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1983 - 2023

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Volume 41, issue 2, 2023

How Much Should We Trust Estimates of Firm Effects and Worker Sorting? pp. 291 - 322 Downloads
Stéphane Bonhomme, Kerstin Holzheu, Thibaut Lamadon, Elena Manresa, Magne Mogstad and Bradley Setzler
Network Connections and Board Seats: Are Female Networks Less Valuable? pp. 323 - 360 Downloads
Emma von Essen and Nina Smith
Labor Market Discrimination against Family Responsibilities: A Correspondence Study with Policy Change in China pp. 361 - 387 Downloads
Haoran He, Sherry Xin Li and Yuling Han
Mothers Working during Preschool Years and Child Skills: Does Income Compensate? pp. 389 - 429 Downloads
Cheti Nicoletti, Kjell G. Salvanes and Emma Tominey
When the Stadium Goes Silent: How Crowds Affect the Performance of Discriminated Groups pp. 431 - 451 Downloads
Mauro Caselli, Paolo Falco and Gianpiero Mattera
Workplace Incentives and Organizational Learning pp. 453 - 478 Downloads
Francesco Amodio and Miguel A. Martinez-Carrasco
Optimal Allocation of Seats in the Presence of Peer Effects: Evidence from a Job Training Program pp. 479 - 509 Downloads
Matthew D. Baird, John Engberg and Isaac M. Opper
Foreign Students in College and the Supply of STEM Graduates pp. 511 - 563 Downloads
Massimo Anelli, Kevin Shih and Kevin Williams

Volume 41, issue 1, 2023

School Finance Equalization Increases Intergenerational Mobility pp. 1 - 38 Downloads
Barbara Biasi
Understanding the Effects of Workfare Policies on Child Human Capital pp. 39 - 75 Downloads
Jorge Rodriguez
A Different Land of Opportunity: The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the Early Twentieth-Century United States pp. 77 - 102 Downloads
Hui Ren Tan
The Minimum Wage, Self-Employment, and the Online Gig Economy pp. 103 - 127 Downloads
Benjamin Glasner
Education Transmission and Network Formation pp. 129 - 173 Downloads
Vincent Boucher, Carlo L. Del Bello, Fabrizio Panebianco, Thierry Verdier and Yves Zenou
Explaining Recent Trends in US School Segregation pp. 175 - 203 Downloads
Gregorio Caetano and Vikram Maheshri
Borrowing Constraints and the Dynamics of Return and Repeat Migration pp. 205 - 243 Downloads
Joseph-Simon Görlach
Putting the Husband Through: The Role of Credit Constraints in the Timing of Marriage and Spousal Education pp. 245 - 289 Downloads
Murat Iyigun and Jeanne Lafortune

Volume 40, issue S1, 2022

Introduction to a Special Issue in Honor of Alan B. Krueger pp. S1 - S15 Downloads
David Card and Alexandre Mas
Rent Sharing within Firms pp. S17 - S38 Downloads
David Cho and Alan Krueger
The Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital: Evidence from the Golden Age of Upward Mobility pp. S39 - S95 Downloads
David Card, Ciprian Domnisoru and Lowell Taylor
Machine Labor pp. S97 - S140 Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Brigham Frandsen
Does Money Still Matter? Attainment and Earnings Effects of Post-1990 School Finance Reforms pp. S141 - S178 Downloads
Jesse Rothstein and Diane Schanzenbach
Minimum Wages, Wages, and Price Pass-Through: The Case of McDonald’s Restaurants pp. S179 - S201 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Stepan Jurajda
Seeing beyond the Trees: Using Machine Learning to Estimate the Impact of Minimum Wages on Labor Market Outcomes pp. S203 - S247 Downloads
Doruk Cengiz, Arindrajit Dube, Attila Lindner and David Zentler-Munro
Why Do Sectoral Employment Programs Work? Lessons from WorkAdvance pp. S249 - S291 Downloads
Lawrence Katz, Jonathan Roth, Richard Hendra and Kelsey Schaberg
Artificial Intelligence and Jobs: Evidence from Online Vacancies pp. S293 - S340 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, David Autor, Jonathon Hazell and Pascual Restrepo
Nonlinear Class Size Effects on Cognitive and Noncognitive Development of Young Children pp. S341 - S382 Downloads
Marie Connolly and Catherine Haeck
Elite Schools and Opting In: Effects of College Selectivity on Career and Family Outcomes pp. S383 - S427 Downloads
Suqin Ge, Elliott Isaac and Amalia Miller
Childcare over the Business Cycle pp. S429 - S468 Downloads
Jessica H. Brown and Chris M. Herbst
Wage Posting or Wage Bargaining? A Test Using Dual Jobholders pp. S469 - S493 Downloads
Marta Lachowska, Alexandre Mas, Raffaele Saggio and Stephen A. Woodbury

Volume 40, issue 4, 2022

Name Your Friends, but Only Five? The Importance of Censoring in Peer Effects Estimates Using Social Network Data pp. 779 - 805 Downloads
Alan Griffith
Matching in the Dark? Inequalities in Student to Degree Match pp. 807 - 850 Downloads
Stuart Campbell, Lindsey Macmillan, Richard Murphy and Gill Wyness
Specialization, Comparative Advantage, and the Sexual Division of Labor pp. 851 - 887 Downloads
Peter Siminski and Rhiannon Yetsenga
Empowerment, Task Commitment, and Performance Pay pp. 889 - 938 Downloads
Michael Beckmann and Matthias Kräkel
Scaring or Scarring? Labor Market Effects of Criminal Victimization pp. 939 - 970 Downloads
Anna Bindler and Nadine Ketel
What Causes the Child Penalty? Evidence from Adopting and Same-Sex Couples pp. 971 - 1004 Downloads
Martin Andresen and Emily Nix
Reconciling Occupational Mobility in the Current Population Survey pp. 1005 - 1051 Downloads
Christian vom Lehn, Cache Ellsworth and Zachary Kroff
World War II and Black Economic Progress pp. 1053 - 1091 Downloads
Andreas Ferrara

Volume 40, issue 3, 2022

A Pay Change and Its Long-Term Consequences pp. 543 - 572 Downloads
Miriam Krueger and Guido Friebel
The Earned Income Tax Credit and Maternal Time Use: More Time Working and Less Time with Kids? pp. 573 - 611 Downloads
Jacob Bastian and Lance Lochner
Does Ageist Language in Job Ads Predict Age Discrimination in Hiring? pp. 613 - 667 Downloads
Ian Burn, Patrick Button, Luis Munguia Corella and David Neumark
Less Competition, More Meritocracy? pp. 669 - 701 Downloads
Dawei Fang and Thomas Noe
Did Timing Matter? Life Cycle Differences in Effects of Exposure to the Great Recession pp. 703 - 735 Downloads
Kevin Rinz
The Relative Effectiveness of Teachers and Learning Software: Evidence from a Field Experiment in El Salvador pp. 737 - 777 Downloads
Konstantin Büchel, Martina Jakob, Christoph Kühnhanss, Daniel Steffen and Aymo Brunetti

Volume 40, issue 2, 2022

Why Do Women Earn Less than Men? Evidence from Bus and Train Operators pp. 283 - 323 Downloads
Valentin Bolotnyy and Natalia Emanuel
Does Minimum Wage Increase Labor Productivity? Evidence from Piece Rate Workers pp. 325 - 359 Downloads
Hyejin Ku
The Effect of Grade Retention on Adult Crime: Evidence from a Test-Based Promotion Policy pp. 361 - 395 Downloads
Ozkan Eren, Michael Lovenheim and H. Naci Mocan
Nevertheless She Persisted? Gender Peer Effects in Doctoral STEM Programs pp. 397 - 436 Downloads
Valerie Bostwick and Bruce Weinberg
World War II, the Baby Boom, and Employment: County-Level Evidence pp. 437 - 471 Downloads
Abel Brodeur and Lamis Kattan
Constraints on Hours within the Firm pp. 473 - 503 Downloads
Claudio Labanca and Dario Pozzoli
The Impact of Ford Motor Company’s Voluntary Equal Wage Policy on Detroit’s Wage Gap in the 1940s pp. 505 - 541 Downloads
Jonathan A. Lanning and Curtis Reynolds

Volume 40, issue 1, 2022

Firm Decisions and Variation across Universities in Access to High-Wage Jobs: Evidence from Employer Recruiting pp. 1 - 46 Downloads
Russell Weinstein
Demand Conditions and Worker Safety: Evidence from Price Shocks in Mining pp. 47 - 94 Downloads
Kerwin Kofi Charles, Matthew S. Johnson, Melvin Stephens and Do Lee
Motivating Employees through Career Paths pp. 95 - 131 Downloads
Heski Bar-Isaac and Raphaël Levy
Legacy and Athlete Preferences at Harvard pp. 133 - 156 Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono, Josh Kinsler and Tyler Ransom
Affirmative Action and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment pp. 157 - 185 Downloads
Christopher Cotton, Brent R. Hickman and Joseph P. Price
How Widespread Are Social Network Effects? Evidence from the Early Twentieth-Century United States pp. 187 - 237 Downloads
Hui Ren Tan
Does Remedial Education in Late Childhood Pay Off After All? Long-Run Consequences for University Schooling, Labor Market Outcomes, and Intergenerational Mobility pp. 239 - 282 Downloads
Victor Lavy, Assaf Kott and Genia Rachkovski
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