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Volume 11, issue Nov., 1979

Has the Federal Reserve Shifted from a Policy of Interest Rate Targets to a Policy of Monetary Aggregate Targets? pp. 381-404 Downloads
Edgar Feige and Robert McGee
The Behavior of the Currency-Deposit Ratio during the Great Depression pp. 405-18 Downloads
James M Boughton and Elmus R Wicker
Cross-National Money to Income Causality: U.S. Money to U.K. Income pp. 419-26 Downloads
J. Mixon, Leila J Pratt and Myles S Wallace
Patterns of Monetary Policy in Latin America pp. 427-37 Downloads
Arturo Porzecanski
Limit Pricing and the Banking Industry pp. 438-46 Downloads
Timothy Hannan
Comparing Survey and Rational Measures of Expected Inflation: Forecast Performance and Interest Rate Effects pp. 447-56 Downloads
Douglas Pearce
On the Random Walk Characteristics of Short- and Long-Term Interest Rates in an Efficient Market pp. 457-66 Downloads
James Pesando
A Model of Exchange Rates and Capital Flows: The Canadian Floating Rate Experience pp. 467-82 Downloads
Richard D Haas and William E Alexander
What Is Money? The Goldsmith Myth Revisited: A Note pp. 483-85 Downloads
Steven A Finkler
Reserve Requirements and Control of the Money Supply: A Note pp. 486-93 Downloads
Lawrence F Sherman, Case M Sprenkle and Bryan E Stanhouse
Federal Reserve Policy Strategy and Interest Rate Seasonality: A Note pp. 494-99 Downloads
Thomas A Lawler
Bank Home Office Protection Laws and Intercity Branching in Statewide Branch Banking States: A Note pp. 500-505 Downloads
Donald T Savage
Bankers' Balances, Demand Deposit Interest, and Agricultural Credit before the Banking Act of 1933: A Note pp. 506-14 Downloads
Brian C Gendreau

Volume 11, issue Aug., 1979

Monetary and Fiscal Policies in an Inflationary Economy: A Simulation Approach pp. 259-83 Downloads
Duc-Tho Nguyen and Stephen J Turnovsky
Monetary Aggregate Targets and the Volatility of Interest Rates: A Taxonomic Discussion pp. 284-300 Downloads
Raymond Lombra and Frederick Struble
Reserve Requirements: Are They Lagged in the Wrong Direction? pp. 301-10 Downloads
Robert D Laurent
A Model of Balance-of-Payments Crises pp. 311-25 Downloads
Paul Krugman
A New Look at Real Money Balances as a Variable in the Production Function pp. 326-39 Downloads
Eugenie Dudding Short
Monetary Policy and the Balance of Payments in Mexico, 1955-75 pp. 340-48 Downloads
D Sykes Wilford and J Richard Zecher
Customer Relationships and Terms of Loans: Evidence from a Pilot Survey: A Note pp. 349-57 Downloads
Donald D Hester
The Relationship between Money, Income, and Prices: Has Money Mattered Historically? A Note pp. 358-65 Downloads
Arturo Brillembourg and Mohsin Khan
Negotiated Municipal Bond Underwritings: Implications for Efficiency: A Note pp. 366-70 Downloads
Eric H Sorensen

Volume 11, issue May, 1979

Substitution and Expectation Effects on Long-Term Borrowing Behavior and Long-Term Interest Rates pp. 131-50 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
The Term Structure of Interest Rates in the MIT-PENN-SSRC Model: Reality or Illusion? pp. 151-64 Downloads
Llad Phillips and John Pippenger
Knut Wicksell and Gustav Cassel on Secular Movements in Prices pp. 165-81 Downloads
Lars Jonung
Explicit and Implicit Demand Deposit Interest: Substitutes or Complements from the Bank's Point of View? pp. 182-91 Downloads
Douglas W Mitchell
Welfare and Savings Effects of Indexation pp. 192-201 Downloads
Sudipto Bhattacharya
Fiscal Constraints, Domestic Credit, and International Reserve Flows in the United Kingdom, 1952-71: A Note pp. 202-08 Downloads
M A Akhtar, Bluford H Putnam and D Sykes Wilford
Bid-Ask Price Spreads in the Agency Bond Market: A Note pp. 209-13 Downloads
John S Bildersee
An Empirical Investigation of Tax Discounting: A Comment pp. 214-18 Downloads
J Ernest Tanner
When Is Inflation Not Inflation: A Note pp. 219-21 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
The Profiles of Late-Paying Consumer Loan Borrowers: An Exploratory Study: A Note pp. 222-26 Downloads
James S Ang, Jess H Chua and Clinton H Bowling
Branching Laws and Banking Offices: A Comment pp. 227-30 Downloads
Donald T Savage and David Burras Humphrey
Liquidity Creation in the Euromarkets: A Comment pp. 231-34 Downloads
Bernd Heinevetter
Monetary Policy, Inflation, and Devaluation: A Case Study of the Philippines: A Note pp. 235-42 Downloads
Anh Nga Nguyen
A Possible Error in the Expectations Theory: A Note pp. 243-45 Downloads
Yakov Amihud

Volume 11, issue Feb., 1979

Indexation, Expectations, and Stability pp. 1-21 Downloads
Bulent Gultekin and Anthony M Santomero
Money Supply Theory with Competitively Determined Deposit Rates and Activity Charges pp. 22-31 Downloads
Thomas R Saving
Variation across Households in the Rate of Inflation pp. 32-46 Downloads
Robert T Michael
A Short-Run Two-Sector Model with Immobile Capital pp. 47-67 Downloads
Gary Smith and William Starnes
Monetary Equilibrium and Balance-of-Payments Adjustment: An Empirical Test of the U.S. Balance of Payments, 1951-73 pp. 68-79 Downloads
Giuseppe Tullio
Do Money Supply Announcements Affect Short-Term Interest Rates? A Note pp. 80-86 Downloads
Bradford Cornell
A Monetary Approach to International Capital Flows Applied to the United States: A Note pp. 87-90 Downloads
David C Luan and Norman C Miller
Consumer Response to Restructured Financial Institutions: The Case of Maine: A Note pp. 91-98 Downloads
Neil B Murphy and Lewis Mandell
Optimal Reserve Requirement Ratios against Bank Deposits for Short-Run Monetary Control: A Note pp. 99-105 Downloads
Daniel E Laufenberg
The Efficacy of Selective Credit Policies: An Alternative Test: A Note pp. 106-10 Downloads
Michael J Hamburger and Burton Zwick
Does the St. Louis Equation Even Believe in Itself? A Comment pp. 111-17 Downloads
John Vrooman

Volume 10, issue Nov., 1978

A Criticism of One Class of Macroeconomic Models with Rational Expectations pp. 411-17 Downloads
Ray Fair
Price Level Adjustments and the Rational Expectations Approach to Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy pp. 418-36 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Inflation, Taxes, and the Public Debt pp. 437-52 Downloads
Alvin L Marty
Exchange Rate Risk and the Optimal Diversification of Foreign Currency Holdings pp. 453-63 Downloads
Haim Levy and Marshall Sarnat
Money and Capital or Financial Deepening in Economic Development? pp. 464-75 Downloads
Maxwell J Fry
An Assessment of the Income Stabilization Impact of Monetary Policy in Twelve Industrialized Countries pp. 476-90 Downloads
Robert F Fix and Charles M Sivesind
Bank Examination Data as Predictors of Bank Net Loan Losses pp. 491-504 Downloads
David R Graham and David Burras Humphrey
A Primer on Inflation pp. 505-21 Downloads
Arnold Harberger
On the Fundamental Role of Transactions Costs in Monetary Theory: Two Illustrations from Casino Gambling: A Note pp. 522-28 Downloads
Lawrence S Ritter
A Didactic Note on the Transactions Demand for Money and Behavior towards Risk: A Note pp. 529-38 Downloads
Willem Buiter and Clive A Armstrong

Volume 10, issue Aug., 1978

Anticipated Inflation and Interest Rates in an Open Economy pp. 275-89 Downloads
John Makin
Price Expectations, Partial Adjustment and the Sectoral Demand for Money in Australia pp. 290-307 Downloads
Robert P Albon and Thomas J Valentine
Determinants of Exchange Rate Practices pp. 308-21 Downloads
H Robert Heller
The Role of Fiscal Policy in a Financially Disaggregated Macroeconomic Model pp. 322-36 Downloads
Darrel Cohen and J Stuart McMenamin
The Impact of Relative Security Supplies: A Test with Data from a Regional Tax-Exempt Bond Market pp. 337-47 Downloads
Patric Hendershott and David S Kidwell
The Cyclical Behavior of Risk Spreads on New Municipal Issues pp. 348-62 Downloads
Earl Benson and Robert J Rogowski
The Fisher Relationship under Different Monetary Standards: A Note pp. 363-70 Downloads
I B Ibrahim and Raburn M Williams
A Solution to the Inverse Problem of Optimal Control: A Note pp. 371-77 Downloads
Yoshio Niho and John Makin
The Impact of the GNMA Tandem Plans: A Comment pp. 378-84 Downloads
Robert Buckley
The Impact of the GNMA Tandem Plans: A Reply pp. 385-87 Downloads
George von Furstenberg

Volume 10, issue May, 1978

Effects of Deposit Rate Ceilings: The Evidence from Massachusetts Savings Banks pp. 139-57 Downloads
Taggart, Robert A,
Bank Capital and Public Regulation pp. 158-69 Downloads
Taggart, Robert A, and Stuart I Greenbaum
Credit Rationing: Issues and Questions pp. 170-83 Downloads
Ernst Baltensperger
Identifying "Problem" Banks: How Do the Banking Authorities Measure a Bank's Risk Exposure? pp. 184-93 Downloads
Sinkey, Joseph F,
Evidence on the Decline of FHA pp. 194-205 Downloads
David L Kaserman
Commodity-Supply Shock and Full-Employment Monetary Policy pp. 206-21 Downloads
Edmund Phelps
The Structure of Production, the Composition of Final Demand, and the Determination of the Price Level and Employment pp. 222-38 Downloads
John Floyd and J Allan Hynes
Monetary Policy and Bank Portfolio Composition: An Empirical Analysis of Their Impact on G NP pp. 239-51 Downloads
Tim S Campbell
An Analysis of Monetary Aggregates pp. 252-66 Downloads
Richard J Rogalski and Joseph D Vinso

Volume 10, issue Feb., 1978

Macroeconomic Dynamics and Growth in a Monetary Economy: A Synthesis pp. 1-26 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
Repeal of Silver Monetization in the Late Nineteenth Century pp. 27-45 Downloads
Timberlake, Richard H,
Money, Equity, Values, and Income: Tests for Exogeneity pp. 46-64 Downloads
Ciccolo, John H,
The Efficiency and Profitability of Minority Controlled Savings and Loan Associations pp. 65-74 Downloads
William Bradford, Osborne, Alfred E, and Lewis J Spellman
Mortgage Rationing and Residential Investment: Some Results from a Brainard-Tobin Model pp. 75-87 Downloads
Paul De Rosa
Bank Portfolio Regulation and the Probability of Bank Failure: A Note pp. 88-93 Downloads
Roger D Blair and Arnold A Heggestad
Direct Wealth Effects in Macroeconomic Models: The Saving vs. the Definitional Approach: A Note pp. 94-98 Downloads
Peter Kennedy
Inflation and the Issue of Unidirectional Causality: A Note pp. 99-101 Downloads
Harold Black
The Role of the Federal Funds Market: A Note pp. 102-04 Downloads
William R Bryan and Timothy J Gallagher
A Reinterpretation of Velocity Trends in the United States, 1900-1920: A Comment pp. 105-11 Downloads
Robert F Stauffer
Money and Money Substitutes: A Comment pp. 112-14 Downloads
James Brox
Money and Money Substitutes: A Reply pp. 115-16 Downloads
John Moroney and Barry J Wilbratte
A Monetary Approach to Afghanistan's Flexible Exchange Rate: A Comment pp. 117-18 Downloads
Bluford H Putnam and John J Van Belle
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