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2017 - 2020

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Volume 14, issue 1, 2020

Key factors affecting disposal of radioactive waste in the sustainable development approach pp. 1-15 Downloads
Tantau Adrian and Vitioanu Greta-Marilena
Energy Trading Perspectives in the Digital Era pp. 16-27 Downloads
Puskás-Tompos András
Comparative study on quality assurance for mandatory energy audits in Romania and Germany pp. 28-39 Downloads
Krutwig Michael, Starosta Kejo and Tantau Adrian
Public policies in the First District of Bucharest - Sustainable solutions for increasing energy efficiency pp. 40-49 Downloads
Munteanu Răzvan-Aurelian
Sensitive bioindicator plants studies, under the environmental conditions of climate change impact pp. 50-58 Downloads
Cozea Andreea, Manea Gheorghe-Cosmin, Bucur Elena and Catrina Traistaru Gina Alina
Analysis of the correlation between the Gross Domestic Product and the final consumption of electricity pp. 59-73 Downloads
Vlăducu Liviu Valentin
Discussing the potential of using submersive water pumps powered by photovoltaic panels in agriculture and the alternative use for the supply of households in Romania pp. 74-82 Downloads
Ana Costăngioară
Bioeconomy’s sectors and strategies in Central and Eastern European countries. A literature review pp. 83-90 Downloads
Iureş Mugur Victor Constantin
Innovation capability assessment tools in social enterprises pp. 91-101 Downloads
Argatu Ruxandra
The influence of strategic agility on firm performance pp. 102-110 Downloads
Lungu Miruna Florina
Determinants of entrepreneurial intentions: the case of Southern Romania pp. 111-123 Downloads
Toma Sorin-George, Marinescu Paul and Constantin Ionuț
Infrastructure free indoor positioning system pp. 124-133 Downloads
Obretin Alexandru Marius
The role of European funds in developing and sustaining rural entrepreneurship in Romania pp. 134-148 Downloads
Răzvanţă Puie Florina
Innovation indicators in the context of Romanian SMEs: A research agenda pp. 149-158 Downloads
Onea Ioana Alexandra
The most innovative lean practices deployed in transportation and their effects on the financial and operational performance pp. 159-169 Downloads
Popescu Mihaela Cornelia
The need for rethinking the model of assessing value in the digital economy context pp. 170-181 Downloads
Ioniţă Cătălin Gabriel
Risk management in corporate governance pp. 182-201 Downloads
Caraiman Adrian-Cosmin and Mates Dorel
Insights on the impact of telecommunication companies on the environment pp. 202-213 Downloads
Tătaru Ioana-Miruna, Fleacă Elena and Fleacă Bogdan
Blockchain – the accounting perspective pp. 214-224 Downloads
Pugna Irina Bogdana and Duţescu Adriana
Does the shareholder salience influence the corporate social responsibility of entities from energy sector? pp. 225-235 Downloads
Ionescu Bogdan-Ștefan, Feleagă Liliana and Dumitraşcu Luminița-Mihaela
Green Bonds: Between economic incentives and eco-change pp. 236-245 Downloads
Hoinaru Răzvan, Benson Cedine, Stănilă Georgiana Oana, Dobre Florin and Buda Daniel
Study regarding the return of retirement pension plans and programs in Romania pp. 246-255 Downloads
Sahlian Daniela Nicoleta, Trasca Daniela Livia, Munteanu Irina Denisa, Matac Liviu and Pavel Daniela Codruta
IFRS implementation in Romania. Insights from a professional’s perspective pp. 256-262 Downloads
Stoica Dragos Andrei, Dobre Florin and Nechita Elena
Business Strategy during Crisis pp. 263-272 Downloads
Shayb Hezi and Muşetescu Radu
The fintech ecosystem in Romania pp. 273-281 Downloads
Bălţoi Ion-Costel-Marius
Motivations for Coopetition Strategies between Banks and Fintechs pp. 282-293 Downloads
Fonseca Cristina and Meneses Raquel
The Digital Transformation and Disruption in Business Models of the Banks under the Impact of FinTech and BigTech pp. 294-305 Downloads
Mărăcine Virginia, Voican Oona and Scarlat Emil
Global sustainability and responsibility in hotels and cruising industry pp. 306-315 Downloads
Vlasceanu Carmen, Tenie Iulian and Crismariu Oana
The impact of fake news on the real estate market pp. 316-323 Downloads
Onete Cristian Bogdan, Chita Sandra Diana and Vargas Vanesa Madalina
Social interactions impact on product and service development pp. 324-332 Downloads
Zarnadze Giorgi
Corporate Governance in the Digital world pp. 333-342 Downloads
Moşneanu Diana
The impact of business digitization on the three pillars of sustainable development pp. 343-351 Downloads
Munteanu Paula and Ciornei Laurențiu
Posibility to fast react in order to identify the risk and make first claim assesment in case of a severe earthquake in Bucharest pp. 352-361 Downloads
Rosu Madalin
ICT Security Measures for the Companies within European Union Member States – Perspectives in COVID-19 Context pp. 362-370 Downloads
Georgeta-Madalina Meghisan and Nicula Vasile Cosmin
Improvement of the real estate transparency through digitalisation pp. 371-384 Downloads
Elena Ionascu and Anghel Ion
Business Digitization in the European Union pp. 385-397 Downloads
Şchiopu Ruxandra
Organizational performance – theoretical and practical approaches; study on students’ perceptions pp. 398-406 Downloads
Conţu Eleonora Gabriela
The policies of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in financing pre-university education pp. 407-421 Downloads
Lixandru Ionel Florian and Todrican Rosca Mihaela Gabriela
Why should the gravity model be taught in business education? pp. 422-433 Downloads
Tamaş Anca
Economic education in the digital era pp. 434-444 Downloads
Paşa Adina Teodora
The valences of improving the quality of life in the new logic of leadership pp. 445-452 Downloads
Zavera Ioana Coralia
Identifying and capitalizing new sources of competitive advantages is a vital prerequisite for corporate sustainability pp. 453-463 Downloads
Jianu Galav Roberta-Laura
Some Flavors of Russian Neocolonialism in Central Asia pp. 464-473 Downloads
Gherasim Alexandru Ioan
New Training Trends in High-Risk Technology Fields pp. 474-489 Downloads
Tudoran Cristian
Knowledge transfer between universities and smes and regional development. The role of the clusters as communities of practice pp. 490-504 Downloads
Lianu Costin, Rădulescu Irina Gabriela, Dobre Gudei Corina Simona and Lianu Cosmin
The role of education in reducing poverty social exclusion pp. 505-513 Downloads
Marin Ioana
Some Considerations on the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education pp. 514-520 Downloads
Curmei Cătălin-Valeriu
Math approach of implementing ISO 27001 pp. 521-530 Downloads
Stoica Liviu Adrian and Candoi-Savu Robert Adrian
Efficient institution in the context of environmental policies pp. 531-547 Downloads
Dan Mihaela-Cornelia, Pena Emanuel and Bacsis Ana Maria
Bioeconomy related perspectives for boosting agriculture development in Romania pp. 548-558 Downloads
Butu Alina, Rodino Steliana, Butu Marian and Ion Raluca
Impediments in cluster development: the case of Târnave valley pp. 559-567 Downloads
Tancelov Liane and Valentin Cojanu
Factors with impact on the knowledge management practices within shared service centers pp. 568-576 Downloads
Dincă Violeta Mihaela
The impact of knowledge transfer on the Organizational performance pp. 577-588 Downloads
Zamfir Francisca-Elena
From Thermodynamic Entropy to Knowledge Entropy pp. 589-596 Downloads
Bratianu Constantin
Incorporating artificial intelligence in knowledge creation processes in organizations pp. 597-606 Downloads
Neştian Andrei Ștefan, Tiţă SilviuMihail and Guţă Alexandra Luciana
Romanian family business branding: contextual factors of influence of decisional processes pp. 607-616 Downloads
Motoc Adrian
Implications of Lewin’s Field Theory on Social Change pp. 617-625 Downloads
Roşca Vlad I.
Placing self-assessed health within the systems framework: a preliminary insight into social synergy and syntony pp. 626-635 Downloads
Vătămănescu Elena-Mădălina, Andrei Andreia Gabriela and Adriana Zait
The value of knowledge management in cultural entrepreneurship pp. 636-645 Downloads
Zbuchea Alexandra
Knowledge management strategies for leadership in the digital business environment pp. 646-656 Downloads
Băeşu Camelia and Bejinaru Ruxandra
Knowledge risk management in aviation pp. 657-663 Downloads
Gheorghioiu Nicolae
Considerations regarding the effectiveness of Risk Management for Internal Managerial Control System pp. 664-672 Downloads
Filip Cosmin
Expectations regarding the application of internal managerial control system in Romanian public entities pp. 673-683 Downloads
Filip Cosmin
Methods and Devices to Improve the Complex Human Being Functioning pp. 684-696 Downloads
Mândrea Lucian T., Curta Ioan I., Velcea Marian N., Chirilă Aurel I. and Deaconu Dragoș D.
Considerations regarding improving the ecological and environmental performance of agriculture pp. 697-707 Downloads
Popescu Lavinia and Safta Adela Sorinela
Discrepancies in European Union Funding across member nations and sectors as of 2019 pp. 708-716 Downloads
Olteţeanu Angel-Cristian
Accessing the European funds for agriculture and rural development in Romania for the 2014-2020 period pp. 717-727 Downloads
Dinu Mihai, Pătărlăgeanu Simona Roxana, Chiripuci Bogdan and Constantin Marius
Perspectives and reviews in the use of narrative strategies for communicating fake news in the tourism industry pp. 728-734 Downloads
Anton Emanuela, Teodorescu Cosmin Alexandru and Vargas Vanesa Madalina
Public procurement in Romania: environment, stakeholders and critical success factors pp. 735-745 Downloads
Preda Ionel
Russia’s Growth as a Regional Power in the Context of the Eurasian Economic Union pp. 746-754 Downloads
Popescu Raluca Maria
FEED - Modeling the relationship between education and food waste pp. 755-768 Downloads
Ghinea Valentina Mihaela, Cantaragiu Ramona Elena and Ghinea Mihalache
Tourists’ vision about the implementation of sustainable development practices in the hospitality industry in Romania pp. 769-779 Downloads
Madar Anca and Neaşu Nicoleta Andreea
Improving firm sustainable performance: the role of market orientation pp. 780-787 Downloads
Appiah-Nimo Christina and Chovancová Miloslava
Romanian customers’ satisfactions regarding private health services pp. 788-796 Downloads
Marin-Pantelescu Andreea and Hint Mihaela
Methods of analyzing and evaluating the marketing environment specific to online trading pp. 797-806 Downloads
Bălăşescu Marius and Bălăşescu Simona
Innovation trends in Romanian logistics providers industry pp. 807-818 Downloads
Negruţiu Cristian, Onea Alexandra and Bădescu Ruxandra
Challenges for reducing food waste pp. 819-828 Downloads
Chinie Alexandra-Catalina
Consumers’ perception on the advantages and disadvantages of cookies and browsing history pp. 829-837 Downloads
Pelau Corina, Niculescu Miruna and Stanescu Mihaela
The role of celebrities for the image of endorsed products pp. 838-846 Downloads
Opris Adriana, Pelau Corina and Lazar Laura
Lean and Agile model implementation for managing the supply chain pp. 847-858 Downloads
Hassani Youssef, Ceauşu Ioana and Iordache Adrian
Digital marketing on destination sustainability Study case: Romanian Ecotourism pp. 859-867 Downloads
Teodorov Alexandru Valentin, Muresan Manuela Liliana, Dinu Diana Mariana and Dinu Alexandra Cristina
The history of economics and the Constructal Theory pp. 868-877 Downloads
Isaic Radu and Păun Cristian
Study on methods for evaluating employees performance in the context of digitization pp. 878-892 Downloads
Fogoroş Teodora Elena, Maftei Mihaela, Biţan Gabriela Elena and Kurth Bastian L.
Indefinite vs. fixed-term work contracts: the impact over the teachers’ work-engagement pp. 893-905 Downloads
Mişu Sorina Ioana
The importance of human capital and the human organization management in a crisis situation pp. 906-914 Downloads
Lazarov Alexandru-Sebastian
Performance – Based Budgeting – an option or a necessity pp. 915-924 Downloads
Manta Andreea-Mariana
Determination by the Settlement Systems of the Required Collateral Imposed to Participants pp. 925-939 Downloads
Baranga Laurentiu Paul and Zalinca Iulian
The changing landscape of economy: social and technological progress in explaining the informational efficiency of capital markets pp. 940-952 Downloads
Ursu Iuliana
An ANP approach to estimate the market shares of the car industry companies in Romania pp. 953-962 Downloads
Busu Mihail and Stamule Stere
Evolution or regress of the size and scope of global phenomenon of money laundering pp. 963-974 Downloads
Al-Kasawnih Akad
Involving cross-border organized crime networks from ex-Soviet sources in support of terrorism and their influence on regional economic development pp. 975-983 Downloads
Trăistaru Marius
Theories and Strategies of Economic Development in the Region pp. 984-994 Downloads
Manea Gheorghe Cosmin
Current account deficits and implications on Romanian economy pp. 995-1004 Downloads
Niţă Sorin Cristian, Radulică Marilena Ionica and Dorneanu Mihai
National branding strategy and its effects on business and tourism pp. 1005-1013 Downloads
Pop Nicolae Al., Baba Cristina Andrada, Anysz Raluca Năstase and Tohanean Dragos
The impact of international economic sanctions on national economies. The Islamic Republic of Iran - a case in point pp. 1014-1023 Downloads
Caba-Maria Flavius and Muşetescu Radu-Cristian
Turning cross-cultural management conflict into collaboration: Indian and Romanian experiences in Global Project Teams pp. 1024-1034 Downloads
Agarici Corina, Scarlat Cezar and Iorga Danuţ
Innovation and product management – The direction of the 21st century luxury market pp. 1035-1045 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu and Ion Amalia Elena
Neuromanagement: the scientific approach to contemporary management pp. 1046-1056 Downloads
Teacu Parincu Alina Mirela, Capatina Alexandru, Varon David Juarez, Bennet Pablo Ferreiros and Recuerda Ana Mengual
Challenges and opportunities for creative-innovative clusters partnerships pp. 1057-1070 Downloads
Neamţu Daniela Mihaela, Bejinaru Ruxandra and Hapenciuc Cristian Valentin
Erasmus+ programs-the need to create a competitive space of the Romanian education system pp. 1071-1082 Downloads
Corbu Luminița-Claudia
The evolution of Romanian agribusiness in the context of sustainable development of agriculture pp. 1083-1097 Downloads
Panait Ioana and Cucu Catalin Marian
Improving the performance of organizational innovation processes by applying the Six Sigma methodology pp. 1098-1108 Downloads
Ifrim Ana Maria, Biţan Gabriela Elena, Maier Dorin and Fogoroş Teodora Elena
IoT Communication Security Issues for Companies: Challenges, Protocols and The Web of Data pp. 1109-1120 Downloads
Zamfiroiu Alin, Iancu Bogdan, Catalin Boja, Georgescu Tiberiu-Marian, Cartas Cosmin, Popa Marius and Toma Cristian Valeriu
Smart grids, prosumers and energy management within a smart city integrated system pp. 1121-1134 Downloads
Savastano Marco, Suciu Marta-Christina, Gorelova Irina and Stativă Gheorghe-Alexandru
The impact of collaborative internet platforms on cultural tourism pp. 1135-1146 Downloads
Suciu Marta-Christina and Mitucă Mircea-Ovidiu
Smart City Innovation within the Sharing Economy: Urban Innovation and Collaborative Consumption pp. 1147-1157 Downloads
Suciu Marta Christina, Nasulea Diana-Florentina and Nasulea Christian
The lobby regulations caught between public policies and the interest of the groups pp. 1158-1166 Downloads
Ionaşcu Alexandru
Considerations on the European Companies and holdings pp. 1167-1177 Downloads
Chirieac Roxana Maria
The Role of Subsidiarity and Proportionality Principles in the Development of a Future Digital Single Market and a Common European Contract Law pp. 1178-1186 Downloads
Dumitru Ovidiu Ioan
Employee sharing: a new type of employment, opportune in a globalized context pp. 1187-1195 Downloads
Marica Mihaela-Emilia
Considerations on the void or voidable agreement under Romanian law pp. 1196-1205 Downloads
Chirica Simona
Smart contracts - the new form of the legal agreements pp. 1206-1210 Downloads
Ene Charlotte
Practical Aspects Regarding the Dissolution of a Company by Declaring the Company Null and Void pp. 1211-1216 Downloads
Stoican Andreea
Considerations Regarding Work from Home and Telework pp. 1217-1221 Downloads
Teleoacă Vartolomei Brîndușa Oana
Claiming the nullity of a substantive right in the levy of execution. The issue of unfair and unwritten terms pp. 1222-1232 Downloads
Răducan Gabriela
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