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9742: The Power of Youth: Political Impacts of the "Fridays for Future" Movement Downloads
Marc Fabel, Matthias Flückiger, Markus Ludwig, Helmut Rainer, Maria Waldinger and Sebastian Wichert
9741: Does Public Employment Affect Household Saving Rates? Evidence from Chinese Household Data Downloads
Can Xu and Andreas Steiner
9740: Informal Incentives and Labor Markets Downloads
Matthias Fahn and Takeshi Murooka
9739: Wealth and Its Distribution in Germany, 1895-2018 Downloads
Thilo N. H. Albers, Charlotte Bartels and Moritz Schularick
9738: Does Government Spending Efficiency Improve Fiscal Sustainability? Downloads
Antonio Afonso and José Alves
9737: Group Identities Make Fragile Tipping Points Downloads
Sönke Ehret, Sara M. Constantino, Elke U. Weber, Charles Efferson and Sonja Vogt
9736: Policy Competition, Imitation and Coordination under Uncertainty Downloads
Carsten Hefeker
9735: Policies for Electrification of the Car Fleet in the Short and Long Run - Subsidizing Electric Vehicles or Subsidizing Charging Stations? Downloads
Cathrine Hagem, Snorre Kverndokk, Eric Nævdal and Knut Einar Rosendahl
9734: A Theory of Hypocrisy Downloads
Alice Hallman and Daniel Spiro
9733: Heterogeneous Information, Subjective Model Beliefs, and the Time-Varying Transmission of Shocks Downloads
Alistair Macaulay
9732: The Anatomy of the Global Saving Glut Downloads
Luis Bauluz, Filip Novokmet and Moritz Schularick
9731: Explicit and Implicit Belief-Based Gender Discrimination: A Hiring Experiment Downloads
Kai Barron, Ruth Ditlmann, Stefan Gehrig and Sebastian Schweighofer-Kodritsch
9730: Alternative Measures for the Global Financial Cycle: Do They Make a Difference? Downloads
Xin Tian, Jan Jacobs and Jakob de Haan
9729: Peers Affect Personality Development Downloads
Xiaoque Shan and Ulf Zölitz
9728: A New Macroeconomic Measure of Human Capital Exploiting PISA and PIAAC: Linking Education Policies to Productivity Downloads
Balazs Egert, Christine de la Maisonneuve and David Turner
9727: How to Finance Climate Change Policies? Evidence from Consumers' Beliefs Downloads
Francesco D'Acunto, Sascha Möhrle, Florian Neumeier, Andreas Peichl, Michael Weber, Sascha Möhrle and Michael Weber
9726: The WB Constant Dollar Income Concept: An Interpretation Downloads
Syed M. Ahsan and S. Quamrul Ahsan
9725: A Rising Tide? The Local Incidence of the Second Wave of Globalization Downloads
Rowena Gray and Greg C. Wright
9724: The Performance of Socially Responsible Investments: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Lars Hornuf and Gül Yüksel
9723: Social Media and Mental Health Downloads
Luca Braghieri, Ro'ee Levy and Alexey Makarin
9722: Multiproduct Mergers and the Product Mix in Domestic and Foreign Markets Downloads
Jackie M.L. Chan, Michael Irlacher and Michael Koch
9721: Cutting through the Value Chain: The Long-Run Effects of Decoupling the East from the West Downloads
Gabriel J. Felbermayr, Hendrik Mahlkow and Alexander-Nikolai Sandkamp
9720: Profit Shifting, Employee Pay, and Inequalities: Evidence from US-Listed Companies Downloads
Baptiste Souillard
9719: Social Recognition: Experimental Evidence from Blood Donors Downloads
Lorenz Götte and Egon Tripodi
9718: A Class of Behavioral Models for the Profit-Maximizing Firm Downloads
Philippe Choné and Laurent Linnemer
9717: Network Externalities, Dominant Value Margins, and Equilibrium Uniqueness Downloads
Jay Pil Choi and Christodoulos Stefanadis
9716: Causal Effects of Countercyclical Interest Rates: Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard Downloads
Kris James Mitchener and Gonçalo Pina
9715: Abadie's Kappa and Weighting Estimators of the Local Average Treatment Effect Downloads
Tymon Sloczynski, S. Derya Uysal, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge and Derya Uysal
9714: Identification and Estimation of Categorical Random Coefficient Models Downloads
Zhan Gao and M. Hashem Pesaran
9713: Setting Adequate Wages for Workers: Managers' Work Experience, Incentive Scheme and Gender Matter Downloads
David Huber, Leonie Kühl and Nora Szech
9712: Is the Price Right? The Role of Morals, Ideology, and Tradeoff Thinking in Explaining Reactions to Price Surges Downloads
Julio Elias, Nicola Lacetera and Mario Macis
9711: Globally Engaged Firms in the Covid-19 Crisis Downloads
Cristina Constantinescu, Ana Margarida Fernandes, Arti Grover, Stavros Poupakis and Santiago Reyes
9710: Disastrous Discretion: Ambiguous Decision Situations Foster Political Favoritism Downloads
Stephan A. Schneider and Sven Kunze
9709: How Economic, Political and Institutional Factors Influence the Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes? New Evidence from Selected Countries of the MENA Region Downloads
Najia Maraoui, Thouraya Hadj Amor, Islem Khefacha and Christophe Rault
9708: Migration Aspirations and Intentions Downloads
Matthias Huber, Till Nikolka, Panu Poutvaara, Ann-Marie Sommerfeld and Silke Uebelmesser
9707: Extending the Limits of the Abatement Cost Downloads
Guy Meunier and Jean-Pierre Ponssard
9706: The Impacts of the Dollar-Renminbi Exchange Rate Misalignment on the China-United States Commodity Trade: An Asymmetric Analysis Downloads
Sabrine Ferjani, Sami Saafi, Ridha Nouira and Christophe Rault
9705: Gender Discrimination in Competitive Markets Downloads
Sugata Marjit and Reza Oladi
9704: Behavioral Responses to Supply-Side Drug Policy During the Opioid Epidemic Downloads
Simone Balestra, Helge Liebert, Nicole Maestas and Tisamarie B. Sherry
9703: Skill Mismatch and the Costs of Job Displacement Downloads
Frank Neffke, Ljubica Nedelkoska and Simon Wiederhold
9702: Covid-19 Crisis, Economic Hardships and Schooling Outcomes Downloads
Esther Gehrke, Friederike Lenel and Claudia Schupp
9701: Measuring Firm Activity from Outer Space Downloads
Katarzyna Anna Bilicka and André Seidel
9700: Wealth Taxation and Charitable Giving Downloads
Marius A. K. Ring and Thor Olav Thoresen
9699: Physicians and the Production of Health: Returns to Health Care During the Mortality Transition Downloads
Helge Liebert and Beatrice Mäder
9698: Covid-Induced School Closures in the US and Germany: Long-Term Distributional Effects Downloads
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln
9697: How Does Party Discipline Affect Legislative Behavior? Evidence from Within-Session Variation in Lame Duck Status Downloads
Jon Fiva and Oda Nedregård
9696: Online Political Debates Downloads
Leonardo D'Amico and Guido Tabellini
9695: Causal Effects of the Fed's Large-Scale Asset Purchases on Firms' Capital Structure Downloads
Andrea Nocera and M. Hashem Pesaran
9694: Do Management Practices Matter in Further Education? Downloads
Sandra McNally, Luis Schmidt and Anna Valero
9693: Dynamics of Subjective Risk Premia Downloads
Stefan Nagel and Zhengyang Xu
9692: Minimum Wage and Collective Bargaining Reforms: A Narrative Database for Advance Economies Downloads
Antonio Afonso, Joao Jalles and Zoe Venter
9691: Does Social Capital Matter? A Study of Hit-and-Run in US Counties Downloads
Stefano Castriota, Sandro Rondinella and Mirco Tonin
9690: Forecasting With Panel Data: Estimation Uncertainty Versus Parameter Heterogeneity Downloads
M. Hashem Pesaran, Andreas Pick and Allan Timmermann
9689: Refugee Migration and the Labor Market: Lessons from 40 Years of Post-Arrival Policies in Denmark Downloads
Jacob Nielsen Arendt, Christian Dustmann and Hyejin Ku
9688: Sovereign Defaults and Debt Sustainability: The Debt Recovery Channel Downloads
Ibrahima Diarra, Michel Guillard and Hubert Kempf
9687: Forecasting Inflation with a Zero Lower Bound or Negative Interest Rates: Evidence from Point and Density Forecasts Downloads
Christina Anderl and Guglielmo Maria Caporale
9686: Visual Representation and Stereotypes in News Media Downloads
Elliott Ash, Ruben Durante, Maria Grebenshchikova and Carlo Schwarz
9685: The Incidence and Outcomes of Industrial Action: New Evidence from the 2019 European Company Survey Downloads
John T. Addison and Paulino Teixeira
9684: The Role of Venture Capital and Governments in Clean Energy: Lessons from the First Cleantech Bubble Downloads
Matthias van den Heuvel and David Popp
9683: Risky Moms, Risky Kids? Fertility and Crime after the Fall of the Wall Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier and Olivier Marie
9682: Long-Run Impacts of In-Utero Ramadan Exposure: Evidence from Administrative Tax Records Downloads
Timotej Cejka and Mazhar Waseem
9681: A Partial Identification Approach to Identifying the Determinants of Human Capital Accumulation: An Application to Teachers Downloads
Nirav Mehta
9680: The Social Integration of International Migrants: Evidence from the Networks of Syrians in Germany Downloads
Michael Bailey, Drew Johnston, Martin Koenen, Theresa Kuchler, Dominic Russel and Johannes Stroebel
9679: The Long-Run Effects of Immigration: Evidence across a Barrier to Refugee Settlement Downloads
Antonio Ciccone and Jan Nimczik
9678: The Euro Area Government Spending Multiplier in Demand- and Supply-Driven Recessions Downloads
Mario Di Serio, Matteo Fragetta, Emanuel Gasteiger and Giovanni Melina
9677: Inequality, Life Expectancy, and the Intragenerational Redistribution Puzzle - Some Experimental Evidence Downloads
Tim Krieger, Christine Meemann and Stefan Traub
9676: Lost in the Net? Broadband Internet and Youth Mental Health Downloads
Dante Donati, Ruben Durante, Francesco Sobbrio and Dijana Zejcirovic
9675: A Model of the Effects of Gender Neutral Tenure Clock Stopping Policies on the Publication Strategies of Junior Faculty Downloads
Elisabeth Gugl, Moein Amini and Martin Farnham
9674: A Thousand Cuts: Cumulative Lead Exposure Reduces Academic Achievement Downloads
Alex Hollingsworth, Mike Huang, Ivan Rudik and Nicholas J. Sanders
9673: The Demand for News: Accuracy Concerns Versus Belief Confirmation Motives Downloads
Felix Chopra, Ingar K. Haaland and Christopher Roth
9672: Finance, Trade, Man and Machines: A New-Ricardian Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Model Downloads
Sugata Marjit and Gouranga Gopal Das
9671: Taxing the Gender Gap: Labor Market Effects of a Payroll Tax Cut for Women in Italy Downloads
Enrico Rubolino
9670: Can Moral Reminders Curb Corruption? Evidence from an Online Classroom Experiment Downloads
Corinna Claus, Ekkehard A. Köhler and Tim Krieger
9669: The 2020 US Presidential Election and Trump's Trade War Downloads
James Lake and Jun Nie
9668: The Impact of Covid-19 on Community College Enrollment and Student Success: Evidence from California Administrative Data Downloads
George Bulman and Robert Fairlie
9667: The Shadow of the Neolithic Revolution on Life Expectancy: A Double-Edged Sword Downloads
Raphael Franck, Oded Galor, Omer Moav and Ömer Özak
9666: Beyond the Business Climate: Regular and Supplementary Questions in the ifo Business Survey Downloads
Katrin Demmelhuber, Stefan Sauer and Klaus Wohlrabe
9665: Housing Market Expectations Downloads
Theresa Kuchler, Monika Piazzesi and Johannes Stroebel
9664: Who Increases Emergency Department Use? New Insights from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment Downloads
Augustine Denteh and Helge Liebert
9663: The (Non-)Neutrality of Value-Added Taxation Downloads
Georg Schneider, Frank Stähler and Georg U. Thunecke
9662: How Money Relates to Value? An Empirical Examination on Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Downloads
José Alves and João Quental Gonçalves
9661: Active Learning Improves Financial Education: Experimental Evidence from Uganda Downloads
Tim Kaiser, Lukas Menkhoff and Manuel Menkhoff
9660: Competition for Promotion Can Induce Household Specialization between Equally Competitive Spouses Downloads
Spencer Bastani, Lisa Dickmanns, Thomas Giebe and Oliver Gürtler
9659: The Effect of Brexit on British Workers Living in the EU Downloads
Ana Venâncio and João Pereira dos Santos
9658: Explaining Vaccine Hesitancy: A Covid-19 Study of the United States Downloads
Rajeev Goel and James W. Saunoris
9657: Which Households Respond to Electricity Peak Pricing Amid High Levels of Electrification? Downloads
Cloé Garnache, Øystein Hernæs and Anders Gravir Imenes
9656: Relative Price Changes of Ecosystem Services: Evidence from Germany Downloads
Jonas Heckenhahn and Moritz A. Drupp
9655: The Gender Recontest Gap in Elections Downloads
Thushyanthan Baskaran and Zohal Hessami
9654: Coherence of Output Gaps in the Euro Area: The Impact of the Covid-19 Shock Downloads
Jakob de Haan, Jan Jacobs and Renske Zijm
9653: The Education-Innovation Gap Downloads
Barbara Biasi and Song Ma
9652: How Resilient Was Trade to Covid-19? Downloads
Maria Bas, Ana Margarida Fernandes and Caroline Paunov
9651: Optimal and Fair Prizing in Sequential Round-Robin Tournaments: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Arne Lauber, Christoph March and Marco Sahm
9650: Medication against Conflict Downloads
Andrea Berlanda, Matteo Cervellati, Elena Esposito, Dominic Rohner and Uwe Sunde
9649: Political Shocks and Inflation Expectations: Evidence from the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine Downloads
Lena Dräger, Klaus Gründler and Niklas Potrafke
9648: How Does the Vaccine Approval Procedure Affect Covid-19 Vaccination Intentions? Downloads
Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Philipp Lergetporer and Thomas Rittmannsberger
9647: Too Late to Buy a Home? School Redistricting and the Timing and Extent of Capitalization Downloads
Xiaozhou Ding, Christopher Bollinger, Michael Clark and William H. Hoyt
9646: Can Aid Buy Foreign Public Support? Evidence from Chinese Development Finance Downloads
Lukas Wellner, Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Bradley C. Parks and Austin M. Strange
9645: Environmental, Redistributive and Revenue Effects of Policies Promoting Fuel Efficient and Electric Vehicles Downloads
Patrick Bigler and Doina Maria Radulescu
9644: Economic Geography and the Efficiency of Environmental Regulation Downloads
Alex Hollingworth, Taylor Jaworski, Carl Kitchens and Ivan Rudik
9643: The Effects of Professor Gender on the Post-Graduation Outcomes of Female Students Downloads
Hani Mansour, Daniel I. Rees, Bryson M. Rintala and Nathan N. Wozny
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