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Volume 30, issue November, 1998

Financial Intermediation and Economic Performance: Historical Evidence from Five Industrialized Countries pp. 657-78
Peter Rousseau and Paul Wachtel
GMM Estimation of a Money-in-the-Utility-Function Model: The Implications of Functional Forms pp. 679-98
Jill A Holman
The Deficit Gamble pp. 699-720
Laurence Ball, Douglas Elmendorf and N. Gregory Mankiw
Growth Effects of Income and Consumption Taxes pp. 721-44
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Nouriel Roubini
The Economics of Bank Regulation pp. 745-70
Sudipto Bhattacharya, Arnoud Boot and Anjan Thakor
Market Structure and Discrimination: The Case of Small Businesses pp. 771-92
Ken S Cavalluzzo and Linda C Cavalluzzo
Banking Competition and Macroeconomic Performance pp. 793-815
Richard Smith
Monetary Explanations of the Weimar Republic's Hyperinflation: Some Neglected Contributions in Contemporary German Literature pp. 816-31
David Laidler and George W Stadler
Analyzing Alternative Intraday Credit Policies in Real-Time Gross Settlement Systems pp. 832-48
Craig H Furfine and Jeff Stehm
Capital Requirements and Rational Discount-Window Borrowing pp. 849-63
Sherrill Shaffer

Volume 30, issue Aug., 1998

Using Market Information in Prudential Bank Supervision: A Review of the U.S. Empirical Evidence pp. 273-305
Mark Flannery
Seasonal Solow Residuals and Christmas: A Case for Labor Hoarding and Increasing Returns pp. 306-30
R. Braun and Charles Evans
Seasonal Cycles, Business Cycles, and the Comovement of Inventory Investment and Output pp. 331-46
Robert Carpenter and Daniel Levy
Market Discipline by Thrift Depositors pp. 347-64
Sangkyun Park and Stavros Peristiani
The Channel of Monetary Transmission to Demand: Evidence from the Market for Automobile Credit pp. 365-83
Sydney Ludvigson
Inflation Targets and Contracts with Uncertain Central Banker Preferences pp. 384-403
Roel Beetsma and Henrik Jensen
Can Tighter Money Now Mean Higher Inflation Now? pp. 404-10
Henrik D Schulze
Disagreement as a Measure of Uncertainty: A Comment on Bomberger pp. 411-19
Robert Rich and J. Butler
Comparative Financial Systems: Introduction pp. 421-25
Joseph Haubrich and James Thomson
Moral Hazard under Commercial and Universal Banking pp. 426-68
John H Boyd, Chun Chang and Bruce Smith
Comment on "Moral Hazard under Commercial and Universal Banking." pp. 469-71
Douglas Diamond
An International Comparison of Banks' Equity Returns pp. 472-92
Kathryn Dewenter and Alan C Hess
Comment on "An International Comparison of Banks' Equity Returns." pp. 493-99
Philip E Strahan
Intermediation and Vertical Integration pp. 500-519
Mitchell Berlin and Loretta Mester
Comment on "Intermediation and Vertical Integration." pp. 520-23
George Pennacchi
The Past and Future of Commercial Banking Viewed through an Incomplete Contract Lens pp. 524-50
Raghuram Rajan
Payments Systems with Random Matching and Private Information pp. 551-69
Stephen Williamson
Comment on "Payments Systems with Random Matching and Private Information." pp. 570-72
Edward Green
A Contracting-Theory Interpretation of the Origins of Federal Deposit Insurance pp. 573-95
Edward Kane and Berry K Wilson
The Legal Environment, Banks, and Long-Run Economic Growth pp. 596-613
Ross Levine
Comment on "The Legal Environment, Banks, and Long-Run Economic Growth." pp. 614-20
Shaghil Ahmed
Banking in Transition Economies: Does Efficiency Require Instability? pp. 621-50
Gary Gorton and Andrew Winton
Comment on "Banking in Transition Economies." pp. 651-55
Stijn Claessens

Volume 30, issue May, 1998

Banks as Multioutput Oligopolies: An Empirical Evaluation of the Retail and Corporate Banking Markets pp. 135-53
Sigbjorn Atle Berg and Moshe Kim
Seigniorage in a Cross-Section of Countries pp. 154-71
Reid W Click
Nonparametric Frontier Models for Assessing the Market and Cost Efficiency of Large-Scale Bank Branch Networks pp. 172-92
Antreas D Athanassopoulos
Inside Money as a Source of Investment Finance pp. 193-217
Peter Hartley
High and Uncertain Inflation: Results from a New Data Set pp. 218-30
George Davis and Bryce Kanago
Permanent and Transitory Shocks in Real Output: Estimates from Nineteenth-Century and Postwar Economies pp. 231-51
John Keating and John Nye
Is Nonprice Competition in Currency Inefficient? pp. 252-60
Lawrence White and Donald J Boudreaux
The Link between Inflation and Output Variability in Canada: Note pp. 261-72
Talan Iscan and Lars Osberg

Volume 30, issue February, 1998

International Evidence on the Neutrality of Money pp. 1-25
Apostolos Serletis and Zisimos Koustas
Interest Rate Targeting and the Dynamics of Short-Term Rates pp. 26-50
Balduzzi, Pierluigi, et al
Procyclical Multifactor Productivity: Tests of the Current Theories pp. 51-63
Sangjoon Jun
Testing for Excess Sensitivity in Consumption: A State-Space/Unobserved Components Approach pp. 64-82
S Kirk Elwood
Modeling U.S. Households' Demands for Liquid Wealth in an Era of Financial Change pp. 83-101
Sean Collins and Richard Anderson
The Credit Effects of Monetary Policy: Evidence Using Loan Commitments pp. 102-18
Donald Morgan
Underwriting by Commercial Banks: Incentive Conflicts, Scope Economies, and Project Quality pp. 119-33
George Kanatas and Jianping Qi

Volume 29, issue November, 1997

Asymmetric Information and Loan Contracts in a Neoclassical Growth Model pp. 423-39
Niloy Bose and Richard Cothren
Asymmetric Information and Commodity Money: Tickling the Tolerance in Medieval France pp. 440-57
Neil Gandal and Nathan Sussman
Monetary Aggregation and the Demand for Assets pp. 458-75
Douglas Fisher and Adrian R Fleissig
Rogoff's "Conservative" Central Banker Restored pp. 476-95
Berthold Herrendorf and Ben Lockwood
Collateral Damage: Refinancing Constraints and Regional Recessions pp. 496-516
Andrew Caplin, Charles Freeman and Joseph Tracy
Bank Loan Commitment Contracts: Data, Theory, and Tests pp. 517-34
Richard L Shockley and Anjan Thakor
Can Monetary Stabilization Policy Be Improved by CPI Futures Targeting? A Comment pp. 535-41
Roger W Garrison and Lawrence White
Can Monetary Stabilization Policy Be Improved by CPI Futures Targeting? Reply pp. 542-45
Scott Sumner
The Optimal Denomination of Currency: A Conjecture pp. 546-54
Adrian Tschoegl
Erratum [Oil and the Macroeconomy: A Markov State-Switching Approach] pp. 555
Jennie E Raymond and Robert Rich
Dynamic Effects of Monetary Policy: A Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland November 6-8, 1996: Introduction pp. 561-67
David Altig
Money in a Real Business Cycle Model pp. 568-611
Roger Farmer
Comment on "Money in a Real Business Cycle Model." pp. 612-15
Sergio Rebelo
Comment on "Money in a Real Business Cycle Model." pp. 616-23
Michael Devereux
Unanticipated Money Growth and the Business Cycle Reconsidered pp. 624-48
Thomas Cooley and Gary Hansen
Comment on "Unanticipated Money Growth and the Business Cycle Reconsidered." pp. 649-52
Ben Bernanke
Inflation Forecasts and Monetary Policy pp. 653-84
Ben Bernanke and Michael Woodford
Comment on "Inflation Forecasts and Monetary Policy." pp. 685-86
Varadarajan Chari
The Optimum Quantity of Money: Theory and Evidence pp. 687-715
Casey Mulligan and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Comment on "The Optimum Quantity of Money." pp. 716-19
Frederic Mishkin
Comment on "The Optimum Quantity of Money." pp. 719-24
Jonas Fisher
On the Fit of a Neoclassical Monetary Model in High Inflation: Israel 1972-1990 pp. 725-52
Benjamin Bental and Zvi Eckstein
Comment on "On the Fit of a Neoclassical Monetary Model in Inflation: Israel 1972-1990." pp. 753-55
Mark Watson
Comment on "On the Fit of a Neoclassical Monetary Model in High Inflation: Israel 1972-1990." pp. 755-58
Timothy Fuerst
Stopping Inflations, Big and Small pp. 759-75
Peter Ireland
Comment on "Stopping Inflation, Big and Small." pp. 776-77
Thomas Sargent
Comment on "Stopping Inflations, Big and Small." pp. 778-82
Olivier Blanchard
Short-Run Independence of Monetary Policy under Pegged Exchange Rates and Effects of Money on Exchange Rates and Interest Rates pp. 783-806
Lee Ohanian and Alan Stockman
Comment on "Short-Run Independence of Monetary Policy under Pegged Exchange Rates." pp. 807-10
Enrique Mendoza
Comment on "Short-Run Independence of Monetary Policy under Pegged Exchange Rates." pp. 811-14
Paul Beaudry

Volume 29, issue August, 1997

Should Central Banks Target CPI Futures? pp. 275-85
Tyler Cowen
State-Contingent Inflation Contracts and Unemployment Persistence pp. 286-99
Ben Lockwood
Diversification, Size, and Risk at Bank Holding Companies pp. 300-313
Rebecca S Demsetz and Philip E Strahan
Pricing Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Delay pp. 314-25
Brent Ambrose, Richard Buttimer and Charles Capone
Do Mergers Improve the X-Efficiency and Scale Efficiency of U.S. Banks? Evidence from the 1980s pp. 326-37
Stavros Peristiani
The (Un)Importance of Forward-Looking Behavior in Price Specifications pp. 338-50
Jeffrey Fuhrer
Do Noise Traders Influence Stock Prices? pp. 351-63
Morgan Kelly
Explaining the Failures of the Term Spread Models of the Rational Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure pp. 364-80
Elias Tzavalis and Michael Wickens
Central Bank Independence, Inflation, and Growth in Transition Economies pp. 381-99
Prakash Loungani and Nathan Sheets
The Effects of Military Spending on Economic Activity: Evidence from State Procurement Spending pp. 400-421
Mark A Hooker and Michael M Knetter

Volume 29, issue May, 1997

From Obscurity to Notoriety: A Biography of the Exchange Stabilization Fund pp. 135-53
Anna Schwartz
Excess Sensitivity and Asymmetries in Consumption: An Empirical Investigation pp. 154-76
René Garcia, Annamaria Lusardi and Serena Ng
The Consumer Consumption Conundrum: An Explanation pp. 177-92
Adrian R Fleissig
Oil and the Macroeconomy: A Markov State-Switching Approach pp. 193-213
Jennie E Raymond and Robert Rich
Inflation/Output Variance Trade-Offs and Optimal Monetary Policy pp. 214-34
Jeffrey Fuhrer
Is There Endogenous Long-Run Growth? Evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom pp. 235-62
Narayana Kocherlakota and Kei-Mu Yi
The Stabilizing Properties of a Nominal GNP Rule: A Comment pp. 263-69
Ronald Ratti
The Option Clause in Scottish Banking: A Comment pp. 270-73
George Selgin and Lawrence White

Volume 29, issue February, 1997

Postwar U.S. Business Cycles: An Empirical Investigation pp. 1-16
Robert Hodrick and Edward Prescott
How Auctions Reveal Information: A Case Study on German REPO Rates pp. 17-25
Dieter Nautz
Interpreting the Procyclical Productivity of Manufacturing Sectors: External Effects or Labor Hoarding? pp. 26-45
Argia Sbordone
Mechanisms for Achieving Monetary Stability: Inflation Targeting versus the ERM pp. 46-60
Matthew Canzoneri, Charles Nolan and Anthony Yates
The Efficiency of Monetary Exchange in Search Equilibrium pp. 61-72
Victor E Li
Banks' Responses to Deregulation: Profits, Technology, and Efficiency pp. 73-93
David B Humphrey and Lawrence B Pulley
A Simple Model of the Gold Standard pp. 94-105
David Chappell and Kevin Dowd
Seigniorage, Taxation, and Weak Government pp. 106-26
Tahir Andrabi
Adam Smith's Support for Money and Banking Regulation: A Case of Inconsistency pp. 127-34
Edwin G West
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