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Volume 124, issue 3, 2014

Risk attitudes and the stag-hunt game pp. 323-325 Downloads
Muruvvet Buyukboyaci
A new perspective on the issue of selection bias in randomized controlled field experiments pp. 326-328 Downloads
Michèle Belot and Jonathan James
Recursive preferences, learning and large deviations pp. 329-334 Downloads
Chetan Dave and Kwok Ping Tsang
Why don’t you trade only four days a year? An empirical study into the abnormal returns of quarters first trading day pp. 335-337 Downloads
Gil Cohen
On policymakers’ loss functions and the evaluation of early warning systems: Comment pp. 338-340 Downloads
Lucia Alessi and Carsten Detken
Estimating aggregate autoregressive processes when only macro data are available pp. 341-347 Downloads
Eric Jondeau and Florian Pelgrin
Occupations and the evolution of gender differences in intergenerational socioeconomic mobility pp. 348-352 Downloads
Julia Schwenkenberg
A generalized panel data switching regression model pp. 353-357 Downloads
Emir Malikov and Subal Kumbhakar
Stale forward guidance pp. 358-361 Downloads
Gunda-Alexandra Detmers and Dieter Nautz
A semiparametric conditional duration model pp. 362-366 Downloads
Mardi Dungey, Xiangdong Long, Aman Ullah and Yun Wang
An empirical input allocation model for the multiproduct firm pp. 367-369 Downloads
James Seale, Ekaterina Vorotnikova and Serhat Asci
The functional central limit theorem and structural change test for the HAR(∞) model pp. 370-373 Downloads
Oesook Lee
The dynamic relationship between disability onset, earnings, and disability insurance application and receipt pp. 374-377 Downloads
Perry Singleton
Estimation of extreme value-at-risk: An EVT approach for quantile GARCH model pp. 378-381 Downloads
Yanping Yi, Xingdong Feng and Zhuo Huang
The finance and growth nexus revisited pp. 382-385 Downloads
Roland Beck, Georgios Georgiadis and Roland Straub
Moral hazard with the (unlikely) possibility of catastrophes pp. 386-388 Downloads
Ziemowit Bednarek and Pratish Patel
The minimum wage from a two-sided perspective pp. 389-391 Downloads
Alessio Brown, Christian Merkl and Dennis J. Snower
Transfers within a three generations family: When the rotten kids turn into altruistic parents pp. 392-395 Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Kerstin Roeder
Supermarkets versus local shopping: Welfare implications of retail provision mode pp. 396-398 Downloads
Simon Rudkin
Booms, busts, and price dispersion pp. 399-401 Downloads
Robert Clark and Nicolas Vincent
On the validity of the first-order approach with moral hazard and hidden assets pp. 402-405 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Winfried Koeniger
The effect of health insurance coverage on the reported health of young adults pp. 406-410 Downloads
Eric Cardella and Briggs Depew
Global sourcing and firm selection pp. 411-415 Downloads
Wilhelm Kohler and Marcel Smolka
Optimal investment policy with fixed adjustment costs and complete irreversibility pp. 416-419 Downloads
Nicolas Roys
The war of attrition and the revelation of valuable information pp. 420-423 Downloads
Maciej H. Kotowski and Fei Li
Start-up complexity and the thickness of regional input markets pp. 424-427 Downloads
Dirk Dohse and Andrea Vaona
Property tax and fiscal discipline in OECD countries pp. 428-433 Downloads
Andrea Presbitero, Agnese Sacchi and Alberto Zazzaro
Retail price dynamics and retailer heterogeneity: UK evidence pp. 434-438 Downloads
T.A. Lloyd, S. McCorriston, C.W. Morgan, E. Poen and E. Zgovu
Effects of the BAPCPA on the chapter composition of consumer bankruptcies pp. 439-442 Downloads
Christopher Cornwell and Bing Xu
Demand reduction in multi-unit auctions with varying number of bidders and units pp. 443-445 Downloads
Faical Akaichi, Rodolfo Nayga and José M. Gil
On the value of relative comparisons in firms pp. 446-448 Downloads
Abhijit Ramalingam
In praise of wasteful spending pp. 449-451 Downloads
Steven E. Landsburg
Direct and indirect impact of charter schools’ entry on traditional public schools: New evidence from North Carolina pp. 452-456 Downloads
Yusuke Jinnai
The unique equilibrium in a model of sales with costly advertising pp. 457-460 Downloads
Michael Arnold and Lan Zhang
Who comes back and when? Return migration decisions of academic scientists pp. 461-464 Downloads
Patrick Gaulé
Cost pass-through and inverse demand curvature in vertical relationships with upstream and downstream competition pp. 465-468 Downloads
Takanori Adachi and Takeshi Ebina
The presence of ADHD: Spillovers between siblings pp. 469-473 Downloads
Sanni Nørgaard Breining
Do single-sex schools make girls more competitive? pp. 474-477 Downloads
Soohyung Lee, Muriel Niederle and Namwook Kang
Content provision and compatibility in a platform market pp. 478-481 Downloads
Alexander Rasch and Tobias Wenzel
Global value chains and trade elasticities pp. 482-486 Downloads
Byron Gangnes, Alyson C. Ma and Ari Van Assche
Asymmetric preferences in real-time learning and the Taylor rule pp. 487-489 Downloads
Taro Ikeda
Information provision before a contract is offered pp. 490-493 Downloads
Jaesoo Kim and Dongsoo Shin
Efficient estimation of conditionally linear and Gaussian state space models pp. 494-499 Downloads
Guilherme Moura and Douglas Eduardo Turatti
The role of constant instruments in dynamic panel estimation pp. 500-503 Downloads
Chirok Han and Hyoungjong Kim
Pollution–income dynamics pp. 504-507 Downloads
Ramon Lopez and Sang Yoon
International spillovers of policy uncertainty pp. 508-512 Downloads
Stefan Klößner and Rodrigo Sekkel
Do guns displace books? The impact of compulsory military service on educational attainment pp. 513-515 Downloads
Thomas Bauer, Stefan Bender, Alfredo Paloyo and Christoph Schmidt
A nonparametric analysis of the growth process of Indian cities pp. 516-519 Downloads
Jeff Luckstead and Stephen Devadoss
Is there adverse selection in the life insurance market? Evidence from a representative sample of purchasers pp. 520-522 Downloads
Timothy Harris and Aaron Yelowitz
Marginal deterrence when offenders act sequentially pp. 523-525 Downloads
Tim Friehe and Thomas J. Miceli
Nonlinear dependence between stock and real estate markets in China pp. 526-529 Downloads
Haoyuan Ding, Terence Tai Leung Chong and Sung Y. Park
Economic shocks and civil conflict at the regional level pp. 530-533 Downloads
Roland Hodler and Paul Raschky
Asymmetric responses to income changes: The payroll tax increase versus tax refund in 2013 pp. 534-538 Downloads
Anat Bracha and Daniel Cooper

Volume 124, issue 2, 2014

Moment conditions for Almost Stochastic Dominance pp. 163-167 Downloads
Xu Guo, Thierry Post, Wing-Keung Wong and Lixing Zhu
An alternative proof of Fishburn’s axiomatization of lexicographic preferences pp. 168-170 Downloads
Manipushpak Mitra and Debapriya Sen
Are predictable improvements in TFP contractionary or expansionary: Implications from sectoral TFP? pp. 171-175 Downloads
Deokwoo Nam and Jian Wang
A Hausman–Taylor instrumental variable approach to the penalized estimation of quantile panel models pp. 176-179 Downloads
Matthew Harding and Carlos Lamarche
A policy response to a downside of the integration of economies: An impossibility theorem pp. 180-184 Downloads
Oded Stark
Asymmetric group loans, non-assortative matching and adverse selection pp. 185-187 Downloads
Shubhashis Gangopadhyay and Robert Lensink
Solving the price puzzle with an alternative indicator of monetary policy pp. 188-194 Downloads
John W. Keating, Logan Kelly and Victor (Vic) Valcarcel
Persuasion, binary choice, and the costs of dishonesty pp. 195-198 Downloads
Roland Hodler, Simon Loertscher and Dominic Rohner
Conditional punishment pp. 199-202 Downloads
Kenju Kamei
A simple spatial dependence test robust to local and distributional misspecifications pp. 203-206 Downloads
Ying Fang, Sung Y. Park and Jinfeng Zhang
The negative value of public information in the Glosten–Milgrom model pp. 207-210 Downloads
Romans Pancs
On optimal head starts in all-pay auctions pp. 211-214 Downloads
Christian Seel and Cédric Wasser
Product quality, advertising intensity and market size pp. 215-218 Downloads
Bing Han and Hayley Chouinard
Observational equivalence and nonequivalence of subjective and robust mean–variance preferences pp. 219-221 Downloads
Katsutoshi Wakai
Optimal tranching with diverse beliefs pp. 222-226 Downloads
Guixia Guo, Frank Yong Wang and Xu Wei
Income stratification and between-group inequality pp. 227-230 Downloads
Paul Allanson
Fiscal adjustments, labour market flexibility and unemployment pp. 231-235 Downloads
Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, Joao Jalles and Ricardo Sousa
A test based on panel refreshments for panel conditioning in stated utility measures pp. 236-238 Downloads
Bert Van Landeghem
A two-period model with portfolio choice: Understanding results from different solution methods pp. 239-242 Downloads
Katrin Rabitsch and Serhiy Stepanchuk
Habit persistence and the long-run labor supply pp. 243-247 Downloads
Clemens C. Struck
GARCH with omitted persistent covariate pp. 248-254 Downloads
Heejoon Han and Joon Y. Park
Regular Effective Demand Systems (REDS) pp. 255-257 Downloads
Fahd Rehman and Russel Cooper
Aggregation of the generalized fractional processes pp. 258-262 Downloads
Jingwei Sun and Wendong Shi
Causal linkages between work and life satisfaction and their determinants in a structural VAR approach pp. 263-268 Downloads
Alex Coad and Martin Binder
Enhancing the local power of IVX-based tests in predictive regressions pp. 269-273 Downloads
Matei Demetrescu
Personality and cooperation in finitely repeated prisoner’s dilemma games pp. 274-277 Downloads
John Kagel and Peter McGee
Bundled discounts: Strategic substitutes or complements? pp. 278-282 Downloads
Duarte Brito and Helder Vasconcelos
Endogenous market structure and the cooperative firm pp. 283-285 Downloads
Brent Hueth and GianCarlo Moschini
Differences by mother’s education in the effect of childcare on child obesity pp. 286-289 Downloads
Zafar E. Nazarov and Michael S. Rendall
A comparison of city size distributions for China and India from 1950 to 2010 pp. 290-295 Downloads
Jeff Luckstead and Stephen Devadoss
Expectations and optimal monetary policy: A stability problem revisited pp. 296-299 Downloads
Wei Xiao and Junyi Xu
Expectation driven business cycles with limited enforcement pp. 300-303 Downloads
Karl Walentin
Compensation and performance: An experimental study pp. 304-307 Downloads
Anna Dodonova and Yuri Khoroshilov
On the distribution of tax effects on headquarters location pp. 308-313 Downloads
Simon Bösenberg, Peter Egger and Nora Strecker
A Walrasian Rubinstein and Wolinsky model pp. 314-317 Downloads
Artyom Shneyerov
Persistence under temporal aggregation and differencing pp. 318-322 Downloads
Uwe Hassler

Volume 124, issue 1, 2014

A note on dynamic monopoly pricing under consumption externalities pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kaito Hashimoto and Nobuo Matsubayashi
Are choice experiments reliable? Evidence from the lab pp. 9-13 Downloads
S. Luchini and Verity Watson
Electing a representative committee by approval ballot: An impossibility result pp. 14-16 Downloads
Conal Duddy
Inclusive wealth with a changing but aging population pp. 21-25 Downloads
Rintaro Yamaguchi
Estimating dynamic demand for airlines pp. 26-29 Downloads
Diego Escobari
Short-time work—Some long-run implications pp. 30-32 Downloads
Erik Grape and Ann-Sofie Kolm
Penalties and the deterrence of unlawful collusion pp. 33-36 Downloads
Joseph E. Harrington
Cumulative offer process is order-independent pp. 37-40 Downloads
Daisuke Hirata and Yusuke Kasuya
Establishment size and task-specific wages: Evidence from historical contract data pp. 48-50 Downloads
Jaakko Pehkonen
Are lifecycle funds appropriate as default options in participant-directed retirement plans? pp. 51-54 Downloads
Anup K. Basu, En Te Chen and Adam Clements
Reversal of gender gaps in child development: Evidence from young children in India pp. 55-59 Downloads
Florencia Lopez Boo and Maria Eugenia Canon
The impact of bank competition and concentration on industrial growth pp. 60-63 Downloads
Guy Liu, Ali Mirzaei and Sotiris Vandoros
Government debt dynamics and the global financial crisis: Has anything changed in the EA12? pp. 64-66 Downloads
Juan Cuestas, Luis Gil-Alana and Karsten Staehr
A continuum of commitment pp. 67-73 Downloads
Thomas Weber
Comparative statics for oligopoly: A generalized result pp. 79-82 Downloads
Naoto Jinji
A fixed-T version of Breitung’s panel data unit root test pp. 83-87 Downloads
Yiannis Karavias and Elias Tzavalis
Dynamic inconsistency and non-preferential taxation of foreign capital pp. 88-92 Downloads
Kaushal Kishore and Santanu Roy
The non-monotonous impact of population growth on economic prosperity pp. 93-95 Downloads
Klaus Prettner
A note on coupled lotteries pp. 96-99 Downloads
Marc T.P. Adam, Eike Kroll and Timm Teubner
A simple estimator for partial linear regression with endogenous nonparametric variables pp. 100-103 Downloads
Michael S. Delgado and Christopher Parmeter
A note on the representative adaptive learning algorithm pp. 104-107 Downloads
Michele Berardi and Jaqueson Galimberti
Value and quantity data in economic and technical efficiency measurement pp. 108-112 Downloads
Maria Silva
A model of financial contagion with variable asset returns may be replaced with a simple threshold model of cascades pp. 113-116 Downloads
Teruyoshi Kobayashi
Can Markov switching model generate long memory? pp. 117-121 Downloads
Changryong Baek, Natércia Fortuna and Vladas Pipiras
Price vs. quantity competition in a vertically related market pp. 122-126 Downloads
Maria Alipranti, Chrysovalantou Milliou and Emmanuel Petrakis
The effect of human capital on countries’ economic efficiency pp. 127-131 Downloads
Nickolaos Tzeremes
Pro-competitive effect, division of labor, and firm productivity pp. 132-135 Downloads
Keita Kamei
The economic impact of Swiss smoking bans on the hospitality sector pp. 136-139 Downloads
Joachim Marti and Jörg Schläpfer
Is the ‘euro effect’ on trade so small after all? New evidence using gravity equations with panel cointegration techniques pp. 140-142 Downloads
Mariam Camarero, Estrella Gómez-Herrera and Cecilio Tamarit
Bid coordination in split-award procurement: The buyer need not know anything pp. 143-146 Downloads
Parimal Bag and Jianpei Li
Dynamic pricing in the Singapore condominium market pp. 147-150 Downloads
Eric Fesselmeyer and Haoming Liu
Heterogeneous firms and the impact of government policy on welfare and informality pp. 151-156 Downloads
Caterina Mendicino and Jose Prado
Alternative derivation of the leximin principle pp. 157-159 Downloads
Osamu Mori
Corrigendum to "Reconciling the Rawlsian and the utilitarian approaches to the maximization of social welfare, [Economics Letters 122 (2014) 439–444]" pp. 160–161 Downloads
Oded Stark, Marcin Jakubek and Fryderyk Falniowski
Hurricane strikes and local migration in US coastal counties pp. 17-20 Downloads
Bazoumana Ouattara and Eric Strobl
Childhood preventive care, adult healthcare and economic growth: The role of healthcare financing pp. 41-47 Downloads
Maame Woode, Carine Nourry and Bruno Ventelou
Will knowing diabetes affect labor income? Evidence from a natural experiment pp. 74-78 Downloads
Xiaoou Liu and Chen Zhu
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