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Volume 99, issue 3, 2008

Eliciting demand information through cheap talk: An argument in favor of a ban on price discrimination pp. 421-424 Downloads
Lars Frisell and Johan Lagerlof
Dispute resolution mechanisms in the Egyptian garment industry pp. 425-430 Downloads
Amirah El-Haddad
Ad valorem taxes and the fiscal gap in federations pp. 431-434 Downloads
Christos Kotsogiannis and Diego Marti­nez
Effects of foreign currency component in monetary aggregates on money neutrality pp. 435-438 Downloads
Jimmy Ran, Jan P. Voon and Guangzhong Li
[rho]-convergence pp. 439-442 Downloads
Bernd Lucke
A note on an interpretation to consumption-based CAPM pp. 443-445 Downloads
Liqun Liu and Zijun Wang
The role of reference prices in experimental auctions pp. 446-448 Downloads
Andreas Drichoutis, Panagiotis Lazaridis and Rodolfo Nayga
Subjective income and employment expectations and preferences for redistribution pp. 449-453 Downloads
Helmut Rainer and Thomas Siedler
Do the reciprocal trust less? pp. 454-457 Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Thomas Dohmen and Matthias Wibral
Jump bidding in ascending auctions: The case of takeover contests pp. 458-460 Downloads
Christian At and Pierre-Henri Morand
The forward premium puzzle in a model of imperfect information pp. 461-464 Downloads
Rui Albuquerque
First evidence of asymmetric cost pass-through of EU emissions allowances: Examining wholesale electricity prices in Germany pp. 465-469 Downloads
Georg Zachmann and Christian Hirschhausen
Nash implementation in pure public good economies pp. 470-473 Downloads
Lin Zhou
Comparing the fit of the gravity model for different cross-border flows pp. 474-477 Downloads
Wei-Kang Wong
Modelling uncertainty: A recursive VAR bootstrapping approach pp. 478-481 Downloads
Amy (Chen) Peng and Ling Yang
The retirement consumption conundrum: Evidence from a consumption survey pp. 482-485 Downloads
Jonathan Fisher, David S. Johnson, Joseph Marchand, Timothy M. Smeeding and Barbara Boyle Torrey
The macroeconomic impact of aid volatility pp. 486-489 Downloads
John Hudson and Paul Mosley
Price elasticities of demand are minus one-half pp. 490-493 Downloads
Kenneth Clements
Trust in cooperation or ability? An experimental study on gender differences pp. 494-497 Downloads
Christiane Schwieren and Matthias Sutter
Do Inada conditions imply that production function must be asymptotically Cobb-Douglas? A comment pp. 498-499 Downloads
Anastasia Litina and Theodore Palivos
A note on tests of partial parameter stability in the cointegrated system pp. 500-503 Downloads
Chih-Chiang Hsu
A note on pitfalls of credit crunch regressions pp. 504-507 Downloads
Ryo Kato
Does stake size matter for cooperation and punishment? pp. 508-511 Downloads
Martin Kocher, Peter Martinsson and Martine Visser
Problems related to over-identifying restrictions for structural vector error correction models pp. 512-515 Downloads
Helmut Lütkepohl
A note on the accuracy of Markov-chain approximations to highly persistent AR(1) processes pp. 516-520 Downloads
Martin Flodén
Social capital and windfalls: Empirical evidence pp. 521-525 Downloads
Yannis Georgellis, John Sessions and Nikolaos Tsitsianis
Investment-specific technological change and labor composition: Evidence from the U.S. manufacturing pp. 526-529 Downloads
Chun-Yu Ho
Real-time rational expectations and indeterminacy pp. 530-533 Downloads
Paul Shea
Unknowable states and choice-based definitions of subjective probabilities pp. 534-536 Downloads
Edi Karni
Macro-panels and reality pp. 537-540 Downloads
Gianluca Cubadda, Alain Hecq and Franz Palm
Lemons hypothesis reconsidered: An empirical analysis pp. 541-544 Downloads
Arif Sultan
Child labor and temporary emigration pp. 545-548 Downloads
Gil Epstein and Nava Kahana
Childhood sexual abuse and the gender wage gap pp. 549-551 Downloads
John Robst
Are all democracies equally good? The role of interactions between political environment and inequality for rule of law pp. 552-556 Downloads
Uwe Sunde, Matteo Cervellati and Piergiuseppe Fortunato
The impact of sales taxation on internet commerce -- An empirical analysis pp. 557-560 Downloads
Shamim Ahmed and Tony Wirjanto
How to divide the possession of a football? pp. 561-565 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che and Terrence Hendershott
Crime and beliefs: Evidence from Latin America pp. 566-569 Downloads
Rafael Di Tella, Javier Donna and Robert MacCulloch
An empirical note on wages in an internal labour market pp. 570-573 Downloads
Christian Pfeifer
Could affirmative action be efficient in higher education? pp. 574-576 Downloads
Kurt W. Rotthoff
Joint ownership and the hold-up problem under asymmetric information pp. 577-580 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
The law of aggregate demand and welfare in the two-sided matching market pp. 581-584 Downloads
Fuhito Kojima
Functional forms for the negative binomial model for count data pp. 585-590 Downloads
William Greene
Hybrid auctions revisited pp. 591-594 Downloads
Dan Levin and Lixin Ye
Valuating payoff streams under unequal discount factors pp. 595-598 Downloads
Hannu Salonen and Hannu Vartiainen
Organizing multiple related tasks into jobs: Diversification vs. competition pp. 599-603 Downloads
Nina Baranchuk
Economic status and the Indigenous/non-Indigenous health gap pp. 604-606 Downloads
Alison Booth and Nick Carroll
Evaluating the information matrix in linearized DSGE models pp. 607-610 Downloads
Nikolay Iskrev
Imperfect commitment and the revelation principle: The multi-agent case with transferable utility pp. 611-614 Downloads
Robert Evans and Sönje Reiche

Volume 99, issue 2, 2008

Cross-national trends in earnings inequality and instability pp. 215-219 Downloads
Mary Daly and Robert Valletta
The Nash product is a utility representation of the Pareto ordering pp. 220-222 Downloads
Walter Trockel
Seemingly unrelated nonparametric models with positive correlation and constrained error variances pp. 223-227 Downloads
Qinfeng Xu, Jinhong You and Bin Zhou
De Facto exchange rate arrangement tightness and bilateral trade flows pp. 228-232 Downloads
Peter Egger
Equilibrium in a dynamic game of capital accumulation with the overtaking criterion pp. 233-237 Downloads
Andrzej Nowak
Interim bribery in auctions pp. 238-241 Downloads
Sevket Alper Koc and William Neilson
Characterization of the support of the mixed strategy price equilibria in oligopolies with heterogeneous consumers pp. 242-245 Downloads
Maxim Sinitsyn
Asymmetric punishments for group deviations in the infinitely repeated Cournot model pp. 246-248 Downloads
Miguel Aramendia
Commitment with renegotiable debt contracts and verifiable cash flow pp. 249-251 Downloads
Murat Usman
GMM with more moment conditions than observations pp. 252-255 Downloads
Panutat Satchachai and Peter Schmidt
Calibration of normalised CES production functions in dynamic models pp. 256-259 Downloads
Rainer Klump and Marianne Saam
Monetary tightening cycles and the predictability of economic activity pp. 260-264 Downloads
Tobias Adrian and Arturo Estrella
Equity, envy and efficiency under asymmetric information pp. 265-267 Downloads
Geoffroy de Clippel
How risky should an R&D program be? pp. 268-271 Downloads
Asher Tishler
Lower borrowing costs with inflation-indexed bonds: A trading rule based assessment pp. 272-274 Downloads
Andreas Reschreiter
Supply constraints and housing prices pp. 275-277 Downloads
Saku Aura and Thomas Davidoff
A dynamic auction for differentiated items under price rigidities pp. 278-281 Downloads
Dolf Talman and Zaifu Yang
Employment discrimination in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement pp. 282-285 Downloads
D.H. Blackaby, P.D. Murphy and N.C. O'Leary
Industrial fatigue Redux pp. 286-289 Downloads
Diego Nocetti
Baumol-Tobin and the welfare costs of national security border delays pp. 290-292 Downloads
Hui Huang and John Whalley
Interior optima and the Inada conditions pp. 293-297 Downloads
C.D. Aliprantis, Gabriele Camera and F. Ruscitti
Nash implementability of the plurality rule over restricted domains pp. 298-300 Downloads
Remzi Sanver
Intertemporal price competition with exogenous demand shocks pp. 301-303 Downloads
Kasper Leufkens and Ronald Peeters
The convergence of fictitious play in games with strategic complementarities pp. 304-306 Downloads
Sunku Hahn
Teacher quality and earnings pp. 307-309 Downloads
William Sander
On the counter-cyclicality of prices and markups in a Cournot model of entry pp. 310-313 Downloads
Plehn-Dujowich, Jose M.
Testing seasonal mean-reversion in the real exchange rates: An application of nonlinear IV estimator pp. 314-316 Downloads
Tsung-wu Ho
A climate agreement with full participation pp. 317-319 Downloads
Camilla Bretteville Froyn and Jon Hovi
Employment targeting pp. 320-323 Downloads
Jean-Pascal Bénassy
The overall effect of volatility on investment pp. 324-327 Downloads
Pai-Ta Shih and Weifeng Hung
Productivity spillovers through vertical linkages: Evidence from 17 OECD countries pp. 328-331 Downloads
Jürgen Bitzer, Ingo Geishecker and Holger Görg
Math skills and risk attitudes pp. 332-336 Downloads
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Pablo Guillen and Rafael López del Paso
A note on the utility function under prospect theory pp. 337-339 Downloads
Ali al-Nowaihi, Ian Bradley and Sanjit Dhami
Modeling pairwise convergence: A Bayesian approach with an application to Greek inflation pp. 340-344 Downloads
Veni Arakelian and Demetrios Moschos
Maximal loss from collusion in IPV symmetric auctions pp. 345-348 Downloads
Gregory Pavlov
International capital mobility: Evidence from panel cointegration tests pp. 349-352 Downloads
Olumuyiwa Adedeji and John Thornton
The taste for leisure, career choice, and the returns to education pp. 353-356 Downloads
Keith Chen and Judith Chevalier
On the full dimensionality assumption for the discounted Folk Theorem pp. 357-359 Downloads
Guilherme Carmona
Revenue maximizing auctions with market interaction and signaling pp. 360-363 Downloads
Jozsef Molnar and Gábor Virág
Efficiency properties of non-linear pricing schedules without the single-crossing condition pp. 364-366 Downloads
Tommy Andersson
Indescribability and asymmetric information at the contracting stage pp. 367-370 Downloads
Takashi Kunimoto
Investigating the intertemporal risk-return relation in international stock markets with the component GARCH model pp. 371-374 Downloads
Hui Guo and Christopher Neely
Specification testing under moment inequalities pp. 375-378 Downloads
Patrik Guggenberger, Jinyong Hahn and Kyoo il Kim
Forecasting the ECB's main refinancing rate. A field experiment pp. 379-383 Downloads
Michael Berlemann
Sustainable collusion on separate markets pp. 384-386 Downloads
Paul Belleflamme and Francis Bloch
Parametric variability in cross-country growth regressions: An application of quantile-regression methodology pp. 387-389 Downloads
Rati Ram
Long memory with Markov-Switching GARCH pp. 390-392 Downloads
Walter Krämer
Asymptotic bias of GMM and GEL under possible nonstationary spatial dependence pp. 393-397 Downloads
Emma Iglesias and Garry Phillips
Age-specific job flows and worker flows using a national dataset pp. 398-401 Downloads
Meng-Wen Tsou and Jin-Tan Liu
Money on the table: Some evidence on the role of liquidity constraints in 401(k) saving pp. 402-404 Downloads
Gary V. Engelhardt and Anil Kumar
Intergenerational talent transmission, inequality, and social mobility pp. 405-409 Downloads
Stefan Napel and Andrea Schneider
Who chooses to inflation target? pp. 410-413 Downloads
Carlos Goncalves and Alexandre Carvalho
Untangling supply and demand in occupational choice pp. 414-417 Downloads
Sarah Brown, Tim Fry and Mark Harris
The perverse response of interest rates pp. 418-420 Downloads
Virginie Boinet and Christopher Martin

Volume 99, issue 1, 2008

Risk aversion, mandatory disclosure and the concealment of information pp. 2-9 Downloads
Hui Huang
Equilibrium, convergence, and capital mobility in neoclassical models of growth pp. 10-13 Downloads
Javier Birchenall
Comparisons of poverty across periods: Significance of distributional effects of prices pp. 14-17 Downloads
Panayiota Lyssiotou
Monetary policy and monetary asset substitution pp. 18-22 Downloads
Barry Jones, Adrian R. Fleissig, Thomas Elger and Donald Dutkowsky
Job satisfaction and the gender composition of jobs pp. 23-26 Downloads
Emiko Usui
Does political proximity to the U.S. cause terror? pp. 27-29 Downloads
Axel Dreher and Martin Gassebner
A robust modification of the Jarque-Bera test of normality pp. 30-32 Downloads
Yulia R. Gel and Joseph L. Gastwirth
Expectations and chaotic dynamics: Empirical evidence on exchange rates pp. 33-35 Downloads
Marcelo Resende and Rodrigo Zeidan
Majority rule or delegation? A normal noise case pp. 36-39 Downloads
Minoru Kitahara and Yohei Sekiguchi
The black market exchange rate vs. the official rate in testing PPP: Which rate fosters the adjustment process? pp. 40-43 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Altin Tankui
Can rejections of weak separability be attributed to random measurement errors in the data? pp. 44-47 Downloads
Thomas Elger and Barry Jones
Forecasting with the yield curve; level, slope, and output 1875-1997 pp. 48-50 Downloads
Michael Bordo and Joseph Haubrich
Maximum likelihood estimation of singular systems of equations pp. 51-54 Downloads
Hung-pin Lai
Layoffs and lemons over the business cycle pp. 55-58 Downloads
Emi Nakamura
Is it protestant tradition or current protestant population that affects corruption? pp. 59-62 Downloads
Omer Gokcekus
The fixed effects negative binomial model revisited pp. 63-66 Downloads
Paulo Guimaraes
Age dynamics and economic growth: Revisiting the nexus in a nonparametric setting pp. 67-71 Downloads
Théophile Azomahou and Tapas Mishra
Income, working hours, and happiness pp. 72-74 Downloads
Babette Pouwels, Jacques Siegers and Jan Dirk Vlasblom
External market condition and tournaments: Theory and evidence pp. 75-78 Downloads
Ming-Jen (明仁) Lin (林)
The power of asking in volunteering: Evidence from a matched sample pp. 79-84 Downloads
Barış Yörük
Explaining the single factor bias of arbitrage pricing models in finite samples pp. 85-88 Downloads
Matthew Harding
Improved HAC covariance matrix estimation based on forecast errors pp. 89-92 Downloads
Chung-Ming Kuan and Yu-Wei Hsieh
Barriers to exit pp. 93-97 Downloads
Alberto Chong and Gianmarco León
Ethnic and religious diversity and corruption pp. 98-102 Downloads
Oguzhan Dincer
Cointegration, variance shifts and the limiting distribution of the OLS estimator pp. 103-106 Downloads
Nikolaos Kourogenis and Nikitas Pittis
Semiparametric estimation of a nonstationary panel data transformation model under symmetry pp. 107-110 Downloads
Yahong Zhou
A study on the relationship between economic inequality and mobility pp. 111-114 Downloads
Juan Prieto Rodri­guez, Juan Gabriel Rodri­guez and Rafael Salas
Unemployment insurance, unemployment durations and re-employment wages pp. 115-118 Downloads
Brian McCall and Wei Chi
Incomplete contracts, the hold-up problem, and asymmetric information pp. 119-122 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
Can immigrant employment alleviate the demographic burden? The role of union centralization pp. 123-126 Downloads
Alexander Kemnitz
Malthus revisited: Fertility decision making based on quasi-linear preferences pp. 127-130 Downloads
Jacob Weisdorf
Short-selling and the WTA-WTP gap pp. 131-133 Downloads
Shosh Shahrabani, Tal Shavit and Uri Benzion
Systematic small sample bias in two regime SETAR model estimation pp. 134-138 Downloads
Stephen Norman
Outward FDI and domestic investment in two industrialized countries pp. 139-143 Downloads
Dierk Herzer and Mechthild Schrooten
Analysis of employment protection laws and unemployment benefits pp. 144-146 Downloads
Yoon-Kyung Chung and Jinook Jeong
On decentralization and life satisfaction pp. 147-151 Downloads
Christian Bjørnskov, Axel Drehe and Justina A. V. Fischer
Power comparison among tests for fractional unit roots pp. 152-154 Downloads
Ignacio Lobato and Carlos Velasco
The comovement in inventories and in sales: Higher and higher pp. 155-158 Downloads
Ana María Herrera, Irina Murtazashvili and Elena Pesavento
Retail sweep programs and monetary asset substitution pp. 159-163 Downloads
Barry Jones, Adrian R. Fleissig, Thomas Elger and Donald Dutkowsky
A gravity model of immigration pp. 164-167 Downloads
Joshua Lewer and Hendrik Van den Berg
Price deflators and the estimation of the production function pp. 168-171 Downloads
Carmine Ornaghi
New exact ML estimation and inference for a Gaussian MA(1) process pp. 172-176 Downloads
Dimitrios Vougas
Welfare effects of life annuities: Some clarifications pp. 177-180 Downloads
Hans Fehr and Christian Habermann
Are levels effects important in out-of-sample performance of short rate models? pp. 181-184 Downloads
Sandy Suardi
Testing for stochastic explosive root bubbles in Asian emerging stock markets pp. 185-188 Downloads
Hing Lin Chan and Kai-Yin Woo
Asset sales and debt-equity swap under asymmetric information pp. 189-191 Downloads
Sanjay Banerji
Testing heterogeneity within the euro area pp. 192-196 Downloads
Eric Jondeau and Jean-Guillaume Sahuc
Gender differences in deception pp. 197-199 Downloads
Anna Dreber and Magnus Johannesson
The quality of industrial relations and unemployment around the world pp. 200-203 Downloads
Horst Feldmann
An empirical examination of the inventory-theoretic model of precautionary money demand pp. 204-205 Downloads
Jan Tin
Costly price discrimination pp. 206-208 Downloads
Peter Leeson and Russell Sobel
The benefit of efficiency improvement on growth and convergence: A study using Japan panel data pp. 209-211 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura and Inyong Shin
Erratum to "Sunspot fluctuations under zero nominal interest rates" [Economics Letters 97 (2007) 39-45] pp. 212-212 Downloads
Yasuo Hirose
Erratum to "A simple rule for assessing tariff and tax incidence" [Economics Letters 93 (2006) 116-120] pp. 213-213 Downloads
Stephen Tokarick
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