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2008 - 2021

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Volume 24, issue 3, 2021

Tibiofemoral forces during FES rowing in individuals with spinal cord injury pp. 231-244 Downloads
Vishnu D. Chandran, Rebecca L. Lambach, Robin S. Gibbons, Brian J. Andrews, Gary S. Beaupre and Saikat Pal
Finite element simulation and testing of cobalt-chromium stent: a parametric study on radial strength, recoil, foreshortening, and dogboning pp. 245-259 Downloads
Avinash Kumar and Naresh Bhatnagar
The effect of sitting position changes from pedaling rehabilitation on muscle activity pp. 260-269 Downloads
Lu Zongxing, Wei Xiangwen and You Shengxian
A finite element analysis of different pedicle screw placement strategies for treatment of Lenke 1 adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: which is better? pp. 270-277 Downloads
Kai Chen, Jian Zhao, Yunfei Zhao, Changwei Yang and Ming Li
Finite element simulation of head impacts in mixed martial arts pp. 278-288 Downloads
Stephen Tiernan, Aidan Meagher, David O’Sullivan and Eoin O’Kelly
Electroosmotically driven flow of micropolar bingham viscoplastic fluid in a wavy microchannel: application of computational biology stomach anatomy pp. 289-298 Downloads
Anber Saleem, Mishal Nayab Kiani, Sohail Nadeem, Salman Akhtar, Mehdi Ghalambaz and Alibek Issakhov
General method for automated feature extraction and selection and its application for gender classification and biomechanical knowledge discovery of sex differences in spinal posture during stance and gait pp. 299-307 Downloads
Carlo Dindorf, Jürgen Konradi, Claudia Wolf, Bertram Taetz, Gabriele Bleser, Janine Huthwelker, Philipp Drees, Michael Fröhlich and Ulrich Betz
Comparison of dynamic response of three TLIF techniques on the fused and adjacent segments under vibration pp. 308-319 Downloads
Qing-Dong Wang and Li-Xin Guo
Tibial implant fixation in TKA worth a revision?—how to avoid stress-shielding even for stiff metallic implants pp. 320-332 Downloads
B. Eidel, A. Gote, C.-P. Fritzen, A. Ohrndorf and H.-J. Christ
Parameter identification for the simulation of the periodontal ligament during the initial phase of orthodontic tooth movement pp. 333-348 Downloads
Albert Heinrich Kaiser, Ludger Keilig, Reinhard Klein and Christoph Bourauel

Volume 24, issue 2, 2021

Frontal lobe oxyhemoglobin levels in patients with lower extremity burns assessed using a functional near-Infrared spectroscopy device during usual walking: a pilot study pp. 115-121 Downloads
So Young Joo, Yoon Soo Cho, Kuem Ju Lee, Seung Yeol Lee and Cheong Hoon Seo
Statistical shape modeling of the pelvic floor to evaluate women with obstructed defecation symptoms pp. 122-130 Downloads
Megan R. Routzong, Ghazaleh Rostaminia, Shaniel T. Bowen, Roger P. Goldberg and Steven D. Abramowitch
Idiopathic scoliosis and brace treatment: an innovative device to assess corrective pressure pp. 131-136 Downloads
Jean Charles Gesbert, Briac Colobert, Lalao Rakotomanana and Philippe Violas
Muscle co-contraction in an upper limb musculoskeletal model: EMG-assisted vs. standard load-sharing pp. 137-150 Downloads
Ehsan Sarshari, Matteo Mancuso, Alexandre Terrier, Alain Farron, Philippe Mullhaupt and Dominique Pioletti
Adsorption and sensing of an anticancer drug on the boron nitride nanocones; a computational inspection pp. 151-160 Downloads
Chao Wang, Lizhen Shen and Liang Wu
Compressive stress relaxation behavior of articular cartilage and its effects on fluid pressure and solid displacement due to non-Newtonian flow pp. 161-172 Downloads
Umair Farooq and J. I. Siddique
Investigation of airflow at different activity conditions in a realistic model of human upper respiratory tract pp. 173-187 Downloads
Reza Tabe, Roohollah Rafee, Mohammad Sadegh Valipour and Goodarz Ahmadi
Extracting the elasticity of the human skin in microscale and in-vivo from atomic force microscopy experiments using viscoelastic models pp. 188-202 Downloads
Sahba Iravanimanesh, Mohammad Ali Nazari, Fereshteh Jafarbeglou, Mohammad Mahjoob and Mojtaba Azadi
Classification of normal sinus rhythm, abnormal arrhythmia and congestive heart failure ECG signals using LSTM and hybrid CNN-SVM deep neural networks pp. 203-214 Downloads
Ahmet Çınar and Seda Arslan Tuncer
Oxygen transport in a permeable model of abdominal aortic aneurysm pp. 215-229 Downloads
Rana Zakerzadeh, Tanja Cupac and Michael Durka

Volume 24, issue 1, 2021

Comparison of frequency and magnitude of head impacts experienced by Peewee boys and girls in games of youth ice hockey pp. 1-13 Downloads
Andrew Post, Clara Karton, Odette Thevenot, T. Blaine Hoshizaki, Michael Robidoux and Michael D. Gilchrist
Implant primary stability with an osteocondensation drilling protocol in different density polyurethane blocks pp. 14-20 Downloads
Stefano Fanali, Margherita Tumedei, Pamela Pignatelli, Francesco Inchingolo, Paolo Pennacchietti, Gianluca Pace and Adriano Piattelli
Effect of foam densification and impact velocity on the performance of a football helmet using computational modeling pp. 21-32 Downloads
Samuel T. Mills, Trevor S. Young, Lillian S. Chatham, Sourav Poddar, R. Dana Carpenter and Christopher M. Yakacki
Feasibility of an alternative method to estimate glenohumeral joint center from videogrammetry measurements and CT/MRI of patients pp. 33-42 Downloads
Ehsan Sarshari, Matteo Mancuso, Alexandre Terrier, Alain Farron, Philippe Mullhaupt and Dominique Pioletti
Influence of tibial bearing curvatures of a customised total knee implant on squatting motion and loads pp. 43-55 Downloads
Linjie Wang and Chang Jiang Wang
Postural symmetry evaluation using phase approximations of the follow-up CoP trajectories pp. 56-66 Downloads
Tomasz Łukaszewicz, Zenon Kidoń, Dariusz Kania and Krystyna Pethe-Kania
Stress distribution is susceptible to the angle of the osteotomy in the high oblique sagittal osteotomy (HOSO): biomechanical evaluation using finite element analyses pp. 67-75 Downloads
Herrera-Vizcaíno Carlos, Baselga Lahoz Marta, Pelliccioni Monrroy Orlando, Udeabor E Samuel, Robert Sader and Lukas Benedikt Seifert
Validation of a finite element model with six-year-old child anatomical characteristics as specified in Euro NCAP Pedestrian Human Model Certification (TB024) pp. 76-90 Downloads
Haiyan Li, Kun Li, Yongqiang Huang, Wenle Lv, Shihai Cui, Lijuan He, Jesse Shijie Ruan and Chunxiang Wang
Effect of umbilical cord length on early fetal biomechanics pp. 91-100 Downloads
Juan Felipe Sánchez Gutiérrez, Mercedes Olaya-C, Jorge Andrés Franco, Johana Guevara, Diego Alexander Garzón-Alvarado and María Lucía Gutiérrez Gómez
Prediction of RNA secondary structure based on stem region replacement using the RSRNA algorithm pp. 101-114 Downloads
Chengzhen Xu, Longjian Gao, Jin Li, Longfeng Shen, Hong Liang, Kuan Luan and Xiaomin Wu

Volume 23, issue S1, 2020

Assessing gait variability from cellphone IMU placed in several locations: a feasibility study pp. S1-S3 Downloads
N. Al Abiad, V. Renaudin and T. Robert
The use of a descriptor of instability to characterize and compare transfemoral amputees’ gait with healthy subjects pp. S4-S6 Downloads
N. Al Abiad, H. Pillet and B. Watier
Towards an estimation of 3D efforts in lower limb prosthesis socket using low-cost, gauge-based acquisition system pp. S7-S9 Downloads
A. Altamirano, D. Jacquot, D. Mangenot, C. Villa, E. Vacherand, C. Sauret and J. Bascou
Bone drilling: an identification of heat sources pp. S10-S11 Downloads
F. Amewoui, G. Le Coz, A. S. Bonnet and A. Moufki
Does aging cause joint mechanics redistribution during squat jumping? pp. S12-S14 Downloads
S. Argaud, B. Pairot de Fontenay, Y. Blache and K. Monteil
Kinetic model of the evolution of hypertrophic chondrocytes in articular cartilage pp. S15-S17 Downloads
K. Atoessi, E. Sapin-de Brosses and J. F. Ganghoffer
Characterization of bone fragment displacement during minimally invasive surgical procedures by digital volume correlation (DVC) pp. S18-S19 Downloads
Kévin Aubert, Tanguy Vendeuvre, Nicolas Michel, Michel Rochette, Cyril Brèque, Philippe Rigoard, Valéry Valle and Arnaud Germaneau
Patient-specific finite element model to evaluate the influence of the type of stabilization on the patient's continuation of life after tibial plateau fractures pp. S20-S22 Downloads
Kévin Aubert, Arnaud Germaneau, Wenfeng Ye, Michel Rochette, Philippe Rigoard and Tanguy Vendeuvre
Reduced order modeling of an active multi-curve guidewire for endovascular surgery pp. S23-S24 Downloads
A. Badrou, A. Bel-Brunon, N. Hamila, N. Tardif and A. Gravouil
Definition of an optimal model based on segments’ contribution for the estimation of the acceleration of the center of mass in people with lower-limb amputation pp. S25-S27 Downloads
J. Basel, E. Simonetti, E. Bergamini, J. Bascou, G. Vannozzi and H. Pillet
Shock response spectrum analysis in running performance pp. S28-S30 Downloads
D. Benjamin, S. Odof, B. Abbes, J.B. Nolot, D. Erre, F. Fourchet and R. Taiar
Impact of machining process on the flexural strength of CAD/CAM blocks for dental restorations pp. S31-S32 Downloads
Aurélie Benoit, Hiba Issaoui and Nicolas Lebon
Modelling regenerative angiogenesis in peripheral nerve injuries pp. S33-S34 Downloads
M. Berg, R. Coy, J. Phillips and R. Shipley
Does double calibration coupled with a closed loop multibody kinematic optimization improve scapular kinematic estimates? pp. S35-S37 Downloads
Y. Blache, M. Degot, M. Begon, S. Duprey and I. Rogowski
Cancellous bone and PMMA cement interfacial fracture properties evaluation using heaviside digital image correlation/wedge splitting test method pp. S38-S39 Downloads
Prasanth Bokam, Arnaud Germaneau, Philippe Rigoard, Tanguy Vendeuvre and Valery Valle
Identification of fractures in cancellous bone using µFE models and Heaviside-Digital volume correlation pp. S40-S42 Downloads
Prasanth Bokam, Laetitia Caille, Arnaud Germaneau, Philippe Rigoard, Tanguy Vendeuvre and Valery Valle
Variability of motor moment during golf swing: study of a female professional player pp. S43-S44 Downloads
M. Bourgain, T. Provot, C. Sauret, L. Valdes-Tamayo, O. Rouillon, P. Thoreux and P. Rouch
Influence of the projection plane and the markers choice on the X-factor computation of the golf swing X-factor: a case study pp. S45-S46 Downloads
M. Bourgain, C. Sauret, T. Marsan, M. J. Perez, O. Rouillon, P. Thoreux and P. Rouch
Effects of ageing on glass-polymer dental composites pp. S47-S48 Downloads
Y. Boussès, N. Brulat-Bouchard and Y. Tillier
Ex-vivo mechanical characterisation of the breast Cooper’s ligaments pp. S49-S51 Downloads
N. Briot, G. Chagnon, C. Masri, E. Girard and Y. Payan
Biomechanical analysis of an original repair of an achilles tendon rupture in dogs: preliminary results pp. S52-S54 Downloads
P. Buttin, B. Goin, N. Giraud, E. Viguier and T. Cachon
Real-time simulations of human tongue movements with a reduced order model of a non-linear dynamic biomechanical model pp. S55-S57 Downloads
M. Calka, P. Perrier, J. Ohayon, C. Grivot Boichon, M. Rochette and Y. Payan
Stringing and dynamics effects on forearm muscular activity during harp playing pp. S58-S60 Downloads
D. Chadefaux, C. Pothrat and J.-L Le Carrou
A preliminary study of stability in elite and novice 10 meter air pistol shooters pp. S61-S62 Downloads
D. Chadefaux, L. Valdes-Tamayo, R. Moreno Flores, Y. Poulet, G. Herrera Altamira, S. Hybois, M. Coursimault, C. Sauret, V. Attali and P. Thoreux
Evaluation of the milling’s response of a new bi-material 3D-printed model of temporal bone used for surgeons’ training pp. S63-S65 Downloads
J. Chauvelot, G. Le Coz, C. Laurent, A. S. Bonnet, A. Moufki and C. Parietti-Winkler
Acute effect of thigh compression garment on muscle oscillations during running: impact of speed and slope pp. S66-S68 Downloads
P.E. Dandrieux, A. Thouze and J. Rossi
Ground reaction force during the Upper Quarter Y-Balance Test pp. S69-S70 Downloads
M. Degot, I. Rogowski and Y. Blache
Joint motion restrictions and exaggerate muscular activities during fingertip-to-floor test in case of patients with chronic low back pains? A pilot study pp. S71-S72 Downloads
Y. Delpierre, G. Audat and C. Garnier
Dynamic imbalance in sagittal plane to evaluate patients with idiopathic scoliosis before and after spinal fusion. A pilot study pp. S73-S75 Downloads
Y. Delpierre and P. Vernet
The biomechanical Nature of nucleus Pulposus in a fissured disc revealed by quantitative MRI performed under dynamic conditions pp. S76-S78 Downloads
J. P. Deneuville, M. Yushchenko, T. Vendeuvre, A. Germaneau, M. Billot, M. Roulaud, M. Sarracanie, N. Salameh and P. Rigoard
In vitro comparison on a gap fracture model of a novel angle-stable interlocking nail to locking plate fixation in torsion, compression and bending pp. S79-S81 Downloads
J. Deprey, M. Blondel, A. Baldinger, O. Gauthier, J. Hée, P. Moissonnier, E. Viguier, C. Carozzo and T. Cachon
Topology optimization for the control of load transfer at the bone-implant interface: a preliminary numerical study pp. S82-S84 Downloads
P. Didier, B. Piotrowski, G. Le Coz and P. Laheurte
Clinical and numerical study of a statically determinate lingual mechanism for orthodontic tooth displacement pp. S85-S87 Downloads
G. Dot, R. Licha, F. Goussard and V. Sansalone
Mechanical behaviour of a membrane made of human umbilical cord for dental bone regenerative medicine pp. S88-S90 Downloads
M. Dubus, H. Kerdjoudj, L. Scomazzon, J. Sergheraert, C. Mauprivez, R. Rahouadj and A. Baldit
Fluoroscopy-based subject-specific knee joint constraints for the estimation of prosthesis kinematics and contact velocities during gait pp. S91-S93 Downloads
R. Dumas, F. Moissenet and L. Cheze
Passive prosthesis control strategy for downhill ambulation pp. S94-S96 Downloads
C. Duraffourg, X. Bonnet, F. Djian and H. Pillet
Identification of gait stability indices for the rehabilitation follow-up of people with transtibial amputation: a preliminary study pp. S97-S98 Downloads
J. Durand, A. Prat, T. Provot, J. Bascou and E. Simonetti
Biomechanical characterization of earlobe keloid by ring suction test pp. S99-S100 Downloads
A. Elouneg, Q. Lucot, E. Veyrat-Durebex, A. Lejeune, J. Chambert, T. Lihoreau, B. Chatelain, G. Rolin and E. Jacquet
Contribution of hip extension and lumbar lordosis during back walkover performed by rhythmic and woman artistic gymnasts: a preliminary study pp. S101-S103 Downloads
C. Eyssartier, Y. Poulet, T. Marsan, L. Valdes-Tamayo, S. El Oujaji, M. Robert, P. Billard, P. Thoreux and C. Sauret
Biomechanical analysis of corneal keratoconic disease pp. S104-S106 Downloads
N. Falgayrettes, E. Patoor, F. Cleymand and J-M. Perone
Prediction of muscle forces in residual limb during walking: comparison of transfemoral and Gritti–Stokes amputations pp. S107-S109 Downloads
N. Fougeron, X. Bonnet, B. Panhelleux, J.-L. Rose, P.-Y. Rohan and H. Pillet
Design optimization of a functionally graded overlay using FEA pp. S110-S112 Downloads
V. Fouquet, L. Tapie, J. P. Attal and A. Benoit
Influence of the corpus callosum anatomy on its mechanical behavior during a lateral impact. A finite element study pp. S113-S114 Downloads
P.-M. François, B. Sandoz, P. Decq and S. Laporte
Influence of human cancer cell lines on mechanical properties of mice tibia pp. S115-S116 Downloads
M. Gardegaront, G. Plet, B. Delpuech, L. Bouazza, M. Brevet, J.-B. Pialat, P. Clézardin, C. B. Confavreux, D. Mitton and H. Follet
Effort self-assessment - resultant external force - muscular activities. Which physical exertion assessment method? Case of clip fitting in a female population pp. S117-S118 Downloads
C. Gaudez, L. Claudon and P. Wild
Personalized pulmonary poromechanics pp. S119-S120 Downloads
M. Genet, C. Patte, C. Fetita, P.-Y. Brillet and D. Chapelle
How mechanobiological modelling of cellular activities can predict bone density evolution? pp. S121-S122 Downloads
D. George, R. Allena, C. Bourzac, S. Pallu, H. Portier and Y. Rémond
Computational modeling of the role of smooth muscle cells contractility on the progression of aortic aneurysms pp. S123-S124 Downloads
A. Ghavamian, S. J. Mousavi and S. Avril
Mechanical properties of 3D tumor spheroids measured by AFM pp. S125-S127 Downloads
A. Giannetti, J. Revilloud and C. Verdier
Biomechanical comparison of two suturing techniques during Achilles tendinoplasty in dogs: preliminary results pp. S128-S129 Downloads
B. Goin, P. Buttin, T. Cachon and E. Viguier
Rapid modeling: a surgical proof-of-concept explained by hemodynamics modeling pp. S130-S132 Downloads
N. Golse, F. Joly, Q. Nicolas, E. Vibert, P. D. Lin and I. Vignon-Clementel
In vitro study of proximal cancellous bone loss effect in the dental implant stability pp. S133-S135 Downloads
Cátia Gomes, M. Mesnard and A. Ramos
Prediction of plausible locomotion using nonlinear kinematic optimization pp. S136-S138 Downloads
N. Hareng, B. Watier and F. Multon
Biomechanical fidelity assessment of a pick and place task with haptic feedback in virtual reality pp. S139-S141 Downloads
Simon Hilt, Charles Pontonnier and Georges Dumont
Quantification of abdominal and back muscles forces: calibration for the Sorensen test pp. S142-S144 Downloads
S. Hinnekens, P. Mahaudens, C. Detrembleur and P. Fisette
A phenomenological and multiscale modeling of arterial growth and remodeling under endofibrosis pp. S145-S147 Downloads
J. Jansen, X. Escriva, F. S. Godeferd and P. Feugier
Numerical optimization method for estimating the individual musculo-tendon forces for ergonomic assessment pp. S148-S150 Downloads
Olfa Jemaa, Sami Bennour, David Daney and Lotfi Romdhane
Retinal micro-vascular network: data and model pp. S151-S152 Downloads
L. Julien, J. Ventre, P.-Y Lagrée, A. Ramkhelawon, F. Rossant, M. Atlan, M. Paques and J.-M. Fullana
Residual type B aortic dissection FSI modeling pp. S153-S155 Downloads
F. Khannous, C. Guivier-Curien, M. Gaudry, P. Piquet and V. Deplano
Analysis of the biomechanical parameters of the lineout throwing performance under distance variable conditions in high level rugby players pp. S156-S158 Downloads
A. Kneblewski, L. Valdes-Tamayo, S. Laporte, B. Sandoz, S. Blanchard and P. Rouch
Effect of bow drawing technique on skilled archer postural stability: a case study pp. S159-S161 Downloads
A. Kuch, J.-F. Debril, M. Domalain, R. Tisserand and T. Monnet
Use of an instrumented hammer as a decision support system during rhinoplasty: validation on an animal model pp. S162-S163 Downloads
L. Lamassoure, J. Giunta, G. Rosi, A.S. Poudrel, R. Bosc and G. Haïat
Experimental modal analysis of a standard wheelchair: a preliminary study pp. S164-S165 Downloads
O. Larivière, D. Chadefaux, C. Sauret and P. Thoreux
How do the effective bone properties evolve during normal and pathological calcification? pp. S166-S168 Downloads
Cédric Laurent, Adrien Baldit, Maude Ferrari, Jean-Christophe Perrin, Alexandre Marano, Arnaud Bianchi and Hervé Kempf
Airborne ultrasound measurement of posturo-respiratory interaction pp. S169-S171 Downloads
Y. Lespert, V. Attali, T. Similowski, B. Sandoz and R.K. Ing
Evaluation of a simple characterisation method of the 3D-position of a manual wheelchair centre of mass pp. S172-S174 Downloads
J. Loisel, J. Bascou, Y. Poulet and C. Sauret
Impacts characterisation in Rugby Union pp. S175-S177 Downloads
Florent Lokteff, Remy Canet, Saad Drissi and Pierre Moretto
Influence of dental implant designs on the strain at the peri-implant cortical bone: a finite element study pp. S178-S179 Downloads
J. J. Londono, A. Ramos, S. Correa and M. Mesnard
Development of a finite-element muscle model accounting for transverse loading pp. S180-S182 Downloads
M. Maamir, L. Chèze and B. Fréchède
A minimal biomechanical model for random cell migration pp. S183-S185 Downloads
I. Manifacier, A. Chauvière, C. Verdier, G. Chagnon, I. Cheddadi, N. Glade and A. Stéphanou
Gait analysis comparison of two twins: one healthy and one with spastic cerebral palsy pp. S186-S188 Downloads
M. Marchitto, S. Otmani and B. Watier
Comparison of human experimental trajectories and simulations during gait pp. S189-S191 Downloads
I. Maroger, O. Stasse and B. Watier
Estimating the GRF under one foot knowing the other one during table tennis strokes: a preliminary study pp. S192-S193 Downloads
T. Marsan, P. Rouch, P. Thoreux, R. Jacquet-Yquel and C. Sauret
A micromechanical framework of arterial tissue growth in the context of medial calcification pp. S194-S196 Downloads
M. Martin, S. Avril and C. Morin
Calibration of the fat and muscle hyperelastic material parameters for the assessment of the internal tissue deformation in relation to pressure ulcer prevention pp. S197-S199 Downloads
E. Mukhina, P.-Y. Rohan, N. Connesson and Y. Payan
Quasi-stiffness of intrinsic foot joints during the mid-stance of gait in a healthy population pp. S200-S202 Downloads
A. Naaim, R. Dumas, L. Cheze, J. L. Besse, B. Devos Bevernage, T. Leemrijse and P. A. Deleu
Studying the effects of facial muscles activations to investigate the optimum positioning of subcutaneous suspension sutures pp. S203-S205 Downloads
M. A. Nazari, P. Perrier, J. Meadows, M-O Christen, A. Mojallal and Y. Payan
Haemostatic sponges as an alternative to granular bone substitute for sinus lifts pp. S206-S208 Downloads
S. Okley, C. Mauprivez, P. Prada, M. Dubus, F. Velard, R. Rahouadj, H. Kerdjoudj and A. Baldit
Comparison of adults and children anthropometric tables: mass segment distribution pp. S209-S211 Downloads
S. Otmani, M. Marchitto, G. Michon and B. Watier
Finite element analysis for prediction of adolescent bone strength: micro vs continuum models pp. S212-S214 Downloads
S. Ouhsousou, M. Revel, J. Bacchetta and H. Follet
Comparison of lower limb calibration methods for movement analysis with inertial measurement unit (IMU) pp. S215-S217 Downloads
L. Pacher, C. Chatellier, R. Vauzelle and L. Fradet
Patient-specific, multiscale, myocardial blood flow simulation for coronary artery disease pp. S218-S220 Downloads
L. Papamanolis, H. J. Kim, C. Jaquet, M. Sinclair, M. Schaap, I. Danad, P. van Diemen, P. Knaapen, L. Najman, H. Talbot, C. A. Taylor and I. E. Vignon-Clementel
Multiscale mechanical characterization of knitted abdominal wall repair meshes pp. S221-S222 Downloads
Baptiste Pierrat, Nahime Al Abiad, Anicet Le Ruyet and Stéphane Avril
An experimental study of hamstring muscle rupture under different loading modes pp. S223-S225 Downloads
Baptiste Pillet, Pierre Badel, Pascal Edouard and Baptiste Pierrat
Influence of different footwear on mediolateral stability during gait at different speeds in healthy people pp. S226-S228 Downloads
E. Polomé, N. Théveniau, C. Vigier, R. Dumas and T. Robert
Biomechanical plausibility of the lucanian fresco tomb proto-gladiators paintings of Paestum: a pilot study pp. S229-S231 Downloads
C. Pontonnier and S. Salvan
Lumbar lordosis obtained with and without intervertebral thoracic spine motions during rhythmic gymnastics movements: a preliminary study pp. S232-S234 Downloads
Y. Poulet, C. Eyssartier, T. Marsan, L. Valdes-Tamayo, M. Robert, P. Billard, P. Rouch, P. Thoreux and C. Sauret
Development of MR elastography method to characterize the elastic property of the sterno-cleido-mastoid (SCM) muscle pp. S235-S237 Downloads
P. Pouletaut, F. Charleux, B. Devauchelle, J.M. Constans, R. Ternifi, S. Boussida, A. Hamaoui, C. Krzisch and S.F. Bensamoun
Hip joint dynamics during the BMX gate start: a case study pp. S238-S240 Downloads
D. Princelle, M. Domalain, J. F. Debril, E. Brunet, J. Sastre and T. Monnet
Impact of exhaustion level on tibial acceleration signature of amateur runners pp. S241-S243 Downloads
T. Provot, A. Najdem, L. Valdes-Tamayo and X. Chiementin
Generic kinematical models of the French soldier from a clustered anthropometric database pp. S244-S246 Downloads
Pierre Puchaud, Georges Dumont, Nicolas Bideau and Charles Pontonnier
Comparison of two methods of fixation with interference screw for cranial cruciate ligament reconstruction in canine cadaver model pp. S247-S249 Downloads
P. Rafael, B. Goin, P. Buttin, T. Cachon and E. Viguier
Assessment of the permeability of a microvessel-on-chip to small and large molecules pp. S250-S252 Downloads
C. Ramón-Lozano, C. A. Dessalles, A. Babataheri and A. I. Barakat
A comparison of conventional and machinable PMMA materials for denture pp. S253-S254 Downloads
G. Ravalec, L. Sadoun, G. Rohman, W. Pacquet, C. Hatege-Kimana, C. Hollmann, O. Desruelle and C. Wulfman
Agent-based modelling of the smooth muscle cells migration induced by mechanical vibration: a preliminary study pp. S255-S256 Downloads
M. Reda, C. Noel, N. Settembre, J. Chambert, A. Lejeune and E. Jacquet
Specimen-specific finite element prediction of surface strain at the distal radius in a fall configuration pp. S257-S259 Downloads
M. Revel, F. Bermond, D. Mitton and H. Follet
Ex vivo experiments on femurs to assess metastatic bone strength pp. S260-S261 Downloads
L. Riglet, C. Confavreux, P. Chaudier, J.-B Pialat, F. Bermond, M. Gardegaront, H. Follet and D. Mitton
Intra- and inter- session reliability of a new method for evaluating toes flexor strength: preliminary study pp. S262-S264 Downloads
J. Rossi, T. Besson, D. Poncet, G. Y. Millet and C. Y .M. Morio
Biomechanical analysis of different knee angle starting positions in nordic hamstring exercise: preliminary study pp. S265-S267 Downloads
J. Rossi, S. Vitulli, D. Poncet, P. Edouard, H. Largeron and S. Sangnier
Ex vivo biomechanical evaluation of the primary stability of three different types of femoral stems for total hip replacement in dogs pp. S268-S269 Downloads
C. Saban, E. Viguier, M. Taroni, A. Baldinger, M. Blondel, C. Carozzo, P. Moissonnier and T. Cachon
Clinical outcomes and functional recovery after temporomandibular joint replacement: a six-month follow-up study pp. S270-S272 Downloads
E. Sapin-de Brosses, A.-S Bonnet and N. Zwetyenga
Dynamic characterisation of the temporomandibular joint disc using split Hopkinson pressure bars pp. S273-S275 Downloads
A. Schmitt, D. Sory, L. Tappert, P. Lipinski, W. Proud and A. Baldit
Strain release assessment of the iliotibial band (ITB) when using a pie-crusting technique: a preliminary ex vivo study pp. S276-S278 Downloads
Y. Sednieva, K. Bruyère-Garnier, A. Naaim, A. Viste and L. L. Gras
In-situ tensile test under microtomography to characterize mechanical behavior of ethmoid bone: a preliminary study pp. S279-S281 Downloads
V. Serantoni, N. Faraj, G. Subsol, E. Rondet, L. Ollier, G. Captier, F. Jourdan and V. Favier
3D distribution of the forces applied on a load transported by a dyad pp. S282-S284 Downloads
N. Sghaier, G. Fumery, V. Fourcassie and P. Moretto
Development of a wearable framework for body center of mass acceleration assessment in people with transfemoral amputation pp. S285-S287 Downloads
E. Simonetti, E. Bergamini, J. Bascou, G. Vannozzi and H. Pillet
Pullout strength of K-wires: optimal solutions analysis pp. S288-S290 Downloads
L. Tamiti, S. Braymand, N. Bahlouli, H. Jmal and S. Facca
Identification of macro-heterogenous mechanical behaviour of temporomandibular joint disc pp. S291-S293 Downloads
L. K. Tappert, A. Baldit, C Guillaume, F Velard and P. Lipinski
Implementing a test to assess reaction, attention and inhibition capacity in elderly pp. S294-S296 Downloads
Juan De la Torre, Vincent Bonnet, Rafael Mauti, Pascal Chabaud and Thomas Robert
Investigation of microstructure evolution and mechanical properties in cardiac tissue pp. S297-S299 Downloads
N. Tueni, J. Vizet, M. Genet, A. Pierangelo and J. M. Allain
Intraventricular vector flow mapping 3-D by triplane Doppler echocardiography pp. S300-S302 Downloads
F. Vixege, P. Y. Courand, P. Blanc-Benon, S. Mendez, F. Nicoud, D. Vray and D. Garcia
Morphological characterization of defects in all-ceramic crown adhesive layer pp. S303-S305 Downloads
Y. Yasothan, K. Shindo, N. Schmitt and E. Vennat

Volume 23, issue 16, 2020

A compressible anisotropic hyperelastic model with I5 and I7 strain invariants pp. 1277-1286 Downloads
Mn Wang and Fj Liu
A numerical study to determine the effect of strengthening and weakening of the transversus abdominis muscle on lumbar spine loads pp. 1287-1296 Downloads
Katarzyna Nowakowska-Lipiec, Robert Michnik, Paweł Linek, Andrzej Myśliwiec, Katarzyna Jochymczyk-Woźniak and Marek Gzik
Effect of sagittal split ramus osteotomy on stress distribution of temporomandibular joints in patients with mandibular prognathism under symmetric occlusions pp. 1297-1305 Downloads
Hedi Ma, Jingheng Shu, Quanyi Wang, Haidong Teng and Zhan Liu
Directed jaya algorithm for delivering nano-robots to cancer area pp. 1306-1316 Downloads
Doaa Ezzat, Safaa Amin, Howida A. Shedeed and Mohamed F. Tolba
A continuum thermomechanical model for the electrosurgery of soft hydrated tissues using a moving electrode pp. 1317-1335 Downloads
Wafaa Karaki, Rahul, Carlos A. Lopez, Diana-Andra Borca Tasciuc and Suvranu De
Development and validation of a finite element model of a small female pedestrian pp. 1336-1346 Downloads
Wansoo Pak, Yunzhu Meng, Jeremy Schap, Bharath Koya, F. Scott Gayzik and Costin D. Untaroiu
The effects of Alzheimer's disease related striatal pathologic changes on the fractional amplitude of low-frequency fluctuations pp. 1347-1359 Downloads
Yuksel Cakir
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of initial displacement and stress on the craniofacial structures of unilateral cleft lip and palate model during protraction therapy with variable forces and directions pp. 1360-1376 Downloads
Shahistha Parveen, Akhter Husain, Srinivas Gosla Reddy, Rohan Mascarenhas and Satish Shenoy
Influence of lubricating conditions on the two-body wear behavior and hardness of titanium alloys for biomedical applications pp. 1377-1386 Downloads
Efe Çetin Yilmaz
Comparison of 3 supraspinatus tendon repair techniques – a 3D computational finite element analysis pp. 1387-1394 Downloads
C. Quental, J. Reis, J. Folgado, J. Monteiro and M. Sarmento

Volume 23, issue 15, 2020

Biomechanical performance design of joint prosthesis for medical rehabilitation via generative structure optimization pp. 1163-1179 Downloads
Jinghua Xu, Kang Wang, Mingyu Gao, Zhengxin Tu, Shuyou Zhang and Jianrong Tan
Automated gap-filling for marker-based biomechanical motion capture data pp. 1180-1189 Downloads
Jonathan Camargo, Aditya Ramanathan, Noel Csomay-Shanklin and Aaron Young
Numerical simulation of deformed red blood cell by utilizing neural network approach and finite element analysis pp. 1190-1200 Downloads
Ying Wang, Jianbing Sang, Rihan Ao, Yu Ma and Bowei Fu
Predicting population level hip fracture risk: a novel hierarchical model incorporating probabilistic approaches and factor of risk principles pp. 1201-1214 Downloads
Daniel R. Martel, Martin Lysy and Andrew C. Laing
A global sensitivity analysis approach applied to a multiscale model of microvascular flow pp. 1215-1224 Downloads
L. Possenti, S. Di Gregorio, G. Casagrande, M. L. Costantino, T. Rancati and P. Zunino
Estimation of joint contact pressure in the index finger using a hybrid finite element musculoskeletal approach pp. 1225-1235 Downloads
Barthélémy Faudot, Jean-Louis Milan, Benjamin Goislard de Monsabert, Thomas Le Corroller and Laurent Vigouroux
Investigation of dynamic deformation of the midbrain in rear-end collision using human brain FE model pp. 1236-1246 Downloads
Noritoshi Atsumi, Masami Iwamoto, Yuko Nakahira, Yoshitaka Asano and Jun Shinoda
Test-retest validation of a cranial deformity index in unilateral coronal craniosynostosis pp. 1247-1259 Downloads
Emilie Robertson, Peter Kwan, Gorman Louie, Pierre Boulanger and Daniel Aalto
Quantification of upper body strategy during gait in children with spastic diplegia using a summary parameter pp. 1260-1266 Downloads
Veronica Cimolin, Claudia Condoluci, Carlotta Maria Manzia, Gabriella di Girolamo and Manuela Galli
Using intravascular ultrasound image-based fluid-structure interaction models and machine learning methods to predict human coronary plaque vulnerability change pp. 1267-1276 Downloads
Liang Wang, Dalin Tang, Akiko Maehara, Zheyang Wu, Chun Yang, David Muccigrosso, Mitsuaki Matsumura, Jie Zheng, Richard Bach, Kristen L. Billiar, Gregg W. Stone and Gary S. Mintz

Volume 23, issue 14, 2020

Enhancing the bone healing on electrical stimuli through the dental implant pp. 1041-1051 Downloads
Letícia Bins-Ely, Daniela Suzuki, Ricardo Magini, Cesar A. M. Benfatti, Wim Teughels, Bruno Henriques and Júlio C. M. Souza
Deep learning approach for prediction of impact peak appearance at ground reaction force signal of running activity pp. 1052-1059 Downloads
Anastasiia Girka, Juha-Pekka Kulmala and Sami Äyrämö
Regional assessment of vascular morphology and hemodynamics: methodology and evaluation for abdominal aortic aneurysms after endovascular repair pp. 1060-1070 Downloads
Javier Dottori, Mariano Casciaro, Damian Craiem, Salma El-Batti, Elie Mousseaux, Jean-Marc Alsac and Ignacio Larrabide
Individual muscle contributions to hip joint-contact forces during walking in unilateral transfemoral amputees with osseointegrated prostheses pp. 1071-1081 Downloads
Vahidreza Jafari Harandi, David Charles Ackland, Raneem Haddara, L. Eduardo Cofré Lizama, Mark Graf, Mary Pauline Galea and Peter Vee Sin Lee
Finite element modal analysis and harmonic response analysis of human arm grasping model pp. 1082-1093 Downloads
Shuang Liu, Hongmei Xu, Yujun Shang, Wei Jiang and Jiajun Dong
Changes in symmetry during gait in adults with Prader-Willi syndrome pp. 1094-1101 Downloads
Veronica Cimolin, Massimiliano Pau, Nicola Cau, Bruno Leban, Micaela Porta, Paolo Capodaglio, Alessandro Sartorio, Graziano Grugni and Manuela Galli
Use of the normalcy index for the assessment of abnormal gait in the anterior cruciate ligament deficiency combined with meniscus injury pp. 1102-1108 Downloads
Xiaode Liu, Hongshi Huang, Shuang Ren, Qiguo Rong and Yingfang Ao
Biomechanical evaluation of anterior and posterior lumbar surgical approaches on the adjacent segment: a finite element analysis pp. 1109-1116 Downloads
Bingjin Wang, Wencan Ke, Wenbin Hua, Saideng Lu, Xianlin Zeng and Cao Yang
Influence of glenohumeral joint muscle insertion on moment arms using a finite element model pp. 1117-1126 Downloads
M. Hoffmann, M. Begon, Y. Lafon and S. Duprey
Bulk Fill flow resin contraction using 3D finite element model and calibration by Fiber Bragg Grating measurement pp. 1127-1137 Downloads
Claudio Antunes Junior, Emílio Graciliano Ferreira Mercuri, Ana Paula Gebert de Oliveira Franco, Manoella Costa, Leandro Zen Karam, Hypolito José Kalinowski and Osnara Maria Mongruel Gomes
Image-based finite-element modeling of the human femur pp. 1138-1161 Downloads
Cristina Falcinelli and Cari Whyne

Volume 23, issue 13, 2020

Innovative decision support for scoliosis brace therapy based on statistical modelling of markerless 3D trunk surface data pp. 923-933 Downloads
Stephan Rothstock, Hans-Rudolf Weiss, Daniel Krueger, Victoria Kleban and Lothar Paul
Finite element models can reproduce the effect of nucleotomy on the multi-axial compliance of human intervertebral discs pp. 934-944 Downloads
Marc A. Stadelmann, Roland Stocker, Ghislain Maquer, Sven Hoppe, Peter Vermathen, Ron N. Alkalay and Philippe K. Zysset
Robust evolutionary shape optimization for ergonomic excellence based on contact pressure distribution pp. 945-958 Downloads
Igor Pehnec, Ivo Marinić-Kragić and Damir Vučina
The influence of musculoskeletal forces on the growth of the prenatal cortex in the ilium: a finite element study pp. 959-967 Downloads
Peter J. Watson, Michael J. Fagan and Catherine A. Dobson
Numerical analysis of local non-equilibrium heat transfer in layered spherical tissue during magnetic hyperthermia pp. 968-980 Downloads
Kuo-Chi Liu and Yu-Ching Yang
A comparison between the mechanical properties of the hepatic round ligament and the portal vein: a clinical implication on surgical reconstruction of the portal and superior mesenteric veins pp. 981-986 Downloads
Wentao Zhu, Rongqiang Song, Xuefeng Cao, Lei Zhou, Qiang Wei, Haibin Ji and Rongzhan Fu
An image-based geometric model for numerical simulation of blood perfusion within the liver lobules pp. 987-1004 Downloads
R. Ahmadi-Badejani, M. Mosharaf-Dehkordi and H. Ahmadikia
Effect of the dimensions of implant body and thread on bone resorption and stability in trapezoidal threaded dental implants: a sensitivity analysis and optimization pp. 1005-1013 Downloads
Mohammad Reza Niroomand and Masoud Arabbeiki
Predicting longitudinal changes in joint contact forces in a juvenile population: scaled generic versus subject-specific musculoskeletal models pp. 1014-1025 Downloads
Claude Fiifi Hayford, Erica Montefiori, Emma Pratt and Claudia Mazzà
Accurate reconstructions of pelvic defects and discontinuities using statistical shape models pp. 1026-1033 Downloads
Alexander Meynen, Harold Matthews, Nele Nauwelaers, Peter Claes, Michiel Mulier and Lennart Scheys
Thread shape affects the stress distribution of torque force on miniscrews: a finite element analysis pp. 1034-1040 Downloads
Yu-shan Ye, Wei-min Yi, Pei-lin Zhuang, Mo Liu, Yan-song Yu, Ying-juan Lu, Qing-he Yao, Wei Wang and Shao-hai Chang

Volume 23, issue 12, 2020

Percutaneous posterior full-endoscopic cervical foraminotomy and discectomy: a finite element analysis and radiological assessment pp. 805-814 Downloads
Wencan Ke, Jinggang Zhi, Wenbin Hua, Bingjin Wang, Saideng Lu, Lina Fan, Li Li and Cao Yang
Computational model of stent-based delivery from a half-embedded two-layered coating pp. 815-831 Downloads
Sarifuddin, Somnath Roy and Prashanta Kumar Mandal
Contribution of injured posterior ligamentous complex and intervertebral disc on post-traumatic instability at the cervical spine pp. 832-843 Downloads
Marie-Hélène Beauséjour, Yvan Petit, Jeremy Hagen, Pierre-Jean Arnoux, Jean-Marc Mac Thiong and Eric Wagnac
A strathclyde cluster model for gait kinematic measurement using functional methods: a study of inter-assessor reliability analysis with comparison to anatomical models pp. 844-853 Downloads
Lin Meng, Lindsay Millar, Craig Childs and Arjan Buis
Multi-objective reliability based design optimization using Kriging surrogate model for cementless hip prosthesis pp. 854-867 Downloads
Khalil Dammak and Abdelkhalak El Hami
Application of an enhanced homogenization technique to the structural multiscale analysis of a femur bone pp. 868-878 Downloads
M. Marques, J. Belinha, A. F. Oliveira, M. C. Manzanares Céspedes and R. M Natal Jorge
Non - invasive modelling methodology for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease using fuzzy cognitive maps pp. 879-887 Downloads
Ioannis D. Apostolopoulos and Peter P. Groumpos
Effectiveness of robot-assisted gait training on patients with burns: a preliminary study pp. 888-893 Downloads
So Young Joo, Seung Yeol Lee, Yoon Soo Cho, Kuem Ju Lee, Sang-Hyun Kim and Cheong Hoon Seo
Numerical study of hemodynamic and diagnostic parameters affected by stenosis in bifurcated artery pp. 894-905 Downloads
Jianfei Song, Smaine Kouidri and Farid Bakir
Biomechanical effects of screw orientation and plate profile on tibial condylar valgus osteotomy - Finite-element analysis pp. 906-913 Downloads
Chih-Ting Cheng, Chu-An Luo and Yi-Chih Chen
Relative contributions and capacities of lower extremity muscles to accelerate the body’s center of mass during countermovement jumps pp. 914-921 Downloads
Kristof Kipp and Hoon Kim

Volume 23, issue 11, 2020

Effect of gap outside contact area on lubrication of metal-on-Metal total hip replacement pp. 675-689 Downloads
Ali A. Al-Saffar and Sam L. Evans
Development of a test method for adult ice hockey helmet evaluation pp. 690-702 Downloads
Andrew Post, Lauren Dawson, T. Blaine Hoshizaki, Michael D. Gilchrist and Michael D. Cusimano
Two efficient static optimization algorithms that account for muscle-tendon equilibrium: approaching the constraint Jacobian via a constant or a cubic spline function pp. 703-709 Downloads
Benjamin Michaud and Mickaël Begon
Outbreak dynamics of COVID-19 in Europe and the effect of travel restrictions pp. 710-717 Downloads
Kevin Linka, Mathias Peirlinck, Francisco Sahli Costabal and Ellen Kuhl
Prediction of patellofemoral joint kinematics and contact through co-simulation of rigid body dynamics and nonlinear finite element analysis pp. 718-733 Downloads
Jacobus H. Müller, Swithin Razu, Ahmet Erdemir and Trent M. Guess
Positioning human body models for crashworthiness using model order reduction pp. 734-743 Downloads
G. Bacquaert, C. Bach, D. Draper, S. Peldschus and F. Duddeck
Numerical study to identify the effect of fluid presence on the mechanical behavior of the stents during coronary stent expansion pp. 744-754 Downloads
Wookjin Lee, Seong Wook Cho, Usaid K. Allahwala and Ravinay Bhindi
Development and calibration of a probabilistic finite element hip capsule representation pp. 755-764 Downloads
Casey A. Myers, Clare K. Fitzpatrick, Daniel N. Huff, Peter J. Laz and Paul J. Rullkoetter
What are the effects of simulated muscle weakness on the sit-to-stand transfer? pp. 765-772 Downloads
Elena J. Caruthers, Grant Schneider, Laura C. Schmitt, Ajit M. W. Chaudhari and Robert A. Siston
Fatigue damage prediction in the annulus of cervical spine intervertebral discs using finite element analysis pp. 773-784 Downloads
Adhitya V. Subramani, Phillip E. Whitley, Harsha T. Garimella and Reuben H. Kraft
Forward and inverse dynamics modeling of human shoulder-arm musculoskeletal system with scapulothoracic constraint pp. 785-803 Downloads
Tingli Hu, Johannes Kühn and Sami Haddadin

Volume 23, issue 10, 2020

Contribution of foot joints in the energetics of human running pp. 557-563 Downloads
Kevin Deschamps, Giovanni Matricali, Helen Peters, Maarten Eerdekens, Sander Wuite, Alberto Leardini and Filip Staes
Fatigue effects on the viscoelastic behavior of men and women in a landing task: a Mass–Spring–Damper modeling approach pp. 564-570 Downloads
Sahar Boozari, Mohammad Ali Sanjari, Ali Amiri and Ismail Ebrahimi Takamjani
The effect of Womersley number and particle radius on the accumulation of lipoproteins in the human aorta pp. 571-584 Downloads
Xueping Chen, Jian Zhuang and Yueheng Wu
A finite element analysis of the intra-abdominal pressure and paraspinal muscle compartment pressure interaction through the thoracolumbar fascia pp. 585-596 Downloads
Khaled El-Monajjed and Mark Driscoll
An in silico rat liver atlas pp. 597-600 Downloads
Harvey Ho, Uta Dahmen and Peter Hunter
Effect of metastatic lesion size and location on the load-bearing capacity of vertebrae using an optimized ash density-modulus equation pp. 601-610 Downloads
Sebastian Saldarriaga, Simon Jimenez Cataño, Asghar Rezaei and Hugo Giambini
Development of a novel hybrid method combining finite difference method and dissipative particle dynamics to simulate thrombus formation on orifice flow pp. 611-626 Downloads
Y. Yi and M. Tamagawa
Analysis of temporomandibular joint dysfunction in paediatric patients with unilateral crossbite using automatically generated finite element models pp. 627-641 Downloads
Javier Ortún-Terrazas, José Cegoñino, Edson Illipronti-Filho and Amaya Pérez del Palomar
Integration of cortical thickness data in a statistical shape model of the scapula pp. 642-648 Downloads
Jonathan Pitocchi, Roel Wirix-Speetjens, G. Harry van Lenthe and María Ángeles Pérez
Using artificial neural networks to predict impingement and dislocation in total hip arthroplasty pp. 649-657 Downloads
D. Alastruey-López, L. Ezquerra, B. Seral and M. A. Pérez
A custom musculoskeletal model for estimation of medial and lateral tibiofemoral contact forces during tasks with high knee and hip flexions pp. 658-663 Downloads
Bruno Luiz Souza Bedo, Danilo S. Catelli, Mario Lamontagne and Paulo Roberto Pereira Santiago
Identification of the most relevant intervertebral effort indicators during gait of adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis pp. 664-674 Downloads
Samadi B, Raison M, Achiche S and Fortin C

Volume 23, issue 9, 2020

Is it possible to detect a true rotation axis of the temporomandibular joint with common pantographic methods? A fundamental kinematic analysis pp. 445-455 Downloads
Albert Mehl
Biomechanical analysis of segmental lumbar lordosis and risk of cage subsidence with different cage heights and alternative placements in transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion pp. 456-466 Downloads
Sajjad Rastegar, Pierre-Jean Arnoux, Xiaoyu Wang and Carl-Éric Aubin
The effect of hemodynamic parameters in patient-based coronary artery models with serial stenoses: normal and hypertension cases pp. 467-475 Downloads
K. E. Hoque, M. Ferdows, S. Sawall and E. E. Tzirtzilakis
Hybrid triad provides fracture plane stability in a computational model of a Pauwels Type III hip fracture pp. 476-483 Downloads
M. Cordeiro, S. Caskey, C. Frank, S. Martin, A. Srivastava and T. Atkinson
Simulated anterior translation and medial rotation of the talus affect ankle joint contact forces during vertical hopping pp. 484-490 Downloads
Hoon Kim and Kristof Kipp
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of swelling of an implant for microtia manufactured with IPN hydrogel pp. 491-499 Downloads
Pedro J. Boschetti, Orlando Pelliccioni, Keisly Da Costa and Marcos A. Sabino
Simulated brain strains resulting from falls differ between concussive events of young children and adults pp. 500-509 Downloads
David Koncan, Michael Gilchrist, Michael Vassilyadi and Thomas B. Hoshizaki
Blood transfusion prediction using restricted Boltzmann machines pp. 510-517 Downloads
Jenny Cifuentes, Yuanyuan Yao, Min Yan and Bin Zheng
Impact of screw thread shape on stress transfer in bone: a finite element study pp. 518-523 Downloads
Emmanuel Tetteh and Matthew B. A. McCullough
Visco-elastic behavior of articular cartilage under applied magnetic field and strain-dependent permeability pp. 524-535 Downloads
Usman Ali and Javed I. Siddique
Sensitivities of lumbar segmental kinematics and functional tissue loads in sagittal bending to design parameters of a ball-in-socket total disc arthroplasty prosthesis pp. 536-547 Downloads
Chaochao Zhou and Ryan Willing
The biomechanical study of a modified lumbar interbody fusion—crenel lateral interbody fusion (CLIF): a three-dimensional finite-element analysis pp. 548-555 Downloads
Yun-lin Chen, Ou-jie Lai, Yang Wang, Wei-hu Ma and Qi-xin Chen

Volume 23, issue 8, 2020

A biomechanical model of the pathological aortic valve: simulation of aortic stenosis pp. 303-311 Downloads
Marcos Loureiro-Ga, Cesar Veiga, Generosa Fdez-Manin, Victor Alfonso Jimenez, Francisco Calvo-Iglesias and Andres Iñiguez
Analysis of fiber strain in the human tongue during speech pp. 312-322 Downloads
Arnold D. Gomez, Maureen L. Stone, Jonghye Woo, Fangxu Xing and Jerry L. Prince
Comparison of two different bowel anastomosis types using finite volume method pp. 323-331 Downloads
Yavuz Pirhan, Kadir Gök and Arif Gök
Null strain analysis of submerged aneurysm analogues using a novel 3D stereomicroscopy device pp. 332-344 Downloads
Brooks A. Lane, Susan M. Lessner, Narendra R. Vyavahare, Michael A. Sutton and John F. Eberth
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of two-fluid non-Newtonian nanohemodynamics through a diseased artery with a stenosis and aneurysm pp. 345-371 Downloads
Ankita Dubey, B. Vasu, O. Anwar Bég, Rama S. R. Gorla and Ali Kadir
Assessment of stress/strain in dental implants and abutments of alternative materials compared to conventional titanium alloy—3D non-linear finite element analysis pp. 372-383 Downloads
Pedro Henrique Wentz Tretto, Mateus Bertolini Fernandes dos Santos, Aloisio Oro Spazzin, Gabriel Kalil Rocha Pereira and Atais Bacchi
Minimally invasive transforaminal and anterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery at level L5-S1 pp. 384-395 Downloads
D. S. Fidalgo, B. Areias, L. C. Sousa, M. Parente, R. N. Jorge, H. Sousa and J. M. Gonçalves
Atomistic to continuum model for studying mechanical properties of RNA nanotubes pp. 396-407 Downloads
Shyam Badu, Sanjay Prabhakar, Roderick Melnik and Sundeep Singh
Numerical simulation of lateral and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, two minimally invasive surgical approaches pp. 408-421 Downloads
B. Areias, S. C. Caetano, L. C. Sousa, M. Parente, R. N. Jorge, H. Sousa and J. M. Gonçalves
Finite element submodeling technique to analyze the contact pressure and wear of hard bearing couples in hip prosthesis pp. 422-431 Downloads
S. Shankar, R. Nithyaprakash, B. R Santhosh, M. S. Uddin and Alokesh Pramanik
On biological availability dependent bone remodeling pp. 432-444 Downloads
Areti Papastavrou, Ina Schmidt and Paul Steinmann

Volume 23, issue 7, 2020

Occlusal load modelling significantly impacts the predicted tooth stress response during biting: a simulation study pp. 261-270 Downloads
Harnoor Saini, David C. Ackland, Lulu Gong, Leo K., Cheng and Oliver Röhrle
Studying the effects of asymmetry on freestyle swimming using smoothed particle hydrodynamics pp. 271-284 Downloads
Raymond C. Z. Cohen, Paul W. Cleary, Bruce R. Mason and David L. Pease
Optimizing neotissue growth inside perfusion bioreactors with respect to culture and labor cost: a multi-objective optimization study using evolutionary algorithms pp. 285-294 Downloads
Mohammad Mehrian and Liesbet Geris
Biomechanical effects of corticotomy facilitated orthodontic anterior retraction: a 3-dimensional finite element analysis pp. 295-302 Downloads
Yang Liu, Yan Wu, Chongshi Yang, Jinlin Song and Yubo Fan

Volume 23, issue 6, 2020

Characterization of hyperelastic and damage behavior of tendons pp. 213-223 Downloads
J. A. López-Campos, J. P. S. Ferreira, A. Segade, J. R. Fernández and R. M. Natal
Influence of Socket-shield technique on the biomechanical response of dental implant: three-dimensional finite element analysis pp. 224-231 Downloads
João Paulo Mendes Tribst, Amanda Maria de Oliveira Dal Piva, Alexandre Luiz Souto Borges and Marco Antonio Bottino
Effect of asymmetry on the flow behavior in an idealized arterial bifurcation pp. 232-247 Downloads
Mahesh Nagargoje and Raghvendra Gupta
Multisite pacing and myocardial scars: a computational study pp. 248-260 Downloads
Mohammad Albatat, Jacob Bergsland, Hermenegild Arevalo, Hans Henrik Odland, Samuel Wall, Joakim Sundnes and Ilangko Balasingham

Volume 23, issue 5, 2020

Assessment of the shock adsorption properties of bike helmets: a numerical/experimental approach pp. 169-181 Downloads
Massimiliano Bocciarelli, Valter Carvelli, Stefano Mariani and Matteo Tenni
In silico study of glenoid perforation during total shoulder arthroplasty: the effects on stress & micromotion pp. 182-190 Downloads
Abdul Hadi Abdul Wahab, Amir Putra Md Saad, Ardiyansyah Syahrom and Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir
Occupant kinematics and biomechanics during frontal collision in autonomous vehicles—can rotatable seat provides additional protection? pp. 191-200 Downloads
Hequan Wu, Haibin Hou, Ming Shen, King H. Yang and Xin Jin
The influence of the elastic modulus of the plaque in carotid artery on the computed results of FFRCT pp. 201-211 Downloads
Kesong Xu, Long Yu, Jun Wan, Shengzhang Wang and Haiyan Lu

Volume 23, issue 4, 2020

Biomechanical study of medial meniscus after posterior horn injury: a finite element analysis pp. 127-137 Downloads
Peishi Jiang, Juncheng Cui, Zhiwei Chen, Zhu Dai, Yangchun Zhang and Guoliang Yi
An in silico pipeline for subject-specific hemodynamics analysis in liver surgery planning pp. 138-142 Downloads
H. Ho, H. B. Yu, A. Bartlett and P. Hunter
Analytical and computational sliding wear prediction in a novel knee implant: a case study pp. 143-154 Downloads
Mohd Sabri Hussin, Justin Fernandez, Maziar Ramezani, Pranesh Kumar and Piaras A. Kelly
Individualized prediction of pedicle screw fixation strength with a finite element model pp. 155-167 Downloads
Jonas Widmer, Marie-Rosa Fasser, Eleonora Croci, José Spirig, Jess G. Snedeker and Mazda Farshad

Volume 23, issue 3, 2020

Effect of axial prestretch and adipose tissue on the inflation-extension behavior of the human abdominal aorta pp. 81-91 Downloads
Tereza Voňavková and Lukáš Horný
Elementwise material assignment in reconstructed or transformed patient-specific FEA models developed from CT scans pp. 92-102 Downloads
Peter Schwarzenberg and Hannah L. Dailey
Characterization of the anisotropic deformation of the right ventricle during open heart surgery pp. 103-113 Downloads
A. Soltani, J. Lahti, K. Järvelä, J. Laurikka, V.-T. Kuokkala and M. Hokka
Accuracy and kinematics consistency of marker-based scaling approaches on a lower limb model: a comparative study with imagery data pp. 114-125 Downloads
P. Puchaud, C. Sauret, A. Muller, N. Bideau, G. Dumont, H. Pillet and C. Pontonnier

Volume 23, issue 2, 2020

Influence of population variability in ligament material properties on the mechanical behavior of ankle: a computational investigation pp. 43-53 Downloads
Yuanjie Liu, Qing Zhou, Shun Gan and Bingbing Nie
Relating mechanical properties of vertebral trabecular bones to osteoporosis pp. 54-68 Downloads
R. Cesar, J. Bravo-Castillero, R. R. Ramos, C. A. M. Pereira, H. Zanin and J. M. D. A. Rollo
Finite element modeling and static/dynamic validation of thoracolumbar-pelvic segment pp. 69-80 Downloads
Li-Xin Guo and Wu-Jie Li

Volume 23, issue 1, 2020

Three-dimensional structural optimization of a cementless hip stem using a bi-directional evolutionary method pp. 1-11 Downloads
Reza Rahchamani and Reza Soheilifard
Depth camera based statistical shape fitting approach for the creation of an individualized lower body biomechanical model: validity and reliability pp. 12-22 Downloads
Bertram Taetz, Wolfgang Teufl, Alexander Weidmann, Juliane Pietschmann, Thomas Jöllenbeck and Gabriele Bleser
Personalized hip joint kinetics during deep squatting in young, athletic adults pp. 23-32 Downloads
Jan Van Houcke, Pavel E. Galibarov, Gilles Van Acker, Sigrid Fauconnier, Ellen Allaert, Tom Van Hoof, Diogo F. Almeida, Gunther Steenackers, Christophe Pattyn and Emmanuel A. Audenaert
A computational fluid dynamics study pre- and post-fistula closure in a coronary artery fistula pp. 33-42 Downloads
Haoyao Cao, Yue Qiu, Ding Yuan, Jianqun Yu, Da Li, Yi Jiang, Li Su, Liqing Peng and Tinghui Zheng
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