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Volume 24, issue November, 1992

The Cyclical Behavior of Prices pp. 413-30 Downloads
Richard Smith
Macroeconomic Activity and Monetary Policy Actions: Some Preliminary Evidence pp. 431-46 Downloads
Joseph Haslag and Scott Hein
U.S. Influences on Foreign Monetary Policy pp. 447-64 Downloads
Richard Sheehan
Concerted Lending: Did Large Banks Bear the Burden? pp. 465-82 Downloads
Mark Spiegel
Deposit Banks and the Market for Payment Media pp. 483-98 Downloads
William C Whitesell
Risk-Based Deposit Insurance: An Incentive Compatible Plan pp. 499-510 Downloads
Rowena Pecchenino
What Can Regulators Regulate? The Case of Bank Entry pp. 511-18 Downloads
Burton Abrams and Russell F Settle
Money Market Mutual Fund Maturity and Interest Rates pp. 519-27 Downloads
Dale L Domian
Preferred Habitat, Taxable/Tax-Exempt Yield Spreads, and Cycles in Property/Liability Insurance pp. 528-52 Downloads
Karlyn Mitchell and Michael D McDade
Alternative Approaches to Money and Growth pp. 553-62 Downloads
Ping Wang and Chong Yip
Banking and Coordination: A Note pp. 563-69 Downloads
John Bryant
An Alternative Rationale for Financial Dualism: A Note pp. 570-77 Downloads
Betty Daniel and Hong-Bum Kim

Volume 24, issue August, 1992

A Generalized Valuation Model for Fixed-Rate Residential Mortgages pp. 279-99 Downloads
Kau, James B, et al
The Currency Substitution Hypothesis and Relative Money Demand in Mexico and Canada pp. 300-318 Downloads
John Rogers
The Demand for Large Bank Notes pp. 319-37 Downloads
Willem C Boeschoten and Martin M.G. Fase
A New Test of Money-Income Causality pp. 338-55 Downloads
James Holmes and Patricia Hutton
Meade's General Theory Model: Stability and the Role of Expectations pp. 356-69 Downloads
Peter Rappoport
Commercial Bank Securities Activities: What Really Happened in 1902: A Note pp. 370-74 Downloads
George G Kaufman and Larry R Mote
The Failure of the Bank of the United States: A Defense of Joseph Lucia: A Note pp. 374-84 Downloads
Anthony O'Brien
The Failure of the Bank of the United States, 1930: A Rejoinder pp. 384-99 Downloads
Paul B Trescott
The Management of Near-Money in the Miller-Orr Model Is Not Optimal pp. 399-404 Downloads
Clinton A Greene

Volume 24, issue May, 1992

Monetary Aggregates as Monetary Targets: A Statistical Investigation pp. 141-61 Downloads
William Roberds and Charles Whiteman
A Computation of Interest Equivalences for Nonprice Characteristics of Bank Products pp. 162-72 Downloads
Shelagh A Heffernan
The Monetary Economics of Henry Meulen pp. 173-83 Downloads
Kevin Dowd
Deposit Rate Ceilings and the Market Value of Banks: The Case of France, 1971-1981 pp. 184-94 Downloads
Jean Dermine and Pierre Hillion
Treasury Bill Rates in the 1970s and 1980s pp. 195-214 Downloads
Patric Hendershott and Joe Peek
The Regional Representation of Federal Reserve Bank Presidents pp. 215-25 Downloads
John A Gildea
Structural Change in the Demand for Money pp. 226-38 Downloads
Seungmook Choi and Kim Sosin
Portfolio Redistribution Impacts within the Narrow Monetary Aggregate pp. 239-57 Downloads
Jean Gauger
Consumer Durables: Evidence on the Optimality of Usually Doing Nothing pp. 258-72 Downloads
Avner Bar-ilan and Alan Blinder

Volume 24, issue February, 1992

Fiscal Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates: An Intertemporal Optimizing Analysis pp. 1-26 Downloads
Walter Fisher and Stephen J Turnovsky
Innovations in Interest Rates, Duration Transformation, and Bank Stock Returns pp. 27-42 Downloads
Srinivas R Akella and Stuart I Greenbaum
Debt Management Objectives for a Small Open Economy pp. 43-60 Downloads
Paul Boothe and Bradford Reid
Competitive Externalities and the Optimal Seigniorage pp. 61-71 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
The Long-Run Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate: A Reconsideration pp. 72-82 Downloads
Whitt, Joseph A,
Company Sector Liquid Asset Holdings: A Systems Approach pp. 83-97 Downloads
David Barr and Keith Cuthbertson
Entry-Deterring Debt pp. 98-110 Downloads
James McAndrews and Leonard Nakamura
The National Bank Note Controversy Reexamined pp. 111-26 Downloads
Michael Kuehlwein
Does the Federal Reserve Respond to Errant Money Growth? Evidence from Three Monetary Regimes pp. 127-34 Downloads
David R Hakes and Edward N Gamber

Volume 23, issue November, 1991

Karl Brunner's Monetary Economics--An Appreciation pp. 633-58 Downloads
David Laidler
The Role of the Federal Reserve as "Lender of Last Resort" and the Seasonal Fluctuation of Interest Rates pp. 659-76 Downloads
A Steven Holland and Mark Toma
Asset Substitution and Monetary Volatility pp. 677-91 Downloads
Jean Gauger and Harold A Black
Blue Chip Rationality Tests pp. 692-705 Downloads
Roy Batchelor and Pami Dua
A Model of Covered Interest Arbitrage under Market Segmentation pp. 706-17 Downloads
Lloyd P Blenman
An Empirical Investigation of Changes in Scale Economies for the Commercial Banking Firm, 1979-1986 pp. 718-27 Downloads
Daniel Gropper
Partisan Effects in Economies with Variable Electoral Terms pp. 728-41 Downloads
Christopher J Ellis and Mark Thoma
Managing the Dollar: Has the Plaza Agreement Mattered? pp. 742-51 Downloads
Michael Klein, Bruce Mizrach and Robert Murphy
Coca Dollars and the Dollarization of South America pp. 752-63 Downloads
Michael Melvin and Jerry Ladman
Interest Rates in a Semiopen Economy: Comment pp. 764-66 Downloads
Basant Kapur
Medium of Payment in Corporate Acquisitions: Evidence from Interstate Bank Mergers pp. 767-76 Downloads
Marcia Millon Cornett and Sankar De

Volume 23, issue August, 1991

Wage Bargaining and Unemployment Persistence pp. 277-92 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
The National Bank Note Puzzle Reinterpreted pp. 293-307 Downloads
Phillip Cagan and Anna Schwartz
The Federal Reserve Amendments of 1917: The Beginning of a Seasonal Note Issue Policy pp. 308-26 Downloads
Raymond P H Fishe
The Hyperinflation Model of Money Demand Revisited pp. 327-51 Downloads
Mark Taylor
Macroeconomic Effects of a Tax on Bond Interest Rates pp. 352-66 Downloads
Oren Sussman
The Bond Price Support Program as a Change in Policy Regimes: Evidence from the Term Structure of Interest Rates pp. 367-82 Downloads
William K Hutchinson and Mark Toma
The Effects of Transaction Costs on Households' Financial Asset Demands pp. 383-409 Downloads
Alan C Hess
International Evidence on a New Keynesian Theory of the Output-Inflation Trade-Off pp. 410-22 Downloads
Robert H DeFina
The Frequency of Monetary Policy Signaling from the Administration to the Federal Reserve: Note pp. 423-28 Downloads
Thomas Havrilesky
The Policy Preferences of FOMC Members as Revealed by Dissenting Votes: Reply pp. 429-32 Downloads
Susan Belden
Price Stability: A Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, November 8-10, 1990: Introduction pp. 433-38 Downloads
William Gavin
The Genesis of Inflation and the Costs of Disinflation pp. 439-52 Downloads
Laurence Ball
The Genesis of Inflation and the Costs of Disinflation: Comment pp. 453-56 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
The Genesis of Inflation and the Cost of Disinflation: Comment pp. 456-61 Downloads
Peter Howitt
Seigniorage as a Tax: A Quantitative Evaluation pp. 462-75 Downloads
Ayse Imrohoruglu and Edward Prescott
Seigniorage as a Tax: A Quantitative Evaluation: Comment pp. 476-80 Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti
Seigniorage as a Tax: A Quantitative Evaluation: Comment pp. 480-82
Herschel Grossman
The Welfare Costs of Moderate Inflations pp. 483-503 Downloads
Thomas Cooley and Gary Hansen
The Welfare Costs of Moderate Inflations: Comment pp. 504-13 Downloads
Roland Benabou
The Welfare Costs of Moderate Inflations: Comment pp. 513-18 Downloads
Randall Wright
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Some Recent Results pp. 519-39 Downloads
Varadarajan Chari, Lawrence Christiano and Patrick Kehoe
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Some Recent Results pp. 540-42 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Some Recent Results: Comment pp. 542-46 Downloads
R. Braun
Inflation, Personal Taxes, and Real Output: A Dynamic Analysis pp. 547-71 Downloads
David Altig and Charles Carlstrom
Inflation, Personal Taxes, and Real Output: A Dynamic Analysis: Comment pp. 572-74 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Inflation, Personal Taxes, and Real Output: A Dynamic Analysis pp. 575-79 Downloads
Finn Kydland
The Sustainability of Budget Deficits with Lump-Sum and with Income-Based Taxation pp. 580-604 Downloads
Henning Bohn
The Sustainability of Budget Deficits with Lump-Sum and with Income-Based Taxation: Comment pp. 605-08 Downloads
Timothy Fuerst
The Sustainability of Budget Deficits with Lump-Sum and with Income-Based Taxation: Comment pp. 608-12 Downloads
James Hamilton
The Goal of Price Stability: The Debate in Canada: Panel Discussion pp. 613-18 Downloads
Charles Freedman
An Error-Correction Mechanism for Long-Run Price Stability: Panel Discussion pp. 619-24 Downloads
J. Huston McCulloch
How Should Long-Term Monetary Policy Be Determined? Panel Discussion pp. 625-31 Downloads
Lawrence Summers

Volume 23, issue May, 1991

Monetary Dynamics: An Application of Cointegration and Error-Correction Modeling pp. 139-54 Downloads
Stephen Miller
The Demand for Money in the United States: Evidence from Cointegration Tests pp. 155-68 Downloads
Rik Hafer and Dennis Jansen
Discovering the Link between Inflation Rates and Inflation Uncertainty pp. 169-84 Downloads
Martin Evans
Relative Price Variability and Inflation pp. 185-205 Downloads
Richard Hartman
Testing Intertemporal Budget Constraints: Theory and Applications to U.S. Federal Budget and Current Account Deficits pp. 206-23 Downloads
Bharat Trehan and Carl Walsh
On Cash-in-Advance Models of Money Demand and Asset Pricing pp. 224-42 Downloads
Henning Bohn
Sticky Prices, Money, and Business Fluctuations pp. 243-59 Downloads
Joseph Haubrich and Robert King
Commodity Prices: Policy Target or Information Variable: A Comment pp. 260-66 Downloads
Peter Sephton
Inflation and Taxation with Optimizing Governments: A Comment pp. 267-69 Downloads
Richard Burdekin

Volume 23, issue February, 1991

Is Price Flexibility Stabilizing? A Broader Perspective pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jo Gray and Magda Kandil
The Model Structure of Discount Window Borrowing pp. 13-34 Downloads
Stavros Peristiani
The Demand for Divisia Money in the United States: A Dynamic Flexible Demand System pp. 35-52 Downloads
Apostolos Serletis
Fiscal Policy and Private Consumption: Instrumental Variables Tests of the "Consolidated Approach." pp. 53-67 Downloads
Fred C Graham and Daniel Himarios
Foundations of the Structure-Conduct-Performance Paradigm in Banking pp. 68-84 Downloads
Timothy Hannan
Pawnbroking in America: The Economics of a Forgotten Credit Market pp. 85-99 Downloads
John Caskey
Federal Debt, Tax-Adjusted q, and Macroeconomic Activity pp. 100-109 Downloads
W. McMillin and Randall E Parker
Valuation Effects of the International Banking Act on Foreign Banks Operating in the United States pp. 110-19 Downloads
Arvind Mahajan, David A Dubofsky and Donald Fraser
Some Regulatory Determinants of Bank Risk Behavior: Comment pp. 120-27 Downloads
Gregory M Gelles
Some Regulatory Determinants of Bank Risk Behavior: Reply pp. 128-29 Downloads
Douglas W Mitchell
The Policy Preferences of FOMC Members as Revealed by Dissenting Votes pp. 130-38 Downloads
Thomas Havrilesky and John A Gildea
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