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Volume 22, issue November, 1990

Member Bank Borrowing and the Fed's Contractionary Monetary Policy during the Great Depression pp. 409-26 Downloads
David Wheelock
Targeting Nominal Income in a Dynamic Model pp. 427-43 Downloads
Vincent Reinhart
Federal Credit, Private Credit, and Economic Activity pp. 444-64 Downloads
James S Fackler
Analyzing the Stability of Demand-for-Money Equations via Bounded-Influence Estimation Techniques pp. 465-77 Downloads
Christopher Baum and Marilena Furno
The Term Structure and Time Series Properties of Nominal Interest Rates: Implications from Theory pp. 478-90 Downloads
Kevin Salyer
Purchasing Power Parity in the Long Run: A Cointegration Approach pp. 491-503 Downloads
Yoonbai Kim
An Examination of Cost Subadditivity and Multiproduct Production in Large U.S. Banks pp. 504-25 Downloads
William C Hunter, Stephen G Timme and Won Keun Yang
Scottish Banking and the Legal Restrictions Theory: A Closer Look pp. 526-36 Downloads
Lawrence White

Volume 22, issue August, 1990

The Macroeconomic Implications of Contract Models with Asymmetric Information pp. 273-87 Downloads
Matthew Canzoneri and Anne Sibert
New Results in Support of the Fiscal Policy Ineffectiveness Proposition pp. 288-304 Downloads
Reuven Glick and Michael Hutchison
Ricardian Equivalence, Rational Expectations, and the Permanent Income Hypothesis pp. 305-26 Downloads
Alfred Haug
The Objectives and Priorities of Monetary Policy under Different Federal Reserve Chairmen pp. 327-37 Downloads
David R Hakes
Risk and Parity in Purchasing Power pp. 338-56 Downloads
Roger D Huang
Politics and Perceived Country Creditworthiness in International Banking pp. 357-69 Downloads
Thomas L Brewer and Pietra Rivoli
The International Debt Crisis and Bank Loan-Loss-Reserve Decisions: The Signaling Content of Partially Anticipated Events pp. 370-87 Downloads
James J Musumeci and Sinkey, Joseph F,
Interest Rate Linkages within the European Monetary System: A Time Series Analysis pp. 389-94
Costas Karfakis and Demetrios Moschos
Money and Capital in Economic Development: A Test of the McKinnon Hypothesis for Nepal pp. 395-99 Downloads
John Thornton and Sri Ram Poudyal
Reserve Requirements and the Inflation Tax pp. 400-401 Downloads
L Dwayne Barney, Alan Frankle and Harry White

Volume 22, issue May, 1990

Money Supply Announcements and the Market's Perception of Federal Reserve Policy pp. 135-53 Downloads
Steven Strongin and Vefa Tarhan
Money Supply Announcements and Market Reactions in an Open Economy pp. 154-64 Downloads
Richard Deaves
Inflation and Reputation with Generic Policy Preferences pp. 165-77 Downloads
Herschel Grossman
Loan Commitments and Optimal Monetary Policy pp. 178-94 Downloads
John Duca and David VanHoose
Foreign Inflation Transmission under Flexible Exchange Rates and Currency Substitution pp. 195-208 Downloads
John Rogers
The International Debt Crisis, Investor Contagion, and Bank Security Returns in 1987: The Brazilian Experience pp. 209-20 Downloads
James J Musumeci and Sinkey, Joseph F,
The Effect of State Foreclosure Laws on Loan Losses: Evidence from the Mortgage Insurance Industry pp. 221-33 Downloads
Terrence M Clauretie and Thomas N Herzog
Savings, Commodity Market Rationing, and the Real Rate of Interest in China pp. 234-52 Downloads
Andrew Feltenstein, David Lebow and Sweder van Wijnbergen
Do Liquidity Constraints Vary over Time? Evidence from Survey and Panel Data pp. 253-62 Downloads
Gary Fissel and Tullio Jappelli
The Effect of Import Price Changes on Domestic Inflation: An Empirical Test of the Ratchet Effect pp. 263-67 Downloads
Farhad Rassekh and Barry Wilbratte

Volume 22, issue February, 1990

Inflation and Taxation with Optimizing Governments pp. 1-18 Downloads
James Poterba and Julio Rotemberg
Optimal Advice for Monetary Policy pp. 19-36 Downloads
Basu, Susanto, et al
The Influence of the Federal Advisory Council on Monetary Policy pp. 37-50 Downloads
Thomas Havrilesky
The Value of Time and the Transactions Demand for Money pp. 51-64 Downloads
Kevin Dowd
Economic Forecasts, Rationality, and the Processing of New Information over Time pp. 65-76 Downloads
Steve Swidler and David Ketcher
A Multicountry Characterization of the Nonstationarity of Aggregate Output pp. 77-93 Downloads
Roger Kormendi and Philip Meguire
Returns to Scale and Input Substitution for Large U.S. Banks pp. 94-108 Downloads
Athanasios G Noulas, Subhash Ray and Stephen Miller
The Forerunners of "New Monetary Economics" Proposals to Stabilize the Unit of Account pp. 109-18 Downloads
Scott Sumner
Market Discipline and Bank Subordinated Debt pp. 119-28 Downloads
Gary Gorton and Anthony M Santomero

Volume 21, issue November, 1989

Policy Rules, Inflationary Bias, and Cyclical Stability pp. 409-21 Downloads
David M Garman and Daniel Richards
Monetary Policy Games and Central Bank Politics pp. 422-31 Downloads
Christopher Waller
Policy Preferences of FOMC Members as Revealed by Dissenting Votes pp. 432-41 Downloads
Susan Belden
Does Money Matter? The Robustness of Evidence from Vector Autoregressions pp. 442-54 Downloads
David Spencer
The Behavior of Money Demand in the 1980s pp. 455-63 Downloads
Robert L Hetzel and Yash P Mehra
The Determinants of the Money Multiplier in the United Kingdom pp. 464-80 Downloads
Michael Beenstock
Is Increased Price Inflexibility Stabilizing? pp. 481-97 Downloads
Binky Chadha
The Conduct of Monetary Policy and the Natural Rate of Unemployment: A Note pp. 498-507 Downloads
George Evans
Commodity Prices: Policy Target or Information Variable? A Note pp. 508-14 Downloads
C Alan Garner
Federal Reserve System Reserve Requirements, 1959-1988: A Note pp. 515-23 Downloads
Joseph Haslag and Scott Hein
Financial Determinants of Bank Takeovers: A Note pp. 524-36 Downloads
David C Cheng, Benton E Gup and Larry Wall

Volume 21, issue August, 1989

Monetary Control under Alternative Operating Procedures pp. 273-90 Downloads
Michael Dotsey
The Sustainability of Government Deficits: Implications of the Present-Value Borrowing Constraint pp. 291-306 Downloads
David Wilcox
The Market Valuation of Credit Market Debt pp. 307-20 Downloads
John S Strong
The Term Structure of Interest Rates and the Effects of Macroeconomic Policy pp. 321-47 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
A Nonlinear Expectations Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates with Time-Varying Risk Premia pp. 348-67 Downloads
Bong-Soo Lee
Banking Costs, Generalized Functional Forms, and Estimation of Economies of Scale and Scope pp. 368-79 Downloads
Colin Lawrence
Liquidity Constraints and the Ricardian Equivalence Theorem: A Note pp. 380-87 Downloads
Marc Hayford
The Rationality of Federal Funds Rate Expectations: Evidence from a Survey: A Note pp. 388-93 Downloads
David P Simon
Financial Market Responses to Treasury Debt Announcements: A Note pp. 394-400 Downloads
David C Schirm, Richard Sheehan and Michael G Ferri
The Role of Systematic Fed Errors in Explaining the Money Supply Announcements Puzzle: A Note pp. 401-06 Downloads
Barry Falk and Peter Orazem
Commodity Prices, Money Surprises, and Fed Credibility: A Comment pp. 407-08 Downloads
Stephen Grubaugh and Scott Sumner

Volume 21, issue May, 1989

The End of the Hungarian Hyperinflation of 1945-1946 pp. 135-47 Downloads
Pierre Siklos
Budget Deficits, Stability, and the Monetary Dynamics of Hyperinflation pp. 148-57 Downloads
Miguel A Kiguel
Financial Market Effects on Aggregate Money Demand: A Bayesian Analysis pp. 158-75 Downloads
Stuart Allen and Robert Connolly
One-Sided Uncertainty about Future Fiscal Policy pp. 176-89 Downloads
Betty Daniel
Taxes and the Futures-Forward Price Difference in the 91-Day T-Bill Market pp. 190-205 Downloads
P V Viswanath
Impact of Deposit-Rate Ceiling Changes on Bank Stock Returns pp. 206-20 Downloads
Haluk Unal
Scottish Banking before 1845: A Model for Laissez-Faire? pp. 221-31 Downloads
Tyler Cowen and Randall Kroszner
Monetary Targeting and Price Level Non-Trend-Stationarity: A Note pp. 232-39 Downloads
David VanHoose
Interest-Bearing Currency, Legal Restrictions, and the Rate of Return Dominance of Money: A Note pp. 240-45 Downloads
John Bryant
The Demand for Currency versus Debitable Accounts: A Note pp. 246-57 Downloads
William C Whitesell
Household versus Economist Forecasts of Inflation: A Reassessment: A Note pp. 252-57 Downloads
Roy Batchelor and Pami Dua
Velocity and the Variability of Money Growth: Evidence from Granger-Causality Tests: Comment pp. 258-61 Downloads
Joe Brocato and Kenneth L Smith
Velocity and the Variability of Money Growth: Evidence from Granger-Causality Tests: Comment pp. 262-66 Downloads
Yash P Mehra

Volume 21, issue February, 1989

The Economics of Workout Lending pp. 1-15 Downloads
Richard J Herring
How Money Affects Real Output pp. 16-32 Downloads
Joyce Manchester
Money and Functional Distribution of Income pp. 33-48 Downloads
Faik Koray
The Risk Premium in the Foreign Exchange Market pp. 49-65 Downloads
Anne Sibert
Exchange Rate Volatility and U.S. Monetary Policy: An ARCH Application pp. 66-77 Downloads
William Lastrapes
Asset Substitution, Money Demand, and the Inflation Process in Brazil pp. 78-89 Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Ian Domowitz
The Taiwanese Hyperinflation and Stabilization of 1945-1952 pp. 90-105 Downloads
Gail E Makinen and G Thomas Woodward
Reserve Requirements and the Inflation Tax pp. 106-21 Downloads
Philip L Brock
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