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Volume 101, issue 3, 2008

Extra! Extra! Some positive technology shocks are expansionary! pp. 153-156 Downloads
Michelle Alexopoulos
Trade openness and government size pp. 157-159 Downloads
Michael Benarroch and Manish Pandey
Why are people more pro-trade than pro-migration? pp. 160-163 Downloads
Anna Maria Mayda
The price of terror: The effects of terrorism on stock market returns and volatility pp. 164-167 Downloads
Kerim Arin, Davide Ciferri and Nicola Spagnolo
Obtaining analytic derivatives for a popular discrete-choice dynamic programming model pp. 168-171 Downloads
Curtis Eberwein and John Ham
Winner's curse in toll road concessions pp. 172-174 Downloads
Laure Athias and Antonio Nuñez
Conditional cooperation on three continents pp. 175-178 Downloads
Martin Kocher, Todd Cherry, Stephan Kroll, Robert J. Netzer and Matthias Sutter
Delegated contracting, information, and internal control pp. 179-183 Downloads
Wolfgang Gick
On the persistence of the Eonia spread pp. 184-187 Downloads
Uwe Hassler and Dieter Nautz
Testing for unit roots in three-dimensional heterogeneous panels in the presence of cross-sectional dependence pp. 188-192 Downloads
Monica Giulietti, Jesus Otero and Jeremy Smith
What Fisher knew about his relation, we sometimes forget pp. 193-195 Downloads
Neil Arnwine and Taner Yigit
Monetary politics in a monetary union: A note on common agency with rational expectations pp. 196-198 Downloads
Michele Ruta
An updated assessment of the Lucas supply curve and the inflation-output trade-off pp. 199-201 Downloads
Brant Abbott and Cristina Martínez
What determines the output drop after an energy price increase: Household or firm energy share? pp. 202-205 Downloads
Rajeev Dhawan and Karsten Jeske
How do different entitlements to unemployment benefits affect the transitions from unemployment into employment? pp. 206-209 Downloads
John Addison and Pedro Portugal
Panel AR(1) estimators under misspecification pp. 210-213 Downloads
Ryo Okui
Private versus complete information in auctions pp. 214-216 Downloads
Florian Morath and Johannes Münster
Duopoly can be more anti-competitive than monopoly pp. 217-219 Downloads
Kenji Fujiwara
The effect of temporary contracts on job security of permanent workers pp. 220-222 Downloads
Franciscos Koutentakis
Temporal aggregation, cointegration and causality inference pp. 223-226 Downloads
Gulasekaran Rajaguru and Tilak Abeysinghe
Advertising as a signaling device: Simulated maximum likelihood estimation of a multiple random effects count data model pp. 227-229 Downloads
Jörgen Hellström and Niklas Rudholm
Initial conditions and the outcome of economic reform pp. 230-233 Downloads
Linda Kaltani and Norman Loayza
Acceleration effect of uncertainty on technological diffusion pp. 234-236 Downloads
Koki Oikawa
Cournot and Bertrand-Edgeworth competition when rivals' costs are unknown pp. 237-240 Downloads
Jason J. Lepore
A note on optimal paternalism and health capital subsidies pp. 241-242 Downloads
Thomas Aronsson and Linda Thunstrom
Applicant behaviour in patent examination request lags pp. 243-245 Downloads
Alfons Palangkaraya, Paul Jensen and Elizabeth Webster
Are cash transfers made to women spent like other sources of income? pp. 246-248 Downloads
Norbert Schady and José Rosero
Bargaining with many players: A limit result pp. 249-252 Downloads
Klaus Kultti and Hannu Vartiainen
Double-Length Regression tests for testing functional forms and spatial error dependence pp. 253-257 Downloads
Canh Le and Dong Li
A vector integer-valued moving average model for high frequency financial count data pp. 258-261 Downloads
Shahiduzzaman Quoreshi
Vertical mergers and downstream spatial competition with different product varieties pp. 262-264 Downloads
Hamid Beladi, Avik Chakrabarti and Sugata Marjit
Optimal interest rate policy during asset price booms: The mirage of 'benign neglect' pp. 265-267 Downloads
Wolfram Berger and Friedrich Ki[beta]mer
Information gathering and the hold-up problem in a complete contracting framework pp. 268-271 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
Does classical competition explain the statistical features of firm growth? pp. 272-274 Downloads
Simone Alfarano and Mishael Milaković
Stochastic dominance representation of optimistic belief: Theory and applications pp. 275-278 Downloads
Yusuke Osaki and John Quiggin
Unit root testing for bubbles: A resurrection? pp. 279-281 Downloads
George Waters
A spatial Hausman test pp. 282-284 Downloads
Kelley Pace and James LeSage
Detecting invalid instruments using L1-GMM pp. 285-287 Downloads
Chirok Han
Testing against nonstationary volatility in time series pp. 288-292 Downloads
Ke-Li Xu
What makes a homegrown terrorist? Human capital and participation in domestic Islamic terrorist groups in the U.S.A pp. 293-296 Downloads
Alan Krueger
Time-series output convergence tests and stationary covariates pp. 297-299 Downloads
Dimitris Christopoulos and Miguel Leon-Ledesma

Volume 101, issue 2, 2008

The monetary method to measure the shadow economy: The forgotten problem of the initial conditions pp. 97-99 Downloads
Hildegart Ahumada, Facundo Alvaredo and Alfredo Canavese
Bundling, information aggregation and entry deterrence pp. 100-102 Downloads
Jongchool Park and Kyoungwon Seo
A note on marriage market clearing pp. 103-105 Downloads
Urvi Neelakantan and Michele Tertilt
Common smooth transition trend-stationarity in European unemployment pp. 106-109 Downloads
Massimo Franchi and Javier Ordóñez
Do sunk exporting costs differ among markets? Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms pp. 110-112 Downloads
Jose Blanes, Marion Dovis, Milgram-Baleix, Juliette and Ana Moro-Egido
Output, unemployment and Okun's law: Some evidence from the G7 pp. 113-115 Downloads
Jim Malley and Hassan Molana
Do regions matter in interjurisdictional competition? Evidence from state taxation pp. 116-118 Downloads
Jonathan Rork and Gary A. Wagner
A simple representation of the Bera-Jarque-Lee test for probit models pp. 119-121 Downloads
Joachim Wilde
High-powered incentives and fraudulent behavior: Stock-based versus stock option-based compensation pp. 122-125 Downloads
Rainer Andergassen
Parameter heterogeneity in growth regressions pp. 126-129 Downloads
David R. Hineline
Constrained labor supply and risk-aversion pp. 130-133 Downloads
Scott Drewianka
Learning, bounded memory, and inertia pp. 134-136 Downloads
Carlos Alós-Ferrer
Worker turnover and job matching--Implications for estimating the returns to tenure pp. 137-139 Downloads
Tim Barmby and Barbara Eberth
Error-correction modelling in discrete and continuous time pp. 140-141 Downloads
Arie ten Cate and Philip Hans Franses
A complete implementation of the efficient allocation of pollution pp. 142-144 Downloads
Nava Kahana, Yosef Mealem and Shmuel Nitzan
The bargaining within pp. 145-147 Downloads
Licun Xue
Rewards in an experimental sender-receiver game pp. 148-150 Downloads
Ronald Peeters, Marc Vorsatz and Markus Walzl
Corrigendum to "Measuring instrument relevance in the single endogenous regressor-multiple instrument case: A simplifying procedure" [Economics Letters 74 (2002) 321-325] pp. 151-151 Downloads
George Davis

Volume 101, issue 1, 2008

Monetary policy surprises and the expectations hypothesis at the short end of the yield curve pp. 1-3 Downloads
Selva Demiralp
Multimarket contact in continuous-time games pp. 4-5 Downloads
Hajime Kobayashi and Katsunori Ohta
The effects of small sample bias in Threshold Autoregressive models pp. 6-8 Downloads
Yamin Ahmad
Skill-upgrading and internationalization: Country-of-origin or end-use of products pp. 9-12 Downloads
Anders Sørensen
Bank competition and regional differences pp. 13-16 Downloads
Paolo Coccorese
Ordinal vs cardinal status: Two examples pp. 17-19 Downloads
Ennio Bilancini and Leonardo Boncinelli
Are "Nearly Exogenous Instruments" reliable? pp. 20-23 Downloads
Daniel Berkowitz, Mehmet Caner and Ying Fang
Productivity revolutions and science driven growth pp. 24-26 Downloads
Phillip Garner
The Error-in-Rejection Probability of meta-analytic panel tests pp. 27-30 Downloads
Christoph Hanck
Income inequality and crime in the United States pp. 31-33 Downloads
Jongmook Choe
Drug competition and voluntary exit pp. 34-37 Downloads
Suchin Virabhak and Wook Sohn
Home bias and deviations from purchasing power parity pp. 38-40 Downloads
Nikolaos Mylonidis
A note on S2 in a spatially correlated error components regression model for panel data pp. 41-43 Downloads
Seuck Heun Song and Jaejun Lee
How normal is normality in consumption? pp. 44-47 Downloads
Murray C. Kemp
Can health insurance coverage explain the generic competition paradox? pp. 48-52 Downloads
Ida Ferrara and Ying Kong
Large deviation asymptotics for statistical treatment rules pp. 53-56 Downloads
Taisuke Otsu
A note on longevity enhancing investment pp. 57-59 Downloads
Louis Eeckhoudt and Pierre Pestieau
Commodity currencies and the real exchange rate pp. 60-62 Downloads
Stephen Tokarick
Dispersion in wage premiums and firm performance pp. 63-65 Downloads
Pedro Martins
The taste for variety: A hedonic analysis pp. 66-68 Downloads
Larissa Drescher, Silke Thiele and Christoph Weiss
Self-interest, sympathy and the origin of endowments pp. 69-72 Downloads
Todd Cherry and Jason Shogren
Are more risk averse agents more optimistic? Insights from a rational expectations model pp. 73-76 Downloads
Elyès Jouini and Clotilde Napp
Separation costs, job heterogeneity and labor market volatility in the matching model pp. 77-79 Downloads
José Silva and Manuel Toledo
A cautious note on the use of panel models to predict financial crises pp. 80-83 Downloads
Jeroen van den Berg, Bertrand Candelon and Jean-Pierre Urbain
The effects of the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform in Brazil pp. 84-86 Downloads
Bruno Funchal
Production functions and distributions of unit factor productivities: Uncovering the link pp. 87-90 Downloads
Jakub Growiec
Semi-parametric discrete choice measures of willingness to pay pp. 91-94 Downloads
Ju-Chin Huang, Douglas W. Nychka and V. Smith
Corrigendum to "Habit persistence in consumption and the demand for money" [Economic Letters 96 (2007) 168-176] pp. 95-95 Downloads
Ryoji Hiraguchi
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