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Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management

2002 - 2024

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Volume 26, issue 6, 2019

Towards a conceptual understanding of sustainability‐driven entrepreneurship pp. 1157-1170 Downloads
Stuti Haldar
Sustainable development and human resource management: A science mapping approach pp. 1171-1183 Downloads
Monica Santana and Alvaro Lopez‐Cabrales
A study of corporate social responsibility practices of the top Bombay Stock Exchange 500 companies in India and their alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals pp. 1184-1205 Downloads
Anushree Poddar, Sapna A. Narula and Ambika Zutshi
Does religion benefit corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Evidence from China pp. 1206-1221 Downloads
Kun Su
The impact of changes in stakeholder salience on corporate social responsibility activities in Russian energy firms: A contribution to the divergence/convergence debate pp. 1222-1234 Downloads
Alina Benyaminova, Martin Mathews, Paul Langley and Alison Rieple
Strategic responses of stigmatized Chinese manufacturing firms to formal and informal environmental regulative pressures through enhanced corporate social responsibility effort pp. 1235-1260 Downloads
Jia Xu, Jiuchang Wei and Haipeng (Allan) Chen
Framework for stakeholder collaboration in harnessing corporate social responsibility implementation in tourist destination to build community adaptive capacity to climate change pp. 1261-1271 Downloads
Putu Indah Rahmawati, Min Jiang and Terry DeLacy
Consumers' perception on corporate social responsibility: Evidence from Vietnam pp. 1272-1284 Downloads
Yung‐Fu Huang, Manh‐Hoang Do and Vimal Kumar
How corporate social (ir)responsibility in the textile sector is defined, and its impact on ethical sustainability: An analysis of 133 concepts pp. 1285-1306 Downloads
Arturo Luque and Noelia Herrero‐García
The impact of country‐level institutional differences on corporate social responsibility disclosure engagement pp. 1307-1320 Downloads
Zeineb Miniaoui, Faten Chibani and Khaled Hussainey
Stakeholder engagement mechanisms and their contribution to eco‐innovation: Differentiated effects of communication and cooperation pp. 1321-1332 Downloads
Concepción Garcés‐Ayerbe, Pilar Rivera‐Torres and Inés Suárez‐Perales
The effect of corporate social performance on the financial performance of business‐to‐business and business‐to‐consumer firms pp. 1333-1350 Downloads
Jonathan Luffarelli, Panos Markou, Antonios Stamatogiannakis and Dilney Gonçalves
Creating shared value using materiality analysis: Strategies from the mining industry pp. 1351-1360 Downloads
Cesar Saenz
Corporate social responsibility and employee performance: Mediation role of job satisfaction and affective commitment pp. 1361-1370 Downloads
Joana S. P. Story and Filipa Castanheira
Does board diversity affect quality of corporate social responsibility disclosure? Evidence from Pakistan pp. 1371-1381 Downloads
Ismail Khan, Imran Khan and Bilal bin Saeed
Corporate images and customer behavioral intentions in an environmentally certified context: Promoting environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry pp. 1382-1391 Downloads
Patricia Martínez, Ángel Herrero and Raquel Gómez‐López
Analyst coverage and forecast accuracy when CSR reports improve stakeholder engagement: The Global Reporting Initiative‐International Finance Corporation disclosure strategy pp. 1392-1406 Downloads
Isabel María García‐Sánchez, María‐Elena Gómez‐Miranda, Fátima David and Lazaro Rodríguez‐Ariza
Socially responsible investing and the performance of Eurozone corporate bond portfolios pp. 1407-1422 Downloads
Patrícia Pereira, Maria Céu Cortez and Florinda Silva
Socially responsible investment: An analysis of the structure of preferences of savers pp. 1423-1434 Downloads
Antonio Chamorro‐Mera and María Manuela Palacios‐González
Certified Benefit Corporations as a new way to make sustainable business: The Italian example pp. 1435-1445 Downloads
Patrizia Gazzola, Daniele Grechi, Paola Ossola and Enrica Pavione
The impact of environmental, social, and governance performance on stock prices: Evidence from the banking industry pp. 1446-1456 Downloads
María Mar Miralles‐Quirós, José Luis Miralles‐Quirós and Jesús Redondo‐Hernández
Sustainable compensation policies and its effect on environmental, social, and governance scores pp. 1457-1472 Downloads
Elisa Baraibar‐Diez, María D. Odriozola and José Luis Fernández Sánchez
Key strategies, resources, and capabilities for implementing circular economy in industrial small and medium enterprises pp. 1473-1484 Downloads
Vanessa Prieto‐Sandoval, Carmen Jaca, Javier Santos, Rupert J. Baumgartner and Marta Ormazabal
The impact of women leaders on environmental performance: Evidence on gender diversity in banks pp. 1485-1499 Downloads
Giuliana Birindelli, Antonia Patrizia Iannuzzi and Marco Savioli
Global sustainability under uncertainty: How do multinationals craft regulatory policies? pp. 1500-1516 Downloads
Christopher Durugbo and Joseph Amankwah‐Amoah
A cross‐national comparison of transparency signaling in corporate social responsibility reporting: The United States, South Korea, and China cases pp. 1517-1529 Downloads
Hyejoon Rim, Jisu Kim and Chuqing Dong
Does the stock market value corporate environmental performance? Some perils of static regression models pp. 1530-1538 Downloads
Kazumi Endo
Gender policies on board of directors and sustainable development pp. 1539-1553 Downloads
María del Carmen Valls Martínez, Salvador Cruz Rambaud and Isabel María Parra Oller
Sustainable development and the rating effects: A strategic categorization approach pp. 1554-1564 Downloads
Guangtao Zeng and Yuehua Xu
Socially responsible investment returns and news: Evidence from Asia pp. 1565-1578 Downloads
Meng‐Feng Yen, Yung‐Ming Shiu and Chi‐Feng Wang
Promoting environmental performance through green human resource management practices in higher education institutions: A moderated mediation model pp. 1579-1590 Downloads
Faheem Gul Gilal, Zubaida Ashraf, Naeem Gul Gilal, Rukhsana Gul Gilal and Nisar Ahmed Channa
How pressure from stakeholders affects integrated reporting quality pp. 1591-1606 Downloads
Filippo Vitolla, Nicola Raimo, Michele Rubino and Antonello Garzoni
Sustainability management emergence and integration on different management levels in smaller large‐sized companies in Austria pp. 1607-1626 Downloads
Aisma Linda Kiesnere and Rupert J. Baumgartner
Environmental, social, governance: Implications for businesses and effects for stakeholders pp. 1627-1628 Downloads
Robert Engle, Marina Brogi, Nicola Cucari and Valentina Lagasio

Volume 26, issue 5, 2019

Sustainable innovation: Processes, strategies, and outcomes pp. 1009-1011 Downloads
Lorenzo Ardito, Javier Carrillo‐Hermosilla, Pablo del Río and Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo
Understanding sustainable innovation: A systematic literature review pp. 1012-1025 Downloads
Valentina Cillo, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli, Lorenzo Ardito and Manlio Del Giudice
The role of networks and sustainable intrapreneurship as interactive drivers catalyzing the adoption of sustainable innovation pp. 1026-1048 Downloads
Chiara Pellegrini, Eleonora Annunziata, Francesco Rizzi and Marco Frey
Innovation for sustainable development in the food industry: Retro and forward‐looking innovation approaches to improve quality and healthiness pp. 1049-1062 Downloads
Verónica León‐Bravo, Antonella Moretto, Raffaella Cagliano and Federico Caniato
Strategies, practices, and tensions in managing business model innovation for sustainability: The case of an Australian BCorp pp. 1063-1072 Downloads
Wendy Stubbs
Innovation strategies of energy firms pp. 1073-1085 Downloads
María Teresa Costa‐Campi, Néstor Duch‐Brown and José García‐Quevedo
Assessing the determinants of performance in the recycling business: Evidence from the Italian context pp. 1086-1099 Downloads
Maria Vittoria Franceschelli, Gabriele Santoro, Elisa Giacosa and Roberto Quaglia
The missing links? The indirect impacts of drivers on eco‐innovation pp. 1100-1118 Downloads
Keshminder Js and Pablo del Río
Sustainable business model innovation and acceptance of its practices among Spanish entrepreneurs pp. 1119-1134 Downloads
Alberto Peralta, Javier Carrillo‐Hermosilla and Fernando Crecente
Transitioning towards the bio‐economy: Assessing the social dimension through a stakeholder lens pp. 1135-1153 Downloads
Pasquale Marcello Falcone, Sara González García, Enrica Imbert, Lucía Lijó, María Teresa Moreira, Almona Tani, Valentina Elena Tartiu and Piergiuseppe Morone

Volume 26, issue 4, 2019

Corporate governance and environmental social governance disclosure: A meta‐analytical review pp. 701-711 Downloads
Valentina Lagasio and Nicola Cucari
A review of corporate social responsibility in developed and developing nations pp. 712-720 Downloads
Eliza Sharma
Institutional pressures on corporate social responsibility strategy in construction corporations: The role of internal motivations pp. 721-740 Downloads
Xiaodong Li, Xiaojiang Gao‐Zeller, Tracey E. Rizzuto and Fan Yang
Users' motivations to participate in the sharing economy: Moving from profits toward sustainable development pp. 741-751 Downloads
Patrizia Gazzola, Elena‐Mădălina Vătămănescu, Andreia Gabriela Andrei and Chiara Marrapodi
Corporate responsibility and the social risk of new mining technologies pp. 752-760 Downloads
Julia Keenan, Deanna Kemp and John Owen
The impact of corporate social responsibility on customer loyalty in hypermarkets: A new socially responsible strategy pp. 761-769 Downloads
Pedro Cuesta‐Valiño, Pablo Gutiérrez Rodríguez and Estela Núñez‐Barriopedro
Paradoxical tensions and corporate sustainability: A focus on circular economy business cases pp. 770-780 Downloads
Tiberio Daddi, Domenico Ceglia, Guia Bianchi and Marcia Dutra de Barcellos
Prevention is better than cure—Environmental management measures in hospitals pp. 781-790 Downloads
Christin Seifert and Edeltraud Guenther
Factors influencing the level of environmental disclosures in sustainability reports: Case of climate risk disclosure by Brazilian companies pp. 791-804 Downloads
Daniel Kouloukoui, Ângelo Marcio Oliveira Sant'Anna, Sônia Maria da Silva Gomes, Marcia Mara de Oliveira Marinho, Pieter de Jong, Asher Kiperstok and Ednildo Andrade Torres
Sustainability and sustainable development strategies in the U.K. plastic electronics industry pp. 805-818 Downloads
Helen Borland, Yohan Bhatti and Adam Lindgreen
Does corporate social responsibility affect tax avoidance: Evidence from family firms pp. 819-831 Downloads
Eva López‐González, Jennifer Martínez‐Ferrero and Emma García‐Meca
Impact of disclosure and assurance quality of corporate sustainability reports on access to finance pp. 832-848 Downloads
Isabel‐María García‐Sánchez, Nazim Hussain, Jennifer Martínez‐Ferrero and Emiliano Ruiz‐Barbadillo
When are internal and external corporate social responsibility initiatives amplified? Employee engagement in corporate social responsibility initiatives on prosocial and proactive behaviors pp. 849-858 Downloads
Won‐Moo Hur, Tae‐Won Moon and Wook‐Hee Choi
The influence of financial performance on corporate social innovation pp. 859-871 Downloads
Daniel Alonso‐Martínez, Nuria González‐Álvarez and Mariano Nieto
Give or take? Consumers' ambivalent perspectives on the relationship between a firm's corporate social responsibility engagement and its responsible tax payments pp. 872-884 Downloads
Anat Toder‐Alon, Eyal Rosenstreich and Tali Te'eni Harari
Corporate social responsibility strategies: Past research and future challenges pp. 885-901 Downloads
Ana Nave and Joao Ferreira
Product recall as a way of responsible management of a firm: The roles of corporate social responsibility and board members' sense of ownership pp. 902-915 Downloads
Hannah Oh, John Bae, Sang‐Joon Kim and Ryan Choi
Corporate social responsibility in higher education pp. 916-928 Downloads
Aminah Abdul Rahman, Pavel Castka and Tyron Love
Green human resource management and job pursuit intention: Examining the underlying processes pp. 929-937 Downloads
Richa Chaudhary
Are cultural values sufficient to improve stakeholder engagement human and labour rights issues? pp. 938-955 Downloads
Mitzi Cubilla‐Montilla, Ana‐Belén Nieto‐Librero, Ma Purificación Galindo‐Villardón, Ma Purificación Vicente Galindo and Isabel‐María Garcia‐Sanchez
Does corporate philanthropic giving reduce analyst earnings dispersion? Evidence from Korea pp. 956-964 Downloads
Hong‐Min Chun
Understanding corporate social responsibility with cross‐cultural differences: A deeper look at religiosity pp. 965-971 Downloads
Qamar Farooq, Yunhong Hao and Xuan Liu
CEOs' religious beliefs and the environmental innovation of private enterprises: The moderating role of political ties pp. 972-980 Downloads
Zhongju Liao, Jincai Dong, Chen Weng and Chen Shen
Reporting on sustainable development: A comparison of three Italian small and medium‐sized enterprises pp. 981-996 Downloads
Laura Girella, Stefano Zambon and Paola Rossi
Institutional bricolage as an antecedent of social value creation in a developing country's tourism and hospitality industry pp. 997-1008 Downloads
Andrew Ngawenja Mzembe, Yvonne Novakovic, Frans Melissen and Grace Kamanga

Volume 26, issue 3, 2019

Sustainable development and corporate governance in the financial system: Are environmentally friendly banks less risky? pp. 529-547 Downloads
Francesco Gangi, Antonio Meles, Eugenio D'Angelo and Lucia Michela Daniele
How and when corporate social responsibility affects salespeople's organizational citizenship behaviors?: The moderating role of ethics and justice pp. 548-558 Downloads
Sandra Castro‐González, Belén Bande and Takuma Kimura
Effect of corporate social responsibility disclosure on firms' sales performance: A perspective of stakeholder engagement and theory pp. 559-566 Downloads
Abdul Waheed and Jianhua Yang
Value for the calorie?—Corporate social responsibility and benchmarking analysis of calorie efficiency in food retailing pp. 567-575 Downloads
Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Iben Sommer and Gitte Laub Hansen
Environmental, social, and governance and company profitability: Are financial intermediaries different? pp. 576-587 Downloads
Marina Brogi and Valentina Lagasio
Business contribution to the Sustainable Development Agenda: Organizational factors related to early adoption of SDG reporting pp. 588-597 Downloads
Francesco Rosati and Lourenço Galvão Diniz Faria
National institutions, stakeholder engagement, and firms' environmental, social, and governance performance pp. 598-611 Downloads
Eduardo Ortas, Isabel Gallego‐Álvarez and Igor Álvarez
An international approach of the relationship between board attributes and the disclosure of corporate social responsibility issues pp. 612-627 Downloads
María Consuelo Pucheta‐Martínez and Isabel Gallego‐Álvarez
The effects of female executives on corporate philanthropy in China pp. 628-643 Downloads
Cisheng Wu, Hui Guang, Jing Xu and Sijia Wang
Do corporate social responsibility ratings affect credit default swap spreads? pp. 644-652 Downloads
Danilo Drago, Concetta Carnevale and Raffaele Gallo
Bridging market demand, proactivity, and technology competence with eco‐innovations: The moderating role of innovation openness pp. 653-663 Downloads
Yi‐Chuan Liao and Kuen‐Hung Tsai
Corporate sustainability performance measurement based on a new multicriteria sorting method pp. 664-680 Downloads
Füsun Küçükbay and Ebru Sürücü
Does corporate social responsibility encourage sustainable innovation adoption? Empirical evidence from Luxembourg pp. 681-689 Downloads
Nicolas Poussing
A social conflict diagnostic tool for application in the mining industry: A case study in Peru pp. 690-700 Downloads
Cesar Saenz

Volume 26, issue 2, 2019

Firms with benefits: A systematic review of responsible entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility literature pp. 265-284 Downloads
Sarah Tiba, Frank J. van Rijnsoever and Marko P. Hekkert
Investment in intangible resources and capabilities spurs sustainable competitive advantage and firm performance pp. 285-295 Downloads
Sher Zaman Khan, Qing Yang and Abdul Waheed
Building legitimacy and trust between a mining company and a community to earn social license to operate: A Peruvian case study pp. 296-306 Downloads
Cesar Saenz
Determinants of the implementation of environmental risk indicators: Empirical evidence from the Italian manufacturing context pp. 307-316 Downloads
Rita Lamboglia, Francesco Paolone and Daniela Mancini
Navigating tensions in a cross‐sector social partnership: How a convener drives change for sustainability pp. 317-329 Downloads
Iteke van Hille, Frank de Bakker, Julie E. Ferguson and Peter Groenewegen
Do green motives influence green product innovation? The mediating role of green value co‐creation pp. 330-340 Downloads
Ching‐Hsun Chang
The role of innovation for performance improvement through corporate social responsibility practices among small and medium‐sized suppliers in China pp. 341-350 Downloads
Qinghua Zhu, Fei Zou and Pan Zhang
Corporate governance and sustainable business conduct—Effects of board monitoring effectiveness and stakeholder engagement on corporate sustainability performance and disclosure choices pp. 351-366 Downloads
Bart Manning, Geert Braam and Daniel Reimsbach
Institutional transitions and the role of financial performance in CSR reporting pp. 367-376 Downloads
Weizhang Sun, Chunguang Zhao and Charles H. Cho
Consumer's response to CSR activities: Mediating role of brand image and brand attitude pp. 377-387 Downloads
Kumar Ramesh, Raiswa Saha, Susoban Goswami, Sekar and Richa Dahiya
What makes consumers respond to creating shared value strategy? Considering consumers as stakeholders in sustainable development pp. 388-395 Downloads
Su‐Jung Nam and Hyesun Hwang
Does it pay to be forthcoming? Evidence from CSR disclosure and equity market liquidity pp. 396-407 Downloads
Jared F. Egginton and Garrett A. McBrayer
The importance of official certifications in globalized companies' performance: An empirical approach to the shipbuilding industry pp. 408-415 Downloads
Lorena Para‐González and Carlos Mascaraque‐Ramírez
The importance of corporate social responsibility for responsible consumption: Exploring moral motivations of consumers pp. 416-423 Downloads
Urša Golob, Klement Podnar, Mateja Kos Koklič and Vesna Zabkar
Promoting employee's proenvironmental behavior through green human resource management practices pp. 424-438 Downloads
Bilal Bin Saeed, Bilal Afsar, Shakir Hafeez, Imran Khan, Muhammad Tahir and Muhammad Asim Afridi
Can environmental, social, and governance rating agencies favor business models that promote a more sustainable development? pp. 439-452 Downloads
María Jesús Muñoz‐Torres, María Ángeles Fernández‐Izquierdo, Juana M. Rivera‐Lirio and Elena Escrig‐Olmedo
How to achieve sustainability?—Employee's point of view on company's culture and CSR practice pp. 453-467 Downloads
Wioleta Kucharska and Rafał Kowalczyk
Obfuscation versus enhancement as corporate social responsibility disclosure strategies pp. 468-480 Downloads
Jennifer Martínez‐Ferrero, Oscar Suárez‐Fernández and Isabel‐María García‐Sánchez
Sustainable development and supply chain coordination: The impact of corporate social responsibility rules in the European Union food industry pp. 481-491 Downloads
Stefanella Stranieri, Luigi Orsi, Alessandro Banterle and Elena Claire Ricci
Stakeholder engagement in green place branding: A focus on user‐generated content pp. 492-501 Downloads
Diletta Acuti, Laura Grazzini, Valentina Mazzoli and Gaetano Aiello
How does CEO pay slice influence corporate social responsibility? U.S.–Canadian versus Spanish–French listed firms pp. 502-517 Downloads
Habib Jouber
Appreciations, criticisms, determinants, and effects of integrated reporting: A systematic literature review pp. 518-528 Downloads
Filippo Vitolla, Nicola Raimo and Michele Rubino

Volume 26, issue 1, 2019

Internal corporate sustainability drivers: What evidence from family firms? A literature review and research agenda pp. 1-18 Downloads
Laura Broccardo, Elisa Truant and Adrian Zicari
The relationship between corporate social responsibility and sustainable financial performance: firm‐level evidence from Taiwan pp. 19-28 Downloads
Tony Chieh-Tse Hou
Integrated reporting: The mediating role of the board of directors and investor protection on managerial discretion in munificent environments pp. 29-45 Downloads
Isabel‐María García‐Sánchez, Jennifer Martínez‐Ferrero and María‐Antonia Garcia‐Benau
The engagement of auditors in the reporting of corporate social responsibility information pp. 46-56 Downloads
María Consuelo Pucheta‐Martínez, Inmaculada Bel‐Oms and Lúcia Lima Rodrigues
Women in top positions on boards of directors: Gender policies disclosed in Italian sustainability reporting pp. 57-70 Downloads
Katia Furlotti, Tatiana Mazza, Veronica Tibiletti and Silvia Triani
The link between socially responsible human resource management and intellectual capital pp. 71-81 Downloads
Jesus Barrena‐Martinez, Macarena López‐Fernández and Pedro M. Romero‐Fernández
Women on boards and efficiency in a business‐orientated environment pp. 82-96 Downloads
María Victoria Uribe‐Bohorquez, Jennifer Martínez‐Ferrero and Isabel‐María García‐Sánchez
Consumer behavior and corporate social responsibility: An evaluation by a choice experiment pp. 97-105 Downloads
Flavio Boccia, Rosa Malgeri Manzo and Daniela Covino
Reporting on supply chain sustainability: Measurement using item response theory pp. 106-116 Downloads
Sheila Mendes Fernandes and Antonio Cezar Bornia
Reversing the lens: Why corporate social responsibility is not community development pp. 117-126 Downloads
Sharon McLennan and Glenn Banks
An extension of the industrial corporate social responsibility practices index: New information for stakeholder engagement under a multivariate approach pp. 127-140 Downloads
Víctor Amor‐Esteban, Ma‐Purificación Galindo‐Villardón, Isabel‐María García‐Sánchez and Fátima David
Corporate social responsibility information and involvement strategies in controversial industries pp. 141-151 Downloads
Agostino Vollero, Francesca Conte, Alfonso Siano and Claudia Covucci
The involvement of telecommunication industry in the road to corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility commitment pp. 152-158 Downloads
Tsitaire Jean Arrive, Mei Feng, Yafen Yan and Samwel Macharia Chege
Managerial attributes, consumer proximity, and corporate environmental performance pp. 159-169 Downloads
Cecile K. Cho, Theresa S. Cho and Jessie Lee
Diversity in the workplace: An overview of disability employment disclosures among UK firms pp. 170-185 Downloads
Nadeem Khan, Nada Korac‐Kakabadse, Antonis Skouloudis and Andreas Dimopoulos
The diffusion of corporate social responsibility through social network ties: From the perspective of strategic imitation pp. 186-198 Downloads
Hailiang Zou, Xuemei Xie, Xiaohua Meng and Mengyu Yang
Investigating and analysing the factors affecting the development of sustainable supply chain model in the industrial sectors pp. 199-212 Downloads
Davood Andalib Ardakani and Asieh Soltanmohammadi
Motivating corporate social responsibility practices under customer pressure among small‐ and medium‐sized suppliers in China: The role of dynamic capabilities pp. 213-226 Downloads
Seok‐Beom Choi, Yunting Feng, Junjun Liu and Qinghua Zhu
Effective Green Alliances: An analysis of how environmental nongovernmental organizations affect corporate sustainability programs pp. 227-237 Downloads
Maggie Ka Ka Lee
Socially responsible companies: Are they the best workplace for millennials? A cross‐national analysis pp. 238-247 Downloads
María Del Mar Alonso‐Almeida and Josep Llach
Executives' excess compensation, legitimacy, and environmental information disclosure in Chinese heavily polluting companies: The moderating role of media pressure pp. 248-256 Downloads
Qiang Li, Tian Li, Hongtao Chen, Erwei Xiang and Wenjuan Ruan
Do female directors influence firms' environmental innovation? The moderating role of ownership type pp. 257-263 Downloads
Zhongju Liao, Manting Zhang and Xiaopeng Wang
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