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Volume 146, issue C, 2016

The opportunity costs of entrepreneurs in international trade pp. 1-3 Downloads
Timothy Kehoe, Pau Salvador Pujolas and Kim Ruhl
Endowment inequality in public goods games: A re-examination pp. 4-7 Downloads
Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Abhijit Ramalingam and Brock Stoddard
Equivalence of efficiency notions for ordinal assignment problems pp. 8-12 Downloads
Wonki Cho and Battal Dogan
Competition and consumer choice in option demand markets pp. 13-16 Downloads
Gilad Sorek
Determinants of transition in artificially discrete Markov chains using microdata pp. 17-20 Downloads
Achilleas Vassilopoulos and Stathis Klonaris
Deposit contract design with relatively partially honest agents pp. 21-23 Downloads
Yoshihiro Ohashi
Red tape reduction and firm entry: New evidence from an Italian reform pp. 24-27 Downloads
Monica Amici, Silvia Giacomelli, Francesco Manaresi and Marco Tonello
Support notions for belief functions pp. 28-32 Downloads
Adam Dominiak and Jürgen Eichberger
The Balassa–Samuelson hypothesis in the developed and developing countries revisited pp. 33-38 Downloads
Weiguo Wang, Jing Xue and Chonghua Du
Characterizing plurality rule on a fixed population pp. 39-41 Downloads
Jerry S. Kelly and Shaofang Qi
Double take: The effect of sibling sex composition on women’s schooling, earnings, and labor supply pp. 42-46 Downloads
Moiz Bhai
Interlocking relationships and quantity rationing pp. 47-49 Downloads
Simen Ulsaker
Robust inference for the Two-Sample 2SLS estimator pp. 50-54 Downloads
David Pacini and Frank Windmeijer
Gains from variety? Product differentiation and the possibility of losses from trade under Cournot oligopoly with free entry pp. 55-58 Downloads
David Collie
Inflation expectations, disagreement, and monetary policy pp. 59-63 Downloads
Mathias Hoffmann and Patrick Hürtgen
Structural change test in duration of bull and bear markets pp. 64-67 Downloads
João Nicolau
On the IENBR-solvability of two-person finite games pp. 68-70 Downloads
Takuya Iimura
Can we predict dividend cuts? pp. 71-76 Downloads
Enrico Onali
A note on the Cogley–Nason–Sims approach pp. 77-81 Downloads
Syed Hussain and Lin Liu
Estimation of time-varying average treatment effects using panel data when unobserved fixed effects affect potential outcomes differently pp. 82-84 Downloads
Shosei Sakaguchi
Matching with contracts, substitutes and two-unit demand pp. 85-88 Downloads
Benjamín Tello
A unit root test against globally stationary ESTAR models when local condition is non-stationary pp. 89-94 Downloads
Junjuan Hu and Zhenlong Chen
Immigrant volunteering: A way out of labour market discrimination? pp. 95-98 Downloads
Stijn Baert and Sunčica Vujić
Down and out in Italian towns: Measuring the impact of economic downturns on crime pp. 99-102 Downloads
Guido de Blasio, Giuseppe Maggio and Carlo Menon
On the existence of efficient and fair extensions of communication values for connected graphs pp. 103-106 Downloads
Sylvain Béal, André Casajus and Frank Huettner
Considering all microstructure effects: The extension of a trade indicator model pp. 107-110 Downloads
Doojin Ryu
A World Trade Leading Index (WTLI) pp. 111-115 Downloads
Karim Barhoumi, Olivier Darné and Laurent Ferrara
Innovation and immigration — Insights from a placement policy pp. 116-119 Downloads
Vera Jahn and Max Steinhardt
Legitimacy of mechanisms for public good provision pp. 120-122 Downloads
Pierre Boyer, Yukio Koriyama and Elisabeth Schulte
Breaking the rules: Anticipation of norm violation in a binary-choice trust game pp. 123-125 Downloads
Wolfgang Breuer, Christiane Helduser and Philipp Schade
Ambiguity attitudes in decisions for others pp. 126-129 Downloads
König-Kersting, Christian and Stefan Trautmann
Organization and export performance pp. 130-134 Downloads
Grigorios Spanos
How does renewables competition affect forward contracting in electricity markets? pp. 135-139 Downloads
Robert Ritz
External habit: Anything goes pp. 140-142 Downloads
Walt Pohl
Gender differences and stereotypes in financial literacy: Off to an early start pp. 143-146 Downloads
Anastasia Driva, Melanie Lührmann and Joachim Winter
Growth accounting and endogenous technical change pp. 147-150 Downloads
Angus Chu and Guido Cozzi
Detecting structural changes under nonstationary volatility pp. 151-154 Downloads
Jilin Wu

Volume 145, issue C, 2016

Inference on modelling cross-sectional dependence for a varying-coefficient model pp. 1-5 Downloads
Bin Peng
A symmetric two-player all-pay contest with correlated information pp. 6-10 Downloads
Zhiyang Liu and Bo Chen
The commitment value of funding pensions pp. 11-14 Downloads
Jean-Denis Garon
A dynamic model of bank valuation pp. 15-18 Downloads
Georgios Bertsatos and Plutarchos Sakellaris
Indeterminacy and history dependence of strategically interacting players pp. 19-24 Downloads
Franz Wirl
Optimal provision of information about consumption choices in the presence of a cognitive constraint pp. 25-28 Downloads
Alexander Saak
Do different time-horizons in volatility have any significance for the emerging markets? pp. 29-32 Downloads
N. Alper Gormus
The negotiators who knew too much: Transaction costs and incomplete information pp. 33-37 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
Modeling rating transitions with instantaneous default pp. 38-40 Downloads
Rafael Weißbach and Fynn Strohecker
Ordinally consistent set-ranking methods for tournaments pp. 41-44 Downloads
Yves Sprumont
A random shock is not random assignment pp. 45-47 Downloads
Christoph Engel
Comparing the accuracy of default predictions in the rating industry for different sets of obligors pp. 48-51 Downloads
Walter Krämer and Simon Neumärker
Is it Brownian or fractional Brownian motion? pp. 52-55 Downloads
Meiyu Li, Ramazan Gencay and Yi Xue
Can exchange rate pass-through explain the price puzzle? pp. 56-59 Downloads
Syed Zahid Ali and Sajid Anwar
A characterization of Brandenburger–Friedenberg–Keisler’s assumption pp. 60-64 Downloads
Byung Soo Lee
Examination rules and student effort pp. 65-68 Downloads
Jochen Michaelis and Benjamin Schwanebeck
Global imbalances in the XIX, XX and the XXI centuries pp. 69-72 Downloads
Sara Eugeni
The heterogeneous effect of software patents on expected returns: Evidence from India pp. 73-78 Downloads
Markus Eberhardt, Marcel Fafchamps, Christian Helmers and Manasa Patnam
Modelling the recovery outcomes for defaulted loans: A survival analysis approach pp. 79-82 Downloads
Jean Pierre Fenech, Ying Kai Yap and Salwa Shafik
Measuring financial cycles in a model-based analysis: Empirical evidence for the United States and the euro area pp. 83-87 Downloads
Gabriele Galati, Irma Hindrayanto, Siem Jan Koopman and Marente Vlekke
The impact of a closed formulary on prescribing patterns in the treatment of injured workers pp. 88-91 Downloads
Marcus Dillender
Two-sided altruism and signaling pp. 92-97 Downloads
Garance Genicot
Bias-corrected estimation of panel vector autoregressions pp. 98-103 Downloads
Geert Dhaene and Koen Jochmans
A dynamic analysis of investment in process and product innovation with learning-by-doing pp. 104-108 Downloads
Shoude Li and Jian Ni
Investment spillovers and the allocation of property rights pp. 109-113 Downloads
Valeria Gattai and Piergiovanna Natale
Rawls’s maximin rule and Arrow’s impossibility theorem pp. 114-116 Downloads
Ou-Yang, Kui
Gender training and female empowerment: Experimental evidence from Vietnam pp. 117-119 Downloads
Erwin Bulte, Robert Lensink and Nhung Vu
The power of financial transparency: An event study of country-by-country reporting standards pp. 120-122 Downloads
Niels Johannesen and Dan Thor Larsen
Instrument selection for estimation of a forward-looking Phillips Curve pp. 123-125 Downloads
Tiago Berriel, Marcelo Medeiros and Marcelo J. Sena
On the savings wedge in international capital flows pp. 126-129 Downloads
Jacek Rothert
Gender differences in financial risk taking: The role of financial literacy and risk tolerance pp. 130-135 Downloads
Christina Bannier and Milena Neubert
The ECB’s asset purchase programme: A model-based evaluation pp. 136-140 Downloads
Jean-Guillaume Sahuc
The Ramsey model with monopolistic competition and general preferences pp. 141-144 Downloads
Federico Etro
Sickness absenteeism during a period of job-to-job transition pp. 145-147 Downloads
Suzanne Heijnen, Wolter Hassink and Janneke Plantenga
Fighting collusion by permitting price discrimination pp. 148-151 Downloads
Magdalena Helfrich and Fabian Herweg
Precautionary self-insurance-cum-protection pp. 152-156 Downloads
Kit Pong Wong
Comparing different data descriptors in Indirect Inference tests on DSGE models pp. 157-161 Downloads
A. Patrick Minford, Michael Wickens and Yongdeng Xu
Tax incentives and borrowing pp. 162-164 Downloads
Sule Alan, Søren Leth-Petersen and Munk-Nielsen, Anders
Protectionism in a liquidity trap pp. 165-167 Downloads
Wolfgang Lechthaler
On the consistency of random serial dictatorship pp. 168-171 Downloads
Xiang Han
The impact of terms of trade and macroeconomic regimes on private saving pp. 172-175 Downloads
Francesco Grigoli, Alexander Herman and Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel
The impact of oil price shocks on the U.S. stock market: A note on the roles of U.S. and non-U.S. oil production pp. 176-181 Downloads
Wensheng Kang, Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
Constructing minimum-width confidence bands pp. 182-185 Downloads
Rainer Schüssler and Mark Trede
Models of limited self-control: Comparison and implications for bargaining pp. 186-191 Downloads
Shih En Lu
When is it really justifiable to ignore explanatory variable endogeneity in a regression model? pp. 192-195 Downloads
Jan Kiviet
Financial development and productive inefficiency: A robust conditional directional distance function approach pp. 196-201 Downloads
Sushanta Mallick, Roman Matousek and Nickolaos Tzeremes
Monetary and fiscal policy switching with time-varying volatilities pp. 202-205 Downloads
Libo Xu and Apostolos Serletis
Trade and labor market dynamics: What do we learn from the data? pp. 206-209 Downloads
Daniela Nordmeier, Hans-Jörg Schmerer and Enzo Weber
Supply shocks and the divine coincidence pp. 210-213 Downloads
Bae-Geun Kim
Model averaging with averaging covariance matrix pp. 214-217 Downloads
Shangwei Zhao, Xinyu Zhang and Yichen Gao
The “Veblen” effect, targeted advertising and consumer welfare pp. 218-220 Downloads
Lynne Pepall and Joseph Reiff
An equicorrelation Moulton factor in the presence of arbitrary intra-cluster correlation pp. 221-224 Downloads
Gabriel Montes-Rojas
Multi-purpose binomial model: Fitting all moments to the underlying geometric Brownian motion pp. 225-229 Downloads
Y.S. Kim, S. Stoyanov, S. Rachev and Frank Fabozzi
On sufficient conditions for the existence of stable matchings with contracts pp. 230-234 Downloads
Jun Zhang
A randomized tabu search-based approach for perfect stranger matching in economic experiments pp. 235-238 Downloads
F. Both, M.T.P. Adam, A. Hariharan, V. Dorner, E. Lux and C. Weinhardt
Improving the length of confidence sets for the date of a break in level and trend when the order of integration is unknown pp. 239-245 Downloads
David Harvey and Stephen Leybourne
Job polarization, job tasks and the role of firms pp. 246-251 Downloads
Fredrik Heyman
Tail relation between return and volume in the US stock market: An analysis based on extreme value theory pp. 252-254 Downloads
François Longin and Giovanni Pagliardi
A new characterization of the proportional rule for claims problems pp. 255-257 Downloads
William Thomson
Are financial markets less responsive to monetary policy shocks at the zero lower bound? pp. 258-261 Downloads
Wenbin Wu
Linear time-varying regression with Copula–DCC–GARCH models for volatility pp. 262-265 Downloads
Jong-Min Kim and Hojin Jung
Tacit collusion and market concentration under network effects pp. 266-269 Downloads
Rupayan Pal and Marcella Scrimitore
Optimality of the 51:49 equity structure pp. 270-273 Downloads
Susheng Wang and Tian Zhu
Product standards and export quality: Micro evidence from China pp. 274-277 Downloads
Cui Hu and Faqin Lin
Fiscal rules, financial stability and optimal currency areas pp. 278-281 Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Pasquale Foresti
Wealth inequality under “keeping up with the Joneses” preferences pp. 282-285 Downloads
Claudio Campanale
Gender preference and age at arrival among Asian immigrant mothers in the US pp. 286-290 Downloads
Ben Ost and Eva Dziadula
The Nash bargaining solution in vertical relations with linear input prices pp. 291-294 Downloads
Hamid Aghadadashli, Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Christian Wey
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