and Ozlem Kutlu Furtuna
Does persistence explain ESG disclosure decisions? pp. 1074-1086 Downloads
Garrett A. McBrayer
Employee engagement in CSR initiatives and customer‐directed counterproductive work behavior (CWB): The mediating roles of organizational civility norms and job calling pp. 1087-1098 Downloads
Won‐Moo Hur, Tae‐Won Moon and Han‐Geun Lee
Organizational structure, slack resources and sustainable corporate socially responsible performance pp. 1099-1107 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Ji Li, Wanxing Jiang, Haomin Zhang, Yanghong Hu and Min Liu
Engagement of directors representing institutional investors on environmental disclosure pp. 1108-1120 Downloads
María Consuelo Pucheta‐Martínez and Blanca López‐Zamora
Performance of stock price with changes in SRI governance index pp. 1121-1129 Downloads
Joon Woo Park and Chang Won Lee
Is corporate social responsibility pursuing pristine business goals for sustainable development? pp. 1130-1142 Downloads
Nazamul Hoque, Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, Rafiqul Islam Molla, Abu Hanifa Md. Noman and Mohammad Zahid Hossain Bhuiyan
Developing a sustainable HRM system from a contextual perspective pp. 1143-1153 Downloads
Rosalia Diaz‐Carrion, Macarena López‐Fernández and Pedro M. Romero‐Fernandez
The urge to act: A comparison of active and passive socially responsible investment funds in the United States pp. 1154-1173 Downloads
Xing Chen and Bert Scholtens
Measuring corporate social responsibility: A critical review of survey instruments pp. 1174-1197 Downloads
Khawaja Fawad Latif and Aymen Sajjad
Does it pay to be sustainable? Looking inside the black box of the relationship between sustainability performance and financial performance pp. 1198-1211 Downloads
Nazim Hussain, Ugo Rigoni and Elisa Cavezzali
Environmental management decisions in CSR‐based accounting research pp. 1212-1222 Downloads
Leanne Johnstone
Corporate social responsibility and multiple agency theory: A case study of internal stakeholder engagement pp. 1223-1230 Downloads
Nuria Calvo and Flora Calvo
Corporate reputation and firms' performance: Evidence from Spain pp. 1231-1245 Downloads
Mariano Gonzalez Sanchez and María Encina Morales de Vega
The effects of creating shared value (CSV) on the consumer self–brand connection: Perspective of sustainable development pp. 1246-1257 Downloads
Chang‐Hyun Jin
Does customer engagement in corporate social responsibility initiatives lead to customer citizenship behaviour? The mediating roles of customer‐company identification and affective commitment pp. 1258-1269 Downloads
Won‐Moo Hur, Hanna Kim and Hyun Kyung Kim
Transformational leadership, corporate social responsibility, organizational innovation, and organizational performance: Symmetrical and asymmetrical analytical approaches pp. 1270-1283 Downloads
Haroon ur Rashid Khan, Murad Ali, Hossein Olya, Muhamamd Zulqarnain and Zubair Rashid Khan
Commitment to sustainable development: Exploring the factors affecting employee attitudes towards corporate social responsibility‐oriented management pp. 1284-1292 Downloads
Yingyan Wang
Corporate social responsibility and strategic company behaviour: CVS Health's discontinuation of tobacco products pp. 1293-1305 Downloads
Lirong Liu, Shiyou Li and Michael Opara
Employee attitudes towards corporate social responsibility: a study on gender, age and educational level differences pp. 1306-1319 Downloads
Francesco Rosati, Roberta Costa, Armando Calabrese and Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen
How do corporate social responsibility activities affect performance? The role of excess control right pp. 1320-1331 Downloads
Pi‐Hui Ting and Hsien‐yu Yin
The impact of water information disclosure on the cost of capital: An empirical study of China's capital market pp. 1332-1349 Downloads
Zhifang Zhou, Hong Zhou, Huixiang Zeng and Xiaohong Chen
The role of sustainable development and innovation on firm performance pp. 1350-1362 Downloads
Jaime Guerrero‐Villegas, Laura Sierra‐García and Beatriz Palacios‐Florencio
The influence of corporate social responsibility on air pollution: Analysis of environmental regulation and eco‐innovation effects pp. 1363-1375 Downloads
Beatriz Jiménez‐Parra, Daniel Alonso‐Martínez and José‐Luis Godos‐Díez
Environmental responsibility, market valuation, and firm characteristics: Evidence from China pp. 1376-1387 Downloads
Junnan Hu, Shujing Wang and Feixue Xie
Millennials' green consumption behaviour: Exploring the role of social media pp. 1388-1396 Downloads
Stephanie Anne Nicole Bedard and Carri Reisdorf Tolmie
The content and determinants of greenhouse gas emission disclosure: Evidence from Indonesian companies pp. 1397-1406 Downloads
Faisal Faisal, Erika Dwi Andiningtyas, Tarmizi Achmad, Haryanto Haryanto and Wahyu Meiranto
The effect of greenhouse gas emissions on cost of debt: Evidence from Canadian firms pp. 1407-1415 Downloads
Anis Maaloul

Volume 25, issue 5, 2018

The social reputation of European companies: Does anti‐corruption disclosure affect stakeholders' perceptions? pp. 713-721 Downloads
Igor Alvarez Etxeberria and Maider Aldaz Odriozola
A model to measure sustainable development in the hotel industry: A comparative study pp. 722-732 Downloads
Manuel Suárez‐Cebador, Juan Carlos Rubio‐Romero, Joaquim Pinto‐Contreiras and German Gemar
How social, environmental, and economic CSR affects consumer‐perceived value: Does perceived consumer effectiveness make a difference? pp. 733-747 Downloads
Rafael Currás‐Pérez, Consuelo Dolz‐Dolz, María J. Miquel‐Romero and Isabel Sánchez‐García
Does gender diversity in the audit committee influence key audit matters' readability in the audit report? UK evidence pp. 748-755 Downloads
Patrick Velte
CSR and green economy: Determinants and correlation of firms’ sustainable development pp. 756-771 Downloads
Miguel Marco‐Fondevila, Jose Moneva and Sabina Scarpellini
A comprehensive three‐dimensional sustainability measure: The ‘missing P’ of ‘people’ – a vital stakeholder in sustainable development pp. 772-787 Downloads
Vickie Coleman Gallagher, Mary Wilson Hrivnak, Sorin Valcea, Christine Brown Mahoney and Diane LaWong
Environmental reporting policy and corporate structures: An international analysis pp. 788-798 Downloads
María Consuelo Pucheta‐Martínez and Isabel Gallego‐Álvarez
Moderating effect of innovation on corporate social responsibility and firm performance in realm of sustainable development pp. 799-806 Downloads
Muhammad Khalid Anser, Zhihe Zhang and Lubna Kanwal
Environmental policy disclosures and sustainable development: Determinants, measure and impact on firm value for ADX listed companies pp. 807-818 Downloads
Mohamed Chakib Kolsi and Osama F Attayah
Social responsibility: Experts’ viewpoints on adoption of the ISO 26000 standard pp. 819-824 Downloads
Michaela Balzarova and Pavel Castka
Sustainable development and pollutant outcomes: The case of ISO 14001 in Korea pp. 825-832 Downloads
Kyungmin Baek
How are supply chains addressing their social responsibility dilemmas? Review of the last decade and a half pp. 833-843 Downloads
Mohamed Basta, James Lapalme, Marc Paquet, Patrick Saint‐Louis and Tarek Abu Zwaida
The paradoxical nexus between corporate social responsibility and sustainable financial performance: Evidence from the international construction business pp. 844-852 Downloads
Weisheng Lu, Meng Ye, K.W. Chau and Roger Flanagan
Improving CSR performance by hard and soft means: The role of organizational citizenship behaviours and the internalization of CSR standards pp. 853-865 Downloads
Francesco Testa, Olivier Boiral and Iñaki Heras‐Saizarbitoria
Soccer fields? What for? Effectiveness of corporate social responsibility initiatives in the mining industry pp. 866-879 Downloads
Veronica Devenin and Constanza Bianchi
Does family control explain why corporate social responsibility affects investment efficiency? pp. 880-888 Downloads
Faisal Shahzad, Ijaz Ur Rehman, Faisal Nawaz and Noman Nawab
Market reactions to environmental policies: Evidence from China pp. 889-903 Downloads
Yan Jiang and Le Luo
Activating employee's pro‐environmental behaviors: The role of CSR, organizational identification, and environmentally specific servant leadership pp. 904-911 Downloads
Bilal Afsar, Sadia Cheema and Farheen Javed
The triple bottom line and organizational attractiveness ratings: The role of pro‐environmental attitude pp. 912-919 Downloads
Clarissa Bohlmann, Leonie Krumbholz and Hannes Zacher
Corporate social responsibility disclosure: Evidence from BRICS nations pp. 920-927 Downloads
Jean Tsitaire Arrive and Mei Feng
Analysis of the Canadian national corporate social responsibility strategy: Insights and implications pp. 928-938 Downloads
Uwafiokun Idemudia and Cynthia Kwakyewah
The effect of ethical climate and employees' organizational citizenship behavior on U.S. fashion retail organizations' sustainability performance pp. 939-947 Downloads
Stacy H.N. Lee and Jung Ha‐Brookshire
Boosting employee retention through CSR: A configurational analysis pp. 948-960 Downloads
Leemen Lee and Li‐Fei Chen
Occupational health and safety disclosures in sustainability reports: An overview of trends among corporate leaders pp. 961-970 Downloads
Konstantinos Evangelinos, Stefanos Fotiadis, Antonis Skouloudis, Nadeem Khan, Foteini Konstandakopoulou, Ioannis Nikolaou and Shaun Lundy
Are corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives such as sustainable development and environmental policies value enhancing or window dressing? pp. 971-980 Downloads
Joseph Taylor, Joseph Vithayathil and Dobin Yim
CEOs' regulatory focus, slack resources and firms' environmental innovation pp. 981-990 Downloads
Zhongju Liao and Siying Long
Independent directors' background and CSR disclosure pp. 991-1001 Downloads
Roberto Fernández‐Gago, Laura Cabeza‐García and Mariano Nieto
The relative importance of employee green behavior for overall job performance ratings: A policy‐capturing study pp. 1002-1008 Downloads
Clarissa Bohlmann, Jeroen van den Bosch and Hannes Zacher
Do socially responsible firms provide more readable disclosures in annual reports? pp. 1009-1018 Downloads
Walid Ben‐Amar and Ines Belgacem
Environmental policy and sustainable development: An empirical study on carbon reduction among Chinese enterprises pp. 1019-1026 Downloads
Hui‐Cheng Yu and Bor‐Yuan Tsai

Volume 25, issue 4, 2018

Sustainable Development and Competitive Advantages – Utilizing Matching to Overcome Sample Selection Bias pp. 313-326 Downloads
Mei‐Jane Teng and Shih‐Ying Wu
Corporate Social Responsibility as Stakeholder Engagement: Firm–NGO Collaboration in Sweden pp. 327-338 Downloads
Enrico Fontana
Corporate Social Responsibility Excites ‘Exponential’ Positive Employee Engagement: The Matthew Effect in CSR and Sustainable Policy pp. 339-354 Downloads
Zucheng Zhou, Ben Nanfeng Luo and Thomas Li‐Ping Tang
How Corporate Social Responsibility Helps MNEs to Improve their Reputation. The Moderating Effects of Geographical Diversification and Operating in Developing Regions pp. 355-372 Downloads
Javier Aguilera‐Caracuel and Jaime Guerrero‐Villegas
The Role of Normative CSR‐Promoting Institutions in Stimulating CSR Disclosures in Developing Countries pp. 373-390 Downloads
Waris Ali and Jedrzej George Frynas
Analysis of the Factors influencing Sustainable Development in the Insurance Industry pp. 391-410 Downloads
Chao‐Chung Ho, Chih Huang and Chung‐Ya Ou
How to Enhance Green Service and Green Product Innovation Performance? The Roles of Inward and Outward Capabilities pp. 411-425 Downloads
Ching‐Hsun Chang
Firm Environmental Performance under Scrutiny: The Role of Strategic and Organizational Orientations pp. 426-440 Downloads
Lorenzo Ardito and Rosa Maria Dangelico
Sustainable Development through CSR in Human Resource Management Practices: The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Job Quality pp. 441-456 Downloads
Esther Martínez‐Garcia, Joan Sorribes and Dolors Celma
Unravelling the Effects of the Environmental Technology Portfolio on Corporate Sustainable Development pp. 457-472 Downloads
Derek D. Wang
External Pressures or Internal Governance – What Determines the Extent of Corporate Responses to Climate Change? pp. 473-488 Downloads
Matthias Damert and Rupert J. Baumgartner
Integrated Reporting Quality: An Empirical Analysis pp. 489-507 Downloads
Anna Pistoni, Lucrezia Songini and Francesco Bavagnoli
Reinforcing the Holistic Perspective of Sustainability: Analysis of the Importance of Sustainability Drivers in Organizations pp. 508-522 Downloads
Rodrigo Lozano and Robin von Haartman
Environmentally Responsible Consumption: Construct Definition, Scale Development, and Validation pp. 523-536 Downloads
Sudhanshu Gupta and Richa Agrawal
Social Embeddedness for Sustainability in the Aviation Sector pp. 537-553 Downloads
Belén Payán‐Sánchez, José Antonio Plaza‐Úbeda, Miguel Pérez‐Valls and Eva Carmona‐Moreno
The Context in Mining Projects Influences the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy to Earn a Social Licence to Operate: A Case Study in Peru pp. 554-564 Downloads
Cesar Saenz
When Advertising Highlights the Binomial Identity Values of Luxury and CSR Principles: The Examples of Louis Vuitton and Hermès pp. 565-582 Downloads
Naïade Anido Freire and Leïla Loussaïef
The Robustness of the Corporate Social and Financial Performance Relation: A Second‐Order Meta‐Analysis pp. 583-608 Downloads
Timo Busch and Gunnar Friede
How do Independent Directors Behave with Respect to Sustainability Disclosure? pp. 609-627 Downloads
Isabel‐María García‐Sánchez and Jennifer Martínez‐Ferrero
Exploring the Relationship between External Positive–Negative Pressures and the Carbon Management Behaviour of Industrial Firms pp. 628-641 Downloads
Yong Liu
Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Idiosyncratic Risk in Different Market States pp. 642-658 Downloads
Roger C.Y. Chen, Shih‐Wei Hung and Chen‐Hsun Lee
Stakeholder Engagement for Corporate Sustainability: A Comparative Analysis of B2C and B2B Companies pp. 659-673 Downloads
Matthew Johnson, Friederike Redlbacher and Stefan Schaltegger
Mechanisms of change: Stakeholder Engagement in the Australian Resource Sector through CSR pp. 674-689 Downloads
Anne Elizabeth Fordham and Guy M. Robinson
Stakeholder Engagement: An Evaluation of European Banks pp. 690-703 Downloads
Andrea Venturelli, Simona Cosma and Rossella Leopizzi
Development of theoretical framework and measures for the role of social media in realizing corporate social responsibility through native and non‐native communication modes: Moderating effects of cross‐cultural management pp. 704-711 Downloads
Yunhong Hao, Qamar Farooq and Yuan Sun

Volume 25, issue 3, 2018

Financial Auditor and Sustainability Reporting: Does it matter? pp. 209-224 Downloads
Belen Fernandez‐Feijoo, Silvia Romero and Silvia Ruiz
Factors Affecting Purchase Intention and Social Media Publicity of Green Products: The Mediating Role of Concern for Consequences pp. 225-236 Downloads
Muhammad Mohsin Zahid, Bakhtiar Ali, Muhammad Shakil Ahmad, Ramayah Thurasamy and Naila Amin
How Institutional Investors on Boards Impact on Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting pp. 237-249 Downloads
Emma García‐Meca and María Consuelo Pucheta‐Martínez
Diversity of Board of Directors and Environmental Social Governance: Evidence from Italian Listed Companies pp. 250-266 Downloads
Nicola Cucari, Salvatore Esposito De Falco and Beatrice Orlando
Operationalizing Stakeholder Engagement in CSR: A Process Approach pp. 267-280 Downloads
Anne Bridget Lane and Bree Devin
Determinants of Corporate Climate Change Disclosure for European Firms pp. 281-294 Downloads
Grigoris Giannarakis, Eleni Zafeiriou, Garyfallos Arabatzis and Xanthi Partalidou
The Impact of Indirect Corporate Social Performance Signals on Firm Value: Evidence from an Event Study pp. 295-310 Downloads
Jonathan Luffarelli and Amrou Awaysheh

Volume 25, issue 2, 2018

The Concept of Value for CSR: A Debate Drawn from Italian Classical Accounting pp. 113-123 Downloads
Massimo Costa and Patrizia Torrecchia
Product Stewardship Strategy: A Study of Indian Firms pp. 124-134 Downloads
Kumar Verma Bhupendra and Shirish Sangle
Green Innovation Strategy and Green Innovation: The Roles of Green Creativity and Green Organizational Identity pp. 135-150 Downloads
Wenhao Song and Hongyan Yu
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Preference: A Structural Equation Analysis pp. 151-163 Downloads
Flavio Boccia and Pasquale Sarnacchiaro
Corporate Sustainability Performance and Assurance on Sustainability Reports: Diffusion of Accounting Practices in the Realm of Sustainable Development pp. 164-181 Downloads
Geert Braam and Roy Peeters
Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility in Spanish Agribusiness and Its Influence on Innovation and Performance pp. 182-193 Downloads
Antonio Juan Briones Peñalver, Juan Andrés Bernal Conesa and Carmen de Nieves Nieto
Effectiveness of CSR Advertising: The Role of Reputation, Consumer Attributions, and Emotions pp. 194-208 Downloads
María del Mar García‐ De los Salmones and Andrea Perez

Volume 25, issue 1, 2018

Does Corporate Social Responsibility Put Reputation at Risk by Inviting Activist Targeting? An Empirical Test among European SMEs pp. 1-13 Downloads
Johan Graafland
Do Short‐ and Long‐Term Environmental Investments Follow the Same Path? pp. 14-28 Downloads
Vítor Manuel de Sousa Gabriel and David Rodeiro‐Pazos
Employee‐Driven Sustainability Performance Assessment in Public Organisations pp. 29-46 Downloads
Vera Coutinho, Ana Rita Domingues, Sandra Caeiro, Marco Painho, Paula Antunes, Rui Santos, Nuno Videira, Richard M. Walker, Donald Huisingh and Tomás B. Ramos
Researching Corporate Social Responsibility in the Middle East: The Current State and Future Directions pp. 47-65 Downloads
Ahmed Al‐Abdin, Taposh Roy and John D. Nicholson
CSR Performance and the Readability of CSR Reports: Too Good to be True? pp. 66-79 Downloads
Zhihong Wang, Tien‐Shih Hsieh and Joseph Sarkis
How Does Entrepreneurial and International Orientation Influence SMEs' Commitment to Sustainable Development? Empirical Evidence from Spain and Mexico pp. 80-94 Downloads
Silvia Ayuso and Francisco Ernesto Navarrete‐Báez
SA 8000 as a Tool for a Sustainable Development Strategy pp. 95-105 Downloads
Gilberto Santos, Federica Murmura and Laura Bravi
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management Invites Contributions for a Special Issue on ‘Sustainable Innovation: Processes, Strategies, and Outcomes’ pp. 106-109 Downloads
Lorenzo Ardito, Javier Carrillo‐Hermosilla, Pablo del Río and Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo
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