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Volume 97, issue 3, 2007

A panel bootstrap cointegration test pp. 185-190 Downloads
Joakim Westerlund and David Edgerton
Multiple equilibria in a simple asset pricing model pp. 191-196 Downloads
Todd Walker and Charles Whiteman
Social choice rules implemented in dominant strategies pp. 197-200 Downloads
Haixiang Yao and Jianxin Yi
Information theoretic solutions for correlated bivariate processes pp. 201-207 Downloads
Wendy K. Tam Cho and George Judge
Exclusive versus non-exclusive licensing strategies and moral hazard pp. 208-214 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
Possession and discounting behavior pp. 215-221 Downloads
Robert Slonim, James Carlson and Eric Bettinger
GLS detrending and unit root testing pp. 222-229 Downloads
Dimitrios Vougas
Relative backwardness, absorptive capacity and knowledge spillovers pp. 230-234 Downloads
Rodney Falvey, Neil Foster-McGregor and Sir David Greenaway
Chinese stock market cyclical regimes: 1991-2006 pp. 235-239 Downloads
Wu Yan, John G. Powell, Jing Shi and Wei Xu
Decomposing interregional differentials in productivities: An empirical analysis for Japanese data pp. 240-246 Downloads
Mototsugu Fukushige and Noriko Ishikawa
Real exchange rates and real interest differentials for sectoral data: A dynamic SUR approach pp. 247-252 Downloads
Jaebeom Kim
The kernel-location approach: A new non-parametric approach to the analysis of downward nominal wage rigidity in micro data pp. 253-259 Downloads
Christoph Knoppik
Optimal simple rules in RE models with risk sensitive preferences pp. 260-266 Downloads
Mingjun Zhao

Volume 97, issue 2, 2007

Equilibrium existence and uniqueness in impure public good models pp. 91-96 Downloads
Matthew Kotchen
Estimating deterministically time-varying variances in regression models pp. 97-104 Downloads
George Kapetanios
Asymmetric government transaction policies and currencies substitutability pp. 105-110 Downloads
Alessandro Marchesiani and Pietro Senesi
Modified seasonal unit root test with seasonal level shifts at unknown time pp. 111-117 Downloads
Stephan Popp
The Jack-of-All-Trades entrepreneur: Innate talent or acquired skill? pp. 118-123 Downloads
Olmo Silva
Monotonicity, implementation and generalized strategy-proofness pp. 124-127 Downloads
Jianxin Yi
Are teams prone to myopic loss aversion? An experimental study on individual versus team investment behavior pp. 128-132 Downloads
Matthias Sutter
Testing for causality in variance under nonstationarity in variance pp. 133-137 Downloads
Paulo Rodrigues and Antonio Rubia
Reputation, incomplete information, and differences in patience in repeated games with multiple equilibria pp. 138-144 Downloads
Kjell Hausken
Determinants of contract length in franchise contracts pp. 145-150 Downloads
Luis Vazquez
Superdictatorial domains for monotonic social choice functions pp. 151-154 Downloads
Levent Kutlu
The pluralistic view of politics: Asymmetric lobbyists, ideological uncertainty and political entry pp. 155-161 Downloads
David Martimort and Aggey Semenov
The participant's curse and the perception of unequal treatment pp. 162-169 Downloads
Kevin Roberts
International reserves and monetary policy pp. 170-178 Downloads
Avner Bar-ilan and Dan Lederman
Testing for seasonal unit roots in heterogeneous panels in the presence of cross section dependence pp. 179-184 Downloads
Jesus Otero, Jeremy Smith and Monica Giulietti

Volume 97, issue 1, 2007

An analysis of reservation wages for the economically inactive pp. 1-5 Downloads
D.H. Blackaby, Paul Latreille, P.D. Murphy, N.C. O'Leary and Peter Sloane
Financial development and the opacity of banks pp. 6-10 Downloads
Wolf Wagner
Are smoke detectors as effective as the public health literature reports? pp. 11-16 Downloads
Christopher Garbacz and Herbert G. Thompson
Structural change and estimated persistence in the GARCH(1,1)-model pp. 17-23 Downloads
Walter Krämer and Baudouin Tameze Azamo
When do firing taxes matter? pp. 24-31 Downloads
Giulio Fella
Some analytics on bias in DSVARs pp. 32-38 Downloads
Martial Dupaigne, Patrick Fève and Julien Matheron
Sunspot fluctuations ulnder zero nominal interest rates pp. 39-45 Downloads
Yasuo Hirose
A note on bootstrapped White's test for heteroskedasticity in regression models pp. 46-51 Downloads
Masakazu Ando and Jiro Hodoshima
Poverty, relative to the ability to eradicate it: An index of poverty reduction failure pp. 52-57 Downloads
Ravi Kanbur and Diganta Mukherjee
Flights towards defection in economic transactions pp. 58-63 Downloads
Matjaz Perc
Synergies are a reason to prefer first-price auctions! pp. 64-69 Downloads
Kasper Leufkens and Ronald Peeters
Posterior implementation vs ex-post implementation pp. 70-73 Downloads
Philippe Jehiel, Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn, Benny Moldovanu and William Zame
Herding, social preferences and (non-)conformity pp. 74-80 Downloads
Luca Corazzini and Ben Greiner
What motivates and constrains politicians to privatize? The case of China pp. 81-86 Downloads
Guy S. Liu, Pei Sun and Wing Woo
Erratum to "Price discrimination of digital content" [Economics Letters 93 (2006) 421-426] pp. 86-87 Downloads
Koji Domon

Volume 96, issue 3, 2007

Robust M tests using kernel-based estimators with bandwidth equal to sample size pp. 295-300 Downloads
Wei-Ming Lee
Weak instruments and weak identification, in estimating the effects of education, on democracy pp. 301-306 Downloads
Matteo Bobba and Decio Coviello
Note on optimal predictors of binary response pp. 307-308 Downloads
Walter J. Mayer and Chen Wu
Implementing the wild bootstrap using a two-point distribution pp. 309-315 Downloads
James Davidson, Andrea Monticini and David Peel
Alternating offers in economic environments pp. 316-324 Downloads
Harold Houba
No spurious welfare gains from taxation: A further argument for the equivalent variation pp. 325-330 Downloads
Julio Robledo and Andreas Wagener
On the equivalence of quantitative trade restrictions and tariffs pp. 331-336 Downloads
Harris Dellas, Ana Fernandes and Klaus Neusser
An algorithm for identifying fair and optimal allocations pp. 337-342 Downloads
Tommy Andersson
Generalized quasi-geometric discounting pp. 343-350 Downloads
Eric Young
Sharing and anti-sharing in teams pp. 351-356 Downloads
Roland Kirstein and Robert D. Cooter
A golden rule of depreciation pp. 357-362 Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason and Gylfi Zoega
Simple panel unit root tests to detect changes in persistence pp. 363-368 Downloads
Mauro Costantini and Luciano Gutierrez
Additional properties of a linear pen's parade for individual data using the stochastic approach to the Gini index pp. 369-374 Downloads
Tomson Ogwang
More efficient estimation of nonparametric panel data models with random effects pp. 375-380 Downloads
Liangjun Su and Aman Ullah

Volume 96, issue 2, 2007

Consumption and Risk with hyperbolic discounting pp. 153-160 Downloads
Liutang Gong, William Smith and Heng-Fu Zou
Congestion-reducing investments and economic welfare in a Hotelling model pp. 161-167 Downloads
Toshihiro Matsumura and Noriaki Matsushima
Habit persistence in consumption and the demand for money pp. 168-176 Downloads
Abraham Lioui and Jesper Rangvid
Does opportunism pay off? pp. 177-182 Downloads
Linda Veiga and Francisco Veiga
The impact of the future in games with multiple equilibria pp. 183-188 Downloads
Kjell Hausken
IS-LM and the multiplier: A dynamic general equilibrium model pp. 189-195 Downloads
Jean-Pascal Benassy
The degree of precautionary saving: A reexamination pp. 196-201 Downloads
Mark Lee and Yasuyuki Sawada
Worker quality and labor market sorting pp. 202-208 Downloads
Michael Curme and Noah Stefanec
A method for evaluating the excess burden associated with characteristics of the goods pp. 209-214 Downloads
Amelia Bilbao, Celia Bilbao and Jose Labeaga
Testing additive separability pp. 215-220 Downloads
Adrian R. Fleissig and Gerald A. Whitney
Retail buyer power through steering pp. 221-225 Downloads
Alexander Raskovich
A note on geometric ergodicity of a multiple threshold AR(1) processes on the boundary region with application to integrated m-m processes pp. 226-231 Downloads
O. Lee and D.W. Shin
Real effort versus chosen effort in experiments pp. 232-236 Downloads
Alexander Bruggen and Martin Strobel
International database on human capital quality pp. 237-244 Downloads
Nadir Altinok and Hatidje Murseli
International Growth Equalization along nonbalanced constant growth paths pp. 245-252 Downloads
Yi Jin and Zhixiong Zeng
Foreign direct investment and indigenous technological efforts: Evidence from China pp. 253-258 Downloads
C. Fan and Yifan Hu
Production function residuals, VAR technology shocks, and hours worked: Evidence from industry data pp. 259-263 Downloads
Annika Alexius and Mikael Carlsson
Does income inequality lead to more crime? A comparison of cross-sectional and time-series analyses of United States counties pp. 264-268 Downloads
Jesse Brush
Development and inequality: Evidence from an endogenous switching regression without regime separation pp. 269-274 Downloads
Zhuo Chen
Mind your ps and qs! Improving ARMA forecasts with RBC priors pp. 275-281 Downloads
Kirdan Lees and Troy Matheson
A bootstrap-based minimum bias maximum simulated likelihood estimator of Mixed Logit pp. 282-286 Downloads
Athanasios G. Tsagkanos
Mixed oligopoly, privatization, subsidization, and the order of firms' moves: Several types of objectives pp. 287-292 Downloads
Kazuhiko Kato and Yoshihiro Tomaru
Erratum to "Transparency and prices with imperfect substitutes" [Economics Letters 93 (2006) 398-404] pp. 292-294 Downloads
Jan Boone and Jan Potters
Erratum to "Microeconomic uncertainties facilitate cooperative alliances and social welfare" [Economics Letters 95 (2007) 104-109] pp. 292-293 Downloads
Matjaz Perc

Volume 96, issue 1, 2007

Interest deductibility under default risk and the unfavorable tax treatment of investment costs: A simple explanation pp. 1-7 Downloads
Paolo Panteghini
How far ahead do people plan? pp. 8-13 Downloads
John Hey and Julia A. Knoll
Asymmetric information and stock return cross-autocorrelations pp. 14-22 Downloads
Dan Bernhardt and Reza S. Mahani
The dynamically extended Keynesian cross and the welfare-improving fiscal policy pp. 23-29 Downloads
Masayuki Otaki
Tentative evidence of tax foresight pp. 30-37 Downloads
Shu-Chun Yang
Multicointegration under measurement errors pp. 38-44 Downloads
Uwe Hassler
The impossibility of a Paretian rational: A Bayesian perspective pp. 45-50 Downloads
Klaus Nehring
The welfare loss from unstable inflation pp. 51-57 Downloads
Salvatore Nisticò
The effects of exports, technical change and markup on total factor productivity growth: Evidence from Singapore's electronics industry pp. 58-63 Downloads
Harry Bloch and Sam Hak Kan Tang
Trade policy: What's welfare got to do with it? pp. 64-69 Downloads
Richard Damania and Per Fredriksson
Binary models with misclassification in the variable of interest and nonignorable nonresponse pp. 70-76 Downloads
Esmeralda Ramalho
Supply shocks, private sector information and monetary policy: Is there inevitably a stabilization trade-off? pp. 77-83 Downloads
Jonathan G. James and Phillip Lawler
R&D and the use of spillovers pp. 84-88 Downloads
Uwe Jirjahn
Growth and the environment: Are we looking at the right data? pp. 89-96 Downloads
Ariaster B. Chimeli
Monetary policy dynamics in the Euro area pp. 97-102 Downloads
Patrick Fève, Julien Matheron and Céline Poilly
Non-Manipulability vs. Individual Rationality in a permit sharing problem pp. 103-108 Downloads
Sungwhee Shin and Sang-Chul Suh
Threat of unionization and nonunion employment pp. 109-115 Downloads
Ruiz-Verdu, Pablo
Tax incidence varies across the price distribution pp. 116-119 Downloads
Jeffrey Perloff and Ximing Wu
Business enterprise R&D, technological change, and intellectual property protection pp. 120-126 Downloads
Sunil Kanwar
The US-China trade imbalance: Will revaluing the RMB help (much)? pp. 127-132 Downloads
Nicolaas Groenewold and Lei He
Team competition and the public goods game pp. 133-139 Downloads
Jonathan Tan and Friedel Bolle
On the alternating use of "unanimity" and "surjectivity" in the Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem pp. 140-143 Downloads
Emre Dogan and Remzi Sanver
Local media networks and social spending: Evidence from the UK pp. 144-149 Downloads
Federico Revelli
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