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2021, volume 39, issue S2

Introduction: Essays in Honor of John E. DiNardo pp. S317 - S328 Downloads
David Card, David S. Lee and Thomas Lemieux
The Economic Impact of a High National Minimum Wage: Evidence from the 1966 Fair Labor Standards Act pp. S329 - S367 Downloads
Martha J. Bailey, John DiNardo and Bryan A. Stuart
Labor Market Institutions and the Distribution of Wages: The Role of Spillover Effects pp. S369 - S412 Downloads
Nicole M. Fortin, Thomas Lemieux and Neil Lloyd
Pell Grants and Student Success: Evidence from the Universe of Federal Aid Recipients pp. S413 - S454 Downloads
Amanda Eng and Jordan Matsudaira
Are Sufficient Statistics Necessary? Nonparametric Measurement of Deadweight Loss from Unemployment Insurance pp. S455 - S506 Downloads
David S. Lee, Pauline Leung, Christopher J. O’Leary, Zhuan Pei and Simon Quach
A Practical Proactive Proposal for Dealing with Attrition: Alternative Approaches and an Empirical Example pp. S507 - S541 Downloads
John DiNardo, Jordan Matsudaira, Justin McCrary and Lisa Sanbonmatsu
Judge Effects, Case Characteristics, and Plea Bargaining pp. S543 - S574 Downloads
Kristin F. Butcher, Kyung H. Park and Anne Morrison Piehl
Medicaid Expansion and the Unemployed pp. S575 - S617 Downloads
Thomas C. Buchmueller, Helen Levy and Robert G. Valletta
Observational Studies of the Effect of Medicaid on Health: Controls Are Not Enough pp. S619 - S650 Downloads
Seth Freedman, Andrew Goodman-Bacon and Noah Hammarlund
Holiday, Just One Day out of Life: Birth Timing and Postnatal Outcomes pp. S651 - S702 Downloads
Mireille Jacobson, Maria Kogelnik and Heather Royer

2021, volume 39, issue S1

Introduction: A Special Issue in Honor of Joseph Altonji pp. S1 - S3 Downloads
Daniel Aaronson, Lisa B. Kahn, Costas Meghir and Christopher Taber
The Use and Misuse of Income Data and Extreme Poverty in the United States pp. S5 - S58 Downloads
Bruce D. Meyer, Derek Wu, Victoria Mooers and Carla Medalia
Female Earnings Inequality: The Changing Role of Family Characteristics and Its Effect on the Extensive and Intensive Margins pp. S59 - S106 Downloads
David Card and Dean Hyslop
Dropouts Need Not Apply? The Minimum Wage and Skill Upgrading pp. S107 - S149 Downloads
Jeffrey Clemens, Lisa B. Kahn and Jonathan Meer
School Segregation and Racial Gaps in Special Education Identification pp. S151 - S197 Downloads
Todd E. Elder, David N. Figlio, Scott Imberman and Claudia Persico
The Employment Impact of the Provision of Public Health Insurance: A Further Examination of the Effect of the 2005 TennCare Contraction pp. S199 - S238 Downloads
John C. Ham and Ken Ueda
The Cobb-Douglas Marriage Matching Function: Marriage Matching with Peer and Scale Effects pp. S239 - S274 Downloads
Ismael Mourifié and Aloysius Siow
Wages, Experience, and Training of Women over the Life Cycle pp. S275 - S315 Downloads
Richard Blundell, Monica Costa-Dias, David Goll and Costas Meghir

2021, volume 39, issue 2

The Labor Market Returns to Advanced Degrees pp. 303 - 360 Downloads
Joseph G. Altonji and Ling Zhong
Estimating the Value of Higher Education Financial Aid: Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 361 - 395 Downloads
Christian Belzil, Arnaud Maurel and Modibo Sidibé
Why Is Math Cheaper than English? Understanding Cost Differences in Higher Education pp. 397 - 435 Downloads
Steven W. Hemelt, Kevin M. Stange, Fernando Furquim, Andrew Simon and John E. Sawyer
Labor Market Quotas When Promotions Are Signals pp. 437 - 460 Downloads
Suzanne H. Bijkerk, Silvia Dominguez-Martinez, Jurjen Kamphorst and Otto H. Swank
How Costly Is Turnover? Evidence from Retail pp. 461 - 496 Downloads
Peter Kuhn and Lizi Yu
Occupational Recognition and Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes pp. 497 - 525 Downloads
Herbert Brücker, Albrecht Glitz, Adrian Lerche and Agnese Romiti
Estimating the Effect of School Quality on Mortality in the Presence of Migration: Evidence from the Jim Crow South pp. 527 - 558 Downloads
Daniel Aaronson, Bhashkar Mazumder, Seth G. Sanders and Evan J. Taylor
How Cognitive Ability and Personality Traits Affect Geographic Mobility pp. 559 - 595 Downloads
Aline Bütikofer and Giovanni Peri

2021, volume 39, issue 1

Better Together? Social Networks in Truancy and the Targeting of Treatment pp. 1 - 36 Downloads
Magdalena Bennett and Peter Bergman
Immigrant Earnings Assimilation in the United States: A Panel Analysis pp. 37 - 78 Downloads
Deborah Rho and Seth Sanders
Does Banning the Box Help Ex-Offenders Get Jobs? Evaluating the Effects of a Prominent Example pp. 79 - 113 Downloads
Evan K. Rose
Why Are Some Immigrant Groups More Successful Than Others? pp. 115 - 133 Downloads
Edward P. Lazear
Learning Entrepreneurship from Other Entrepreneurs? pp. 135 - 191 Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Luigi Pistaferri and Fabiano Schivardi
How Do Employers Use Compensation History? Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 193 - 218 Downloads
Moshe A. Barach and John J. Horton
Changing College Choices with Personalized Admissions Information at Scale: Evidence on Naviance pp. 219 - 262 Downloads
Christine Mulhern
Adjusting to Globalization in Germany pp. 263 - 302 Downloads
Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen and Jens Suedekum

2020, volume 38, issue 4

Interpreting Experimental Evidence in the Presence of Postrandomization Events: A Reassessment of the Self-Sufficiency Project pp. 873 - 914 Downloads
Chris Riddell and W. Craig Riddell
Charter Schools and Labor Market Outcomes pp. 915 - 957 Downloads
Will Dobbie and Roland G. Fryer
Labor Market Returns to Student Loans for University: Evidence from Chile pp. 959 - 1007 Downloads
Alonso Bucarey, Dante Contreras and Pablo Munoz Henriquez
Exposure to More Female Peers Widens the Gender Gap in STEM Participation pp. 1009 - 1054 Downloads
Anne Ardila Brenøe and Ulf Zölitz
The Developmental Consequences of Superfund Sites pp. 1055 - 1097 Downloads
Claudia Persico, David Figlio and Jeffrey Roth
The Labor Market Effects of US Reemployment Policy: Lessons from an Analysis of Four Programs during the Great Recession pp. 1099 - 1140 Downloads
Marios Michaelides and Peter Mueser
Present Bias and Underinvestment in Education? Long-Run Effects of Childhood Exposure to Booms in Colombia pp. 1127 - 1265 Downloads
Bladimir Carrillo
Why Unions Survive: Understanding How Unions Overcome the Free-Rider Problem pp. 1141 - 1188 Downloads
Richard Murphy
The Role of Caseworkers in Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from Unplanned Absences pp. 1189 - 1225 Downloads
Amelie Schiprowski
A Method for Disentangling Multiple Treatments from a Regression Discontinuity Design pp. 1267 - 1311 Downloads
Michael Gilraine

2020, volume 38, issue 3

Storms and Jobs: The Effect of Hurricanes on Individuals’ Employment and Earnings over the Long Term pp. 653 - 685 Downloads
Jeffrey A. Groen, Mark Kutzbach and Anne E. Polivka
The Incidence of Local Labor Demand Shocks pp. 687 - 725 Downloads
Matthew J. Notowidigdo
Head Start and the Distribution of Long-Term Education and Labor Market Outcomes pp. 727 - 765 Downloads
Monique De Haan and Edwin Leuven
The Indirect Effects of Educational Expansions: Evidence from a Large Enrollment Increase in University Majors pp. 767 - 804 Downloads
Nicola Bianchi
High-Performing Peers and Female STEM Choices in School pp. 805 - 841 Downloads
Pierre Mouganie and Yaojing Wang
Do Educator Performance Incentives Help Students? Evidence from the Teacher Incentive Fund National Evaluation pp. 843 - 872 Downloads
Cecilia Speroni, Alison Wellington, Paul Burkander, Hanley Chiang, Mariesa Herrmann and Kristin Hallgren

2020, volume 38, issue 2

The Unintended Consequences of “Ban the Box”: Statistical Discrimination and Employment Outcomes When Criminal Histories Are Hidden pp. 321 - 374 Downloads
Jennifer Doleac and Benjamin Hansen
Public and Private Employer Learning: Evidence from the Adoption of Teacher Value Added pp. 375 - 420 Downloads
Michael Bates
High-Dosage Tutoring and Reading Achievement: Evidence from New York City pp. 421 - 452 Downloads
Roland G. Fryer and Meghan Howard-Noveck
Weak Markets, Strong Teachers: Recession at Career Start and Teacher Effectiveness pp. 453 - 500 Downloads
Markus Nagler, Marc Piopiunik and Martin R. West
A Pleasure That Hurts: The Ambiguous Effects of Elite Tutoring on Underprivileged High School Students pp. 501 - 533 Downloads
Son Thierry Ly, Eric Maurin and Arnaud Riegert
Opening the Black Box of the Matching Function: The Power of Words pp. 535 - 568 Downloads
Ioana Marinescu and Ronald Wolthoff
Does Parental Quality Matter? Evidence on the Transmission of Human Capital Using Variation in Parental Influence from Death, Divorce, and Family Size pp. 569 - 610 Downloads
Eric Gould, Avi Simhon and Bruce A. Weinberg
The Effect of Child Support on Selection into Marriage and Fertility pp. 611 - 652 Downloads
Daniel I. Tannenbaum

2020, volume 38, issue 1

Does Labor Supply Respond to Transitory Income? Evidence from the Economic Stimulus Payments of 2008 pp. 1 - 38 Downloads
David Powell
The Opportunity Costs of Mandatory Military Service: Evidence from a Draft Lottery pp. 39 - 66 Downloads
Paul Bingley, Petter Lundborg and Stéphanie Vincent Lyk-Jensen
Cyclical and Market Determinants of Involuntary Part-Time Employment pp. 67 - 93 Downloads
Robert Valletta, Leila Bengali and Catherine van der List
Birth Order and Delinquency: Evidence from Denmark and Florida pp. 95 - 142 Downloads
Sanni Breining, Joseph Doyle, David Figlio, Krzysztof Karbownik and Jeffrey Roth
Why Birthright Citizenship Matters for Immigrant Children: Short- and Long-Run Impacts on Educational Integration pp. 143 - 182 Downloads
Christina Felfe, Helmut Rainer and Judith Saurer
Raising Aspirations and Higher Education: Evidence from the United Kingdom’s Widening Participation Policy pp. 183 - 214 Downloads
Lucia Rizzica
Student Loans and Homeownership pp. 215 - 260 Downloads
Alvaro Mezza, Daniel Ringo, Shane Sherlund and Kamila Sommer
Parental Leave Benefits, Household Labor Supply, and Children’s Long-Run Outcomes pp. 261 - 320 Downloads
Rita Ginja, Jenny Jans and Arizo Karimi
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