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2008 - 2018

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Volume 21, issue 1, 2018

Numerical identification of the rupture locations in patient-specific abdominal aortic aneurysmsusing hemodynamic parameters pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yue Qiu, Ding Yuan, Jun Wen, Yubo Fan and Tinghui Zheng
Contribution to FE modeling for intraoperative pedicle screw strength prediction pp. 13-21 Downloads
Maxim Van den Abbeele, Jean-Marc Valiadis, Lucas V. P. C. Lima, Pascal Khalifé, Philippe Rouch and Wafa Skalli
A two-dimensional numerical study of peristaltic contractions in obstructed ureter flows pp. 22-32 Downloads
Z. Najafi, B. F. Schwartz, A. J. Chandy and A. M. Mahajan
A finite element model of myocardial infarction using a composite material approach pp. 33-46 Downloads
Seyyed M. H. Haddad and Abbas Samani
Path planning for minimally-invasive knee surgery using a hybrid optimization procedure pp. 47-54 Downloads
Adam Ciszkiewicz and Grzegorz Milewski
New method for estimating arterial pulse wave velocity at single site pp. 55-64 Downloads
Khaled Ben Abdessalem, Patrice Flaud and Samir Zobaidi
Optimization of three-dimensional modeling for geometric precision and efficiency for healthy and diseased aortas pp. 65-74 Downloads
Christopher P. Cheng, Yufei D. Zhu and Ga-Young Suh
Cross-bridge mechanism of residual force enhancement after stretching in a skeletal muscle pp. 75-82 Downloads
Youjiro Tamura
Using 3D finite element models verified the importance of callus material and microstructure in biomechanics restoration during bone defect repair pp. 83-90 Downloads
Chentian Li, Rongwei Tan, Yuanjun Guo and Songjian Li
Influence of transmucosal height in abutments of single and multiple implant-supported prostheses: a non-linear three-dimensional finite element analysis pp. 91-97 Downloads
Eduardo Borie, Eduardo Leal, Iara Augusta Orsi, Carlos Salamanca, Fernando José Dias and Benjamin Weber

Volume 20, issue S1, 2017

Intervertebral efforts quantification using a multibody dynamics approach: application to scoliosis pp. 1-2 Downloads
G. Abedrabbo, O. Cartiaux, P. Mahaudens, C. Detrembleur, M. Mousny and P. Fisette
Design and implementation of an electronic goniometer for gait analysis pp. 3-4 Downloads
C. Adel, Y. Benabid and M. A. Louar
Reducing the number of cameras and increasing the calibrated volume for motion capture pp. 5-6 Downloads
A. Aissaoui, P. Pudlo, I. Aloui, A. Ouafi and A. Taleb-Ahmed
Assessment of power losses due to ground contact forces during usual manual wheelchair movements pp. 7-8 Downloads
J. Bascou, C. Fallot, H. Pillet, S. Hybois, F. Lavaste and C. Sauret
Analysis of human-exoskeleton interactions: an elbow flexion/extension case study pp. 9-10 Downloads
S. Bastide, N. Vignais, F. Geffard and B. Berret
Analysis of the effect of helmet shape and head position on performance during time-trial cycling pp. 11-12 Downloads
F. Beaumont, R. Taiar, G. Polidori, H. Zaidi and F. Grappe
Finite element analysis of mechanical behavior of stabilization techniques for tibial plateau fractures pp. 13-14 Downloads
D. Belaid, A. Germaneau, A. Bouchoucha, F. Brémand, C. Brèque, P. Rigoard and T. Vendeuvre
Toward low cost system for real time monitoring of spine movement pp. 15-16 Downloads
K. Ben Mansour, F. Crison, C. Trabelsi, C. Palazzo, A. Roren and E. Klinger
Effects of foot progression angle on knee biomechanics during gait modification pp. 17-18 Downloads
S. Bennour, B. Ulrich, T. Legrand, B. Jolles and J. Favre
Effects of shoe drop on running mechanics in women pp. 19-20 Downloads
T. Besson, C. Morio and J. Rossi
Lung tissue modelling under non-penetrating impact: a comparative investigation on numerical injury criteria pp. 21-22 Downloads
M. Bodo and S. Roth
Acute effect of biomechanical foot orthotics on gross efficiency in cyclists affected by an anatomic asymmetry in time trial position pp. 23-24 Downloads
A. Bouillod, M. Retali, G. Soto-Romero, E. Brunet, M. Frémeaux, J. Cassirame, J. Maillot and F. Grappe
Overcorrected glenoid implants to prevent recurrent glenohumeral subluxation after total shoulder arthroplasty: a patient-specific finite element analysis pp. 25-26 Downloads
Y. Boulanaache, S. Bergamin, F. Becce, A. Farron and A. Terrier
Design process of custom-fitted interbody cage for lumbar spinal fusion pp. 27-28 Downloads
M. Bounabi, Y. Benabid, A.C. Messellek, A. Azzouz and S. Abid
Contribution of vertical and horizontal components of ground reaction forces on global motor moment during a golf swing: a preliminary study pp. 29-30 Downloads
M. Bourgain, C. Sauret, O. Rouillon, P. Thoreux and P. Rouch
Methodology for ballistic blunt trauma assessment pp. 31-32 Downloads
A. Bracq, C. Maréchal, R. Delille, B. Bourel, S. Roth and O. Mauzac
Relationship between cerebral aneurysm wall stiffness and rupture risk pp. 33-34 Downloads
H. Brunel, D. Ambard, H. Dufour, P. H. Roche, V. Costalat and F. Jourdan
Finite element model of a below-knee amputation: a feasibility study pp. 35-36 Downloads
D. Campion, N. Dakhil, M. Llari, M. Evin, F. Mo, L. Thefenne and M. Behr
Mechanical performance determinants in women’s vs men’s pole-vault pp. 37-38 Downloads
J. Cassirame, H. Sanchez, S. Homo and J. Frère
Prediction of intervertebral disc mechanical response to axial load using isotropic and fiber reinforced FE models pp. 39-40 Downloads
M. A. Chetoui, O. Boiron, A. Dogui and V. Deplano
Breathing through a spirometer perturbs balance pp. 41-42 Downloads
L. Clavel, V. Attali, O. Jacq, Mc. Nierat, T. Similowski, P. Rouch and B. Sandoz
Muscle Contraction and Pressure-Volume Loops in the Left-Heart pp. 43-44 Downloads
J. I. Colorado-Cervantes, Valerio Varano, Luciano Teresi and Vittorio Sansalone
Experimental Bench for Hemodynamic Study of Coronary Artery with Serial Stenoses: Fractional Flow Reserve Assessment pp. 45-46 Downloads
R. Coppel, Al. Gomez, G. Finet, M. Mauro, Ri. Pettigrew, J. Ohayon and M. Lagache
A 3D finite element model to predict the arcade-like collagen structure in a layered PCL scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering pp. 47-48 Downloads
S. Cortez, F. L. Freitas, A. Completo and J. L. Alves
Comparison of rotation tensor extracted from affine approximation and least square optimization pp. 49-50 Downloads
M. Couvertier, M. Begon, A. Germaneau, P. Lacouture and T. Monnet
Comparison of peak vertical force and vertical impulse in the inside and outside hind limbs in horses circling on a soft surface, at trot and canter pp. 51-52 Downloads
N. Crevier-Denoix, F. Munoz-Nates, M. Camus, B. Ravary-Plumioen, J.M. Denoix, P. Pourcelot and H. Chateau
Postural adaptations to unilateral knee joint hypomobility induced by orthosis wear during gait initiation pp. 53-54 Downloads
A. Delafontaine, P. Fourcade, J. L. Honeine, S. Ditcharles and E. Yiou
Preliminary clusters analysis based on functional disability scales for chronic Low Back Pain. Kinematic and EMG differences pp. 55-56 Downloads
Y. Delpierre, M. Ritz and C. Garnier
Effect of intra-tibial injection on mechanical properties of mouse bone pp. 57-58 Downloads
B. Delpuech, C. Confavreux, L. Bouazza, S. Geraci, P. Clezardin, D. Mitton and H. Follet
Improving multilevel surgery planning and predicting post-operative outcome in cerebral palsy pp. 59-60 Downloads
E. Desailly, O. C. Galarraga and N. Khouri
Assessment of the effect of rectus femoris transfer by propensity score matching in cerebral palsy pp. 61-62 Downloads
E. Desailly, A. L. Guinet, A. Badina and N. Khouri
Estimation of the wrist joint center of rotation pp. 63-64 Downloads
P. Devos, C. Hansen, K. Ben Mansour and F. Marin
A collision-based analysis of the landing-takeoff asymmetry during running pp. 65-66 Downloads
A. H. Dewolf and P. A. Willems
Differences in theoretical self-stability between manual and electrically power-assisted city-bikes for women pp. 67-68 Downloads
S. Dieltiens, J. D’hondt, M. Juwet and M. Versteyhe
Biomechanical adaptation of preferred transition speed during an incremental test in a gradient slope pp. 69-70 Downloads
G. Doucende, C. Rissetto, L. Mourot and J. Cassirame
Muscular activity variations of the right bowing arm of the violin player pp. 71-72 Downloads
S. Duprey, B. Michaud and M. Begon
Characterization of deproteinized dentin for its use in bone tissue engineering pp. 73-74 Downloads
C. Fichant, B. David, T. Reiss, N. Roubier and E. Vennat
Subject specific hexahedral Finite Element mesh generation of the pelvis from bi-Planar X-ray images pp. 75-76 Downloads
N. Fougeron, A. Macron, H. Pillet, W. Skalli and P.Y. Rohan
Which functional movements for sensor-to-segment calibration for lower-limb movement analysis with inertial sensors? pp. 77-78 Downloads
L. Fradet, A. Nez, T. Monnet and P. Lacouture
Quantification of the stress generated by the endoscopic movement in the brain parenchyma during intra ventricular surgical procedure pp. 79-80 Downloads
Pm. François, B. Sandoz, P. Decq and S. Laporte
Intra cranial volume quantification from 3D reconstruction based on CT-scan data pp. 81-82 Downloads
Pm. François, B. Sandoz, S. Laporte and P. Decq
Influence of pole carriage on sprint mechanical properties during pole vault run-up pp. 83-84 Downloads
J. Frère, H. Sanchez, S. Homo, G. Rabita, Jb. Morin and J. Cassirame
Predictive simulation of surgery effect on cerebral palsy gait pp. 85-86 Downloads
O. C. Galarraga, V. Vigneron, N. Khouri, B. Dorizzi and E. Desailly
Influence of the degree of mineralization of the cortical bone on toughness pp. 87-88 Downloads
M. Gardegaront, R. Gauthier, D. Farlay, S. Rizzo, D. Mitton and H. Follet
What’s the best computer mouse? A comparative study of wrist angles and carp extensor activity when using three mice pp. 89-90 Downloads
C. Gaudez and F. Cail
Mechanobiological stimuli for bone remodeling: mechanical energy, cell nutriments and mobility pp. 91-92 Downloads
D. George, R. Allena and Y. Rémond
Scapulohumeral rhythm in young tennis players pp. 93-94 Downloads
B. Gillet, M. Begon, Y. Blache, C. Berger-Vachon and I. Rogowski
Patient-Specific Biomechanical Modeling of the Lung Tumor for Radiation Therapy pp. 95-96 Downloads
M. Giroux, H. Ladjal, M. Beuve, P. Giraud and B. Shariat
An intravascular ultrasound anisotropic elasticity-palpography technique for coronary atherosclerotic plaque detection and characterization pp. 97-98 Downloads
A. Gomez, A. Tacheau, G. Finet, R. D. Coppel, M. Lagache, J. L. Martiel, S. Le Floc’h, R. I. Pettigrew, G. Cloutier and J. Ohayon
Is physical activity of children with cerebral palsy correlated with clinical gait analysis or physical examination parameters? pp. 99-100 Downloads
Anne-Laure Guinet and Eric Desailly
Which mathematical model best fit the maximal isometric torque-angle relationship of the elbow? pp. 101-102 Downloads
D. Haering, C. Pontonnier and G. Dumont
Stress and fatigue analysis of cantilevered bridge during biting: a computer study pp. 103-104 Downloads
P. Henyš, M. Ackermann, L. Čapek, T. Drahorád, A. Šimůnek and M. Exnerová
Influence of wedge stiffness on biomechanics during heel-strike transient phase pp. 105-106 Downloads
S. Hessas and M. Behr
Effects of ellipsoid parameters on scapula motion during manual wheelchair propulsion based on multibody kinematics optimization. A preliminary study pp. 107-108 Downloads
S. Hybois, A. Lombart, P. Puchaud, J. Bascou, F. Lavaste, H. Pillet and C. Sauret
Validation of breast implant finite element model pp. 109-110 Downloads
M. Kovar, C. Flynn, J. Sobotka and L. Capek
Evaluation of Calibrated Kinect Gait Kinematics Using a Vicon Motion Capture System pp. 111-112 Downloads
H. Lamine, S. Bennour, M. Laribi, L. Romdhane and S. Zaghloul
Effect of orthopedic implants on long bone properties: a combined experimental and numerical approach pp. 113-114 Downloads
C. Laurent, J. Verwaerde, B. Böhme, J.P. Ponthot and M. Balligand
Evaluation of the effect of an orthoptic exercise through a fencing mask on postural regulation and sporting gesture pp. 115-116 Downloads
O. Lefils, W. Bertucci and C. Lefils-Capitain
The effect of lateral and medial wedges on control of postural sway pp. 117-118 Downloads
C. Lefils-Capitain, W. Bertucci and O. Lefils
Shape optimization of coronary stents based on Finite Element Analysis pp. 119-120 Downloads
N. Lebaal, M. Azaouzi and S. Roth
Evaluation of a scapula spinal marker cluster to track the scapula kinematics during manual wheelchair propulsion pp. 121-122 Downloads
A. Lombart, A. Siegel, C. Villa, J. Bascou, H. Pillet and C. Sauret
Angular momentum regulation strategies for highly dynamic landing in Parkour pp. 123-124 Downloads
G. Maldonado, F. Bailly, P. Soueres and B. Watier
Validity of 3D reconstruction of a new tool for postural assessmentbased on a single optical camera pp. 125-126 Downloads
T. Marin, N. Houel, A. Brikci and W. Bertucci
A thermodynamically consistent model of bone rotary remodeling: a 2D study pp. 127-128 Downloads
M. Martin, T. Lemaire, G. Haïat, P. Pivonka and V. Sansalone
3D morphological analyses of subchondral mineralized zone in mice knee joint from HR-μCT scan pp. 129-130 Downloads
B. Mehadji and J. P. Berteau
Design optimization and material selection of acetabular component of hip prosthesis using computational concepts pp. 131-132 Downloads
A. C. Messellek, M. Ould Ouali, Y. Benabid, A. Amrouche and A. Beloulla
Material selection process for femoral component of hip prosthesis using finite element analysis and ranking method pp. 133-134 Downloads
A. C. Messellek, M. Ould Ouali, Y. Benabid, A. Amrouche and A. Beloulla
Comparison of Genzling method vs Hamley method allowing a postural adjustment in cycling: preliminary study pp. 135-136 Downloads
G. Millour and W. Bertucci
Individual contributions of the lower limb muscles to the position of the centre of pressure during gait pp. 137-138 Downloads
F. Moissenet and R. Dumas
Effect of shoe bending stiffness on lower limb kinetics of female recreational runners pp. 139-140 Downloads
C. Morio and N. Flores
Biomechanical and human behavior assessment using virtual reality to challenge balance and posture for the elderly and patients with Parkinson’s disease pp. 141-142 Downloads
F. Muhla, F. Clanché, C. Rose, A. Cosson and G. Gauchard
Ground reaction force and impulses of fore and hindlimbs in horses at trot on an asphalt track: effects of an inclined (uphill) compared to a flat surface pp. 143-144 Downloads
F. Munoz-Nates, H. Chateau, P. Pourcelot, M. Camus, B. Ravary-Plumioen, J. M. Denoix and N. Crevier-Denoix
Comparison between Clegg Impact Soil Tester and hoof impact shock measurements on 13 surfaces used for training trotters or sport horses pp. 145-146 Downloads
F. Munoz-Nates, P. Pourcelot, A. Van Hamme, J. Martinot, M. Pauchard, M. Nouvel, B. Ravary-Plumioen, H. Chateau and N. Crevier-Denoix
Modelling of fascia lata rupture during tensile tests via the discrete element method pp. 147-148 Downloads
C. Muth-seng, L. L. Gras, A. Roux and S. Laporte
Motion analysis of snare drum in relation with the musician’s expertise pp. 149-150 Downloads
M. Mutio, F. Marandola, K. Ben Mansour, J. André and F. Marin
Movement analysis with inertial sensors: identification of noise covariance matrices to improve body segment orientation using Kalman filtering pp. 151-152 Downloads
A. Nez, L. Fradet, T. Monnet and P. Lacouture
Tissue and movement biomechanical characterization of osteoarthritis progression in mouse knee joint pp. 153-154 Downloads
L. Olive, S. Gad, M. Fining, L. Thomas and J. P. Berteau
Electromyography of the masticatory muscles during biting pp. 155-156 Downloads
Kp Owashi Vallejo, E. Sapin - de Brosses and As. Bonnet
Biomechanical analysis of different cross-link configurations spinal instrumentation systems: a preliminary study pp. 157-158 Downloads
C. Peltier, A. Germaneau, J. C. Dupré, F. Hesser, C. Brèque, P. Rigoard and T. Vendeuvre
Principal Componant Analysis between perceptions and kinematics of the subject. An ergonomic case study at office work pp. 159-160 Downloads
A. Picard, M. Mahe, J. M. Barbier, C. Grange, M. Lefebvre, S. Duc, W. Bertucci and N. Houel
Motion adaptation in fencing lunges: a pilot study pp. 161-162 Downloads
P. Plantard, A. Sorel, N. Bideau and C. Pontonnier
Finite element model and ergonomic pertinent choice for stirrup sensors location pp. 163-164 Downloads
D. Prin-Conti, W. Bertucci and K. Debray
Analysis of a horse simulator’s locomotion by inertial sensors pp. 165-166 Downloads
D. Prin-Conti, A. Simon, W. Bertucci and K. Debray
Infrared thermography applied to the study of the thermal behavior of wheelchair cushion pp. 167-168 Downloads
H. Pron, R. Taiar, H. T. Bui, P. Lestriez and G. Polidori
Determination of the intervertebral spinal axial rotation in a golf player population: a preliminary study pp. 169-170 Downloads
G. Prum, M. Bourgain, C. Sauret, O. Rouillon, P. Rouch and P. Thoreux
Tracking the scapula motion through multibody kinematics optimisation to study manual wheelchair propulsion pp. 171-172 Downloads
P. Puchaud, S. Hybois, A. Siegel, J. Bascou, H. Pillet and C. Sauret
Kinematics of the lumbar muscles in rowing: a preliminary study pp. 173-174 Downloads
M. Retailleau, M. Domalain, M. Ménard and F. Colloud
Whole body segment inertia parameters estimation from movement and ground reaction forces: a feasibility study pp. 175-176 Downloads
T. Robert, P. Leborgne, M. Abid, V. Bonnet, G. Venture and R. Dumas
Estimation of body segment inertia parameters from 3D body scanner images: a semi-automatic method dedicated to human movement analysis applications pp. 177-178 Downloads
T. Robert, P. Leborgne, G. Beurier and R. Dumas
Effects of a new selective compression garment on thermoregulation and muscular oscillations during exercise pp. 179-180 Downloads
J. Romain, S. Corona and A. Arfaoui
Sprint acceleration mechanics changes from children to adolescent pp. 181-182 Downloads
J. Rossi, R. Slotala, P. Samozino, J. B. Morin and P. Edouard
Mechanical characterization of digital collateral nerves: a cadaver study pp. 183-184 Downloads
S. Salazar Botero, J. D. Elizondo Moreno, F. Séverac, N. Bahlouli, H. Jmal, P. A. Liverneaux and S. Facca
Comparison of dynamic plantar support after a triple jump competition pp. 185-186 Downloads
J. M. Samper and W. Bertucci
Unsteady forces on a hand in swimming in impulsive start configuration pp. 187-188 Downloads
M. Samson, A. Bernard, T. Monnet, P. Lacouture and L. David
Articulated foot improves human likeliness of walking when compared to a flat foot pp. 189-190 Downloads
A.P. Santos, F. Benamar, P. Bidaud, V. Padois and E. Desailly
Evaluation of a Passive Model to Mimic Dynamic Head/Neck Movements pp. 191-192 Downloads
H. Saraç, S. Laporte and B. Sandoz
Biomechanical analysis of the trapeziometacarpal arthroplasty failures pp. 193-194 Downloads
V. Spartacus, A. Mayoly, A. Gay, T. Le Corroller, M. Némoz-Gaillard, S. Roffino and P. Chabrand
Effect of Valve- and Patient- Related Factors on the Effective and Geometric Orifice Areas: An In Vitro Study with the CoreValve pp. 195-196 Downloads
V. Stanová, As. Zense, R. Rieu, L. Kadem and P. Pibarot
Evaluations of cranial micro-motion and breathing using kinematic analysis. Comparaison between Vicon system and spirometry pp. 197-198 Downloads
L. Stubbe, N. Houel, M. Soudain-Pineau, P. Billaudel and F. Cottin
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics – based method for penetrating impacts in a biomechanical context pp. 199-200 Downloads
L. Taddei, H. Frissane, N. Lebaal and S. Roth
Local elastic properties characterization of the temporo-mandibular joint disc through macro-indentation pp. 201-202 Downloads
Lk. Tappert, A. Baldit, R. Rahouadj and P. Lipinski
Preliminary study: IMU system validation for real-time feedback on swimming technique pp. 203-204 Downloads
X. Tolza, G. Soto-Romero, J. Y. Fourniols and P. Acco
Postural position and architectural foot modifications during Mountain Ultra-Marathon pp. 205-206 Downloads
S. Vermand, S. Duc, Fj. Ferrari, Pf Varvenne, O. Garcin, A. Ramos, A. Couffort, N. Topsent, V. Trachet, L. Besson, T. Bourgine, T. Mounet, A. Gely, S. Breton and P. Joly
Does the quantitative functional assessment allow to better guide the treatment of the patient with severe hip osteoarthritis? pp. 207-208 Downloads
L. Wallard, O. Cornu, J. E. Dubuc, P. Mahaudens, K. I. M’bra, D. Postlethwaite, M. Van Cauter and C. Detrembleur

Volume 20, issue 16, 2017

Probabilistic description of infant head kinematics in abusive head trauma pp. 1633-1642 Downloads
T. O. Lintern, M. P. Nash, P. Kelly, F. H. Bloomfield, A. J. Taberner and P. M. F. Nielsen
GPGPU-based explicit finite element computations for applications in biomechanics: the performance of material models, element technologies, and hardware generations pp. 1643-1657 Downloads
V. Strbac, D. M. Pierce, J. Vander Sloten and N. Famaey
Microscale’s relationship between Young’s modulus and tissue density. Prediction of displacements pp. 1658-1668 Downloads
Łukasz Cyganik, Marcin Binkowski, Grzegorz Kokot, Paulina Cyganik, Tomasz Rusin, Filip Bolechała, Roman Nowak, Zygmunt Wróbel and Antoni John
Intra-rater repeatability of gait parameters in healthy adults during self-paced treadmill-based virtual reality walking pp. 1669-1677 Downloads
Mohammad Al-Amri, Hilal Al Balushi and Abdulrhman Mashabi
Analysis of breathing via optoelectronic systems: comparison of four methods for computing breathing volumes and thoraco-abdominal motion pattern pp. 1678-1689 Downloads
Carlo Massaroni, Guglielmo Senesi, Emiliano Schena and Sergio Silvestri
Erratum pp. 1690-1690 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 20, issue 15, 2017

Mechanical behavior of a total chest wall prosthesis with rib-like features pp. 1581-1588 Downloads
A. Girotti, F. Rosa, M. Ferrotto, P. Girotti and U. Pastorino
A contact model to simulate human–artifact interaction based on force optimization: implementation and application to the analysis of a training machine pp. 1589-1598 Downloads
Daniel Krüger and Sandro Wartzack
Numerical study of intrathecal drug delivery to a permeable spinal cord: effect of catheter position and angle pp. 1599-1608 Downloads
G. Pizzichelli, B. Kehlet, Ø. Evju, B. A. Martin, M. E. Rognes, K. A. Mardal and E. Sinibaldi
Using partial least squares regression as a predictive tool in describing equine third metacarpal bone shape pp. 1609-1612 Downloads
Helen Liley, Ju Zhang, Elwyn Firth, Justin Fernandez and Thor Besier
The contribution of the glenoid labrum to glenohumeral stability under physiological joint loading using finite element analysis pp. 1613-1622 Downloads
Christian Klemt, Daniel Nolte, Grigorios Grigoriadis, Erica Di Federico, Peter Reilly and Anthony M. J. Bull
Computer aided design of architecture of degradable tissue engineering scaffolds pp. 1623-1632 Downloads
M. K. Heljak, K. J. Kurzydlowski and W. Swieszkowski

Volume 20, issue 14, 2017

Micro-mechanical properties of different sites on woodpecker’s skull pp. 1483-1493 Downloads
Yikun Ni, Lizhen Wang, Xiaoyu Liu, Hongquan Zhang, Chia-Ying Lin and Yubo Fan
Identification of the critical level of implantation of an osseointegrated prosthesis for above-knee amputees pp. 1494-1501 Downloads
Elder Michael Andrango Castro, Svatava Konvickova, Matej Daniel and Zdenek Horak
The influence of inertial sensor sampling frequency on the accuracy of measurement parameters in rearfoot running pp. 1502-1511 Downloads
Christian Mitschke, Falk Zaumseil and Thomas L. Milani
The effects of tapering and artery wall stiffness on treatments for Coarctation of the Aorta pp. 1512-1524 Downloads
Dilan Pathirana, Barbara Johnston and Peter Johnston
Biomechanical consequences of subtalar joint arthroereisis in treating posterior tibial tendon dysfunction: a theoretical analysis using finite element analysis pp. 1525-1532 Downloads
Duo Wai-Chi Wong, Yan Wang, Tony Lin-Wei Chen, Aaron Kam-Lun Leung and Ming Zhang
Stress analysis of irradiated human tooth enamel using finite element methods pp. 1533-1542 Downloads
Ganesh Thiagarajan, Bruno Vizcarra, Venkata Bodapudi, Rachel Reed, Rasoul Seyedmahmoud, Yong Wang, Jeffrey P. Gorski and Mary P. Walker
Automated hexahedral meshing of knee cartilage structures – application to data from the osteoarthritis initiative pp. 1543-1553 Downloads
B. Rodriguez-Vila, P. Sánchez-González, I. Oropesa, E. J. Gomez and D. M. Pierce
Aerodynamic evaluation of the empty nose syndrome by means of computational fluid dynamics pp. 1554-1561 Downloads
Boris V. Balakin, Erlend Farbu and Pawel Kosinski
and characterization of open-cell structures of trabecular bone pp. 1562-1570 Downloads
S. J. Ramos-Infante and M. A. Pérez
Multi-body optimization with subject-specific knee models: performance at high knee flexion angles pp. 1571-1579 Downloads
Caecilia Charbonnier, Sylvain Chagué, Frank C. Kolo, Victoria B. Duthon and Jacques Menetrey

Volume 20, issue 13, 2017

An open-source model and solution method to predict co-contraction in the finger pp. 1373-1381 Downloads
Alexander R. MacIntosh and Peter J. Keir
Antagonist muscle co-contraction during a double-leg landing maneuver at two heights pp. 1382-1393 Downloads
Hossein Mokhtarzadeh, Chen Hua Yeow, James Cho Hong Goh, Denny Oetomo, Katie Ewing and Peter Vee Sin Lee
Influence of ground reaction force perturbations on anterior cruciate ligament loading during sidestep cutting pp. 1394-1402 Downloads
Joshua T. Weinhandl and Kristian M. O’Connor
A musculoskeletal model to estimate the relative changes in wrist strength due to interacting wrist and forearm postures pp. 1403-1411 Downloads
Nicholas J. La Delfa and Jim R. Potvin
Effectiveness of pedicle screw inclusion at the fracture level in short-segment fixation constructs for the treatment of thoracolumbar burst fractures: a computational biomechanics analysis pp. 1412-1420 Downloads
Shady Elmasry, Shihab Asfour and Francesco Travascio
Strategies towards rapid generation of forefoot model incorporating realistic geometry of metatarsals encapsulated into lumped soft tissues for personalized finite element analysis pp. 1421-1430 Downloads
Wen-Ming Chen, Sung-Jae Lee and Peter Vee Sin Lee
Effect of lumbar fasciae on the stability of the lower lumbar spine pp. 1431-1437 Downloads
Hae Won Choi and Young Eun Kim
Flow visualisation study of spiral flow in the aorta–renal bifurcation pp. 1438-1441 Downloads
David Fulker, Ashkan Javadzadegan, Zuming Li and Tracie Barber
Validation of plantar pressure simulations using finite and discrete element modelling in healthy and diabetic subjects pp. 1442-1452 Downloads
W. Aerts, A. Scarton, F. De Groote, A. Guiotto, Z. Sawacha, C. Cobelli, J. Vander Sloten and I. Jonkers
Application of a semi-automatic cartilage segmentation method for biomechanical modeling of the knee joint pp. 1453-1463 Downloads
Mimmi K. Liukkonen, Mika E. Mononen, Petri Tanska, Simo Saarakkala, Miika T. Nieminen and Rami K. Korhonen
Non-Newtonian flow-induced deformation from pressurized cavities in absorbing porous tissues pp. 1464-1473 Downloads
Aftab Ahmed, J. I. Siddique and Asif Mahmood
A coordinated control strategy for insulin and glucagon delivery in type 1 diabetes pp. 1474-1482 Downloads
Pau Herrero, Jorge Bondia, Nick Oliver and Pantelis Georgiou

Volume 20, issue 12, 2017

RGRNA: prediction of RNA secondary structure based on replacement and growth of stems pp. 1261-1272 Downloads
Jin Li, Chengzhen Xu, Hong Liang, Wang Cong, Ying Wang, Kuan Luan and Yunlong Liu
Validation performance comparison for finite element models of the human brain pp. 1273-1288 Downloads
Logan E. Miller, Jillian E. Urban and Joel D. Stitzel
A Kinect-based movement assessment system: marker position comparison to Vicon pp. 1289-1298 Downloads
Julia K. Nichols, Mark P. Sena, Jennifer L. Hu, Oliver M. O’Reilly, Brian T. Feeley and Jeffrey C. Lotz
Protective capacity of an ice hockey goaltender helmet for three events associated with concussion pp. 1299-1311 Downloads
J. Michio Clark, T. Blaine Hoshizaki and Michael D. Gilchrist
Influence of anisotropic bone properties on the biomechanical behavior of the acetabular cup implant: a multiscale finite element study pp. 1312-1325 Downloads
Vu-Hieu Nguyen, Giuseppe Rosi, Salah Naili, Adrien Michel, Maria-Letizia Raffa, Romain Bosc, Jean-Paul Meningaud, Christine Chappard, Naoki Takano and Guillaume Haiat
Glottis effects on the cough clearance process simulated with a CFD dynamic mesh and Eulerian wall film model pp. 1326-1338 Downloads
Concepción Paz, Eduardo Suárez, Oscar Parga and Jesús Vence
Biomechanical comparison of conventional and optimised locking plates for the fixation of intraarticular calcaneal fractures: a finite element analysis pp. 1339-1349 Downloads
Hanbin Ouyang, Yuping Deng, Pusheng Xie, Yang Yang, Bingyun Jiang, Canjun Zeng and Wenhua Huang
A combination of experimental measurement, constitutive damage model, and diffusion tensor imaging to characterize the mechanical properties of the human brain pp. 1350-1363 Downloads
Alireza Karimi, Seyed Mohammadali Rahmati and Reza Razaghi
Fatigue failure of the sliding hip screw – clinical and biomechanical analysis pp. 1364-1372 Downloads
Libor Necas, Maros Hrubina, Zoltan Cibula, Jiri Behounek, Stanislav Krivanek and Zdenek Horak

Volume 20, issue 11, 2017

Prediction of the structural response of the femoral shaft under dynamic loading using subject-specific finite element models pp. 1151-1166 Downloads
Gwansik Park, Taewung Kim, Jason Forman, Matthew B. Panzer and Jeff R. Crandall
The influence of limb alignment and transfemoral amputation technique on muscle capacity during gait pp. 1167-1174 Downloads
Ellyn C. Ranz, Jason M. Wilken, Donald A. Gajewski and Richard R. Neptune
Comparison between line and surface mesh models to represent the rotator cuff muscle geometry in musculoskeletal models pp. 1175-1181 Downloads
Marion Hoffmann, Diane Haering and Mickaël Begon
Small-bubble transport and splitting dynamics in a symmetric bifurcation pp. 1182-1194 Downloads
Adnan Qamar, Matthew Warnez, Doug T. Valassis, Megan E. Guetzko and Joseph L. Bull
Transport and flow characteristics of an oscillating cylindrical fiber for total artificial lung application pp. 1195-1211 Downloads
Adnan Qamar and Joseph L. Bull
Mechanical role of a growing solid tumor on cortical folding pp. 1212-1222 Downloads
Mir Jalil Razavi, Mary Reeves and Xianqiao Wang
Importance of material parameters and strain energy function on the wall stresses in the left ventricle pp. 1223-1232 Downloads
Sareh Behdadfar, Laurent Navarro, Joakim Sundnes, Molly M. Maleckar and Stéphane Avril
Biomechanical causes of trapeziometacarpal arthroplasty failure pp. 1233-1235 Downloads
V. Spartacus, A. Mayoly, A. Gay, T. Le Corroller, M. Némoz-Gaillard, S. Roffino and P. Chabrand
Effect of round curvature of anterior implant-supported zirconia frameworks: finite element analysis and study using digital image correlation pp. 1236-1248 Downloads
Ana Messias, Maria Augusta Neto, Ana Martins Amaro, Pedro Nicolau and Luis Manuel Roseiro
The management of episiotomy technique and its effect on pelvic floor muscles during a malposition childbirth pp. 1249-1259 Downloads
Dulce A. Oliveira, Marco P. L. Parente, Begoña Calvo, Teresa Mascarenhas and Renato M. Natal Jorge

Volume 20, issue 10, 2017

The effect of boundary conditions on epicardial potential distributions pp. 1031-1037 Downloads
Josef P. Barnes and Peter R. Johnston
Comparing multiple correspondence and principal component analyses with biomechanical signals. Example with turning the steering wheel pp. 1038-1047 Downloads
P. Loslever, J. Schiro, F. Gabrielli and P. Pudlo
Wall shear stress and near-wall flows in the stenosed femoral artery pp. 1048-1055 Downloads
T. Barber
Dynamic model of vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy pp. 1056-1065 Downloads
Xiao-ming Hu, Linhuan He and Yi Zhao
Statistical factorial analysis approach for parameter calibration on material nonlinearity of intervertebral disc finite element model pp. 1066-1076 Downloads
Masni-Azian and Masao Tanaka
Estimation of the physiological mechanical conditioning in vascular tissue engineering by a predictive fluid-structure interaction approach pp. 1077-1088 Downloads
Claudia Tresoldi, Elena Bianchi, Alessandro Filippo Pellegata, Gabriele Dubini and Sara Mantero
The efficacy of a video-based marker-less tracking system for gait analysis pp. 1089-1095 Downloads
Alex Ong, Ian Sujae Harris and Joseph Hamill
A new formula for predicting the position of severe arterial stenosis pp. 1096-1103 Downloads
Khaled Ben Abdessalem and Ridha Ben Saleh
Uncertainty propagation of phase contrast-MRI derived inlet boundary conditions in computational hemodynamics models of thoracic aorta pp. 1104-1112 Downloads
Silvia Bozzi, Umberto Morbiducci, Diego Gallo, Raffaele Ponzini, Giovanna Rizzo, Cristina Bignardi and Giuseppe Passoni
Biomechanical analysis of the Universal 2 implant in total wrist arthroplasty: a finite element study pp. 1113-1121 Downloads
M. K. Gislason, E. Foster, M. Bransby-Zachary and D. H. Nash
The effect of facial expressions on respirators contact pressures pp. 1122-1131 Downloads
Mang Cai, Shengnan Shen and Hui Li
The effect of direct and indirect force transmission on peri-implant bone stress – a contact finite element analysis pp. 1132-1139 Downloads
Annike Rand, Meike Stiesch, Michael Eisenburger and Andreas Greuling
The effect of the sagittal ridge angle on cartilage stress in the equine metacarpo-phalangeal (fetlock) joint pp. 1140-1149 Downloads
Helen Liley, Helen Davies, Elwyn Firth, Thor Besier and Justin Fernandez

Volume 20, issue 9, 2017

MRI-based finite element modeling of facial mimics: a case study on the paired zygomaticus major muscles pp. 919-928 Downloads
Ang-Xiao Fan, Stéphanie Dakpé, Tien Tuan Dao, Philippe Pouletaut, Mohamed Rachik and Marie Christine Ho Ba Tho
Modeling and dynamic simulation of astronaut’s upper limb motions considering counter torques generated by the space suit pp. 929-940 Downloads
Jingwen Li, Qing Ye, Li Ding and Qianfang Liao
1-D blood flow modelling in a running human body pp. 941-948 Downloads
Viktor Szabó and Gábor Halász
The haemodynamic effect of an adjustable band in an arteriovenous fistula pp. 949-957 Downloads
M. Sturm, H. Lee, S. Thomas and T. Barber
The human otitis media with effusion: a numerical-based study pp. 958-966 Downloads
B. Areias, M. P. L. Parente, C. Santos, F. Gentil and R. M. Natal Jorge
Biomechanical evaluation of the natural abutment teeth in combined tooth-implant-supported telescopic prostheses: a three-dimensional finite element analysis pp. 967-979 Downloads
Yu Chen, Chao Wang, Yuanding Huang, Tianming Feng, Huawei Zou and Yubo Fan
Recirculation zone length in renal artery is affected by flow spirality and renal-to-aorta flow ratio pp. 980-990 Downloads
Ashkan Javadzadegan, David Fulker and Tracie Barber
A three-dimensional collagen-fiber network model of the extracellular matrix for the simulation of the mechanical behaviors and micro structures pp. 991-1003 Downloads
Shoubin Dong, Zetao Huang, Liqun Tang, Xiaoyang Zhang, Yongrou Zhang and Yi Jiang
Influences of geometrical and mechanical properties of bone tissues in mandible behaviour – experimental and numerical predictions pp. 1004-1014 Downloads
A. Ramos, Yi. Nyashin and M. Mesnard
3D characterisation of the dynamics of foot joints of adults during walking. Gait pattern identification pp. 1015-1030 Downloads
E. Sanchis-Sales, J. L. Sancho-Bru, A. Roda-Sales and J. Pascual-Huerta

Volume 20, issue 8, 2017

The influence of biophysical muscle properties on simulating fast human arm movements pp. 803-821 Downloads
A. Bayer, S. Schmitt, M. Günther and D. F. B. Haeufle
Computational fluid dynamics in abdominal aorta bifurcation: non-Newtonian versus Newtonian blood flow in a real case study pp. 822-831 Downloads
Armando A. Soares, Sílvia Gonzaga, Carlos Oliveira, André Simões and Abel I. Rouboa
Computational study of cell adhesion and rolling in flow channel by meshfree method pp. 832-841 Downloads
Liqiang Lin and Xiaowei Zeng
Biomechanical properties of the pelvic floor muscles of continent and incontinent women using an inverse finite element analysis pp. 842-852 Downloads
M. E. T. Silva, S. Brandão, M. P. L. Parente, T. Mascarenhas and R. M. Natal Jorge
The incompressibility assumption in computational simulations of nasal airflow pp. 853-868 Downloads
Ismael R. Cal, Jose Luis Cercos-Pita and Daniel Duque
Structural analysis of two different stent configurations pp. 869-883 Downloads
M. Simão, J. M. Ferreira, J. Mora-Rodriguez and H. M. Ramos
Conceptual design and implantation of an external fixator with improved mobility for knee rehabilitation pp. 884-892 Downloads
Gianluca Gatti
Stress distribution in cylindrical and conical implants under rotational micromovement with different boundary conditions and bone properties: 3-D FEA pp. 893-900 Downloads
Mateus Bertolini Fernandes dos Santos, Gabriel de Oliveira Meloto, Ataís Bacchi and Lourenço Correr-Sobrinho
A simple, reliable method to determine the mean gait speed using heel markers on a treadmill pp. 901-904 Downloads
Gustavo Souto de Sá e Souza, Fábio Barbosa Rodrigues, Adriano O. Andrade and Marcus Fraga Vieira
Modelling osteoblast adhesion on surface-engineered biomaterials: optimisation of nanophase grain size pp. 905-914 Downloads
Song Chen, Cheuk Y. Lee, Rachel W. Li, Paul N. Smith and Qing H. Qin
A new adaptive time step method for unsteady flow simulations in a human lung pp. 915-917 Downloads
Ana Fenández-Tena, Alfonso C. Marcos, Cristina Martínez and D. Keith Walters

Volume 20, issue 7, 2017

A new evolutionary optimization method for osteoporotic bone augmentation pp. 691-700 Downloads
María E. Santana Artiles and Demetrios T. Venetsanos
The optimal density of cellular solids in axial tension pp. 701-713 Downloads
L. Angela Mihai, Khulud Alayyash and Hayley Wyatt
Multi-scale analysis of the effect of nano-filler particle diameter on the physical properties of CAD/CAM composite resin blocks pp. 714-719 Downloads
Satoshi Yamaguchi, Sayuri Inoue, Takahiko Sakai, Tomohiro Abe, Haruaki Kitagawa and Satoshi Imazato
Robustness of kinematic weighting and scaling concepts for musculoskeletal simulation pp. 720-729 Downloads
Florian Schellenberg, William R. Taylor, Ilse Jonkers and Silvio Lorenzetti
Micromotion-induced peri-prosthetic fluid flow around a cementless femoral stem pp. 730-736 Downloads
Valérie Malfroy Camine, Alexandre Terrier and Dominique P. Pioletti
Numerical simulation of motion and deformation of healthy and sick red blood cell through a constricted vessel using hybrid lattice Boltzmann-immersed boundary method pp. 737-749 Downloads
Amir Hassanzadeh, Nader Pourmahmoud and Abdolrahman Dadvand
To reduce the maximum stress and the stress shielding effect around a dental implant–bone interface using radial functionally graded biomaterials pp. 750-759 Downloads
H. Asgharzadeh Shirazi, M. R. Ayatollahi and A. Asnafi
Two-criteria optimisation problem for ventral hernia repair pp. 760-769 Downloads
Czesław Szymczak, Izabela Lubowiecka, Katarzyna Szepietowska and Agnieszka Tomaszewska
Finite element analysis of different loading conditions for implant-supported overdentures supported by conventional or mini implants pp. 770-782 Downloads
K. Solberg, F. Heinemann, P. Pellikaan, L. Keilig, H. Stark, C. Bourauel and I. Hasan
Unsteady computational fluid dynamics in front crawl swimming pp. 783-793 Downloads
Mathias Samson, Anthony Bernard, Tony Monnet, Patrick Lacouture and Laurent David
A videofluoroscopy-based tracking algorithm for quantifying the time course of human intervertebral displacements pp. 794-802 Downloads
Christian Balkovec, Jim H. Veldhuis, John W. Baird, G. Wayne Brodland and Stuart M. McGill

Volume 20, issue 6, 2017

Erratum pp. (i)-(i) Downloads
The Editors
Virtual anatomical reconstruction of large acetabular bone defects using a statistical shape model pp. 577-586 Downloads
Peter Vanden Berghe, Jan Demol, Frederik Gelaude and Jos Vander Sloten
Across-subject calibration of an instrumented glove to measure hand movement for clinical purposes pp. 587-597 Downloads
Verónica Gracia-Ibáñez, Margarita Vergara, James H. Buffi, Wendy M. Murray and Joaquín L. Sancho-Bru
A case for poroelasticity in skeletal muscle finite element analysis: experiment and modeling pp. 598-601 Downloads
Benjamin B. Wheatley, Gregory M. Odegard, Kenton R. Kaufman and Tammy L. Haut Donahue
A multi-body dynamics study on a weight-drop test of rat brain injury pp. 602-616 Downloads
Wenyi Yan, Germain Sossou and Ramesh Rajan
New three-dimensional model based on finite element method of bone nanostructure: single TC molecule scale level pp. 617-625 Downloads
Tesnim Kraiem, Abdelwahed Barkaoui, Moez Chafra, Ridha Hambli and João Manuel R. S. Tavares
Effect of body weight support variation on muscle activities during robot assisted gait: a dynamic simulation study pp. 626-635 Downloads
Shahid Hussain, Prashant K. Jamwal and Mergen H. Ghayesh
Influence of custom-made implant designs on the biomechanical performance for the case of immediate post-extraction placement in the maxillary esthetic zone: a finite element analysis pp. 636-644 Downloads
Jianyu Chen, Zhiguang Zhang, Xianshuai Chen and Xiao Zhang
Hydrodynamic analysis of human swimming based on VOF method pp. 645-652 Downloads
Jie-min Zhan, Tian-zeng Li, Xue-bin Chen and Y.S. Li
Finite element analyses for improved design of peripheral stents pp. 653-662 Downloads
Yong-Hyun Lim and Hyun-Yong Jeong
Finite element analysis of implant-supported prosthesis with pontic and cantilever in the posterior maxilla pp. 663-670 Downloads
Victor Eduardo de Souza Batista, Fellippo Ramos Verri, Daniel Augusto de Faria Almeida, Joel Ferreira Santiago Junior, Cleidiel Aparecido Araújo Lemos and Eduardo Piza Pellizzer
Computational fluid dynamics study of common stent models inside idealised curved coronary arteries pp. 671-681 Downloads
Winson X. Chen, Eric K. W. Poon, Nicholas Hutchins, Vikas Thondapu, Peter Barlis and Andrew Ooi
Bioimpedancemetry for the assessment of periodontal tissue inflammation: a numerical feasibility study pp. 682-690 Downloads
Gloria Cosoli, Lorenzo Scalise, Graziano Cerri, Paola Russo, Gerardo Tricarico and Enrico Primo Tomasini

Volume 20, issue 5, 2017

Sustained high-pressure in the spinal subarachnoid space while arterial expansion is low may be linked to syrinx development pp. 457-467 Downloads
Elizabeth C. Clarke, David F. Fletcher and Lynne E. Bilston
Aortic valve leaflet wall shear stress characterization revisited: impact of coronary flow pp. 468-470 Downloads
K. Cao and P. Sucosky
Blood flow in the cerebral venous system: modeling and simulation pp. 471-482 Downloads
Olivia Miraucourt, Stéphanie Salmon, Marcela Szopos and Marc Thiriet
On the importance of 3D, geometrically accurate, and subject-specific finite element analysis for evaluation of in-vivo soft tissue loads pp. 483-491 Downloads
Kevin M. Moerman, Marc van Vijven, Leandro R. Solis, Eline E. van Haaften, Arjan C. Y. Loenen, Vivian K. Mushahwar and Cees W. J. Oomens
Two-dimensional intraventricular flow pattern visualization using the image-based computational fluid dynamics pp. 492-507 Downloads
Siamak N. Doost, Liang Zhong, Boyang Su and Yosry S. Morsi
A model of neurovascular coupling and the BOLD response: PART I pp. 508-518 Downloads
E. J. Mathias, M. J. Plank and T. David
A model of neurovascular coupling and the BOLD response PART II pp. 519-529 Downloads
E. J. Mathias, M. J. Plank and T. David
On the assessment of bridging vein rupture associated acute subdural hematoma through finite element analysis pp. 530-539 Downloads
Zhao Ying Cui, Nele Famaey, Bart Depreitere, Jan Ivens, Svein Kleiven and Jos Vander Sloten
Real-time simulation of hand motion for prosthesis control pp. 540-549 Downloads
Dimitra Blana, Edward K. Chadwick, Antonie J. van den Bogert and Wendy M. Murray
Sensitivity of lumbar spine response to follower load and flexion moment: finite element study pp. 550-557 Downloads
Sadegh Naserkhaki and Marwan El-Rich
Loading of the lumbar spine during backpack carriage pp. 558-565 Downloads
Patrick D. Wettenschwiler, Silvio Lorenzetti, Stephen J. Ferguson, Rolf Stämpfli, Ameet K. Aiyangar, René M. Rossi and Simon Annaheim
Accuracy of femur reconstruction from sparse geometric data using a statistical shape model pp. 566-576 Downloads
Ju Zhang and Thor F. Besier

Volume 20, issue 4, 2017

The twist-to-bend compliance of the petiole: integrated computations and experiments pp. 343-354 Downloads
Tanvir R. Faisal, Nicolay Hristozov, Tamara L. Western, Alejandro Rey and Damiano Pasini
Development of an integrated CAD–FEA system for patient-specific design of spinal cages pp. 355-364 Downloads
Mingzheng Zhang, Fang Pu, Liqiang Xu, Linlin Zhang, Hang Liang, Deyu Li, Yu Wang and Yubo Fan
Influence of stenosis on hemodynamic parameters in the realistic left coronary artery under hyperemic conditions pp. 365-372 Downloads
Sarfaraz Kamangar, Irfan Anjum Badruddin, A. Badarudin, N. Nik-Ghazali, Kalimuthu Govindaraju, N. J. Salman Ahmed and T. M. Yunus Khan
A novel approach for extracting viscoelastic parameters of living cells through combination of inverse finite element simulation and Atomic Force Microscopy pp. 373-384 Downloads
Fanan Wei, Haitao Yang, Lianqing Liu and Guangyong Li
The use of XFEM to assess the influence of intra-cortical porosity on crack propagation pp. 385-392 Downloads
Naiara Rodriguez-Florez, Alessandra Carriero and Sandra J. Shefelbine
A comparison of the peri-implant bone stress generated by the preload with screw tightening between ‘bonded’ and ‘contact’ model pp. 393-402 Downloads
Maki Matsuzaki, Yasunori Ayukawa, Nobuo Sakai, Tatsuya Matsuzaki, Yasuyuki Matsushita and Kiyoshi Koyano
A new formulation of slight compressibility for arterial tissue and its Finite Element implementation pp. 403-414 Downloads
M. D. Gilchrist, D. MacManus, J. G. Murphy and B. Pierrat
Predicting changes in mechanical properties of trabecular bone by adaptive remodeling pp. 415-425 Downloads
Daisuke Tawara and Ken Nagura
Customized mandibular reconstruction plates improve mechanical performance in a mandibular reconstruction model pp. 426-435 Downloads
Ralf Gutwald, Raimund Jaeger and Floor M. Lambers
Real-time inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics for lower limb applications using OpenSim pp. 436-445 Downloads
C. Pizzolato, M. Reggiani, L. Modenese and D. G. Lloyd
An inverse problem in estimating the laser irradiance and thermal damage in laser-irradiated biological tissue with a dual-phase-lag model pp. 446-456 Downloads
Yu-Ching Yang, Haw-Long Lee, Win-Jin Chang and Wen-Lih Chen

Volume 20, issue 3, 2017

Predicting permeability of regular tissue engineering scaffolds: scaling analysis of pore architecture, scaffold length, and fluid flow rate effects pp. 231-241 Downloads
A. Rahbari, H. Montazerian, E. Davoodi and S. Homayoonfar
Comparison of physiological and post-endovascular aneurysm repair infrarenal blood flow pp. 242-249 Downloads
Anastasios Raptis, Michalis Xenos, Efstratios Georgakarakos, George Kouvelos, Athanasios Giannoukas, Nicos Labropoulos and Miltiadis Matsagkas
The influence of cartilage surface topography on fluid flow in the intra-articular gap pp. 250-259 Downloads
Yabin Wu and Stephen J. Ferguson
Haemodynamic assessment of human coronary arteries is affected by degree of freedom of artery movement pp. 260-272 Downloads
Ashkan Javadzadegan, Andy S. C. Yong, Michael Chang, Martin K. C. Ng, Masud Behnia and Leonard Kritharides
A model of muscle contraction based on the Langevin equation with actomyosin potentials pp. 273-283 Downloads
Youjiro Tamura, Akira Ito and Masami Saito
Biomechanical comparison of sinus floor elevation and alternative treatment methods for dental implant placement pp. 284-293 Downloads
Sercan Küçükkurt, Gökhan Alpaslan and Ahmet Kurt
Finite element prediction of contact pressures in cam-type femoroacetabular impingement with varied alpha angles pp. 294-301 Downloads
Qian Liu, Wanchun Wang, Andrew R. Thoreson, Chunfeng Zhao, Weihong Zhu and Pengcheng Dou
Accommodation of the human lens capsule using a finite element model based on nonlinear regionally anisotropic biomembranes pp. 302-307 Downloads
G. David, R. M. Pedrigi and J. D. Humphrey
Transient pressure wave in the behind armor blunt trauma: experimental and computational investigation pp. 308-318 Downloads
Shaomin Luo, Cheng Xu, Shu Wang and Yaoke Wen
A poroelastic finite element model of the bone–cartilage unit to determine the effects of changes in permeability with osteoarthritis pp. 319-331 Downloads
Michael E. Stender, Richard A. Regueiro and Virginia L. Ferguson
A lateral dynamics of a wheelchair: identification and analysis of tire parameters pp. 332-341 Downloads
L. C. A. Silva, F. C. Corrêa, J. J. Eckert, F. M. Santiciolli and F. G. Dedini
Corrigendum pp. 342-342 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 20, issue 2, 2017

Muscle wrapping on arbitrary meshes with the heat method pp. 119-129 Downloads
Omar Zarifi and Ian Stavness
The effects of gastrocnemius–soleus muscle forces on ankle biomechanics during triple arthrodesis pp. 130-141 Downloads
S. Hejazi, G. Rouhi and J. Rasmussen
CFD transient simulation of the cough clearance process using an Eulerian wall film model pp. 142-152 Downloads
Concepción Paz, Eduardo Suárez and Jesús Vence
Extended foot-ankle musculoskeletal models for application in movement analysis pp. 153-159 Downloads
Tiago M. Malaquias, Carolina Silveira, Wouter Aerts, Friedl De Groote, Greta Dereymaeker, Jos Vander Sloten and Ilse Jonkers
Fast blood-flow simulation for large arterial trees containing thousands of vessels pp. 160-170 Downloads
Alexandre Muller, Richard Clarke and Harvey Ho
Computational comparison of aortic root stresses in presence of stentless and stented aortic valve bio-prostheses pp. 171-181 Downloads
M. G. C. Nestola, E. Faggiano, C. Vergara, R. M. Lancellotti, S. Ippolito, C. Antona, S. Filippi, A. Quarteroni and R. Scrofani
Effect of screw position on load transfer in lumbar pedicle screws: a non-idealized finite element analysis pp. 182-192 Downloads
Anna G. U. S. Newcomb, Seungwon Baek, Brian P. Kelly and Neil R. Crawford
Influence of bicortical techniques in internal connection placed in premaxillary area by 3D finite element analysis pp. 193-200 Downloads
Fellippo Ramos Verri, Ronaldo Silva Cruz, Cleidiel Aparecido Araújo Lemos, Victor Eduardo de Souza Batista, Daniel Augusto Faria Almeida, Ana Caroline Gonçales Verri and Eduardo Piza Pellizzer
Variation in the human Achilles tendon moment arm during walking pp. 201-205 Downloads
Kristen Rasske, Darryl G. Thelen and Jason R. Franz
Image-guided simulation of tissue deformation using a mechanical model on a surgical application pp. 206-214 Downloads
Toan B. Nguyen, Albert Y. Huang, Vid Fikfak, Brian J. Dunkin and Marc Garbey
A novel micro-to-macro approach for cardiac tissue mechanics pp. 215-229 Downloads
Seyyed M. H. Haddad and Abbas Samani
Corrigendum pp. 230-230 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 20, issue 1, 2017

Lumbar spine finite element model for healthy subjects: development and validation pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ming Xu, James Yang, Isador H. Lieberman and Ram Haddas
CFD modeling of the underwash effect of military helmets as a possible mechanism for blast-induced traumatic brain injury pp. 16-26 Downloads
Hesam Sarvghad-Moghaddam, Asghar Rezaei, Mariusz Ziejewski and Ghodrat Karami
Computational geometry assessment for morphometric analysis of the mandible pp. 27-34 Downloads
Stefan Raith, Viktoria Varga, Timm Steiner, Frank Hölzle and Horst Fischer
Estimation of conditions evoking fracture in finger bones under pinch loading based on finite element analysis pp. 35-44 Downloads
Jonas A. Pramudita, Seiji Kamiya, Sadayuki Ujihashi, Hyung-Yun Choi, Masato Ito, Ryoji Watanabe, Jeff R. Crandall and Richard W. Kent
Numerical technique of blood flow through catheterized arteries with overlapping stenosis pp. 45-58 Downloads
M. A. El Kot and W. Abbas
Computational model of mesenchymal migration in 3D under chemotaxis pp. 59-74 Downloads
F. O. Ribeiro, M. J. Gómez-Benito, J. Folgado, P. R. Fernandes and J. M. García-Aznar
Strain gradient development in 3-dimensional extracellular matrix scaffolds during mechanical stimulation pp. 75-84 Downloads
Benjamin J. Seifer and Christopher T. Wagner
Sequential venous anastomosis design to enhance patency of arterio-venous grafts for hemodialysis pp. 85-93 Downloads
Foad Kabinejadian, Boyang Su, Dhanjoo N. Ghista, Munirah Ismail, Sangho Kim and Hwa Liang Leo
Can generic knee joint models improve the measurement of osteoarthritic knee kinematics during squatting activity? pp. 94-103 Downloads
Julien Clément, Raphaël Dumas, Nicola Hagemeister and Jaques A. de Guise
Finite element modeling for predicting the contact pressure between a foam mattress and the human body in a supine position pp. 104-117 Downloads
Wookjin Lee, Byeong Hee Won and Seong Wook Cho
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