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Volume 8, issue Nov., 1976

The Dynamics of Government Policy in an Inflationary Economy: An "Intermediate-Run" Analysis pp. 411-37 Downloads
David H Pyle and Stephen J Turnovsky
The Loan Market, Collateral, and Rates of Interest pp. 439-56 Downloads
Robert Barro
Control of the Money Stock with a Reserve Aggregate pp. 457-76 Downloads
Steven M Roberts and Marvin S Margolis
Estimates of the Aggregate Impact of Expected Windfalls for a Portion of the S&L Industry pp. 477-85 Downloads
Henry J Cassidy
Wealth and Cash Asset Proportions pp. 487-96 Downloads
Philip Graves
The Interest-Rate Behavior of Flow-of-Funds and Bank-Reserves Financial Models pp. 497-512 Downloads
Patric Hendershott and Frank S Orlando
Competing Monies: Comment pp. 513-19 Downloads
Benjamin Klein
Competing Monies: Reply pp. 521-25 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
The Impact of General Credit Restraint on the Supply of Commercial Bank Consumer Installment Credit: Comment pp. 527-35 Downloads
Richard L Peterson

Volume 8, issue Aug., 1976

Demand for Commercial Bank Production Workers and Administrators: Demand Deposit Operations pp. 275-95 Downloads
William A Longbrake and H Douglas Merrill
A General Equilibrium Approach to the Eurodollar Market pp. 297-323 Downloads
John Hewson and Eisuke Sakakibara
The Demand for International Liquidity: A Test of the Square-Root Law pp. 325-37 Downloads
Lawrence Officer
Transactions Cost Functions and the Inventory-Theoretic Approach to Money Demand pp. 339-45 Downloads
Thomas R Saving
Monetary Policy and the Cyclical Behavior of the Money Supply pp. 347-58 Downloads
John D Rea
Financial Institutions and International Capital Movements: Portfolio Selection or Trade Finance? pp. 359-71 Downloads
Kurt F Hausafus
Distribution Effects of GNMA Home Mortgage Purchases and Commitments under the Tandem Plans pp. 373-89 Downloads
George von Furstenberg
The Inclusion and Exercise of Call Provisions by State and Local Governments pp. 391-98 Downloads
David S Kidwell
The Pesek-Saving Effect and the Effectiveness of Open-Market Operations pp. 399
John R Wagner

Volume 8, issue May, 1976

A Proposal for Reforming Bank Reserve Requirements in the United States pp. 137-47 Downloads
William Poole
A Suggestion for Changing the Definition of the U.S. Money Stock pp. 149-66 Downloads
Dennis R Starleaf
Lagged Reserve Accounting and the Money Supply Mechanism pp. 167-80 Downloads
Warren Coats
Money and Money Substitutes: A Time Series Analysis of Household Portfolios pp. 181-98 Downloads
John Moroney and Barry J Wilbratte
Growth and Survival Patterns of New Banks, 1948-70 pp. 199-208 Downloads
David A Alhadeff and Charlotte P Alhadeff
The Alternative Models of the Determination of Nominal Interest Rates: The Canadian Evidence pp. 209-18 Downloads
James Pesando
A Monetary Approach to Afghanistan's Flexible Exchange Rate pp. 219-25 Downloads
Maxwell J Fry
Monetary Policy and the Balance of Payments in Brazil and Chile pp. 227-38 Downloads
Norman C Miller and Sherry S Askin
Contemporaneous Versus Lagged Reserve Accounting: Comment pp. 239-45 Downloads
Daniel E Laufenberg
An Empirical Investigation of the Extent of Tax Discounting: Comment pp. 247-54 Downloads
Jess B Yawitz and Laurence H Meyer
The Consumer Loan Supply Function of a Minority Bank: An Empirical Note: Comment pp. 255-59 Downloads
James S Ang and Richard Willhour
Index-Linking and General Welfare: Comment pp. 261-63 Downloads
Giorgio Ragazzi
More on Purchasing Power Risk, Portfolio Analysis and the Case for Index-Linked Bonds: Comment pp. 265-66 Downloads
James L Bicksler and Patrick J Hess

Volume 8, issue Feb., 1976

The Eurodollar Market and Monetary Theory pp. 1-27 Downloads
Jurg Niehans and John Hewson
The Relative Stability of Alternative Exchange Rate Systems in the Presence of Random Disturbances pp. 29-50 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
The Effect of Bank Credit Cards on the Household Transactions Demand for Money pp. 51-61 Downloads
Kenneth J White
Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a Two-Sector Keynesian Model pp. 63-84 Downloads
Arthur Benavie
Dynamic Modeling of Multivariate Time Series for Use in Bank Analysis pp. 85-96 Downloads
Robert H Cramer and Robert B Miller
Price Regulation and Quality Rivalry in a Profit-maximizing Model: The Case of Bank Branching pp. 97-106 Downloads
Lawrence White
Prices, Nonprices, and Concentration in Commercial Banking pp. 107-17 Downloads
Arnold A Heggestad and John J Mingo
Price Expectations and Interest Rates: Some Clarifying Comments: Comment pp. 119-22 Downloads
Norman P Obst and Robert Rasche
Income Velocity and Interest Rates: A Time Series Test of Causality: Comment pp. 123-25 Downloads
John Kraft and Arthur Kraft
Bank Holding Company Acquisitions and Their Impact on Market Shares: Comment pp. 127-30 Downloads
Lawrence G Goldberg

Volume 7, issue Nov., 1975

A Monthly Money Market Model pp. 411-31 Downloads
Thomas D Thomson, James L Pierce and Robert T Parry
Equities, Interest, and the Stability of the Inflationary Process pp. 433-48 Downloads
Michael Mussa
Market Power and Structure and Commercial Bank Installment Lending pp. 449-67 Downloads
H Prescott Beighley and Alan S McCall
Subsidies in the Use of Revolving Credit pp. 469-90 Downloads
William C Dunkelberg and Robert H Smiley
Competing Monies pp. 491-97 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
Net Outlay Uncertainty and Liquidity Preference as Behavior toward Risk pp. 499-506 Downloads
Roger Waud
A Note on Economic Activity and Alternative Definitions of the Money Supply: Comment pp. 507-13 Downloads
Edward F Renshaw
The Case for Mortgage Rate Insurance: Comment pp. 515-19 Downloads
George G Kaufman
The Keynesian Money Demand-Another Look at the Evidence: Reply pp. 521-26 Downloads
Panos Konstas and Mohamad W Khouja
A Framework for Evaluating Potential Competition as a Factor in Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: Reply pp. 527-30 Downloads
Lionel Kalish
Wealth Effects and the Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies: Comment pp. 531-32 Downloads
Yeager, James H,
The Behavior of Professional Risk-Bearers: A Better Test of a Theory: Reply pp. 533-34 Downloads
Fred R Glahe
Real Money Balances as a Variable in the Production Function: Comment pp. 535-43 Downloads
Zmira Prais
Bank Capital and the Performance of Banks as Financial Intermediaries: Comment pp. 545-50 Downloads
John J Pringle

Volume 7, issue Aug., 1975

Regulation Q and the Commercial Loan Market in the 1960s pp. 277-96 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
The Effectiveness of Recent Policies to Maintain Thrift-Deposit Flows pp. 297-315 Downloads
Peter Fortune
Production Efficiency in Commercial Banking: The Effects of Size and Legal Form of Organization on the Cost of Producing Demand Deposit Services pp. 317-30 Downloads
William A Longbrake and John A Haslem
Monetary Assets, Net Wealth, and Banking Structure pp. 331-42 Downloads
Warren Weber
The Hunt Commission Recommendations and the Determination and Control of the Money Supply pp. 343-58 Downloads
Herbert M Kaufman and Richard G Marcis
Flexible Bimetallic Exchange Rates in China, 1650-1850: A Historical Example of Optimum Currency Areas pp. 359-76 Downloads
Chau-nan Chen
On Benishay's Evaluation of Policy: Comment pp. 377-79 Downloads
Ronald P Moses
On Benishay's Evaluation of Policy: Reply pp. 381-84 Downloads
Haskel Benishay
The "Paradox of Bliss" and Money as Net Wealth: Comment pp. 385-90 Downloads
Syed Ahmad
Cost-push versus Demand-pull Inflation: Some Empirical Evidence: Comment pp. 391-97 Downloads
James Barth and James T Bennett

Volume 7, issue May, 1975

Has the Growth of Money Substitutes Hindered Monetary Policy? pp. 137-59 Downloads
Phillip Cagan and Anna Schwartz
Exchange Risk, Political Risk, and Investor Demand for External Currency Deposits pp. 161-79 Downloads
Robert Z Aliber
The Influence of Monetary and Fiscal Actions on Total Spending: The St. Louis Total Spending Equation Revisited pp. 181-92 Downloads
J W Elliott
Capital Investment and Entry in Commercial Banking: A Competitive Model pp. 193-214 Downloads
Adrian W Throop
Financial Assets and Economic Growth in a "Keynesian" Economy pp. 215-33 Downloads
Wilfred Ethier
Output Mix and Jointness in Production in the Banking Firm pp. 235-43 Downloads
Zvi Adar, Tamir Agmon and Yair E Orgler
Variable Rate Mortgages-Their Potential in the United States: Comment pp. 245-51 Downloads
Carl M Gambs
The Behavior of Professional Risk-Bearers: Test of a Theory pp. 253-57 Downloads
John J Van Belle
Wealth Effects and the Dynamics of Inflation pp. 259-68 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel and Carlos Rodríguez

Volume 7, issue Feb., 1975

The Ex Ante Prediction Performance of the St. Louis and FRB-MIT-PENN Econometric Models and Some Results on Composite Predictors pp. 1-32 Downloads
J Phillip Cooper and Charles Nelson
Optimal Policy Choice under a Nonlinear Constraint: An Iterative Application of Linear Techniques pp. 33-49 Downloads
Robert S Holbrook
Optimal Choice of Monetary Instrument in a Linear Economic Model with Stochastic Coefficients pp. 51-80 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
An Analysis of Federal Regulatory Decisions on Market Extension Bank Mergers pp. 81-92 Downloads
Gary G Gilbert
Differences in Federal Regulatory Agencies' Bank Merger Policies pp. 93-104 Downloads
Robert Eisenbeis
The Effect of State Banking Regulations on Bank Credit Card Use: Comment pp. 105-12 Downloads
Lawrence G Goldberg
A Defense of the CEA as an Instrument for Giving Economic Policy Advice: Comment pp. 113-16 Downloads
Robert Tollison and Thomas D Willett
A Note on the Consumption Function in Monetary Theory: Comment pp. 117-21 Downloads
Kazuhisa Kudoh
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