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Volume 121, issue 3, 2013

The computational complexity of random serial dictatorship pp. 341-345 Downloads
Haris Aziz, Felix Brandt and Markus Brill
High yield spreads, real economic activity, and the financial accelerator pp. 346-355 Downloads
Pierangelo De Pace and Kyle D. Weber
On the welfare equivalence of asset markets and banking in Diamond Dybvig economies pp. 356-359 Downloads
Alexander Zimper
Model averaging with covariates that are missing completely at random pp. 360-363 Downloads
Xinyu Zhang
Do previous good deeds to a third party make people more tolerant of bad deeds against them? An experimental investigation pp. 364-368 Downloads
P. Ndodjang, Gilles Grolleau and Lisette Ibanez
Mixed-frequency VAR models with Markov-switching dynamics pp. 369-373 Downloads
Maximo Camacho
Testing slope homogeneity in large panels with serial correlation pp. 374-378 Downloads
Johan Blomquist and Joakim Westerlund
A CUSUM test for a long memory heterogeneous autoregressive model pp. 379-383 Downloads
Eunju Hwang and Dong Wan Shin
Modelling the fiscal reaction functions of the GIPS based on state-varying thresholds pp. 384-389 Downloads
Gabriella Legrenzi and Costas Milas
Shotgun mechanisms for common-value partnerships: The unassigned-offeror problem pp. 390-394 Downloads
Claudia Landeo and Kathryn E. Spier
Elderly labor supply and fertility decisions in aging-population economies pp. 395-399 Downloads
Masakatsu Mizuno and Akira Yakita
Can you trust the good guys? Trust within and between groups with different missions pp. 400-404 Downloads
Sebastian Fehrler and Michael Kosfeld
Institutions and financial dollarization: Indirect effects based on a policy experiment pp. 405-410 Downloads
Kyriakos Neanidis and Christos Savva
Taxation and the asymmetric adjustment of selected retail energy prices in the UK pp. 411-416 Downloads
Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo and Yongcheol Shin
Skill upgrading and exports pp. 417-420 Downloads
Antonio Accetturo, Matteo Bugamelli and Andrea Lamorgese
Does context promote higher-level thinking in the beauty contest? pp. 421-424 Downloads
R. Andrew Luccasen
Personal characteristics and lying: An experimental investigation pp. 425-427 Downloads
Jason Childs
Equivalence and axiomatization of solutions for cooperative games with circular communication structure pp. 428-431 Downloads
Özer Selçuk, Takamasa Suzuki and Dolf Talman
The functional central limit theorem for ARMA–GARCH processes pp. 432-435 Downloads
O. Lee
Collateral constraints and rental markets pp. 436-439 Downloads
d’Albis, Hippolyte and Eleni Iliopulos
On second order conditions for equality constrained extremum problems pp. 440-443 Downloads
David Mandy
How does employment protection legislation influence hiring and firing decisions by the smallest firms? pp. 444-448 Downloads
Ana Millán, Jose Maria Millan, Concepción Román and André van Stel
Financial distress and use of mental health care: Evidence from antidepressant prescription claims pp. 449-453 Downloads
Haizhen Lin, Jonathan D. Ketcham, James N. Rosenquist and Kosali I. Simon
Analysis of non-stationary dynamics in the financial system pp. 454-457 Downloads
Samar K. Guharay, Gaurav S. Thakur, Fred J. Goodman, Scott L. Rosen and Daniel Houser
New facts on infidelity pp. 458-462 Downloads
Effrosyni Adamopoulou
Asymmetric information may protect the commons: The welfare benefits of uninformed regulators pp. 463-467 Downloads
Ana Espinola-Arredondo and Felix Munoz-Garcia
Credit limits and bankruptcy pp. 469-472 Downloads
Mateos-Planas, Xavier
Fair wages survive multiple sources of income inequality pp. 473-477 Downloads
Karina Gose
Financial openness, market structure and private credit: An empirical investigation pp. 478-481 Downloads
Ronald Fischer and Patricio Valenzuela
Choosing price or quantity? The role of delegation and network externalities pp. 482-486 Downloads
Alessandra Chirco and Marcella Scrimitore
Persuasion and learning by countersignaling pp. 487-491 Downloads
Kim-Sau Chung and Péter Eső
Hypothesis testing for arbitrary bounds pp. 492-494 Downloads
Jeffrey Penney
Non-linear budgetary policies: Evidence from 150 years of Italian public finance pp. 495-498 Downloads
Alessandro Piergallini and Michele Postigliola
Greediness and equilibrium in congestion games pp. 499-503 Downloads
Sergey Kuniavsky and Rann Smorodinsky
Nonlinear effects of government debt on private consumption: Evidence from OECD countries pp. 504-507 Downloads
Dooyeon Cho and Dong-Eun Rhee
An extension of the home-attachment criteria under dynamic tax competition pp. 508-510 Downloads
Yutao Han, Patrice Pieretti and Benteng Zou
Stock exchange mergers and return co-movement: A flexible dynamic component correlations model pp. 511-515 Downloads
Jörgen Hellström, Yuna Liu and Tomas Sjögren
Do large recessions reduce output permanently? pp. 516-519 Downloads
Mehdi Hosseinkouchack and Maik Wolters
Firm taxation and the endogenous distribution of markups pp. 520-523 Downloads
John Dalton and Turkmen Goksel
The long-run causal relationship between transport energy consumption and GDP: Evidence from heterogeneous panel methods robust to cross-sectional dependence pp. 524-527 Downloads
Brantley Liddle and Sidney Lung
Fiscal decentralization, fiscal rules and fiscal discipline pp. 528-532 Downloads
Bilin Neyapti
Public procurement in times of crisis: The bundling decision reconsidered pp. 533-536 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
Permanent versus transitory wage differentials and the inequality-hours hypothesis pp. 537-541 Downloads
Magnus Gustavsson
The disappearing gay income penalty pp. 542-545 Downloads
Geoffrey Clarke and Purvi Sevak
Testing the predictive power of the term structure without data snooping bias pp. 546-549 Downloads
Yi-Cheng Kao, Chung-Ming Kuan and Shikuan Chen
The role of interviewer encounters in panel responses on life satisfaction pp. 550-554 Downloads
Adrian Chadi
A systematic analysis of the links amongst the Marshallian, Hicksian, and Frischian demand functions: A note pp. 555-557 Downloads
Robert Sproule

Volume 121, issue 2, 2013

Environmental regulation of technically inefficient firms pp. 143-147 Downloads
Bruno Wichmann
Quality cut-offs in procurement auctions pp. 148-151 Downloads
Mridu Prabal Goswami
Convergence in US house prices pp. 152-155 Downloads
Antonio Montañés and Lorena Olmos
The effect of the financial crisis on the retirement plans of older workers in England pp. 156-159 Downloads
Rowena Crawford
Public goods in directed networks pp. 160-162 Downloads
López-Pintado, Dunia
Can you trust survey responses? Evidence using objective health measures pp. 163-166 Downloads
Agne Suziedelyte and Meliyanni Johar
A new way to assess banking competition pp. 167-169 Downloads
Giovanni Alberto Tabacco
Effects of explicit FOMC policy rate guidance on interest rate expectations pp. 170-173 Downloads
Richhild Moessner
VaR constrained asset pricing with relative performance pp. 174-178 Downloads
Xiangbo Liu, Zhigang Qiu and Yan Xiong
Do exporters pay fair-wage premiums? pp. 179-182 Downloads
Andreas Hauptmann and Hans-Joerg Schmerer
Has the Lucas Paradox been fully explained? pp. 183-187 Downloads
Céline Azémar and Rodolphe Desbordes
Have Federal Reserve MBS purchases affected market functioning? pp. 188-191 Downloads
John Kandrac
Estimation of social preferences in generalized dictator games pp. 192-197 Downloads
Yves Breitmoser
Evolutionary justifications for non-Bayesian beliefs pp. 198-201 Downloads
Hanzhe Zhang
A note on reciprocity and modified dictator games pp. 202-205 Downloads
Timo Heinrich and Joachim Weimann
Notes on supermodularity and increasing differences in expected utility pp. 206-209 Downloads
Alejandro Francetich
Production hierarchies in Sweden pp. 210-213 Downloads
Joacim Tåg
Giving and sorting among friends: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment pp. 214-217 Downloads
Christine Binzel and Dietmar Fehr
Spectral density of Markov-switching VARMA models pp. 218-220 Downloads
Maddalena Cavicchioli
Spurious persistence in stochastic volatility pp. 221-223 Downloads
Philip Messow and Walter Krämer
Asymmetric Nash bargaining solutions and competitive payoffs pp. 224-227 Downloads
Sonja Brangewitz and Jan-Philip Gamp
Investment decisions under hidden competition pp. 228-231 Downloads
Paulo J. Pereira and Manuel Rocha Armada
Internet and the efficiency of decentralized markets: Evidence from automobiles pp. 232-235 Downloads
David Rapson and Pasquale Schiraldi
Accepting zero in the ultimatum game does not reflect selfish preferences pp. 236-238 Downloads
Gianandrea Staffiero, Filippos Exadaktylos and Antonio Espín
Characterizing very high uncertainty episodes pp. 239-243 Downloads
Martin Bijsterbosch and Pierre Guérin
International trade and wage inequality: A non-monotonic relationship pp. 244-246 Downloads
Dan Liu
Reconciling narrative monetary policy disturbances with structural VAR model shocks? pp. 247-251 Downloads
Martin Kliem and Alexander Kriwoluzky
A note on almost stochastic dominance pp. 252-256 Downloads
Xu Guo, Xuehu Zhu, Wing-Keung Wong and Lixing Zhu
Using an asset index to simulate household income pp. 257-262 Downloads
Kenneth Harttgen and Sebastian Vollmer
Public employment and earnings inequality: An analysis based on conditional and unconditional quantile regressions pp. 263-266 Downloads
Jean-Marc Fournier and Isabell Koske
Forecasting regional GDP with factor models: How useful are national and international data? pp. 267-270 Downloads
Alexandre Kopoin, Kevin Moran and Jean-Pierre Paré
On the characteristic function for asymmetric Student t distributions pp. 271-274 Downloads
Saralees Nadarajah, Stephen Chan and Emmanuel Afuecheta
The effect of an agent’s expertise on National Football League contract structure pp. 275-281 Downloads
Michael Conlin, Joe Orsini and Meng-Chi Tang
Cross-border equity portfolio choices and the diversification motive: A fractional regression approach pp. 282-286 Downloads
Filippo Maria Pericoli, E. Pierucci and Luigi Ventura
Who pays for obesity? Evidence from health insurance benefit mandates pp. 287-289 Downloads
James Bailey
Do risk lovers invest in self-protection? pp. 290-293 Downloads
Paan Jindapon
On the impulse in impulse learning pp. 294-297 Downloads
Jieyao Ding and Andreas Nicklisch
Marginal effects of a bivariate binary choice model pp. 298-301 Downloads
Takuya Hasebe
Can double deflation explain the ICT growth miracle? pp. 302-305 Downloads
Harald Edquist
Delay aversion under a general class of preferences pp. 306-310 Downloads
Gulseren Mutlu
The “probability of recession”: Evaluating probabilistic and non-probabilistic forecasts from probit models of U.S. recessions pp. 311-315 Downloads
Ryan Ratcliff
Timing of investments and third degree price discrimination in intermediate good markets pp. 316-320 Downloads
Youping Li
A strict ex-post incentive compatible mechanism for interdependent valuations pp. 321-325 Downloads
Swaprava Nath and Onno Zoeter
An alternative interpretation of random noise in rank-order tournaments pp. 326-329 Downloads
Andrei Barbos
Flow effects of large-scale asset purchases pp. 330-335 Downloads
John Kandrac and Bernd Schlusche
A specification test for discrete choice models pp. 336-339 Downloads
Mark Chicu and Matthew A. Masten

Volume 121, issue 1, 2013

How have inflation-targeting central banks responded to supply shocks? pp. 1-3 Downloads
Minoru Tachibana
Contest design and heterogeneity pp. 4-7 Downloads
Rudi Stracke
Alternative unit root testing strategies using the Fourier approximation pp. 8-11 Downloads
Jen-Je Su and Jeremy Nguyen
Incentive compatibility in non-quasilinear environments pp. 12-14 Downloads
Nenad Kos and Matthias Messner
Happiness in the arts—International evidence on artists’ job satisfaction pp. 15-18 Downloads
Trine Bille, Cecilie Bryld Fjællegaard, Bruno Frey and Lasse Steiner
Perpetual learning and stock return predictability pp. 19-22 Downloads
Xiaoneng Zhu
Art market inefficiency pp. 23-25 Downloads
Geraldine David, Kim Oosterlinck and Ariane Szafarz
The struggle to survive in the R&D sector: Implications for innovation and growth pp. 26-29 Downloads
Yuichi Furukawa
Time inconsistency and retirement planning pp. 30-34 Downloads
Frank Caliendo and T. Scott Findley
Task assignment under agent loss aversion pp. 35-38 Downloads
Kohei Daido, Kimiyuki Morita, Takeshi Murooka and Hiromasa Ogawa
Economic policy uncertainty in the US: Does it matter for the Euro area? pp. 39-42 Downloads
Valentina Colombo
Credit constraints, inequality and the growth gains from trade pp. 43-47 Downloads
Mauro Caselli
A note on the life-cycle search and matching model with segmented labor markets pp. 48-52 Downloads
Junichi Fujimoto
The effects of birth weight: Does fetal origin really matter for long-run outcomes? pp. 53-58 Downloads
Makiko Nakamuro, Yuka Uzuki and Tomohiko Inui
Locally adjusted LM test for spatial dependence in fixed effects panel data models pp. 59-63 Downloads
Ming He and Kuan-Pin Lin
Power monotonicity in detecting volatility levels change pp. 64-69 Downloads
Ke-Li Xu
Impact of Italian smoking ban on business activity of restaurants, cafés and bars pp. 70-73 Downloads
Luca Pieroni, P. Daddi and Luca Salmasi
Partial identification in binary response models with nonignorable nonresponses pp. 74-78 Downloads
Tadao Hoshino
Efficient estimation of partially linear varying coefficient models pp. 79-81 Downloads
Wei Long, Min Ouyang and Ying Shang
Multimarket contact and export entry pp. 82-84 Downloads
Robert Feinberg
A test of stability in a linear altruism model pp. 85-89 Downloads
Christos Ioannou, Shi Qi and Aldo Rustichini
The social cost of carbon emissions: Seven propositions pp. 90-97 Downloads
Duncan Foley, Armon Rezai and Lance Taylor
Social interaction and economic organization: Toward an integrative microeconomic model pp. 98-100 Downloads
Jean-Marc Callois
Habit formation and strategic interactions: A new gain from trade? pp. 101-104 Downloads
Antoine Vatan
Disinflationary booms? pp. 105-109 Downloads
Christian Merkl
Tax morale and tax evasion reports pp. 110-114 Downloads
Francesco Flaviano Russo
eBay’s anatomy pp. 115-120 Downloads
Andreas Lendle, Marcelo Olarrega, Simon Schropp and Pierre-Louis Vézina
A mechanism for eliciting the mean and quantiles of a random variable pp. 121-123 Downloads
Thomas Demuynck
How economic rewards affect cooperation reconsidered pp. 124-127 Downloads
John Kagel and Dan R. Schley
Political expenditure cycles and election outcomes: Evidence from disaggregation of public expenditures by economic functions pp. 128-132 Downloads
Sören Enkelmann and Markus Leibrecht
Why are crude oil prices high when global activity is weak? pp. 133-136 Downloads
Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
Paying not to sell pp. 137-140 Downloads
Emanuele Bacchiega, Olivier Bonroy and Rania Mabrouk
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