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Volume 172, issue C, 2018

Are foreign private equity buyouts bad for workers? pp. 1-4 Downloads
Martin Olsson and Joacim Tåg
Taylor effect in Bitcoin time series pp. 5-7 Downloads
Tetsuya Takaishi and Takanori Adachi
Kernel-based testing with skewed and heavy-tailed data: Evidence from a nonparametric test for heteroskedasticity pp. 8-11 Downloads
Daniel Henderson and Alice Sheehan
Predetermined interest rates in an analytical RBC model pp. 12-15 Downloads
Patrick Fève, Alban Moura and Olivier Pierrard
EU services liberalization and TFP growth: Industry level evidence pp. 16-18 Downloads
Sotiris Papaioannou
Axiomatic characterisations of the basic best–worst rule pp. 19-22 Downloads
Takashi Kurihara
Bitcoin Futures—What use are they? pp. 23-27 Downloads
Shaen Corbet, Brian Lucey, Maurice Peat and Samuel Vigne
Effect of reimbursement on all-pay auction pp. 28-30 Downloads
Yizhaq Minchuk
Radner’s cost–benefit analysis in the small: A correction and new equivalences pp. 31-33 Downloads
Edward Schlee
Tullock contests reward information advantages pp. 34-36 Downloads
Avishay Aiche, Ezra Einy, Ori Haimanko, Diego Moreno, Aner Sela and Benyamin Shitovitz
Changes in dividend smoothing after the financial crisis pp. 37-39 Downloads
KyungJae Rhee and Kyung Suh Park
Inferring scope economies from the input distance function pp. 40-42 Downloads
Rolf Färe and Giannis Karagiannis
Expected investment and the cross-section of stock returns pp. 43-49 Downloads
Qi Lin and Xi Lin
A semi-parametric panel data analysis on financial development-economic volatility nexus in developing countries pp. 50-55 Downloads
Haykel Zouaoui, Manel Mazioud and Nidhal Ziedi Ellouz
Comparing inequality and mobility in linear models: Comment pp. 56-58 Downloads
Christian Di Pietro and Marco Sorge
Oil price shocks and stock return volatility: New evidence based on volatility impulse response analysis pp. 59-62 Downloads
Sercan Eraslan and Faek Menla Ali
Sectoral inflation and the Phillips curve: What has changed since the Great Recession? pp. 63-68 Downloads
Maria Luengo-Prado, Nikhil Rao and Viacheslav Sheremirov
kth price auctions and Catalan numbers pp. 69-73 Downloads
Abdel-Hameed Nawar and Debapriya Sen
The effect of the Internet on economic growth: Counter-evidence from cross-country panel data pp. 74-77 Downloads
Per Botolf Maurseth
Dividend policy relevance in a levered firm—The binomial case pp. 78-80 Downloads
Dan Galai and Zvi Wiener
Intertemporal risk-return tradeoff in the short-run pp. 81-84 Downloads
Joseph M. Marks and Kiseok Nam
Scale heterogeneity in discrete choice experiment: An application of generalized mixed logit model in air travel choice pp. 85-88 Downloads
Ishrat Hossain, Najam Saqib and Munshi Masudul Haq
Factor substitution and convergence speed in the neoclassical model with elastic labor supply pp. 89-92 Downloads
Manuel Gómez
The reallocative and heterogeneous effects of cap-and-trade pp. 93-96 Downloads
E. Mark Curtis and Jonathan Lee
Liquidity uncertainty and Bitcoin’s market microstructure pp. 97-101 Downloads
Dimitrios Koutmos
A tale of two risks in the EMU sovereign debt markets pp. 102-106 Downloads
Erdinc Akyildirim, Duc Khuong Nguyen and Ahmet Sensoy
Can self-assessed risk attitudes predict behavior under risk? Evidence from a field study in China pp. 107-109 Downloads
Pan He
Survivorship bias and comparability of UK open-ended fund databases pp. 110-114 Downloads
Bernd Hanke, Aneel Keswani, Garrett Quigley and Maxim Zagonov
A novel approach for testing the parity relationship between CDS and credit spread pp. 115-117 Downloads
Carolina Castagnetti
Does male education affect fertility? Evidence from Mali pp. 118-122 Downloads
Raphaël Godefroy and Joshua Lewis
Threshold regression asymptotics: From the compound Poisson process to two-sided Brownian motion pp. 123-126 Downloads
Ping Yu and Peter Phillips
The regional effects of Germany’s national minimum wage pp. 127-130 Downloads
Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Duncan Roth and Tobias Seidel
The green golden rule: Habit and anticipation of future consumption pp. 131-133 Downloads
Joao Faria and Peter McAdam
Econometrics with system priors pp. 134-137 Downloads
Michal Andrle and Miroslav Plašil
High trend inflation and passive monetary detours pp. 138-142 Downloads
Guido Ascari, Anna Florio and Alessandro Gobbi
The truth about tattoos pp. 143-147 Downloads
Bradley Ruffle and Anne E. Wilson
Foreign assistance and migration choices: Disentangling the channels pp. 148-151 Downloads
Mauro Lanati and Rainer Thiele
A note on optimal sectoral policies in production networks pp. 152-156 Downloads
Jorge Miranda-Pinto
How the U.S. Census Bureau e-commerce figures overestimate output and online sales pp. 157-159 Downloads
Roger Betancourt

Volume 171, issue C, 2018

Comparing hybrid time-varying parameter VARs pp. 1-5 Downloads
Joshua Chan and Eric Eisenstat
Sequential contests with first and secondary prizes pp. 6-9 Downloads
Asaf Iluz and Aner Sela
Financial market activity under capital controls: Lessons from extreme events pp. 10-13 Downloads
Konstantinos Gkillas (Gillas) and François Longin
Inflation and innovation with a cash-in-advance constraint on human capital accumulation pp. 14-18 Downloads
Qichun He
The impact of Tether grants on Bitcoin pp. 19-22 Downloads
Wang Chun Wei
An examination of geographic heterogeneity in price effects of superfund site remediation pp. 23-28 Downloads
Ralph Mastromonaco and Peter Maniloff
Moment redundancy test with application to efficiency-improving copulas pp. 29-33 Downloads
Bowen Hao, Artem Prokhorov and Hailong Qian
Variable markups and capital-labor substitution pp. 34-36 Downloads
Wei Jiang and Miguel Leon-Ledesma
Conditional cooperation: Review and refinement pp. 37-40 Downloads
Christian Thöni and Stefan Volk
On the endogenous determination of the degree of meritocracy in large cooperatives pp. 41-45 Downloads
Ramon Torregrosa
Easy bootstrap-like estimation of asymptotic variances pp. 46-50 Downloads
Bo E. Honoré and Luojia Hu
A simple mechanism for double implementation with semi-socially-responsible agents pp. 51-53 Downloads
Makoto Hagiwara
Shareholder protection, stock markets and cross-border mergers pp. 54-57 Downloads
Frederick S. Ahiabor, Gregory James, Frank O. Kwabi and Mathias Siems
A machine learning approach to identifying different types of uncertainty pp. 58-62 Downloads
Bennett Saltzman and Julieta Yung
On the transmission mechanism of country-specific and international economic uncertainty spillovers: Evidence from a TVP-VAR connectedness decomposition approach pp. 63-71 Downloads
David Gabauer and Rangan Gupta
The FOMC versus the staff, revisited: When do policymakers add value? pp. 72-75 Downloads
Carola Binder and Samantha Wetzel
A modification to the WPC model pp. 76-78 Downloads
Hossein Jahanshahloo and Laima Spokeviciute
Shocks to military support and subsequent assassinations in Ancient Rome pp. 79-82 Downloads
Cornelius Christian and Liam Elbourne
Does charitable giving crowd out support for government spending? pp. 83-86 Downloads
Seth H. Werfel
Optimal Ramsey taxation with endogenous risk aversion pp. 87-92 Downloads
Orhan Erem Ateşağaoğlu and Orhan Torul
Optimal vs naïve diversification in cryptocurrencies pp. 93-96 Downloads
Emmanouil Platanakis, Charles Sutcliffe and Andrew Urquhart
Quality, price, and time-on-market pp. 97-101 Downloads
Jordan Martel
Averaging estimators for kernel regressions pp. 102-105 Downloads
Chu-An Liu
On the computation of detection error probabilities under normality assumptions pp. 106-109 Downloads
Masakatsu Okubo
Moral hazard with non-additive uncertainty: When are actions implementable? pp. 110-114 Downloads
Martin Dumav and Urmee Khan
Procuring substitutes with (fine-tuned) first-price auctions pp. 115-118 Downloads
Leandro Arozamena, Federico Weinschelbaum and Elmar Wolfstetter
Search costs and cost pass-through: Evidence for the Iranian poultry market pp. 119-122 Downloads
Omid Zamani, Thomas Bittmann and Jens-Peter Loy
The spillover of macroeconomic uncertainty between the U.S. and China pp. 123-127 Downloads
Zhuo Huang, Chen Tong, Han Qiu and Yan Shen
Is utility maximization compromised by acute intoxication with THC or MDMA? pp. 128-132 Downloads
Gillinder Bedi and Daniel Burghart
Reminders for voluntary payments might backfire—Evidence from a field study pp. 133-136 Downloads
Christoph Feldhaus, Tassilo Sobotta and Peter Werner
Empirical estimates of the methane–income elasticity pp. 137-139 Downloads
Octavio Fernández-Amador, Joseph Francois, Doris Oberdabernig and Patrick Tomberger
How investible is Bitcoin? Analyzing the liquidity and transaction costs of Bitcoin markets pp. 140-143 Downloads
Anne H. Dyhrberg, Sean Foley and Jiri Svec
A note on the asymptotic properties of least squares estimation in high dimensional constrained factor models pp. 144-148 Downloads
Jingjie Xiang, Kunpeng Li and Guowei Cui
Generalized empirical likelihood specification test robust to local misspecification pp. 149-153 Downloads
Haiqi Li, Rui Fan and Sung Y. Park
On bootstrap implementation of likelihood ratio test for a unit root pp. 154-158 Downloads
Anton Skrobotov
Wage inflation and informal work pp. 159-163 Downloads
Anat Bracha and Mary A. Burke
The effects of the Fed’s monetary tightening campaign on nonbank mortgage lending pp. 164-168 Downloads
Jocelyn D. Evans and Mari L. Robertson
DSGE Models with observation-driven time-varying volatility pp. 169-171 Downloads
Giovanni Angelini and Paolo Gorgi
Estimation for the spatial autoregressive threshold model pp. 172-175 Downloads
Ying Deng
Effects of health insurance coverage on household financial portfolio: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act pp. 176-179 Downloads
Daeyong Lee
Dieselgate and its expected consequences on the European auto ABS market pp. 180-182 Downloads
Britta Hachenberg, Florian Kiesel and Dirk Schiereck
Quality screening and information disclosure in two-sided markets pp. 183-188 Downloads
Jin Wang
To sign or not to sign? On the response of prices to financial and uncertainty shocks pp. 189-192 Downloads
Philipp Meinen and Oke Roehe
The role of visibility on third party punishment actions for the enforcement of social norms pp. 193-197 Downloads
Kenju Kamei
Reconciling endogenous job destruction with labor market stylized facts: The role of hiring costs pp. 198-201 Downloads
Jérémy Rastouil
Credit constraints, house prices, and the impact of life cycle dynamics pp. 202-207 Downloads
Aaron Hedlund
The goal gradient effect and repayments in consumer credit pp. 208-210 Downloads
Moritz Lukas
Giving, taking, earned money, and cooperation in public good games pp. 211-213 Downloads
Caleb Cox, Oleg Korenok, Edward Millner and Laura Razzolini
A model of sales with differentiated and homogeneous goods pp. 214-217 Downloads
Vladimir Petkov
Choices between OLS with robust inference and feasible GLS in time series regressions pp. 218-221 Downloads
Richard T. Baillie and Kun Ho Kim
On lexicographic choice pp. 222-224 Downloads
Christopher Chambers and M. Bumin Yenmez
Booms, busts and heavy-tails: The story of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets? pp. 225-229 Downloads
John Fry
Bi- and Unilateral trade effects of joining the Euro pp. 230-234 Downloads
Mario Larch, Joschka Wanner and Yoto Yotov
Risk management-driven policy rate gap pp. 235-238 Downloads
Giovanni Caggiano, Efrem Castelnuovo and Gabriela Nodari
Accounting for non-response bias using participation incentives and survey design: An application using gift vouchers pp. 239-244 Downloads
Mark McGovern, David Canning and Till Bärnighausen
Accounting for persistence in panel count data models. An application to the number of patents awarded pp. 245-248 Downloads
Stefanos Dimitrakopoulos
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