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Volume 108, issue 3, 2010

Reduced smoking and rising obesity: Does smoking ban in the workplace matter? pp. 249-252 Downloads
Feng Liu, Ning Zhang, Kai-Wen Cheng and Hua Wang
The superior measure of PSID consumption: An update pp. 253-256 Downloads
Sheng Guo
Conditional forecasts and uncertainty about forecast revisions in vector autoregressions pp. 257-259 Downloads
Marek Jarociński
Students' beliefs about peer effects pp. 260-263 Downloads
Gigi Foster and Paul Frijters
Common agency, organizational design and the hold-up problem pp. 264-268 Downloads
Vinicius Carrasco
Inflation dynamics under habit formation in hours pp. 269-272 Downloads
Gunes Kamber
Estimating simultaneous games with incomplete information under median restrictions pp. 273-276 Downloads
Xun Tang
Pure strategy equilibria in Bertrand games with discontinuous demand and asymmetric tie-breaking rules pp. 277-279 Downloads
Adib Bagh
Labor quality growth in Germany pp. 280-282 Downloads
Guido Schwerdt and Jarkko Turunen
Nash implementation theory -- A note on full characterizations pp. 283-285 Downloads
Ville Korpela
Casting the naturalization of asylum seekers as an economic problem pp. 286-290 Downloads
Oded Stark
Another problem in the estimation of intergenerational income mobility pp. 291-295 Downloads
Sean Muller
An examination of the utility bearing characteristics of occupations: A factor analytical approach pp. 296-298 Downloads
Robert Wells
Single-valuedness of the demand correspondence and strict convexity of preferences: An equivalence result pp. 299-302 Downloads
Ennio Bilancini and Leonardo Boncinelli
Reserve prices in a dynamic auction when bidders are capacity-constrained pp. 303-306 Downloads
Viplav Saini
A note on information revelation in procurement auctions pp. 307-310 Downloads
Nicola Doni and Domenico Menicucci
Is the real price of equipment a good measure for investment-specific technological change? pp. 311-313 Downloads
Kwang Hwan Kim
Time preference and the welfare effects of tie-in sales pp. 314-317 Downloads
Florian Heubrandner and Bernd Skiera
Identification and overidentification in SVECMs pp. 318-321 Downloads
Bernd Lucke
Sufficient communication in repeated games with imperfect private monitoring pp. 322-326 Downloads
Rui Li
SP/A and CPT: A reconciliation of two behavioral decision theories pp. 327-329 Downloads
Marc Oliver Rieger
The reality of reality television: Does reality TV influence local crime rates? pp. 330-333 Downloads
Lesley Chiou and Mary Lopez
A simple spatial model for Edgeworth Cycles pp. 334-336 Downloads
Wills-Johnson, Nick and Harry Bloch
Private monitoring games and decisions under uncertainty pp. 337-340 Downloads
Shinichiro Takizawa
Minimum wages and excessive effort supply pp. 341-344 Downloads
Matthias Kräkel and Anja Schöttner
Sorting, incentives and risk preferences: Evidence from a field experiment pp. 345-348 Downloads
Charles Bellemare and Bruce Shearer
Derivation of the Hicks, or direct, elasticity of substitution using the input distance function pp. 349-351 Downloads
David Stern
The number of pure strategy Nash equilibria in random multi-team games pp. 352-354 Downloads
William Stanford

Volume 108, issue 2, 2010

Optimal observability in a linear income tax pp. 105-108 Downloads
Joel Slemrod and Christian Traxler
Semiparametric information bound of dynamic discrete choice models pp. 109-112 Downloads
Moshe Buchinsky, Jinyong Hahn and Kyoo il Kim
Commercializing public technology through cooperative R&D pp. 113-115 Downloads
Conrad S. Ciccotello, Richard Fu and Ajay Subramanian
Is skilled immigration always good for growth in the receiving economy? pp. 116-118 Downloads
Leonid Azarnert
The pricing of bank debt guarantees pp. 119-121 Downloads
Stefan Arping
A new test of the inflation-real marginal cost relationship: ARDL bounds approach pp. 122-125 Downloads
Alexandros Kontonikas
Threshold effects of inflation on economic growth in developing countries pp. 126-129 Downloads
Alexander Bick
Equilibrium price distribution with directed technical change pp. 130-133 Downloads
Pedro Gil, Fernanda Figueiredo and Oscar Afonso
Demand and choice elasticities for a separable product group pp. 134-136 Downloads
Brett Smith, Zeenat Abdoolakhan and John Taplin
Does the color of the collar matter? Employment and earnings after plant closure pp. 137-140 Downloads
Guido Schwerdt, Andrea Ichino, Oliver Ruf, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer and Josef Zweimüller
Fixed cost, number of firms, and skill premium: An alternative source for rising wage inequality pp. 141-144 Downloads
Yoshinori Kurokawa
Aggregate economic shocks and infant mortality: New evidence for middle-income countries pp. 145-148 Downloads
Norbert Schady and Marc-Francois Smitz
Level-k reasoning in contests pp. 149-152 Downloads
Mark Bernard
Fitting Lorenz curves pp. 153-155 Downloads
Otaviano Helene
A generalization of the Atkinson-Stiglitz (1976) theorem on the undesirability of nonuniform excise taxation pp. 156-158 Downloads
Martin Hellwig
On the recent divergence between measures of the money supply in the UK pp. 159-162 Downloads
Bruce Rayton and Khrystyna Pavlyk
International cross-holdings of bonds in a two-good DSGE model pp. 163-166 Downloads
David Amdur
Is there a financial accelerator in US banking?: Evidence from the cyclicality of banks' price-cost margins pp. 167-171 Downloads
Roger Aliaga-Diaz and Maria Olivero
The impact of U.S. central bank communication on European and pacific equity markets pp. 172-174 Downloads
Bernd Hayo, Ali Kutan and Matthias Neuenkirch
Career concerns and ambiguity aversion pp. 175-177 Downloads
Eric Rasmusen
Transition of social welfare in the European country clubs pp. 178-180 Downloads
George A. Christodoulakis and Emmanuel Mamatzakis
Multinational production and choice of technologies: New evidence on skill-biased technological change from China pp. 181-183 Downloads
Ben Li
How much stock return predictability can we expect from an asset pricing model? pp. 184-186 Downloads
Guofu Zhou
Can behavioral finance models account for historical asset prices? pp. 187-189 Downloads
Rhys ap Gwilym
Scale economies and intra-industry trade pp. 190-192 Downloads
Don Clark
Do investors respond to tax reform? Evidence from a natural experiment in Germany pp. 193-196 Downloads
Nicolas Sauter and Joachim Winter
Individual Retirement Accounts, saving and labor supply pp. 197-200 Downloads
Sagiri Kitao
Voluntary implementation when the planner is a player pp. 201-204 Downloads
Changchen Liu, Yunfeng Luo and Nvpo Zeng
Fundamentals behind house prices pp. 205-207 Downloads
Bin Li and Zhixiong Zeng
Frictional matching: Evidence from law school admission pp. 208-211 Downloads
Pascal Courty and Mario Pagliero
Behavior under social pressure: Empty Italian stadiums and referee bias pp. 212-214 Downloads
Per Pettersson-Lidbom and Mikael Priks
What is the cost of venting? Evidence from eBay pp. 215-218 Downloads
Li, Lingfang (Ivy)
Adverse selection, endogenous borrowing constraints and firm growth pp. 219-221 Downloads
Arthur Fishman and Miriam Krausz
Base consumption levels and fixed costs pp. 222-224 Downloads
Emanuela Randon and Peter Simmons
A note on the Cliff and Ord test for spatial correlation in panel models pp. 225-228 Downloads
Jan Mutl and Michael Pfaffermayr
Alternative characterizations of the proportional solution for nonconvex bargaining problems with claims pp. 229-232 Downloads
Michele Lombardi and Naoki Yoshihara
Is there any asymmetry in the effect of inflation on relative price variability? pp. 233-236 Downloads
Chi-Young Choi and Young Se Kim
The effect of children on specialization and coordination of partners' activities pp. 237-241 Downloads
Anh Le and Paul Miller
Consumer networks and firm reputation: A first experimental investigation pp. 242-244 Downloads
Steffen Huck, Gabriele K. Lünser and Jean-Robert Tyran
Rationality around the clock: Sleep and time-of-day effects on guessing game responses pp. 245-248 Downloads
David Dickinson and Todd McElroy

Volume 108, issue 1, 2010

Efficient and strategy-proof voting over connected coalitions: A possibility result pp. 1-3 Downloads
Veronica Block
Existence of an interim and ex-ante minimax point for an asymmetric information game pp. 4-6 Downloads
Marialaura Pesce and Nicholas C. Yannelis
Stochastic volatility and DSGE models pp. 7-9 Downloads
Martin Andreasen
Physical appearance and wages: Do blondes have more fun? pp. 10-12 Downloads
David Johnston
Preferences and normal goods: An easy-to-check necessary and sufficient condition pp. 13-15 Downloads
Ennio Bilancini and Leonardo Boncinelli
Persuasion in experimental ultimatum games pp. 16-18 Downloads
Ola Andersson, Matteo Galizzi, Tim Hoppe, Sebastian Kranz, Karen van der Wiel and Erik Wengström
Creditor protection and banking system development in India pp. 19-21 Downloads
Simon Deakin, Panicos Demetriades and Gregory James
Cash transfer programs and child health in Brazil pp. 22-25 Downloads
Mauricio Reis
On MQS regulation, innovation and market coverage pp. 26-27 Downloads
Emanuele Bacchiega, Luca Lambertini and Andrea Mantovani
Can the Fed predict the state of the economy? pp. 28-32 Downloads
Tara Sinclair, Fred Joutz and Herman Stekler
You CAN Carlson-Parkin pp. 33-35 Downloads
Christian Müller
Cross-sectional averaging and instrumental variable estimation with many weak instruments pp. 36-39 Downloads
George Kapetanios and Massimiliano Marcellino
On cost restrictions in spatial competition models with heterogeneous firms pp. 40-42 Downloads
Marco Alderighi and Claudio Piga
A multilateral telephone bargaining game pp. 43-45 Downloads
Duozhe Li
Do employers change job offers in their online job ads to facilitate search? pp. 46-48 Downloads
Vera Brencic and John B. Norris
Declining prices in sequential auctions with complete revelation of bids pp. 49-51 Downloads
Karthik N. Kannan
Do breakup fees lead to efficient takeover? pp. 52-54 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che, Jinwoo Kim and Tracy Lewis
The forward premium puzzle in the interwar period and deviations from covered interest parity pp. 55-57 Downloads
Ivan Paya, David Peel and Alina Spiru
Signal jamming in a sequential auction pp. 58-61 Downloads
Wei Ding, Thomas Jeitschko and Elmar Wolfstetter
The effects of Japanese interventions on FX-forecast heterogeneity pp. 62-64 Downloads
Stefan Reitz, Georg Stadtmann and Mark Taylor
Improved GMM estimation of the spatial autoregressive error model pp. 65-68 Downloads
Matthias Arnold and Dominik Wied
Improving imputations of top incomes in the public-use current population survey by using both cell-means and variances pp. 69-72 Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, Shuaizhang Feng and Jeff Larrimore
Two geometric representations of confidence intervals for ratios of linear combinations of regression parameters: An application to the NAIRU pp. 73-76 Downloads
Joseph Hirschberg and Jeanette Lye
Pooling data in poverty mapping pp. 77-80 Downloads
Lei Pan
Statistical arbitrage with default and collateral pp. 81-84 Downloads
José Fajardo and Ana Lacerda
Persistence and time-varying coefficients pp. 85-88 Downloads
David G. McMillan and Mark Wohar
The informational structure of migration decision and migrants self-selection pp. 89-92 Downloads
Simone Bertoli
To lead or not to lead: Endogenous sequencing in public goods games pp. 93-95 Downloads
Stefan D. Haigner and Florian Wakolbinger
The Hausman pretest estimator pp. 96-99 Downloads
Viera Chmelarova and Carter Hill
A remark on "Decomposition of bivariate inequality indices by attributes" by Abul Naga and Geoffard, Economics Letters 90 (2006), pp. 362-367 pp. 100-100 Downloads
Marco Giovanni Brambilla and Eugenio Peluso
Stock return predictability despite low autocorrelation pp. 101-103 Downloads
Shima Amini, Robert Hudson and Kevin Keasey
Retraction notice to "The convergence of fictitious play in games with strategic complementarities" [Economics Letters 99 (2008) 304-306] pp. 104-104 Downloads
Sunku Hahn
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