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Volume 100, issue 3, 2008

Uncertainty and information accuracy in adverse selection pp. 321-325 Downloads
Samuel C.A. Pereira and Paulo S.A. Sousa
Nonlinear regression for unit root models with autoregressive errors pp. 326-329 Downloads
Chang Sik Kim and In-Moo Kim
Price discrimination with a resource constraint pp. 330-332 Downloads
James Dana and Tomer Yahalom
Temporary contracts, employment protection and skill: A simple model pp. 333-336 Downloads
Elena Casquel and Antoni Cunyat
Time series test of nonlinear convergence and transitional dynamics pp. 337-339 Downloads
Terence Tai Leung Chong, Melvin Hinich, Venus Liew and Kian-Ping Lim
Living to save taxes pp. 340-343 Downloads
Marcus Eliason and Henry Ohlsson
Modelling the dependency between currency and debt crises: An option based approach pp. 344-347 Downloads
Dominik Maltritz
Are firms reluctant to engage in inter-organizational exchange relationships with competitors? pp. 348-350 Downloads
Christian Hopp
Fund-raising success and a solicitor's beauty capital: Do blondes raise more funds? pp. 351-354 Downloads
Michael Price
Does foreign direct investment transfer technology across borders? New evidence pp. 355-358 Downloads
Jürgen Bitzer and Monika Kerekes
Audited reputation pp. 359-362 Downloads
Hong Xu, Jianqing Chen and Andrew B. Whinston
Environmental regulation and U.S. states' technical inefficiency pp. 363-365 Downloads
Pandej Chintrakarn
A note on spurious nonlinear regression pp. 366-368 Downloads
Edward O'Brien
On the curvature of the reporting function from objective reality to subjective feelings pp. 369-372 Downloads
Andrew Oswald
The effect of measurement error on the estimated shape of the world distribution of income pp. 373-376 Downloads
Christopher Parmeter
GLS detrending-based unit root tests in nonlinear STAR and SETAR models pp. 377-380 Downloads
George Kapetanios and Yongcheol Shin
Nonparametric identification of regression models containing a misclassified dichotomous regressor without instruments pp. 381-384 Downloads
Xiaohong Chen, Yingyao Hu and Arthur Lewbel
Expanding international trade beyond the RTA border: The case of ASEAN's economic diplomacy pp. 385-387 Downloads
Chang Hoon Oh and W. Selmier
Technical change: It should be positive and make sense! pp. 388-391 Downloads
Fernando Garcia, Rogério César de Souza and Jorge Pires
Technology shocks, structural breaks and the effects on the business cycle pp. 392-395 Downloads
Vincenzo Atella, Marco Centoni and Gianluca Cubadda
Deterministic heterogeneity in tastes and product differentiation in the K-logit model pp. 396-398 Downloads
Dominique Rajaonarison
Moral hazard contracts: Does one size fit all? pp. 399-401 Downloads
Alexander Koch and Eloïc Peyrache
Is the optimal income tax regressive? pp. 402-404 Downloads
Xavier Ruiz del Portal
Gender and self-selection into a competitive environment: Are women more overconfident than men? pp. 405-407 Downloads
Lena Nekby, Peter Skogman Thoursie and Lars Vahtrik
Option price without expected utility pp. 408-410 Downloads
Paan Jindapon and W. Shaw
What explains recent changes in international monetary policy attitudes toward inflation? Evidence from developed countries pp. 411-414 Downloads
Melody Lo and Jim Granato
A group-specific measure of intergenerational persistence pp. 415-417 Downloads
Tom Hertz
Estimating economies of scope using the profit function: A dual approach for the normalized quadratic profit function pp. 418-421 Downloads
Zhifeng Gao and Allen Featherstone
Serial and spatial error correlation pp. 422-424 Downloads
J.Paul Elhorst
Soft budget constraints and the property rights theory of ownership pp. 425-427 Downloads
Karen Eggleston
Skilled labor, unskilled labor, and economic growth pp. 428-431 Downloads
Marcelo Mello
Unobserved correlation in private-value ascending auctions pp. 432-434 Downloads
Daniel Quint
Semiparametric Bayesian estimation of mixed count regression models pp. 435-438 Downloads
Xiaoyong Zheng
Skill-biased technological change: Is there hope for the unskilled? pp. 439-441 Downloads
Matthias Weiss
Democracy and growth in Africa: Implications of increasing electoral competitiveness pp. 442-444 Downloads
Augustin Fosu
Sequentially complete markets remain incomplete pp. 445-447 Downloads
Jacques Dreze and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
Toward a bias corrected currency equivalent index pp. 448-451 Downloads
William Barnett, John Keating and Logan Kelly

Volume 100, issue 2, 2008

The effect of decisions under uncertainty on imperfect monitoring games pp. 165-168 Downloads
Shinichiro Takizawa
Why don't we observe improvements in consumption smoothing as countries get more financially integrated: Bridging theory and empirics pp. 169-172 Downloads
Ergys Islamaj
Durable goods with quality differentiation pp. 173-177 Downloads
Roman Inderst
Political risk and the expectations hypothesis pp. 178-180 Downloads
Barbara Caporale and Tony Caporale
Exponential functionals of integrated processes pp. 181-184 Downloads
Jungick Lee and Robert de Jong
A dual measure of economies of scope pp. 185-188 Downloads
Gholamreza Hajargasht, Timothy Coelli and D.S. Prasada Rao
Pre-empting technology competition through firm acquisitions pp. 189-191 Downloads
Christoph Grimpe and Katrin Hussinger
Is it possible to speak English without thinking American? On globalization and the determinants of cultural assimilation pp. 192-195 Downloads
Alberto Chong and Jose Galdo
The social value of public information with costly information acquisition pp. 196-199 Downloads
Luca Colombo and Gianluca Femminis
Non-linearity versus non-normality in real exchange rate dynamics pp. 200-203 Downloads
Michael Arghyrou and Andros Gregoriou
Relative consumption benchmarks pp. 204-207 Downloads
Sanjay Chugh
Measuring business cycles: A wavelet analysis of economic time series pp. 208-212 Downloads
Motohiro Yogo
On the efficiency of a global market for carbon dioxide emission permits: Type of externality and timing of policymaking pp. 213-216 Downloads
Emilson Silva and Xie Zhu
Method-of-moments estimation and choice of instruments: Numerical computations pp. 217-220 Downloads
Stanislav Anatolyev
Revisiting the uncertain unit root in GDP and CPI: Testing for non-linear trend reversion pp. 221-223 Downloads
Meredith Beechey and Pär Österholm
Copula-based tests for cross-sectional independence in panel models pp. 224-228 Downloads
Hongming Huang, Chihwa Kao and Giovanni Urga
Market competition, social welfare in an entry-constrained differentiated-good oligopoly pp. 229-233 Downloads
Winston Koh
The CUSUM of squares test for the stability of regression models with non-stationary regressors pp. 234-237 Downloads
Xinhong Lu, Koichi Maekawa and Sangyeol Lee
Monetary policy inertia reconsidered: Evidence from endogenous interest rate trajectory pp. 238-240 Downloads
Jiri Podpiera
A simple test of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve pp. 241-244 Downloads
Andrea Carriero
A bivariate zero-inflated count data regression model with unrestricted correlation pp. 245-248 Downloads
Shiferaw Gurmu and John Elder
Announcements and credibility under inflation targeting pp. 249-253 Downloads
Banu Demir and Taner Yigit
Attitudes towards immigration--Perceived consequences and economic self-interest pp. 254-257 Downloads
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, Jakob Munch, Sanne Schroll and Jan Skaksen
Host country's governance and the size of foreign investors pp. 258-261 Downloads
Vahe Lskavyan and Mariana Spatareanu
Unequal skill premiums and trade liberalization: Is education the missing link? pp. 262-266 Downloads
Dawood Mamoon and S. Mansoob Murshed
Inflation-targeting rules: History-dependent or forward-looking? pp. 267-270 Downloads
Kai Leitemo
On the stability of coalition structures pp. 271-274 Downloads
André Casajus
Welfare implications of Calvo vs. Rotemberg-pricing assumptions pp. 275-279 Downloads
Giovanni Lombardo and David Vestin
On continuous-time Markov processes in bargaining pp. 280-283 Downloads
Harold Houba
Moving from the lab to the field: Exploring scrutiny and duration effects in lab experiments pp. 284-287 Downloads
Kenneth Leonard and Melkiory C. Masatu
Demographic structure and growth: The effect of unfunded social security pp. 288-291 Downloads
Hiroyuki Ito and Ken Tabata
An extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition to a continuum of comparison groups pp. 292-296 Downloads
Hugo Ñopo
Matching bias in labor demand estimation pp. 297-299 Downloads
Giovanna Aguilar Andía and Silvio Rendon
Healthy food, unhealthy food and obesity pp. 300-303 Downloads
Xiaoyong Zheng and Chen Zhen
Empirical evaluation of the asset-allocation puzzle pp. 304-307 Downloads
Oussama Chakroun, Georges Dionne and Dugas-Sampara, Amélie
Activating unemployed workers works; Experimental evidence from Denmark pp. 308-310 Downloads
Brian Krogh Graversen and Jan C. van Ours
Explaining the US-EU productivity growth gap: Structural change vs. intra-sectoral effect pp. 311-313 Downloads
Joaquin Maudos, José Pastor and Lorenzo Serrano Martinez
Relative consumption, relative wealth and growth pp. 314-316 Downloads
Frederic Tournemaine and Christopher Tsoukis
Do misalignments predict aggregated stock-market volatility? pp. 317-320 Downloads
Christophe Boucher, Bertrand Maillet and Thierry Michel

Volume 100, issue 1, 2008

On weighted estimation in linear regression in the presence of parameter uncertainty pp. 1-3 Downloads
Judith Clarke
On the marginal effects of variables in the log-transformed sample selection models pp. 4-8 Downloads
Steven T. Yen and Jan Rosinski
Miss-targeted or miss-measured? pp. 9-12 Downloads
Martin Ravallion
A new approach for modelling and understanding optimal monetary policy pp. 13-15 Downloads
Katarzyna Romaniuk
Convergence speed in the Ak endogenous growth model with habit formation pp. 16-21 Downloads
Manuel Gómez
Monetary non-neutrality in the Sidrauski model under uncertainty pp. 22-26 Downloads
Abraham Lioui and Patrice Poncet
Overnight interest rates and aggregate market expectations pp. 27-30 Downloads
Nikola Gradojevic and Ramazan Gencay
Characteristics, covariances, and structural breaks pp. 31-34 Downloads
Pin-Huang Chou and Kuan-Cheng Ko
Mengerian saleableness and commodity money in a Walrasian trading post example pp. 35-38 Downloads
Ross M. Starr
The cost of reserves pp. 39-42 Downloads
Eduardo Levy Yeyati
Mixing versus sorting: Entering top universities pp. 43-46 Downloads
Sunku Hahn, Taeyoon Sung and Jisun Baek
A market microstructure explanation of IPOs underpricing pp. 47-48 Downloads
Patrick Leoni
An approach for extending dynamic models to settings with multi-product firms pp. 49-52 Downloads
Aviv Nevo and Federico Rossi
Disagreement leads to complete learning: Sequential choice with continuous types pp. 53-55 Downloads
Thomas Wiseman
Is competition good for trust? Cross-country evidence using micro-data pp. 56-59 Downloads
Justina A. V. Fischer
On the role of patience in collusive Bertrand duopolies pp. 60-63 Downloads
Ola Andersson
Liquidity runs with endogenous information acquisition pp. 64-67 Downloads
Sanne Zwart
The reduced form: A simple approach to inference with weak instruments pp. 68-71 Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov and Christian Hansen
Fair divisions as attracting Nash equilibria of simple games pp. 72-75 Downloads
Marco Galbiati
Precautionary motive for saving and medical expenses under health uncertainty: Evidence from Korea pp. 76-79 Downloads
Moon Kee Kong, Jeong Yeon Lee and Hoe Kyung Lee
Rank estimation of monotone hazard models pp. 80-82 Downloads
Youngki Shin
Increasing returns to scale and the long-run Phillips curve pp. 83-86 Downloads
Andrea Vaona and Dennis Snower
Entry penetration in Canadian manufacturing pp. 87-90 Downloads
Kim Huynh and Robert Petrunia
Secure implementation in economies with indivisible objects and money pp. 91-95 Downloads
Yuji Fujinaka and Takuma Wakayama
Domestic burglaries and the real price of audio-visual goods: Some time series evidence for Britain pp. 96-100 Downloads
Barry Reilly and Robert Witt
Aggregate demand shocks, private signals and employment variability: Can better information be harmful? pp. 101-104 Downloads
Jonathan G. James and Phillip Lawler
On effective minimax payoffs and unequal discounting pp. 105-107 Downloads
Bo Chen
Aggregation rules that satisfy anonymity and neutrality pp. 108-110 Downloads
Jonathan Perry and Robert C. Powers
Geometric ergodicity and [beta]-mixing property for a multivariate CARR model pp. 111-114 Downloads
O. Lee and D.W. Shin
The exchange rate and fiscal consolidation episodes in emerging market economies pp. 115-118 Downloads
Amine Mati and John Thornton
Eliminating a deflationary trap through superinertial interest rate rules pp. 119-122 Downloads
Tomohiro Sugo and Kozo Ueda
A note on the two assumptions of standard unobserved components models pp. 123-125 Downloads
Daisuke Nagakura
Terrorism and electoral accountability: One strike, you're out! pp. 126-129 Downloads
Martin Gassebner, Richard Jong-A-Pin and Jochen Mierau
A stochastic variance factor model for large datasets and an application to S&P data pp. 130-134 Downloads
Andrea Cipollini and G. Kapetanios
Growth, volatility and political instability: Non-linear time-series evidence for Argentina, 1896-2000 pp. 135-137 Downloads
Nauro Campos and Menelaos G. Karanasos
Conceptual frameworks and experimental design in simultaneous equations pp. 138-142 Downloads
Donald Poskitt and Christopher Skeels
Multiple equilibrium in the Diamond Capital Model pp. 143-145 Downloads
Christopher Bliss
The long-run relationship between outward FDI and domestic output: Evidence from panel data pp. 146-149 Downloads
Dierk Herzer
Reexamination of Maskin's Theorem on Nash implementability pp. 150-152 Downloads
Ahmed Doghmi and Abderrahmane Ziad
Why quantity premia are rare? pp. 153-156 Downloads
Sergey Kokovin, Babu Nahata and Evgeny Zhelobodko
Nash implementation in exchange economies with single-peaked preferences pp. 157-160 Downloads
Ahmed Doghmi and Abderrahmane Ziad
Behavioral aspects of implementation theory pp. 161-164 Downloads
Hitoshi Matsushima
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