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Volume 21, issue 4, 1986

Do consumers benefit from quantity discounts? pp. 307-310 Downloads
David de Mesa
Experience rating and premium risk pp. 311-314 Downloads
Joseph Farrell
Speculative commodity holdings pp. 315-319 Downloads
Da-Hsiang Donald Lien
On an implication of a theorem due to Gorman pp. 321-323 Downloads
J. M. Heineke and H. M. Shefrin
Preliminary-test estimation in mis-specified regressions pp. 325-328 Downloads
David Giles
A test of the independence of subsets of instrumental variables and regressors pp. 329-331 Downloads
Mark S. McNulty
Minimum mean square error of a generalized Stein estimator pp. 333-335 Downloads
Lawrence C. Marsh and Michael J. Radzicki
The inadmissibility of the 2SLS estimator in linear structural equations pp. 337-341 Downloads
Tran Van Hoa
Assessing the relative efficiency of Hausman's test under Bahadur efficiency considerations pp. 343-347 Downloads
William Wascher
Dynamic properties of error correction models with a stochastic target series pp. 349-352 Downloads
Hubert Kempf and A. Wolanowski
Gross substitutes and immiserizing growth pp. 353-356 Downloads
D. Wade Hands
Is the interest differential exogenous in interest rate parity?: The Japanese experience, 1979-1983 pp. 357-363 Downloads
Chikara Komura and Takahiko Mutoh
Government expenditure, real exchange rate and the 'decline' of the manufacturing sector: Some empirical evidence pp. 365-370 Downloads
Alessandro Penati
On the convexity of the portfolio choice set pp. 371-373 Downloads
Thomas Russell
Strategic commitment with R&D: The case of Bertrand competition pp. 375-378 Downloads
Tom K. Lee
Unemployment insurance and labor supply and demand: A time series analysis for the United States pp. 379-383 Downloads
David J. Smyth
Forecasting the German population with Monte Carlo methods pp. 385-390 Downloads
Peter Pflaumer
Evidence on the weak and the strong versions of the screening hypothesis in the United States pp. 391-394 Downloads
Irvin Tucker

Volume 21, issue 3, 1986

The costs of using Frisch demand functions that are additive in the marginal utility of expenditure pp. 205-207 Downloads
Martin Browning
Fair prices exist always in production networks pp. 209-213 Downloads
M. Kok and C. Roos
Disequilibrium models with rational expectations: An application to the UK labour market pp. 215-220 Downloads
Stephen Hall, S. G. B. Henry, Anil Markandya and M. Pemberton
On the stability of non-Walrasian equilibria pp. 221-226 Downloads
Demetrius Yannelis
Reversal of asymmetries of allocation mechanisms under manipulation pp. 227-230 Downloads
William Thomson
Lexicographic arbitration pp. 231-234 Downloads
Jose Encarnacion
Optimal consumption, the interest rate and wage uncertainty pp. 235-239 Downloads
David S. Sibley and David Levhari
A note on the variability of inflation and the cross-sectional dispersion of stock returns pp. 241-244 Downloads
Eric C. Chang
Some new estimators in spatial econometrics pp. 245-249 Downloads
J. -P. Ancot, Jean Paelinck and J. Prins
Estimation of covariance components for random-walk regression parameters pp. 251-255 Downloads
Larry J. Lockwood
A distribution function of the F-ratio when the Stein-rule estimator is used in place of the OLS estimator pp. 257-260 Downloads
Kazuhiro Ohtani
Wald, likelihood ratio, and infinite induced test statistics for joint one-sided hypothesis pp. 261-264 Downloads
Alan J. Rogers
Moments of OLS estimators in an autoregressive moving average model with explanatory variables pp. 265-269 Downloads
Aman Ullah and Esfandiar Maasoumi
International policy coordination in an uncertain world pp. 271-276 Downloads
Atish Ghosh
Are foreign exchange forecasts rational?: New evidence from survey data pp. 277-281 Downloads
Kathryn Dominguez
Imperfect information, specificity of schooling and rate of return-migration pp. 283-289 Downloads
Kit-Chun Lam
Selectivity bias and earnings differences by gender and race pp. 291-296 Downloads
Mark Berger and Darrell E. Glenn
Union effects on wages and wage growth pp. 297-303 Downloads
Solomon Polachek, Phanindra Wunnava and Michael T. Hutchins

Volume 21, issue 2, 1986

On the generic existence of Radner equilibria when there are as many securities as states of nature pp. 101-105 Downloads
Rafael Repullo
Value allocation with economies of scale pp. 107-111 Downloads
Daniel Spulber
Rationing rules and Bertrand-Edgeworth equilibria in large markets pp. 113-116 Downloads
Xavier Vives
Asymmetric fluctuations in consumption pp. 117-120 Downloads
Mark Dynarski and Steven Sheffrin
On Hotelling's competition with non-uniform customer distributions pp. 121-126 Downloads
Damien Neven
A new model for decisions under uncertainty pp. 127-130 Downloads
Peter C. Fishburn
The bargaining problem: axioms concerning changes in the conflict point pp. 131-134 Downloads
Zvi Livne
A note on job matching with budget constraints pp. 135-138 Downloads
Susan J. Mongell and Alvin Roth
Production and hedging decisions in futures and forward markets pp. 139-143 Downloads
Jacob Paroush and Avner Wolf
Firm's hedging behavior without the expected utility hypothesis pp. 145-148 Downloads
Zvi Safra and Itzhak Zilcha
International evidence on output-inflation tradeoffs: A bootstrap analysis pp. 149-153 Downloads
Michael Williams and Michael G. Baumann
Weighted trace minimisation estimation of demand systems pp. 155-158 Downloads
Ronald Bewley
A simplified method of calculating the score test for serial correlation in multivariate models pp. 159-161 Downloads
Alastair Hall
On the asymptotic bias and mean squared error of an improved estimator for coefficients in linear regression pp. 163-167 Downloads
Balakrishna S. Hosmane
A gradual switching regression model with autocorrelated errors pp. 169-172 Downloads
Kazuhiro Ohtani and Sei-ichi Katayama
Asymptotic distribution of least squares estimator and a test statistic in linear regression models pp. 173-176 Downloads
M. S. Srivastava and V. K. Srivastava
Comparative statics of degenerate critical points pp. 177-181 Downloads
Peter McCabe
Targeting rules for monetary policy pp. 183-187 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Jacob A. Frenkel
The sensitivity of effective marginal tax rate calculations to alternative arbitrage assumptions pp. 189-193 Downloads
Michael Daly, Jack Jung, Pierre Mercier and Thomas Schweitzer
On the theory of international trade between capitalist and labour-managed countries pp. 195-198 Downloads
Yasunori Ishii
Earnings differentials and occupational segregation by gender: A simultaneous equations approach pp. 199-201 Downloads
Donald E. Lewis and Brett Shorten

Volume 21, issue 1, 1986

A new class of sufficient conditions for the first-order approach to the principal-agent problem pp. 1-6 Downloads
Murray Brown, Shin-Hwan Chiang, Satyajit Ghosh and Elmar Wolfstetter
An experimental test for risk aversion pp. 7-11 Downloads
Glenn Harrison
Enterprise purchases and the expectation of rationing pp. 13-15 Downloads
Richard E. Quandt
Small sample properties in a heterogenous Weibull model pp. 17-20 Downloads
Kurt Brännäs
On using Durbin's h-test to validate the partial-adjustment model pp. 21-25 Downloads
H. E. Doran
Mixed regression estimator under misspecification pp. 27-30 Downloads
Krishna Kadiyala
Alternative specification tests for Tobit and related models pp. 31-33 Downloads
Peter Kooreman
Obtaining any Wald statistic you want pp. 35-40 Downloads
Francine Lafontaine and Kenneth J. White
Bootstrapping regression estimators under first-order serial correlation pp. 41-44 Downloads
Michael Veall
Biased predictors, rationality and the evaluation of forecasts pp. 45-48 Downloads
Arnold Zellner
Asset price bubbles from poorly aggregated information: A parametric example pp. 49-52 Downloads
Daniel Friedman and Masanao Aoki
Sterilization and stability pp. 53-56 Downloads
Joan O'Connell
Tests of expected real profits in the forward foreign exchange market pp. 57-60 Downloads
Christina Y. Liu
Alternative specifications of the errors in the Black-Scholes option-pricing model and various implied-variance formulas pp. 61-65 Downloads
Abdul Rahman and Lawrence Kryzanowski
Minimal and maximal product differentiation in Hotelling's duopoly pp. 67-71 Downloads
Nicholas Economides
A note on inertia in market share pp. 73-75 Downloads
Joseph Farrell
Market share inertia with more than two firms: An existence problem pp. 77-79 Downloads
Suzanne Scotchmer
A note on the taxation of exhaustible resources under oligopoly pp. 81-84 Downloads
Mohammed Dore and Geoff(rey) Harcourt
A theory of scar unemployment pp. 85-88 Downloads
Tara Vishwanath
Labor mobility under asymmetric information with moving and signalling costs pp. 89-94 Downloads
Eliakim Katz and Oded Stark
Addiction and satiation pp. 95-99 Downloads
Laurence Iannaccone
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