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Volume 15, issue November, 1983

The Implicit Return on Bankers' Balances pp. 411-24 Downloads
Brian C Gendreau
Tax-Exempt Financing: Some Lessons from History pp. 425-41 Downloads
Maureen O'Hara
The Influence of Unanticipated Money Growth on Real Output: Some Cross-Country Estimates pp. 442-54 Downloads
Clifford L F Attfield and Nigel W Duck
The Behavior of Monetary Aggregates in Major Industrialized Countries pp. 455-68 Downloads
David H Howard and Karen H Johnson
On the Anatomy of Inflation: The Variability of Relative Commodity Prices in Argentina pp. 469-82 Downloads
Mario I Blejer
Economies of Scale in Correspondent Banking pp. 483-88 Downloads
R. Gilbert
Supply Shocks, Sticky Prices, and Monetary Policy pp. 489-98 Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
The Persistence of Interest-Rate Effects on the Demand for Currency pp. 499-505 Downloads
Jack Ochs and Mark Rush
Monetary Policy: Rules, Targets, and Shocks pp. 506-18 Downloads
James Tobin
A Neoclassical Analysis of Macroeconomic Policy: A Review Essay pp. 519-26 Downloads
Walter Eltis
Competition and Credit Control [and] Monetary Control in the United Kingdom: A Review Essay pp. 527-32 Downloads
David F Lomax

Volume 15, issue August, 1983

Estimating Models with Rational Expectations pp. 275-85 Downloads
Roger Kaufman and Geoffrey Woglom
Estimates of the Variance of U.S. Inflation Based upon the ARCH Model pp. 286-301 Downloads
Robert Engle
A Laissez-Faire Approach to Monetary Stability pp. 302-15 Downloads
Robert L Greenfield and Leland B Yeager
The Demand for Consumer Durables pp. 316-26 Downloads
Robin Grieves
Eurocurrency and National Money Market Interest Rates: An Empirical Investigation of Causality pp. 327-38 Downloads
Fred R Kaen and George A Hachey
Monetary Variability: United States and Japan pp. 339-43 Downloads
Milton Friedman
The Response of Short-Term Interest Rates to Weekly Money Announcements pp. 344-54 Downloads
V Vance Roley
Interest Rates and Bank Profitability: Additional Evidence pp. 355-62 Downloads
Mark Flannery
Technological Change and the Superneutrality of Money pp. 363-67 Downloads
Jeremy J Siegel
The Revenue-Maximizing Inflation Rate and the Treatment of the Transition to Equilibrium pp. 368-76 Downloads
Leonardo Auernheimer

Volume 15, issue May, 1983

Anticipated Inflation, the Frequency of Transactions, and the Slope of the Phillips Curve pp. 139-54 Downloads
Zvi Hercowitz
Models of Inflation Expectations Formation: A Comparison of Household and Economist Forecasts pp. 155-73 Downloads
Edward Gramlich
Currency Substitution in Mexico: The Dollarization Problem pp. 174-85 Downloads
Guillermo Ortiz
Combination Monetary Policies to Stabilize Price and Output under Rational Expectations pp. 186-98 Downloads
Arthur Benavie and Richard T Froyen
Monetary and Public Debt Shocks: Tests and Efficient Estimates pp. 199-211 Downloads
Giorgio Canarella and Neil Garston
Implications of Corporate Capital Structure Theory for Banking Institutions: A Note pp. 212-21 Downloads
Yair E Orgler and Taggart, Robert A,
Financial Market Efficiency, the Decomposition of "Anticipated" versus "Unanticipated" Money Growth, and Further Tests of the Relation between Money and Real Output: A Note pp. 222-32 Downloads
Merrick, John J,
On a Trigger Mechanism for Indexing Wages: A Note pp. 233-36 Downloads
Richard Cothren
Money in the Wharton Quarterly Model pp. 237-59 Downloads
Lawrence Klein, Edward Friedman and Stephen Able

Volume 15, issue February, 1983

Capital Gains and Personal Saving Behavior pp. 1-23 Downloads
Joe Peek
Total Coin and Coin in Circulation in the United Kingdom, 1868-1914 pp. 24-39 Downloads
Forrest Capie and Alan Webber
Market Segmentation and the Term Structure of Municipal Yields pp. 40-55 Downloads
David S Kidwell and Timothy W Koch
Optimum Currency Pegs for Latin America pp. 56-72 Downloads
Michael B Connolly
Floating Exchange Rates in Less-Developed Countries: A Monetary Analysis of the Peruvian Experience, 1950-54 pp. 73-81 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
The Derivation and Interpretation of the Lucas Supply Function pp. 82-95 Downloads
Clive Bull and Roman Frydman
Instrument Choice for Money Stock Control with Contemporaneous and Lagged Reserve Requirements: A Note pp. 96-101 Downloads
Bennett McCallum and James G Hoehn
A Comparison of the True Interest Costs of Competitive and Negotiated Underwritings in the Municipal Bond Market: A Note pp. 102-06 Downloads
Ronald Braswell, E Joe Nosari and Dewitt L Sumners
Mortgage Rates and Regulation Q: A Note pp. 107-15 Downloads
Thomas Mayer and Harold Nathan
FNMA Auction Results as a Forecaster of Residential Mortgage Yields: A Comment pp. 116-19 Downloads
Gehr, Adam K, and Thomas Berry
On Testing the Efficacy of Selective Credit Controls pp. 120-22 Downloads
Lazaros E Molho

Volume 14, issue November, 1982

Scale Economies in Banking: A Restructuring and Reassessment pp. 435-56 Downloads
George J Benston, Gerald Hanweck and David B Humphrey
Informational Efficiency and the Open Economy pp. 457-78 Downloads
Jagdeep S Bhandari
The Cost of Servicing Demand Deposits pp. 479-93 Downloads
Dale K Osborne
The Variability of Inflation Rates across Household Types pp. 494-510 Downloads
Robert P Hagemann
The Structure of Contracts and Transaction Costs: A Note pp. 511-16 Downloads
John Umbeck and Robert E Chatfield
The Impact of Bank Portfolio Composition on GNP: A Note pp. 517-24 Downloads
Bala Batavia and Nicholas A Lash
Klein's Price Variability Terms in the U.S. Demand for Money: A Note pp. 525-30 Downloads
Stuart Allen
Optimal Portfolio of Foreign Currencies with Borrowing and Lending: A Comment pp. 531
Jeff Madura and E Joe Nosari
Granger Causality and Expectational Rationality: A Note pp. 532-37 Downloads
Nicholas Noble
Reflections on the Gold Commission Report pp. 538-51 Downloads
Anna Schwartz
Current Issues in the Conduct of U.S. Monetary Policy: Introduction pp. 565-74 Downloads
Phillip Cagan and William G Dewald
Federal Reserve Operating Procedures: A Survey and Evaluation of the Historical Record since October 1979 pp. 575-96 Downloads
William Poole
Federal Reserve Control of the Money Stock pp. 597-625 Downloads
Ralph Bryant
Comment on "Federal Reserve Operating Procedures: A Survey and Evaluation of the Historical Record since October 1979" pp. 626-32 Downloads
John D Paulus
Comment on "Federal Reserve Control of the Money Stock" pp. 632-40 Downloads
Allan Meltzer
Criteria for Useful Targeting: Money versus the Base and Other Variables pp. 641-60 Downloads
William Fellner
The Choice among Monetary Aggregates as Targets and Guides for Monetary Policy pp. 661-86 Downloads
Phillip Cagan
The Optimal Level of Monetary Aggregation pp. 687-710 Downloads
William Barnett
Comment on: "The Choice among Monetary Aggregates as Targets and Guides for Monetary Policy" [and] "Criteria for Useful Targeting: Money versus and the Base and Other Variables" pp. 711-15 Downloads
Michael J Hamburger
Comment on "The Optimal Level of Monetary Aggregation" pp. 716-20 Downloads
Stephen M Goldfeld
Federal Reserve Policy, Interest Rate Volatility, and the U.S. Capital Raising Mechanism pp. 721-45 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
The Effects of Alternative Monetary Control Procedures on Exchange Rates and Output pp. 746-60 Downloads
Stanley Black
Comment on "Federal Reserve Policy, Interest Rate Volatility, and the U.S. Capital Raising Mechanism" pp. 761-67 Downloads
Irving M Auerbach
Comment on: "Federal Reserve Policy, Interest Rate Volatility, and the U.S. Capital Raising Mechanism" [and] "The Effects of Alternative Monetary Control Procedures on Exchange Rates and Output" pp. 768-74 Downloads
John Makin
How Regulations Affect Monetary Control pp. 775-87 Downloads
James L Pierce
Comment on "How Regulations Affect Monetary Control" pp. 788-95 Downloads
David E Lindsey
What Do Money Market Models Tell Us about How to Implement Monetary Policy? pp. 796-828 Downloads
Richard Anderson and Robert Rasche
Policy Robustness: Specification and Simulation of a Monthly Money Market Model pp. 829-56 Downloads
Tinsley, Peter A, et al
Comment on "What Do Money Market Models Tell Us about How to Implement Monetary Policy?" pp. 857-68 Downloads
Helen T Farr and Richard D Porter
Comment on "What Do Money Market Models Tell Us about How to Implement Monetary Policy?" pp. 868-77 Downloads
John P Judd and John L Scadding
Comment on "Policy Robustness: Specification and Simulation of a Monthly Money Market Model" pp. 877-80 Downloads
Charles Nelson

Volume 14, issue August, 1982

The Degree of Capital Mobility and the Stability of an Open Economy under Rational Expectations pp. 303-26 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky and Jagdeep S Bhandari
Expectations, International Business Cycles and the Balance of Payments pp. 327-46 Downloads
Nasser H Saidi
Unanticipated Monetary Growth and Inflationary Finance pp. 347-64 Downloads
Mohsin Khan and Malcolm D Knight
Kalman Filters and the Target Values of Monetary Aggregates pp. 365-75 Downloads
Douglas W Mitchell
Are Future Taxes Discounted? pp. 376-89 Downloads
John Seater
Relative Price Dispersion and Economic Shocks: An Inventory-Adjustment Approach pp. 390-98 Downloads
Yakov Amihud and Haim Mendelson
Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice: A Comment pp. 399-403 Downloads
Fred J Levin and Ann-Marie Meulendyke
Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice: A Reply pp. 404-06 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Interest Rate Implications for Fiscal and Monetary Policies: A Postscript on the Government Budget Constraint: A Note pp. 407-12 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman

Volume 14, issue May, 1982

Money and Finance in the Macroeconomic Process pp. 171-204 Downloads
James Tobin
Reserve Requirements and Economic Stability pp. 205-15 Downloads
Ernst Baltensperger
Unemployment, Inflation, and Common Stock Returns pp. 216-33 Downloads
Mark Gertler and Earl L Grinols
The Oct. 1979 Regime of Monetary Control and the Behavior of the Money Supply in 1980 pp. 234-51 Downloads
Robert L Hetzel
The Stability of the Demand for Money in the Interwar Years: The Case of Norway, 1925-39 pp. 252-64 Downloads
Jan Tore Klovland
Econometric Evaluation of Alternative Money Stock Series, 1880-1913 pp. 265-77 Downloads
Terence C Mills and Geoffrey E Wood
Monetarism, Bondism, and Inflation pp. 278-86 Downloads
Gary Smith

Volume 14, issue Feb., 1982

Inflation, Unemployment, and Public Opinion Polls pp. 1-19 Downloads
Stanley Fischer and John Huizinga
Transactions Costs, Foreign Exchange Demands, and the Expected Rates of Change of Exchange Rates pp. 20-32 Downloads
David S Saurman
Inflation and the Taxation of Equity in Corporations and Owner-Occupied Housing pp. 33-47 Downloads
Liam P Ebrill and Uri M Possen
Currency Substitution and the Demand for Money: Some Evidence for Canada pp. 48-57 Downloads
Michael Bordo and Ehsan Choudhri
Interest Rates, Exchange Rate Adjustments and Currency Risks: An Empirical Study, 1967-75 pp. 58-75 Downloads
Clas Wihlborg
On the Estimation of Permanent Income: A Note pp. 76-83 Downloads
John Seater
Bank Foreign Exchange Operations: A Portfolio Approach: A Note pp. 84-91 Downloads
Laurie S Goodman
Tests of the Goods Market Integration Hypothesis: A Note pp. 92-97 Downloads
David H Richardson and Mickey T C Wu
Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice pp. 98-118 Downloads
Milton Friedman
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