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Risk in Contemporary Economy

2011 - 2018

From "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
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The need for strategic management within the Romanian banking sector pp. 7-14 Downloads
Violeta Elena Dragoi, Lucretia Mariana Constantinescu and Larisa Elena Preda
Challenges in sustainable urban development at national level pp. 15-22 Downloads
Daniela Nechita
Analysis of the impact of real estate market evolution on fixed assets’ capitalization in Romanian companies, based on the econometric model pp. 23-33 Downloads
Riana Iren Radu, Iuliana Oana Mihai and Andrei Mirel Florea
The decline of crude oil price influence on the RON/EUR exchange rate pp. 34-42 Downloads
Ramona Dumitriu and Razvan Stefanescu
The impact of profit taxation on the financial solvency of economic agents pp. 43-55 Downloads
Valentin Marian Antohi and Monica Laura Zlati
Life quality’s healthcare component in Romania: A new regional approach pp. 56-75 Downloads
Romeo Victor Ionescu, Iulian Adrian Sorcaru and Ionica Soare
A benchmarking analysis of the economic development in Romania and Czech Republic pp. 76-85 Downloads
Cristinel Constantin and Adrian Micu
Public or private in online technology transfer? pp. 86-94 Downloads
Cezar Ionut Bichescu and Silvius Stanciu
Performance of manufactured and sold goods by direct costing method pp. 95-103 Downloads
Teodor Hada, Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu and Teodora Maria Avram
Accounting treatments and policies for biological assets from the perspective of IAS 41 - Agriculture pp. 104-113 Downloads
Monica Laura Zlati and Valentin Marian Antohi
Accounting issues related to timber industry specific operations pp. 114-117 Downloads
Madalina Antoniu and Florentina Moisescu
Urban marketing of the South East Region and territorial development pp. 118-125 Downloads
Daniela Nechita
The role and importance of transnational companies in the world economy pp. 126-131 Downloads
Ramona Mariana Calinica
Modeling organizational change – A major challenge pp. 132-138 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghe and Ioana Lazarescu
Analysis of export competitiveness of Romanian agricultural products pp. 139-157 Downloads
Mihaela-Carmen Muntean, Rozalia Nistor, Ludmila Daniela Manea and Florina Oana Virlanuta
Study of enterprise performance through value creation pp. 158-162 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Onica
Aspects regarding the evolution of the wine market in Romania pp. 163-170 Downloads
Cezar Ionut Bichescu and Silvius Stanciu
Methods of analyzing and assessing economic and financial risks pp. 171-182 Downloads
Valentin Sava, Manuela-Violeta Tureatca and Daniela Ludmila Manea
The importance and dynamics of foreign direct investment in the world economy pp. 183-188 Downloads
Ramona Mariana Calinica
Changes in the stocks prices behavior before and after the public holidays: case of Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 189-202 Downloads
Razvan Stefanescu and Ramona Dumitriu
The role of consulates in the protection of consciences and the cultural patrimony in historical communities pp. 203-207 Downloads
Рdriаnа MРTei
Drivers and consequences of income inequality pp. 208-214 Downloads
Arabela Ichim, Mihaela Neculita and Daniela Ancuta Sarpe
Analysis of public relations’ influence on the Romanian academic environment pp. 215-223 Downloads
Nicoleta Cristache, Carmen OPRIT Maftei, Georgeta Beatrice PETRACHE Lang and Cosmin Matis
Predictive modeling organizational change – using Big Data pp. 224-228 Downloads
Ioana Lazarescu and Gabriela Gheorghe
Using the focus group method to determine the adults’ needs for continuous professional development pp. 229-237 Downloads
Geanina Colan, Monica Raducan, Georgeta Beatrice PETRACHE Lang and Irina Susanu
The legal and economic framework of investing in production of solar energy in Romania pp. 238-241 Downloads
Florentina Moisescu
The digital economy based on networked and intelligent ICTs pp. 242-251 Downloads
Vasile Mazilescu
Income inequality. Literature review pp. 252-259 Downloads
Arabela Ichim, Mihaela Neculita and Daniela Ancuta Sarpe
The planning of a network company activity pp. 260-266 Downloads
Cristina Zamfir
The impact of new technologies in the field of tourism services pp. 267-275 Downloads
Vasile Mazilescu
Freelancing, the solution of employees in the context of the technological revolution pp. 276-280 Downloads
Daniela Damian
Introducing the Blue Economy concept in the Romanian nearshore pp. 281-289 Downloads
Catalin Anton, Carmen Gasparotti and Eugen Rusu
The advantage of using the MySMIS 2014 application to access non-reimbursable funds in Romania during the programming period 2014-2020 pp. 290-294 Downloads
Ovidiu Mocanu and Carmen Gasparotti
The influence of human capital on economic growth pp. 295-300 Downloads
Simona LIPOVESCHI Broasca
Organizational behavior from the perspective of the paradigme strategy-structure-performance (SSP) in the banking system pp. 301-310 Downloads
Gabriel Croitoru, Valentina Ofelia Robescu, Ion Stegaroiu and Oana Oprisan
The process of integrating Romania in the Schengen Area from the perspective of the Romanian Border Police pp. 311-315 Downloads
Florin-Fanel Nicu
The values of the internal audit in the framework corporate governance pp. 316-320 Downloads
Stefan Nicolae Simescu
Ukraine – EU foreign investments: Theoretical and applied aspects pp. 321-324 Downloads
Nataliia Kriuchkova and Svetlana Shandru
Evolution of the human resources management in the pre-university education pp. 325-329 Downloads
Marilena Cristina Nitu and Carmen Gasparotti
The union between traditional products and tourism, a platform of revitalisation of a category of villages from Romania on the principles of sustainability pp. 330-342 Downloads
Ionica Soare
Research on the presence of fishery products in the Moldovan diet’ pp. 343-349 Downloads
Mihaela MUNTEANU Pila and Silvius Stanciu
Pharmaceutical entrepreneurship, a new challenge after the new tax measures pp. 350-354 Downloads
Doina Margaritti
Is the old communist brand preferred by the young consumers? A country of origin study case with multimethod analysis pp. 355-366 Downloads
Manuela Rozalia Gabor and Flavia Dana Oltean
The experimental modeling for the analysis of the impact of international organizations on the national economy, in the context of the globalization pp. 367-376 Downloads
Ludmila Daniela Manea, Florina Oana Virlanuta and Valentin Sava


Education in the Contemporary Economy and Society. Risks and Challenges pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sebastian Cristian Chirimbu and Eduard Ionescu
The Statistical Connector between the Health Expenditures and the Life Expectancy, in United States pp. 9-29 Downloads
Gabriela Opait
Management of Educational Paradigms within the Framework of Contemporary Educational Strategies pp. 30-36 Downloads
Eduard Ionescu and Sebastian Cristian Chirimbu
Comparative Statistical Analysis Concerning „The Boom” of the Medical Equipments and Technologies, between United States and Germany pp. 37-58 Downloads
Gabriela Opait
Premises and Consequences of the Adoption of the Euro as the Single Currency in Romania pp. 59-73 Downloads
Violeta Elena Dragoi, Lucretia Mariana Constantinescu and Larisa Elena Preda
Adults’ Educational Needs and Continuous Professional Development pp. 74-82 Downloads
Geanina Colan, Marilena Rapa, Diamanta Bulai and Monica Raducan
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Performance of Organizations pp. 83-94 Downloads
Nicoleta Cristache, Irina Susanu, Adrian Ciprian Ghinea, Ana Maria Stan and Marius George Munteanu
The Behavior of Stock Prices during Lent and Advent pp. 95-112 Downloads
Ramona Dumitriu and Razvan Stefanescu
Identifying the Wastes from the Romanian Healthcare System using the Lean Approach pp. 113-123 Downloads
Cosmin Dobrin, Ruxandra Dinulescu and Adriana Dima (Girneata)
Corporate Governance and Related Parties Transactions - Evidence from Romanian Listed Companies pp. 124-134 Downloads
Iuliana Oana Mihai, Riana Iren Radu and Violeta Isai
Considerations Regarding the Assessment Capacity and Recognition in Accounting of Human Capital pp. 135-145 Downloads
Riana Iren Radu, Iuliana Oana Mihai and Violeta Isai
Approaches Regarding the Application of ISQC1 and ISA 220 in the Audit Activity pp. 146-156 Downloads
Riana Iren Radu and Iuliana Oana Mihai
Strategic Management of Cerebral Arachnoid Cysts in Children in the Era of Globalisation pp. 157-163 Downloads
Eva-Maria Cojocaru and Victorita Stefanescu
Information Security - A Growing Challenge for Online Business pp. 164-171 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghe and Ioana Lupasc
Combating Fraud in the European Union and in Romania pp. 172-183 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu and Cerasela Elena Spatariu
Information and Communication Technologies for the Safety and Security of Fish and Fishery Products pp. 184-192 Downloads
Liliana Moga
Entrepreneurial Resilience, Factor of Influence on the Function of Entrepreneur pp. 193-216 Downloads
Gabriel Croitoru, Mircea Duica, Ofelia Robescu, Valentin Radu and Oana Oprisan
The Impact of Standardization on Growth of Performances of Human Resources within an Organization pp. 217-225 Downloads
Constanta Popescu and Roxana SURCEL Georgescu
Cross-Cultural Evidence on Students' Perceptions of Experiential Learning pp. 226-239 Downloads
Alexandrina Tanvuia, Matthew Reilly, Alexandru Capatina, Adrian Micu and Angela Eliza Micu
The Impact of Development in Forestry Related Activities on Local Economy pp. 240-249 Downloads
Florin-Octavian Matei
The Project Team: Features, Effectiveness and Leadership pp. 250-260 Downloads
Ramona-Elena Gabrea, Catalin-Ionut Lascaie, Delia-Mioara Popescu and Alin-Iulian Tucmeanu
Entrepreneurship in the Tourism Sector: A Risky Activity in French Overseas Departments? pp. 261-273 Downloads
Hugues Seraphin, Manuela Pilato and Claudio Bellia
The Mobbing Phenomene and its Impact on the Employees Activity pp. 274-283 Downloads
Georgiana Tatiana Bondac, Maria Luiza Hrestic and Crenguta Ileana Sinisi
Transforming the Banking Organization in the Context of Digital Economy pp. 284-292 Downloads
Oana-Mihaela Ilie, Constanta Popescu and Silvia Elena Iacob
Relationship Between Supply Chain Risks: An Empirical Work pp. 293-303 Downloads
Mustafa Ungan
Influences of the Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital on Financial Performance. Case Study on ENGIE Group pp. 304-320 Downloads
Elena Valentina Ivascu and Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu
The Nitrification Capacity of Different Types of Biological Filters - An Overview pp. 321-328 Downloads
Ahmed El-Sheshtawy, Abdallah Salah, Mostafa Abdel RAHMAN Ibrahim, Dorina Nicoleta Mocuta, Adrian TUREK Rahoveanu and Ana Maria Hossu
Analysis of Agriculture in the Socio-Economic Context of the Romanian Rural Environment pp. 329-337 Downloads
Iulia GRADINARU Cristea and Dorina Mocuta
Rural Tourism - Alternative to the Development of Rural Areas pp. 338-346 Downloads
Maria Cristina Paiu and Adrian TUREK Rahoveanu
Culture of Lavender: Investment for Health, Beauty and Food pp. 347-356 Downloads
Stelica Cristea and Georgia Boros-Iacob
The Intangible Assets, the Hidden Wealth of the Romanian Companies pp. 357-363 Downloads
Florentina Moisescu and Silvia-Aurora Titor
Impact of Globalization on the Romanian Labor Market pp. 364-373 Downloads
Ramona Mariana Calinica
The Effects of the Globalization on the Labor Market in Republic of Moldova pp. 374-382 Downloads
Ramona Mariana Calinica
Food Quality in Romania. Compliant or Not with Food Quality in Western Europe? pp. 383-396 Downloads
Silvius Stanciu
Analysis of Influence of Ethical Principles on the Performance of Health Care System pp. 397-414 Downloads
Irina Susanu, Nicoleta Cristache, Diana Elena ZAHARIA Stefanescu, Tiberius Stanciu and Tiberiu Ilidor Plesa
Transfer Pricing - An Innovative Approach pp. 415-422 Downloads
Ramona Maxim and Florentina Moisescu
Sustainable Rural Development through Promoting Non-Agricultural Activities pp. 423-433 Downloads
Maria Magdalena TUREK Rahoveanu and Luxita Risnoveanu
Romanian Health System on the National Statistical Data pp. 434-446 Downloads
Cezar Ionut Bichescu, Mariana Chivu and Silvius Stanciu
Academic Marketing pp. 447-455 Downloads
Ecaterina Daniela Zeca
Development Smart Water Aquaponics Model pp. 456-464 Downloads
Gheorghe Adrian Zugravu, Kamel Ibrahim Kamel, Maria Magdalena TUREK Rahoveanu, Marian Tiberiu Coada, Stefan Mihai Petrea, Alexandru Cristian Bandi, Mirela Cretu and Ira Adeline Chihaia
Performance Audit, an Independent Assessment Instrument for the Management of Public Institutions pp. 465-478 Downloads
Iliodor Tiberiu Plesa
The Equestrian Tourism Valorisation in Romania pp. 479-490 Downloads
Violeta Andreea Andreiana, Lucretia Mariana Constantinescu and Maria Cristina Stefan
End Users and ERP Systems’ Success. Three Models pp. 491-506 Downloads
Gianina Mihai
Leadership Approaches – a Comparative Analysis pp. 507-521 Downloads
George-Eduard Neculae and Sofia David
Developing Customer Trust in E-Commerce Using Inbound Marketing Strategies pp. 522-531 Downloads
Adrian Micu, Marius Geru and Angela-Eliza Micu
Shale Gas Exploitation: Challenges for Development in Algeria pp. 532-544 Downloads
Boualem Ammar Chebira and Lynda Amirat
Analysis the Aquaculture Situation in the European Union pp. 545-552 Downloads
Mihaela Neculita
Features of Leadership in Cultural Institutions. Case Study: Arges County Museums pp. 553-562 Downloads
Iuliana Talmaciu and Diana Elena ZAHARIA Stefanescu
An Expert System for a Business Problem pp. 563-578 Downloads
Vasile Mazilescu
Socio-Economic Costs of Affective Disorders in Romania pp. 579-604 Downloads
Valentin Marian Antohi, Florin Marian Buhociu, Daniela Gabriela Glavan, Cristina Cotocel and Mihail Cristian Pirlog
Transfer Pricing - between Optimization and International Tax Evasion pp. 605-617 Downloads
Valentin Sava and Manuela Violeta Tureatca
Territorial Structures for Transborder Development; Efficiency and Financing pp. 618-626 Downloads
Florin-Marian Buhociu, George Schin, Dragos Horia Buhociu and Valentin Marian Antohi
The Appearance and Development of Wine Tourism in Romania pp. 627-644 Downloads
Mihaela-Carmen Muntean and Rozalia Nistor
Employment and Entrepreneurship. Strategic Orientations in Current Economic and Social Development pp. 645-657 Downloads
Daniela Nechita
Opportunities for Regional Development of the National Territory pp. 658-666 Downloads
Daniela Nechita, Ludmila Daniela Manea and Florina Oana Virlanuta
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