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Volume 117, issue 3, 2012

Employer sanctions, and the welfare of native workers pp. 533-536 Downloads
Oded Stark and Marcin Jakubek
Experiments on horizontal mergers: Does size matter? pp. 537-539 Downloads
Steven Beckman, Gregory DeAngelo and W. James Smith
Price discrimination in Cournot competition pp. 540-543 Downloads
Levent Kutlu
The spatial time lag in panel data models pp. 544-547 Downloads
Ji Tao and Jihai Yu
Human capital, matching and job satisfaction pp. 548-551 Downloads
Tim Barmby, Alex Bryson and Barbara Eberth
On the existence of share contracts under limited liability pp. 552-555 Downloads
Kaniṣka Dam and Daniel Ruiz Pérez
Group lending with endogenous group size pp. 556-560 Downloads
Sylvain Bourjade and Ibolya Schindele
Deterrence: Increased enforcement versus harsher penalties pp. 561-562 Downloads
Derek Pyne
Is it so bad that we cannot recognize black swans? pp. 563-565 Downloads
Fuad Aleskerov and Lyudmila Egorova
Scale economies, consistent conjectures and teams pp. 566-568 Downloads
John Heywood and Matthew McGinty
Nursing home residents make a difference—The overestimation of saving rates at older ages pp. 569-572 Downloads
Michael Ziegelmeyer
Openness and inflation: New empirical panel data evidence pp. 573-577 Downloads
Ahmad Jafari Samimi, Saman Ghaderi, Ramezan Hosseinzadeh and Younes Nademi
A simple method to visualize results in nonlinear regression models pp. 578-581 Downloads
Daniel Henderson, Subal Kumbhakar and Christopher Parmeter
Investment, irreversibility, and financing constraints: Evidence from a panel of transition economies pp. 582-584 Downloads
Alessandra Guariglia, John Tsoukalas and Serafeim Tsoukas
Estimating network effects in two-sided markets without data on prices and quantities pp. 585-588 Downloads
Thomas Hildebrand
Peer punishment with third-party approval in a social dilemma game pp. 589-591 Downloads
Fangfang Tan and Erte Xiao
The gender wage gap in experimental labor markets pp. 592-595 Downloads
Christiane Schwieren
Do doctors charge high income patients more? pp. 596-599 Downloads
Meliyanni Johar
Inflow of labour, producer services and wage inequality pp. 600-603 Downloads
Jingjing Zhang
Bayesian estimation of exchange rate regime choice with spatial effect pp. 604-607 Downloads
Guoxiong Zhang
The great synchronization of international trade collapse pp. 608-614 Downloads
Nikolaos Antonakakis
Measuring the economic value of loan advice pp. 615-618 Downloads
Nick Taylor
Reservation wage and optimal contract for experts pp. 619-623 Downloads
Jooyong Jun and Kyoung-Soo Yoon
Individual level evidence of dishonesty and the gender effect pp. 624-626 Downloads
Lana Friesen and Lata Gangadharan
Demographics and demand: Evaluation of alternative functional forms pp. 627-631 Downloads
Panayiota Lyssiotou
Does studying abroad cause international labor mobility? Evidence from Italy pp. 632-635 Downloads
Giorgio Di Pietro
A market interpretation of the proportional extended core pp. 636-638 Downloads
Camelia Bejan and Juan Gomez
Credit default swaps and risk-shifting pp. 639-641 Downloads
Murillo Campello and Rafael Matta
Public goods and the hold-up problem under asymmetric information pp. 642-645 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
A generalization of Dybvig’s result on portfolio selection with intolerance for decline in consumption pp. 646-649 Downloads
Byung Lim Koo, Hyeng Keun Koo, Jung Lim Koo and ChongSeok Hyun
Utility of a quarter-million pp. 650-653 Downloads
Pavlo R. Blavatskyy
Optimal monetary policy with asymmetric preferences for output pp. 654-656 Downloads
Steven Cassou, C. Scott and Jesús Vázquez
Credible threats in a wage bargaining model with on-the-job search pp. 657-659 Downloads
Cristian Bartolucci
The relative-age effect and career success: Evidence from corporate CEOs pp. 660-662 Downloads
Qianqian Du, Huasheng Gao and Maurice Levi
Relative standards in ADHD diagnoses: The role of specialist behavior pp. 663-665 Downloads
Søren Dalsgaard, Maria Humlum, Helena Nielsen and Marianne Simonsen
Exchange rate undervaluation and economic growth: Díaz Alejandro (1965) revisited pp. 666-672 Downloads
Pablo Gluzmann, Levy-Yeyati, Eduardo and Federico Sturzenegger
Risk-averse insider trading in multi-asset sequential auction markets pp. 673-675 Downloads
Paolo Vitale
Bankruptcy and institutions pp. 676-678 Downloads
Michael Alexeev and Jounghyeon Kim
Efficiency in a search and matching model with right-to-manage bargaining pp. 679-682 Downloads
Takeki Sunakawa
Inflated ordered outcomes pp. 683-686 Downloads
Robert Brooks, Mark Harris and Christopher Spencer
Fair wages when employers face the risk of losing money pp. 687-690 Downloads
Karina Gose and Abdolkarim Sadrieh
Group decision making under risk: An experiment with student couples pp. 691-693 Downloads
Haoran He, Peter Martinsson and Matthias Sutter
The age distribution and business cycle volatility: International evidence pp. 694-696 Downloads
Steven Lugauer and Michael Redmond
A note on the size of the KPSS unit root test pp. 697-699 Downloads
Jen-Je Su, Christine Amsler and Peter Schmidt
Do financial crises erode potential output? Evidence from OECD inflation responses pp. 700-703 Downloads
Mohan Bijapur
An experimental investigation of a third-person enforcement in a prisoner’s dilemma game pp. 704-707 Downloads
Takao Kusakawa, Kazuhito Ogawa and Tatsuhiro Shichijo
Corruption, food subsidies, and opacity: Evidence from the Philippines pp. 708-711 Downloads
Aashish Mehta and Shikha Jha
More competitors or more competition? Market concentration and the intensity of competition pp. 712-714 Downloads
Flavio Menezes and John Quiggin
An empirical investigation of late bidding in online auctions pp. 715-717 Downloads
Tarek Ben Rhouma and Georges Zaccour
Moderate stake variations for risk and uncertainty, gains and losses: Methodological implications for comparative studies pp. 718-721 Downloads
Ferdinand M. Vieider
A note on endogenous fertility, child allowances and poverty traps pp. 722-726 Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Luca Gori
Matching as a cure for underprovision of voluntary public good supply pp. 727-729 Downloads
Wolfgang Buchholz, Richard Cornes and Dirk Rübbelke
Estimating technical efficiency in micro panels pp. 730-733 Downloads
Qu Feng and William Horrace
Quantile regression estimation for discretely observed SDE models with compound Poisson jumps pp. 734-738 Downloads
Jungsik Noh, Seung Y. Lee and Sangyeol Lee
On the expenditure-dependence of children’s resource shares pp. 739-742 Downloads
Martina Menon, Krishna Pendakur and Federico Perali
Disentangling disproportionality pp. 743-745 Downloads
Thomas Poulsen
Protectionism during the crisis: Tit-for-tat or chicken-games? pp. 746-749 Downloads
Mauro Boffa and Marcelo Olarreaga
Does subjective well-being dynamically adjust to circumstances? pp. 750-752 Downloads
Christoph Wunder
Estimation of a heteroscedastic binary choice model with an endogenous dummy regressor pp. 753-757 Downloads
Zhengyu Zhang and Xiaobo He
How to devalue exchange rates, without building up reserves: Strategic theory for central banking pp. 758-761 Downloads
Kaushik Basu
A practical comparison of the bivariate probit and linear IV estimators pp. 762-766 Downloads
Richard C. Chiburis, Jishnu Das and Michael Lokshin
Mixed oligopoly, public firm behavior, and free private entry pp. 767-769 Downloads
John Bennett and Manfredi La Manna
Intergenerational income mobility revisited: Estimation with an income dynamic model with heterogeneous age profile pp. 770-773 Downloads
Tak Wai Chau
Fiscal and financial determinants of Eurozone sovereign spreads pp. 774-776 Downloads
Giovanni Caggiano and Luciano Greco
On take it or leave it offers in common agency pp. 777-781 Downloads
Seungjin Han
Financial openness, nontradable inflation and optimal monetary policy pp. 782-785 Downloads
Emmanuel Lartey
An efficient and fair solution for communication graph games pp. 786-789 Downloads
Rene van den Brink, Anna Khmelnitskaya and Gerard van der Laan
Decisions among defaults and the effect of the option to do nothing pp. 790-793 Downloads
Sibilla Di Guida, Davide Marchiori and Ido Erev
A simple solution to the distance puzzle in international trade pp. 794-798 Downloads
Yoto Yotov
Aid fragmentation and donor transaction costs pp. 799-802 Downloads
Edward Anderson
Testing forecasting model versatility pp. 803-806 Downloads
Nick Taylor
Updating inflation expectations: Evidence from micro-data pp. 807-810 Downloads
Lena Dräger and Michael Lamla
Forecasting with the New Keynesian Phillips curve: Evidence from survey data pp. 811-813 Downloads
Frédo Jean-Baptiste
Testing the Prebish–Singer hypothesis using second-generation panel data stationarity tests with a break pp. 814-816 Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Kaddour Hadri, Eiji Kurozumi and Yao Rao
Bootstrap innovational outlier unit root tests in dependent panels pp. 817-819 Downloads
Mauro Costantini and Luciano Gutierrez
Microcredit and development in an occupational choice model pp. 820-823 Downloads
Nurmukhammad Yusupov
High wage workers match with high wage firms: Clear evidence of the effects of limited mobility bias pp. 824-827 Downloads
M.J. Andrews, L. Gill, Thorsten Schank and Richard Upward
Eliminating sunspot effects in overlapping generations models pp. 828-830 Downloads
Jonathan Burke
The life-cycle and the business-cycle of wage risk — Cross-country comparisons pp. 831-833 Downloads
Christian Bayer and Falko Juessen
Contests with endogenous discrimination pp. 834-836 Downloads
Sanxi Li and Jun Yu
GDP clustering: A reappraisal pp. 837-840 Downloads
Michele Battisti and Christopher Parmeter
The hold-up problem, innovations, and limited liability pp. 841-843 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
Income and democracy: Revisiting the evidence pp. 844-847 Downloads
Enrique Moral-Benito and Cristian Bartolucci
Urbanization and CO2 emissions: A semi-parametric panel data analysis pp. 848-850 Downloads
Hui-Ming Zhu, Wan-Hai You and Zhao-fa Zeng
A simple test for linearity against exponential smooth transition models with endogenous variables pp. 851-856 Downloads
Daniele Massacci
Asset prices, credit and the business cycle pp. 857-861 Downloads
Xiaoshan Chen, Alexandros Kontonikas and Alberto Montagnoli
A representative consumer theorem for discrete choice models in networked markets pp. 862-865 Downloads
Emerson Melo
Equally shocking news pp. 866-869 Downloads
Andrew Blake
Transmission effects of foreign exchange reserves on price level: Evidence from China pp. 870-873 Downloads
Langnan Chen and Shoufeng Huang
Relative efficiency of specific and ad-valorem tariffs in a model of monopolistic competition pp. 874-877 Downloads
Esra Durceylan
The price of unobservables and the employer-size wage premium pp. 878-880 Downloads
João Cerejeira and Paulo Guimaraes
Static models of the Edgeworth cycle pp. 881-882 Downloads
Nicolas de Roos
Preferential treatment in procurement auctions through information revelation pp. 883-886 Downloads
Domenico Colucci, Nicola Doni and Vincenzo Valori
Cash transfers and anemia among women of reproductive age pp. 887-890 Downloads
Norbert Schady
A new test for monopoly with limited cost data pp. 891-894 Downloads
Charles Moul
A note on the effect of education on religiosity pp. 895-897 Downloads
Javier Arias-Vazquez, F.
Deriving the labour supply curve from happiness data pp. 898-900 Downloads
Alfred Dockery
A note on the (in)consistency of the test of overidentifying restrictions and the concepts of true and pseudo-true parameters pp. 901-904 Downloads
Patrik Guggenberger
Religion and earnings: Is it good to be an atheist with religious parental background? pp. 905-908 Downloads
Thomas Cornelissen and Uwe Jirjahn
Budget deficits and social protection: Cyclical government expenditure in the OECD pp. 909-911 Downloads
Andrew Abbott and Philip Jones
Budgetary consolidation under different exchange rate regimes pp. 912-916 Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Massimo Giuliodori and Jesper Hanson
The currency union effect on trade is decreasing over time pp. 917-920 Downloads
José de Sousa
The marginal price effects of antitrust rules against price discrimination pp. 921-923 Downloads
Hans Zenger
A dynamic model of patent portfolio races pp. 924-927 Downloads
Vincenzo Denicolo' and Piercarlo Zanchettin
The price discrimination effect of a large merger of parking garages pp. 928-931 Downloads
Romain de Nijs
A note on estimating a structural change in persistence pp. 932-935 Downloads
Mohitosh Kejriwal and Pierre Perron

Volume 117, issue 2, 2012

Reciprocal brokered deposits and bank risk pp. 383-385 Downloads
Sherrill Shaffer
Toeholds and signalling in takeover auctions pp. 386-388 Downloads
Anna Dodonova
The raising of the school leaving age: Returns in later life pp. 389-393 Downloads
Franz Buscha and Matt Dickson
Partnership dissolution mechanisms in the laboratory pp. 394-396 Downloads
Thomas Kittsteiner, Axel Ockenfels and Nadja Trhal
Does the public sector over-provide club goods? A general result pp. 397-400 Downloads
Ali al-Nowaihi and Clive Fraser
Quantile regression with aggregated data pp. 401-404 Downloads
Cheti Nicoletti and Nicky Best
Delegation, monitoring, and relational contracts pp. 405-407 Downloads
Susanne Goldlücke and Sebastian Kranz
Alternative approaches to tax reform pp. 408-410 Downloads
Takumi Haibara
Jointly testing linearity and nonstationarity within threshold autoregressions pp. 411-413 Downloads
Jean-Yves Pitarakis
Competition in non-linear pricing, market concentration and mergers pp. 414-417 Downloads
Gabriella Chiesa and Vincenzo Denicolo'
The desirability of pay-as-you-go pensions when relative consumption matters and returns are stochastic pp. 418-422 Downloads
Ennio Bilancini and D’Antoni, Massimo
Water abundance and an EKC for water pollution pp. 423-425 Downloads
Alexi Thompson
Vocational or university education? A new look at their effects on economic growth pp. 426-428 Downloads
Tam Bang Vu, David Hammes and Eric Iksoon Im
On the amplification role of collateral constraints pp. 429-435 Downloads
Caterina Mendicino
Underperformance by female CEOs: A more powerful test pp. 436-440 Downloads
Gueorgui Kolev
Anonymous job applications of fresh Ph.D. economists pp. 441-444 Downloads
Annabelle Krause-Pilatus, Ulf Rinne and Klaus Zimmermann
Group lending with correlated project outcomes pp. 445-447 Downloads
Tomek Katzur and Robert Lensink
Restoring the conservative central banker proposition under monetary-fiscal interaction pp. 448-451 Downloads
Marcelo Sánchez
An impulse-response function for a VAR with multivariate GARCH-in-Mean that incorporates direct and indirect transmission of shocks pp. 452-454 Downloads
Chew Chua, Sandy Suardi and Sarantis Tsiaplias
Personal indebtedness, spatial effects and crime pp. 455-459 Downloads
Stuart G. McIntyre and Donald J. Lacombe
Effective and efficient experimental instructions pp. 460-463 Downloads
Maria Bigoni and Davide Dragone
A model of inflation in Taiwan pp. 464-466 Downloads
Gregory C. Chow
Business cycle synchronization during US recessions since the beginning of the 1870s pp. 467-472 Downloads
Nikolaos Antonakakis
Continuity of a model with a nested CES utility function and Bertrand competition pp. 473-476 Downloads
Konstantin Kucheryavyy
The AIDS: A chain price index approach pp. 477-479 Downloads
Mark G. Brown and Jonq-Ying Lee
What is more important for prostitute price? Physical appearance or risky sex behavior? pp. 480-483 Downloads
Hung-Hao Chang and Yungho Weng
Evolvement of influence in hierarchies pp. 484-486 Downloads
Ritxar Arlegi and Dinko Dimitrov
Strategic delegation under price competition and network effects pp. 487-489 Downloads
Steffen Hoernig
A strategic mediator who is biased in the same direction as the expert can improve information transmission pp. 490-492 Downloads
Lydia Mechtenberg and Johannes Münster
The drivers of merger waves pp. 493-495 Downloads
Zafeira Kastrinaki and Paul Stoneman
Nash equilibrium existence and uniqueness in a club model pp. 496-499 Downloads
Clive Fraser
An exploration in school formation: Income vs. Ability pp. 500-504 Downloads
Ahmet Alkan, Nejat Anbarci and Sinan Sarpça
Incentives versus competitive balance pp. 505-508 Downloads
Marc Möller
Government ownership of banks, job creation opportunities and employment growth pp. 509-512 Downloads
Nurullah Gur
Forecasting the yield curve for the Euro region pp. 513-516 Downloads
Benjamin Tabak, A.B. Sollaci, G.M. Gomes and Daniel Cajueiro
Salience, risky choices and gender pp. 517-520 Downloads
Alison Booth and Patrick Nolen
How regulation affects network and service quality in related markets pp. 521-524 Downloads
Justus Haucap and Gordon Klein
Optimal beliefs in the long run: An overlapping generations perspective pp. 525-527 Downloads
Yue Yuan
MIDAS volatility forecast performance under market stress: Evidence from emerging stock markets pp. 528-532 Downloads
C. Emre Alper, Salih Fendoglu and Burak Saltoğlu

Volume 117, issue 1, 2012

Firm productivity and the number of FDI destinations: Evidence from a non-parametric test pp. 1-3 Downloads
Ayumu Tanaka
Yardstick competition, fiscal disparities, and equalization pp. 4-6 Downloads
Maarten A. Allers
Survival of contractors with previous subcontracting experience pp. 7-9 Downloads
Dakshina De Silva, Georgia Kosmopoulou and Carlos Lamarche
A simple nonstationary-volatility robust panel unit root test pp. 10-13 Downloads
Matei Demetrescu and Christoph Hanck
Urbanization, human capital, and cross-country productivity differences pp. 14-17 Downloads
Alok Kumar and Brianne Kober
Technology differences in empirical studies of international trade pp. 18-20 Downloads
Erich Gundlach and Albert de Vaal
Monopoly incentives for cost-reducing R&D pp. 21-24 Downloads
Paolo Garella
Unwillingness to pay for privacy: A field experiment pp. 25-27 Downloads
Alastair R. Beresford, Dorothea Kübler and Sören Preibusch
Optimal unemployment insurance in GE: A robust calibration approach pp. 28-31 Downloads
Marco Cozzi
New evidence on pay gap between men and women in Turkey pp. 32-34 Downloads
Alisher Akhmedjonov
Sovereign risk contagion in the Eurozone pp. 35-38 Downloads
Norbert Metiu
The teaching penalty in higher education: Evidence from a public research university pp. 39-41 Downloads
Melissa Binder, Janie Chermak, Kate Krause and Jennifer Thacher
Economic integration and the sustainability of multimarket collusion pp. 42-44 Downloads
Eric Bond and Constantinos Syropoulos
Parochial altruism in inter-group conflicts pp. 45-48 Downloads
Klaus Abbink, Jordi Brandts, Benedikt Herrmann and Henrik Orzen
Something will turn up? Financial over-optimism and mortgage arrears pp. 49-52 Downloads
Chris Dawson and Andrew Henley
US banking efficiency, 1984–1995 pp. 53-56 Downloads
Levent Kutlu
Input substitutability, trade costs and location pp. 57-59 Downloads
Tomasz Michalski
HAC estimation in spatial panels pp. 60-65 Downloads
Francesco Moscone and Elisa Tosetti
The Ease of Doing Business Index as a tool for investment location decisions pp. 66-70 Downloads
Ricardo Pinheiro-Alves and J. Zambujal-Oliveira
Optimal product variety in a Hotelling model pp. 71-73 Downloads
Kieron Meagher
Product variety, product quality, and evidence of endogenous growth pp. 74-77 Downloads
Francesco Venturini
Empirical evidence on the generalized Taylor principle pp. 78-80 Downloads
Mario Jovanović
Broadening the tax base of neutral business taxes pp. 81-83 Downloads
Martin Ruf
Corruption driven by imitative behavior pp. 84-87 Downloads
Elvio Accinelli and Edgar Sánchez Carrera
Should we tax vacant dwellings? A search equilibrium model applied to the rental housing market pp. 88-90 Downloads
Sébastien Ménard
On the structure of US unemployment disaggregated by race, ethnicity, and gender pp. 91-95 Downloads
Hervé Queneau and Amit Sen
Who believes in the Taylor principle? Evidence from the Livingston survey pp. 96-98 Downloads
Christian Pierdzioch, Jan-Christoph Rülke and Georg Stadtmann
On the concavity of the consumption function with the time varying discount rate pp. 99-101 Downloads
Liutang Gong, Ruquan Zhong and Heng-Fu Zou
Self selection among different export markets pp. 102-105 Downloads
Francesco Serti and Chiara Tomasi
Sclerosis and large volatilities: Two sides of the same coin pp. 106-109 Downloads
Hermann Gartner, Christian Merkl and Thomas Rothe
On voluntary eco-labeling and fiscal incentives pp. 110-114 Downloads
Aditi Jamalpuria
Solution of the Hotelling’s game in secure strategies pp. 115-118 Downloads
Mikhail Iskakov and Alexey Iskakov
Inflation uncertainty and unemployment uncertainty: Why transparency about monetary policy targets matters pp. 119-122 Downloads
Marcelo Sánchez
New evidence on the role of cognitive skill in economic development pp. 123-126 Downloads
Márcio Laurini and Eduardo de Carvalho Andrade
Financial market participation, financial intermediation, and monetary policy pp. 127-130 Downloads
Edgar A. Ghossoub
Transmitted unemployment under the linked exchange rate system: Evidence from Hong Kong pp. 131-133 Downloads
Jimmy Ran and Youqing Zhou
Bertrand competition with asymmetric costs: Experimental evidence pp. 134-137 Downloads
Jan Boone, María Jose Larraín Aylwin, Wieland Müller and Amrita Ray Chaudhuri
The effects of monetary policy at different stages of economic development pp. 138-141 Downloads
Robert Reed and Edgar A. Ghossoub
Intermediary cost and coexistence puzzle pp. 142-145 Downloads
Young Sik Kim and Manjong Lee
Transfer pricing policy and the intensity of tax rate competition pp. 146-148 Downloads
Johannes Becker and Clemens Fuest
On the severity of economic downturns: Lessons from cross-country evidence pp. 149-155 Downloads
Luca Agnello and Carolin Nerlich
Does market participation promote generalized trust? Experimental evidence from Southern Africa pp. 156-160 Downloads
Shephard Siziba and Erwin Bulte
Dynamic programming with shape-preserving rational spline Hermite interpolation pp. 161-164 Downloads
Yongyang Cai and Kenneth Judd
On the variability of income within and across generations pp. 165-167 Downloads
Markus Jantti and Lena Lindahl
The variance of a rank estimator of transformation models pp. 168-169 Downloads
Koen Jochmans
Evaluating estimates of materials offshoring from US manufacturing pp. 170-173 Downloads
Robert Feenstra and J. Jensen
Connectionist-based rules describing the pass-through of individual goods prices into trend inflation in the United States pp. 174-177 Downloads
Richard Anderson, Jane M. Binner and Vincent A. Schmidt
Do professional forecasters in Asian–Pacific countries believe in the monetary neutrality? pp. 178-181 Downloads
Jan-Christoph Rülke
On measuring the efficiency of monetary policy pp. 182-185 Downloads
Walter Briec, Emmanuelle Gabillon, Laurence Lasselle and Hermann Ratsimbanierana
Do balanced skills help nascent entrepreneurs to make progress in the venture creation process? pp. 186-188 Downloads
Michael Stuetzer, Maximilian Goethner and Uwe Cantner
Attribute decomposition of multidimensional inequality indices pp. 189-191 Downloads
Martyna Kobus
Ethnic fractionalization and unemployment pp. 192-195 Downloads
Horst Feldmann
The flexible Fourier form and Dickey–Fuller type unit root tests pp. 196-199 Downloads
Walter Enders and Junsoo Lee
Real interest rate and labor market performance in developing countries pp. 200-203 Downloads
Horst Feldmann
Cross-checking optimal monetary policy with information from the Taylor rule pp. 204-207 Downloads
Peter Tillmann
Penn World Table 7.0: Are the data flawed? pp. 208-210 Downloads
Theodore Breton
When does elastic labor supply cause an inverted-U effect of patents on innovation? pp. 211-213 Downloads
Angus Chu, Shiyuan Pan and Minjuan Sun
Performance of nonlinear instrumental variable unit root tests using recursive detrending methods pp. 214-216 Downloads
Hyejin Lee, Ming Meng and Junsoo Lee
On the reversibility of structural reforms pp. 217-219 Downloads
Nauro Campos and Roman Horvath
Do bank characteristics influence the effect of monetary policy on bank risk? pp. 220-222 Downloads
Yener Altunbas, Leonardo Gambacorta and David Marques-Ibanez
Decentralized fiscal federalism revisited: Optimal income taxation and public goods under horizontal leadership pp. 223-226 Downloads
Thomas Aronsson and Lars Persson
Cooperative models for allocating an object pp. 227-229 Downloads
Vito Fragnelli and Stefano Gagliardo
An algorithm for generalized impulse-response functions in Markov-switching structural VAR pp. 230-234 Downloads
Frédéric Karamé
Heresy or enlightenment? The well-being age U-shape effect is flat pp. 235-238 Downloads
Sonja Kassenboehmer and Haisken-DeNew, John P.
Analysis of interactive fixed effects dynamic linear panel regression with measurement error pp. 239-242 Downloads
Nayoung Lee, Hyungsik Moon and Martin Weidner
Trade, variety, and immigration pp. 243-246 Downloads
Bo Chen and David Jacks
Communication matters: US monetary policy and commodity price volatility pp. 247-249 Downloads
Bernd Hayo, Ali Kutan and Matthias Neuenkirch
Is relative risk aversion constant? A reinterpretation of recent asset allocation findings at the micro level pp. 250-252 Downloads
Desu Liu
Short and long memory in stock returns data pp. 253-255 Downloads
John Goddard and Enrico Onali
Demand fluctuations and productivity of service industries pp. 256-258 Downloads
Masayuki Morikawa
Flattening of the Phillips curve and the role of the oil price: An unobserved component model for the USA and Australia pp. 259-262 Downloads
Antonio Paradiso and B. Rao
Fairness and fairness for neighbors: The difference between the Myerson value and component-wise egalitarian solutions pp. 263-267 Downloads
Sylvain Béal, Eric Rémila and Philippe Solal
On tests for linearity against STAR models with deterministic trends pp. 268-271 Downloads
Hendrik Kaufmann, Robinson Kruse and Philipp Sibbertsen
The assortative matching scheme in a survival battle pp. 272-275 Downloads
Elad Aloni and Aner Sela
Computational accuracy and distributional analysis in models with incomplete markets and aggregate uncertainty pp. 276-279 Downloads
Michal Horvath
On international spillovers pp. 280-282 Downloads
Dominique Bianco and Abdou-Aziz Niang
Stock returns and inflation: Evidence from quantile regressions pp. 283-286 Downloads
Paul Alagidede and Theodore Panagiotidis
Testing for the effects of omitted power transformations pp. 287-290 Downloads
Jin Seo Cho and Isao Ishida
Cultural transmission of civicness pp. 291-294 Downloads
Martin Ljunge
Asymmetric extreme tails and prospective utility of momentum returns pp. 295-297 Downloads
Gregory-Allen, Russell, Helen Lu and Philip Stork
An infimum coefficient unit root test allowing for an unknown break in trend pp. 298-302 Downloads
David Harvey and Stephen Leybourne
Non-probabilistic decision making with memory constraints pp. 303-305 Downloads
Alexander Vostroknutov
Import diversification along the growth path pp. 306-310 Downloads
Esteban Jaimovich
How Naiveté improves efficiency in trading with preplay communication pp. 311-314 Downloads
Rene Saran
The liquidity effect: Evidence from the U.S pp. 315-317 Downloads
William Crowder
Tax audits, fines and optimal tax evasion in a dynamic context pp. 318-321 Downloads
Rosella Levaggi and Francesco Menoncin
The importance of the electoral rule: Evidence from Italy pp. 322-325 Downloads
Massimo Bordignon and Andrea Monticini
The co-evolution of reciprocity-based wage offers and effort choices pp. 326-329 Downloads
Philipp Schliffke
Holdups and holdouts: What do they have in common? pp. 330-333 Downloads
Thomas J. Miceli and Kathleen Segerson
Catholic schools, competition, and public school quality pp. 334-336 Downloads
Juliana F. Carattini, Angela Dills, Sean Mulholland and Rachel B. Sederberg
Corporate visibility and executive pay pp. 337-339 Downloads
Bruce Rayton, Stephen Brammer and Suwina Cheng
On the asymmetric relationship between the size of the underground economy and the change in effective tax rate in Taiwan pp. 340-343 Downloads
David Han-Min Wang, Hui-Kuang Yu and Heng-Chang Hu
A simple model of price dispersion pp. 344-347 Downloads
Alexander Chudik
A fiscal stimulus with deep habits and optimal monetary policy pp. 348-353 Downloads
Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine, Giovanni Melina and Bo Yang
Money, capital and the Pigou effect pp. 354-356 Downloads
Arman Mansoorian
A note on proper scoring rules and risk aversion pp. 357-361 Downloads
Alexander Peysakhovich and Mikkel Plagborg-Moller
International emissions trading: Good or bad? pp. 362-364 Downloads
Bjart Holtsmark and Dag Einar Sommervoll
Identification issues in some double-index models for non-negative data pp. 365-367 Downloads
Georgios Papadopoulos and João Santos Silva
Consensus building on the FOMC: An analysis of end of tenure policy preferences pp. 368-371 Downloads
Eric Johnson, Michael Ellis and Diana Kotenko
How sensitive is Nordhaus to Weitzman? Climate policy in DICE with an alternative damage function pp. 372-374 Downloads
Wouter Botzen and Jeroen van den Bergh
Is there an empirical link between trade liberalisation and export performance? pp. 375-378 Downloads
Yasanji C. Ratnaike
Tax structure and growth: How robust is the empirical evidence? pp. 379-382 Downloads
Jing Xing
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