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Volume 116, issue 3, 2012

A back-door brain drain pp. 273-276 Downloads
Oded Stark and Łukasz Byra
Markups and the number of firms in a simple model of imperfect competition pp. 277-280 Downloads
Cheng-wei Chang and Ching-chong Lai
Credit constraints and the process of development pp. 281-283 Downloads
Keigo Nishida
Asymmetric information and the demand for private health insurance in Korea pp. 284-287 Downloads
Yong-Woo Lee
Young immigrant children and their educational attainment pp. 288-290 Downloads
Asako Ohinata and Jan C. van Ours
Is the choice of (t−T) in Battese and Coelli (1992) type stochastic frontier models innocuous? Observations and generalisations pp. 291-294 Downloads
Phill Wheat and Andrew Smith
Commitment through risk pp. 295-297 Downloads
Dmytro Kylymnyuk and Alexander Wagner
Revenue decentralization and inflation: A re-evaluation pp. 298-300 Downloads
Thushyanthan Baskaran
Price discrimination in asymmetric Cournot oligopoly pp. 301-303 Downloads
Barna Bakó and Kálecz-Simon, András
New weighting scheme for the dimensions in multidimensional poverty indices pp. 304-307 Downloads
Besma Belhadj
Factors related to the depth of the latest crisis for EU-27 countries: The key role of relative inequality/poverty pp. 308-311 Downloads
Demosthenes Georgopoulos, Theodore Papadogonas and George Sfakianakis
A model for assessing the contribution of innovative SMEs to economic growth: The intangible approach pp. 312-315 Downloads
Miguel González-Loureiro and Pita-Castelo, Jose
Usage of an estimated coefficient as a dependent variable pp. 316-318 Downloads
Abigail Hornstein and William Greene
Simultaneity bias in the analysis of perceived job insecurity and subjective well-being pp. 319-321 Downloads
Ingo Geishecker
Density prediction of stock index returns using GARCH models: Frequentist or Bayesian estimation? pp. 322-325 Downloads
Lennart F. Hoogerheide, David Ardia and Nienke Corré
Forecasting stock prices: Do forecasters herd? pp. 326-329 Downloads
Christian Pierdzioch and Jan-Christoph Rülke
A characterization of the plurality rule pp. 330-332 Downloads
Yohei Sekiguchi
More on the Fox paradox pp. 333-334 Downloads
Giannis Karagiannis
Consumer bounded rationality and rigidity/flexibility retail price patterns pp. 335-338 Downloads
Ran Spiegler
Testing post-cartel pricing during litigation pp. 339-342 Downloads
Can Erutku
On strong independence of allocative efficiency from distribution in the theory of public goods pp. 343-345 Downloads
Norman L. Kleinberg, Barry K. Ma and Jeffrey H. Weiss
Decomposition of non-linear models using simulated residuals pp. 346-348 Downloads
François-Charles Wolff
Market access and wages: A spatially heterogeneous approach pp. 349-353 Downloads
Dusan Paredes and Victor Iturra
A test for complementarities among multiple technologies that avoids the curse of dimensionality pp. 354-357 Downloads
Li Yu, Terrance Hurley, James Kliebenstein and Peter Orazem
Missing daughters, missing brides? pp. 358-360 Downloads
d’Albis, Hippolyte and David de la Croix
Perfect classifiers in partial observability bivariate probit pp. 361-362 Downloads
Dale J. Poirier
Shirking and “choking” under incentive-based pressure: A behavioral economic theory of performance production pp. 363-366 Downloads
Shane Sanders and Bhavneet Walia
On the distribution of public funding to political parties pp. 367-370 Downloads
Orestis Troumpounis
The simple econometrics of tail dependence pp. 371-373 Downloads
Maarten van Oordt and Chen Zhou
A novel approach to identifying hedonic demand parameters pp. 374-376 Downloads
Nicolai Kuminoff and Jaren Pope
Measurement of excess bidding in auctions pp. 377-380 Downloads
Angeliki Ferona and Mike Tsionas
Fractional integration and the volatility of UK interest rates pp. 381-384 Downloads
Simeon Coleman and Kavita Sirichand
Price inflation and stock returns pp. 385-388 Downloads
Jeffrey Oxman
More inequality, more crime? A panel cointegration analysis for the United States pp. 389-391 Downloads
Pandej Chintrakarn and Dierk Herzer
Human capital Kuznets curve with subsistence consumption level pp. 392-395 Downloads
Miki Matsuo and Yasunobu Tomoda
On the correlations of trend–cycle errors pp. 396-400 Downloads
Tatsuma Wada
Long-range dependence in the international diamond market pp. 401-403 Downloads
Terence Tai Leung Chong, Chenxi Lu and Wing Chan
Do investors’ sentiment dynamics affect stock returns? Evidence from the US economy pp. 404-407 Downloads
Theologos Dergiades
Labor-force participation rates and the informational value of unemployment rates: Evidence from disaggregated US data pp. 408-410 Downloads
Magnus Gustavsson and Pär Österholm
A root-N consistent estimator for some fixed-effects panel data sample selection models pp. 411-413 Downloads
Chunrong Ai and Meixia Meng
Measuring regional inequality by internet car price advertisements: Evidence for Germany pp. 414-417 Downloads
Konstantin Kholodilin and Boriss Siliverstovs
Another direct proof for the Gibbard–Satterthwaite Theorem pp. 418-421 Downloads
Uuganbaatar Ninjbat
Inflation-regime dependent effects of monetary policy shocks. Evidence from threshold vector autoregressions pp. 422-425 Downloads
Martin Mandler
A comparative analysis of the informational efficiency of the fixed income market in seven European countries pp. 426-428 Downloads
Aurelio Fernandez Bariviera, M. Belén Guercio and Lisana B. Martinez
Fairness, spite, and intentions: Testing different motives behind punishment in a prisoners’ dilemma game pp. 429-431 Downloads
Charlotte Klempt
Auditor expertise: Evidence from the public sector pp. 432-435 Downloads
Mark Schelker
Can producer currency pricing models generate volatile real exchange rates? pp. 436-439 Downloads
Laura Povoledo
Do middle classes bring about institutional reforms? pp. 440-444 Downloads
Norman Loayza, Jamele Rigolini and Gonzalo Llorente
How does the European Central Bank react to oil prices? pp. 445-447 Downloads
L’œillet, Guillaume and Julien Licheron
Does exchange rate control improve inflation targeting in emerging economies? pp. 448-450 Downloads
Marc Pourroy
School choice and perceived school quality pp. 451-453 Downloads
David Brasington and Diane Hite
Impulse responses of antipersistent processes pp. 454-456 Downloads
Uwe Hassler
A measure of technological distance pp. 457-459 Downloads
Talia Bar and Aija Leiponen
Durable goods and sticky prices: Industry-level evidence pp. 460-464 Downloads
Carl Gwin and David VanHoose
Investigating finite sample properties of estimators for approximate factor models when N is small pp. 465-468 Downloads
Shinya Tanaka and Eiji Kurozumi
Patent protection with a cooperative R&D option pp. 469-471 Downloads
XiaoGang Che and Yibai Yang
On the consistency of the LIML estimator of a spatial autoregressive model with many instruments pp. 472-475 Downloads
Xiaodong Liu
Another look at the uncovered interest rate parity: Have we missed the fundamentals? pp. 476-479 Downloads
Emmanuel V. Pikoulakis and Tomasz Wisniewski
How does government ownership affect firm performance? A simple model of privatization in transition economies pp. 480-482 Downloads
Linqiang Huang and Sheng Xiao
Size improvement of the KPSS test using sieve bootstraps pp. 483-486 Downloads
Jin Lee and Young Im Lee
Firm level export decisions: The role of information cost pp. 487-490 Downloads
Xuan Wei and Suzanne Thornsbury
A simple microfoundation for the utilization of fragmentation indexes to measure the performance of a team pp. 491-493 Downloads
Benoît Le Maux and Yvon Rocaboy
A note on Bayesian interpretations of HCCME-type refinements for nonlinear GMM models pp. 494-497 Downloads
Eric Lin and Ta-Sheng Chou
On the evolution of prize perceptions in contests pp. 498-501 Downloads
James Boudreau and Nicholas Shunda
Further results on the Bertrand game with different marginal costs pp. 502-503 Downloads
Romain de Nijs
On the inappropriateness of collective rent seeking analysis when agents exert within-group and between-group efforts pp. 504-507 Downloads
Kjell Hausken
Brand name and private label price setting by a monopoly store pp. 508-511 Downloads
Jeffrey Perloff, Jeffrey LaFrance and Hayley Chouinard
Disagreement, correlation and asset prices pp. 512-515 Downloads
Xuezhong He and Lei Shi
A necessary and sufficient single-profile condition for transitivity of the majority rule relation pp. 516-518 Downloads
Dimitrios Xefteris
Application of the simultaneous least squares-probit Nelson–Olson covariance estimator for stratified surveys pp. 519-522 Downloads
Dayton Lambert, Seong-Hoon Cho and S. Jung
Multi-tasking and inequity aversion in the linear–exponential–normal moral hazard model pp. 523-525 Downloads
Björn Bartling
Housing deep-habit model: Mutual implications of macroeconomics and asset pricing pp. 526-530 Downloads
MeiChi Huang
Estimating the number of common factors in serially dependent approximate factor models pp. 531-534 Downloads
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, Chirok Han and Donggyu Sul
A note on estimation of two-sided matching models pp. 535-537 Downloads
Kosuke Uetake and Yasutora Watanabe
Conditions for the numerical equality of the OLS, GLS and Amemiya–Cragg estimators pp. 538-540 Downloads
Cuicui Lu and Peter Schmidt
Granger causality between total expenditure on health and GDP in OECD: Evidence from the Toda–Yamamoto approach pp. 541-544 Downloads
Arshia Amiri and Bruno Ventelou
On the interpretation of panel unit root tests pp. 545-546 Downloads
M Pesaran
Money and output: New evidence based on wavelet coherence pp. 547-550 Downloads
Petre Caraiani
Asymmetric marginal costs in search models pp. 551-553 Downloads
Sandro Shelegia
The trade-enhancing effect of immigration networks: New evidence on the role of geographic proximity pp. 554-557 Downloads
Artal-Tur, Andrés, Pallardó-López, Vicente J. and Requena-Silvente, Francisco
The size of the tradable and non-tradable sectors: Evidence from input–output tables for 25 countries pp. 558-561 Downloads
Giovanni Lombardo and Federico Ravenna
What determines the intra-industrial technology spillovers of foreign direct investment? pp. 562-564 Downloads
Tao Xu and Zengyao Zhao
Convergence clubs in incomes across Indian states: Is there evidence of a neighbours’ effect? pp. 565-570 Downloads
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Monetary policy and inflationary shocks under imperfect credibility pp. 571-574 Downloads
Matthieu Darracq Paries and Stéphane Moyen
Education, borrowing constraints and growth pp. 575-578 Downloads
Koji Kitaura
Sources of advantageous selection: Evidence using actual health expenditure risk pp. 579-582 Downloads
Meliyanni Johar and Elizabeth Savage
Financial reforms and income inequality pp. 583-587 Downloads
Luca Agnello, Sushanta Mallick and Ricardo Sousa
Participation in deterministic contests pp. 588-592 Downloads
Ron Siegel
Efficient organization of production: Nested versus horizontal outsourcing pp. 593-596 Downloads
Oz Shy and Rune Stenbacka
Structural change with dynamics of capital income share pp. 597-600 Downloads
Yue Liu
Evaluating Japanese corporate executives’ forecasts under an asymmetric loss function pp. 601-603 Downloads
Yoichi Tsuchiya
Economic determinants of technological progress in G7 countries: A re-examination pp. 604-608 Downloads
Bulent Guloglu, R. Baris Tekin and Ercan Saridoğan
Can donor coordination solve the aid proliferation problem? pp. 609-612 Downloads
Aminur Rahman and Yasuyuki Sawada
Bank failure risk: Different now? pp. 613-616 Downloads
Sherrill Shaffer
Money talks pp. 617-621 Downloads
Marie Hoerova, Cyril Monnet and Ted Temzelides
The effects of type of non-parental child care on pre-teen skills and risky behavior pp. 622-625 Downloads
Nabanita Datta Gupta and Marianne Simonsen
Overconfidence, public disclosure and long-lived information pp. 626-630 Downloads
Deqing Zhou
Fully aggregative games pp. 631-633 Downloads
Richard Cornes and Roger Hartley
Testing the single-factor model in the presence of persistent regressors pp. 634-636 Downloads
Masako Miyanishi
A GEL-based AIC for model selection pp. 637-639 Downloads
Qiang Feng

Volume 116, issue 2, 2012

A note on the relation between local power and robustness to misspecification pp. 133-135 Downloads
Patrik Guggenberger
Efficient unemployment insurance and the cost of borrowing pp. 136-138 Downloads
Andreas Pollak
Early selection and moral hazard pp. 139-142 Downloads
Kangoh Lee
Risk versus social preferences under the veil of ignorance pp. 143-146 Downloads
Nicola Frignani and Giovanni Ponti
Earnings of rejected applicants to the Social Security Disability Insurance program pp. 147-150 Downloads
Perry Singleton
Every shroud has a silver lining: The visible benefits of hidden surcharges pp. 151-153 Downloads
David de Meza and Diane Reyniers
A simple sieve bootstrap range test for poolability in dependent cointegrated panels pp. 154-156 Downloads
Francesca Di Iorio and Stefano Fachin
One theory for two different risk premia pp. 157-160 Downloads
Emmanuelle Gabillon
Tax policy and state economic growth: The long-run and short-run of it pp. 161-165 Downloads
Andrew Ojede and Steven Yamarik
Income and democracy: Evidence from system GMM estimates pp. 166-169 Downloads
Benedikt Heid, Julian Langer and Mario Larch
An infinite-horizon model of nonmonotone utility smoothing pp. 170-173 Downloads
Katsutoshi Wakai
Price versus quantity in a mixed duopoly pp. 174-177 Downloads
Toshihiro Matsumura and Akira Ogawa
Networks and the disappearance of the intranational home bias pp. 178-182 Downloads
Aitor Garmendia, Carlos Llano, Asier Minondo and Francisco Requena Silvente
Free licensing to boost aggregate odds for success pp. 183-185 Downloads
Gilad Sorek
Savings behavior with imperfect capital markets: When hyperbolic discounting leads to discontinuous strategies pp. 186-189 Downloads
Bertrand Wigniolle
Historical financial analogies of the current crisis pp. 190-192 Downloads
Andrada-Félix, Julián, Fernández-Rodríguez, Fernando and Simon Sosvilla-Rivero
Why fiat money is a safe asset pp. 193-198 Downloads
Dirk Paulsen
Network effects on international trade pp. 199-201 Downloads
Jaehwa Lee
Channels of size adjustment and firm performance pp. 202-206 Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Stefan Niemann and Edna Solomon
Did the US consumer overreact? A test of rational expectations pp. 207-209 Downloads
L’Huillier, Jean-Paul
How much should we trust the World Values Survey trust question? pp. 210-212 Downloads
Noel Johnson and Alexandra Mislin
A test of the extreme value type I assumption in the bus engine replacement model pp. 213-216 Downloads
Brad Larsen, Florian Oswald, Gregor Reich and Dan Wunderli
Are newly exporting firms more innovative? Findings from matched Spanish innovators pp. 217-220 Downloads
Aoife Hanley and Joaquín Monreal Pérez
The language effect in international trade: A meta-analysis pp. 221-224 Downloads
Peter Egger and Andrea Lassmann
Death of distance and the distance puzzle pp. 225-228 Downloads
Faqin Lin and Nicholas Sim
Impossibilities with Kemeny updating pp. 229-231 Downloads
Burak Can and Ton Storcken
Heteroskedasticity-robust inference in finite samples pp. 232-235 Downloads
Jerry Hausman and Christopher Palmer
Fixed effects maximum likelihood estimation of a flexibly parametric proportional hazard model with an application to job exits pp. 236-239 Downloads
Audrey Light and Yoshiaki Omori
The impact of financial stress on sectoral productivity pp. 240-243 Downloads
Georgios Efthyvoulou
Convergence of firm-level productivity, globalisation and information technology: Evidence from France pp. 244-246 Downloads
Paul-Antoine Chevalier, Remy Lecat and Nicholas Oulton
The payoff to school selectivity: An application of Dale and Krueger’s method to MBA programs pp. 247-249 Downloads
Weiwei Chen, Wayne Grove and Andrew Hussey
Testing the functional constraints on parameters in regressions with variables of different frequency pp. 250-254 Downloads
Virmantas Kvedaras and Vaidotas Zemlys
Curbing corruption for higher growth: The importance of persistence pp. 255-257 Downloads
Mushfiq Swaleheen
Refitting the Kuznets curve pp. 258-261 Downloads
Rodolphe Desbordes and Vincenzo Verardi
Tariff evasion effects in quantitative general equilibrium pp. 262-264 Downloads
Peter Egger and Mario Larch
Are the Fama–French factors good proxies for latent risk factors? Evidence from the data of SHSE in China pp. 265-268 Downloads
Jianhao Lin, Meijin Wang and Lingfeng Cai
Determining optimal monetary speed limits pp. 269-271 Downloads
Andrew Blake

Volume 116, issue 1, 2012

Can industry regulators learn collusion structures from information-efficient asset markets? pp. 1-4 Downloads
Alexander Zimper and Shakill Hassan
Are heterogeneous FOMC forecasts consistent with the Fed’s monetary policy? pp. 5-7 Downloads
Ralf Fendel and Jan-Christoph Rülke
On the potential for observational equivalence in experiments on risky choice when a power value function is assumed pp. 8-10 Downloads
David Peel and Jie Zhang
Voracity, growth, and welfare pp. 11-14 Downloads
Kenji Fujiwara
Does labor diversity promote entrepreneurship? pp. 15-19 Downloads
Marianna Marino, Pierpaolo Parrotta and Dario Pozzoli
The effect of short-term information on long-term investment: An experimental study pp. 20-22 Downloads
Uri Benzion, Lena Krupalnik, Ahron Rosenfeld, Shosh Shahrabani and Tal Shavit
Identifying monotonic and non-monotonic relationships pp. 23-25 Downloads
Shlomo Yitzhaki and Edna Schechtman
Exchange rate regime preferences of the international sector. Firm-level evidence pp. 26-30 Downloads
Fernández-Albertos, José
Beliefs about the determinants of success and employment protection pp. 31-33 Downloads
Andreas Kyriacou
Stochastic processes and target zones revisited pp. 34-36 Downloads
Hamid Beladi and Avik Chakrabarti
The gender earnings gap for physicians and its increase over time pp. 37-41 Downloads
Esteves-Sorenson, Constança and Jason Snyder
On the implementability of contracts without quasilinear utility pp. 42-45 Downloads
Xavier Ruiz del Portal
A note on the extension of a binary relation on a set to the power set pp. 46-48 Downloads
Sususmu Cato
A variance decomposition of index-linked bond returns pp. 49-51 Downloads
Francis Breedon
Asset bubbles, credit market imperfections, and technology choice pp. 52-55 Downloads
Tarishi Matsuoka and Akihisa Shibata
R&D and employment: An application of the LSDVC estimator using European microdata pp. 56-59 Downloads
Francesco Bogliacino, Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
Advertising as a predictor of investment pp. 60-66 Downloads
Kari S. Fridriksson and Gylfi Zoega
Is currency hedging necessary for emerging-market equity investment? pp. 67-71 Downloads
Daehwan Kim
Stock index return forecasting: The information of the constituents pp. 72-74 Downloads
Charlie X. Cai, Khine Kyaw and Qi Zhang
The absence of deprivation as a measure of social well-being: An empirical investigation pp. 75-79 Downloads
Brice Magdalou and Patrick Moyes
Does stronger protection of intellectual property stimulate innovation? pp. 80-82 Downloads
Kausik Gangopadhyay and Debasis Mondal
Impacts of intangible assets on the initial public offering of biotechnology startups pp. 83-85 Downloads
Nobuya Fukugawa
Public banks and financial stability pp. 86-88 Downloads
Svetlana Andrianova
Can prices be insensitive to unit cost variations? A game-theoretic alternative to the kinked demand curve explanation pp. 89-91 Downloads
Giorgos Stamatopoulos and Minas Vlassis
Taylor rules and technology shocks pp. 92-95 Downloads
Eric Sims
Spatial electoral competition with a probabilistically favored candidate pp. 96-98 Downloads
Dimitrios Xefteris
An empirical investigation of efficiency and price uniformity in competing auctions pp. 99-101 Downloads
T. Andersson, C. Andersson and F. Andersson
The evolution of preferences for conflict pp. 102-104 Downloads
Karl Wärneryd
Double implementation in Nash and M-Nash equilibria pp. 105-107 Downloads
Jianxin Yi
What do drug monopolies cost consumers in developing countries? pp. 108-111 Downloads
Rebecca Hellerstein
Bertrand competition with intermediation pp. 112-114 Downloads
Xiaoying Liang, Lei Xie and Houmin Yan
On the measurement of a multidimensional concept of structural similarity pp. 115-117 Downloads
Nuno Crespo and Nadia Simoes
Dominance and admissibility without priors pp. 118-120 Downloads
Jörg Stoye
Insurance in vertically differentiated repair markets pp. 121-123 Downloads
Oliver Urmann
A note on empirical Sharpe ratio dynamics pp. 124-128 Downloads
Martin Schuster and Benjamin R. Auer
Discrete choice cannot generate demand that is additively separable in own price pp. 129-132 Downloads
Sonia Jaffe and Scott Kominers
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