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Volume 112, issue 3, 2011

A folk theorem for endogenous reference points pp. 223-225 Downloads
Mark Bernard
What distinguishes entrepreneurs? Evidence on the motives for self-employment pp. 226-229 Downloads
Joanna Tyrowicz
Decomposition of the effect of government size on growth pp. 230-232 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura
Lessons from studying a simple macroeconomic model for China pp. 233-235 Downloads
Gregory C. Chow
Symplectic geometry: The natural geometry of economics? pp. 236-238 Downloads
Thomas Russell
Overconfidence on public information pp. 239-242 Downloads
Deqing Zhou
Identification of parameters in an asymmetric perfect information game pp. 243-246 Downloads
Nese YIldIz
Ruling out unstable equilibria in New Keynesian models pp. 247-249 Downloads
A. Patrick Minford and Naveen Srinivasan
Globalization's winners and losers--Evidence from life satisfaction data, 1975-2001 pp. 250-253 Downloads
Zohal Hessami
Testing for Zipf's law: A common pitfall pp. 254-255 Downloads
Carlos Urzúa
Financial-sector shocks in a credit-view model pp. 256-258 Downloads
Burton Abrams
Parity dependence of a majority rule characterization on the Condorcet domain pp. 259-261 Downloads
Lauren Nicole Merrill
Does democracy foster financial development? An empirical analysis pp. 262-265 Downloads
Benhua Yang
Education cost, intergenerational mobility, and income inequality pp. 266-269 Downloads
Tamotsu Nakamura and Yu Murayama
More stringent BITs, less ambiguous effects on FDI? Not a bit! pp. 270-272 Downloads
Axel Berger, Matthias Busse, Peter Nunnenkamp and Martin Roy
Externality in labor supply and government spending pp. 273-276 Downloads
Patrick Fève, Julien Matheron and Jean-Guillaume Sahuc
Location and happiness in the United States pp. 277-279 Downloads
William Sander
Public randomization in the repeated prisoner's dilemma game with local interaction pp. 280-282 Downloads
Myeonghwan Cho
Distributional impacts of a local living wage increase with ability sorting pp. 283-286 Downloads
Tom Ahn
Aid effectiveness and the soft budget constraint: EU development aid to the former Soviet Union pp. 287-289 Downloads
Theocharis Grigoriadis
A direct test of hyperbolic discounting using market asset data pp. 290-292 Downloads
Matthew Salois and Charles Moss
Test of random versus fixed effects with small within variation pp. 293-297 Downloads
Jinyong Hahn, John Ham and Hyungsik Moon

Volume 112, issue 2, 2011

Untruthful dominant strategies for the deferred acceptance algorithm pp. 135-137 Downloads
Taro Kumano and Masahiro Watabe
Consumption time in household production: Implications for the goods-time elasticity of substitution pp. 138-140 Downloads
Ranju Baral, George Davis and Wen You
Organization capital and firm performance. Empirical evidence for European firms pp. 141-143 Downloads
Claudia Tronconi and Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti
Barro-Gordon revisited: Reputational equilibria with inferential expectations pp. 144-147 Downloads
Timo Henckel, Gordon Menzies, Nick Prokhovnik and Daniel Zizzo
On uniqueness of the conditional maximum likelihood estimation for a binary panel model pp. 148-150 Downloads
Kentaro Akashi
Is a skill intensity reversal a mere theoretical curiosum? Evidence from the US and Mexico pp. 151-154 Downloads
Yoshinori Kurokawa
The power to delay pp. 155-157 Downloads
Duozhe Li
"Girls will be Girls", especially among Boys: Risk-taking in the "Daily Double" on Jeopardy pp. 158-160 Downloads
Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist and Jenny Säve-Söderbergh
Markov-switching models and the unit root hypothesis in real US GDP pp. 161-164 Downloads
Maximo Camacho
Implementation of individually rational social choice functions with guaranteed utilities pp. 165-167 Downloads
Yosef Mealem
Microfinance and competition for external funding pp. 168-170 Downloads
Suman Ghosh and Eric Van Tassel
Poverty, political freedom, and the roots of terrorism in developing countries: An empirical assessment pp. 171-175 Downloads
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay and Javed Younas
The benefits of voluntary leadership in experimental public goods games pp. 176-178 Downloads
M. Fernanda Rivas and Matthias Sutter
Exchange rate policy under sovereign default risk pp. 179-181 Downloads
Andreas Schabert
The Endogenous Sequential Probit model: An application to the demand for hospital utilization pp. 182-185 Downloads
Murat K. Munkin
ECB repo rate setting during the financial crisis pp. 186-188 Downloads
Stefan Gerlach
On the dynamics of international inflation pp. 189-191 Downloads
Giovanni Caggiano and Efrem Castelnuovo
Equilibrium of a sequence of auctions when bidders demand multiple items pp. 192-194 Downloads
Qingmin Liu
Terrorism risk concern in Europe pp. 195-197 Downloads
Konstantinos Drakos and Cathérine Müller
Regime-switching factor models in which the number of factors defines the regime pp. 198-201 Downloads
Adriana S. Cordis and Chris Kirby
Bertrand equilibrium with subadditive costs pp. 202-204 Downloads
Krishnendu Dastidar
Cointegration, factor shares, and production function parameters pp. 205-206 Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Debdulal Mallick
Parameter orthogonalization and Bayesian inference with many instruments pp. 207-209 Downloads
Jinyong Hahn and Karsten Hansen
Who benefits from bilateral information exchange in a retail channel? pp. 210-212 Downloads
Anthony Dukes, Esther Gal-Or and Tansev Geylani
Search costs and corporate income tax competition pp. 213-215 Downloads
Kai Konrad
Multiple equilibria in Tullock contests pp. 216-219 Downloads
Subhasish Chowdhury and Roman Sheremeta
Further simulation evidence on the performance of the Poisson pseudo-maximum likelihood estimator pp. 220-222 Downloads
João Santos Silva and Silvana Tenreyro

Volume 112, issue 1, 2011

Crowding-out effect of the current food stamp subsidy scheme pp. 1-2 Downloads
Yi Zhang
Asymmetric access pricing in the Internet backbone market pp. 3-6 Downloads
Ángel Luis López
Determinacy, stock market dynamics and monetary policy inertia pp. 7-10 Downloads
Damjan Pfajfar and Emiliano Santoro
The spectral representation of Markov switching ARMA models pp. 11-15 Downloads
Beatrice Pataracchia
Simultaneous versus sequential information processing pp. 16-18 Downloads
Ross M. Hoffman, John Kagel and Dan Levin
Testing the unit root hypothesis against TAR nonlinearity using STAR-based tests pp. 19-22 Downloads
Robert Sollis
Financial frictions and the K/L ratio in UK manufacturing pp. 23-25 Downloads
Marina-Eliza Spaliara
Nominal uncertainty and inflation: The role of European Union membership pp. 26-30 Downloads
Kyriakos Neanidis and Christos Savva
Casinos and campus crime pp. 31-33 Downloads
Thomas Hyclak
Probabilistic risk aversion with an arbitrary outcome set pp. 34-37 Downloads
Pavlo R. Blavatskyy
Risk aversion in auctions with asymmetrically informed bidders: A "desensitizer" from uncertainty pp. 38-41 Downloads
Felix Munoz-Garcia and Orozco-Alemán, Sandra
A credit market in early stages of economic development pp. 42-44 Downloads
Hideki Nakamura and Tetsuya Nakajima
Welfare effects of subsidizing higher education when access and quality are endogenous pp. 45-48 Downloads
Gary Fethke
Asymptotically unbiased estimation of autocovariances and autocorrelations for panel data with incidental trends pp. 49-52 Downloads
Ryo Okui
An asymptotic variance inequality for instrumental variable estimators signaling proportional bias increases pp. 53-55 Downloads
Yun-Yeong Kim
Further evidence regarding nonlinear trend reversion of real GDP and the CPI pp. 56-59 Downloads
Gary L. Shelley and Frederick Wallace
De facto financial openness and capital mobility pp. 60-62 Downloads
Javed Younas
Why do people place lower weight on advice far from their own initial opinion? pp. 63-66 Downloads
Francesco Ravazzolo and Øistein Røisland
Best-of-three all-pay auctions pp. 67-70 Downloads
Aner Sela
Reflections on the failure of the Taylor principle under commitment pp. 71-74 Downloads
Emanuel Barnea and Nissan Liviatan
On the role of social wage comparisons in gift-exchange experiments pp. 75-78 Downloads
Ch'ng Kean Siang, Till Requate and Israel Waichman
Semiparametric binary random effects models: Estimating two types of drinking behavior pp. 79-81 Downloads
Yingying Dong
Ranking of signals in multitask agency models pp. 82-84 Downloads
Jia Xie
Intergenerational transmission of preferences pp. 85-87 Downloads
Erwin Bulte and Richard Horan
Observed inflation forecasts and the new Keynesian macro model pp. 88-90 Downloads
Mika Kortelainen, Maritta Paloviita and Matti Viren
Are there pre-programme effects of active placement efforts? Evidence from a social experiment pp. 91-93 Downloads
Pathric Hägglund
The nonlinear impact of currency unions on bilateral trade pp. 94-96 Downloads
Hajime Katayama and Mark Melatos
R&D subsidies and the performance of high-tech start-ups pp. 97-99 Downloads
Massimo G. Colombo, Luca Grilli and Samuele Murtinu
On the efficiency of participation with vertically differentiated workers pp. 100-102 Downloads
Frédéric Gavrel
Endogenous monetary commitment pp. 103-106 Downloads
Jan Libich and Petr Stehlík
Bayesian estimation of the output gap for a small open economy: The case of Canada pp. 107-112 Downloads
Tino Berger and Bernd Kempa
Is there dynamic adverse selection in the life insurance market? pp. 113-115 Downloads
Daifeng He
The non-linear effects of life expectancy on economic growth pp. 116-118 Downloads
Rodolphe Desbordes
Public health spending, tax reform, and long-run growth pp. 119-121 Downloads
Elwin Tobing
Opportunity costs in buying and short selling--Do they really matter? pp. 122-124 Downloads
Tal Shavit, Mosi Rosenboim and Miki Malul
Price premiums for journal quality and journal governance: Evidence from economics journals pp. 125-127 Downloads
Yuqing Zheng and Harry Kaiser
The role of private information in dynamic matching and bargaining: Can it be good for efficiency? pp. 128-131 Downloads
Artyom Shneyerov and Chi Leung Wong
Trading imbalances and the law of one price pp. 132-134 Downloads
Mark S. Seasholes and Clark Liu
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