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Volume 43, issue 2, 1993

Missing measurements in econometric models with no auxiliary relations pp. 125-128 Downloads
Marno Verbeek
Misspecification tests, unit roots and level shifts pp. 129-135 Downloads
Alain Hecq and Jean-Pierre Urbain
Estimating fractionally integrated time series models pp. 137-142 Downloads
Steve Beveridge and Cyril Oickle
On the power of point optimal tests of the trend stationarity hypothesis pp. 143-147 Downloads
Jaeyoun Hwang and Peter Schmidt
Do standards of living converge?: Some cross-country evidence pp. 149-155 Downloads
Paul Evans and Georgios Karras
Cointegration, causality and export-led growth in Portugal, 1865-1985 pp. 163-166 Downloads
Les Oxley
Weak exogeneity and dynamic stability in cointegrated VARs pp. 167-170 Downloads
Andreas Fischer
Russell on Gorman's Engel curves: A correction pp. 171-175 Downloads
Michael Jerison
Income distribution, Pareto laws and regular variation pp. 177-182 Downloads
A.H.Q.M. Merkies and Ivo J. Steyn
The principal--agent problem when the agent has access to outside markets pp. 183-186 Downloads
Gerald T. Garvey
Consistency of mean-variance analysis and expected utility analysis: A complete characterization pp. 187-192 Downloads
John Payne Bigelow
A solution to a class of agency problems, with application to the question of limited liability pp. 193-197 Downloads
Shailendra Raj Mehta
Temporary cuts in government spending as an anti-inflationary device pp. 199-203 Downloads
Tapio Palokangas
Dynamic effects of a terms-of-trade shock on a small open economy pp. 205-209 Downloads
Baekin Cha
The international impact of Federal Reserve Bank discount rate changes: Evidence from American depository receipts pp. 211-218 Downloads
Vittorio Bonomo, Stephen P. Ferris and Gregory Noronha
Exchangeable arbitrator behavior: A closer look pp. 219-220 Downloads
Daniel R. Marburger
Intergenerational mobility: A comparative study between Turkey and the United States pp. 221-230 Downloads
Sanem Ozdural
The optimal extraction rate of a natural resource under uncertainty pp. 231-234 Downloads
Raul Anibal Feliz
Increasing scarcity rent A sufficient condition pp. 235-238 Downloads
Darrell L. Krulce
A curvature condition ensuring uniqueness of Cournot equilibrium, with applications to comparative statics (economics letters 41, no. 1, 1993, pp. 29-33) pp. 239-239 Downloads
Edward Schlee
Equilibria of generalized games with -majorized preference correspondences (economics letters 41, no. 4, 1993, pp. 379-383) pp. 240-240 Downloads
Kok-Keong Tan and Xian-Zhi Yuan

Volume 43, issue 1, 1993

Estimating daily seasonals in financial time series: The use of high-pass spectral filters pp. 1-4 Downloads
Laurence Copeland and Peijie Wang
Testing for measurement errors in expectations from survey data: An instrumental variables approach pp. 5-10 Downloads
Robert Rich, Jennie E. Raymond and J. Butler
A note on the score test for neglected heterogeneity in the truncated normal regression model pp. 11-14 Downloads
João Santos Silva
The coverability problem in input-output systems pp. 15-21 Downloads
Giacomo Bonanno
Security market returns and the social discount rate: A note on welfare in the overlapping generations model pp. 23-26 Downloads
James Dow and Gary Gorton
On the contribution of an additional player to a convex game pp. 27-30 Downloads
F. Grafe and Elena Inarra
Strategic choice of waiting and reaction times in bargaining pp. 31-34 Downloads
Dale Stahl
Decision-making by an authority under influence pp. 35-39 Downloads
Torben Tranaes
Recovering homothetic preferences pp. 41-45 Downloads
Vicki Knoblauch
First-mover advantage and organizational structure pp. 47-52 Downloads
Winston Koh
The Lorenz-ordering of Singh-Maddala income distributions pp. 53-57 Downloads
Bernd Wilfling and Walter Krämer
Network or pay-per-view?: A welfare analysis pp. 59-64 Downloads
Steinar Holden
Relationships among some risk premia pp. 65-70 Downloads
Pradeep Agrawal
Experimental tests of prospective reference theory pp. 71-76 Downloads
David Harless
Impulse dynamics and propagation mechanisms in a real business cycle model pp. 77-81 Downloads
Timothy Cogley and James Nason
Direct crowding out, optimal taxation and pollution abatement pp. 83-93 Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Lans Bovenberg
Old information and market efficiency pp. 95-101 Downloads
Bernard Gauci and Thomas Baumgartner
The added worker effect: A causality test pp. 111-117 Downloads
Doki K. Tano
Late-mover advantage and product diffusion pp. 119-123 Downloads
Sandeep Kapur

Volume 42, issue 4, 1993

On the corrections to the Wald test of non-linear restrictions pp. 321-326 Downloads
Silvia L. de Paula Ferrari and Cribari-Neto, Francisco
On the relationship between impulse response analysis, innovation accounting and Granger causality pp. 327-333 Downloads
Jean-Marie Dufour and David Tessier
Some improvements for bootstrapping regression estimators under first-order serial correlation pp. 335-339 Downloads
Paul Rilstone
In search of the right middleman pp. 341-347 Downloads
Utpal Bhattacharya and Abdullah Yavas
Infinite Chichilnisky rules pp. 349-352 Downloads
Luc Lauwers
Revealed preference and portfolio choice pp. 353-356 Downloads
Valentino Dardanoni
Comparative dynamics of fixed versus flexible discount rate growth models pp. 357-359 Downloads
Sumit Joshi
Time consistency, indexation and the costs of inflation pp. 361-365 Downloads
Iannis A. Mourmouras
Money creation system in the Real Business Cycle theory pp. 367-371 Downloads
Yasushi Ohkusa
A cross-sectional variance bounds test pp. 373-377 Downloads
John Board, George Bulkley and Ian Tonks
The term structure of interest rates in a model with heterogeneous agents pp. 379-383 Downloads
Anders Paalsow
Common stochastic trends in European stock markets pp. 385-390 Downloads
A. Corhay, A. Tourani Rad and Jean-Pierre Urbain
A simple model of spatial banking competition pp. 391-397 Downloads
Kit Pong Wong and Derek K. Chan
A Ricardian Equivalence Theorem on the taxation of pension funds pp. 399-403 Downloads
Geoffrey Kingston and John Piggott
A benchmark measure of income for assessing the distributional effects of tax reform pp. 405-410 Downloads
Cathleen M. Koch
The determinants of success in educational choice pp. 411-417 Downloads
Reza (Gholamreza) Arabsheibani
What is the effect of bid-rigging on prices? pp. 419-423 Downloads
Luke Froeb, Robert A. Koyak and Gregory Werden
Resource price dynamics with non-malleable extraction capital pp. 425-431 Downloads
John Rowse and David Yeung

Volume 42, issue 2-3, 1993

Monotonicity of the Fisher information and the Kullback-Leibler divergence measure pp. 121-128 Downloads
Keunkwan Ryu
A diagnostic test without numerical integration pp. 129-132 Downloads
Chunrong Ai and Steven Cassou
Cotrending and the stationarity of the real interest rate pp. 133-138 Downloads
David Chapman and Masao Ogaki
The uniqueness of the subscription equilibrium with endogenous labor supply pp. 139-142 Downloads
Lorenz Nett and Wolfgang Peters
Should normality be a normal assumption? pp. 143-147 Downloads
Jeffrey Dorfman
Wealth, bequests and attention pp. 149-154 Downloads
Andres G. Victorio and Richard Arnott
Income uncertainty, bequests and annuities pp. 155-158 Downloads
Michel Strawczynski
Morishima elasticities of substitution with nested production functions pp. 159-166 Downloads
R. K. Anderson and John Moroney
Modelling heterogeneous inputs pp. 167-171 Downloads
Robert Marks
Sequential auctions with delay costs: A two-period model pp. 173-178 Downloads
Flavio Menezes
A note on majorization theory and the evaluation of income distributions pp. 179-183 Downloads
Rubin Saposnik
On some generalizations of a mean voter theorem pp. 185-188 Downloads
Barry K. Ma and Jeffrey H. Weiss
Signalling by middlemen pp. 189-194 Downloads
Michael Arnold
Learning partitions pp. 195-199 Downloads
Nicola Dimitri
Efficiency wages and economic growth pp. 201-208 Downloads
Hian Hoon
On relative price variability and hyperinflation pp. 209-214 Downloads
De-piao Tang and Ping Wang
Optimum quantity of money instability pp. 215-218 Downloads
Jose Encarnacion
Monetary variability and real output pp. 219-222 Downloads
Tony Caporale
South African divestment decisions and shareholder wealth pp. 223-228 Downloads
Norman H. Moore, Stephen Pruitt and K. S. Maurice Tse
Speed variance, enforcement, and the optimal speed limit pp. 237-243 Downloads
Philip Graves, Dwight R. Lee and Robert L. Sexton
A note on vertical relations when the input supplier is a labor union pp. 245-251 Downloads
Victoria Miller and Luc Vallee
Competition in airline networks: The case of constant elasticity demands pp. 253-259 Downloads
Anming Zhang and Xin Wei
On the Todaro paradox pp. 261-267 Downloads
Pascalis Raimondos
Entry-inducing technology adoption pp. 269-273 Downloads
Nils-Henrik von der Fehr
Knowledge diffusion in an endogenous growth model pp. 275-278 Downloads
Paul Schulstad
Economic natural selection pp. 281-289 Downloads
Lawrence Blume and David Easley
Perpetual randomness in evolutionary economics pp. 291-299 Downloads
George Mailath
Evolutionary stability and efficiency pp. 301-312 Downloads
Joel Sobel
Recent advances in evolutionary economics: comments pp. 313-319 Downloads
Larry Samuelson

Volume 42, issue 1, 1993

Tests of homogeneity and symmetry: Some simulation results pp. 1-4 Downloads
An-loh Lin
Alternative covariance estimators of the standard Tobit model pp. 5-13 Downloads
Giorgio Calzolari and Gabriele Fiorentini
A note on the estimation of models with sample-selection biases pp. 15-24 Downloads
Kazumitsu Nawata
Preference representation and randomization in principal-agent contracts pp. 25-30 Downloads
Anil Arya, Richard A. Young and John C. Fellingham
The replacement principle in public good economies with single-peaked preferences pp. 31-36 Downloads
William Thomson
Managerial incentive contracts with a production externality pp. 37-42 Downloads
Yoon K. Choi
Turnovers and asymptotic behavior of workers pp. 43-50 Downloads
Leonardo Felli
Relative price variability and inflation in an equilibrium price misperceptions' model: Evidence for the UK pp. 51-57 Downloads
A. D. Clare and S. H. Thomas
An alternative neo-classical growth model with closed-form decision rules pp. 59-63 Downloads
Gregory Huffman
Currency substitution and the optimal inflation tax pp. 65-70 Downloads
Pablo Guidotti and Carlos Vegh
Test of the international equity integration of Japan pp. 71-76 Downloads
Shigeyuki Hamori
Measuring the efficiency cost of wage taxation with uncertain labor productivity pp. 77-80 Downloads
K. Ramagopal and Sunder Ramaswamy
Time-dependent changes in gender-based promotion differences pp. 87-90 Downloads
John C. Krowas
Equivalence of effluent taxes and permits for environmental regulation of several local monopolies pp. 91-95 Downloads
Till Requate
Incomplete markets, firms and the projection hypothesis pp. 97-103 Downloads
Luigi Ventura
A woman's labor participation and economic growth: Creativity, knowledge utilization and family preference pp. 105-110 Downloads
Wei-Bin Zhang
Marine pollution and sport fishing quality: Using Poisson models as household production functions pp. 111-116 Downloads
V. Smith, Jin Long Liu and Raymond B. Palmquist
Exhaustibility and the reserves/production ratio pp. 117-119 Downloads
Robert Marks and Peter Swan
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