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Volume 122, issue 3, 2014

Financial liberalization and the relationship-specificity of exports pp. 375-379 Downloads
Fabrice Defever and Jens Suedekum
An impossibility result for virtual implementation with status quo pp. 380-385 Downloads
Georgy Artemov
What does “clean” really mean? The implicit framing of decontextualized experiments pp. 386-389 Downloads
Christoph Engel and David G. Rand
The stability of decision making in committees: The one-core pp. 390-395 Downloads
Joseph Armel Momo Kenfack, Roland Pongou and Bertrand Tchantcho
A nearly optimal auction for an uninformed seller pp. 396-399 Downloads
Natalia Lazzati and Matthew Van Essen
Within-series momentum in hockey: No returns for running up the score pp. 400-402 Downloads
Kevin M. Kniffin and Vince Mihalek
Does sovereign debt weaken economic growth? A panel VAR analysis pp. 403-407 Downloads
Matthijs Lof and Tuomas Malinen
Fictitious play property of the Nash demand game pp. 408-412 Downloads
Younghwan In
Gender differences in time preferences pp. 413-415 Downloads
Marcus Dittrich and Kristina Leipold
Discount functions and self-control problems pp. 416-419 Downloads
Frank Caliendo and T. Scott Findley
Prediction after IV estimation pp. 420-422 Downloads
Christopher Skeels and Larry W. Taylor
Endogenous residual claimancy by vertical hierarchies pp. 423-427 Downloads
Salvatore Piccolo, Aldo Gonzalez and Riccardo Martina
A note on variance estimation for the Oaxaca estimator of average treatment effects pp. 428-431 Downloads
Patrick Kline
Sentiment and art prices pp. 432-434 Downloads
Julien Penasse, Luc Renneboog and Christophe Spaenjers
Unraveling two myths about entrepreneurs pp. 435-438 Downloads
Jolanda Hessels, Cornelius A. Rietveld and Peter van der Zwan
Reconciling the Rawlsian and the utilitarian approaches to the maximization of social welfare pp. 439-444 Downloads
Oded Stark, Marcin Jakubek and Fryderyk Falniowski
Wage discrimination and population composition in the long run pp. 445-451 Downloads
Thanos Mergoupis and Shasikanta Nandeibam

Volume 122, issue 2, 2014

Entrepreneurship over the business cycle pp. 105-110 Downloads
Li Yu, Peter Orazem and Robert W. Jolly
Realized volatility transmission: The role of jumps and leverage effects pp. 111-115 Downloads
Michael Soucek and Neda Todorova
Tax multipliers and monetary policy: Evidence from a threshold model pp. 116-118 Downloads
Paul M. Jones and Eric Olson
Revisions to US labor market data and the public’s perception of the economy pp. 119-124 Downloads
Salem Abo-Zaid
Proximity-sensitive individual deprivation measures pp. 125-128 Downloads
Walter Bossert and D’Ambrosio, Conchita
Does venture capital really foster innovation? pp. 129-131 Downloads
Ana Faria and Natália Barbosa
An argument in favor of long terms for central bankers pp. 132-135 Downloads
Volker Hahn
Second thoughts on free riding pp. 136-139 Downloads
Ulrik H. Nielsen, Jean-Robert Tyran and Erik Wengström
The social value of information on product quality pp. 140-143 Downloads
Kenneth Corts
Dichotomy between macroprudential policy and monetary policy on credit and inflation pp. 144-149 Downloads
Hyunduk Suh
Signs of impact effects in time series regression models pp. 150-153 Downloads
M Pesaran and Ronald Smith
Controlling portfolio skewness and kurtosis without directly optimizing third and fourth moments pp. 154-158 Downloads
Woo Chang Kim, Frank Fabozzi, Patrick Cheridito and Charles Fox
A unified framework for analysing price interdependence, innovative activity and exchange rate pass-through pp. 159-162 Downloads
Sophocles Brissimis and Theodora Kosma
Cooperators and reciprocators: A within-subject analysis of pro-social behavior pp. 163-166 Downloads
Aurelie Dariel and Nikos Nikiforakis
Null, nullifying, or dummifying players: The difference between the Shapley value, the equal division value, and the equal surplus division value pp. 167-169 Downloads
André Casajus and Frank Huettner
Double marginalization and cost pass-through: Weyl–Fabinger and Cowan meet Spengler and Bresnahan–Reiss pp. 170-175 Downloads
Takanori Adachi and Takeshi Ebina
On the risk of long-run deflation pp. 176-181 Downloads
Demosthenes Tambakis
International mortality modelling—An economic perspective pp. 182-186 Downloads
Declan French
Testing of the mean reversion parameter in continuous time models pp. 187-189 Downloads
Emma Iglesias
An elementary proof of the common maximal bid in asymmetric first-price and all-pay auctions pp. 190-191 Downloads
Gadi Fibich and Gal Oren
Testing for normality in linear regression models using regression and scale equivariant estimators pp. 192-196 Downloads
Rami Tabri
Measurement error in imputation procedures pp. 197-202 Downloads
Rodolfo Campos and Iliana Reggio
Overconfidence as a social bias: Experimental evidence pp. 203-207 Downloads
Till Proeger and Lukas Meub
Are long-term wage elasticities of labor supply more negative than short-term ones? pp. 208-210 Downloads
Kirk Doran
Tournaments with gaps pp. 211-214 Downloads
Lorens Imhof and Matthias Kräkel
A note on tests of sphericity and cross-sectional dependence for fixed effects panel model pp. 215-219 Downloads
Guangyu Mao
Disease or utopia? Testing Baumol in education pp. 220-223 Downloads
Xin Chen and Charles Moul
Bias correcting adjustment coefficients in a cointegrated VAR with known cointegrating vectors pp. 224-228 Downloads
Kees Jan van Garderen and H. Peter Boswijk
Who makes, who breaks: Which scientists stay in academe? pp. 229-232 Downloads
Benjamin Balsmeier and Maikel Pellens
Do food standards affect the quality of EU imports? pp. 233-237 Downloads
Alessandro Olper, Daniele Curzi and Lucia Pacca
Reference technology sets, Free Disposal Hulls and productivity decompositions pp. 238-242 Downloads
Walter Diewert and Kevin Fox
Unintended hedging in ambiguity experiments pp. 243-246 Downloads
Jörg Oechssler and Alex Roomets
Dynamic pricing and asymmetries in retail gasoline markets: What can they tell us about price stickiness? pp. 247-252 Downloads
Christopher C. Douglas and Ana María Herrera
Gender, productive ability and the perceived returns to education: Evidence from rural India pp. 253-257 Downloads
Amalavoyal Chari and Annemie Maertens
Parallel trade, product quality, and welfare pp. 258-262 Downloads
Giorgio Matteucci and Pierfrancesco Reverberi
Credit and the transmission of fiscal policy shocks: Recent evidence from Greece pp. 263-267 Downloads
Athanasios Tagkalakis
Olympic Games: No legacy for sports pp. 268-271 Downloads
Jose L. Contreras and Alejandro Corvalan
US household real net worth through the Great Recession and beyond: Have we recovered? pp. 272-275 Downloads
Lucia Dunn and Randall Olsen
Stages of diversification in a neoclassical world pp. 276-284 Downloads
Catia Batista and Jacques Potin
A dynamic general equilibrium model of pollution abatement under learning by doing pp. 285-288 Downloads
Shoude Li and Xiaojun Pan
Volatility equicorrelation: A cross-market perspective pp. 289-295 Downloads
Sofiane Aboura and Julien Chevallier
Simultaneous screening and college admissions pp. 296-298 Downloads
Wei-Cheng Chen and Yi-Cheng Kao
Long- versus medium-run identification in fractionally integrated VAR models pp. 299-302 Downloads
Rolf Tschernig, Enzo Weber and Roland Weigand
Growth and financial liberalization under capital collateral constraints: The striking case of the stochastic AK model with CARA preferences pp. 303-307 Downloads
Raouf Boucekkine, Giorgio Fabbri and Patrick Pintus
Third-party punishment and counter-punishment in one-shot interactions pp. 308-310 Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas, Kristoffel Grechenig and Nikos Nikiforakis
Testing for joint significance in nonstationary binary choice model pp. 311-313 Downloads
Guangyu Mao
Are elections debt brakes? Evidence from French municipalities pp. 314-316 Downloads
Aurélie Cassette and Etienne Farvaque
Ambiguity and perceived coordination in a global game pp. 317-320 Downloads
Daniel Laskar
On the trade-diversion effects of free trade agreements pp. 321-325 Downloads
Mian Dai, Yoto Yotov and Thomas Zylkin
The effect of leniency programs on endogenous collusion pp. 326-330 Downloads
Sangwon Park
Consumer search with asymmetric price sampling pp. 331-333 Downloads
Astorne-Figari, Carmen and Aleksandr Yankelevich
Relative deprivation and migration preferences pp. 334-337 Downloads
Walter Hyll and Lutz Schneider
An alternative identification of nonlinear dynamic panel data models with unobserved covariates pp. 338-342 Downloads
Ji-Liang Shiu
Countercyclical pricing: A consumer heterogeneity explanation pp. 343-347 Downloads
Ali Umut Guler, Kanishka Misra and Naufel Vilcassim
Monopolistic competition and income dispersion pp. 348-352 Downloads
Alexander Osharin, Jacques Thisse, Philip Ushchev and Valery Verbus
Parameter estimates comparison of earnings functions in the PSID and CPS data, 1976–2007 pp. 353-357 Downloads
Elena Gouskova
Intertemporal price discrimination in infinite horizon pp. 358-361 Downloads
Lionel Wilner
Capacity precommitment, price competition and forward markets pp. 362-364 Downloads
José Luis Ferreira
An exercise to evaluate an anti-poverty program with multiple outcomes using program evaluation pp. 365-369 Downloads
TM Tonmoy Islam
Manipulating market sentiment pp. 370-373 Downloads
Michele Piccione and Ran Spiegler

Volume 122, issue 1, 2014

Distortionary fiscal policy and monetary policy goals pp. 1-6 Downloads
Klaus Adam and Roberto Billi
Decision time and steps of reasoning in a competitive market entry game pp. 7-11 Downloads
Florian Lindner
Price level targeting and the delegation issue in an open economy pp. 12-15 Downloads
Richard T. Froyen and Alfred Guender
Does size asymmetry exacerbate the inefficiency of tax competition? pp. 16-18 Downloads
Yutao Han, Patrice Pieretti and Benteng Zou
Loss-leader pricing and upgrades pp. 19-22 Downloads
Younghwan In and Julian Wright
Allocation effects of uncertainty on resources in Japan pp. 23-26 Downloads
Mustafa Caglayan and Bing Xu
The effect of firm-level productivity on exchange rate pass-through pp. 27-30 Downloads
Jonathan Aaron Cook
The composition of government spending and the multiplier at the zero lower bound pp. 31-35 Downloads
Julien Albertini, Arthur Poirier and Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup
Bayesian endogeneity bias modeling pp. 36-39 Downloads
Gabriel Montes-Rojas and Antonio F. Galvao
The human capital of black soldiers during the American Civil War pp. 40-43 Downloads
Kitae Sohn
Social capital and political institutions: Evidence that democracy fosters trust pp. 44-49 Downloads
Martin Ljunge
Gender- and frame-specific audience effects in dictator games pp. 50-54 Downloads
Jonathan Alevy, Francis L. Jeffries and Yonggang Lu
Cheating to win: Dishonesty and the intensity of competition pp. 55-58 Downloads
Edward Cartwright and Matheus L.C. Menezes
Violating the Monotonicity condition for instrumental variable—Dimorphic patterns of gene–behavior association pp. 59-63 Downloads
Muriel Zheng Fang
Asymptotic behaviour of tests for a unit root against an explosive alternative pp. 64-68 Downloads
David Harvey and Stephen Leybourne
VaR-implied tail-correlation matrices pp. 69-73 Downloads
Stefan Mittnik
Nowcasting causality in mixed frequency vector autoregressive models pp. 74-78 Downloads
Thomas Götz and Alain Hecq
Domestic and international research joint ventures: The effect of collusion pp. 79-83 Downloads
Ricardo Flores-Fillol, Ibañez-Zarate, Guiomar and Bernd Theilen
Discretion vs. timeless perspective under model-consistent stabilization objectives pp. 84-88 Downloads
Ivan Petrella, Raffaele Rossi and Emiliano Santoro
The mover’s advantage: The superior performance of migrant scientists pp. 89-93 Downloads
Chiara Franzoni, Giuseppe Scellato and Paula Stephan
Competition in the traditional sector does not matter for the ‘Core–Periphery’ model pp. 94-99 Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Sergey Kichko and Evgeny Zhelobodko
About time: Daylight Saving Time transition and individual well-being pp. 100-103 Downloads
Yiannis Kountouris and Kyriaki Remoundou
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