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Volume 23, issue 4, 1987

On monopolistic competition and the equilibria of non-tatonnement processes pp. 311-315 Downloads
Fernando M. C. B. Saldanha
Monopolistic competition and the stability of industrial equilibrium pp. 317-322 Downloads
Chichur Chao and Akira Takayama
The role of indifference in sequential models of spatial competition: An example pp. 323-328 Downloads
Mathias Dewatripont
On the concepts of returns to scale pp. 329-334 Downloads
Toyonari Ide and Akira Takayama
Organizational decision-making quality and the severity of the free-riding problem pp. 335-339 Downloads
Mark Gradstein and Shmuel Nitzan
A note on the monotonicity of Vn pp. 341-342 Downloads
Ehud Lehrer
Auctions with entry pp. 343-347 Downloads
Randolph McAfee and John McMillan
Moment preferences and polynomial utility pp. 349-353 Downloads
Sigrid M. Muller and Mark Machina
The minimum cost spanning forest game pp. 355-357 Downloads
Edward C. Rosenthal
How did households interpret chernobyl?: A bayesian analysis of risk perceptions pp. 359-364 Downloads
V. Smith and R. Gregory Michaels
On the periodicity of solutions to dynamic problems of costly price adjustment under inflation pp. 365-369 Downloads
Victoria Zinde-Walsh
Measuring the distance between relative price vectors of different countries pp. 371-374 Downloads
Henri Theil and James Seale
Trade taxes and subsidies with imperfect competition pp. 375-379 Downloads
Ronald W. Jones
Monetary versus real exchange rate targets when capital mobility is limited pp. 381-386 Downloads
Alessandro Penati
Inequality of income derived from survey data during the inflationary period pp. 387-388 Downloads
Nanak Kakwani
On a simple transfer-sensitive index of inequality pp. 389-392 Downloads
S. Subramanian

Volume 23, issue 3, 1987

Locally consistent oligopolistic equilibria are Cournot-Walras equilibria pp. 217-221 Downloads
Robert Gary-Bobo
Price and quantity controls as facilitating devices pp. 223-228 Downloads
Jürgen Eichberger and Ian Harper
Rebates, introductory sales and the Coase conjecture pp. 229-232 Downloads
Ian Gale
Finite rationalizability and cooperation in the finitely repeated Prisoners' Dilemma pp. 233-237 Downloads
Joseph Harrington
Bidding behavior in first price sealed bid auctions: Use of computerized Nash competitors pp. 239-244 Downloads
James Walker, Vernon Smith and James Cox
Efficiency wages in Weitzman's share economy pp. 245-249 Downloads
David Levine
A note on non-periodic demoeconomic fluctuations with positive measure pp. 251-256 Downloads
Richard H. Day and Kyoo-Hong Kim
Multiple Cause Model with autocorrelated errors: A gain in efficiency analysis pp. 257-262 Downloads
Keshab Shrestha
The informational gain from Stein and hierarchial Stein estimators pp. 263-267 Downloads
Tran Van Hoa
Elliptical regression operationalized pp. 269-274 Downloads
A. M. Wesselman and Bernard van Praag
Global asymptotic stability of non-linear difference equations II pp. 275-277 Downloads
Takao Fujimoto
Non-recursive methods for computing the coefficients of the autoregressive and the moving-average representation of mixed ARMA processes pp. 279-284 Downloads
Stefan Mittnik
The impact of usury ceilings on revolving credit pp. 285-288 Downloads
Daniel J. Villegas
Do the foreign exchange rates really follow a random walk?: An empirical question revisited pp. 289-293 Downloads
Benjamin J. C. Kim
External sources of technical knowledge pp. 295-299 Downloads
Albert Link and Robert W. Zmud
An analysis of non-insurance work incentives pp. 301-304 Downloads
Robert Drago and Geoffrey K. Turnbull
Asymmetric information and multi-stage brain drain pp. 305-309 Downloads
Da-Hsiang Donald Lien

Volume 23, issue 2, 1987

A convergent price adjustment process pp. 119-123 Downloads
Gerard van der Laan and Dolf Talman
Non-linear pricing and the law of demand pp. 125-128 Downloads
C. Vaughan Jones
Uncontrolled prices on a market with supply control pp. 129-133 Downloads
Roland Herrmann
International trade and the possible occurrence of chaos pp. 135-138 Downloads
Hans-Walter Lorenz
Does GNP have a unit root?: A re-evaluation pp. 139-145 Downloads
Pierre Perron and Peter Phillips
Modeling finitely-repeated games with uncertain termination pp. 147-151 Downloads
Kaushik Basu
Asymmetric information in competitive bribery games pp. 153-156 Downloads
Da-Hsiang Donald Lien
Strong convergence of least squares learning to rational expectations pp. 157-161 Downloads
Dimitris Margaritis
Life-cycle saving and dissaving in retirement pp. 163-165 Downloads
Thad Mirer
Time consistent commitments of intermediate duration pp. 167-171 Downloads
Michael Jones
On the misuse of forecast errors to distinguish between level and first difference specifications pp. 173-176 Downloads
Stephen M. Goldfeld and Daniel Sichel
The determination of the state covariance matrix of moving-average processes without computation pp. 177-179 Downloads
Stefan Mittnik
Negative conjectures and increased public good provision pp. 181-184 Downloads
Jason Shogren
Domestic export subsidy and foreign welfare pp. 185-188 Downloads
Chao-cheng Mai and Hong Hwang
The demand for international reserves in a regime of floating exchange rates: Some empirical evidence pp. 189-192 Downloads
Ronald MacDonald
Hospital scale economies due to stochastic demand and service pp. 193-197 Downloads
James Mulligan
Gaids: a generalised version of the almost ideal demand system pp. 199-202 Downloads
Carlo Andrea Bollino
A new concept of Lorenz domination pp. 203-207 Downloads
Patrick Moyes
Extending the sample size in cross-country demand analysis pp. 209-212 Downloads
James Seale and Henri Theil
A superior measure of consumption from the panel study of income dynamics pp. 213-216 Downloads
Jonathan Skinner

Volume 23, issue 1, 1987

An economy with infinite dimensional commodity space and empty core pp. 1-4 Downloads
C. D. Aliprantis, O. Burkinshaw and Donald Brown
A note on the existence of Pareto optima in topological vector spaces pp. 5-7 Downloads
Aloisio Araujo
Intertemporal benefit functions pp. 9-14 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Stephen Littlechild
Weakly lower demicontinuous preference maps pp. 15-18 Downloads
Ghanshyam Mehta
Comparative statics for integrable Nash equilibria pp. 19-21 Downloads
Michael J. Stutzer
Welfare-improving changes in size distributions of income pp. 23-29 Downloads
Alan Harrison and Yorgos Papageorgiou
Further empirical evidence on popularity and electoral cycle effects pp. 31-36 Downloads
David Peel and D. Jones
The futures price of a commodity in fixed supply pp. 37-41 Downloads
Rafi Eldor and Daniel Pines
Advance production in oral double auction markets pp. 43-48 Downloads
Stuart Mestelman and Douglas Welland
Variability of price changes in OECD member countries pp. 49-52 Downloads
C. E. V. Leser
Estimation of disequilibrium and limited dependent variable models with serially dependent residuals pp. 53-57 Downloads
P. M. Robinson
On least squares estimation with a particular linear function of the dependent variable pp. 59-64 Downloads
Peter Stahlecker and Karsten Schmidt
Impulse functions in dynamic perfect foresight models pp. 65-69 Downloads
Steven Ambler
A result on the rank of submatrices and an economic application pp. 71-77 Downloads
Rulon D. Pope and Wayne W. Barrett
An optimal redistributive capital income tax formula for an economy with public investment pp. 79-82 Downloads
Parantap Basu
Some pitfalls on the road to a neutral tax system pp. 83-87 Downloads
Michael J. Daly
Effects of exchange rate flexibility on the demand for international reserves pp. 89-93 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Margaret Malixi
Risk premia and the foreign exchange market: The European Monetary System versus the 'rest of the world' pp. 95-98 Downloads
Anna Margarita
The demand for IMF credits by Sub-Saharan African countries pp. 99-102 Downloads
Peter Cornelius
Financial pricing models and competitive underwriting returns for the insurance industry pp. 103-108 Downloads
Jorge L. Urrutia
Innovation in large and small firms pp. 109-112 Downloads
Zoltan Acs and David Audretsch
Population shocks and employment: Testing the labor market equilibrium hypothesis pp. 113-117 Downloads
Juha Tarkka and Matti Viren
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