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2017 - 2018

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Volume 12, issue 1, 2018

Preface pp. I-II Downloads
Dima Alina Mihaela
Particularities of occupational health and safety management in the police environment pp. 1-9 Downloads
Achim Adrian-Constantin
Preparedness of companies for digital transformation and creating a competitive advantage in the age of Industry 4.0 pp. 10-24 Downloads
Adamik Anna and Nowicki Michał
The significance and managerial challenges of virtual teamworking pp. 25-33 Downloads
Al Zain Nora-Labiba, Vasilache Simona and Incze Cynthia Bianka
A theoretical review on the structural convergence issue and the relation to economic development in integration areas pp. 34-44 Downloads
Alexoaei Alina Petronela and Robu Raluca Georgiana
Corporate and country image: a bilateral relationship pp. 45-53 Downloads
Ana Maria-Irina and Andrei Anca-Georgiana
Robotic Automation Process – The operating system for the digital enterprise pp. 54-69 Downloads
Anagnoste Sorin
Statistical and econometric analysis of the correlation between financial transactions and real economy pp. 70-79 Downloads
Apostu Simona-Andreea
Analysis of social models in Central and Eastern Europe - A focus on poverty and social exclusion pp. 80-92 Downloads
Argatu Ruxandra
New ways of interacting with culture consumers through cultural services marketing using Big Data and IoT pp. 93-102 Downloads
Bădin Andrei L.
Road to green future - Decision making model for the environmental and energy sector pp. 103-113 Downloads
Bârsan Alexandra Teodora and Pop Mihai
The impact of direct and indirect taxes on economic growth: An empirical analysis related to Romania pp. 114-127 Downloads
Bâzgan Ramona - Mihaela
Defining the IoT pp. 118-128 Downloads
Berte Dan-Radu
Senior entrepreneurship – key facts at regional level in Romania pp. 139-150 Downloads
Blid Laura
A critical analysis of intellectual capital research in universities pp. 151-160 Downloads
Bratianu Constantin
The coin of morality pp. 161-170 Downloads
Bucatariu Mihaela and Florescu Ioana Cristina
A portfolio optimization model for a large number of hydrocarbon exploration projects pp. 171-181 Downloads
Bulai Vlad-Cosmin and Horobeț Alexandra
Risk management, corporate governance and financial performance of the banking system in Romania pp. 182-196 Downloads
Bunea Mariana, Dobre Florin, Popa Adriana Florina and Sahlian Daniela Nicoleta
A pragmatic view on the financial theories pp. 197-208 Downloads
Chișu Mihai
Key elements of an entrepreneurial (business) model in the biogas sector. Insights from Romania pp. 209-228 Downloads
Clodnițchi Roxana and Nedelcu Alexandra Cătălina
The importance of human resources within the strategic direction and organizational success pp. 229-240 Downloads
Criveanu Maria Magdalena and Cârstina Silviu
The influence of the strategic financial policies on share valuation in an unstable economic environment pp. 241-250 Downloads
Curmei Cătălin-Valeriu, Dincă Lavinia Elena and Curmei-Semenescu Ileana Andreea
Freelancing - a new approach on the boundary between fragile and anti-fragile after the 2008 economic crisis pp. 251-262 Downloads
Damian Daniela and Susanu Irina Olimpia
Multidisciplinarity in economics education and how it can shape economic thinking in the future pp. 263-275 Downloads
Damoc Adrian – Ioan
Entrepreneurship and regional development. A bibliometric analysis pp. 276-287 Downloads
Dan Mihaela-Cornelia and Goia Simona Irina
Experimental research on the effects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the instructive-educational process pp. 288-299 Downloads
Dedu Elena Mădălina, Deaconu Alecxandrina and Rașcă Lavinia
Reserch on implementing education for sustainable development pp. 300-310 Downloads
Dima Alina-Mihaela and Meghisan-Toma Georgeta-Madalina
Globalization on the Romanian insurance market in terms of competition pp. 311-323 Downloads
Dina Aurora Elena
The economic impact of the French language pp. 324-334 Downloads
Dincă Violeta Mihaela, Anca Bogdan, Zottu-Z Monica and Floricel Teodora
Central Bank Independence and economic crises: how both the fed and ECB managed to rely on unconventional monetary policies pp. 335-348 Downloads
Doroftei Mădălina and Pătruți Alexandru
The enterprise risk profile - a financial and managerial health indicator - comparative study pp. 349-362 Downloads
Duțescu Adriana and Stroie Cristina
Job satisfaction from leadership perspective pp. 363-373 Downloads
Haleem Fazal, Jehangir Muhammad and Khalil-Ur-Rahman Muhammad
Adoption of Circular Economy concepts and practices by Portuguese Citizens and Companies pp. 374-385 Downloads
Fonseca Luis Miguel and Domingues José Pedro
Industry 4.0 and the digital society: concepts, dimensions and envisioned benefits pp. 386-397 Downloads
Fonseca Luis Miguel
Business conjuncturality on the topic of personal mobility using electric automobiles pp. 398-406 Downloads
Gavrilescu Ileana
The impact of the logistics management in customer satisfaction pp. 407-415 Downloads
Ghoumrassi Amine and Tigu Gabriela
Development of an instructional practices scale for business school curricula pp. 416-424 Downloads
Glaser-Segura Daniel, Wilson Jennifer and Mudge Suzanne
Innovation and entrepreneurship for competitiveness in the EU: an empirical analysis pp. 425-435 Downloads
Herman Emilia
What are the objectives of corporate reporting? Sustainable value for who? pp. 436-445 Downloads
Hoinaru Razvan
Untaping the potential of strategic partnerships with the stakeholders in museums – a managerial approach pp. 446-456 Downloads
Ilie Cosmin
Marketing communication analysis of benetton PR campaigns pp. 457-465 Downloads
Incze Cynthia Bianka, Pocovnicu Alexandra, Vasilache Simona and Al Zain Nora-Labiba
Factors of enterprise value - the privatization of ‘Sidex Galati’ Romania (case study) pp. 466-475 Downloads
Ion Madalina Viorica
Considerations on the implementation steps for an information security management system pp. 476-485 Downloads
Ionescu Răzvan Cristian, Ceaușu Ioana and Ilie Cristian
Building a higher education learning experience strategy; theoretical and practical approaches pp. 486-497 Downloads
Iordache-Platis Magdalena
Innovation and entrepreneurship in Romania’s cultural and creative industries pp. 498-507 Downloads
Istudor Laura Gabriela
Developing Value Proposition for Business Models of National Iranian Oil Companies pp. 508-521 Downloads
Khorshidi Mohammadreza
Obligatory versus voluntary energy audits: are there differences in quality? pp. 522-532 Downloads
Krutwig Michael C. and Tanțău Adrian
Using non-parametric technical data envelopment analysis - DEA, for measuring productive technical efficiency pp. 533-543 Downloads
Lita Iulian and Stamule Tănase
Measures of volatility for the Romanian Stock Exchange: a regime switching approach pp. 544-556 Downloads
Lolea Iulian-Cornel and Vilcu Lucian Constantin
Achieving strategic agility through business model innovation. The case of telecom industry pp. 557-567 Downloads
Lungu Miruna Florina
Product development models in the IT sector-From Waterfall to Agile Project Management Model s in the case of AVIRA SOFT S.R.L pp. 568-578 Downloads
Maassen Maria Alexandra
High energy, increased balance and self control, the necessary conditions for performance and a good health pp. 579-591 Downloads
Mândrea Lucian T., Curta Ioan I. and Marosy Zoltan Z.
Intangible assets as “nucleus” of process innovation pp. 592-600 Downloads
Marin Alexandru and Boanță Laura
Bancassurance in a digital era pp. 601-611 Downloads
Marzai Elda
Linking the triple helix (university-industry-government) to the quadruple helix of university-industry-government – civil society in the field of international business and economics pp. 612-625 Downloads
Miron Dumitru and Gherasim Ioan Alexandru
Challenges for sustainable development strategies in oil and gas industries pp. 626-638 Downloads
Mojarad Ali Asghar Sadeghi, Atashbari Vahid and Adrian Tantau
Tourism development factor of communities pp. 639-650 Downloads
Mureșan Manuela Liliana and Puiu Nistoreanu
Innovation needs deregulation: the case of taxi and private hire companies pp. 651-660 Downloads
Nasulea Christian, Mic Stelian Mihai and Nasulea Diana Florentina
The influence of geopolitical events on tourism in Egypt pp. 661-670 Downloads
Neagu Florentina-Stefania
Enhancing quality of information through risk reporting in financial statements pp. 671-682 Downloads
Nichita Mirela
Leadership in Higher Education – coping with AI and the turbulence of our times pp. 683-694 Downloads
Nicolae Mariana and Nicolae Elena E.
Romania, Slovakia and Hungary: evolution of mutual funds in recent years pp. 695-710 Downloads
Nicolescu Luminiţa and Tudorache Florentin Gabriel
Gastronomic tourism - stages and evolution pp. 711-717 Downloads
Nistoreanu Bogdan Gabriel, Diaconescu Dan Mihnea and Nicodim Liliana
Entrepreneurship perception among vulnerable population groups in Romania pp. 718-727 Downloads
Păunescu Carmen, Pascu Alexandra Ioana, Filculescu Adina and Badea Raluca
The propensity for entrepreneurship among rural populations. A Central and Eastern European country perspective pp. 728-738 Downloads
Păunescu Carmen, Staicu Daniela and Pop Oana
The Globalization in the actual Context of the European Union Economy pp. 739-750 Downloads
Păunică Mihai, Motofei Cătălina, Tănase Gabriela Lidia and Manole Alexandru
The influence of personality types on the impulsive buying behavior of a consumer pp. 751-759 Downloads
Pelau Corina, Serban Daniela and Chinie Alexandra Catalina
Methodological aspects of examination of leadership and organizational culture influence on knowledge conversion in public administration pp. 760-771 Downloads
Pencheva Miglena
Marketing of luxury events. Case study on the tenth Congress of anti-aging medicine, Bucharest, 2018 pp. 772-781 Downloads
Pop Nicolae Al., Ott Cristina-Maria, Simion Daniela and Zottu-Z Monica
The perception of a university’s brand within the recruitment pool for future students (Case survey for the economic higher education) pp. 782-792 Downloads
Pop Nicolae Alexandru and Todea Steluța
Eliminating transportation waste using the transportation value stream map pp. 793-803 Downloads
Popescu Mihaela Cornelia
Improvements in business operations and customer experience through data science and Artificial Intelligence pp. 804-815 Downloads
Popescu Cristian-Constantin
Performance management in the data-driven oragnisation pp. 816-828 Downloads
Pugna Irina Bogdana, Dutescu Adriana and Stanila Georgiana Oana
Intergenerational gap dynamics pp. 829-842 Downloads
Radulescu Madalina Mirela, Ghinea Valentina Mihaela and Cantaragiu Ramona
A feedback culture for a performance culture pp. 843-850 Downloads
Radulescu Madalina Mirela
Developments of the CEE banking sectors after the financial crisis pp. 851-863 Downloads
Radulescu Magdalena, Banica Logica and Sinisi Crenguta Ileana
Entrepreneurial motivators and competencies – main drivers of entrepreneurial success pp. 864-874 Downloads
Rașcă Lavinia and Deaconu Alecxandrina
The Influence of European Cup Performances on Domestic Stadium Attendances in Romanian Football pp. 875-884 Downloads
Roșca Vlad I.
Business developments in electronic commerce in Romania, a prerequisite for sustainable growth pp. 885-895 Downloads
Rotaru Elena Cristina, Rotaru Florica Georgeta, Frâncu Gabriel Laurențiu and Tița Raluca
The energy union – a new step towards sustainability by promoting clean energy pp. 896-906 Downloads
Şanta Ana-Maria Iulia
Financial sustainability of social enterprise in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 907-917 Downloads
Staicu Daniela
Tales from the crypt: might cryptocurrencies spell the death of traditional money? - A quantitative analysis - pp. 918-930 Downloads
Stefan Cristian
A theory based evaluation on possible measures which increase young NEETs employability pp. 931-941 Downloads
Strat Vasile Alecsandru, Trofin Laura and Lonean Irina
Recommendations for the development of the National Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer (ReNITT) performances pp. 942-951 Downloads
Tănase Narcisa Melania, Caramihai Mihaela, Marin Alexandru, Boanță Laura and Purcărea Anca Alexandra
IT in the workspace – The need for digital transformation pp. 952-965 Downloads
Telegescu Tiberiu
Business excellence models: a comparison pp. 966-974 Downloads
Toma Sorin-George and Marinescu Paul
Human resource performance predictors based on the human energy profile pp. 975-982 Downloads
Torp Andronicus, Purcarea Anca Alexandra and Andrei Andreia Gabriela
New trends in training nuclear power plant employees: probabilistic safety analysis pp. 983-991 Downloads
Tudoran Cristian
IFRS 15 – the seventh wave of Norwalk Agreement’s convergence Roadmap pp. 992-1001 Downloads
Usurelu Valentin Ioan and Dutescu Adriana
Information Technology – the key enabler of multiple project management in higher education institutions pp. 1002-1011 Downloads
Vasilache Raluca, Capatina Alexandru and Schin George Cristian
Public's perception regarding the major impacts of radioactive nuclear waste. A research study in Romania pp. 1012-1025 Downloads
Vitioanu Greta-Marilena
Innovation Audit for business excellence pp. 1026-1037 Downloads
Vlăduţ Gabriel, Tănase Narcisa Melania, Caramihai Mihaela and Purcărea Anca Alexandra
The internalization context of private health service providers in Europe: Romanian market case study pp. 1038-1047 Downloads
Volintiru Mihai
University-industry cooperation for encouragement of graduating employability – methodology for evaluation pp. 1048-1058 Downloads
Yordanova Daniela
Branding European countries in the aftermath of important political transitions pp. 1059-1068 Downloads
Zeineddine Cornelia
The cultural heritage circulation in a globalized world: Should we build stronger borders or stronger bridges? pp. 1069-1079 Downloads
Jora Octavian-Dragomir, Mihaela Iacob and Apăvăloaei Matei-Alexandru
Civic Engagement Index (CEI) - the case of liberal arts universities from Romania pp. 1080-1088 Downloads
Hadad Shahrazad and Cantaragiu Ramona
The importance of adopting principles of corporate governance for the quality of internal audit pp. 1089-1101 Downloads
Sabbar Fedaa Abd Almajid, Al-Dulaimi Zaid Yaseen Saud, Alalawi Talib Ghadhban Yaseen and Rashid Arshed Makki
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