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Volume 44, issue C, 2013

A theory of norm compliance: Punishment and reputation pp. 1-6 Downloads
Shinji Teraji
The type and duration of family unions and income sharing: The implications for women's economic well-being pp. 7-15 Downloads
Nevena Kulic
Material needs and aggregate demand pp. 16-26 Downloads
Eric Kemp-Benedict
The indirect effect of fine particulate matter on health through individuals’ life-style pp. 27-36 Downloads
Cinzia Di Novi
Tempting righteous citizens? Counterintuitive effects of increasing sanctions in the realm of organized crime pp. 37-40 Downloads
Tim Friehe
Regulation, trust, and cronyism in Middle Eastern societies: The simple economics of “wasta” pp. 41-46 Downloads
Andy Barnett, Bruce Yandle and George Naufal
The stage of development among former communist economies: Social capital, the middle class and democracy pp. 47-58 Downloads
Pasquale Tridico
Inflation expectations formation in the presence of policy shifts and structural breaks: An experimental analysis pp. 59-67 Downloads
Luís Ricardo Maertens Odria and Gabriel Rodríguez
Cooperation limitations under a one-time threat of expulsion and punishment pp. 68-74 Downloads
Aaron Lowen and Pamela Schmitt
Factors affecting soldiers’ time preference: A field study in Israel pp. 75-84 Downloads
Tal Shavit, Eyal Lahav and Uri Benzion
Estimating the effects of procrastination on performance: A small sample study pp. 85-90 Downloads
Kazuki Onji
Intelligence and bribing behavior in a one-shot game pp. 91-96 Downloads
Philip Shaw, William F. Vásquez and Mark LeClair
Where to snuff the puff? Relative effectiveness of U.S. smoking control policies pp. 97-102 Downloads
Rajeev Goel
The role of ideological change in India's economic liberalization pp. 103-111 Downloads
Nimish Adhia
Reconciling gender differences in the returns to education in self-employment: Does occupation matter? pp. 112-119 Downloads
Kristen Roche
Factors influencing adult earnings: Findings from a nationally representative sample pp. 120-125 Downloads
Adrian Furnham and Helen Cheng
Does access to information technology make people happier? Insights from well-being surveys from around the world pp. 126-139 Downloads
Carol Graham and Milena Nikolova
Cognitive ability and the division of labor in urban ghettos: Evidence from gang activity in U.S. data pp. 140-149 Downloads
Richard Seals and Liliana V. Stern
Voluntary formation of centralized sanctioning institutions pp. 150-159 Downloads
Lauri Sääksvuori

Volume 43, issue C, 2013

Scitovsky and the income-happiness paradox pp. 1-10 Downloads
Maurizio Pugno
Child poverty and the reform of family cash benefits pp. 11-23 Downloads
Manuela Arcanjo, Amélia Bastos, Francisco Nunes and J. Passos
Social capital and diffusion of water system innovations in the Makanya watershed, Tanzania pp. 24-36 Downloads
S.D. Tumbo, K.D. Mutabazi, K.F.G. Masuki, F.B. Rwehumbiza, H.F. Mahoo, S.J. Nindi and J.G. Mowo
Status, identification and in-group favouritism of the unemployed compared to other social categories pp. 37-43 Downloads
Ingrid Wahl, Maria Pollai and Erich Kirchler
Dictator game giving and norms of redistribution: Does giving in the dictator game parallel with the supporting of income redistribution in the field? pp. 44-48 Downloads
Timo Tammi
Schools, ability, and the socioeconomic gradient in education choices pp. 49-59 Downloads
Torberg Falch and Bjarne Strøm
On anti-smoking regulations and tobacco consumption pp. 60-67 Downloads
Nazmi Sari
Merger wave in a small world: Two views pp. 68-71 Downloads
Li Way Lee
Quality of social networks and educational investment decisions pp. 72-82 Downloads
Blanca Zuluaga
Income, civic participation and achieving greater democracy pp. 83-92 Downloads
Levin-Waldman, Oren M.

Volume 42, issue C, 2013

Divergent historical experiences and inequality in academic achievement: The case of Poland pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mikolaj Herbst and Steven Rivkin
Experienced utility versus decision utility: Putting the ‘S’ in satisfaction pp. 13-23 Downloads
Steven Carter and Michael McBride
An agent based model for studying optimal tax collection policy using experimental data: The cases of Chile and Italy pp. 24-30 Downloads
Nicolás Garrido and Luigi Mittone
Buyers pay for and sellers invest in a good reputation: More evidence from eBay pp. 31-42 Downloads
Wojtek Przepiorka
The moral consequences of economic growth: An empirical investigation pp. 43-50 Downloads
Lewis S. Davis and Matthew Knauss
Determinants of subjective well-being in high and low income countries: Do happiness equations differ across countries? pp. 51-66 Downloads
Francesco Sarracino
Social conformity and suicide pp. 67-78 Downloads
Anna Bussu, Claudio Detotto and Valerio Sterzi
Multiple tournaments and sustained defection: Why do negotiations fail to secure resource access between pastoral and agropastoral groups in Ethiopia? pp. 79-87 Downloads
Fekadu Beyene
Stemming the tide of obesity: What needs to happen pp. 88-98 Downloads
John Tomer
Do bidders require a monetary premium for cognitive effort in an auction? pp. 99-105 Downloads
Mosi Rosenboim, Tal Shavit and Chen Cohen
The effects of community social capital on school performance: A spatial approach pp. 106-111 Downloads
Kaustav Misra, Paul Grimes and Kevin E. Rogers
The effects of individual judgments about selection procedures: Results from a power-to-resist game pp. 112-120 Downloads
Vanessa Mertins, Henrik Egbert and Tanja Könen
Repeated play and gender in the ultimatum game pp. 121-126 Downloads
Peter McGee and Stelios Constantinides
Stakeholder theory: Some revisionist suggestions pp. 127-135 Downloads
Jan Tullberg
Seasonal affective disorder: onset and recovery pp. 136-139 Downloads
Mohammed Khaled and Stephen Keef

Volume 41, issue 6, 2012

A liberal and rhetorical reply pp. 749-752 Downloads
Deirdre N. McCloskey
A behavioral approach to the political and economic inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations pp. 753-756 Downloads
Peter Boettke
Discovering rhetoric: The ecology of enterprise in the Bourgeois Era pp. 757-762 Downloads
Adam Martin
Dignity and development pp. 763-771 Downloads
Claudia Williamson
What can sociology teach us about the ideational origins of modernity? Comments on McCloskey's Bourgeois Dignity pp. 772-775 Downloads
Joshua T. McCabe
Morality and aspiration in Bourgeois Dignity pp. 776-782 Downloads
Kevin Vallier
Of talk, economics, love and innovation pp. 783-786 Downloads
Ross Emmett
Talk changes things: The implications of McCloskey's Bourgeois Dignity for historical inquiry pp. 787-791 Downloads
Nona Martin and Virgil Storr
How capitalism and the bourgeois virtues transformed and humanized the family pp. 792-795 Downloads
Steven Horwitz
Lay actions in the face of crisis—Swedish citizens’ actions in response to the global financial crisis of 2008 pp. 796-805 Downloads
Inga-Lill Söderberg and Misse Wester
Ignorance is not bliss: On the role of education in subjective well-being pp. 806-815 Downloads
Pavel Yakovlev and Susane Leguizamon
Income earning opportunity and work performance affect donating behavior: Evidence from dictator game experiments pp. 816-826 Downloads
Kazuhito Ogawa, Toru Takemoto, Hiromasa Takahashi and Akihiro Suzuki
Patient compliance, physician empathy and financial incentives within a principal-agent framework pp. 827-830 Downloads
Yosef Mealem, Erez Siniver and Gideon Yaniv
For compassion or money? The factors influencing the funding of micro loans pp. 831-835 Downloads
Lauren Heller and Kayla D. Badding
Factors affecting completion of a matched savings program: Impacts of time preference, discount rate, and financial hardship pp. 836-842 Downloads
Kim Manturuk, Jessica Dorrance and Sarah Riley
Ethical crises in the international political economy pp. 843-848 Downloads
Jesse Russell

Volume 41, issue 5, 2012

Using econometric analysis of willingness-to-pay to investigate economic efficiency and equity of domestic water services in the West Bank pp. 485-494 Downloads
Ibrahim M. Awad
On some flaws of university rankings: The example of the SCImago report pp. 495-499 Downloads
Louis de Mesnard
Assessment of multidimensional poverty and effectiveness of microfinance-driven government and NGO projects in the rural Bangladesh pp. 500-512 Downloads
Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury and Pundarik Mukhopadhaya
Access to microfinance and intra household business decision making: Implication for efficiency of female owned enterprises in Ghana pp. 513-518 Downloads
Wisdom Akpalu, Samuel Erasmus Alnaa and Peter B. Aglobitse
The preponderant causes of the USA banking crisis 2007–08 pp. 519-528 Downloads
Eduardo Pol
The economists and the primitive societies pp. 529-540 Downloads
Roberto Marchionatti
See you on Facebook! A framework for analyzing the role of computer-mediated interaction in the evolution of social capital pp. 541-547 Downloads
Angelo Antoci, Fabio Sabatini and Mauro Sodini
Axiomatic measurement of multidimensional well-being inequality: Some distributional questions pp. 548-557 Downloads
Elisabetta Croci Angelini and Alessandra Michelangeli
Group decision-making: An economic analysis of social influence and individual difference in experimental juries pp. 558-573 Downloads
Michelle Baddeley and Sophia Parkinson
Effects of financial insecurity on social interactions pp. 574-583 Downloads
Hope Corman, Kelly Noonan, Nancy E. Reichman and Jennifer Schultz
Why do spouses hide income? pp. 584-593 Downloads
Hazel Jean Malapit
Economic and behavioral factors in an individual's decision to take the influenza vaccination in Japan pp. 594-602 Downloads
Yoshiro Tsutsui, Uri Benzion and Shosh Shahrabani
Confidence in the economy in times of crisis: Social representations of experts and laypeople pp. 603-614 Downloads
Katharina Gangl, Barbara Kastlunger, Erich Kirchler and Martin Voracek
The impact of income inequality on values and attitudes pp. 615-622 Downloads
Frederic L. Pryor
Impacts of financial crisis on social engagement in Hong Kong pp. 623-632 Downloads
Chau-kiu Cheung and Sik Hung Ng
The organization of an ethnic economy: Urban black communities in the early twentieth century pp. 633-641 Downloads
Robert L. Boyd
Walking in the shoes of others: Experimental testing of dual-interest and empathy in environmental choice pp. 642-653 Downloads
Natalia V. Czap, Hans J. Czap, Marianna Khachaturyan, Gary D. Lynne and Mark Burbach
… Do as the Romans do. A model of conformity with the endogenous formation of preferences pp. 654-658 Downloads
Viviana Di Giovinazzo and Ahmad Naimzada
Why without pay? Intrinsic motivation in the unpaid labour supply pp. 659-669 Downloads
Bruna Bruno and Damiano Fiorillo
Does self-employment contribute to national happiness? pp. 670-676 Downloads
Sana Harbi and Gilles Grolleau
Implications of behavioural economics for financial literacy and public policy pp. 677-690 Downloads
Morris Altman
Relational aspects of decisions to sell pp. 697-704 Downloads
Therese Jefferson and Ross Taplin
Being the best or doing the right thing? An investigation of positional, prosocial and conformist preferences in provision of public goods pp. 705-711 Downloads
Gilles Grolleau, Lisette Ibanez and Naoufel Mzoughi
On “lab rats” pp. 714-720 Downloads
Pablo Guillen and Róbert Veszteg
A critical note on the role of the capability approach for sustainability economics pp. 721-725 Downloads
Martin Binder and Ulrich Witt
Self-report to self-control? A note pp. 727-729 Downloads
Florian Baumann and Tim Friehe
Boundedly rational banks’ contribution to the credit cycle pp. 730-737 Downloads
Tobias F. Rötheli
Red light, green light: Color priming in financial decisions pp. 738-745 Downloads
Doron Kliger and Dalia Gilad

Volume 41, issue 4, 2012

Rationality, fairness and the cost of distrust pp. 345-349 Downloads
Göran Bostedt and Runar Brännlund
Poverty dynamics and disability: An empirical exercise using the European community household panel pp. 350-359 Downloads
C. Delia Dávila Quintana and Miguel Malo
Experience of technological and natural disasters and their impact on the perceived risk of nuclear accidents after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan 2011: A cross-country analysis pp. 360-363 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura
The role of preferences in disagreements over scientific hypothesis: Evidence on cognitive bias in formation of beliefs pp. 364-369 Downloads
Mitesh Kataria
Hair color and wages: Waitresses with blond hair have more fun pp. 370-372 Downloads
Nicolas Guéguen
The influence of religiosity on charitable behavior: A COPPS investigation pp. 373-383 Downloads
Sara Helms and Jeremy Thornton
No contract or unfair contract: What's better? pp. 384-390 Downloads
Lisa Bruttel and Gerald Eisenkopf
Determinants of willingness to pay for coastal zone quality improvement pp. 391-399 Downloads
George Halkos and Steriani Matsiori
Emulation and state-by-state variations in bankruptcy rates pp. 400-407 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson and Eduardo Saucedo
Does state spending on mental health lower suicide rates? pp. 408-417 Downloads
Justin Ross, Pavel Yakovlev and Fatima Carson
‘Spite effects’ in tax evasion experiments pp. 418-423 Downloads
John Cullis, Philip Jones and Amal Soliman
An analysis of well-being in retirement: The role of pensions, health, and ‘voluntariness’ of retirement pp. 424-433 Downloads
Keith Bender
It is not just escalation: The one dollar game revisited pp. 434-438 Downloads
Matteo Migheli
The role of attribution of causality in economic decision making pp. 439-444 Downloads
Gregory Gurevich, Doron Kliger and Bernard Weiner
Does labor contract completeness drive unionization? Experimental evidence pp. 445-454 Downloads
Sean Flynn and Michael Donnelly
Volunteering, pro-environmental attitudes and norms pp. 455-467 Downloads
María García-Valiñas, Alison Macintyre and Benno Torgler
The contribution of behavioral economics to tax reform in the United Kingdom pp. 468-475 Downloads
Simon James
Norms, moods, and free lunch: Longitudinal evidence on payments from a Pay-What-You-Want restaurant pp. 476-483 Downloads
Gerhard Riener and Christian Traxler

Volume 41, issue 3, 2012

Is the positional bias an artefact? Distinguishing positional concerns from egalitarian concerns pp. 277-283 Downloads
Jérémy Celse
A structural model of consumption: An application to China during the global financial crisis pp. 284-288 Downloads
Jan P. Voon and Jan Cham Voon
Uncertainty resolution in tax experiments: Why waiting for an audit increases compliance pp. 289-291 Downloads
Stephan Muehlbacher, Luigi Mittone, Barbara Kastlunger and Erich Kirchler
Trust, perceptions of corruption, and demand for regulation: Evidence from post-socialist countries pp. 292-303 Downloads
Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Peter Grajzl and A. Joseph Guse
Effects of positive attitude and optimism on wage and employment: A double selection approach pp. 304-316 Downloads
Madhu Sudan Mohanty
Work hours, social value of leisure and globalisation pp. 317-326 Downloads
Jørgen Drud Hansen, Hassan Molana, Catia Montagna and Jørgen Ulff-Møller Nielsen
Brothers are doing it for themselves?: Men's experiences of getting into and getting out of debt pp. 327-335 Downloads
Jackie Goode
Do you reward and punish in the way you think others expect you to? pp. 336-343 Downloads
Omar Al-Ubaydli and Min Sok Lee

Volume 41, issue 2, 2012

From absence to absenteeism? A qualitative cross case study of teachers’ views on sickness absence pp. 129-136 Downloads
Benedicte Carlsen
Stock investors’ preference for short-term vs. long-term bonuses pp. 137-142 Downloads
Martin Hedesström, Maria Andersson, Tommy Gärling and Anders Biel
Direct and indirect effects of happiness on wage: A simultaneous equations approach pp. 143-152 Downloads
Madhu S. Mohanty and Aman Ullah
Gender discrimination and self-employment dynamics in Europe pp. 153-158 Downloads
Donald Williams
Social norms and tax compliance: Framing the decision to pay tax pp. 159-168 Downloads
John Cullis, Philip Jones and Antonio Savoia
Risk information processing and rational ignoring in the health context pp. 169-179 Downloads
Barbara Osimani
Neighborhood effects of high unemployment rates: Welfare implications among different social groups pp. 180-188 Downloads
Peter Schwarz
From wage rigidity to labour market institution rigidity: A turning-point in explaining unemployment? pp. 189-197 Downloads
Marco Guerrazzi and Nicola Meccheri
Preferences, rational choices and economic valuation: Some empirical tests pp. 198-206 Downloads
Bénédicte Rulleau and Dachary-Bernard, Jeanne
From locality to continent: A comment on the generalization of an experimental study pp. 207-210 Downloads
Kenju Kamei
Fairness as a constraint on reciprocity: Playing simultaneously as dictator and trustee pp. 211-221 Downloads
Aaron Nicholas
A humanistic theory of economic behavior pp. 222-234 Downloads
Bernard C. Beaudreau
Transparency ‘footprints’ of Central Banks: The role of minutes/voting records pp. 235-247 Downloads
John Diamondopoulos
Preserving or escaping? On the welfare effects of environmental self-protective choices pp. 248-254 Downloads
Angelo Antoci and Simone Borghesi
Demand cross elasticity without substitutability: An experiment pp. 255-265 Downloads
Luigi Luini and Pierluigi Sabbatini
Trust and reciprocity among international groups: Experimental evidence from Austria and Japan pp. 266-276 Downloads
Kenju Akai and Robert Jiro Netzer

Volume 41, issue 1, 2012

Sex, self-interest and health care priorities pp. 1-7 Downloads
Tracey H. Sach and David K. Whynes
Education as a social agreement pp. 8-17 Downloads
Thomas Bassetti
Who will be idol? The importance of social networks for winning on reality shows pp. 18-25 Downloads
Heizler (Cohen), Odelia and Ayal Kimhi
What affects customer success when bargaining for a new car? Some empirical evidence pp. 26-30 Downloads
Ofer Azar
Inverted U-shaped conformism: An economic model of endogenous responses to the Joneses pp. 31-36 Downloads
Wai Chiu Woo
The neglected dimension of well-being: Analyzing the development of “conversion efficiency” in Great Britain pp. 37-47 Downloads
Martin Binder and Tom Broekel
Do you believe that others are more positional than you? Results from an empirical survey on positional concerns in France pp. 48-54 Downloads
Gilles Grolleau, Naoufel Mzoughi and Sandra Saïd
Intentions and ethical behavior in trust games pp. 55-63 Downloads
Pierre Lacour
Market economies and pro-social behavior: Experimental evidence from Central Asia pp. 64-71 Downloads
Stephen M. Rosenbaum, Stephan Billinger, Nils Stieglitz, Abdumalik Djumanov and Yerlan Atykhanov
Trust and financial trades: Lessons from an investment game where reciprocators can hide behind probabilities pp. 72-78 Downloads
Radu Vranceanu, Angela Sutan and Delphine Dubart
Willingness to contribute to collective forest management: Evidence from Godere in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia pp. 79-86 Downloads
Wondimagegnehu Girma and Fekadu Beyene
Communication, equity and the voluntary provision of a public good by heterogeneous groups pp. 87-94 Downloads
Kenneth Chan, Stuart Mestelman, R. Andrew Muller and Robert Moir
The importance of cultural and economic influences behind the decision to attend higher education pp. 95-103 Downloads
Mark Bowden and James Doughney
Do designated drivers and workplace policies effect alcohol consumption? pp. 104-109 Downloads
Wesley A. Austin and Rand Ressler
Determinants of a throwaway society – A sustainable consumption issue pp. 110-117 Downloads
John McCollough
The relative importance of selfishness and social capital motives pp. 118-127 Downloads
Lindon Robison, Robert Shupp, Songqing Jin, Marcelo E. Siles and Tawni Ferrarini
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